How do you level up smiter?

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I have come across a number of youtube videos and other guides on how to build a cheap smiter for the purpose of running ulber tristram.

I almost have nearly all the gears ready.

Now question is how do I level him up?

He is good for doing tones of damage to single target, but appears to have poor crowd control.

Aside from getting rushed through NM and Hell and leeching experience in public baal run games, which is something I'd prefer not have to resort to (and I am sure will attract some strong opinions from a nameless individual), can anybody suggest a good way to level that cheap smiter up to the point of being able to fight ulber?

With my skelinncer and orb/fireball SORC, I had no problem solo NM and Hell as both are good with crowd controls... but smiter, I am not sure how to.
07/25/2019 05:26 PMPosted by BFG9000
how do I level him up?

As a hammerdin, then respec to a smiter.
I personally had alot of fun leveling paladins as zealers. Holy freeze is op. ymmv based on gear.
level a zealer, a hammerdin, an avenger etc. then respect to smiter!

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