WC3 Things that worked on PTR now dont?

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just to name the thing that buggs me the most: the function "Item - for Item () add ability ()" - worked on the PTR of the patch that messed up all the string variables in the object editor. now this function doesnt do anything at all.
I want to bringt this to your attention as i belive these things could go unadressed.
Also i'd like to ask if we can get a hotfix before reforged for these kind of issues with the current wc3 version?

EDIT: after some testing with fellow mappers i found out that if you give the abilities to units directly and change the abilities field values (for example adding armor) you need to change the abilities level up and back down to make the ability "refresh", without no changes to the stats of the hero would be applied

we assume the same things to happen on items, the issue is that you cannot change an item abilities level

the question is: why is it now even a thing that you have to refresh passive abilities by increasing and decreasing the level after changing the value fields?

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