IP Ban

Ive only been playing the game a day. I tried to connect while my vpn was on and it gave me the message:

"you were disconnected from Please reconnect."

Confused, I then tried connecting with my vpn off. And now that is not working either. I tried restarting the game a few times too.

After reading a few similar posts, i've been led to believe my ip has been banned? My IP is

Seems a bit odd as i've barely played a day yet.......Can someone please fix this. This makes no sense.
This is extremely ridiculous. Ive only just started playing yesterday......

I'd also like to know how long do one of the bans last? Can It please be taken off?

I've had enough trouble actually getting the damn game to open on a Mac. As there seems to be an ongoing issue with it opening. So i'm forced to sit there attempting to open it 6-7 times before it actually opens. Now when I get on It wont even let me connect.....Talk about frustrating.
I also can't connect to UsEast, Asia, Europe.

Im not even sure this is a IP Ban. I tried to connect from my phones 4g network and i still got the same message.
I believe it's a restriction on your game installation key. The restrictions can last up to several weeks. They will not remove the restriction for any reason, you'll have to wait it out. I've also heard reports that trying to connect while the restriction is still active can increase or possibly reset the duration of the restriction.

For more info about temporary restrictions and what causes them, visit the following post:

Blizzard obviously has the ability to detect VPN usage in a very short period of time playing with one active. Getting slapped with a 1 month restriction for simply forgetting to turn off the VPN is a bit harsh IMO.

It'd be nice if Blizzard would at least be more informative of the consequences of trying to connect to with a VPN active, as there are people that use VPN's for various and legitimate reasons.
WHAT? 1 month???

I just started. So essentially they are telling me to quit and not play their game?

Id like to hear that from a dev. Makes absolutely no sense. I have not even done anything wrong.
blizzard is informative no vpn has been discussed for over 10 years that I know of
you did not read the terms and conditions {either did I at first]I got a month for usin the scroll on my mouse all you can do is read t&c,s and follow them blizzard has NO sympathy for anyone good luck bud
Thanks for the information. But if this is how blizzard/Battlenet has been treating customers. Then they just lost another.

You can get banned for using the scroll on your mouse too? Ha! SO part of the controls thats implemented into the default settings is banned.....Amazing.

I read the T & C ages ago, but it has been many years since I last played D2 or WoW.

Really shows how much they care about their customers if this is all true. Albeit, I haven't heard from anyone directly at blizzard or battlenet.

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