i m from china,war3tft ffa players,there is a bug,i need help

Bug Report
so , as the title said, i m a china war3tft fan, i love play free for all mode.

i plays games not in the battlenet, but in a netease platform,who claim himself

reprensent the blizzard in china.

since war3 1.29 ,the war3 can plays in 24 players mode. i came across a bug when

i played FFA mode. that is:

if there are 4 players in the game , 1 or 2 players may see other players don't

move any of their amys all along the game, but they can chat with each other.

and those don't move players happened see other players don't move either.

so the bug seemed players are no in the same game after loading.

i reported this bug in china netease form ,but they seemed can't fix it.

or they choosed to ignore it .

i was unhappys ,so as many other players like me who love play war3tht ffa mode


i wish the blzzard could do something to fix it!

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