StarCraft II is crashing on startup

Bug Report

Star Craft II crashes before it barely starts.
Press PLAY in the launcher, screen goes black for 1 second, then it has crashed and gives me an error message saying "An unexpected fatal error occurred"

ReportID : 92BCAE1E-964B-449F-BD67-DA215868A334

Have already removed and SC2 from my computer and reinstalled
Have deleted Blizzard folders from %ProgramData% as that helped some people online.
Updated GPU drivers just in case
Disabled the Windows 10 Game Bar
Tried running the .exe files for both and SC2 as administrator.

It worked the first time I installed it on this computer, but later the same night it was already doing this.

Can someone inform me how to get some information out of this ReportID so I might be able to see what's causing the issue?

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