Hearthstone API - Use it for a hoverable Deck Lists?

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Hey there.
My name is neon31 and I am running a Hearthstone Site named https://hearthstone-decks.net
I saw quite a few site using https://hearthstonejson.com for making a hoverable decklists and I wanted to know if it's possible with the offical one just released some days ago.

I had quite a few people trying to make something with it, but we aren't able too. If someone knows how to make it, either with the offical one or the one by hearthstonejson.com it would be awesome.

Thanks, neon!
All of the data you need to list the cards from a deck should be available in the hearthstone API, but you'll need to create your own user interface of-course.

What issues were you running into trying to create your hover-able decklist?
The problem is that I am not knowing much stuff about it and people trying to help me knowing more about it also don't were able to do it.
All data is aviable in the API, but I am just not sure how to "convert" it if you know what I am meaning

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