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US West Hardcore Ladder (10 days in)
All my experience gains has come from solo play thus far. My barb can solo clear Chaos in a 2 player game in about 4-5 minutes (killing everything) and am thinking about doing some public Chaos runs
clvl 88 Barabarian
clvl 76 Soceress
clvl 25 Druid
clvl 13 Barbarian (Classic Vanilla)
clvl 13 Sorceress (Classic Vanilla)
I've been playing Classic when my characters get stuck in limbo after a disconnect. First time playing in 18 years.

This list is not complete at all, I've left out hundreds of items. 75% of these items were found with my barbarian using less than 25mf. The IK set and the Raven Frost I traded for.

1 x Ohm
1 x Ist
2 x Um
1 x Pul
2 x Lem
1 x Fal
3 x Ko
3 x Io (1 off hell forge :[)
and hundreds of of the rest.

Muled gems for cubing runes
12 x every Chipped
12 x every Flawed
12 x every Normal
12 x every Flawless

100s x Perfects
40 x P Amethyst
40 x Ral
40 x Junk Jewels

Complete Sets
(I collect for fun)
Immortal King

Aldur Boots
Disciple Glove & Boots
Mav Belt
Orphan's Belt, Gloves, Shield
Tal Belt & Helm

1 x Nagel (almost perfect)
2 x Manald (1 x perfect)
1 x Ravan Frost (19 dex)
1 x Mahim-Oak Curio
1 x Saracen's Chance (23 res)

Darksight Helm
Vampire Gaze

Skin of the Flayed One
Guardian Angel

Lidless Wall

Venom Grip

Gloom's Trap

Arkaine's Valor

Titan's Revenge
Bartuc's Cut-Throat

9 x 17 - 19 life sc
1 x 7mf sc
1 x 100 psn sc
1 x 197 psn lg
1 x Sounding Skiller

1 x 15 ias/10 resist all
1 x 15 ias/20 psn resist

2 x C Voulge

Rune Words
6 x Stealth (my barb was using Stealth when I first got him in hell)
3 x Rhyme
4 x Lore (1 barb helm has 4 x bo and 106 defence)
1 x Leaf
1 x Malice
5 x Insight
1 x Enlightenment
1 x Myth
1 x Black (War Club)
1 x Passion (Ogre Maul)

Sorc Helm
+2 Sorc Skills, 23 strgth, 20% frw, 11 resist all, 8 Ls.

2 x 11 resist all and other stuff

Great Maul w/ Fool's (crushed hell act 1 with it)
Rune Words
2 x Duress
06/28/2019 09:22 AMPosted by Luzifer90
even with ik helm only u got more or at least 25 mf. Hellforge cant drop a Lo.

why you put so much time in trolling around?

I guess to get answers like mine.
io not Lo, damn it you made me read his diary
06/28/2019 09:27 AMPosted by ConanTheBarb
even with ik helm only u got more or at least 25 mf. Hellforge cant drop a Lo.

why you put so much time in trolling around?

I guess to get answers like mine.
io not Lo, damn it you made me read his diary

My fault!
At 20 days in my barbarian is 4/5ths away from clvl 92, with 100% all experience gained from it's own solo kills. I'm just a bad player using IK Set and 65 mf.

No jsp and no bots. This is all inspiration for those who can't play without them, even a bad player like me can be successful. I can't wait to see what I've accumulated up to the last 10 days of the ladder. Stay tuned, updates every ten days! Anyway, in keeping with this challenge:
05/16/2019 01:00 PMPosted by AtomicPunk
I challenge you to 100% use both the self find method and in game trade method all of next ladder.

I challenge anyone and everyone, all realms, softcore and hardcore, regardless of your skill level, team players and solo players, public players and private players alike, I challenge you next ladder to not use jsp, and not use scripts, and not use or follow bots next ladder, at all.

It doesn't matter if players accept the challenge, and then later cheat, we don't need to monitor players, because those that do break the challenge by cheating will know in their hearts that they are not good enough to play without cheating.

Those that accept the challenge, and do succeed, will not have to brag about it, because they'll know in their own hearts that they can play the 2019 ladder game at the highest level, successfully, without cheating.

It's not cheating arranging trades on social media and forums, but you break the challenge if you use an out of game currency of any kind.

Some notable finds between day 10 to day 20.

3 x Pul
1 x Mal
1 x Gul
1 x Vex
1 x Ohm


1 x Aldur Boots
1 x Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian
1 x Telling of Beads
1 x Dark Adherent
2 x IK Boots
1 x IK Maul
1 x Ondal's Almighty
1 x Haemosu's Adamant
1 x Nat's Boots
1 x Nat's Helm
1 x Sazabi's Armour
1 x Trang Armour
1 x Trang Shield


1 x 36mf Gheeds
3 x Manald (1 perfect)
1 x Highlords (traded Ist for it)
1 x Dwarf Star (traded Wizzy for it)
1 x Chancies
1 x Ears
2 x Lidless
2 x Crown of Thieves
1 x Que-Hegan's
1 x Stormrider
1 x Butcher's Pupil
1 x Blackbog's
1 x Athena's Wrath
1 x Husoldal Evo
1 x Grim's Burning Dead
2 x Kelpie Spear
1 x Bloodletter
2 x Ali Baba
1 x Bing Sz Wang
1 x Todesfaelle Flamme
2 x Spirit Ward
1 x Marrowwalk
1 x Razor's Edge
1 x Ethereal Edge
1 x Widowmaker
1 x Wizzy
2 x Demon's Arch
1 x Bonehew
1 x Azurewrath
1 x Flamebellow
1 x Gimmershred
2 x Eschuta's

Rune Words Made
1 x 991 ed eth thresher "Obedience"
1 x 2916 def eth sacred armour "Duress"
1 x 275 def eth winged helm "Radiance"
1 x 441 def troll's nest "Sanctuary"

1 x Bone
1 x Shadow
1 x Druid Summon

Other Charms
12 x 18 - 20 life sc.

1 x Token (traded it for a Mal)
2 x D Keys
1 x H Key

Cubed a sweet blue sorc amulet "*3 fire skills + 30 mf"

Back in 10!
07/05/2019 03:23 AMPosted by AtomicPunk
it's own solo kills

Question, when you say "own solo kills", are you referring to games where you are the only player? Or are you referring to games where there are other players, but you choose to solo in an area that they do not play at (eg: everybody else is in the pits, but you choose to go WSK while everybody else is in the pits)?
You got more than what I got in the 2 days the season lasted.
I'm level 25, and have recieved multiple temp bans already just trying to mule.
Lol all the comments hating on OP have been deleted. One of the mods really like him. Maybe it’s a she!?
07/07/2019 06:15 AMPosted by ConanTheBarb
Lol all the comments hating on OP have been deleted. One of the mods really like him. Maybe it’s a she!?

I got a suspension for saying "so cringy"

It is pretty informative, as it helps people not wasting their time reading this....
Hope this time moderators will be smart enough to not delete my comment and suspend me for that this time.

Idk maybe, start a youtube series or post these finds in Single player runthru on d2jsp.org, but here on this forum?


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