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Hi, I'm from Argentina (MacBook user)... and when try to download Desktop app from the next link:

We start to download the file... and after some seconds, the download is finished with errors on the network. But my connection works well. Only wish play to Diablo 3, but no have lucky to download the installer (or Desktop app).

Anyone can help me? Thanks and big hug!
Try downloading from this link instead:
Same problem here... Download starts and after a few seconds it fails

06/17/2019 09:39 AMPosted by Zhyxen
Try downloading from this link instead:

We are looking for the Mac version not the ".exe"
Changing the .exe should work for Mac OS installations.
This should be for Spanish.

Here's the English (US) one:
And based on region, the Portuguese one:

If there are any "Failed Network" errors using a different connection like a mobile hotspot connection or VPN usually helps in these situations.
The link for the spanish version has a typing error. Changed enES for esES at the end.
Thanks, Pato1982! That was my bad, fixed it in the post above if anyone else need into it :)

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