Retrieving an Old WoW Account

Hello, I have an old WoW account that came before the merging of WoW accounts into accounts and am having trouble finding out how to retrieve that old WoW account in time for classic. I would like some pointers or just general help in how to go about getting that account back.

Thanks for your time.
Do you remember nothing at all about the account? There used to be an option to merge old accounts that you could use with the account's original registered email, but I don't recall seeing it for a while now.
Just contact support via ticket, you'll most likely need some form of ID however to prove you're the owner, and some information on the original account (the easiest would be the email address or account name). this contains a link to open a ticket as well as information that would be of use for them to find it.
I don't think anything will transfer to the classic servers however, so if you do end up not finding it, it shouldn't make a difference to make a new one.

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