Will you be staying up late?

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It's reset time. Will you be staying up super later to get as far as you can or do you all pace yourselves during the first three or so days of the new ladder?

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Pacing here. Low and slow. I like my sleepy time. Oh yeah.
ofc bro like always :D , its Diablo 2 day today :P actually night, its 3 at night here :P
I'm gonna stay up past my bedtime! Of course, it's already past 9pm as I'm posting this but me and my bud are gonna play into the wee hours of the morning

Me and him are completely pooling resources. We have a few other irl friends playing with us but they don't care enough or can't be trusted enough to reciprocate, so we can't pool with them :(
Made it to lvl 71 with hell baal killed in 6 hours with a great team. Now it’s 2 am time to sleep lol

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