D2 - Stuck on "Checking versions" after accidentally leaving VPN on

I accidentally left my VPN on while trying to connect to battle.net yesterday and received an error along the lines of "You were disconnected from Battle.net. Please reconnect".
I realized my mistake and switched the VPN off, but I've been stuck on "Checking versions" for the past 24 hours now.

A lot of legit players seem to be running into this issue, meanwhile there's bots doing baalruns 24/7...
It is retarded and laughable to ban legit players for 2 weeks because they forgot to turn off VPN
so are we just !@#$ed?? happened to me today while muling garbage gear as i just started saturday again
Waited another 24 hours between trying to connect. Still no bueno.

GG Blizzard
I got booted off Saturday and have been unable to log back in since.
I botted for years and NEVER had an issue. I started legitimately playing and I get locked out after a few days of ladder? It's silly.

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