OS X 10.15 Beta Battle.net-Setup can't be opened [Solved]

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I was trying to install Battle.net but I'm not able as the mac says that Battle.net-Setup can't be opened. Is there any solution?

Thank you!
AFAIK, the Battle.net Installer/Launcher is still 32-Bit. Mojave was the LAST MacOS to allow 32-Bit Programs to run.

I know Blizzard IS working on this, and IS supposed to get a 64-Bit Launcher and 64-Bit Versions of the games. However; no known date has been released as to when this will occur.

IF you can Restore Mojave from Time Machine and wait for Blizzard to announce the 64-Bit Packages, I'd go ahead and do that. Since Catalina, (10.15), is Beta anyway you won't be missing much from Catalina.

I'd wait for both Catalina and Blizzard 64-Bit Apps to go Public before moving ahead again.


after you unzip the setup
just do a chmod +x Battle.net-Setup/Contents/MacOS/*
(sudo might be required and the name of the setup folder might be different)

im able to run it but, it wont finish the install process (sometimes i got a kernel panic also).
Thx to the both, I think that then I will use a virtual machine of Windows to install and play the game!!

Thank you very much!!

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