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Mar 8 [TIPS] RoS Followers (lvl.70) complete guide Introduction - A few things to know 1. Templar 1-1. Templar Stats 1-2. Templar Templates 2. Scoundrel 2-1. Scoundrel Stats 2-2. Scoundrel Templates 3. Enchantress 3-1. Enchantress Stats 3-2. Enchantress Templates 4. Legendary items (with followers proc) list 4.1. Weapons 4.1.a. One-Handed 4.1.a.1 Axes 4.1.a.2 Daggers 4.1.a.3 Maces 4.1.a.4 Swords 4.1.b. Two-Handed 4.1.b.1 Axes 4.1.b.2 Maces 4.1.b.3 Staves 4.1.b.4 Swords 4.1.b.5 Bows 4.1.b.6 Xbows 4.2. Shields 4.3. Jewelry 4.3.a. Amulets 4.3.b. Rings 4.4. Follower Special 4.4.a. Enchantress Focuses 4.4.b. Scoundrel Tokens 4.4.c. Templar Relics 5. Unity & Immortal follower combo 6. How do I gear my followers ? 6-1. Finding equipment 6-2. Enchanting 6-3. Gems 7. Ashera’s set. 8. So... Wich follower must i choose ? 9. LinksAshTag139 Mar 8
Oct 12, 2017 Acronyms - The Definitive List plus Definitions! I got tired of searching for acronyms all over the forums, so I created this ongoing, living post that I will be editing as I find new acronyms. Please feel free to comment if I've missed something or made some typos. It's a long list, but CTRL+F is your friend! Class and Stat Acronyms BARB - Barbarian DH - Demon Hunter CRU - Crusader (see also SADER) MONK - Monk SADER - Crusader WD - Witch Doctor WIZ - Wizard STR - Strength (primary stat for CRU and BARB) DEX - Dexterity (primary stat for DH and MONK) INT - Intelligence (primary stat for WIZ and WD) VIT - Vitality (stat for all classes) Game-Specific Acronyms 1H - 1-Handed Weapon 2h - 2-Handed Weapon AD - Additive Damage AH - Auction House (no longer exists in-game) APS - Attacks per Second AR - All Resist (see also RA) BIS - Best in Slot BLIZZ - Blizzard (Company) or Blizzard (WIZ spell) BoA - Bound on Account BoP - Bound on Pickup BUFF - Increase in stats or Increase in effectiveness (in patches) CC - Crowd Control or Critical Chance (see also CHC) CDR - Cooldown Reduction CHC - Critical Hit Chance CD - Critical Damage (see also CHD) or Cooldown CHD - Critical Hit Damage DM - Damage Multiplier DoT - Damage over Time DPS - Damage Per Second = AD x DM DW - Dual Weapon/Dual Wield EE - Exquisite Essence (Crafting material) EHP - Effective health pool EMP - Efficient Mana Points FoS - Feat of Strength GAH - Gold Auction House (no longer exists in-game) GF - Gold Find % GG - Godly gear/Good Game GRIFT - Greater Rift HC - Hardcore Mode HM - Health Multiplier IAS - Increased attack speed IT - Iridescent Tears (Crafting material) LOH - Life on Hit LOS - Line of Sight LAK - Life After Kill LS - Life Steal MF - Magic Find % MH - Main Hand MP(#) - Monster Power (LVL) MpK - Mana per Kill MR - Mana Regeneration NERF - Term used when the developers make something less effective. OH - Off Hand OOM - Out of Mana OP - Overpowered PL - Paragon Level PROC - Programmed Random Occurence PoR - Pool of Reflection PuR - Pick up Radius RA - Resist All (see also AR) RES - Resistance RoS - Reaper of Souls. This is the latest expansion. RMAH - Real Money Auction House (no longer exists in-game) RNG - Random Number Generator SC - Softcore Mode (normal mode) SnB - Sword and Board. Means Weapon and Shield (not necessarily a sword) SR - Single Resist TDPS - Total DPS TICK - Each time that the game checks for damage on a DoT spell/ability. XP - Experience Points Chat/Interwebs Specific Acronyms AFAIK - As Far As I Know AFK - Away From Keyboard BRB - Be Right Back BF - Boyfriend DIAF - Die In A Fire FML - *Screw* my life GF - Girlfriend IG - In-Game IIRC - If I Remember Correctly IMO - In My Opinion IMHO - In My Humble/Honest Opinion IRL - In Real Life ISO - In Search Of L2P - Learn to Play LF - Looking For LF#M - Looking for # More LFG - Looking For Group OP - Original Poster PST - Please Send Tell (/w *name*) PTR - Public Test Realm QFT - Quoted For Truth QQ - Quit. Sometimes incorrectly used as "crying eyes." RTFM - Read the F#@*%&g Manual SMH - Shaking My Head TBH - To Be Honest TLDR - Too Long, Didn't Read WTS - Want To Sell WTT - Want To TradeHulktopus20 Oct 12, 2017
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10h Augmentation Question Hello, I got my first three augmentation gems to 90. I put one on my weapon and one on my offhand. Where should I put my third, see build. Thanks!Godfather2 10h
3d Maximize Greed Vault Treasure I seem to collect lots of Puzzle Rings so I've played around with using them for quite awhile. I generally use them while in public games if I'm with a group that I'm enjoying for a few games. I've used Goldskin, Boon of the Hoarder (L50 for 100%), and Gladiator Gauntlets, but after $15 Trillion in my stash I enjoy helping others run more than doing it myself. There is one thing I've found most players, even seasoned ones, don't realize - the end game. Yes, you can go in and kill Greed in 1.5 seconds, but why? The loot in the chest is minimal. Try this sometime, dismiss your follower, stop all pets, tag Greed on the foot, then step back and relax. As long as you can handle his damage, don't kill him right away. At one point he will rain gold down from the sky all over the floor. He will chase you and run into walls. He's kind of stupid and stuns himself every time he does that. During that process a goblin will pop out of his back pack and land behind him. That's what you're waiting for. Kill the little goblin and there's a hoard of loot scattered around. Pick it up and wait for the next goblin to drop. He'll do this 4 or 5 times (in 50 plus runs I've never seen 6). It seems to be triggered by his falling health level in 20% increments, but it's not exact. Once he hits a wall 4+ times without a goblin drop, he's done. Enjoy!!drkenrich3 3d
Mar 11 Legacy of Nightmares Question Hello, I'm curious about the bonus of this particular set of rings. It seems intuitive to me that I should use a one hand and an offhand weapon for this setup, since that would seem to generate more dps. But, when I do this and see the actual damage on my character, my old 2h staff is showing as more damage - and by a fair amount. Is the bonus not shown on screen - which would be fine, it just seems like you get more bonus if you use two ancient items, as opposed to just one. If anyone knows, I'd be grateful! MikeBalder20994 Mar 11
Mar 10 Seasons achievements Hello there, New to seasons achievements, I have a question about the last chapter (4th). I need to kill some boss at torment 4 difficulty. I’m currently playing a hardcore monk, parangon lvl 52. Torment 1 difficulty is easy but not torment 4. Here’s the question : what should I do to make the torment 4 difficulty easy to play in order to complete last chapter achievements from this season ? Thanks in advance ! ShiguShigu2 Mar 10
Mar 6 Moved from PC to PS4 Anyone willing to help me level and gear my Crusader? My PC died and I cant justify getting a new one. It would be greatly appreciated. I dont care if you use hacks or whatever, I dont want to play the season, just the main game/story.Vekares1 Mar 6
Mar 4 Gear drop from G-rift After a long time I've decided to come back to the game with couple of friends. So I was wondering since some items drop only from Torment difficulties, how does this work with Greater Rifts? Since Greater Rifts aren't difficulty bound, can Torment only gear drop from them? Do you have to reach a certain level for them to drop?Razr5 Mar 4
Mar 1 [FYI] Total Cost to Train Artisans I begin every Season wondering when to spend Gold to train the Artisans or purchase that extra Stash Tab. I've often wondered just how much it costs to train all three Artisans to their maximum Level 12. So, recently I documented it. If you do not find this information helpful, I hope you at least find it interesting. Total Cost to Train Artisans = 953,000 Gold + 2 Death's Breaths Breakdown per Artisan Blacksmith = 311,000 Gold + 1 Death's Breath Jeweler = 416,000 Gold + 1 Death's Breath Mystic = 226,000 Gold Breakdown per Artisan Level ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Level Blacksmith Jeweler Mystic ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ 2 5,000 1,000 1,000 3 6,000 2,500 5,000 4 10,000 5,000 10,000 5 15,000 7,500 10,000 6 20,000 10,000 10,000 7 25,000 15,000 10,000 8 30,000 20,000 20,000 9 35,000 25,000 30,000 10 40,000 30,000 40,000 11 50,000 + 1 DB 100,000 + 1 DB 40,000 12 75,000 200,000 50,000Perusoe1 Mar 1
Feb 28 Most efficient way of getting legendary/set items? Just getting back into D3 and wondered the best way to go about farming for better gear. seen plenty of youtube videos on multiple types of builds but few tips on how to get the gear in those builds.AckFish0823 Feb 28
Feb 26 sisters voice quest I have completed it and want to renew it. I had reseted campaign and asked man to invite me to last quest of act 5 but it didint renewed. How to renew this quest?ZergShadow3 Feb 26
Feb 25 Is there a point to 1-60 crafting mats? I played a lot of D3 many years ago but just came back recently, so RoS and everything over level 60 is new to me. What I was wondering, since there are completely different crafting mats from level 61+, is there even a point to collecting the lower-level materials? Sure, you can craft stuff while leveling but there's rarely a point as you zip through those levels so fast. I'm used to salvaging everything rather than selling as I level, but maybe I should be collecting gold instead of worthless mats. Or am I missing something?Solon7 Feb 25
Feb 24 Proc damage of items does the set bonus damage like inna's, increase the damage of proc's like thunder-fury lightning or andarial's visage poison novaCronicler1 Feb 24
Feb 24 Strange weather? So I’ve been playing adventure mode on the switch and you know how in act 2 there are the Howling Plateau areas regularly sunny and bright. Well I just saw the same area with a complete change of weather, now it’s raining. I thought maybe there was an event or something going on but I didn’t find anything special related to the weather. Is it common to have weather changes and I just didn’t notice until now?Towercane1 Feb 24
Feb 21 Help me achieve "Come to Heal" Is there any person(s) among you that might be willing to AFK in town for me as I heal you overnight for the "Come to Heal" achievement? I only played Monk to get a feel for it, and also to complete achievements, and this one is taking waay too long. I so far am 25% in. I could coordinate w/ any volunteers.Ghost3 Feb 21
Feb 20 4m GR- Banner colors? Hey, So I was running some GRs in a 4man group and upon completion and turn in- I noticed that the banners highlight (on the banner itself) under our avatars changed color: with red/yellow/blue/grey (that i recognized ) what do the colors mean? or is their any association with the colors associating who provided what in a GR; or are they just class based? thanks, your curious gamer Latherion :)Latherion1 Feb 20
Feb 16 Can't go above expert on my seasonal character So I've been playing for around 2 years on console and finally decided to take the leap to pc because it's SO obviously better, except that I'm stuck on expert difficulty so leveling my seasonal barb is sluggish and boring, as one normal rift gets me like a level and a half tops. Do I really have to hit level 60 to go to master/torment in seasonal adventure mode?ICollectFish4 Feb 16
Feb 15 Gold & Cosmetic Pets Does the cosmetic pet picking up gold make any difference? I've wondered and searched both this and other forums for a couple of years now and not seen any noted differences. It appears players use one or another essentially because of their appearance. I'm running an Angry Chicken Witch Doctor and loving the speed. I equipped Goldwrap for the added armor equal to gold picked up and Boon of the Hoarder (50) for 100% gold from every kill. As long as I'm killing mobs I'm almost invincible. I've tried different pets and found a few differences in speed, mobility, and range. These are anecdotal, but since I've experienced these I'm wondering of others have noticed differences, too. The Bumble, all three cows, The Stomach, and Butcher seem to have problems getting around obstacles. Dominion's Revenge, Blaze, and Humbart Wessel seem to get around better. The Mimic (chest) so far is the best. One test I ran was getting a whole field of gold and stopping in my tracks with a pet and waiting until it's picked up all it's going to, then changing pets without moving. The Mimic picks up gold others had not reached thus showing a better range. When it's make a difference in my survivability it becomes something to consider. Other than choice by appearance, have you seen any differences?drkenrich1 Feb 15
Feb 12 Kanais Cube Quest! Help Hello together, I have a little problem. Zoltun Kul appears after his defeat. He give me the Quest to optain Kanais Cube. The problem is, that after the conversation the quest does not start, so I am a Little confused. My char is lvl 70. May anyone is able to help me? Thanks in Advance and best regardsStaTeBriga2 Feb 12
Feb 12 Some directions needed This is my second season playing D3 and I am keen to look at designing and testing builds but I am not sure what sort of materials/sites I should be looking at in regards to theorycrafting and such. I was playing around with my idea for a Witch Doctor build on D3planner but they were listing things like Damage and DPS seperately and were adding info about frame rate breaks or something along those lines. Any pointers would be much appreciated =)SarahC839 Feb 12
Feb 11 how to change from nonseasonal player to seasonal player I invited a friend and we could not battle together fore it said I couldn't battle with her cause she wasn't a seasoned player so how can I fix this?alucard10 Feb 11
Feb 11 Rapidfire build? Ok so I'm new to the game, have only been playing a week or 2. I'm wondering if there is a viable build for DH using rapid fire. I know there is an seekers removing the channeling cost. I have tried searching posts for something resent, as well as youtube and Google but found nothing. I am still working on gearing my DH hunter and am just wondering if it's work trying for to either push or maybe just speed t13.D3FALTGAM1NG11 Feb 11
Feb 9 Set items or not Hi, Im playing over at EU but they got no new player forum. Here is my character: Problem is... as I keep getting set pieces the progress of my character seem somewhat stuck. There are 6 set pieces for Tal Rasha, and a character has 12 slots more or less. If I continue using Tal Rasha (4 items) I can casualy do torment 4 but theres not much progression. It seem I have two ways to proceed: 1) Keep playing for Tal Rasha full set drop and throw away legendaries for leg, neck, torso, head, off hand, waist hands as these are taken by Tal Rasha, hope for good legendaries in shoulder, wrist, feet, weapon 1 hand, 2x ring. 2) Stow away the Tal Rasha set and go for better legendaries in all 12 slots. - So basically I wonder if I keep collecting legendaries will I eventually get legendaries that will surpass Tal Rasha (or other full sets) or are Tal Rasha (or other full sets) the way to go? Im considering two characters one for legendaries one for sets but who will be best in the end? Also: If I get good enough gear I will do the campaing once at Torment13, as a casual this will be the closest to completing the game I feel. Pushing for endless rifts higher than torment 13 (GR 63) I wont have time :P -Kinetic5 Feb 9
Feb 9 Guide on How to Farm _______! (fill in the blank) From set pieces to weapons to jewellery, every build has its required pieces. And this guide will hopefully help you get your first version. There are tricks to upgrading your pieces into the very best it can be, but if you're just starting to build, then any version will often do. This guide will require you to have the Reaper of Souls expansion pack, and you should already be levelled to 70 and working on Paragon. First, you will want to be in adventure mode. If you are playing a season, then you can just jump right in. Obviously, Seasonal characters can get a free set for completing the first four chapters of the season journey (I'm not covering this). But if the free set that season isn't what you want, you still need supporting pieces, or you got a free set, and this is a second character, then this information is more than valid. If you are playing Non Season, then at least one of your characters must have completed the campaign. And Non-Season doesn't get a free set, so farming is your way to victory! Second, you will need to collect the cube for Zoltan Kule. More information than you need here: Next. Know what you want. Beginners can look at a build online and try to duplicate that. I personally like however, there are many good websites out there. Also, don't just know the set, but also the accompany legendary pieces, and the cubed items as well. Since you're farming a build you may get a natural drop on a belt while you're concentrating on bracers. You never know. You will want to run regular Rifts (yellow) at as high of a difficulty as you can reasonably do in 5-8 minutes. At a minimum of Torment 1. If you are just starting out, I would recommend picking everything up for the crafting materials, however, that will likely also increase your time up to 10 minutes per rift. What you are trying to get are Death's Breaths, Forgotten Souls (from salvaging any legendary items you aren't going to use), and blood shards. It is possible to get legendary items form any enemy, chest, or breakable in the game, but you are most likely to get them from Elites, Champions, and Rift Guardians (RG). You get Deaths Breaths from Elites, Champions and RGs. You will get Blood Shards from RG only. When you are finished the rift, spend your Blood Shards on the item you want from Kadala. Most of these items will just be rare (yellow) items, but occasionally you can get a legendary or set piece directly. Then take your lvl 70 yellow pieces to the Zoltan Kule to use the cube. Use the Hope of Cain recipe to Upgrade Rare items into a legendary or set piece. It will cost you Deaths Breaths and materials from your salvaged Normal, Magical, and Rare pieces. Upgrade as many as you have materials for. Some slots have specific sub-sets. For example, If you were a wizard and wanted the Wand of Woh, you would spend at Kadala on 1-handed weapons. But if you're upgrading rare items at the cube, only a rare wand will ever have a chance of being a legendary wand like the Wand of Woh. Any other 1-handed weapons would be a waste. It is for this reason, if trying to get legendary weapons and off hand items, it often better to craft a rare lvl 70 item at the blacksmith, and upgrade those, instead of gambling blood shards. Thankfully, most of the armor won't matter, as shoulders are shoulders, and gloves are gloves, etc. When you are out of materials, go the blacksmith and salvage anything you don't need. Including useless legendary items you just got from the cube. Since items are easily farmed, I wouldn't worry much about pieces you don't need unless they are ancient. And then run another rift collecting every Deaths Breath and legendary and other needed materials you find. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. At times you will have a natural drop of a set piece. And RNG does not always favour you and give you a set piece you already have. But, don't throw that away. Compare the two pieces and take the lesser piece to the cube and use Skill of Nilfur to convert a set item. This will change the set item to another piece from the same set. But if you read the fine print you will notice that it does not work on sets of 2. So basically the jewellery-only set items don't work with this recipe. Also, when it says you will not get the same piece, what they mean is gloves will not be gloves. Gloves can turn into shoulders. And on a second attempt, those shoulders could turn back into gloves. But eventually, it will be a piece you need. Each attempt will cost you Deaths Breaths and Forgotten Souls. And that is it. It is that simple, but RNG makes it a grind. Which is kind of the point in a game like this. I would like to remind you, this guide does not tell how to improve an item. Which is why I didn't touch on bounties and special Cache materials. That's another guide for another player to write. But every season, I always hunt out my first of each gear for the build I want to play, and then worry about getting those pieces to be the best they can be. I hope this helps. Happy Hunting. and anytime someone asks how to farm their equipment, feel free to link back to this thread Edits will be made based on feedback as necessarystorytime4217 Feb 9
Feb 8 Season question Hi. I just started playing Diablo 3 with a new season barbarian. Is the season nearly over or did it just start ? What date does the seasons usually reset and should I give up my barbarian if the season is close to resetting ? Thanks all. By the way the barbarian is my first character and I wanted to get some armor and wings LULAnthony4 Feb 8
Feb 8 Getting 6 piece bonus with only 5 pieces of set? I haven't played much Diablo. I generally would just play during a season then get set. Quit again until next season. I for whatever reason am really getting into the game (took a while huh) Anyway I restarted my Witch Doctor and plan on getting the Helltooth set. I was looking at Icy Veins though the build they are using has only 5 pieces of the set but they are still getting the 6 piece bonus? They swapped the gloves for "Tasker and Theo" gloves but again getting set bonus. How does one go about doing such a thing?Dani9 Feb 8
Feb 4 Probleme Quick Join/Block hello here , my probleme is : i wanna block join friend to my game . i prefere when i invite them to join , not they can join auto .. Option Game : Additional Option [ ] Enable: Quick Join [ ] Enable: Players Near You 2 are NOT SELECTED , i have do apply , reset game , reset computer , unistall and reinstall the game . probleme are same on my Main Computer ( gaming ) and my laptop. friend can also join .. i wanna block this , thanks for your time , sorry my englishEgoQC5 Feb 4
Feb 4 Rathma build die after one shot . Help guys i need your help with my Rathma necromancer , every thing in this game 1 shot me playing GR70+ or even bounties difficulty lvl 13 . can you please tell me what to change with out changing my play styleONEONEOUT1 Feb 4
Feb 2 LF Seasonal PL XB1 Looking for seasonal power level. GT: DSG DeathonTrastia0 Feb 2
Jan 31 Power Level for new player? Would anyone be nice enough to power level me? Just now starting out on switch?Wickedkillz0 Jan 31
Jan 31 How to check highest G.Rift tier solo'd? I can't seem to find anything in the game that will tell me the highest level G.Rift I've completed solo. There is a Personal Best but that seems to only account for fastest time a G.Rift was completed and doesn't at all care about the G.rift Level (This UI also only appears after beating a G.rift making it clumsy to access when you just want to review what you've achieved). So I can see I completed Torment 2 Grift really fast but I just beat a Torment 4 Grift and it still says my personal best was for Torment 2... surely an increase in difficulty would trump time?SirSteel12 Jan 31
Jan 31 Pet Goblin Once you have killed the pet goblin does the pet automatically go into where the other pets are located? I have been playing for about three months and I assume I have had to kill one by now but I do not have any new pets.Dirtybirdy3 Jan 31
Jan 29 Death's Breath's requirement keeps changing. Hi, I was transmuting some stuffs and saw it was '19 Death's Breath' shown in red inside Kanai's cube, so I did some Rifts, came back with some Death's Breath, but found the numbers changed from 19 to 22. So, I went back and killed another Rift guardian and brought some Death's Breath with me, and again the number changed from 22 to 24. What's the mystery behind this changing numbers?BubbaCaveman3 Jan 29
Jan 28 How do I open a rift? Just hit 70, been doing Bountys and I cant figure out how to open a rift. When I click on the Obelisk - it tells me I need a Greater Rift Keystone. Now I know there are greater and normal rifts so I'm confused why I dont have a normal option. I read Bounties used to drop keystone fragments, but that is no longer in the game so is there no normal rift anymore and just the greater? I've been playing Expert - do I need to do Master for greater keystones to drop?Nyobee5 Jan 28
Jan 26 Were to go from here...... I am totally in love with the WD class, I started yesterday,now i am at level 51 finished the Campaign on HC normal(non season) I only play solo, i want to solo all there is if possible, What route should i take to gear my WD, from here i am lost at level 51 and this is my first characterjeroni3 Jan 26
Jan 26 Which build can keep up speed with a WW barb? My friend is playing a WW barb in the new season and I wanted to play a complementary class, but afraid I won't be able to keep up with him as he is spinning all over like a madman? Any ideas for builds that can keep up with him?Rhah3 Jan 26
Jan 25 Legendary powers question Are each specific power only found on a specific item type? Example "Attacks grant you an absorb shield for X% of your maximum life. Stacks up to 10 times." is it only found on weapons? Thanks.StoneRyno1 Jan 25
Jan 24 Secret or hidden levels? So I've finished the main story and dlc, checked out adventure mode and all that, but I can't really find anything else to do as I want some sort of better goal other than just getting stronger. I've read up and heard about the Vault portal, the Not a Cow Level whatever it's called and the Whymsieshire (probably butchered that) level for the ring, and I still have yet to do those, but I was wondering if there were any more of those levels or hidden challenges that I could do. Appreciate answers, thanks.Daethbringer13 Jan 24
Jan 23 Legendary Armour Won't Show Until at Merchant legendary items are not showing in inventory until i am at a merchant and in the sell window... then i can 'discover' the item and equip or salvage.Arduino2 Jan 23
Jan 21 LF PLVL Would any kind soul please power level my barbarian?Seto2 Jan 21
Jan 19 Hardcore/Seasonal Hard Mode I'm trying out D3 again since the release of Reaper of Souls. I'm playing hardcore/seasonal to make things interesting, but I can't seem to join existing parties. I always end up waiting 30 seconds, creating my own game, and playing solo (nobody joins). Is what I'm doing just not popular? Low player count?Smittywerben6 Jan 19
Jan 19 Need help Need help I've been playing off and on in diablo for a while, I need help improving my stats I don't know what I can do to do more damage, I'm currently on grift 90 and I just get 1 shot by everything. What are some good ways to improve my seasonal monks gear?AEhRon13 Jan 19
Jan 17 Two Handed v Duel-Wielding question I've noticed that a two-handed weapon will do significantly more damage than 2 one-handed weapons, even though the defensive qualities are much better when duel-wielding. i'm at paragon 146, and so far i'm not replacing items that reduce my damage output unless the defensive benefits are significant and my loss of damage is minimal. that's worked so far. so what i'm wondering is does there come a point where you have to give more love to your defensive stats at the expense of attack in order to progress through the torments and greater rifts? I've just completed a GR20 on torment 4 and am starting to notice that rift bosses are stronger.HoldMyBeer493 Jan 17
Jan 16 Profile Questions Thank you for reading my post. I have a few questions regarding linking my profile and seeing it. My profile is in the US as Moondragon#1548. I've seen people link their profiles on the forums, and I don't know where to go to link my personal profile. Is there a link I can go to whereby I can enter my personal profile to link it? Secondly, I've tried using an off-site system to see my character details (the D3Planner website) and import my profile there, but when I even do that, it says profile not found (yes, I've selected US and the profile name is correct, and I've tried #Moondragon1548 and Moondragon#1548, neither work). So, I'm beginning to think something was wrong in my account settings. Under "Profile Settings" in my account it says both are visible to the public. So, I'm a bit frustrated and hoping someone can give me a hand.Moondragon3 Jan 16
Jan 15 bought expansion only to not be allowed to enter darkening Adventure mode worked when I bought it during the holidays started a level 1 to try it out, had a good time on the high difficulty rift gameplay trying the necromancer. now it's locked. I don't have enough time to go clear campaign to access this, maybe next year right? Had a few hours blocked out to check out this event during its run, can't count on blizzard to respect a player's time now I guess. I hate having to be critical. Why can't games and devs just start respecting our time as players not just payers? why make this this way when the entire structure is encouraging you to come do it as level 1 for the full rewards and experience it was designed to be, then not allow the player to do so. really glad I bought this.Autolysis7 Jan 15
Jan 14 Urm what do i do with the Darkening of Tristam event First time I've seen this event, what kind of stuff do you get for it, how does it work?AndrejLeo1 Jan 14
Jan 13 Horadric Chest Info Could someone please direct me to information about Horadric Chest usage etc.TangoLima8 Jan 13
Jan 13 how to trade items? Anybody can tell me how to trade items in diablo 3 reaper of souls with other player?Melechesh30 Jan 13
Jan 13 Lost progress Hey everyone, yesterday I quit the game in a regular way (by clicking on exit diablo 3 lol) but turns out half of the progress that I did in my last session is gone although the exp. I gathered is still there? Game put me at least 6-7 quests back again. This is not the first time happening to me. Do I have to go through the same quests again? regards, diablo 3 noob.fightermafia2 Jan 13