Console Bug Report

Aug 30 Combat bug - Arachyr's 6p doesn't add damage Hello, I'm playing on PC and i'm playing on EU server so I can't write in PC's topics, but the issue is maybe the same on console. So I was testing the most out of Arachyr and i was disapointed to see that arachyr's 6p doesnt add any damage on locust swarm, piranhas and spiders. I didnt test it for firebat but there is an issue with arachyr's 6p anyway. I made some test to be sure. For thoses experiences i only used locust swarm, haunt and spider's queen. On a torment 13 game i was seeking for 200MM hp boss, i killed the first one with my Arachyr full set and item, i did it in 44sec. For the second one, i swap my Ring of Royal Grandeur for a Mara's Kaleidoscope, and i killed him in 47sec. ( 6p set wasn't active ). Thank you in advance to have a look on this issue, KarrmanKarrman4 Aug 30
Aug 30 PS4 Angel Wings gone-? Haven't played on the PS4 for awhile and am noticing that my Angel wings that I used to have are now gone, except on one player. The wings don't show in any characters' inventory, so I don't know how to add them back. All I have are 3 of the new Mercy's Wings from Overwatch. Anyone have any way of getting them back??GBBlacKnight1 Aug 30
Aug 27 XboxOne Achievments Broken/Misreported/Locked There is 1 broken console achievement on Xbox One. (Account should be linked) Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: C2.4.2.38361 Gamertag: MathNotEvenOnce Broken Achievements: 1) Greed over Need. This one is stuck at 85% and never moves despite the in-game challenge being complete. Attempted Recovery Steps that have failed 1) Re-install game 2) Re-download save 3) hard reset xbox one 4) cycle router, and ensured connection to networks It appears that somehow the in-game trackers do not sync with the xbox achievements. I've put in the effort, hoping to have this looked into. I can provide any other information needed. These issues seem to have been hit by other players (on TrueAchievements). edit: more than glad to give any extra information you may need. I put a lot of effort into this, sort of disheartening to not see the achievement pop.TheJackal2 Aug 27
Aug 24 When I tp to base I can't go back in the port When I tp to base I don't have a portal to go back where I was, So I have to walk back on my own. Plz fix this plz. Or am I doing something wrong?VincDerok1 Aug 24
Aug 24 Wizard Illusions don't attack at all Why are the illusions not attacking?VincDerok0 Aug 24
Aug 23 Follower Items Gone Missing Was just running a T7 grift and noticed that my Templar suddenly died, which should be impossible since he carries the item to never die. Finished my grift and went to inspect, and discovered that he is suddenly completely naked. All of his items are completely gone, and he was carrying some pretty serious gear. Full legendaries, a Thunderfury, and the aforementioned follower item preventing his death which is an essential part of my build. This data saves somewhere, so I'd like my items back.Kinetic2 Aug 23
Aug 23 Blood shards disappearing... Yup. This has happened to me before and it's annoying as. Basically, killed the RG, picked up all other loot other than the blood shards, finished off the neph rift level (cos I'm pedantic like that), went to town, came back to collect blood shards and they're gone. And no, I didn't pick them up as I was at max level when I killed the RG and unable to pick them up. I like to keep my blood shards at maximum (it's the OCD in me lol) and I typically spend blood shards when I kill a RG, just enough to cover what's been dropped by the RG so that I'm back near to maximum after I pick them up. Others have reported this issue in the past: So, do blood shards have a time frame to pick them up, and if you don't do so within said time frame, they disappear (game mechanic by design), this a bug? It's not the end of the world, blood shards are easy enough to come by in the game, but that's not the point. Either Blizzard should confirm that blood shards have a time frame in which they need to be picked up or they disappear, or confirm that this is indeed a bug with the game (and then fix it). Yes, it's not a game breaking bug. But it is a bug and it is a fault with the game. Blizzard is legally obliged to fix faults within a reasonable time frame under Australian consumer laws. Davemrtheoden2 Aug 23
Aug 23 Corruption Shoulders We play on Xbox 1. My husband and I tried to craft the Corruption Shoulders numerous times. Took our mats but nothing was made. I am reading in the forums this is an ongoing problem, still not addressed. I wish I knew before spending the mats. They are hard to come by.LadyScarlett2 Aug 23
Aug 23 Disc won't read on Xbox One After the most recent patch from Xbox, my console will not recognize the game disc. I have done all the work around with Xbox support. All other games I have and movies play just fine, but when I put Diablo 3 in, it gives me the error to make sure the disc is a movie, Xbox game and the like. Has anyone else experienced this and if so do you have a solution? TIASalter7141 Aug 23
Aug 23 list of problems and bugs on ps4 on ps4 so many problems immortal ennemies crash framerate down skill effects not apply sometimes beyond GR75 its worst no elits in grif rifs 60 when a true patch and not a minor patch on ps4 no seasons no rankings only lags and bugs i cant play in hardcore one shot without reason thx to fixed problems as soon as possibleARTORIAS4 Aug 23
Aug 22 diablo on ps4 is completely screw bugs i have caldesann lvl 75 on all my gears i use barb thorns and impossible to finish GR77 with my build is really op on pc i saw the sam build with no caldesann like me he did GR83 im lvl 1100 diablo sucks on ps4 caldesann not apply and skill effects too blizzard sleep in counting all dollars with overwatch and nothing on console for diablo what class dont have bugs or lags or !@#$ty effects i love diablo but i want play normally 70 euros the game on ps4 and no patch to fixed bugs thank you blizzard to do nothing for console communityARTORIAS2 Aug 22
Aug 19 Bug creating corruption shoulders It doesn't complete but still takes the materials. Very frustrating and apparently it's been a bug since January of this year. Please, it should be an easy fix. On ps4.flipper2gv0 Aug 19
Aug 19 Reaper of Souls Xbox One Achievement Glitches I currently have 3 achievements that will not unlock for me. 1. Up all night to get lucky. - I have the challenge completed in the challenge log but the achievement never popped. 2. The Elitist - I have killed over 7000 elite mobs according to my log. But Achievement is stuck at 98% 3. I feel so enchanting - I have also unlocked the challenge for this in the log book. This is a a big problem for Blizzard. If these achievements are not fixed I will not play another Blizzard console game.SpartyOn22 Aug 19
Aug 18 Xbone Made to Order achievement unlock fails On the XBOX ONE, the "Made to Order" achievement fails to unlock after reaching 100%.BigEvilSqrrl0 Aug 18
Aug 17 A new big bug of Wizard Firebird in S7 S7 has started from August 5 and only 10 days passed. However, a big bug of Firebird 6-pieces appears again and will break the career balance again. I love DIABLO and sincerely give out my request to fix it as soon as possible! The specific procedure to trigger this bug is shown as follows: 1. You wear the Firbird 6-pieces; 2. Party a friend in your team; 3. You both go to Tristram and enter the combat arena; 4. Ignite your friend and do not kill him. Your friend can wear a necklace with fire resistance. 5. Your friend comes out from the combat arena and then you follow. 6. Finally, a buff exists regardless of anywhere and anytime even if the partied friend can quit this game. This buff can keep a Wizard with the max damage at anytime and anywhere unless he is killed! This is a big bug again and will break the balance of classes. A wizard with any Firebird 6-pieces can finish T13 in 2 minutes now! This bug is quickly spreading on China server now. I don’t know why you did not fix the similar bug in S6 but hope you try in S7. DIABLO is not a BUG GAME!winds7 Aug 17
Aug 16 NO Updates, ? My version of DIABLO 3, shows that it is STUCK/frozen at 37% The DOWNLOAD box shows.,.,. WAITING ON ANOTHER INSTALLATION OR UPDATE.,........ Am I going to have to Re-install the entire program.? HELP !PaulTiger1 Aug 16
Aug 15 Item Spawn After about three months now I still can't get a spawn for wings... perhaps something is wrong with my game..i know it sounds crazy but I find it strange so many can play and I have been playing since 2014 and I can't get wings..Blackmagick1 Aug 15
Aug 15 Graw still not spawning on consoles. So did blizzard actually do anything about the missing cosmetic items on the consoles? I'm sure we have farmed for them just as much as our pc counterparts, so it'd be pretty weak if they didn't get fixed for us.Dalmon6 Aug 15
Aug 13 Problem with Battle net.exe crashing after the last update, whenever I click on any links in the program, I get the following error "the procedure entry point strtok_s could not be located in the dynamic library msvcrt.dll" and then a endless series of errors untill I force close the battle net.exe it looks like windows xp sp3 doesn't support thisPurpleFairy1 Aug 13
Aug 12 Can't craft any lvl 70 items Hi I am now lvl 70 and paragon lvl 50 something. I have all the required items and money but still i cant craft ANY lvl 70 item. Im playing on Xbox One and i have tried to reset the console several times but nothing happends. Plz helpBig3lx3 Aug 12
Aug 12 Haunt of Vaxo in Kanai's Cube - Bug Report Hello, I equipped Haunt of Vaxo over Kanai's Cube but since the Patch 2.4.2 the Shadow Clones are only following me, they don't attack. They do nothing until they die/disappear. System: PlayStation 4 Software: Ultimate Evil Edition (Deutsch) - Digital Version from the PS-Store Always as Single-Player (no PS+ Sub)Burael3 Aug 12
Aug 10 Xbox one | host migration bug When attempting to launch or join a session of 3 or more players in diablo 3 on xbox one, i run into two issues. If players are currently in a game while the 4th player joins we will get a loading screen after entering the game and an "attention - the host has been left or been disconnected a new host has been migrated." All players receive this message and are each transported into their own session. If we attempt to start a game with 4 players in the lobby with nobody in progress the game will load and then we will get a black screen and be kicked to the xbox one home screen. We are able to play with 2 or sometimes 3 players but not 4. I contacted Microsoft about this issue as directed by the support ticket created on the blizzard website that suggests that blizzard does not support the console version of the game. Microsoft directed me to two separate phone number to call for support and suggested that the issue was a ??' Abug with blizzard servers that they did not have access to, Microsoft was happy to issue a refund but I would also lose acess to the game so I declined to be issued a refund for my digital copy of diablo 3 on xbox one. I called the first number Microsoft directed me to 18005925499 which was an automated message from blizzard that directs me to open a ticket on the support website and they will reply and the call disconnects. On opening a ticket I get we do not support Xbox one to please contact Microsoft. The second number I called was a direct number to technical support 18553800574 and after explaining my issue to three different men with heavy Indian accents I was forwarded to a manger who told me they do not support xbox one and then directed me to this number: 18004699265 when I called this number they told me I had won a cruise to the Bahamas however I told them I just wanted to play 4 player coop on diablo 3 and they hung up. I went back to Microsoft support explaining all this to them and they expressed that they were very shocked that blizzard wasn't supporting the game and suggested I go to the forums as to set off the alarm for others providing me a link to do so. Perhaps I should just get a refund.Dashx731 Aug 10
Aug 10 Dead monster bug (follows you around) PS4 Doing a rift tonight, killed an elite pack and one of the elite followers died and then was being dragged around behind my character after it was killed. It was like a rag doll on the ground being dragged behind me. Worse, it was attacking my character too - not doing any real damage, but as annoying as hell as I'd killed the rift guardian & wanted to TP back to town, but it kept interrupting the TP spell. I was able to get some metal fences between me and it eventually as a barrier and stop it from attacking me long enough to TP to town. After I went back into the rift, the monster was no longer dead and being dragged but animated and running around following me and attacking me and was impervious to damage from me. I ended up having to get back into town and then quit the rift to get rid of it. Has anyone else seen this? I've done my fair share of rifts and NEVER seen this before... Davemrtheoden0 Aug 10
Aug 10 Corruption-Crafted Shoulders Bug XB1 I am unable to craft these shoulders on the Xbox One since the new patch. I assume it has something to do with the pick up radius being added. It comsumes the materials but doesnt make any shoulders.Corrinado16 Aug 10
Aug 7 Greater rift bug 1.14 patch ps4 Went to Orek, went to open a greater rift (previously played), instead of spawning me inside of the grift like the game usually does, I'm still in town and there's a purple portal to the grift which I CANNOT enter. Clicking on the portal does nothing. I can't cancel the grift either, so my only fix is the quit and re-start the game. Never saw this pre patch 1.14. I've done my fair share of grifts pre 1.14 and never seen this, has anyone else seen this pre 1.14 or on the 1.14 patch like I have? Davemrtheoden1 Aug 7
Aug 7 health linked monters bug on ps4 (1.14) With health linked monsters, kill One, kill them all. I had a bug just now where I had to kill all 4 of the health linked monsters One by One (i.e. killing the first One didn't kill them all). Never seen this pre patch 1.14... Davemrtheoden0 Aug 7
Aug 7 Not really a bug but I need some help. I purchased the ultimate evil edition for the PS3 at a GameStop. I bought it used and I was wondering if there was any way to get the code/link to get it registered to my battle account. Any help Blizzard? Please and thank you.Legion4 Aug 7
Aug 7 Xbox One - Signet Ring Of The Blizzard Issue I never received it and I linked my xbox live account to Gamer Tag Is Soultaker M696. And is there anyway that we can still claim this reward? if not then can you fix this Issue :) If anybody else has this same issue, I would greatfully appreciate it if you would tell them in this topic that you are experiencing this same issue please :) I am sure other people want their rewards for linking their Xbox Live Accounts and not feel like they're being ripped off :). Sorry but this is quite Annoying :-/SoultakerM696 Aug 7
Aug 7 Where'd the legendaries go since the patch? Since this update i've completed half a dozen Grifts between lvl 25-35 and haven't gotten any legendary gems. Even just legendary items it seems are less common from the guardian. Has anyone else noticed this? The last one I finished didn't drop any legendaries at all, which is what made me finally decide to come here because there's nothing in the patch notes or anyone online mentioning the drop rates being reduced. Would really like to know if my game is on the fritz or if this was intentional.ragnarok2 Aug 7
Aug 5 Bug in the UI with stash? Can someone please try this and report back? Go into your stash Select a slot Put the cursor over an item in your stash Press square to see its details Move down through your items to another item Press square to go back to the list view When I do this I lose my cursor...I can move the cursor around but the screen is frozen and you cannot select any more have to back out of the stash and go back in. Is this just me or can any of you reproduce it?homerjnick1 Aug 5
Aug 4 Can't die So I have or had two characters past level 10 played online and now I cannot die, I mean literally I can just stand there for hours getting hit. I deleted both and started a new character thinking it would fix it and yet same thing is still happening. Has any one come across this or can link a page with help. I'm on ps4 btw. Thanks guys.BT1605022 Aug 4
Aug 3 Salvage Equipped Potion With the update to C2.4.1.36591 there's now an option to "Salvage" legendary potions at the blacksmith. Other gear that you currently have equipped does not show up in the salvage list and for good reason. The Bottomless Potion of Amplification that I have equipped shows up in the salvage list. Usually I salvage all my gear when my bags are full and I can see myself accidentally salvaging my equipped potion because it's not hidden.ZeroEhxe8 Aug 3
Aug 3 Does Blizzard read this forum? I can't believe that 2.4.2 has come and gone and the two biggest complains that affect everybody are still out there: * Can't craft Corruption (at least, maybe more, but I haven't tried others lately because I don't want to lose more crafting mats than necessary) * Can still salvage equipped potion. We get "patches" but those patches seem to consist solely of merging whatever changes came to the PC and not bothering to fix console-specific bugs that Blizzard left us with. These have been going on for MONTHS!EvilPencil1 Aug 3
Aug 3 PS4: Unable to Craft Lvl 70 Items I am currently playing on PS4. RoS expansion. I have reached lvl 70 and have all mats and recipes required to forge several level 70 items (both legendary and set gear). Most recently I attempted to craft the legendary daibo Rozpedin's Force with Haedrig. I have all required materials and meet the minimum level requirement for the item. When I choose the option to craft the item, nothing happens and the piece isn't created. I can create any other item below lvl 70 with no issues. Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?DracoFyre3 Aug 3
Aug 2 Diamond Skin Prism stops Taeguk Activating diamond skin with the Prism rune stops taeguk stacks and totally disallows it from working until prism is gone. This happens when you cube or wear the hergbrash binding. It's probably because the system think you don't spend any AP because of the interaction between DS prism and hergbrash belt. Please fix this. CheersChapoink2 Aug 2
Jul 27 PS4: Stat display bug? Stats: The health and armor stats on the inventory screen appear incorrect for all characters. For instance, the new crusader I created today at level 5 (Paragon 2), The inventory page shows his health at 8, when the details page shows it at 326. His armor shows as 433, but the details page shows 56. This is a save exported from the PS3 version. One character of each class, barb at 60 being my main. Latest patch: 1.02. Latest PS4 firmware: 1.75 linked. Is this a bug, or some new weird way to show health that makes no sense? If so, how does 8 represent 326 health? Closest stat that matches it is 7.00 life per second but seeing maximum health would seem more useful. Hope this helps fix it if it is a bug. If not, send me ye olde' dunce cap. lolSupertoastGT8 Jul 27
Jul 21 Gift boxes not giving items So I have opened multiple gift boxes from friends the past few days and have not gotten any items. Anyone else having this issue?PimpDon0 Jul 21
Jul 20 bot TSUBASA#3993 is a bot player. He was not banned on last time.Lancelot1 Jul 20
Jul 15 PS4 2.4.1 List of Known Bugs - Players are unable to craft Corruption shoulders. - Players equipped potion is appearing in the salvage tab. - Wizard class can cast a Signature Spell and a Spender at the same time. - Nephalem Glory's damage buff is not affecting thorns damage proc from the Hack weapon. - Tough As Nails Barbarian passive Thorns damage increase does not show up in sheet Thorns like it did last patch but the damage increase is applied to attacks. - Crusader skill Phalanx is still bugged. Bowmen have no ressource costs and don't get buffed by NG & Area Damage. - Current PC Tzo Krin Gaze/Epiphany bug. - Both currently abused Firebird bugs. - Blue Elite packs of "Vile Bat" spawn unreliably (1by1 or 2 and later 1) and sometimes dont grant progress orbs on kill in Greater Rifts. Will update as more is found.Zoos8321 Jul 15
Jul 8 Hellfire Amulet Started to collect items for Hellfire Amulet. Realized that the recipe I had was not correct, as it didn't require Leoric's Regret. Went to Squirt to buy the level 70 recipe, assuming I simply hadn't yet. Turns out, all available recipes I have already learned, and there is no recipe I have not learned. To recap, I tried to make a Hellfire Amulet. Didn't have the proper recipe. Went to Squirt, and she wasn't selling the proper recipe. Filters on both the Blacksmith and Squirt were set to all. This is on PS4, version 2.4.1.Incision3 Jul 8
Jul 5 Fallen Not Appearing in Storm Halls - Ever... Ok so I'm playing on the xbox one and the current patch version e.g. 2.1.0. I have loaded the storm halls on adventure mode and campaign hundreds upon hundreds of times and I've never ever seen the fallen enemy set at all. They appear in the unknown depths regularly but never in the storm halls. This was fixed in a patch on the pc version so perhaps this fix wasn't included in console 2.1.0. I need fallen cur to complete my rare and champion collection challenges. I've also seen a post on these forums from a PS4 user saying they didn't spawn for them ever either. Please could someone look into this issue and apply the pc fix to the console versions for the next patch please?Shiny10 Jul 5
Jul 5 fallen not spawning in storm halls (PS4) only need fallen cur for both champion's collection and rare phenomenon achievement. done hundreds of runs both campaign and adventure. has anyone else gotten these?trippsix28 Jul 5
Jul 5 Fallen Cur Elite Packs (Rare/Champion) Hi Blizzard I'm submitting a bug report for the Xbox One console version of Diablo 3 Reaper of souls. I'd like you to be aware that no elite packs of Fallen Cur are spawning in your game and I'd like to know if you would fix this asap. Since they are the only thing I need to kill to unlock an associated challenge (Champions Collection/Rare Phenomenon). I have been grinding this elite pack for over 1000+ hours with no luck finding them and I need help. Can this be included in your next update?Demonsedge3 Jul 5
Jul 5 Fallen Cur still not spawning in Storm Halls The Fallen tileset is still not spawning in the Storm Halls on 2.2.0 on the PS4.<br/><br/>On one occasion yesterday I did have three Fallen Curs spawn from an elemental pylon as soon as I ported in from the Terminus, but the rest of the level was skeletons / elemental constructs.JollyBoyJohn6 Jul 5
Jun 27 Hilariously Bugged Enemy in Neph Rift (X360) I entered the rift and the first enemy I encountered was a rare savage beast - reflect damage, T-storm, Electrified. Minions were Burrowing Leapers. The bug: the rare was perpetually reflecting damage and firing off electric bolts from both ground and sky, even when not being damaged. Moreover, it kept birthing new minions every time a minion got killed. By the time I killed the rare, I was 71% done with the rift - and I encountered no other enemies during the fight. What the actual @&*# D3?? This one I had to share, it was just such total BS. Update: This whole rift was just totally screwy. I encountered a champion Kazra group with the Orbiter affix, except the orbiting spheres were invisible, then just around the corner a rare Burrowing Leaper with Leaper minions - all of which were, apparently, invisible to my pets, which just stood around doing nothing while they and I were getting attacked. In the middle of this fight, the rift guardian showed up, and my Garg somehow one-shot her (it was the infernal maiden). I shut down my console and rebooted after I turned the rift in and quit out.Deadhead870 Jun 27
Jun 26 Environment bug - Black soul stone, Crusader Hello everyone in the bug forums, I am on the Xbox One edition of Diablo 3 and I have discovered something using the crusaders "Laws of Hope" skill combined with "Wings of Angels." It seems that when the skill is activated you can get stuck in the middle of the battle and the only way to leave is to use the skill again. Here is proof Edit: if any info is needed my XBL gamertag is Konokuso My Templar was able to solo the monsters after 1 hour of being AFK lolBardGanksBot0 Jun 26
Jun 26 Gamecrash when enter Act II Hi im playing Soul Reaper PS3. I have just finished Act 1. When I talk to the Caravan leader to get to act II the game freeze, and after a while the game shot down. I have tried in two days different things, enter a higher lvl character, play around etc. but same result. Wat to do?TH810 Jun 26
Jun 24 No bonus xp from harder difficulties Xbox One I have a 70 barbarian and 66 crusader and I was trying to power level (I believe thats the right phrase) one of my moms characters (45) on Torment 4 but we were not getting a bonus from the difficulty. Instead it was onlly giviving us 10% bonus xp because of co-op. Im just wondering if im missing something or if this is a bug. I tried switching difficulties around (Hard-Torment 5) as well as switching characters, but it was still stuck at 10%. Any help would be nice.Spartan927960 Jun 24
Jun 20 Display logic bug (game not showing item) This is similar to my man prodder bug that I reported a few weeks back. Background: I play a wizard. Some items like: dishonoured legacy (barbarian mighty weapon) fortress ballista (demon hunter 1h crossbow) helltrapper (demon hunter 1h crossbow) kassar's retribution (crusader flail) incense torch of the temple (monk daibo) let me extract their legendary power, and the item disappears and the mat is taken, but the items are not visible in the powers/weapon section within the cube. Now, I presume that this is by design, and that the legendary power extraction has worked, but will not display these items cos they are character specific and not usable by my wizard. I shouldn't have to stuff around and create a 2nd char and get it to level 70 and get the cube to test this theory though. Can someone confirm that my suspicion is indeed correct? A better solution blizzard would be to either not let the wizard player extract these items (the char type can ONLY extract those types of items) or it should appear in the list of powers, but greyed out with a warning saying something like "your current character is unable to use this power as it is unique to [char] type". It ain't rocket science Blizzard and it would make the game a lot nicer. the same stuff with corrupted ashbringer - you can't extract it, but the game does nothing to tell you this. how hard is it for the game to pop up with a warning "this item's power cannot be extracted"? Little things like this are just so annoying. They're not game breaking bugs, but they'd take you very little time to fix probably and would just make the game that much more clearer.mrtheoden3 Jun 20
Jun 20 unable to send mail to freinds-xbox one only 2 of my 5 or 6 freinds i play diablo 3 with are showing up 1 of the ones showing up hasnt even played diablo 3 in years.... how do i fix this!?Druak1 Jun 20