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I did about 20ish runs killing Nith last night and today so far. I had 2 Dkeys drop. So average looks like once per 10 runs. But my sample size is small so I can't tell how accurate that is.

Back in 1.09 days, Nith is the boss I always avoided because his CE was just too deadly. It seems his CE has been nerfed.

I also tried to time myself and it it can take me anywhere between 5-15ish minutes depending on 2 factors:

a) if I can reach Hall of Vault quickly
b) if the first direction I take in Hall of Vault leads me to Nith or not

When I reach Halls of Anguish from after killing Pindle, I take a gut feeling of the general direction of the exist to Hall of Pain. Similar upon reaching Hall of Pain, I take a gut feeling of general direction of exit to Hall of Vault. The exist is almost always located in one of the 4 corners.

Assuming my gut feeling is right and I go into the correct direction in both Hall of Anguish and Hall of Pain, it takes about less than 2 minutes to reach Hall of Vault.

Then if I get lucky and the first direction I go to is where Nith is located, by the time I kill him, the total game time from when I created the game until I kill him is roughly around 7 minutes more or less.

However, if I go into the wrong direction on the previous 2 halls, that can add another 4-5 minutes on top.

Then if I get really unlucky and Nith is in the very last direction I pick from entrance of Hall of Vault, then the total time required to kill him can be up to 20 minutes or os.

Now my questions:

1. Based on your experience (for those who killed him enough to get a reliable drop rate), what sort of drop rate should I expect? 1 in 10 is roughly about right? or something else?

2. How much can I trade key sets for? eg: If I get 3 x key sets (so this allows someone who open 3 portals to the uber bosses in the same game), then what can I expect others to trade for those 3 x key sets?
3x key set worth about a Vex on jsp. Not sure in game, it’s 1/21 chance in 1player and easier to find with more player in game,_by_mephiztophelez

read this and ull never go the wrong way again.
07/07/2019 06:32 AMPosted by ConanTheBarb
Not sure in game

Thanks. I don't JSP, so I am more interested in in game trade value.

I guess the next time I see a trade game, I will just see what people can offer. Or if I see someone else has 3 x key sets, I will join and ask that person what he/she wants for them.

By the way, would you know how much 4os eth body armour are worth in game now days? (defence approx 980ish to 1040ish)
07/07/2019 06:44 AMPosted by Nick,_by_mephiztophelez

read this and ull never go the wrong way again.


Useful guide.

I am using a fire/ice dual elemental SORC. The only time I had some trouble killing him is when he spawned as dual fire/ice immune. In this case, my merc would try to kill him, then he would teleport around, create a new minion. My merc would kill that minion and then get blasted by a CE... the process can repeat itself for a while.

Otherwise, it is easy to just fireball him to death.

On a slightly separate topic, Is there a guide that can explain where the summoner is in arcane sanctuary?
I've never seen a guide to the Summoner and I've checked to see any patterns myself and there really isn't one. It's random to me, but I can teleport so it's never been a big deal. Plus, there are nice chests at the end of each that can drop something cool sometimes.

The wiki posted by Nick is very handy and I've always used it to quickly obtain D keys.
07/07/2019 03:58 PMPosted by Lionheart
I can teleport so it's never been a big deal. Plus, there are nice chests at the end of each that can drop something cool sometimes.

Agree, though it can be a matter of debate on whether you really want to teleport past everything because those ghosts have better chances to drop runes from what I heard and they always spawn in Arcane Sanctuary.

If I am specifically after keys, I would be more tempted to just teleport past everything. I died once teleporting because I teleported into the middle of 2 packs of ghosts and was not able to exit the game fast enough. Even with my frozen armour on and ghosts being frozen temporally, but they drained my mana and I was in the middle of 2 packs of ghosts, so there were too many of them to recovery myself.... though that was the only time I died. In all other instances, I was able to get out fast enough and drink potion.

if I am just doing some rune hunting and "I don't mind getting a key or two as part of the hunting", then I kill everything in the path.

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