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Is it normal for every request to take .8s to 1.5s? Even requests providing basic information and a small response body like the WoW character profile take this long. I am caching the access token and not requesting it again on every request (although this does not seem to affect request time). I am okay with it since I do not rely heavily on the API but I have been wondering for a couple of years now. Updating the average equipped item level for 15 characters at once easily takes one second per character.
Request time may vary depending on how close you are from the API server.
Since servers will respond to multiple requests at once, if you setup your client to properly handle requests asynchronously and simultaneously it doesn't really matter if you are updating 1 or 100 characters it will still take the same time as 1 request.

Of course there are other variables to consider in this scenario, server bandwidth, API key rate limits, number of threads of your application, number of cores of your server, etc.
Also you should always cache requests when possible to mitigate loading time issues, some API endpoints like the ones under game data section can have a very long cache time.

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