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There doesn't seem to be alternative static renders for any of the allied races.

For example:
Using 8-0 will give you a Troll (8) Male (0) -

But doing the same for an allied race does not exist.
Zandalari Troll (31) Male (0) -

Is this intended? How does Blizzard handle this? Do they just use the base race that best matches an allied race?
I.E. Zandalari -> Trolls, Kul Tiran -> Human, Nightborne -> Night Elf.
That seems a bit strange given the vastly different profiles of some of these races.

Or am I just missing where to find these renders?
Hey Snackpak! I looked into this, and we do not currently support static shadow renders for allied races. We do not have an ETA on if or when this support will become available.
Thanks for doing that for me.
I did a little digging of my own and found that on armory pages the character art div has attribute:


Which seem to point to a missing file.
So it seems like this is either just an oversight or a bug given that official Blizzard pages are expecting this data to exist.
I'll just fallback to the closest base race in my own projects for now.

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