My finding for the past 3 days

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Didn't get to play too much on Friday, a bit over 1 hour. Played for close to 2 hours before going to sleep on Saturday and today (Sunday) I got to play for about 5 hours (much longer than I normally get to play even over a weekend).

Found 3 Terror keys, 1 Hatred key, 3 Destruction keys.

1 Lightening GC charm -- I will want to trade that away, but unsure what to ask for. It doesn't have a suffix...
1 Fire GC charm -- I am debating whether to keep using it myself or trade it away. It also doesn't have a suffix.
1 PUL from Countees. Saw a game that says Occy for Pul, so happily traded that one away.

2 eth body armour, applied cube reciepy to both and in both instances I got 4 open sockets. So now it is an eth 4os Kraken Shell with 960 something defence and a 4 os Scurub Hust with a bit over 1000 defence. I wonder what to expect if others want to trade for those body armours since I am unlikely to find the necessary runes myself to build those runewords anyway.

US West laddder, softcore.

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