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As of a few minutes ago, in Nightmare mode, there were two games of Diablo II in US East realm, non-ladder, for a total of three players. Normal mode is doing allright, and Hell even better. Why can't you understand that folk do not want to play in Nightmare ? It's a waste of time. Nightmare was made to get rushed through it. So please remove it, will you, so hard working players can go to Hell as soon as possible. Why not even consider removing Normal mode ? The real goal here is getting to Hell faster. Thenceforth the true players can find a wide selection of machine made games to gain levels in a fast, free and easy way, while eating genetically modified popcorn and watching you tube videos. We don't need a Nightmare mode anymore, it is worn out. And while you're at it, you should also reset the bladder every two weeks. The outcome could only be an outstanding video gaming experience !
Thank you for your understanding and your compassion.
07/24/2019 06:14 PMPosted by SieurCorbeau
reset the bladder every two weeks
Eh? I reset my bladder at least 3 times a day, sometimes more. XD
Nightmare mode is my favorite mode, the mode I play the most. This is where you can play unviable builds successfully while still getting good loot.

For me, by far the most entertaining part of the game.
You have both my understanding, and my compassion.
I think maybe you should consider starting back on the meds, though.
The game is over 19 years old, do you really think this is a valid request at this point?
Last few nights I have been joining NM games. There is always at least 12. However the reason I disliked your post is because NM is very useful. NM Andy is the best place to find SOJ by a mile. There are many other things NM is great for but this alone negates your argument so there is no point continuing. I didn't come here to educate you. Just to say your post is "behindert".

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