Where to look for GCs that can spawn with +skill together with a suffix?

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As per title question.

All the +skill GCs I have found so far this season (only 2) and the a few I found last season.

As well as from memory, all the way back before year 2010 when I stopped playing.

All those those +skill GCs were just +skill by themselves.

I have see on youtube videos that some players have + skill GCs together with suffix (such as +life, +hit recovery, +resist, etc...).

That is something I never found before.

Can someone advice me where those GCs drop? Also if I take a GC dropped in WSK or chaos sanctuary, then can I get +skill together with a suffix if I re-coll them? Or only GCs dropped by very specific monsters will allow + skills with a suffix even when we take re-rolling into consideration?
Baal and Nihlathak. Any charms that don't roll good stats, reroll them with pgems. The item level stays the same, so you have the chance of rolling a skiller with 40+ life. You better be hoarding the gems though because it can take a lot of 'em.

There are only certain combinations of stats that can appear on magic grand charms. Check the following link for more info:

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Baal and Nihlathak.

So even the GCs in WSK / Chaos or other level 85 areas won't have skiller + suffix such as life? They have to be dropped by Baal or Nith?

Another question, which may like a silly question but I never tried before since I never got a skill + suffix GCs...

Say if you get a +1 skill with a + life but it is a crappy + life (say only +15 rather than +40), and re-roll it, then does it stay as +1skill GC but just with a different suffix or will it change to something completely random? I think it will change to something that is completely random, but I am a bit afraid to try it out since I am not rich and not want to lose the +1 skill property on the only 2 skiller charms I have.
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So even the GCs in WSK / Chaos or other level 85 areas won't have skiller + suffix such as life?
They can, but they won't be able to get 41-45 to life. That mod requires item level 91+. The point is if you're going to roll charms with pgems, it's best to do it with charms capable of rolling the best stats. Nihlathak is lvl 95 and Baal is lvl 99.

07/07/2019 05:08 PMPosted by BFG9000
I think it will change to something that is completely random
This is right. Rerolling any magic item does not save any previous stats, everything is rerolled as if it were dropped again new from the same level monster. Even if it had a prefix and a suffix, the rerolled charm may only have a prefix, only a suffix, or both. So in this case, if you reroll a lvl 99 magic grand charm and get +1 to paladin Combat Skills without second mod, it's probably better to sell it, get another crappy rolled Grand Charm from Nihlathak or Baal and start rerolling that one.
Thanks TheDarkJedi

Would you happen to know roughly a price guide for what people are willing for pay for skiller GCs? (trade in game, that is. No JSP).

I came across this price guide, but the topic was created like 9 years ago, so it is likely to be outdated:

-------------------------- snip -----------------------
P Combat: 2-4 HR (several people are reporting getting four for a pcomb on bnet)
Offensive auras: Um
Lightning: 1 ½ HR
Fire/Cold: Um - HR
Warcry: Pul-Um
Masteries/B Combat: ~15 Pgems
Javelin: Um
Bow: 30 Pgems - Pul
Passive & Magic: ~15 Pgems
Poison & Bone: Um
N Summoning: Pul-Um
Elemental: Um
Shapeshifting: ~lem
Traps: Um
Shadow: Pul
Def Aura, curses, D summon, martial arts: < 10 Pgems
-------------------------- snip -----------------------
I'm not really up to date on the values, however the snip you listed sounds accurate as far as the ratios of demand vs runes and pgems at that time. To get a better idea of the worth to match it up with that snip, I'd suggest observing the game list to see if you can spot games selling or buying skiller charms. Keep in mind that people selling typically overvalue and buyers undervalue. Take the happy middle and consider that a reasonable benchmark on estimated value.

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