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First time play and I've managed to get to Diablo as Sorcerer...And I'm getting owned. That apocalypse spell is OP and kills me in moments. My Arkains Valor armour has been destroyed by his damage and I'm losing money on keeping up with the consumables. I just don't see any way of beating him at this point any tips? Considering rolling a Warrior. See if I can beat him as that.
The first time I played Diablo I played the Warrior. After beating the game, which was much fun, it wore me out having to chase down monsters.

I then tried a Sorcerer. I never made it out of the first room on Level 1. And that was Single Player, Normal Difficulty. :P

That's when I realized that archers were my thing. I've been playing them ever since. (D1 = Rogue, D2 = Sniperzon, D3 = Demon Hunter).

I don't remember if monsters regenerate health. If I were to guess, I'd say "no". The trick to beating Diablo is to continuously attack him and keep him in a state of constant Hit Recovery.

I don't know if this will help you, but here is a 30-minute video of my Rogue completing the end-game quest and defeating Diablo: https://youtu.be/iQbl6Ik-41U

Edit: If you need further help or have any questions I might be able to answer for you, give me a poke in your thread over on the D3 forums. I don't visit here much. But, if you use "@Perusoe", without the quotes, in your post, I'll receive a notification. And I visit the D3 forums daily.

Have fun and good luck.
07/13/2019 01:34 PMPosted by Edge
That apocalypse spell is OP and kills me in moments

You can "start a new game" in single player, which makes you start from Dungeon level 1 again, but preserves your level, etc... So get started again, get some better spells, better resistance gears, etc....

I used to spam fireball at him, throw in a golem, have Mana shield up all the time, and if need to escape, have teleport ready.
07/13/2019 02:08 PMPosted by Perusoe
The first time I played Diablo I played the Warrior

I think that's what most people did back then :P

I still remember the first time playing, it was in the evening and I opened the door to Butcher... arrghghh, fresh meat!!! I was like 14 or 15 back then.

Good old memories.

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