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Sep 10, 2013 How to Write a Good Bug Report Greetings Heroes, Welcome to the Diablo III Console Bug Report Forums! I am very much looking forward to working with all of you to get any bugs that you may find during your travels through Sanctuary reported to our development team. To get started on this forum, please read through this guide as it explains some Do's and Don't's for bug testing and reporting. Ground Rules Feedback is NOT a bug. Anything related to feedback, class balance, boss suggestions, etc. belongs in another forum. My team and I read every single thread that is posted on this forum. However, I will not always respond to every thread. If you do not get a blue response, please DO NOT bump posts. I will ignore and possibly delete any post that simply says "Bump" or demands a response from a Blizzard poster. When reporting a bug, please make a thread for each bug you find. Threads that contain multiple bugs are difficult to manage, especially if we are unable to reproduce any of them on our end. Please use the Search feature to search the forum and see what bugs are post. If you have a duplicate thread, I will lock it and point you to the current thread where the bug is being discussed. Finally, please only discuss bugs within the threads. Avoid completely off topic discussions or other things not related to the bug in the thread. Again, don't use bug report threads as a platform for discussing game balance, design, or to provide feedback about the game. Bug Writing Ok, you found a bug, congratulations! But now what? This guide will explain how to accurately write a bug report. When posting a bug, please clearly state which platform you own (PS3/Xbox 360) and begin with a one or two sentence Summary that attempts to accurately describe the bug. We should be able to understand at least 75% of the issue you are reporting simply by looking at your Summary. I understand that the size of the Summary has to be short, but please do your best. Good summary: The tooltip for the Barbarian's Bash skill contains a typo. Bad summary: Bug with smash After your Summary, include a brief description of the bug you experienced. Include as much RELEVANT information as you can. Where you in multiplayer? Could you reproduce the issue? Specifics are preferred as we need to know as much as possible about the issue. If you have steps and can reproduce them consistently, write them out. This will help Quality Assurance get a must faster turn around time reproducing the issue and reporting it to the Diablo III designers. Finally, it always helps to attach a link to Photobucket (or another picture hosting site) that displays a screenshot of the bug. If you need to include a video, please provide a link to the video as well. Types of Bugs Below are some different types of bugs you may encounter in Diablo III. I also have included the specific information I would like for each bug reported of this type. Combat bugs - These are pretty simple. If there is a broken skill in the game, include the name of the skill and the class that uses the skill. Example: The Barbarian's skill Bash does not knock enemies away. Quest bugs - These can be complicated. For quest issues, we request that you include two things: 1. Please include the name of the quest and quest step that you were on when you encountered the bug. The name of the quest is the name that displays at the top of your quest log, while the quest step is the specific instructions for you to complete in the quest. 2. Please specify weather this occurred in multiplayer or solo play. Example: During the quest "The Fire From The Sky : Slay a Wretched Mother", you cannot kill the Wretched Mother in multiplayer. Environment bugs - Finally, Environment bugs round out the specific types of bugs I need more information about. For Environment bugs, please describe the issue you found and tell me what level area it is located in. The level area is simply the name of the sub-zone you are in and can be found above the minimap. Every location in the game has a level area, and it helps to know this before I start looking. Screenshots are perfect for Environment bugs as well. They will accurately display the issue you are seeing. Uploading a screenshot to an online photo site like Imgur and linking it back to your thread would help me a lot as well. Example - In New Tristram, one of the houses is bright pink. Again, welcome to Diablo III!!! Following these guidelines will allow all of us to work together as efficiently as possible. Thanks for reading and enjoy the game!Tsarnis0 Sep 10, 2013
Jan 7 Account Link Issues Greetings everyone, UPDATE 9/30 - The fix for this issue went in this morning, and from the reports I've seen so far it appears that we're back on track. We'll continue to keep our eyes on this, and encourage you to let us know here if you continue to run into any issues with linking your Sony Entertainment Network and/or Xbox LIVE accounts to your account. Thanks all, may the Treasure Goblins treat you kindly! ---------- We’re aware that some players are receiving an error when attempting to link their PlayStation Network or Xbox Live accounts with We’re currently investigating these reports and will be sure to update this post as soon as more information becomes available. To those who are affected by this issue, we apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience in the meantime. For more information on how to link your console accounts with, visit: Jan 7
Jan 12, 2016 Diablo III: UEE - Known Issues List - Updated 1/12/16 Hello everyone, and welcome to Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on console! Below you will find are some of the most visible and commonly-reported Known Issues for Diablo III on Consoles. We ask that you please do not report any bugs that you see on this list, as we already know about them. We would also appreciate you advising other players to consult this list before reporting an issue. As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active on every platform. What it is listed here are a select few issues -- chosen due to visibility and impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance with verifiable steps and (in most cases) an expected fix. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here. Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list. Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition!!! Items Enemies affected by Black Hole with the Event Horizon rune while the wizard has the Boyarsky’s Chip gem equipped may become stuck at 1hp and become unable to be killed The Lianna’s Wings item model is incorrectly clipping into the player model while sheathed on the player’s back Set Dungeons Set Dungeon failed messages will spam players continually after failing the “Maintain Sweeping Wind” objective in the Dungeon of the Monkey King’s Garb Important: Please note that the issues listed in this post represent issues that are verified as active issues in the latest version of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition for Xbox One (Patch and Playstation 4 (Patch Known issues from older content updates have have been added below as replies for reference.Tsarnis5 Jan 12, 2016
Aug 19, 2014 Problems with PS4 bonus item? Click here! Hi Everyone, We've recieved a few reports that Playstation 4 players were having issues collecting their Infernal Pauldrons. This appears to be related to a license not properly being applied to some players' PSN accounts after entering the item code. Luckily, we have identified a workaround that should help most of you get past this issue: 1. Navigate to the Settings option on the PS4 Dynamic Menu 2. Select "PSN" 3. Select "Restore Licenses" 4. Re-launch Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition and you should find your preorder item in your inventory Additionally, please ensure that your console is connected to the internet, as downloading the available patch over PSN is required to collect the item.Tsarnis0 Aug 19, 2014
1d PS4-Seasonal Challenges Bug: "Curses!" PS4-Seasonal Challenges Bug: "Curses!" didn't count!!! I have finished 3 seasonal conquests including "Curses!", but the software didn't coun't "Curses!"as the 3 completed conquests this season. Is there any suggestions?Filexch2 1d
5d XBOX - FLAWLESS VICTORY BUG So I have completed the three conquests in Season 13: Divinity, The Thrill, and Curses! Though this should have completed Flawless Victory, it has not. Is there any update to patch this? Seems I am not the only one having this issue.Alkera7 5d
6d Bane of the Powerful missing PS4 Bane of the Powerful gem cannot be located in the inventory. It is not in the player's inventory nor the stash. The gem is not socketed in any accessory either. Interestingly, it remains available for upgrade upon completing a greater rift. Please correct the issue, thanks.Verhoeff0 6d
Apr 17 Seasonal Greater Rift Challenge bug? PS4 I did a quick search, but did not see anything mentioned in recent post. I just happened to glance at my [Season Challenges] under [Greater Rifts] and noticed it's completed, but it is showing 97% complete. Looking through the challenges, they all appear to be completed correctly and not grayed out within any of the individual challenges. I apologize in advance if this is already documented, but the forums are flooded with complaints/concerns about the glitched Curse Conquest. Thanks, RottenRottenTyler1 Apr 17
Apr 6 SEASON 13 CONQUEST 4 WON'T COMPLETE JOURNEY Hello, my gamertag is hfmyo and my friend's is Mr Killbot On the XBox One versions of Reaper of Souls, we did the Curses! conquest to finish up our season journey. We got the conquest, and are currently rank 440 and 441 on the leaderboards for it. However, this did not complete the season journey for either of us. This took us a long time to do, I heard this was a problem on the PC in February, but that it was resolved. Can it be fixed for the console?HappyFaceMan1 Apr 6
Apr 1 XBOX Bug with vendor menu after GR completion Summary: On Xbox one, accessing a vendor between turning in a Greater Rift and the results being displayed causes vendor menu to be darkened and not accept input, requiring game restart. This bug happens to me on the xbox one, both single and multiplayer. If I turn in a greater rift and then press A on any vendor (usually kadala since she is closest) then the results screen displays over the vendor screen. Clearing out the results screen will show a darker vendor screen that will not let you cancel it or select any options. At that point the game music continues to play and other players are unaffected, but to resolve it my game must be restarted. I did not see this on the known bugs list.Chrono7700 Apr 1
Mar 27 Cube is not working (?) Cześć, Mam problem z pozyskiwanie mocy w Kostce. Pozyskuje moc (próbowałem kilka razy), ale później w Umiejętnościach nie ma żadnej mocy do wybrania. Gram na PS4 w sezonie 13. Czy robię coś źle?sp00ky3 Mar 27
Mar 26 Reaper of Souls Xbox One Achievement Glitches I currently have 3 achievements that will not unlock for me. 1. Up all night to get lucky. - I have the challenge completed in the challenge log but the achievement never popped. 2. The Elitist - I have killed over 7000 elite mobs according to my log. But Achievement is stuck at 98% 3. I feel so enchanting - I have also unlocked the challenge for this in the log book. This is a a big problem for Blizzard. If these achievements are not fixed I will not play another Blizzard console game.SpartyOn24 Mar 26
Mar 25 PS4 collection items not showing I have Diablo 3 on both PC and PS4, I logged into both versions for the starcraft 20 year anniversary event. And found that: 1) I did not get the dominion's revenge pet on my ps4 2) I also did not get other stuff on my ps4 from my starcraft 2 digital delux purchase, HoTS portraits, etc. - I think the only thing I got from my delux purchases are the OW Game of the Year one (the mercy wing) and some starcraft 2 delux (the skull wing?). How do I fix this? - I tried to file a ticket but it seems the system doesnt allow me to file ticket... ThanksDUcupcake4 Mar 25
Mar 25 Cann't access my pets, wings, frames... Logged in today after being away a week or so and the option to change my pets, wings, frames etc is greyed out. Tried relogging, nothing. Logged into my seasonal toon and it worked. Relogged onto my main, now it's working. I'm thinking config issue. But in case a dev see's something else, here's the report.Pylonn1 Mar 25
Mar 23 Curses Conquest Bugged Will this get fixed on consoles? I know it was patched 2 days ago on the PC. ThanksHillsong10 Mar 23
Mar 22 Nephalem Rift Bug On Xbox one, playing Season 13. After completing all the bounties I opened a Nephalem Rift but the portal (labelled Arcane Land 1) looped back to town.Wolf11230 Mar 22
Mar 19 Witch doctor bug on Xbox1 Witch Doctor equipped with Voo's Juicer (weapon) and Gazing Demise (kanai's). Rune for spirit barrage is well of souls, however there is no animation of the 3 additional spirits. I run around as a player 2 shared screen on torment 13.Cookie4480 Mar 19
Mar 18 Stash items gone Hello, having some problems with items in my stash. I bought the Xbox one version of diablo 3:ultimate edition and exported my character saves from my Xbox 360 (reaper of souls). Once they loaded to my Xbox one I realized that half my items and gems were gone from stash including rare set items from my monk playing on torment 4. All the items in My inventory were still there aswell. My gamertag is enjoyabletie193 thanksMrkoolJ1 Mar 18
Mar 18 PS4 Curses! On leaderboard but no credit PS4 Curses! Seasonal conquest still bugged :( I just finished Curses today March 17th, the last step in my Guardian tab and definitely see my progress on the leaderboard saved as having 3 conquests completed but when I check the seasonal tab, it still says 2 out of 3 conquests completed. I have done the solo GR45 challenge and GR70 and the last was Curses, to kill 350 monsters on Torment X or higher during a cursed chest event. Please Blizzard, I know I am not the only one posting about this. I love this game, and have spent a ton of time into this monumental seasonal journey for the first time.Fengrahl1 Mar 18
Mar 15 Conquest not counting for journal I was completing the seasonal journals to get the final portrait frame an I'm stuck on the 2nd to last one I've completed 2 conquests an it isn't reading that I have 1 of them completed. I talked to some other people about it an they're having the same issue. The conquests that we haven't been getting credit for are the 350+ enemy's in a curse chest event an complete a gr45 with no set items. I also had an issue when a friend an myself tried to complete acts 1-5 in under an hour were when we got to act 4 the 1st boss froze an we couldn't do anythin except leave the game.Pritch845 Mar 15
Mar 14 High Plains Rifter bug I just completed a greater rift level 40 on PS4 with 5 pieces of the Sunwuko set + The Ring of Royal Grandeur and again with 6 pieces of the Sunwuko set (just to be sure). I have not received any of the 6 High Plains Rifter achievements.Ngrosskurth2 Mar 14
Mar 11 I lost quest progress I bought the game yesterday and was playing for quite a bit. I got to the quest where you rescue Covetous Shen and I played through that part for a bit until I got to where you have to get the Blood of Zoltun Kulle. I thought that would be a good place to exit the game, but when I started again today, my progress was all the way back to where I first met Covetous Shen. Is this a bug or am I just missing how the game works?KimK0 Mar 11
Mar 11 Lost Progress So, my buddy had come back to this game with me after a long time, and when we had started it up he had all of his characters and everything, but had negative paragon points and all of his items in his chest had disappeared. Is there anything we can do about this?NippleBiscui0 Mar 11
Mar 7 Gear not saving?? PS4 Seasonal Having a really odd issue in Season 13. My character levels okay, and they stick, as near as I can tell, looted stuff stays (gold, gear drops, etc), but gear changes/equips and even one piece I just created are not saving. Two main examples: 1) On my follower now, more than once, I have switched him to a certain weapon. Play awhile, all is good, log out and next time I launch the game, that weapon is back in my inventory and he's switched to something else. 2) On my character, I created a weapon last night, equipped it, and logging in now that weapon is completely gone. This is really frustrating. Any thoughts?BanjoJohn2 Mar 7
Mar 4 Bug 3 podboje sezon 13 Witam w postępach sezonowych w zadaniu "dokonaj 3 podbojów w tym sezonie" jest błąd. Mianowicie ukończyłem 3 podboje w wyzwaniam mam je zaliczon. A w postępach sezonowych nie. Sprawa dotyczy konsoli PS4 Proszę o odpowiedzRazer3 Mar 4
Mar 4 Season challenge bug help ASAP! I am currently hunting for top position in season challenges on xbox one for diablo 3 rise of the necromancer, but somehow i have missed credit for one challenge in "Solo set smorgasbord", I have the first (Solo grift 15) and all the others but am somehow missing the second one (Solo grift 20), and have tried doing solo rifts again with different sets but its still not showing up, Thats 10 points which seems unattainable for me... HELP please ASAP Hard topost a pic from the xbox but, i have posted it on Mar 4
Mar 4 Diablo 3 completely crashes my PS4 Pro :/ Diablo 3 completely crashes my PS4 Pro :/ The best description of the issue: ... Region: European France With the last patch 2.4.3 and the last little update release today, the game completly crashes on my PS4 Pro. It's random and i can't get the OS dashboard anymore. I have to shutdown my console by pressing the ON button during few seconds. I'm alone in this case ? 3 crashes like this from yesterday :/ No issue on others games. I play a lot to Diablo 3 and now i can't play without fear to crash again :( I can't send any report because OS is not accessible and no report in system too. Reproduce with patch 1.15 and 1.16. Seems to be related to PS4 Pro support, never had issues with 1.14. ------------- More info: Patch 1.15: 1 crash during game, auto report sent. 1 crash during game playing on remote Vita. Console completly frozen, impossible to go back to the Dash. Patch 1.16: 2 crashes during game playing on remote Vita. Console completly frozen, impossible to go back to the Dash. I have to check if it's because of remote play or not. Never had those issues with 1.14. ------------ Seems to work fine without internet access (cable disconnected)KikitheKing246 Mar 4
Mar 4 POOF! All my D3 characters are gone. ALL MY XBOX ONE D3 CHARACTERS ARE GONE. Years of hard work wiped completely. Only left with my paragon level and the mediocre items in my chest. I just bought this game as a gift to my brother in-law and best friend yesterday. If my characters aren’t retrieved, I’m returning their games. What’s the point of investing your time and money in game that will only delete your characters that have fantastic gear.ThermiteFist4 Mar 4
Mar 3 Season 13 Set Items Not Dropping PS4 Completed Chapters 2 and 3 and I can see they are marked as complete in the menu but I haven’t got the set items that should have dropped. Please tell me I haven’t wasted my time!!! :(slurm3161 Mar 3
Mar 2 haedrigs gift not showing up Just completed chapter 2 of the season journey on Xbox one. Saw the achievement pop up, saw that I gained 2 new transmogs. But now when I go to the mail box to claim them I can't even access the mail box. the transmogs aren't at the mystic either. however when I look at my season journey it clearly say 2/4 completed, but chapter 2's title isn't gold like chapter 1's, and when I scroll over chapter 3 it says I must complete the previous step to unlock it. But I can read all the objectives and it's unlocked. Anyone know what to do?Shishkabob3 Mar 2
Mar 2 Mailbox bug/glitch? Help plz Hello, in search of someone to help me figure out a problem regarding the mailbox on xbox one. I can send items to friends no problem but they've said that they have sent me items back and I do not receive any of their mail or gifts. Anyone else having this problem or only me?Anarchy4 Mar 2
Mar 2 Free Gem Achievement in Season I can't pinpoint exactly when I got it, but for some reason my group and I (local co-op) received the achievement for crafting an Imperial Gem (chapter 3), when none of us crafted one. We hadn't hit 70 yet and were completing some of the other achievements and were looking at our Journey screen and noticed it was completed. I don't mind a freebie, but wanted to mention it. Thanks!LordCaric1 Mar 2
Feb 28 ..... ...spoekie0 Feb 28
Feb 27 2nd player on X1 local is losing items Second player at random times is losing items such as forgotten souls from having over 200 of them gained solo then logging out and then back in on a local multi player to find 11. Also losing over 100 million gold at random occasions and other materials from bounties gained while playing with the first player locally. This all occurs during the time that the player is playing their character on local multiplayer as the second player. Is this some kind of bug or error?LjokeOboxL2 Feb 27
Feb 26 Well of Souls No Animation Multiplayer Class: Witch Doctor Skill: Spirit Barrage Rune: Well of Souls Platform: PS4 Game Mode: Same screen multiplayer Rune has no animation in multiplayer, makes it extremely difficult to use. In single player it seems to work fine and I get the red spirits per normal. Hopefully an easy hotfix as skills with no animation in only one mode seem odd at best.Sephon3 Feb 26
Feb 26 Cube dups items from stash This happened on the latest Xbox One version (as of 2/22/2018). I'm trying to get some ancient fist weapons from the cube using Hope of Cain. I finally got the fists I was looking for (non-ancient, though) and went to my stash to compare to what I already had and was stunned to find that 2 of the crafted items were 100% identical to items already in my inventory...? Pictures... (Note the green star on the left indicating a new item) Feb 26
Feb 24 CAN'T SEE 2 DOWNLOAD OPTIONS ON PS4 Hi there, I bought Diablo III: Eternal Collection just yesterday in Polish PS Store. When I downloaded it, it is started in Polish. So I removed the Saved Data files and whole game, went to PS Store and didn't find options to choose Download buttons. Based on that article I can switch the language choosing at Game Page in PS Store: But there is only one button. Could you please explain why it is happening? If I bought in Polish PS Store can't I play English version?!Mimoliho2 Feb 24
Feb 23 Cant create season 13 character It dont work creating a season 13 hero on diablo 3 on Playstation. I have playstation + and live in europe so the season has startedFhennix1 Feb 23
Feb 23 Please make D3 Korea subtitle patch Please make D3 Korea subtitle patch in console ... I know that D3 have Korea subtitle in PC version. Why Blizzard ignored Korea console users... they and I begged blizzard a lot of time. please make just Subtitles (caption, dialog is in Korean. ) pleaseLOGANS245 Feb 23
Feb 17 Lost Seasonal Items None of my seasonal items (or rebirth items) came back to me in my mailbox at season end. The only thing in there was some gems and some of the purple gear I got doing the Diablo 1 retro event. I am playing on Xbox. Please let me know how to proceed. ThanksEstiv2 Feb 17
Feb 12 Seasonal to non seasonal error My hardcore seasonal necromancer transferred over to the non seasonal game except it is now a softcore character? Is there a way to fix this? My other seasonal hardcore character transferred just fineanthraxite0 Feb 12
Feb 6 CALLING ALL DIABLO III DEVELOPERS!!!!!! I am having issues connecting to a party online. I can play diablo III solo just fine but when i accept an invite or try to join a friends lobby it lets me, but when we try to enter the game i get stuck on the loading screen while everybody else is in game. i have done all the troubleshooting steps as far as sony's steps with connecting to my network. also resetting my modem and router. i connect to the internet just fine. i can play destiny and battlefield along with other games online, it's just diablo III that wont let me for some odd reason! Please help! i am reaching out to the developers! i have two other friends having the same issue so it's not just me. i contacted blizzard and sony multiple times. Blizzard says they don't have anything to do with the server because it's on ps4. Sony says that they do NOT own the server so there is nothing they can do. Who owns the server and can somebody please help??!!!!!damnrican236 Feb 6
Feb 1 Haedrig doesn't show in shared stash on PS4 I just started playing D3 on PS4 (S12). Started out with a wizard and played most of the season quests, but I did not open Haedrig gift bags because I'm not interested in Vyr set. I decided to wait until my barb is lvl70 and open them there. The text on the bags say: "You get the set according to whichever character OPENS the items.. Be careful blabla". So I thought to open them with the barb. But now I don't see the green bags anywhere in my barb's stash. The Season rewards say "Already redeemed", but the bags still show all the optional sets that the bags can yield. How can I open the bags on my barb if they are in the stash of my wizard?dnikolos4 Feb 1
Jan 31 Missing Vyr Pieces... Please help! So I'm playing on the PlayStation 4 and I finished Chapter 3 of the Season 12 journey today. Equipped the Vyr chest and legs peices, saved and turned it off. I just turned it back on and my chest and legs peices aren't equipped anymore. I have the wings and it says I've completed the chapter, and that I've claimed the reward. Any idea where they would disappear to?B3gg4rsxx0 Jan 31
Jan 30 killed monster. attacked by its corpse. So I was doing a greater rift and I killed one of those moth monsters... Except the corpse started attacking me and there wasn't anything I could do about it. There was no attack animation, I was just taking damage and had this corpse following me around. I tried attacking it but I couldn't target it with anything and nothing could hit it. I tried descending to the next level and coming back but it was still there. Weird glitch. Kind of funny since I'm softcore but it's potentially deadly to hardcore players if it happens to the wrong monster.icedagger6 Jan 30
Jan 30 PS4 PRO CRASHING we have been asking for help on this serious crash issue for three months now. you have not even replied about this issue. why aren't you getting back to us to at least say the problem is there an a fix is coming.RockRanger42 Jan 30
Jan 30 CE-34874-0 error on PS4 slim 1tb help? I have seen other threads on this subject for the PS4 Pro. But not the normal Slim ps4. I have rebuilt the database and did a full initialization of my Ps4. Even without importing any of my save data from the previous game I still get this error constantly. Any other game works with no problems though. The game is fully updated as well as the system. Anyone come across any fix for this? Seems to have started a couple days after I bought the necro expac but that could just be a coincidence.Synthetik0 Jan 30
Jan 28 D3 Console Bug Report This is on the PS4 When you finish a GR and then report back to Orek to finish the GR the completion screen pops up. The bug is when this screen is up and you accendently press X instead of O to get out of the screen you get caught in his talk to screen and you can't exit without completely restarting the game. I have tried so many different variations to exit his talk to screen, but no of them work expect for a complete shut down. It's kinda frustrating when you're trying to speed run to lvl up gems and you accendently press the wrong button and you have to shut down the game...GazingGoats1 Jan 28
Jan 21 Game of Bones Achievement now works but... So after todays 1.9gig patch on my XboxOne I found that the "Game of Bones" Achievement now works but "Self Controlled" Achievement is still bugged! It's the last one I need to unlock, send HELP!! :)Eiksix21 Jan 21
Jan 20 No legendary ring received game: Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls, Ultimate Evil Edition. system: X-Box 360. problem: According to the game insert, I would receive a legendary ring for signing in to account. I did this, but received no ring. My ticket was closed because "we've never seen this happen before", and I was told to fill out a bug report on here.truePaladin4 Jan 20