You were disconnected from Please reconnect.

I have been adviced by support that i have recieved a two week ban from by using a VPN adress? what kind of network should i be using then and why is it so difficult to play your game? i feel like i have done something wrong?
You don't see? "Please reconnect." Or your seeing apparat on your hass.
Yes i use to, but now i can’t connect to the server it says. I have now turned off VPN, PROXY server, hoping its enough, a good ting im not a 12 year old boy, hoping to play a game.
Hey again, stimsnatch.

The connection you are currently using is fine. Stick with that one once your restriction is up. You were restricted for using a VPN connection. You will need to wait the 2 weeks, though.
iforgot my pass word

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