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I noticed a strange behavior regarding when profile data are available for the new profile endpoints.

I reactivated my account 3 days ago and logged my main char in the same day. His profile was then up-to-date on the "old" community endpoint.
3 days later and my main char profile was still returning 403 errors for the new profile endpoint. (403 for the mains profile endpoint and 404 for nested endpoints like items or achievements).

I decided to test something, so I logged in and out one of my alts. His profile updated immediately in both endpoints.

I tested with two other alts, one of them also immediately updated. The other one didn't.
The two alts who updated were inside Dalaran (Legion) when I logged out.

I decided to move my other alt (the one who didn't update) to Dalaran. She also updated as expected.

Up to this point my main char was still not showing up in the new endpoint. I thought they were only updating in capital cities or "resting areas". That was not the case. I logged him out inside The Great Seal in Zul'Dazar which is a resting area and main expansion city for Horde, it didn't update his profile.

I went to Dalaran and logged out there and that worked for updating the new profile.

Additional info:
Despite the fact that my main char was the last to appear in the new endpoint, it is the only one returning data for the character-media endpoint, so it seems media data was updating properly.
I just tested another thing and the last-modified header from the new endpoint only update if I sign out in Dalaran.
Community endpoint field lastModified updated in Zul'Dazar. It seems new data is only exposed to the new endpoints based on your logout location in-game.

Edit: This issue also affects nested endpoints (equipment at least).
Thanks for the detailed report Schiller!

We are currently investigating the root cause of this issue. We are unable to provide an ETA on when this issue may be resolved, but we will do our best to keep you updated when/if we have any developments.
I as well was experiencing this, had a toon that was reporting 404 & 403 errors when trying to pull from the Armory API. I was able to get my toon to finally update after reading this and logging out in Legion Dalaran.

Though I am also noticing that my main, my mage, is not updating now on the Armory, yet I have logged out in all BFA zones, Legion Dal, Northrend Dal, and Stormwind now.
@LownIgnitus did you try signing out your main with war mode off ? Despite Dalaran being a sanctuary they might be separate instances.

This is a total shot in the dark but I guess it might be related to some weird bahaviour of server instances not being able to trigger an update routine or something like this. Right now I'm not even using character endpoints old or new for any particular project other than automated tests of my ruby client so I don't have any reliable data, still it is worth trying if you need/want data in the new version.
Hmm, I could try turning Warmode on and see if this causes some forced updates. I did not even think about trying that.

And I help out with a popular google sheets based character tracking spreadsheet by Bruk. So, I may have to try and see if I can figure out a reliable way to trigger armory updates.
So toggling Warmode and logging out in Stormwind actually forced an update...

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