[D2 LoD] An Error: Game Is Full

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There are times when trying to join my own game with a second pc and account that my character will not join the game and I'll get the message "Game is full", even though the game isn't full. I know this because the game is for 4 players and my other character on another account and pc is in the game that is registered as full and it is the only character that is in the game.

This seems to occur when trying to join the game but you hit cancel because the character isn't joining the game but stuck in waiting to join. I do this when the cursor gauntlet hasn't disappeared within 3 seconds, which it does just before joining a game. So I hit cancel and try again. Doing this three times in a row registers the game full, even though a second, third and fourth character hasn't joined the game.

Now that I know what causes this problem I'll avoid it, but this is a relatively new issue, at least one I've never experienced before.

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