checking versions on d2 after installing wc3

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Hi, I downloaded wc3 today and went to go play it. It gave me an error trying to log on. I read alone and it seemed like people could do fresh installs and it would work. Well didn't feel like that at the time, and decided I would go turn up Diablo 2 a bit more today. I went to log on and now it is saying checking versions......... on all realms. I have reinstalled Diablo 2 times now. Uninstalled wc3. Rebooted my computer. All I wanted to do was play a little wc3 now I can't play my game diablo >?
What to do.

I'm not confused here...
You probably received a 2 week restriction for "breaking the rules".
I don't think I broke any rules. I talked a lot I know people didn't really like me but beside that um I have only been playing d2 again for a couple weeks to help cope with my depression. I'm a little freaked out now.
I hope someone sees this before I can't have any fun all over again...

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