Console Bug Report

May 26 did not receive pet and port xbox one me and my wife have played through 16 now on 17 got through chapter 1 but did not receive the pet and port reward why and the game keeps saying disconnected for serverkkiller1871 May 26
May 25 Necromancer Voice Missing System: XBox One I just purchased the necromancer this evening and was very disappointed it doesn’t use it's voice at any point in the game. it is silent but it has it’s closed captions the NPC’s continue to speak as is the necromancer spokeRauvi3 May 25
May 24 Not abel to seasonal travel Hello togather, I have a big problem with the seasonal travel. The Game doesn't recognizes the challeng for the 45th and 70th legendary gems, so i'm not abel to finish the season travel. Can you help please. RegardsFrosty2 May 24
May 23 Missing Seasonal Rewards for Chapter IV Hello, I am missing Haedrig's gift after I completed and redeemed my season IV reward on my WD on PS4. I have the pet and the portrait frame, just missing the set pieces. I had them equipped yesterday and today they are missing. Is there any way to retrieve this or am I just royally screwed for the rest of the season?Ts00sT1 May 23
May 23 Broken ring of grandeur The ring of grandeur worked before the up date. It has stop giving set bonus, the skill no longer works from the cube, and I cant run skill dungeons anymore. I'm on the ps4 and this is affecting my regular normal game.LUXFER2 May 23
May 23 BUG ON "SPEAR OF JAIRO" it dosent stack Im playing on console and my spear of jairo is not stacking thorn dmg at all? the thorn build i use depends on the high stack for higher GR.. please helpBongert6 May 23
May 23 Perma Death sorta bug? (PS4) So yeah happened a few times now I die SC Seasonal Character(s) and soon as I press Triangle to resurrect at corpse, I don't come back alive game still plays on I got to quit out and restart session to continue happening during pretty much everything Nephalem Rifts, Greater Rifts, Bounties, Exploring and so on. Happening to my friends aswell.Supremesis0 May 23
May 23 Ps4 Templar gear removes Ps4 hardcore seasonal; Game removes Templar gear and it disappears from inventory and stash. Templar Has lost his gear twice now in three hours of playing. Randomly occurs, EVERY item is removed from him and disappears. The only thing I did was transmogrify my gear and then bam three games later gone. I tested it again transmogrify a second time, three games later poof Templar gear is gone except this time my shield got sent to my stash. I’m rank 1 on PS4 hardcore seasonal if that makes this seem more realistic. I’ve heard this is a glitch and has happened before. Last season we couldn’t use voice chat in game so I don’t expect any solutions just thought someone should report this.thumpr0 May 23
May 22 Necro Voice Gone (Xbox one) Just grabbed the game a couple days ago and when I went to try out the Necro I noticed that he has no dialogue audio at all. Even during combat and stuff. Saw a couple other posts about it so figured i’d make another so it gets fixed.xenmaster352 May 22
May 22 Ps4 - buged greater rift boss Whille runing a greater rift this morning with my nephew this morning in split screen we experienced a bug on a greater rift bosses It got stuck just spawning in we couldnt fight it we tryed going to town and back down even let timer run down to see if it would fix its self but nothing worked ill be keeping a eye out if this happens again just wanted the dev team to be awere of this issueKitsune22000 May 22
May 21 Lost all save data on Xbox One I logged on to play diablo today and it said no save data found Ad asked me if I wanted to import from diablo 3. I tried rebooting my xbox and router, didn't work. I tried uninstalling the game, didn't work. Then I tried resetting my xbox to the factory settngs. Also didn't work. I also called Microsoft thinking it's a cloud issue and they said everything is fine on their end. It said on the battle net support site that they don't resolve console issues and to con tact micrsoft. So am I just screwed? I really love this game but if I have to start over from scratch and go through 500 paragon levels again and level 5 characters to 70 and get kridershot and the furnace and all of the set pieces again, it's definitely not worth it if this is just going to happen again with no resolve. So hopefully someone in this company will give a damn and help me out if not unfortunately I am saying goodbye to diablo.Dreves55 May 21
May 20 Damage bug When i go to torment 1 with my seasonal monk i deal a maximum of 20 trillion damage, whenever i go to tornment 16 i only deal a maximum of 400 million dmg. I play on a ps4Nigaa2 May 20
May 20 UNABLE TO JOIN FRIENDS ONLINE (XBOX ONE). Hello, I have been having an issue lately since season 16 ended and when season 17 began, the issue still persist. I have completed the entire story mode and was doing seasonal quests with friends. I would log off for some time and get back on and attempt to play with them. Each time I tried to join their game, it said that I was unable to. They attempted to join me and they got the same error message. We are all set to friends only and the internet hasn't gone out or anything like that. This issue is happening on my Xbox One version of Diablo 3. Sometimes it works, but majority of the time, it won't allow me to join others. I have contacted Blizzard via Twitter and got no help. I am curious if others have been having this issue or not as well and trying to find a solution. Thank you.Momo0 May 20
May 20 Can't leave room Playing on PS4, after beating Urzael, Harbinger of Death, the steps do not appear so that you can leave the room, I had to leave the game and restart the game, there is a portal when you restart and I went back to the room to see if I could leave, the stairs appeared but did not go all the way down and I had to leave the game again, and restart.MovieDiva4 May 20
May 20 Witch doctor bug on Xbox1 Witch Doctor equipped with Voo's Juicer (weapon) and Gazing Demise (kanai's). Rune for spirit barrage is well of souls, however there is no animation of the 3 additional spirits. I run around as a player 2 shared screen on torment 13.Cookie4483 May 20
May 18 Switch Online Multiplayer not working Joining games and inviting people to my game consistently does not work. I will get an error message stating "there was a problem joining the game." I am also stuck in "local only" mode. This is with 4 different friends, and we've tried it on the same fiber wifi that is getting 900mbps download speed and 300 mbps upload. Restarting the console does not work, it just sometimes works or doesn't. Looking forward to a patch soon, I convinced like 6 people to buy this game and now it isn't workingBananakin6668 May 18
May 18 Switch-Can no longer connect with friends Friend & I began playing Diablo 3 on Switch in early December, there were no issues through that month. Then in in early January every time we attempted to connect to each other's game we would see the message "Error - There was a problem joining the game" despite no changes on our end. We have tried changing Switch settings, Diablo 3 multiplayer settings, etc. but nothing has worked. Other games connect immediately without issue (Splatoon 2). Even though I do have a phone that didn't solve my problem either! Anyway I have seen plenty of other people having this issue, it's pretty ridiculous that this is happening (especially considering it worked fine for a month!), hopefully it gets prioritized & fixed.Korig5 May 18
May 17 Equipped item dupe? While running Rifts on Nintendo Switch this morning I opened my inventory to check my loot at the end of a run and discovered that every item that I had equipped had duplicated into my bag (including gems in socket) I couldn't begin to guess what I did differently this run compared to those prior (probably nothing). If it helps, I was playing a (Obviously non-seasonal) Helltooth Gargantuan WD running Nephalem Rifts from Act II for roughly an hour and a half before this occured.Hona0 May 17
May 17 Didn’t get season rewards Wasn’t able to claim season rewards for some odd reason, I had just started playing before the season ended and managed to clear it to secure all of the armor set so I could unlock it on my demon hunter but I was unable to collect it. So I am new to the game and thought it was an end of season thing and so I waited a day or so for it to end but when it did I was unable to get those rewards at all. I really wanted the armor set and rewards but I didn’t, I got the pet and portrait but that was it... I know my father said he played in the pc and they mailed it to his pc during the seasons he played but I never got anything in the mail nor could I claim anything from the menus since I am playing in the Xbox and wanted to know if I could get the items by reporting this bug. I can send a video of my character and items and stash and log in and out so you know I didn’t drop them in the game and try to get more for free. Whatever you’d need.Rylance8 May 17
May 15 Season 16 Stash Didn't transfer to Stash I had 100 items in my Season 16 stash I wanted to keep, and had 150 open slots in my normal stash, but I still have 150 open slots in my normal Stash after seting my Season 16 character to normal. I had a lot of great stuff I wanted to keep. Like a perfect Primal Ancient Furnace, and Perfect Ancient Tormentor I wanted to main with the Seasonal Character I maid for S16 outside of S16. This was my first Season. I'm playing on PS4.Durandal2 May 15
May 15 Switch - Duplicate Legendary Gem I ran a Greater Rift with my was-seasional witch doctor who makes use of legendary gems one of which is Bane of the Powerful. On completion of the Rift I checked the legendary gem that drop (not picked them all up yet) and Bane of the Powerful dropped again. Screenshots: Platform: switch. GR:22welshtroll1 May 15
May 15 QoL Improvement for Consoles Not "Technically" a bug, but a HUGE oversight and inconvenience that has gone on for far too long. Gem crafting for console is very inconvenient. Please allow us to craft multiple gems at once with a slider for quantity. Please pass this to your console dev team. It would mean all the world to us... Thank you very much for everything you do for us.Vermiculus0 May 15
May 14 Lost non-seasonal progress since patch 2.6.5 Hello, I played a couple hours in my non-seasonal characters before and after the end of the season and then, patch 2.6.5 came in and I'm back to the end of the season. I lost all progress I've done since the end of the season. I've deleted game data on my X1 and restarted the game and no change. Please help!!Asami260 May 14
May 13 Items moved/gone after season ended on PS4 When I logged into my game on the PS4 after season 16 ended my items in my stash were all jacked up! My puzzle rings were gone, had 3 Signet Ring of the Blizzard on most characters all the sudden, tons of my items were either gone or moved to other characters. The one I had been playing most had 270ish items in stash (yeah, I hadn't sorted and purged what I didn't really want) and all the sudden I had 87. Items moved to characters that can't use them and I haven't played in forever! SO irritated since all the work I put in to get sets was for nothing because I don't have any anymore except the one the character was wearing when the season ended. This is messed up! Was the first time I really got into playing seasons and it hosed me.RMATOUSEK321 May 13
May 13 Switch, stash emptying out of nowhere I was playing the game farming for items when suddenly it kicks me out of the game and it sends me to campaign when I was in Adventure mode. It also deletes all my items in my stash for no reason but I don't know the cause of this bug so I don't know how to replicate it.DemonSeed3 May 13
May 12 Nephalem glory not applied to thorns. The double damage multiplier from Nephalem glory does not apply to reflect thorns damage, putting thorns builds on console at a disadvantage. RGK thorns necro on console will not perform as well as one on PC compared to other possible RGK builds like impale DH. Essentially every non thorns build gets double damage, allowing those builds to exceed the damage output capabilities of a reflect thorns build that doesn't get double damage.ExisFOHDR1 May 12
May 12 Wizard shields delay on GRs Wizard shields like storm armour have a minimum 5 second delay before activity in GRs. Seems like a bug - I don’t think anything in the game causes it. Doesn’t matter in normal rifts as you can start the skill before going in.auran2 May 12
May 12 Season 16 Community Buff Missing on Switch Like the title says, I log in and I don't have the Community Buff giving me the effect of the Ring of Royal Grandeur. I've tried creating new games and restarting my console. As far as I'm aware it only happened recently but I'm not sure if it's due to something I've equipped or if it's not working for anybody else right now.ceige5 May 12
May 12 Update idea 4 PTR I'm posting here cause I don't have access to ptr. But I fell that Inferno keys. That open Gates needs a close timer after finishing them.Timemage882 May 12
May 12 Class Balance: Twister Wizard Hello, I wanted to talk about Twister Wizards. Years ago twister wizard was unbalanced on both console and PC, Blizzard solved the issue by nerfing them on PC. However that patch never hit consoles and for last many seasons Twister Wizards have been dominating the leaderboards. They are 10 GR levels above any other class on solo pushing! Not just that, when you look at top( and pretty much any) 3 and 4 man groups they all have a twister wizard. It is pretty much impossible to compete with them with any other damage class. Season 17 PTR has just announced and I am pretty disappointed that this issue hasn't got fixed yet. It is PTR after all and many things can be added. So please just take a look at PS4 leaderboards and do what is necessary . Cheers.utukali2 May 12
May 12 We need a fix cheating with a small effort! Don't know about ps4 version, but for Xbox there is a simple solution. Trigger a save to cloud after each legendary reforge so players won't be able to rollback save after many fail reforges. Second fix is need for HC only. Trigger save to cloud right after hero is dead, currently people are able to rollback cloud save even on menu. I believe this is a quick change for developers but with a huge QoL. Or if that is possible just ask Microsoft if they can remove "remove local save" feature from this game.Reborn5 May 12
May 12 PS4, Characters reload to prev save/chk point Every time I turn the PS4 on or "wake it up" and start or resume a game My characters lose their last several actions sometimes up to an hours worth of game play. I have lost items, gems, quests, and experience. How do i Fix this? It seriously happens every time. Example: last night, I combined about 140 Rubies into F Royals. They're all imperial again today. All the junk in my inventory is there, even though I scrapped it last night.Kefka16 May 12
May 12 Xbox multiplayer bug still not fixed So there WAS a thread on this, but some blue poster closed it and directed us here to report the bug. can you idiots please pay attention long enough to FIX THE MULTIPLAYER ON XBOX, so that when you try to join someone, it doesn't constantly give the error "problem joining game". It isn't a port issue, it isn't a NAT issue, it isn't an xbox live issue. Its a BLIZZARD issue. FIX IT.TRBOBDOLE1 May 12
May 4 [PS3] Black screen when launching D3 I've tried HDMI and Composite cables. I've tried changing resolution. I've tried changing my TV settings. The game HAS worked ONCE and only after a few failed launches. Now, after many HOURS of trying to launch the game, I give up. Nothing seems to work. Other games work fine. The system and the game are up to date. I don't know what to do.tiguinator0 May 4
May 1 Blood Marsh Bounty, Takes to long literally and some times you need to lure enemies in from the other area. PS4 dont know about other systems but its prolly all them. Just a annoying bounty.WingOfNature1 May 1
Apr 25 Switch phantom items Completing bounty in new tristrim and all collected items including legendary not showing in inventory but still affecting inventory count. Items do not appear. Cant drop, sell or salvage. Now i have diminished carring capacity. Please help. CheersRune0 Apr 25
Apr 25 Ps3 - game shuts the whole console down Hi, so I've had no problems with d3 Ros on ps3 before... Until recently. Me and a friend have been playing a lot of d3ros lately. Having fun and everything. Until recently I'll be playing it either with or without him. Get about 10-30 mins of gameplay before my ps3 turns off with no light. At first I thought that it was an overheating issue so I gave my ps3 a break. The next day I jump on to play just for it to do it again. Cleaned ps3, occurs again. Tried deleting it and the game data from my ps3 then redownload it and update today. Ps3 shuts off completely. I have no problems playing other games so I believe it's either a problem with the game or it could sadly be my save file. I had also recently made a hardcore character for the lv70 hc trophy before this problem started to occur. Help is very much appreciated, thanks. Also I noticed it started occuring once my hc char got past lv50. Also this only happens when I try to play d3 Ros, any other game works perfectly fine.ShockHitashi5 Apr 25
Apr 9 Particle effect bug on Switch I'm not sure if this has to do with the limited number of particle effects on Switch, but whenever I'm using many skills at once that causes a lot to happen on screen (Rain of Vengeance, Vengeance, and Cluster Arrow for example), some effects will disappear.SneakySquid2 Apr 9
Apr 8 Switch - Rift completion bug When using two joy con controllers. Hitting X will not dismiss from one of the two controllers. If you go over and talk to kadala while the completion screen is still up, it will switch to kadala but you cannot exit or do anything on the screen. You're forced to close the software.WhateverDude0 Apr 8
Apr 7 Treasure Goblin Spawn Bug Treasure Goblin Spawn Bug When playing as my Demon Hunter on the Switch version of the game in adventure mode, I discovered that a Gelatinous Sire type Treasure Goblin spawned in Leoric's Passage in an area where it was impossible to reach or target it. The goblin spawned on the small patch of ground where you first see Deckard Cain in story mode. It is impossible to reach the goblin, or any other mobs that spawn here since the ledge that leads to them collapses in story mode.Skyblaze0 Apr 7
Apr 7 PS4 Missing Wings of Valor From DDE Pre-order As the title says, I am an old player who took a bit of an extended break for a few years, and recently returned to the game. I pre-ordered the game the PSN Store well before the game was released, and a big reason for doing so was these wings. I also redeemed them as instructed. The wings were definitely on my account before I took a break from the game. I had them equipped on multiple characters. However, since returning to the game I have noticed that they are conspicuously missing from my cosmetics. I have tried the following to try to get them back: - Created new characters (seasonal and non-seasonal). - Checked old characters that had them equipped (I know for a fact my Monk and Crusader had them on) - Restored Licences on PS4 multiple times. - Prayed to the old gods and the new. However, none have been successful. As this was a big incentive for pre-order before the game's release, I am mildly peeved that these wings are missing from my account all of a sudden and wonder if there's any solution. Thanks for your time :)DeathByNines1 Apr 7
Apr 2 Switch – Can't complete Years of War Conquest I've received credit for five class sets, but can't fully complete it even after two tries running GR55 with a full Shadow's Mantle set bonus. What's up, guys?Chatturgha3 Apr 2
Apr 1 PS4 version crashing Every day it crashes at least once, could be a solo GR (like today), or a group bounty( like yesterday). I'm not sure if this is a software or hardware issue, but many I've spoken to online have similar experiences lately.Abandurak0 Apr 1
Mar 31 PS4 Trophy bug - Dashing Through the Rift Hello everybody, came here to report a bug that I just realized on my PS4 UEE. I already beated the Let's make This Quick achievement in-game (the one when you finish a Rift within 5 minutes) but I didn't get the trophy for Dashing Through the Rift yet (the one when you finish a Rift within 15 minutes). Hope this gets fixed, I'm an avid trophy collector :P Thanks for the support!Bernardo5 Mar 31
Mar 25 Season 16 Nintendo Switch Speed Demon Beat the 2 minute requirement at max level on torment x for the Speed demon conquest - confirmed it with my wife on a stop watch and still didn't get credit for it. Had several other very close but unconfirmable runs. Is this a known bug this season?iamthewalrus0 Mar 25
Mar 21 Three trophies are not registering. There are three trophies that I should have completed and have not unlocked even tried creating new character and ran through story again. But still did not unlock. The three are the last of the horadrim, the coven overthrown, and I have played through the story mode at least 20 times and these have not registered. Please fix this.Legs2280 Mar 21
Mar 18 Unidentified Legendaries Not in Inventory XB1 So, i've been noticing an issue since the latest version of Diablo 3 implemented seasons on the XBOX1. For some reason, without reason or a pattern, characters that I have in the season will no longer show unidentified legendary items in their inventory. Usually this occurs on a daily basis and through any period of time while playing. When looking in my inventory, I can see that I have an unidentified item, due to the green star over the section that has it, but when I view this section it will not have the item listed. Instead, which is another bug associated with this bug, it will now list my "Equipped" items in the "Inventory" section, which it normally doesn't do. The only way i've found to resolve this is to go to the Book of Cain and use it to identify what is hidden. Once this is done, the item will show up in that section where it wasn't appearing before. Also, the issue with the equipped items in the inventory listing will remain until I quit out of the current session and log back in. Has anyone else experienced this or have an idea of how to resolve this? Thank you for your time.GreenSteele9 Mar 18
Mar 18 Enchanting Bug (Nintendo Switch) Hello, I had an enchanting bug happen to me on the Switch version of D3. I tried enchanting one line on an item, but it picked the line above it after confirmation. I wanted to change "life after kill", but it changed weapon damage instead. Normally, I probably wouldn't even write a post like this, but it happened on a Primal Ancient. The item called "Hack".Vicieus0 Mar 18
Mar 11 Immortal Kings (2) set severely nerfs damage I tried to equip the 2 set bonus of the immortal kings on my Nintendo Switch account only to find my damage was cut by nearly 95% I was routinely putting up 665 million to 1047 million and suddenly my attacks hit for 7705 thousand to 12 million any time the (2) set bonus is active. I can't find anything on this as to why it is happening.. why is it nerfing my damage so substantially? I can literally swap out the 2 set pieces for virtually any other items and the damage goes straight back up, and there is less than a 50k decrease in my damage rating, and the bonuses from the gear replaced clearly don't matter because any other substitution restores damage to the original levels.. wtf is going on?Ankoku1 Mar 11
Mar 11 Bug causing screen to gray out and softlock Using the exit portal of a greater rift while the season journey menu is open or is in process of opening will cause the screen to go slightly gray and none of my inputs are read. I cant walk, open another menu, save and quit. I have only resolved this by closing app.Frog0 Mar 11