people hacking my d2 account


here is screenshots proving it and that they are trying to do it again

my former post from when they first did this too me

my former post from when they first did this too me
useless help
There's nothing that Blizzard will do about your account being compromised.

I suggest reviewing how you got into that mess to begin with, analyze what could have been done differently in order to avoid the situation in the future.

Oh and drop d2jsp like the plague that it is.
a1 support here and they got into my account because it was unregistered and BLIZZARD let them put a registration email
It sucks that your account got compromised.

Anyone can get your account name, it's clearly visible when you join/leave a game. That is by far the easiest part.

The hard part is of course getting the password, which anyone that is resourceful can use one or a combination of the following to gather password information:

1: A supposed "friend" that you allowed access to your account in the past (even for a different game), or knows your interests which could be used to guess a password.

2: A weak or commonly used password, which is able to be brute-forced or is otherwise easy to guess.

3: A single password that you use for everything which someone else is able to obtain.

4: Using the same password for a very long period of time. (The longer you use it, the more chance it has of becoming "visible" to eyes other than your own.)

5: Using similar or the same account names for different services or subscriptions. The "hacker" could be a website admin for somewhere that you have an account for, could cross reference account names and try the password they have on file.

6: Using or trying to use a 3rd party program that requires your Diablo account info to work. Once the program is ran, it "phones home" and gives the account info to the creator. Example: A Diablo 2 bot. This is just an example, it is NOT an accusation, so please don't take it that way.

Some people in this world are ruthless in their abilities to cause grief for others, especially when it comes to games.

The best thing you can do is pick yourself up, start over and make sure to associate your email address with your account. I think it's pretty obvious but I'll say it anyway, do not use the previous password for your new account. Also if you use the same password for any of your other accounts, subscriptions or email address, CHANGE THE PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY.

That's all I'm going to say on this matter. Best of luck.
being unregistered is a big mistake your lucky you didn't lose your key

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