why am I freely able to do this?

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hey guys,

I was going through my Blizzard account updating everything (as I haven't updated it in years and a lot of the information was either outdated or false due to me creating it as a 15 year old), and I noticed that I am able to freely edit my account name.

By name, I mean my ACTUAL name and not my BattleTag. I thought changing your name linked to the account was something you had to contact Blizzard for as it is a security measure. I'm worried if anything were to happen to my account (hijacked), I would not be able to use my name to recover it because it is so easily editable.

Is this the case for anybody else?
They changed it recently (relatively, a few months ago), but it should only be available for the first name and not the surname - I don't know if you mean you could change both? I assume they can see if there was something suspicious with the name changing (since it likely records the IP you accessed it from). Can't really say I saw them post an official reasoning for the change but it could be so people can correct mistakes/things like names being abbreviated without having to contact support.

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