Error: BLZBNTBGS80000011 (42)

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The desktop client can't login and gives me this error
I can login to battle website (obviously) and can login from the game itself.

I am using just the standard windows firewall. I don't see it blocking anything.

Is there a log to see what it can't connect to?
I too am having this problem with the same error code BLZBNTBGS80000011 (42). I have tried to flush DNS and have reset all of my network adapters but nothing. I can access the application through offline mode and I can update world of warcraft through it, but I cannot login to on the application. I have allowed the program through firewall as well.
I installed it on my laptop win8 x64 and it works fine. On my desktop win7 x64 it gets the error above. On my laptop I used the default install path. On my desktop I changed it to f:\games\
I can connect in offline mode and then start the games, but the games then ask for the login. The games do login correctly,
Same error here on my windows 7 machine but my 10.6.8 machine on the same network is working perfectly.
The authentication process is not working for program. Any user/pass combo have the same result =>BLZBNTBGS80000011 and the "continue offline" option becomes available...
Same problem here, the app works only in ofline mode and I cant log in. Games work fine. I am using win 7.
+1 To the above, you have the same problem.
me too , works in offline , can play wow from it , but wont log in , same error code , tells me to try again later , launch the wow the old fashioned way still works too
Can confirm I am getting this issue also.

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