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I'm trying to find someone who I can get a question or feature request of any kind about the Overwatch League match data API to - the website has no contact info whatsoever other than directing you to the support portal, which directs users of all categories back to the OWL website.

Basically, a calendar I've written to convert the data makes use of the JSON data on the website, but someone has asked if I can add the match location to the calendar data. They don't provide the match location in the structure - they do however provide an 'events' structure parallel to matches within a week, but it doesn't specify the duration of the event, nor what matches are part of it, so you kinda have to assume everything in that week is part of it, and only from that can you guess all matches occur at that event venue.
Also, all matches are still listed as occurring in US/LA time, even though, for example, this weeks matches are in US/ATL.

I'd like to see if we could get them to add the match location to the match structure - which will become of particular importance in OWL Season 3 if they start doing home and away matches. However the website is completely devoid of all contact information.

How can I get in contact with someone regarding this - as this is the next-closest place I can think to try to get help.

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