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Oct 12 Acronyms - The Definitive List plus Definitions! I got tired of searching for acronyms all over the forums, so I created this ongoing, living post that I will be editing as I find new acronyms. Please feel free to comment if I've missed something or made some typos. It's a long list, but CTRL+F is your friend! Class and Stat Acronyms BARB - Barbarian DH - Demon Hunter CRU - Crusader (see also SADER) MONK - Monk SADER - Crusader WD - Witch Doctor WIZ - Wizard STR - Strength (primary stat for CRU and BARB) DEX - Dexterity (primary stat for DH and MONK) INT - Intelligence (primary stat for WIZ and WD) VIT - Vitality (stat for all classes) Game-Specific Acronyms 1H - 1-Handed Weapon 2h - 2-Handed Weapon AD - Additive Damage AH - Auction House (no longer exists in-game) APS - Attacks per Second AR - All Resist (see also RA) BIS - Best in Slot BLIZZ - Blizzard (Company) or Blizzard (WIZ spell) BoA - Bound on Account BoP - Bound on Pickup BUFF - Increase in stats or Increase in effectiveness (in patches) CC - Crowd Control or Critical Chance (see also CHC) CDR - Cooldown Reduction CHC - Critical Hit Chance CD - Critical Damage (see also CHD) or Cooldown CHD - Critical Hit Damage DM - Damage Multiplier DoT - Damage over Time DPS - Damage Per Second = AD x DM DW - Dual Weapon/Dual Wield EE - Exquisite Essence (Crafting material) EHP - Effective health pool EMP - Efficient Mana Points FoS - Feat of Strength GAH - Gold Auction House (no longer exists in-game) GF - Gold Find % GG - Godly gear/Good Game GRIFT - Greater Rift HC - Hardcore Mode HM - Health Multiplier IAS - Increased attack speed IT - Iridescent Tears (Crafting material) LOH - Life on Hit LOS - Line of Sight LAK - Life After Kill LS - Life Steal MF - Magic Find % MH - Main Hand MP(#) - Monster Power (LVL) MpK - Mana per Kill MR - Mana Regeneration NERF - Term used when the developers make something less effective. OH - Off Hand OOM - Out of Mana OP - Overpowered PL - Paragon Level PROC - Programmed Random Occurence PoR - Pool of Reflection PuR - Pick up Radius RA - Resist All (see also AR) RES - Resistance RoS - Reaper of Souls. This is the latest expansion. RMAH - Real Money Auction House (no longer exists in-game) RNG - Random Number Generator SC - Softcore Mode (normal mode) SnB - Sword and Board. Means Weapon and Shield (not necessarily a sword) SR - Single Resist TDPS - Total DPS TICK - Each time that the game checks for damage on a DoT spell/ability. XP - Experience Points Chat/Interwebs Specific Acronyms AFAIK - As Far As I Know AFK - Away From Keyboard BRB - Be Right Back BF - Boyfriend DIAF - Die In A Fire FML - *Screw* my life GF - Girlfriend IG - In-Game IIRC - If I Remember Correctly IMO - In My Opinion IMHO - In My Humble/Honest Opinion IRL - In Real Life ISO - In Search Of L2P - Learn to Play LF - Looking For LF#M - Looking for # More LFG - Looking For Group OP - Original Poster PST - Please Send Tell (/w *name*) PTR - Public Test Realm QFT - Quoted For Truth QQ - Quit. Sometimes incorrectly used as "crying eyes." RTFM - Read the F#@*%&g Manual SMH - Shaking My Head TBH - To Be Honest TLDR - Too Long, Didn't Read WTS - Want To Sell WTT - Want To TradeHulktopus20 Oct 12
Oct 1, 2016 [TIPS] RoS Followers (lvl.70) complete guide Introduction - A few things to know 1. Templar 1-1. Templar Stats 1-2. Templar Templates 2. Scoundrel 2-1. Scoundrel Stats 2-2. Scoundrel Templates 3. Enchantress 3-1. Enchantress Stats 3-2. Enchantress Templates 4. Legendary items (with followers proc) list 4.1. Weapons 4.1.a. One-Handed 4.1.a.1 Axes 4.1.a.2 Daggers 4.1.a.3 Maces 4.1.a.4 Swords 4.1.b. Two-Handed 4.1.b.1 Axes 4.1.b.2 Maces 4.1.b.3 Staves 4.1.b.4 Swords 4.1.b.5 Bows 4.1.b.6 Xbows 4.2. Shields 4.3. Jewelry 4.3.a. Amulets 4.3.b. Rings 4.4. Follower Special 4.4.a. Enchantress Focuses 4.4.b. Scoundrel Tokens 4.4.c. Templar Relics 5. Unity & Immortal follower combo 6. How do I gear my followers ? 6-1. Finding equipment 6-2. Enchanting 6-3. Gems 7. Ashera’s set. 8. So... Wich follower must i choose ? 9. LinksAshTag138 Oct 1, 2016
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5h Help picking either Necromancer or Wizard Hello everyone, I just picked up this game for PS4 a few days ago and am having trouble deciding between Necromancer or Wizard. I've played through the vanilla campaign back on PS3 before the expansion was even announced and had a lot of fun with it. Currently I'm trying out Necromancer and I'm loving the pets and Bone Spike skill. I had looked up guides on the best build for Necromancer and noticed that it revolves around a skill that needs corpses and a 2 minute cooldown. The only current reason I'm loving Necromancer is because of my army of skeletons and the ability to summon temporary skeleton minions while spamming generator attacks all over. So should I stick with Necromancer and see how the corpse lance spam build works once I'm able to use it, or should I just go Wizard now since my love of Necromancer comes from pet usage? Also, one thing to note, Witch Doctor is out of the question as I do not like it aesthetically and do not like the theme of voodoo magic. Usually I play a Summoner in FF14, Warlock in WoW, or a Conjuration Mage in Skyrim and also Summoner in Bravely Second and older Final Fantasy games.Renryuu5 5h
15h Returning player: gem of ease help? Okay after a long break I decided to start playing again. I went into my stash and found I had a gem of ease (level 25). So I grabbed some legendary and set (weapons) that have sockets out of the stash as well...and none of them accept the gem. I'm sure it's something simple but what am I forgetting? Thanks!Tiltowait2 15h
1d Returning player advise Hello all, I feel like a noob again as I'm a returning player. Could you all catch me up on where everyone is grinding, for example is it still about the rifts? what's the preferred torment level? or maybe just advise on where I should begin? ThanksTrigun2 1d
3d Events Hi - does anyone else have the problem where the events you complete aren't registering on the achievements check list? Just did 2 , checked to see what I had left, and they hadn't registered... Puzzled and frustrated.Ninaargh2 3d
4d Newish to D3 and looking for others to game with I started playing D3 about two years ago with an ex. Only about 100 hours game play, and almost always with him as he's been playing D3 for several years. I'd love to get better at the game, and would like to find others to game with.Kaysea11 4d
6d gift for oricrisblck ??? can someone please tell me who this is supposed to be, i keep find gifts in my monster loot and the only interaction i have is to send it. it's getting very annoying and i have looked and can't find it anywhere at all, , if someone knows could you tell me please!!wgridenour4 6d
6d Just got the game. Tips? I bought the game a couple of weeks ago but I have played through the story mode before on the Xbox 360 when the game was just released. Right now I'm playing as a Wizard and I just wanted some tips as a returning player. All I remember about the game when I played on console was playing through the Story mode, but that was a long time ago. What happens after we play through the story, basically?Zavinus8 6d
Sep 10 Need help Need help I've been playing off and on in diablo for a while, I need help improving my stats I don't know what I can do to do more damage, I'm currently on grift 90 and I just get 1 shot by everything. What are some good ways to improve my seasonal monks gear?AEhRon6 Sep 10
Sep 10 New Player - First Season! Got the game - D3 - loving it! The grid is real! Live for the grind and had lost it so grateful to find a griding loot game! First season ever - doing Crusader. Am maybe able to push GR 50 something. Only ancient is weapon and boots. Farming now for my 2nd unity ring then can set up my Templar to help me survive. The ancient drop rate is a tough one. And to use the cube is a ton of bounty. But guess that is only way to get more DPS =) Am just posting to say eh! Love the game! Will be here FOREVER as long as the grind doesn't disappear and it becomes a casual game where you get all you can in a weekend!CanadaGuyEh3 Sep 10
Sep 9 Bone Wings/Osseous Grasp Wings Is there any type of wings left besides Falcon for xbox 1 patch 2.5 season 10? I can't believe they would take the bone wings out of the game; who is making these types of @$@%^#^&*$%%@#%#@!# decisions: and I say that with lots of love....Dereisendrac5 Sep 9
Sep 9 Newbie stalling at GR 62, help appreciated Hi, Gray haired newbie here. Played first version many moons ago, but recently decided to restart. I picked a DH, and went with the Natalya build as described by Icy-Vein. I've now played to Paragon level 525 or so, and hit a wall at GR level 62. When you experts look at my current character, does anything stand out as needed improvement to help me solo 70? TIAMirror12 Sep 9
Sep 9 Getting Spare Legendary Gems Now, I know that a player can move a Legendary Gem over to an alternate character (not in Shared Stash) in the same game mode, and then it will drop again (Rank 0) off of a Rift Guardian. However, I'm only playing a single Hardcore character, and I'm wanting to figure out a way to get extra Legendary Gems of the same type to level up as spares in case of perma-death. If you temporarily sell a gem to a vendor before running a GR, would it still count as "owned" when you kill a GR boss? How about just dropping it on the ground before entering the GR and picking it up again afterwards? Yes, I know both ways can result in losing the original gem if the game session disconnects, but I'm not sure how else I could do it with just a single character.Cobaltus11 Sep 9
Sep 8 Smallest 2H Sword pool? Looking for a Blade of Prophecy but can't seem to make it drop on my crusader. It has too many sword options. Does anyone know if there is another class with a smaller 2H sword pool that has a chance of dropping of the Blade of Prophecy? I did the same thing with The Furnace using a Witch Doctor and got great results.KingKoopaTho11 Sep 8
Sep 8 Is solo play viable? What is the difference between solo and group play? Do solo players miss out on large chunks of experience? Is solo viewed as a "lesser" game experience? ThanksAltranova11 Sep 8
Sep 7 Do Horadric Chest carry over after the season ends? Do Horadric Chest carry over after the season ends? I'd like to help my non-season characters with gear and thought this may be a decent way if they carry over I'd store 100 or so in my stash.SilentFury3 Sep 7
Sep 5 Incompetence while making decisions I bougth/got the RoS dlc and whit it Adventure mode Now i cant decide what char i make for adventure I cant decide bwtween Crusader and demon huntter. Iw red that demon huntter is quite the Power house but nigth be boring And crusader whit a build is a tank but thanks are slow and such. So im asking Wich class shud i pick for my upcoming adventures. Apologies for this quite pointles thread. Cant wrait to play whit ye peepssavoteemu8 Sep 5
Sep 4 Recommended graphic settings for Mac I own a Macbook Pro Retina 13" 2015 with the following stats Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB When I opened the game for the first time I set everything to OFF or LOW, the framerate is perfect as is, but the avatars look like paper origami. What settings and resolution do you recommend? I'm looking for something that balances graphic quality and framerate (I play on fullscreen)Lumen7 Sep 4
Aug 29 General confusion bout Pet goblin Hello and Apologies for making a Pet post i bet theres quite few of thees. But what i know is This The loot goblini that drop pets is only found In adventure Mode. Wich is exclusive to reapper of souls expancion Wich i do not own. And theres some pets that are found/treasure huntted In acts 1-4 And what allso confused me is Can i acces adventure Mode (whit out RoS) thru season toon?savoteemu5 Aug 29
Aug 28 Can we only get 1 class set per season? I completed chapters 1-4 on a monk and got the 6 pieces of Uliana's gear. Later I made a DH, got to 70, then checked the list and found that chapters 1-4 were all listed as completed. The Season Journey page says Natalya's Vengeance "has been added to my Collection", but when I look in my Collection there's nothing there. No armor sets of any kind. So, are the other sets available or not?Moggy10 Aug 28
Aug 27 Do pets pick up gold? Was having a conversation with someone, told him I had a pet but didn't use it. He said - why? They pick up gold for you. I cannot find anywhere where it says this.Trimethicon7 Aug 27
Aug 27 combining gems in vanilla So I bought this game at release but haven't played since then. Since RoS came out you need a deaths breath to upgrade the artisan to combine gems beyond star. So if I don't buy RoS i can't upgrade gems? Hopefully I am missing somethingZakarum1 Aug 27
Aug 27 How to craft the old HellFire Ring? So if I'm reading the Wiki right, to get the mats for it I need to do the infernal machine thing, but between levels 60 and 69. But it has to be done at difficulty T1+. Well my problem is that because at T1 the drop rate isn't guaranteed, I end up out-leveling the level requirements before I can even get the ring crafted! So is there a better way to get it?KBoogle18 Aug 27
Aug 27 Hi guys, help a newbie please. So I have played here and there this game but up until recently I have been playing a lot of it. I come from WoW, been playing wow since 2009 because of that I'm a bit confused. I'm WoW you know what you need to do to get upgrades, run dungeons, hope for better gear, pray to rngesus to get titanforged and all that stuff. But in Diablo, I have no idea, I already have the season set, and yesterday I did the dungeon and mastered it, thinking it could give me upgrades but I'm stuck. I can run Torment VII without issues, I think that Necros are really OP but, god forbid a mob hits me, I'm usually dead in one hit if rift guardian or 3-4 hits if regular mob, don't know how to increase my health, health Regen, DPS, I'm just stuck. Not really sure where to go or what to do from where I am at right now.Efrapp2 Aug 27
Aug 24 Guide on How to Farm _______! (fill in the blank) From set pieces to weapons to jewellery, every build has its required pieces. And this guide will hopefully help you get your first version. There are tricks to upgrading your pieces into the very best it can be, but if you're just starting to build, then any version will often do. This guide will require you to have the Reaper of Souls expansion pack, and you should already be levelled to 70 and working on Paragon. First, you will want to be in adventure mode. If you are playing a season, then you can just jump right in. Obviously, Seasonal characters can get a free set for completing the first four chapters of the season journey (I'm not covering this). But if the free set that season isn't what you want, you still need supporting pieces, or you got a free set, and this is a second character, then this information is more than valid. If you are playing Non Season, then at least one of your characters must have completed the campaign. And Non-Season doesn't get a free set, so farming is your way to victory! Second, you will need to collect the cube for Zoltan Kule. More information than you need here: Next. Know what you want. Beginners can look at a build online and try to duplicate that. I personally like however, there are many good websites out there. Also, don't just know the set, but also the accompany legendary pieces, and the cubed items as well. Since you're farming a build you may get a natural drop on a belt while you're concentrating on bracers. You never know. You will want to run regular Rifts (yellow) at as high of a difficulty as you can reasonably do in 5-8 minutes. At a minimum of Torment 1. If you are just starting out, I would recommend picking everything up for the crafting materials, however, that will likely also increase your time up to 10 minutes per rift. What you are trying to get are Death's Breaths, Forgotten Souls (from salvaging any legendary items you aren't going to use), and blood shards. It is possible to get legendary items form any enemy, chest, or breakable in the game, but you are most likely to get them from Elites, Champions, and Rift Guardians (RG). You get Deaths Breaths from Elites, Champions and RGs. You will get Blood Shards from RG only. When you are finished the rift, spend your Blood Shards on the item you want from Kadala. Most of these items will just be rare (yellow) items, but occasionally you can get a legendary or set piece directly. Then take your yellow pieces to the Zoltan Kule to use the cube. Use the Hope of Cain recipe to Upgrade Rare items into a legendary or set piece. It will cost you Deaths Breaths and materials from your salvaged Normal, Magical, and Rare pieces. Upgrade as many as you have materials for. Some slots have specific sub-sets. For example, If you were a wizard and wanted the Wand of Woh, you would spend at Kadala on 1-handed weapons. But if you're upgrading rare items at the cube, only a rare wand will ever have a chance of being a legendary wand like the Wand of Woh. Any other 1-handed weapons would be a waste. It is for this reason, if trying to get legendary weapons and off hand items, it often better to craft a rare lvl 70 item at the blacksmith, and upgrade those, instead of gambling blood shards. Thankfully, most of the armor won't matter, as shoulders are shoulders, and gloves are gloves, etc. When you are out of materials, go the blacksmith and salvage anything you don't need. Including useless legendary items you just got from the cube. Since items are easily farmed, I wouldn't worry much about pieces you don't need unless they are ancient. And then run another rift collecting every Deaths Breath and legendary and other needed materials you find. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. At times you will have a natural drop of a set piece. And RNG does not always favour you and give you a set piece you already have. But, don't throw that away. Compare the two pieces and take the lesser piece to the cube and use Skill of Nilfur to convert a set item. This will change the set item to another piece from the same set. But if you read the fine print you will notice that it does not work on sets of 2. So basically the jewellery-only set items don't work with this recipe. Also, when it says you will not get the same piece, what they mean is gloves will not be gloves. Gloves can turn into shoulders. And on a second attempt, those shoulders could turn back into gloves. But eventually, it will be a piece you need. Each attempt will cost you Deaths Breaths and Forgotten Souls. And that is it. It is that simple, but RNG makes it a grind. Which is kind of the point in a game like this. I would like to remind you, this guide does not tell how to improve an item. Which is why I didn't touch on bounties and special Cache materials. That's another guide for another player to write. But every season, I always hunt out my first of each gear for the build I want to play, and then worry about getting those pieces to be the best they can be. I hope this helps. Happy Hunting. and anytime someone asks how to farm their equipment, feel free to link back to this thread Edits will be made based on feedback as necessarystorytime4214 Aug 24
Aug 24 Online Kill Counts & Deleting Characters? On one's online profile, it shows the counts of Total Kills and Elite Kills. Do those totals only include the characters you currently have? Or would the counts stay as they are even if you deleted one or more characters (or even all) that had contributed to those totals? I tried testing it with an older character that only had a few elite kills, and the overall kill counts went up after I deleted him, so that didn't answer my question. (I checked the counts both before and after deleting him.)Cobaltus2 Aug 24
Aug 23 SEASONAL QUEST Hi. I have started playing on seasonal hero WD (I played seasonal for the first time, I'm kind of new to this game) and I completed 3 journeys, but I cant complete the 4th one because I have to beat greater rift (SOLO) on difficulty 20 before time expires... I am only lvl 70 and paragon 50 so I cant do this quest solo. What should I do to beat it ? Most of enemies 2 shot kill me in that rift... It wouldnt be hard if you could play with others.cynicaal1 Aug 23
Aug 23 New player with plenty of questions! Hello there! So I've just bought the diablo battle chast and I'm really enjoying it so far. But I have a lot of questions, some that I can't even come up with right now. That's why it would be cool to have someone as a friend who I can ask questions whenever I have one. I'd really like to get into this game. It'd really appreciate it!Joppe4 Aug 23
Aug 23 D3D D3D won't work help me pleasejamesseay1 Aug 23
Aug 22 Newbies next steps. Hello everyone, So as the title states I'm super new. As in I've never played before - tried the free to play stuff, bought the game/RoS/Necro set and I've just finished my first story campaign play though all in two days. I'm level 58 now and have access to the Nephilim rifts and adventure mode. That being said what's my next best move? Do bounties until 70? Join a clan? level up all my trade skill people? Any help from the vets on this topic would be fantastic. Thank you in advance.Longpaw3 Aug 22
Aug 21 Kanai's Cube I was just wondering. Can a person get Kanai's Cube in campaign mode? I was just wondering because I have base D3 and not RoS. If RoS is needed Just let me know. Any help would be appreciated!MisterP4 Aug 21
Aug 21 Season 14: Greater Rift Level 20 Team, Newbie here to the seasonal portion of the game. I have collected some greater rift stones and went in to play the rift. I am beating the time-frame for completion, but I never advance past level 13. My paragon levels are increasing (129 currently). What am I doing wrong?NIGHTSTALKER1 Aug 21
Aug 20 How to Run Split Bounties? The pace at which I can farm bounty mats for reforging solo is pretty slow, so I've thought about speeding things up by joining some bounty-farming groups. How exactly do those work? Do people just pick bounties randomly, or are they assigned by a group leader of some kind? Does everyone completely clear one act before moving to another, or do people typically knock out all five acts in a session at the same time? Is it necessary to call out every single goblin or just Bandit Shrines and certain types (ex., Rainbow Goblins)? Is everyone in a group expected to use voice chat? (I don't use it.) Are there things you should always do in a bounty group or never do? Is it considered rude to accept bounty caches even if you joined the group right before the act was completed? Are people in these runs generally patient and helpful or generally jerks? If they're jerks, I might just stick to solo farming. Thanks in advance for any info.Cobaltus2 Aug 20
Aug 20 Ability active? Hi !!! i'm not sure if the redlined ability is active or not, please take a look at this screenshot: If not how to activate it?MadGrax2 Aug 20
Aug 19 diablo 3 falling star standard edition i have the standard edition of diablo i been playing for a day now and only solo how do i get to go to playing with other players its so very confusing like warcraft theres so many kinds of editions i see 4 types of diablo editions starter standard and deluxe i have standard ed so what one do i need to buy (AGAIN) to get to play with other players ?????? and what do i get to do in standard edition because i am guessing in standard edition you only get to play solo thank youByCrikey23 Aug 19
Aug 14 will it unlock adventure mode in normal? Hello, i am pretty new to the game.. I started in seasonal mode, i have a lvl 70 demon hunter with the shadow impale and with the marauder multishot sets. So because i started with seasonal mode and jumped right into rifts, i haven't unlocked adventure mode in normal. My question is, if i finish campaign on my seasonal lvl70 DH, will it unlock normal adventure mode, or do i have to do it in normal campaign? Thanks in advance! :)freezy1 Aug 14
Aug 13 Haedrig's Gift Redeeming Hi there, This is my first season back in a long time (before nephalem rifts were a thing). I didn't claim the Haedrig's Gift reward from completing Chapter 2 and 3 a month or so ago (past the 30 day expiry that I've now found out exists). Is there any way to claim these gifts now? That was my main goal this season, I just hadn't decided which set to take til now (which I hope isn't too late). Any help would be greatly appreciated! SpoofSpoofBomb3 Aug 13
Aug 13 This name contains restricted or inappropriate words I'm trying to name my character "Viola". Please explain why I can't do this.KSib6 Aug 13
Aug 12 New to Diablo Looking for people to complete acts withPho2 Aug 12
Aug 11 Can i transfer item between two characters Hi, i want to creat a male barbarian char, lvl to 60 and transfer all item female barbarian. Can i do it? thanks.DHTffffff28 Aug 11
Aug 11 Certain Keys not Dropping (Solution) For the last week or so I started farming the keywardens for the keys to make the infernal machines. I was playing in adventure mode and moving from area to area and killing each one on T1. I was having pretty good success and within a couple of days had 4 each of the keys from Act 1, Act 3, and Act 4. Problem was, the Act 2 keywarden was NOT dropping any keys whatsoever. I had even quit running the other 3 and just focused on Sokhar exclusively and probably ran him at least 150-200 times over the last couple of days and still not a single key. In the meantime i was searching all over for anyone else having this issue or possible solutions but nothing was coming up anywhere. This morning, I was still searching around and again, most all the information regarding keywardens and keys dates to pre ROS. As I was sifting through some of this info, it hit me that in ROS the keys had changed names from Destruction to Bones, Hate to Gluttony, Terror to War, and the Evil Key was added. Now, for the solution to the problem: In the days before ROS was released, while playing the 2.0 update I had found a Key of Hate and stuck it in my stash. This morning, I DELETED (By selling it to a vendor just to get rid of it) that Key of Hate, and immediately after that, Sokhar started dropping the Gluttony keys. In 10 runs, 6 keys dropped from him. This may have been common knowledge for alot of people but nowhere did I find a post or any mention that having an old item from a previous version could block a new version of the item from dropping. I have also noticed several posts lately of people having problems with other items (ie some crafting mats) that should be dropping regularly and for some reason they are not getting them but others are. Could having and "old" version of the item also block the drop of the new version? Sure did with the keys!!!UriahHeep23 Aug 11
Aug 10 Gloves of Worship not working in GRs I cubed the Gloves of worship and have them in the armor slot, but for some reason the secondary effect does not work in the Greater Rift. Is this a bug or unique to the Greater Rifts? And if so, why?Fmr4rm36uy3 Aug 10
Aug 9 rush me pls i want help for max leveling in saison or normal add me if you want mysweaty#1128MySweaty1 Aug 9
Aug 6 How to read set dungeon tome??? I have six pieces of a set, I went to Leoric's library, I got the tome (or a page thereof), and ... I can't read it. It just sits in my inventory. I've searched online but everywhere it just says " the page and follow the clue..." But HOW do I read the page??Ulysses3i5 Aug 6
Aug 6 Rerolling heroes during the seasonal. Good evening. Are you able to reroll your hero, and claim the HG set even though the previous hero completed all 4 chapters? Thank you.BloodRavenGZ1 Aug 6
Aug 4 UE Multishot DH -- What to optimize first? Character: After following several guides I am finally in a position where I can comfortably farm TX, and I've also done a GR70 now. However, TXIII is still giving me a lot of trouble, especially the damage the enemies dish out. Considering my current setup, what should I focus on first on my push to TXIII?ZeeD6 Aug 4
Aug 1 Kanai Cub nstructions Kanai Cube is a PITA. We need a set of simple operating instructions. What exactly do I do after I move the orange sentence to the list of powers. How do I then send the power to another weapon?. Please make the instruction very simple. I have yet to see anything that somehow does not gloss over this instruction. 2nd question, I somehow got a peace of armor stuck in the cubes armor slot and cannot find a way to remove it. I need very simple instruction, like push button a, then push button c, then push button d. Thanks.Truthseeker3 Aug 1
Jul 29 Looking for tips to a new Support Barb player Hello, I started gearing my barb. Should I use the Support Barb guide on Icy Veins? I would also appreciate if I could get any tips towards how I should play.FroomShoots4 Jul 29