Firefox crash

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Whan I click on a web link, Firefox (or Chrome or Opera, it does it with every browser), take a very long time to open and freezes instantly.

By the way, this is a great app.
Hey Tazarchy,

This is a known issue with the links from the Desktop App. You can try a work around with these by making sure you open your default browser before clicking any of the links and it should work much more smoothly. We'll have an update with a fix for this in a future update.
Thanks for the answer Exeliran,

I tried to open Firefox before clicking on the link and it works fine.
Any ETA for that update?
It still crashes Firefox with an explanation that points to some .js extension.

Edit: typo.
Hello Rab,

I'm going to lock this thread after my reply - in the future please try not to resurrect year old threads and instead make a new one describing your issue.

Now, that being said, I can give you a bit more information about this issue.

While it is known that occasionally some links from the Desktop App may not open properly in an external browser the fault lies on the end of the browser (Chrome/Firefox) and with how they open those links.

The current best workaround is to have an open browser window before following any links - this should allow links to load properly and not give this crash.

We're currently looking at this functionality and working on ways to better send links from the Desktop App to browsers.


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