WOW - Missing reputation (Rise of Azshara)

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My main character and a few guildmates have no reputation data for one or both new reputations.

In game my main character (kräkhen, uldaman, EU) is more than friendly with Waveblade Ankoan, but I got nothing from the open data.

Btw, the armory shows the same "missing reputation" :
Anything about this?

I have no error when getting reputation info, but at least one is missing: Waveblade Ankoan (id 2400).
The armory shows the same issue.

Whereas in game my character is revered.

It's so weird.
Hey Er1!

Would you be able to link a couple of your guild mates who are also exhibiting this bug? I clicked through a number of them trying to find another case, but haven't been able to track one down.
We have discovered that this problem affects some profiles for allied races. In particular, we have seen this occur for Dark Iron Dwarf and Mag'har Orc profiles. Affected reputations do not appear for the character in neither the official World of Warcraft character profile nor in the API. We currently do not have an ETA for the fix.
Thanks for investigating this.
I can't wait to see this issue fixed.

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