D2 LoD log in issue

I haven't been around D2 since the third came out and heard that there has been some life put back into here and thought I would play it again for a bit. However I keep getting this "You have been disconnected please try again" message. I have allowed it on my webroot antivirus as it asked to block the exe file.

Only thing I know of that is different is the PC which I did make sure drivers were up to date, which it plays solo just fine. The second being I have one of those Gotw3 wireless hotspot internet routers with an Att sim card in it that keeps messing up to read as verison every once in awhile.

I don't have any VPN' software or service running on my computer.
Hey, IronHack!

You are currently connecting using a business connection. You will not be able to connect to battle.net on your current connection. As outlined Here, if you use a business network, cloud hosting service, VPN, or Proxy connection you will be restricted. The restriction is for 2 weeks.

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