MacOS agent using 100% cpu.

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Im scared to use the updater.
I have to access my games outside of the application because of the strain its downloading agent does to my CPU.
I play on a Macbook Pro 2019, and whenever I want to start and update, or beforehand when it updated automatically, activity monitor showed Blizzard Agent using in spikes 700% ( I kid you not ) of my CPU%, and all the other times 100%. and my cores were getting close to 100 degrees celcius.
Is this dangerous, and could it potentially hurt my machine?

This can't possibly be normal for trying to download a 10gb update?
I would like to get this resolved before 8.2.

A little background that may or may not be useful.
- Ive tried to delete all and blizzard files and re-download the launcher. Still no help.
- Ive copied addons and WTF files from my old mac to my new. Not sure if that should be a problem.

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