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Question, about D1 this time.

After this ladder season is over, I am thinking considering pulling out my old copy of D1 and just do solo play myself for a bit. To get some good memories back from the good old D1 days. My copy of D1 CD-ROM has been lying around in my drawer for more than 15 years already.

One thing though, is unlike D2, D1 mouse left click does not auto click. This means the constant left clicking will probably end up shorten my mouse's life expectancy, not to mention the constant clicking can really annoy people in the same room as well. My wife sometimes wakes up to my mouse clicks and scold me when this happens.

Do we know if Blizzard ever replaced the manual left click with auto left click in any of the patches for D1 by any chance?

Bugger if they never did it....
Nope, D1 still is carpal tunnel simmulator.

Get ready to spam click.

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