Lists of bugs (across al games)

Bug Report
Greatest Games, poorly maintained.

I posted a list of errors in the feedback sections but that appeared to be wrong, so here we go.

Randomly disconnects and reconnects.

Randomly crashes.
Arcade has higher input lag then QP and Comp.

World of Warcraft
Randomly Flash Freezes at the start.

Starcraft 2
Random flashing dots appear in the game.
When in a party with a mate, he often gets disconnected from only the game.
Opens more then not as a Background process and requires to be started as admin.
Aside from the fact they're not likely to take reports on games here (since it's for the app, it's probably a different team looking at this forum), those don't work as a bug report. There's no information on your system or connection, or anything else that can help them try to pinpoint issues. For bug reports you have to do it individually for each game and provide more information, though for things like disconnects it might be a technical issue and not a game bug (for example it's very unlikely they'd treat connection problems as a bug).
Having to run as admin is probably intended, though. They do ask that you run things as administrator for the most part.

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