temporary restriction more than 72 hours.......

Seems like I got temporary restriction on my IP, guess i was muling too quickly, but I dont think i broke the TOU, anyway, allready gone more than 72 hours, still cant get in, heloooooooooooooooo, what I need to do, to play my favorite classic blizzard game that i payed you for ????
Man I have been having the same problem, Its been like 48 hours already and I am still waiting to be able to connect, I cant even submit a ticket wit the support team either, for some reason it will not allow me to. Guess we're just stuck waiting....
Yeah brah blizzard just dont give a fck about classic games, that is sad.
Hey, Onewhoknocks!

Based on using multiple VPN connections to the Battle.net servers, you were restricted for 2 weeks. As outlined Here, if you use a business network, cloud hosting service, VPN, or Proxy connection you will be restricted.

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