(Solved) Frozen Throne not working on Mac since recent update

Mac Technical Support
UPDATE: SOLVED. I'm an idiot. I didn't notice the little in-game frozen throne icon. I had been used to the game making a separate finder icon for TFT, which seems to be no longer the case. Nothing to see here; carry on.

Original post:

After a recent update, (I think maybe the 64 bit one?) I'm no longer able to play Frozen Throne on my Mac (10.14.5 Mojave); only Reign of Chaos. The existing Frozen Throne launcher started giving me an error, and now even after full reinstalls I only ever see Reign of Chaos; no Frozen Throne.

Here's a short video of me going through a fresh install of Frozen Throne just now (June 22) only to end up with RoC. Any ideas what's going wrong here?


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