The Map

Bug Report
The Map doesn't just stay as well as It should.
The Map seems to think Area Placement on the boundries are always :out of bounds.
The Map doesn't let me backtrack 20% of the time.
The Map doesn't rotate at a Clockwise fashion.
The Map doesn't let me find a certain area.
The Map doesn't work as intended.
The Map will just say There is Things that arn't .
When i check a Map for 30 min ok i get it act 2 right.
I get the Items and return and half of the Map has been blowed away.
The map doesn't relize that it's a Game.
The map from what i've seen will just flat Out lie to me.
The Auction House doesn't work...
-use this it's a cloner...:
The 5 in the Stats are 6 most of the Time ,except for the Merc str/areas

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