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Oct 12 Acronyms - The Definitive List plus Definitions! I got tired of searching for acronyms all over the forums, so I created this ongoing, living post that I will be editing as I find new acronyms. Please feel free to comment if I've missed something or made some typos. It's a long list, but CTRL+F is your friend! Class and Stat Acronyms BARB - Barbarian DH - Demon Hunter CRU - Crusader (see also SADER) MONK - Monk SADER - Crusader WD - Witch Doctor WIZ - Wizard STR - Strength (primary stat for CRU and BARB) DEX - Dexterity (primary stat for DH and MONK) INT - Intelligence (primary stat for WIZ and WD) VIT - Vitality (stat for all classes) Game-Specific Acronyms 1H - 1-Handed Weapon 2h - 2-Handed Weapon AD - Additive Damage AH - Auction House (no longer exists in-game) APS - Attacks per Second AR - All Resist (see also RA) BIS - Best in Slot BLIZZ - Blizzard (Company) or Blizzard (WIZ spell) BoA - Bound on Account BoP - Bound on Pickup BUFF - Increase in stats or Increase in effectiveness (in patches) CC - Crowd Control or Critical Chance (see also CHC) CDR - Cooldown Reduction CHC - Critical Hit Chance CD - Critical Damage (see also CHD) or Cooldown CHD - Critical Hit Damage DM - Damage Multiplier DoT - Damage over Time DPS - Damage Per Second = AD x DM DW - Dual Weapon/Dual Wield EE - Exquisite Essence (Crafting material) EHP - Effective health pool EMP - Efficient Mana Points FoS - Feat of Strength GAH - Gold Auction House (no longer exists in-game) GF - Gold Find % GG - Godly gear/Good Game GRIFT - Greater Rift HC - Hardcore Mode HM - Health Multiplier IAS - Increased attack speed IT - Iridescent Tears (Crafting material) LOH - Life on Hit LOS - Line of Sight LAK - Life After Kill LS - Life Steal MF - Magic Find % MH - Main Hand MP(#) - Monster Power (LVL) MpK - Mana per Kill MR - Mana Regeneration NERF - Term used when the developers make something less effective. OH - Off Hand OOM - Out of Mana OP - Overpowered PL - Paragon Level PROC - Programmed Random Occurence PoR - Pool of Reflection PuR - Pick up Radius RA - Resist All (see also AR) RES - Resistance RoS - Reaper of Souls. This is the latest expansion. RMAH - Real Money Auction House (no longer exists in-game) RNG - Random Number Generator SC - Softcore Mode (normal mode) SnB - Sword and Board. Means Weapon and Shield (not necessarily a sword) SR - Single Resist TDPS - Total DPS TICK - Each time that the game checks for damage on a DoT spell/ability. XP - Experience Points Chat/Interwebs Specific Acronyms AFAIK - As Far As I Know AFK - Away From Keyboard BRB - Be Right Back BF - Boyfriend DIAF - Die In A Fire FML - *Screw* my life GF - Girlfriend IG - In-Game IIRC - If I Remember Correctly IMO - In My Opinion IMHO - In My Humble/Honest Opinion IRL - In Real Life ISO - In Search Of L2P - Learn to Play LF - Looking For LF#M - Looking for # More LFG - Looking For Group OP - Original Poster PST - Please Send Tell (/w *name*) PTR - Public Test Realm QFT - Quoted For Truth QQ - Quit. Sometimes incorrectly used as "crying eyes." RTFM - Read the F#@*%&g Manual SMH - Shaking My Head TBH - To Be Honest TLDR - Too Long, Didn't Read WTS - Want To Sell WTT - Want To TradeHulktopus20 Oct 12
Oct 1, 2016 [TIPS] RoS Followers (lvl.70) complete guide Introduction - A few things to know 1. Templar 1-1. Templar Stats 1-2. Templar Templates 2. Scoundrel 2-1. Scoundrel Stats 2-2. Scoundrel Templates 3. Enchantress 3-1. Enchantress Stats 3-2. Enchantress Templates 4. Legendary items (with followers proc) list 4.1. Weapons 4.1.a. One-Handed 4.1.a.1 Axes 4.1.a.2 Daggers 4.1.a.3 Maces 4.1.a.4 Swords 4.1.b. Two-Handed 4.1.b.1 Axes 4.1.b.2 Maces 4.1.b.3 Staves 4.1.b.4 Swords 4.1.b.5 Bows 4.1.b.6 Xbows 4.2. Shields 4.3. Jewelry 4.3.a. Amulets 4.3.b. Rings 4.4. Follower Special 4.4.a. Enchantress Focuses 4.4.b. Scoundrel Tokens 4.4.c. Templar Relics 5. Unity & Immortal follower combo 6. How do I gear my followers ? 6-1. Finding equipment 6-2. Enchanting 6-3. Gems 7. Ashera’s set. 8. So... Wich follower must i choose ? 9. LinksAshTag138 Oct 1, 2016
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18h First time Greater Rift question I just started playing Diablo III a couple of weeks ago. After finishing the campaign I have been playing in Adventure mode on Hard difficulty. After getting a Greater Rift key from a Nephilim Rift boss I opened a Greater Rift. My understanding was that I would start with a level 1 GR (equivalent to hard difficulty) but I was put in a level 13 GR (equivalent to Torment 2). There was no opportunity that I saw to choose a level and I don't get why it put me in such a high level. I got through it after dying 2-3 times (never died before in this game) but of course did not do it in the required time. I also know it was a high difficulty because the boss dropped a Tal Rasha set item only available in Torment. Has anyone else had something like this happen or is there an explanation how I got jumped 4 levels? Any assistance would be appreciated. (Level 70 Wizard non-hardcore not season character playing solo.)oldcharlie5516 18h
18h Anyone want to help me? Was just wondering if anyone would like to help me learn the game and find the gear I need etc etc.... my friend has boosted me to paragon 360 and im level 70 got a few pieces of gear I need..... if anyone wants to play and help me feel free to comment :) THIS IS MY SECOND DAY PLAYING PLEASE IGNORE MY "NOOB" WAYS!!!! (I might have a few questions)Nechropolis4 18h
23h How to craft the old HellFire Ring? So if I'm reading the Wiki right, to get the mats for it I need to do the infernal machine thing, but between levels 60 and 69. But it has to be done at difficulty T1+. Well my problem is that because at T1 the drop rate isn't guaranteed, I end up out-leveling the level requirements before I can even get the ring crafted! So is there a better way to get it?KBoogle17 23h
1d Can I Turn Off The Puddle? My monk has just gotten a passive aura-like ability that creates this colorful visual "puddle" under her feet. The problem with this, is that I hate the visual. Is there a way to turn off that visual effect or even turn off the passive aura? It's always there and since it's my only ability on button 4, I can't deselect it. Thanks.Ellipsis1 1d
1d How to improve Hello, So i've built up this monk (eu): I like it a lot, i think the highest GR i have completed is 73. I'm pretty squishy there, but the dps is still pretty good. I keep doing GR's and Torment 13 rifts to try and get better gear, but is there other stuff to do? I still need to complete the slayer stuff for the seasonal rewards, but other than that i don't know what everyone is doing :) And now that you are looking, what would you improve on my character? Still looking for a nice restraint (ring) but havent gotten 1 yet.Levi4 1d
2d My gear isn't showing?*Fixed* Vanishing DYE! I"m having an issue as to where my gear isn't showing. I also can't transmogrify it. I got a new helm today and it let me transmogrify it. But not gear I've had from the past. I just started back today after a year or so break. I'm not on a season character. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.Potential2 2d
2d Looking for New Players A friend and I will be playing Diablo tonight (5:40 PM PST) and I am looking for new players to tag along with us. He is a veteran of the game and I have only played up to level 69 so far. Used to play on the PS3 before the DLC came out years ago but stopped. I have never done rifts or adventure mode so we can learn together as he shows me/us. He is also going to be power leveling me from 43 to 70 sooo :P Add me if interested on Battlenet Pneumo#11162 Also add me on Discord so we can talk while playing Bleb#4286Pneumo1 2d
2d Guide on How to Farm _______! (fill in the blank) From set pieces to weapons to jewellery, every build has its required pieces. And this guide will hopefully help you get your first version. There are tricks to upgrading your pieces into the very best it can be, but if you're just starting to build, then any version will often do. This guide will require you to have the Reaper of Souls expansion pack, and you should already be levelled to 70 and working on Paragon. First, you will want to be in adventure mode. If you are playing a season, then you can just jump right in. Obviously, Seasonal characters can get a free set for completing the first four chapters of the season journey (I'm not covering this). But if the free set that season isn't what you want, you still need supporting pieces, or you got a free set, and this is a second character, then this information is more than valid. If you are playing Non Season, then at least one of your characters must have completed the campaign. And Non-Season doesn't get a free set, so farming is your way to victory! Second, you will need to collect the cube for Zoltan Kule. More information than you need here: Next. Know what you want. Beginners can look at a build online and try to duplicate that. I personally like however, there are many good websites out there. Also, don't just know the set, but also the accompany legendary pieces, and the cubed items as well. Since you're farming a build you may get a natural drop on a belt while you're concentrating on bracers. You never know. You will want to run regular Rifts (yellow) at as high of a difficulty as you can reasonably do in 5-8 minutes. At a minimum of Torment 1. If you are just starting out, I would recommend picking everything up for the crafting materials, however, that will likely also increase your time up to 10 minutes per rift. What you are trying to get are Death's Breaths, Forgotten Souls (from salvaging any legendary items you aren't going to use), and blood shards. It is possible to get legendary items form any enemy, chest, or breakable in the game, but you are most likely to get them from Elites, Champions, and Rift Guardians (RG). You get Deaths Breaths from Elites, Champions and RGs. You will get Blood Shards from RG only. When you are finished the rift, spend your Blood Shards on the item you want from Kadala. Most of these items will just be rare (yellow) items, but occasionally you can get a legendary or set piece directly. Then take your yellow pieces to the Zoltan Kule to use the cube. Use the Hope of Cain recipe to Upgrade Rare items into a legendary or set piece. It will cost you Deaths Breaths and materials from your salvaged Normal, Magical, and Rare pieces. Upgrade as many as you have materials for. Some slots have specific sub-sets. For example, If you were a wizard and wanted the Wand of Woh, you would spend at Kadala on 1-handed weapons. But if you're upgrading rare items at the cube, only a rare wand will ever have a chance of being a legendary wand like the Wand of Woh. Any other 1-handed weapons would be a waste. It is for this reason, if trying to get legendary weapons and off hand items, it often better to craft a rare lvl 70 item at the blacksmith, and upgrade those, instead of gambling blood shards. Thankfully, most of the armor won't matter, as shoulders are shoulders, and gloves are gloves, etc. When you are out of materials, go the blacksmith and salvage anything you don't need. Including useless legendary items you just got from the cube. Since items are easily farmed, I wouldn't worry much about pieces you don't need unless they are ancient. And then run another rift collecting every Deaths Breath and legendary and other needed materials you find. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. At times you will have a natural drop of a set piece. And RNG does not always favour you and give you a set piece you already have. But, don't throw that away. Compare the two pieces and take the lesser piece to the cube and use Skill of Nilfur to convert a set item. This will change the set item to another piece from the same set. But if you read the fine print you will notice that it does not work on sets of 2. So basically the jewellery-only set items don't work with this recipe. Also, when it says you will not get the same piece, what they mean is gloves will not be gloves. Gloves can turn into shoulders. And on a second attempt, those shoulders could turn back into gloves. But eventually, it will be a piece you need. Each attempt will cost you Deaths Breaths and Forgotten Souls. And that is it. It is that simple, but RNG makes it a grind. Which is kind of the point in a game like this. I would like to remind you, this guide does not tell how to improve an item. Which is why I didn't touch on bounties and special Cache materials. That's another guide for another player to write. But every season, I always hunt out my first of each gear for the build I want to play, and then worry about getting those pieces to be the best they can be. I hope this helps. Happy Hunting. and anytime someone asks how to farm their equipment, feel free to link back to this thread Edits will be made based on feedback as necessarystorytime4213 2d
4d WD "Bad Medicine" question Does it still work if I use Fire/Physical/Cold skills if I have +X-X Poison damage on a weapon or use the gem of toxins which poisons regardless. And if so. Is it possible to use a Hellfire amulet (With Bad Medicine) on a non-Witch doctor character if I can get the opponent poisoned through other means.Fluffypaws2 4d
6d Looking for tips to a new Support Barb player Hello, I started gearing my barb. Should I use the Support Barb guide on Icy Veins? I would also appreciate if I could get any tips towards how I should play.FroomShoots3 6d
Jul 13 New players come here If anyone would like to play with a veteran of the series. add me Cylex#1734 Note: Prefer new playersCylex4 Jul 13
Jul 10 Need help leveling softcore toon Any Chance of helping me level a necro on Seasonal Softcore? Owe you lvling back or can rush chars in HC anytime no problem i just only have HC chars. Thanks for readingiCrackFiend1 Jul 10
Jul 9 How much is the bonus damage from Nephalem Glory? I recently found some Nephalem Glory and blind synergy-gear on my Barbarian. So I wanted to play around with a Nephalem Glory build. The information on what Nephalem Glory does is pretty straight forward: Nephalem Glory – Level 1 - While Nephalem Glory is active, heroes will deal bonus damage with every attack. Nephalem Glory – Level 2 - With two levels of Nephalem Glory, heroes will will deal bonus damage that also carries over to nearby enemies with every attack. Additionally, heroes gain 10% bonus movement speed. Nephalem Glory – Level 3 - With three levels of Nephalem Glory, heroes will deal bonus damage with every attack that also carries over to nearby enemies. Each hit you land while the buff is active has a chance of creating a damaging explosion. But I want to know what the actual numbers are. Does the damage increase per level of the buff? Is it a good idea to run high attack speed to get more out of the buff? Why doesn't the description say how big the bonuses are?Kainarn2 Jul 9
Jul 6 Messed up Barbarian character Hello, A couple of weeks ago I purchased Diablo 3 with Digital Deluxe edition and I started a new campaign as a Barbarian. Being a new game the campaign was my only option (adventure mode and the other extras are locked until I finish my first campaign). I managed to play until the end of act 2, my character level was 32. A friend of mine who has been playing Diablo 3 since it was released (2012 I believe) told me he could raise my character to level 70 in about 5 minutes and I accepted. He invited me to join his game. As soon as I joined his game my character level began to grow exponentially until it finally hit Paragon level 2. All I needed to do in order to grow my level was to stay with him on the same level he was playing without actually doing anything. All was good until I resumed my campaign from where I left off. Now at paragon level 2 the first NPC I encounter kills me with just a few strikes, it's impossible for me to continue playing the campaign. What happened, is there anything I can do in order to restore my character so I can continue playing at a reasonable difficulty? Thank you! PS - I am a complete noob at this game so please excuse any mistakes I might have made.IceBerg2 Jul 6
Jul 5 Solo leveling What's up players. Returning player from a long while away. My question is what is the best method to get to level 70 solo without challenge rifts and stuff like that. Looking more for that old school straight grind. I realized when I used to play I was always power leveled and never actually got there for there myself. Is it best to play the campaign ? Or is there just a spot in adventure mode to mindlessly grind ? If all else fails I'll just get power leveled..Brutal8 Jul 5
Jul 5 Challenge rift cache accidently opened on non-seasonal char! I recently completed the challenge rift 54 on my first character. Unfortunately when I went to make a new character I totally forgot to click the seasonal button. So now I opened the cache on a non seasonal character. Is there anyway to go back in time and change that character to seasonal and reopen the challenge rift cache?Rowsdower3 Jul 5
Jul 4 Season end and rebirthed characters There are a couple of things that seem to be 'lost' at the end of a season when the season stuff is merged back into the corresponding normal area. These things in the grand scheme are quite small so it doesn't really bother me, but I'm interested to know if they are at all addressed: Obviously, your season paragon experience is added to your normal paragon xp resulting in a new higher paragon level. And rebirthed characters get their original xp added back, so if they were level 20 before the season, and got to level 20 in the season, they'd be level 30ish when the season ended. If they were 70 before, and levelled to 70 in the season, does the extra character exp get lost, or is it added to the paragon levels? Do we get refunded any of the gold we spent buying duplicate stash tabs? Or any of the gold spent levelling the Mystic, Blacksmith or Jeweller? Kanai's cube legendaries are also merged, but each overlaps represent (at least) a lost Forgotten Soul. Do we (should we?) get a Forgotten Soul for each overlap found?Avicenna3 Jul 4
Jul 3 How to run normal rifts in public games Hi Everyone. Is there a certain way to run with a 3 or 4 person team in normal rifts in public games? For example, do I stay with the other party members or does each of us go off by ourselves? Who trips any chests or pylons/shrines. What do you do when the rift guardian is killed, go back to town right away and come back to collect loot, or collect first? Is it ok to pick up gold and items like deaths breaths and veiled crystals, or should I wait. And who closes the rift? I have only played a couple of public nrifts and I'm not sure if I'm doing things correctly. Thanks for any help.Jaris8 Jul 3
Jul 2 Top Wizards on Xbox So online, I have noticed everyone referring to Firebird or Tal Rasha as the top builds for a Wizard. However, when I look at the GR leaderboards, Season 14, on the Xbox One, the top Wizards are all using the DMO set with a sword called 'The Twisted Sword' and have Energy Twister slotted as their major damage dealer. Can anyone shed light on this discrepancy between what's being recommended vs. what people in the Xbox community seem to be using? All I know is that my Frozen Orb build is built to Icy Veins spec and I can't get past GR 45.ShadowBorn3 Jul 2
Jun 28 I need a lot of help with my barbarian and crusader Hi, I've recently got back into the game and started playing my crusader and a fresh barbarian which I just got to level 70. Right now I think I can do t1 maybe t2 on my crusader comfortably but at t2 it starts to get really slow and I feel like I do no damage which I think is a massive problem as I'm paragon 112, I'm sure there's a problem with my gear build but every build I've found online I don't have the set pieces for and I'm also pretty sure the gear I'm currently using is far from good but I don't know what stats I should be going for so if you can give me any tips I'd really appreciate as I want to push further through torment levels Crusader: As for my Barbarian it feels like a mess, I don't think the gear is great but I kill things so slowly even on t1, I had to drop down to expert to do a rift that felt alright but it still felt a little slow so any help with him at all once again would be appreciate. Barbarian: This is my first time posting so sorry if the formats wrong or anything but thanks for reading and for any helpmustanglife3 Jun 28
Jun 27 Why does my character survive? I am going to call myself a new player because, other than following some guides, I do not really understand why some of my characters survive in Torment 13, and others get stuck before Torment 10. The site I have been using is Icy Veins, and between season 13 and 14 I have made a number of builds based off the seasonal set rewards and the other sets i've found for the Witch Doctor, Necromancer and Wizard - with very variable results. The two most successful builds ive done from Icy Veins are the arcane orb Wizard using DMO and a Skeleton Archer / command skeleton build using Rathma. The problem is, going past GR60 solo they all get stuck. So the first thing I am trying to understand is why the DMO Arcane Orb build survives at all, vs say the Icy Veins Firebird Meteor build, which is listed as a higher tier solo build. My character sheet shows both my characters total life and a toughness value that I don't know how is derived, or what it really means. It also has a bonus armor and armor on items but I don't know what kind of damage armor mitigates or how. I don't have any dodge or block, but I've seen them I presume they are mostly used by dex or str based classes. But, during my seasonal journey, the biggest 'felt' improvement to my characters ability to jump up a few torment levels was when I found an item that contributed some kind of "Damage Reduced By X% when <some condition>", and things can go super easy to badly wrong if I don't maintain the various <some condition>s. Anyway, given that GR62 is a bit of a brick wall for me, which of these various mitigations am I lacking? Or is it pebkac and I'm not maintaining my DR conditions correctly? Or does it just go away if I simply add the simplest form of relative damage mitigation (i.e. paragon into vit means a bigger life total, and more total life means hits are relatively smaller).Avicenna13 Jun 27
Jun 25 Season 14 - Need expert advice So I am returning to D3 after a hiatus and just caught Season 14 in time. I need a little input from more experienced players though, and please don't respond with "play the kinda character you think is most fun!" I hate it when people do that in response to cries for help. What I am specifically looking for are opinions on the reward armor sets given to the Wizard and Necromancer. I have really enjoyed playing them both, but from what I can tell, the Wizard DMO set looks significantly more powerful and versatile than the Necro Pestilence set. The latter also seems to pigeon hole you more tightly into a single playing style, one which doesn't match how I leveled up (I used a lot of Corpse Explosion, Bone Armor and Command Skellies, the last of which gives me healing every time they hit something). So I guess I'd like to know what the expert players are choosing, why and if it's Necro, how can one get the most out of that Pestilence armor set? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!ShadowBorn6 Jun 25
Jun 25 Asia - Server Location Hi there! I live in Indonesia and would like to know the exact server location for the Asia server. I'd like to experience the least ping whilst playing this game. Thanks ahead~Hestia1 Jun 25
Jun 25 Looking for a Mentor Looking for a "Mentor" Hey everyone thanks for stopping by and showing interest!! First off, I haven't played D3 since season 4 until now season 14!! That's a huge stretch! I have already hopped into things and like im around 320 (p) I am having a hard time clearing a few places. Gr50 and would like to work my way up to t13. I have read people are doing t13 and gr70 on their 2nd days of the season. I must be doing something wrong!! I have researched builds and what not and I remember with my barb stacking a few things makes a world of difference. Now I guess I am looking for someone to assist take a look at my gear build and give me some pointers. How to farm/gear up. Im old(er) not old but 30 so if you're worried about talking to a 12 year old I'll put that to rest. I have discord and willing to jump in. Maybe joining a clan is a better choice? What do you guys think? FYI: currently running a crusader but once I hit gr70 ide like to swap to my DH or WD! Have a good day!JordanH1 Jun 25
Jun 25 .Sell or Salvage+Companionship! Heya everyone.Newcomer to D3 and very happy for my choice. This topic has been discussed but the most recent thread was from 2014 so that info probably isn't accurate anymore. lv.24 Monk right now and curious about the way i should proceed. P.S : If anyone is interested in playing together,that'd be nice.Either you're new or old and playing a new char,i'd enjoy the company.just send me a message here.CoRt3z1 Jun 25
Jun 24 Set Bonus Question... This season is my first chance to get a complete set and I'm wondering exactly how they work. In my inventory list "2 set" and "3 set" are both lit up--do I get the bonuses in both of those categories or only in the highest one...NMJenny2 Jun 24
Jun 20 How does this build look and what would you change? That's my crusader build, by far my favorite. Can you tell me how my builds coming along? I just completed a GR70 solo so pretty proud! Thanks!BinSoBad1 Jun 20
Jun 20 Returning Noob looking for advice I played D3 for a few weeks about 5 years ago. Taken under a friends wing who quickly leveled me up to 70 (99 Par). Then I stopped playing. I knew nothing about builds or rolling to improve item stats. I was a complete noob. Now I am back, and I am still a complete noob. I am trying to learn what seasons are all about. I have seen 2 different you tubers advise that the first thing to do after creating a seasonal character is to go run the Challenge Rift. But I don't seem to have access to one. When I'm in non-seasonal adventure mode, the Challenge Rift button is locked and I don't know how to unlock it. I created a seasonal character this morning and now, when in adventure mode, the button is blank. So I decided to check out this forum. I see threads that say these rifts have nothing to do with seasons. Can I get some clarification on this? And if this is a viable step, what do I have to do to access a Challenge Rift?DFisher10 Jun 20
Jun 19 how to trade items? Anybody can tell me how to trade items in diablo 3 reaper of souls with other player?Melechesh27 Jun 19
Jun 18 Need help and power level to 70 I am about a level 25 and need help leveling. If anyone has the time to be on torment 3 or higher and run like 4 runs to get me 70 that would be awesome. Thanks!Deadnight1 Jun 18
Jun 17 season rewards Hey everyone, i'm pretty new to the game (3 months more or less) and I participated in season 13. Now that the rewards are being given, I came up with a problem : I have no idea where to claim them. Can anyone help ? thanks in advance.ectagel3 Jun 17
Jun 17 Requesting Cube information 1.- If I reforge an "Ancient Legendary" item for better stats does it have the change to become "Non Ancient- Legendary"? 2.- Is it possible to upgrade Rare items to an specific Set part? Like Rare or Legendary bots to Akkhan Bot, and does it have the change to result in Ancient Set part? 3.- Is it possible to upgrade Set Part to Ancient Set part via Cube? ---------------- Extra question: Someone told me that Leoric's Crown is an specific boss drop is it true? or is totally random like any helm?Novas3 Jun 17
Jun 15 I'm stuck at lvl 60 I just started playing diablo with my friend and I got to lvl 60 then it just started to get the like tier lvls and stuff I dont know what its called(The lvl under ur player pic). Am I suppost to get to a specifik lvl or something?Skrillex4 Jun 15
Jun 15 Channeling Super Noob Question: Please explain channeling. I've seen many references about its use and the skills, but I still don't know exactly what it is.Zyanne7 Jun 15
Jun 15 Help Hello Is there any way to make the diablo 3 PC version similar to the XBOX or PS? By this question i mean that on pc the movement is annoying. I need to click where i want to go and when im attacking , if i missclick i end up running away from the monster instead of killing it. I used to play this game on XBOX but now i have PC . And what i want to know is , if there is any way to set the movements on PC version for direct moveing with the joystick and not this clicking crap? And if there is a way, could some1 explain me how to do that?Creator1403 Jun 15
Jun 15 Seekin advice for season play Hello there! I want to start do a season stuff and i'm thinking about which class should i play(not necro, haven't bought) for fast clearing and with some "supportive aspects" to make in coop games. I like helping other, with healing, buffs etc. I spent most of online gaming playin supports, healers. I have played wizard(70lvl) and WD already, but one of them has dezi which ends with constant chaneling one spell across whole map, and second one is strange and i get myself confused where my character is (cuz of zombie dogs, monstrum etc.) So which of Crusader and Monk is more supportive and better for future coop playin? :D I'm seeking also people to play together for fun or grind some cool stuff with a bit of learning... :D Lone#21646 :PLone3 Jun 15
Jun 15 Seasonal Character - Reincarnation I know that Reincarnation will reset my Player, Stash, Equip and Inventory. My Question is: 1. Why would any player do this? 2. Any advantage of this? Besides sending all the item to non-seasonal Stash? 3. Can I change job when reincarnating? 4. Will the whole Season Quest reset again? 5. What's the difference between just creating a brand new Seasonal character?NuEloS3 Jun 15
Jun 15 Why should I do seasons? (Noob here) Alright - I originally played D3 at launch - completed the story once and never really looked back. Now that necro is out, I'm excited to get back into the game and do some of the endgame I missed out on. But please, for the love of God, can someone explain what a "season" is? Evidently you start over from level one to rush to lvl 70 for exclusive rewards and transmogs that DON'T carry over?? What?? Why even playing during off seasons -- is there a point to even logging in if you're not playing a season character? What about season armor sets - are they ONLY available to people who do the season stuff? So I've missed out on 10 previous transmog sets? WHAT?Spacejesus22 Jun 15
Jun 14 Season 14 build question Hello guys, the choice of my new seasonal character depends of all of you that answer my post, lol Okay here we go. I saw for the new season Crusader is getting Akkhan set as reward for completing chapters, I saw in icy veins that was the TOP tier actually in S13, the important question is, will it stay as top tier on S14? I wante to play wizard because i love that class but I see the set reward pretty bored (about the skill rotation) and so far i saw is not a good or the best tier. Should I go for Crusader then or S14 may do important changes to DMO mage set?Novas4 Jun 14
Jun 12 Returning to D3, last played 2014 Hello everyone! I played a ton of D3 back in 2013-14, then stopped playing. I decided to take a look at it again, even added the necromancer dlc. I was wondering if someone could sum up the 4 years of changes? Like what has been added and whats been changes or removed. Thanks! (i dont want to zoom through 4 years of patch notes lol)neal1212 Jun 12
Jun 8 Season 14: Seasonal sets Ok so i am fairly new to Diablo 3, i have only played monk and necromancer so far and for season 14 i wish to make another character from any class other than these Now i have noticed that the correct set is very important in late game and i was wondering which of the sets offered this season will be best for a solo build, i already have the Inna's set on my monk and 4/6 Pesti on my necro I would appreciate any help, as for those who wanted to comment to play what i like i already have monk for that what i am looking for is a quick set with good solo clear possibilities Thank youSaqib8 Jun 8
Jun 8 Push? Hey guys! I swear I did my best to search the FAQS and acronym posts and use the search function before writing this... I have to ask though... What is a push build? Or any of the other terms used to describe what kind of phase a character is in. I can't seem to find a source information to explain concepts, besides direct abbreviations. TY for your patience. - SoCratesSocrates3 Jun 8
Jun 7 What Do You Keep In Your Stash? Hey y'all! Just curious about what y'all keep in your stash. I see a lot of fuss over stash tabs and I'm not sure how huge a problem storage really is. Bear in mind, I've only really been playing for a couple weeks. That said, all I keep in mine are gems, legendaries I haven't extracted the power from yet, and set pieces. Everything else gets salvaged. Am I doing it wrong, or will those three things eventually fill up my stash and send me into stash-tab frenzy? Thanks!ActualTooth2 Jun 7
Jun 6 Need Help I have a lvl 54 demon hunter and still now nothing about the game. i don't know what to farm,what armor is good. I am not even kidding I don't even know how to see my quests. If there is someone that could help. I have a micSlooTs1 Jun 6
Jun 6 Seasonal Chapters Hey y'all! Casual player here. Been at it about a week and I'm up to Torment III now. I just looked at the armor sets for season 14 rewards and they look awesome. @.@ I'm not real sure on what chapters are, though, as this will be my first season. The other rewards look great, but I've been at it a week and am only Paragon 75. Not sure I'd be able to put in the time to get to Grift 60 over the course of a season. Anyways, my question is this: Are chapters in seasonal the equivalent of Acts, or something different entirely? How long, generally, does it take to complete the four chapters? Thanks!ActualTooth8 Jun 6
Jun 5 Grils who play D3? Any females out there play D3? I started playing this game and found it very exciting, just wonder if any other girls enjoy playing this game...:) SilkbellaSilkBella25 Jun 5
Jun 4 Season's end: a warning to all new players! Now that season 13 has ended, all the stuff that was in your seasonal stash has been mailed to your non season account. You have 30 days to open this mail and claim your stuff before it is deleted! I can't tell you the amount of players I see in the bug report forum a month or two after a season ends wondering where all their stuff went. Don't let this happen to you! Here's more details about what happens at the end of a season in case you didn't read it when it was posted on the game launcher. Jun 4