World of Warcraft Game Data API Update - Rise of Azshara

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Greetings adventurers!

We are excited to bring you news of some additional World of Warcraft Game Data API endpoints which are now available with the Rise of Azshara Content Update.

While we are actively working on updating the documentation on, we did want to give you a quick update on the new endpoints and documents so that you may begin consuming the data as soon as possible.

Titles Index{access-token}



Item Media{item-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token}

Item Classes Index{access-token}

Item Class{item-class-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token}

Item Subclass{item-class-id}/item-subclass/{item-subclass-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token}

Azerite Essences Index{access-token}

Azerite Essence{azerite-essence-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token}

Azerite Essence Media{azerite-essence-id}?namespace=static-us&access_token={access-token}

Please feel free to post any feedback, comments, or questions here.

Nice work being on top of the Azerite Essences. :Thumbs up:
Nice! Can you do toys next? It's the one thing left that's really missing for collections.
How are the essences linked to a players item profile?

Not sure if I'm overlooking anything but I can't see anything new added to the neck slot when querying the characters->items endpoint
06/28/2019 09:21 PMPosted by RIDDICK
How are the essences linked to a players item profile?

Azerite Essences are linked to a player through the new Character Equipment API, located at the following endpoint:{realm-slug}/{character-name}/equipment?access_token={access-token}&namespace=profile-us
Updated to add the Azerite Essence Media endpoint.
None of these links work.
@Vae I just tested every endpoint and everything works as expected.

If you are just clicking the above links without modifying them, of course they won't work, they are just placeholder links to API interactions. You have to replace {access-token} with your own access_token.

For some of the links you have to also replace some other placeholders like an ID.

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