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In almost ten years of Diablo II playing on Battle.Net, United States East Realm, I have never seen things as bad in this game ! As of a few minutes ago, there was only one game in nightmare mode (non-ladder) with a single player in it ! Can you believe it ? I joined the game, typed something to the player, but when I hit the "enter" key, Blizzard didn't publish it. I feel like crying and laughing all together hahaha LOL hihihi.
07/29/2019 07:23 PMPosted by SieurCorbeau
there was only one game in nightmare mode (non-ladder)
That's understandable, most of your non-ladder characters are ladder carry-overs that are already in Hell difficulty or are mules. There's probably not going to be very many people playing nightmare difficulty non-ladder just for a good ole time.

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