90% of my calls are 404

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I've seen there was a thread with people having the same issue and it was resolved, but most of my API calls are returning 404.
It seems to work with 1 character fairly consistently and then any other character I use more often than not returns 404.
It even returns 404 when using the form through the blizzard API website: https://develop.battle.net/documentation/api-reference/world-of-warcraft-profile-api

Anyone having a similar problem/know what's causing this?
Hi Kaladin,

Are you able to provide a few example URLs you are requesting so that we can take a look? Please ensure that you do not share any access tokens here though.

Yeah sure thing.
I've noticed it's only with the statistics API. Here's a couple example links




and then this character it works more often than not:

Hey Kaladin!

I looked into this issue, and it looks like the first three characters you linked have not logged out since the release of the Rise of Azshara content update. The statistics endpoint, as well as other endpoints listed in this post, will either return a 403 Forbidden or a 404 Not Found for such characters. Could you log out on these characters and try the endpoints again?

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