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Sep 10, 2013 How to Write a Good Bug Report Greetings Heroes, Welcome to the Diablo III Console Bug Report Forums! I am very much looking forward to working with all of you to get any bugs that you may find during your travels through Sanctuary reported to our development team. To get started on this forum, please read through this guide as it explains some Do's and Don't's for bug testing and reporting. Ground Rules Feedback is NOT a bug. Anything related to feedback, class balance, boss suggestions, etc. belongs in another forum. My team and I read every single thread that is posted on this forum. However, I will not always respond to every thread. If you do not get a blue response, please DO NOT bump posts. I will ignore and possibly delete any post that simply says "Bump" or demands a response from a Blizzard poster. When reporting a bug, please make a thread for each bug you find. Threads that contain multiple bugs are difficult to manage, especially if we are unable to reproduce any of them on our end. Please use the Search feature to search the forum and see what bugs are post. If you have a duplicate thread, I will lock it and point you to the current thread where the bug is being discussed. Finally, please only discuss bugs within the threads. Avoid completely off topic discussions or other things not related to the bug in the thread. Again, don't use bug report threads as a platform for discussing game balance, design, or to provide feedback about the game. Bug Writing Ok, you found a bug, congratulations! But now what? This guide will explain how to accurately write a bug report. When posting a bug, please clearly state which platform you own (PS3/Xbox 360) and begin with a one or two sentence Summary that attempts to accurately describe the bug. We should be able to understand at least 75% of the issue you are reporting simply by looking at your Summary. I understand that the size of the Summary has to be short, but please do your best. Good summary: The tooltip for the Barbarian's Bash skill contains a typo. Bad summary: Bug with smash After your Summary, include a brief description of the bug you experienced. Include as much RELEVANT information as you can. Where you in multiplayer? Could you reproduce the issue? Specifics are preferred as we need to know as much as possible about the issue. If you have steps and can reproduce them consistently, write them out. This will help Quality Assurance get a must faster turn around time reproducing the issue and reporting it to the Diablo III designers. Finally, it always helps to attach a link to Photobucket (or another picture hosting site) that displays a screenshot of the bug. If you need to include a video, please provide a link to the video as well. Types of Bugs Below are some different types of bugs you may encounter in Diablo III. I also have included the specific information I would like for each bug reported of this type. Combat bugs - These are pretty simple. If there is a broken skill in the game, include the name of the skill and the class that uses the skill. Example: The Barbarian's skill Bash does not knock enemies away. Quest bugs - These can be complicated. For quest issues, we request that you include two things: 1. Please include the name of the quest and quest step that you were on when you encountered the bug. The name of the quest is the name that displays at the top of your quest log, while the quest step is the specific instructions for you to complete in the quest. 2. Please specify weather this occurred in multiplayer or solo play. Example: During the quest "The Fire From The Sky : Slay a Wretched Mother", you cannot kill the Wretched Mother in multiplayer. Environment bugs - Finally, Environment bugs round out the specific types of bugs I need more information about. For Environment bugs, please describe the issue you found and tell me what level area it is located in. The level area is simply the name of the sub-zone you are in and can be found above the minimap. Every location in the game has a level area, and it helps to know this before I start looking. Screenshots are perfect for Environment bugs as well. They will accurately display the issue you are seeing. Uploading a screenshot to an online photo site like Imgur and linking it back to your thread would help me a lot as well. Example - In New Tristram, one of the houses is bright pink. Again, welcome to Diablo III!!! Following these guidelines will allow all of us to work together as efficiently as possible. Thanks for reading and enjoy the game!Tsarnis0 Sep 10, 2013
Jan 9 Account Link Issues Greetings everyone, UPDATE 9/30 - The fix for this issue went in this morning, and from the reports I've seen so far it appears that we're back on track. We'll continue to keep our eyes on this, and encourage you to let us know here if you continue to run into any issues with linking your Sony Entertainment Network and/or Xbox LIVE accounts to your account. Thanks all, may the Treasure Goblins treat you kindly! ---------- We’re aware that some players are receiving an error when attempting to link their PlayStation Network or Xbox Live accounts with We’re currently investigating these reports and will be sure to update this post as soon as more information becomes available. To those who are affected by this issue, we apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience in the meantime. For more information on how to link your console accounts with, visit: Jan 9
Jan 12, 2016 Diablo III: UEE - Known Issues List - Updated 1/12/16 Hello everyone, and welcome to Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on console! Below you will find are some of the most visible and commonly-reported Known Issues for Diablo III on Consoles. We ask that you please do not report any bugs that you see on this list, as we already know about them. We would also appreciate you advising other players to consult this list before reporting an issue. As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active on every platform. What it is listed here are a select few issues -- chosen due to visibility and impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance with verifiable steps and (in most cases) an expected fix. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here. Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list. Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition!!! Items Enemies affected by Black Hole with the Event Horizon rune while the wizard has the Boyarsky’s Chip gem equipped may become stuck at 1hp and become unable to be killed The Lianna’s Wings item model is incorrectly clipping into the player model while sheathed on the player’s back Set Dungeons Set Dungeon failed messages will spam players continually after failing the “Maintain Sweeping Wind” objective in the Dungeon of the Monkey King’s Garb Important: Please note that the issues listed in this post represent issues that are verified as active issues in the latest version of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition for Xbox One (Patch and Playstation 4 (Patch Known issues from older content updates have have been added below as replies for reference.Tsarnis5 Jan 12, 2016
Aug 19, 2014 Problems with PS4 bonus item? Click here! Hi Everyone, We've recieved a few reports that Playstation 4 players were having issues collecting their Infernal Pauldrons. This appears to be related to a license not properly being applied to some players' PSN accounts after entering the item code. Luckily, we have identified a workaround that should help most of you get past this issue: 1. Navigate to the Settings option on the PS4 Dynamic Menu 2. Select "PSN" 3. Select "Restore Licenses" 4. Re-launch Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition and you should find your preorder item in your inventory Additionally, please ensure that your console is connected to the internet, as downloading the available patch over PSN is required to collect the item.Tsarnis0 Aug 19, 2014
2h Diablo 3 completely crashes my PS4 Pro :/ Diablo 3 completely crashes my PS4 Pro :/ Region: European France With the last patch 2.4.3 and the last little update release today, the game completly crashes on my PS4 Pro. It's random and i can't get the OS dashboard anymore. I have to shutdown my console by pressing the ON button during few seconds. I'm alone in this case ? 3 crashes like this from yesterday :/ No issue on others games. I play a lot to Diablo 3 and now i can't play without fear to crash again :( I can't send any report because OS is not accessible and no report in system too. Reproduce with patch 1.15 and 1.16. Seems to be related to PS4 Pro support, never had issues with 1.14. ------------- More info: Patch 1.15: 1 crash during game, auto report sent. 1 crash during game playing on remote Vita. Console completly frozen, impossible to go back to the Dash. Patch 1.16: 2 crashes during game playing on remote Vita. Console completly frozen, impossible to go back to the Dash. I have to check if it's because of remote play or not. Never had those issues with 1.14. ------------ Seems to work fine without internet access (cable disconnected)KikitheKing28 2h
9h PS4 Pro: Crashes and Lag (1.15/1.16) I've been experiencing issues with the game hard locking my PS4 Pro following patches 1.15 and 1.16. The game freezes the system completely, preventing access to the home menu, and the ability to quit the game or shut off the system. The only way to resolve the issue is to disconnect the PS4 Pro from power. This has happened 3 times over approximately my last 15 hours of playtime, and had never occurred before the two most recent patches. I've also been experiencing issues with what appears to be lag, even when playing offline. This occurs every several minutes for 2-3 seconds and usually manifests as the character's attack animation looping several times with no actual attacks occurring. After several seconds my character's attacks will start working again, and I'm able to continue. Just thought I'd bring this to your attention.Cody2Go1 9h
14h Flail of the Ascended Broken. When using shield glare with Flail of the Ascended the damage now only seems to apply to a single enemy at random within the group of enemies hit and the stack counter for shield glare no longer shows up on shield bash.Kordak3 14h
1d RARITY ICONS FOR ITEMS DISPLAYING TINY I got a PS4 Pro and was playing on a 1080P display when I noticed that the rarity icons were missing, but then I upgraded to a 4K display and noticed that they were there, they where just tiny it seems they don't scale with the PS4 Pro 4K upgrade unlike everything else. on the picture you can see them if you zoom in they are in the middle of each equipment.Skellitonguy1 1d
2d I sense a soul in search of answers reward I completed this challenge how do I activate it for my portrait?saiyan4life7 2d
2d D3 PS4, Skull grasp So i wonder if anyone knows if 2.4.3 is really implemented on ps4? Does Skull grasp have the xx-300% ww dmg bonus there? Cant seem to get it to drop at all, so im kinda curiousMcGr33D5 2d
2d Arachyr 6 set bug So I have been running arachyr 6 set as have been going through rifts progressing fine and all of a sudden my char went gimp and wouldn't clear as fast like I was missing something in my build... I went to check over everything in my build and it was all correct except when I noticed the 6 set arachyr is showing 1500% increase damage instead of 2400%... Is this a bug or are consoles not in 2.4.3? TLDR... arachyr 6 set is showing 1500% instead of 2400% and my damage and clear seems to be showing this as wellKrazyinda4070 2d
3d PS4 Single player Latency lag? I've been playing solo on the PS4 and noticed the game is acting like my latency is really high, Character warps backwards and mobs seam to be none existent or not attacking. This lag or latency issue seams to last for 5-10 seconds then goes away, randomly occurs.Vertigo1012 3d
3d Killed by "unknown" in hardcore On ps4 account I was uding my Level 70 hardcore crusader who was instantly killed by "unknown" in "kill gormungandr" bounty at arreat crater level 1. Was using shield bash and shield glare when bug occured. No elites were present at the time. video link below. 3d
3d Graw the herald not spawning ps4 1.14 After around 200 runs, he has not spawned once. I'm seeing people on PC finding him after very minimal runs. I'm also seeing others on ps4 not finding him after extensive runs. Also, the lost caravan spawn rate is really weird - seems to average out to 1 in 12 runs or thereabouts, but I've had several horrendous streaks - 63 runs without it spawning, several at around 30 runs too...again, this does not match the spawn rate that PC players are reporting. I do not believe that Graw spawns on the consoles at all. Blizzard - is the pennant meant to be obtainable on consoles? Or is it PC only? Is it bugged with the 1.14 patch? If so, when will this be fixed? it's not fair to console players that they get a bugged version of the game whilst PC players get a working version...especially since Graw was bugged with 2.4.1/1.13 patches. I've spent a lot of time looking for Graw on the old 1.13 patch, so my point of view is that PC players got screwed over by Blizzard and then it got fixed next patch, console users get screwed over twice...with no fix. If Graw is in the game and it has been properly tested by Blizzard (bloody unlikely given their past history of poor QA), why is the drop rate so vastly different to the PC? Did you nerf the drop rate on PC to make up for it not appearing in 2.4.1 and NOT nerf it on the consoles? Some answers would be nice. I know you only have a few people looking at these forums, but you know what - you guys made many millions from this game. Surely you can afford to spend a bit more money on customer service?mrtheoden36 3d
3d Madstone not applying Exploding Palm Since this 2.4.3 update the madstone (in the cube at least, not tested outside), does not apply exploding palm to anything. There is no symbol above any enemy, but i see it if i use the third hit mechanic of the generator.Pav1 3d
3d Hardcore Unknown Death During a run through on Bastion's keep, I randomly died and when I checked how I died under the Hall of the Fallen description, the death was unknown. This was a hardcore character, otherwise it wouldn't be such a concern. There was no game disconnection and no enemies nearby. The only thing that was unique was it was me and a friend playing on the same PS4, so "split screen". If I could be helped or somehow be revived due to a game glitch, that would be great. Thanks.RogueKraftt3 3d
4d PS4: Patch made challenge impossible. The challenge "Shut Up and Take My Money" can no longer be completed after the new patch. This challenge requires you to purchase a dye but dyes are no longer purchasable so I cannot complete the quest. I tried dying stuff at mystic but that doesn't work towards challenge. Side note: Protector of Tristram challenge spells monsters as "monsterss"Wrexsoul0 4d
5d Event glitch, transmog unlocked, now gone. Errors with tristram event. I unlocked the Diablo gem, and the transmog for the soulstone in the skull, also unlocked a book called angel wings or something. Now the transmog is gone, and the angel wing book will not equip or let me "read" it to add it to pets/wings collection. xbox 1. New patch.PunisherCork4 5d
5d PS4 Issue: Cannot connect to any online games Whenever I go to join any friend's game, I can get to the party screen with no issues. My friends can see me join this screen for a second, but then they say my character disappears. When I go to "Enter Game", I am stuck at the loading screen forever. I have let it sit for up to 20 minutes before restarting the game. Also, no one can join my game. They keep getting errors when they try to join. I have verified all network settings, and confirmed I have NAT 2. I have never had an issue with any other PS4 multiplayer game. I have also deleted the entire game install from my PS4 multiple times, and re-downloaded the patch. I still run into the same issue every single time.Fel275 5d
5d [XBOX ONE] Endless Breach the fortress gate This quest is now endless. I do not know if it is the most recent patch 2.1.2 or the one before. But the game can no longer be beatable. The ram will hit the door once, then there are endless mobs coming onto the sides of the ram. No end at all. Thus preventing anyone from finishing act 5. Please fix, so that your players can finish the act.SalaryCandy7 5d
5d Xbox One: Character stopped leveling post 2.4 After updating to 2.4, my character stopped leveling. The experience bar simply freezes, please investigate and let me know if you need additional details. Thanks.deeptii10 5d
6d Stuck on PS4 load screen "Press Any Button" Stuck on PS4 load screen "Press Any Button." Won't let me push any button to start(PS button opens up menu, and share button works), but none start the application. Tried both online and offline. Anyone have a fix?CRaGe0 6d
Jan 11 PS4 1.16 - Game freeze persists In Rift and GRifit the game has delay or freeze in the rush and mob kill. With this delay some items disappear and appear again after the drop. The problem occur in online and offline gameplay.Amarildoor2 Jan 11
Jan 10 Extracted cube powers disappear ps4 I have extracted 2 powers in my latest session and they simply don't show up in the collection. The butchers cleaver just disappeared and another legendary sword with a chance to explode in demonic fire. The transmute appeared successful but when I went to review the green star the power and the weapon both are gone from the collection choices. I'm afraid to lose any more weapons into space. Any insight from anyone on this issue?Bloodstone4 Jan 10
Jan 10 Ps4 pro graphic bug 1.16 Recently updated to 1.16 this I'd what I'm greeted by running ps4 pro 4k 65 uhd Panasonic tv was fine previous patch but as you can see nowultemcia4 Jan 10
Jan 9 Lost all save data on Xbox One I logged on to play diablo today and it said no save data found Ad asked me if I wanted to import from diablo 3. I tried rebooting my xbox and router, didn't work. I tried uninstalling the game, didn't work. Then I tried resetting my xbox to the factory settngs. Also didn't work. I also called Microsoft thinking it's a cloud issue and they said everything is fine on their end. It said on the battle net support site that they don't resolve console issues and to con tact micrsoft. So am I just screwed? I really love this game but if I have to start over from scratch and go through 500 paragon levels again and level 5 characters to 70 and get kridershot and the furnace and all of the set pieces again, it's definitely not worth it if this is just going to happen again with no resolve. So hopefully someone in this company will give a damn and help me out if not unfortunately I am saying goodbye to diablo.Dreves44 Jan 9
Jan 9 Save file not recognized after update to 1.15 I'm on PS4, according to PSN+ cloud save file last time I played RoS was 7/16/2016, I downloaded this save file on my system, but when I start RoS today (with 1.15 patch added) the games tells me "No save data was found" and ask me to download from blizzard server (which was pre-expansion and no crusader) Where is my crusader? Where is my save?! I want to play the anniversary event but I hate it because I have no item or paragon support.extrAme3 Jan 9
Jan 8 Can not equip portraits in PS4 and XO The item exists, but the function does not.Amarildoor6 Jan 8
Jan 8 XBox one buttons stopped working Advised to post here. Was playing with friend on console on xbox one in multiplayer story, came across something called death of another friends name, that's when the buttons for both myself and my party member stopped working, i could only use right bumper, Y button and the movement sticks, all the rest of the buttons stopped working for both of us, we thought it was just for dealing with this dork, but afterwards we couldn't pick anything up, my friend left and rejoined and his controller worked, but i couldn't leave without losing the items dropped. What the heck happened?Buster0 Jan 8
Jan 8 PS4 Old tristram has graphic errors PS4 Old tristram graphic's are buggy, fuzzy, slow. Only in the new area. when I port back to town or to greater rifts I have no issues. The images just really off.Klumze2 Jan 8
Jan 8 Unable to craft hellfire items The problem occurred on the PS4 version After completing the hellfire quest together my friend tried to craft either of the hellfire items at the blacksmith, but he couldn´t. He´s got all the materials needed, but the crafting promt at the bottom of the menu doesn´t show. I had no problems with my account.Saurcair3 Jan 8
Jan 7 Blacksmith can equip filter not working When using the blacksmith with a low level character, the "can equip" filter does not appear to be working as intended. When I selected the filter, it does not filter out items that are higher level than my character. It only seems to filter out items that I cannot equip regardless of my level. For every item category, I have to scroll down to the bottom to see whether there are any suitable items to make. This makes the blacksmith very inconvenient to use.Nukros4 Jan 7
Jan 7 Ps4 Trophies not unlocking for all players While playing D3 together with my friend on one PS4 console, he managed to upgrade the Cevetous Shen store to level 12 and in return received 'Gemcata' challenge completion and a bronze trophy. I did the same a moment after he finished in the same play through and also received challenge completion but no trophy. The same thing applies to the Blacksmith upgrade. He received the challenge completion and a trophy, I only have the challenge completed without a trophy. Is there anyway to have those trophies unlocked for me or am I stuck with two trophies which I won't be able to get anymore?Jetski12 Jan 7
Jan 7 Game Stalling PS4 Noticed this the other day but thought it may be isolated. The game stalls at odd points basically freezing for a few seconds. Things are still happening but you can't move and can't see. Nearly lost a hardcore character to an arcane enchanted champion last night.Tachihara1 Jan 7
Jan 7 [PS4] WHIRLWIND USE - CONSTANT MOTION ~V2.4.3 I've got problem with Whirlwind ability use by Barbarian. When I move my Barbarian and I'll use Whirlwind ability then the movement of the character doesn't stop after I stop move with left analog stick on the pad. The Barbarian still moves rotating.rniczypo1 Jan 7
Jan 7 PS4 New Legendary effect on The Barber I got an ancient version of The Barber drop with the new power for Spirit Barrage. Since not using the skill gave it to Templar. it is constantly casting Spirit Barrage on the Templar then exploding, causing him to die.Greenharvest1 Jan 7
Jan 7 Xbox One challenges not unlocking? I did do a quick search for this issue in this forum, but I didn't see anything immediately apparent. If there are threads on this issue already (as I'm sure there must be), please move/delete. On the Xbox One version of UEE (still happening as of current patch - Darkening of Tristram event), when a challenge is completed, it marks the appropriate challenge with a star but it does not show as being completed in the actual progress percentage. More correctly, though it marks the completed challenge with a star to denote that it is a newly completed challenge, it remains greyed out (the state showing incompletion.) Unfortunately, my gaming periods are relatively far apart, so I'm unsure if this is a temporary thing that unlocks in the future or not. I will try to pay closer attention on my next completion and report back if I am in error. If not, please look into this issue. Thank you for your time.Drusas0 Jan 7
Jan 6 PS4: All heroes are gone Hey guys, in November 16 I switched from PS4 to PS4 Pro. Before that I uploaded all my data into the PS+ Cloud. After reinstalling the game on the new PS4 Pro and downloading the savegame from the Cloud the game still cant find any characters. It tells me that there is no data. Can you offer any hints/support? Ive invested quite some hours and would be glad to get my old companions back.DrCox4 Jan 6
Jan 6 PS4 - 1.15 Crash Platform: PS4 (Day1 model) Version: EU-Italian digital edition Issue: Just ended 1.15 (anniversary) patch installation; the game now crash at startup, few seconds after the "press ant button to continue" screen, both if I di nothing or I try ti quickly create a game. Errore Code: CE-34878-0Zanfire6 Jan 6
Jan 6 can't craft corruption shoulders I have all the mats. It crafts but it doesn't prompt me with an X at the bottom of the screen, only circle, which then cancels the craft. I tried other shoulders and I was able to craft legendary and rare shoulders just fine. PS4, latest patch/hotifx plying locally.BurtMacklin78 Jan 6
Jan 5 Follower did not leave when player joined After v2.4.3 patch I was playing a NR on my DH with Templar follower on PS4. My friend logged in on his monk and joined game (couch co-op). The Templar never left for the remainder of NR (at least 10 minutes). Once NR was over and we returned to town - Templar left. I do not know if this is a console specific issue. I had never seen this happen before patch.Cyrenaic0 Jan 5
Jan 5 Hardcore achievements problem Greetings, i tried to get all hardcore achievements on my PS4 but no luck, i'm stuck with 63% and can't get any other. I tried "A Wizard Should Know Better" or "The Snake Pit". I killed both in few seconds without any followers on Torment 1, but not marked as done. Please, can you help me, if it's bug or i need to meet another condition. Maybe there is a catch in "at max level"? What does it mean? Thanks for help!Mořeplavec1 Jan 5
Jan 5 Gem icons don't lineup correctly in v1.15 The regular and legendary gems in the ps4 pro version of patch v1.15 doesn't line up correctly with their background frames. In the menus, all gems appear a bit higher than they're supposed to be. This causes them to not sit correctly within the circular frame in the background. This is seen on a ps4 pro connected to a 1080p tv. Maybe this is related as well, but the 5 red diamonds that flash within the larger diamonds during the loading screen doesn't seem to be lined up correctly either.thor7770 Jan 5
Jan 5 PS4 Online Multiplayer is full of Cheaters Dear Blizzard, the situation is now unbearable. Nearly every T6 or Grift Game I join is full of cheaters. What Do I mean by that? - Wearing hacked Items (3 socket amulets, rings, etc) - Wearing a 3 socketed "Russian Fast Sword" - Having a paragon lvl of 10000 - Wearing gems of ease with about a billion XP per kill And because you do not fix the duplication bug (see "Fix Dublication glitches for ps4 <3") those items are spread around a lot. They open grifts of lvl 100. You can't play online anymore, can't even play or filter for legit player. There are several solutions for these issues, but none have been implemented yet: - Paragon Level Filter. Set a maximum paragon level you allow to join your game. - Cheated Item Filter: If a player wears a 3 socketed ring/sword/etc mark the profile to be not playable online. - Closed Battle net: Introduce the closed battle net, as it existed in D3, to consoles. So players have a choice, if they won't to play in the open, possibly full of cheaters, network, or in a closed network were profiles are stored online. Please blizzard, react at this urgent issue. You can't play D3 on PS4 online anymore, without cheaters! Just for clarification: This is a bug! If it is not, then please comment on this "hidden feature" to cheat your characters and ruin the game for everyone else.dag57 Jan 5
Jan 5 PS4 crashing - V 1.15 Huge bug i cannot launch the game on ps4 with a large friends list i have a total of 770 people added and cannot remove a single one plz fix this asapDJXage0 Jan 5
Jan 5 John Gorham Coffin Quest in Act I is bugged! The Kill Gorham Coffin Quest in Act I is bugged. The quest required 50 enemies killed, but after 2 hours, I only found 44. This bug seems to be ubiquitous with this quest. So, if you are doing Act I, try to do this quest first as you will waste a lot of time if you find it is bugged.Cookie3 Jan 5
Jan 2 Challenges Challenges are not being given once completed. I am currently playingDiablo 3 ROS on Xbox 1. The challenge will pop up that is done but when I go to check them they are still grayed out. This has been going on for a little while now and has become very annoying. Please help!!PYSO3 Jan 2
Jan 2 Frequent crashing (Xbox One UEE) I'm playing a wizard on the UEE (disc) version on my Xbox One which I imported from my Xbox 360. I always play bounties in adventure mode. The game allows me to get through one act's worth of bounties per day, but then utterly fails. Modes of crashing have been: freezes, crash to dashboard, crash to game loading screen, and once it started making siren "whooping" noises while still otherwise playable before crashing to dashboard. The crash predictably happens roughly halfway through a second act's worth of bounties. If I play my one act, quit game, reload game, and play another act of bounties and repeating that awful process I can get through ~3 act's worth of bounties on a day before the game crashes. Each crash causes my character to roll back to an autosave several minutes prior. Therefore, I can't get excited about any legendary items I find because it is very likely that after the next crash they'll be gone. This game is unplayable, and there's no excuse for that. I've bought the Collector's Editions for Diablo III and Reaper of Souls on PC, and I owned Diablo III on my Xbox 360 before buying the UEE for my Xbox One. No other version of this game has been even remotely as crashy as this iteration. Please let me know if any other details would be helpful for troubleshooting purposes.JackSpadesSI14 Jan 2
Dec 28 Transmute Failed in Cube following patch 2.4 Basically, I am unable to upgrade rare items within the cube post 2.4 in PS4. This is extremely frustrating for obvious reasons. This has happened directly after 2.4 was installed. Please let me know if there is anything I can do on my end.DHeff1110 Dec 28
Dec 23 Magic find with Topaz tooltip incorrect Found a small bug involving topaz tooltips on the XBOX ONE. Small bug I recently found was that the topaz on the gem menu of the character screen, and at the jewelcrafter, still display that the yellow gem is magic find in helmets. I understand that they were just changed to incorporate resource cost reduction now and the interfaces that show that have not been updated yet.LordCheezus9 Dec 23