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So I didn't really want to post in the forums since it's for questions and topics regarding API usage/problem solving. But blizzard support tickets cut me off.
"As mentioned by my colleague, the issue you are having is not something that we are prepared to assist you with."

Apologizes in advance if you're a user reading this, it's directed at the Developers directly.

Here goes it, am I banned from using the Blizzard Developer APIs and if so, why? I've been following all the ToS guidelines to the letter. And have not recieved any mails about being suspended or whateverish.

In my Web Application logins with 0auth returns "Internal Server".
Could be anything so I tried to make new credentials for testing, "create a new client" I got fresh keys.
And again I tried with the "api reference" API calls and it's still not working.

My friends API keys work just fine doing the exact same thing.
We both tested: Starcraft 2 Community APIs Endpoint: /sc2/static/profile/:regionId

Me : 500 Internal Server Error

I'm really hoping i am being paranoid, I seriously can't believe i've been banned out of spite with no communication at all or some other reason, I love the APIs and loved using the Game & community Data to create new interesting stuff :/
Did you by any chance have your keys authorized by someone else (or other account) in the API docs ?

It happened to me yesterday and the result was exactly this, once I de-authorized the keys everything got back to normal.
Not really Schiller. I just created another client which gave a new public&secret key, tried endpoint again same Internal Server Error at

I appreciate your response though, my account is just stonewalled but hopefully "bugged" but i would the first then...
I would try deleting and revoking the old key in addition to create the new one just in case.

If your account was banned I seriously doubt you would even be able to sign in to the API access page. Also you would probably get a 4xx response instead of a 5xx.
Hi Frurre,

Check out specifically under the Profile API. Try the call again on that page, making sure to specify the regionId in the form that corresponds to the region of the data you want. The form should give you sample, valid values to choose from.
Yes this was the test case we used and it actually seems to work now. Whatever you did thank you!

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