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Apr 24 Acronyms - The Definitive List plus Definitions! I got tired of searching for acronyms all over the forums, so I created this ongoing, living post that I will be editing as I find new acronyms. Please feel free to comment if I've missed something or made some typos. It's a long list, but CTRL+F is your friend! Class and Stat Acronyms BARB - Barbarian DH - Demon Hunter CRU - Crusader (see also SADER) MONK - Monk SADER - Crusader WD - Witch Doctor WIZ - Wizard STR - Strength (primary stat for CRU and BARB) DEX - Dexterity (primary stat for DH and MONK) INT - Intelligence (primary stat for WIZ and WD) VIT - Vitality (stat for all classes) Game-Specific Acronyms 1H - 1-Handed Weapon 2h - 2-Handed Weapon AD - Additive Damage AH - Auction House (no longer exists in-game) APS - Attacks per Second AR - All Resist (see also RA) BIS - Best in Slot BLIZZ - Blizzard (Company) or Blizzard (WIZ spell) BoA - Bound on Account BoP - Bound on Pickup BUFF - Increase in stats or Increase in effectiveness (in patches) CC - Crowd Control or Critical Chance (see also CHC) CDR - Cooldown Reduction CHC - Critical Hit Chance CD - Critical Damage (see also CHD) or Cooldown CHD - Critical Hit Damage DM - Damage Multiplier DoT - Damage over Time DPS - Damage Per Second = AD x DM DW - Dual Weapon/Dual Wield EE - Exquisite Essence (Crafting material) EHP - Effective health pool EMP - Efficient Mana Points FoS - Feat of Strength GAH - Gold Auction House (no longer exists in-game) GF - Gold Find % GG - Godly gear/Good Game GRIFT - Greater Rift HC - Hardcore Mode HM - Health Multiplier IAS - Increased attack speed IT - Iridescent Tears (Crafting material) LOH - Life on Hit LOS - Line of Sight LAK - Life After Kill LS - Life Steal MF - Magic Find % MH - Main Hand MP(#) - Monster Power (LVL) MpK - Mana per Kill MR - Mana Regeneration NERF - Term used when the developers make something less effective. OH - Off Hand OOM - Out of Mana OP - Overpowered PL - Paragon Level PROC - Programmed Random Occurence PoR - Pool of Reflection PuR - Pick up Radius RA - Resist All (see also AR) RES - Resistance RoS - Reaper of Souls. This is the latest expansion. RMAH - Real Money Auction House (no longer exists in-game) RNG - Random Number Generator SC - Softcore Mode (normal mode) SnB - Sword and Board. Means Weapon and Shield (not necessarily a sword) SR - Single Resist TDPS - Total DPS TICK - Each time that the game checks for damage on a DoT spell/ability. XP - Experience Points Chat/Interwebs Specific Acronyms AFAIK - As Far As I Know AFK - Away From Keyboard BRB - Be Right Back BF - Boyfriend DIAF - Die In A Fire FML - *Screw* my life GF - Girlfriend IG - In-Game IIRC - If I Remember Correctly IMO - In My Opinion IMHO - In My Humble/Honest Opinion IRL - In Real Life ISO - In Search Of L2P - Learn to Play LF - Looking For LF#M - Looking for # More LFG - Looking For Group OP - Original Poster PST - Please Send Tell (/w *name*) PTR - Public Test Realm QFT - Quoted For Truth QQ - Quit. Sometimes incorrectly used as "crying eyes." RTFM - Read the F#@*%&g Manual SMH - Shaking My Head TBH - To Be Honest TLDR - Too Long, Didn't Read WTS - Want To Sell WTT - Want To TradeHulktopus19 Apr 24
Oct 1 [TIPS] RoS Followers (lvl.70) complete guide Introduction - A few things to know 1. Templar 1-1. Templar Stats 1-2. Templar Templates 2. Scoundrel 2-1. Scoundrel Stats 2-2. Scoundrel Templates 3. Enchantress 3-1. Enchantress Stats 3-2. Enchantress Templates 4. Legendary items (with followers proc) list 4.1. Weapons 4.1.a. One-Handed 4.1.a.1 Axes 4.1.a.2 Daggers 4.1.a.3 Maces 4.1.a.4 Swords 4.1.b. Two-Handed 4.1.b.1 Axes 4.1.b.2 Maces 4.1.b.3 Staves 4.1.b.4 Swords 4.1.b.5 Bows 4.1.b.6 Xbows 4.2. Shields 4.3. Jewelry 4.3.a. Amulets 4.3.b. Rings 4.4. Follower Special 4.4.a. Enchantress Focuses 4.4.b. Scoundrel Tokens 4.4.c. Templar Relics 5. Unity & Immortal follower combo 6. How do I gear my followers ? 6-1. Finding equipment 6-2. Enchanting 6-3. Gems 7. Ashera’s set. 8. So... Wich follower must i choose ? 9. LinksAshTag138 Oct 1
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17m How to get Wizardspike dagger on a seasonal DH? Hello, I'm new to D3 for S11 and have only played Demon Hunter. I was wondering how I go about getting the Wizardspike dagger (want to use it as a transmog) while playing my new DH. What are my options for getting this since I've been reading it is a class-specific drop for Wizards? If I started a S11 Wizard and had it drop, would it unlock it as a transmog for my S11 DH or are multiple seasonal characters basically all separated (i.e. stash, transmogs, etc.)? If they're all separated, would a non-seasonal Wizard work? What minimum level would be required for it to drop on the new Wizard (it looks like it says minimum level 60 - so does it only begin dropping at 60)? Is there a way to trade something with a Wizard while on my DH and in a party with a Wizard? For example, if I was to have a Wizard in a Rift or Bounty party, is there a way to trade something I would have of value (what would I have of value? Are opening Puzzle Ring portals valued as trades?)Nyrix1 17m
5h New player looking for people to play with. If any newer players or experienced ones would like to party up and grind together feel free to add my battletag. ShayneKropf#1359 Thanks everyone :)ShayneKropf1 5h
5h Looking for a rush to 70 Just recently started playing on the PC. Been playing on the x1 for a few months and I think I'd rather play on my pc. Looking for friends to play with. Was wondering if I can get a rush to level 70. I'll be on pretty much all night.TDKING230 5h
1d Help in general with the game Hi there ! I came back after 2 years and I have some questions about the game in general. I like a lot this game. I like the gameplay, I like the spells, I like the maps, I like Diablo 3 as an ARPG game. The problem is that to level up, to find sets that suit you and are strong too, and other things like these, require a lot time and it is something that doesn't help me a lot. I mean that I want to be strong in this game and I know the way to do it . Watch videos, read builds, read the patches, make friends that know more than me etc. But all these things require many hours from me and I am not willing to spend these hours for the game. For example, I must spend time to find new item sets. I must find time to change the stats from the items. I must find time to farm the materials to change the stats. I must find time to farm some weapons or rings that are rarely dropped ( and store those items which have the right stats... ) . I must find time to upgrade my gems. I must find time for the Kanai's tube. :DDD Seriously, there are so many things that I have to make, all of us actually, to become stronger in this game and be able to solo 100+ grifts. This is my problem that I can't spend so much time to do this, but on the other hand, I like the game :D and I don't want to stop playing because of these circumstances. Thats why I wrote this topic, because I want to ask people who have spent a serious time in this game and know the game more than me, if I am right. Maybe there is an other way to become stronger in this game. Maybe there are some '' walkthroughs '' that dont require so much time. For example, some builds that are strong for 50-60 grifts ( or higher, I have no idea ) and can help me to find more items on my way. Thanks for your patience .KostasLaf1 1d
1d Multiple heroes in a Season? Noobish question: Given that you only get one set of rewards, is there any real point in making more than one hero for a given season? Assuming that the first hero you made didn't die in hardcore or something, of course.Sidebernie8 1d
1d Torment Run Help. If anyone could run me through some torments i would really appreciate it. I don't know if i'm able to trade coins or anything like that but i'm just looking for some help. I only have the original expansion, no Reaper of Souls. Battletag: ShayneKropf#1359 Thanks for reading.ShayneKropf1 1d
2d Veteran player looking for New people to play with If there are any new players or old players please add me. I am looking for people to play with. I can help you gear and level gems.LegoConvoy1 2d
2d So playing campaign for first time. Been playing only a couple of days. I am having a blast so far but was looking for some advice. I always like spellslingers so went with a wizzie. In Act IV. Playing on Hard difficulty. Level 51. Most gear is Rare and have a couple Legendaries. Oddly enough it seems that having a two-hander consistently gives better stats and damage than going with a main hand plus off hand. Even when the 1H + off hand are higher level Legendaries, a lower level rare 2H is better. Not sure if that's intended but my wizard ran around with the Butcher's Axe, then a generic rare hammer and at level 44 swapped to a 2H Legendary sword (forget the name but it has a nice blood effect). No socket though so I'll have to swap soon. Went with elemental resist gems and a ruby in the weapon. Helm slot tends to vary because I have the Broken Crown with the 'get an extra gem' property. Skills. Started with Magic Missile, once Electrocute came up I really like the near auto-aiming and multi-targeting effects. Frost Nova + Cold Snap, just swapped to Bone Chill. Ice Armor + Chill. Archon + nothing at the moment. Passives: Paralyze Prodigy Cold-Blooded Companion. Started with the Templar and then switched to the Enchantress cause she has more control effects and damage. Plus she can use a lot more of my hand me downs. Doing okay so far but was wondering what advice you folks may have. For example I didn't know which crafter to level up...after spending a bunch early on and playing...seems that Shen the Jeweler gives more bang for the buck. The blacksmith and mystic are just too random and a $ sink. Maybe that's not how it works later but so far I have not had them make an item or produce a property I can use. So any basic tips or advice? Thanks and happy slayage!Tiltowait3 2d
2d Need help with amulets I am trying to figure out damage but just need a little help. I have two identical amulets just one is Ancient but I am not really sure that it is the better choice. First one: Traveler's Pledge Ancient +974 Intelligence +870 Vitality Crit Ht Dam 100% +180 Arcane Res +10792 Life per Kill Socket Second: Traveler's Pledge +732 Intelligence Crt Ht Dam 51% Crt Ht Ch 10% +160 Phys Res Reduce Cont Imp Eff 31% Socket To me I see that they both have 6 properties and while the Ancient does have higher Intelligence and pretty much double the Critical Hit Damage it does not have the Critical Hit Chance that the other one does. I used the Mystic to get the Socket on both. Would it be worth it to give up a socket and a Gem for Critical Hit Chance on the Ancient? I could re-roll a possible Crt Ht Ch of 10%. But once again I would have to give up a Socket and a Legendary Gem.Elrik1382 2d
2d Season Progression? I have just finished the chapters for Season 11 on a Which Doctor. It was really fun and I was able to claim the rewards as noted. However, I decided to try it again with a new Season character and it started the character as level 1 but onto the Slayer tasks. I thought I would be able to redo the Season 11 chapters on a different character (barbarian) for the different armor set. Is this correct? Am I able to attain the Season 11 armor set for multiple characters or just one per season? Thanks for your time and help.BigInJapan5 2d
2d Need Helping Leveling My New Necromancer to Lvl 70 Plz! Could someone help me level to 70? Any help would be totally appreciated! :) I just got to level 20 and would love someone to get me to 70 real quick! :)Computer1 2d
3d Who uses Polearms? I've almost completed this season with a friend. We still don't know who uses polearms, so we just scrap it. Neither of us can use it. I'm a wizard and he's a necromancer. It does not say it is class bound.tkensei5 3d
5d Trading Questions Just kinda noticed some trading chat groups and people selling stuff online but, I am sort of confused as all items I have are marked "Account Bound". So how can you trade anything? I was not looking at buying anything online just more so interested in trading.Elrik1383 5d
5d Fun endgame builds for WD, Monk and Crusader? I play a M6 DH as my main but I also have a Bone Storm Necro, a Tal Rasha Meteor build Wizard and Whirlwind Barb I enjoy but I've not found any builds yet on the other classes that I liked. So I'm wondering what are generally considered to be fun builds for the WD, Monk and Crusader at T13 and higher GRs? I don't care about the leaderboards, as long as it can do T13 now or will do T13 in 2.6.1 and isn't an un-fun build like Trag'ouls I'm happy to try it.Dreden1 5d
Sep 16 Can reforging legendaries turn them ancient? Hey there back after a long time and just now starting to use kanaii's cube. I see on the website that reforging legendaries using the cube could term them ancient but in game it says it cannot turn them ancient. So before I start farming a ton of bounties for mats I wanted to confirm which it was.Pwentt2 Sep 16
Sep 15 Best class for GR 75 I am looking for some input. I am having a hard time getting to GR level 75. I was able to hit 70 with the Inarius build on the necromancer, but just barely made it. I have been experimenting with other classes like the crusader trying to find one I like for getting into these higher levels. My issue is that even the regular mobs can often 1 shot me. Is there a class/build that is actually able to take a hit or is this simply a function of how the game should work?JohnTravolta6 Sep 15
Sep 15 Crusader with rift questions Hello everyone, I took a long break from the game but I am back playing with a few close friends of mine and we are doing some rifts and greater rifts to get me caught up. The problem I am running into is that I feel like I don't stand a chance at all. I have googled builds on Icyveins and various other websites but I feel as if I need the gear to be able to pull most of those off. For example I tried to blessed hammer and fall from the skies build and I was almost always out of wrath. I only had two set pieces of the light but still. Right now I am working on Akkhan and just need the boots to have the 6 piece bonus set. Can anyone please give me some pointers as to what I am missing out on? I don't think a trash monster should just be able to come up and 1 or 2 shot me. All help is welcomed I know it's stupid noobish questions to ask but I just want to be able to contribute to the group and actually play. I get I have nothing socketed yet gem wise because I wasn't fully sure what to get since I see so many different builds. My gear looks good for the most part, missing premium sword and shield but I have quite a few of the mainstays. We usually play on Torment 13+ did a GR 75 last night and they carried the entire way of course. I've done a T1 and T2 on my own and been fine. Again any help, build, paragon priority, rotation so I don't blow all my wrath. I've read a lot. I just would like to know what some people actually are playing now, not year old threads that are dead.  Thanks!Duke422 Sep 15
Sep 13 Original Characters / PTR Characters I have simple question that I cannot find the answer to. I have never played PTR before. Please don't answer like a little child. Thanks in advance. If I transfer my live characters into PTR, what happens to the original characters that were in the live version? Are they gone? Or do they simply create a copy of them in PTR and the originals are safe and sound in the state they were in when I copied them? The reason I am asking is because I understand that PTR characters are deleted after PTR is over and I do not want to lose my original characters. Thank you for any assistance.Oct8vious3 Sep 13
Sep 12 Only have greater rift max 15 level ? need do solo for my seasonal quests in level 20 can anyone say how can i do this ?serdaralman4 Sep 12
Sep 12 How do I kill Malthael? Hi I need help!!! Plz!! I've played for a while now and are at normal lvl 59 Demon Hunter and got Malthael... I can't even get started to killing him. I die in 2sec. I've read different threads and from what I can gather I need to be over lvl 70 at least. If so, how do I lvl up? Is there a way to do like you did in Diablo1 and just restart the game? Or do I go past Malthael, lvl up and go back? Then how do I go back? Im lost :( Also no seem to have killed him as a Demon Hunter... And almost everyone have lowered their difficulty. I can't do that since I'm already on normal difficulty. I would love someone to help me! I would be so thankful! I do have other questions as well about the game. So a Diablo3 friend to chat with would be grate :D If you are swedish it's a big plus but not necessary :) Sincerely BodilAmethystMoya13 Sep 12
Sep 11 Help with this cube I am a returning player and I am just starting to play the new Adventure mode. I noticed a lot of guides referring to a Kanai's cube. I was curious on what that is, how to get it, and why everyone is referring to it. I've gathered that it upgrades things but everything I've read really confuses me. Thanks!Scroog865 Sep 11
Sep 10 HC ACHIEVEMENT WARRIOR MARCH -2.6 VERSION BUG The fallen Cerberus, the fallen soldiers, fallen grunt, fallen overlord, fallen slave owners, fallen fierce dog, sinking to call evil teacher, fallen toil. 2.6 version, the above 8 can not find how to find, trouble repair.是與非3 Sep 10
Sep 9 Season Rewards I have completed the 4 chapters on my own with a seasonal hero but not even 1 chapter appears as completed and it doesnt seems like I will get the rewards soon. What should I do?TheRandom3225 Sep 9
Sep 7 Looking for gearing help... Returning player looking for some gearing help. US softcore season. I'll gladly return the favor once I get my DH geared up in shadow set. Volc78#1777. Thanks.Volc780 Sep 7
Sep 6 Keep Joining the Same Lobby Every Search Every time I try to join a group that has 30+ joinable games it keeps sticking me in the same one every time. Is there no way to join others? Seems really annoying especially when it only has one person in it.gibsonfan3 Sep 6
Sep 6 Wreath of Lightning never procs? I have a wizard set up in a bunch of lightning dmg+ gear and found this gem and slotted it to a ring but it never procs, can you not proc on hit effects with spells or something? :(Lucky2 Sep 6
Sep 5 New player looking for someone to play with hey i bought the game yesterday and thought to make some friends on it my discord DarthS#1911 my skype DarthSelDarthSel4 Sep 5
Sep 5 Lf people to play with Hello, recently got back into the game and looking for some help in fame since I have no one to really play with. Doing season lvl 47 dhTadel2 Sep 5
Sep 4 Items/cube after the Season ends? Im not new to D, but new to how seasons work. What happens to the items after the season ends? I read someplace items are mailed to you. What about what the characters are carrying? And finally what about the items in the Cube... is that carried over as well? Or better yet should we not care since a new Season will be starting and you'll be starting all over?ioz1 Sep 4
Sep 4 How do you build a wizard? Hi everyone. I have recently just finished campaign and in the midst of trying to complete the tal rasha set. I have been doing gr10 and 11 but have noticed that my clear speed is really slow (almost 10mins). Farming torment 1 takes a really long time too. Can someone please give me tips on how to be a better wizard?Dennos694 Sep 4
Sep 4 What about us who don't own Reaper of Souls? I just got my Monk to lvl 60, and I find that no one is in the servers for any of the high lvl 60 difficulties, and I was wondering, what can us who don't own Reaper of Souls do with other players besides go to random dungeons and so some things? And how many other people are there that don't also have Reaper of Souls that still play? Cause I asked in general a few times about joining, and all of them have Reaper of Souls, making me feel like I can't really do anything with other players past Torment VI, which I currently am not able to play yet without being insta-popped, but when I do reach that, it will make me feel a bit left behind.Wroxes8 Sep 4
Sep 3 New player question Just started playing a few days ago, made a crusader at level 29. My question is should I just go ahead and do the main campaign not getting side tracked with exploration and just focus to max or will I miss out a lot of loot of I do that. And what's the fastest way to levelTadel5 Sep 3
Sep 3 Always Questions! Cooldown? #1 What is this Cooldown necessary in the Set Dungeon. I put on cool downs on some of my equipment, but got 0 in the set dungeon, so I obviously have no idea what it is or how to achieve it. I tried the set dungeon and failed everything. #2 What is the last objective of the 5th part of the Season. "Third Power Cubed." I have been adding to all three, and am wondering if I have to fill the whole page or what? I haven't quit yet, but if I had to depend on in-game players for answers I sure might! Very few people answer straight or nice, and since I'm usually playing at night.. Well, anyway, I do appreciate this forum very much! Folks here (Like TimberWolf) are really great at taking the time to help. Thanks, in advance!BrightSkies4 Sep 3
Sep 2 About bounty... Guys i took the hodric chace from act 3 but it dont give me a ARREAT WAR TAPESTRY.Can anyone help me or is it a bug ?serdaralman2 Sep 2
Sep 1 Hardcore mode difficulties Do I have to unlock master and beyond difficulties separately for Hardcore mode ?RobotMurloc1 Sep 1
Aug 31 Back in the saddle Hello fellas, I've been out of Diablo 3 for quite some time - the last time I played it for real was a few months after RoS release so I feel like a total newcomer here. Much has changed, this I know for sure, since I followed the *general* and more impactful patchnotes. Although, they still are kind of foreign keywords to me. I know that (e.g.) there were rifts, then greater rifts now challenge rifts are being introduced but even though the website and game itself offer info on the subject I know that there always was the viable endgame content and the filler. So basically, what I'm asking is an asnwer to the question: is there anything a newbie should stick his eyes to in the first place? Any, you know, rules of thumb on what should I aim for and spend the time on? In other words I need a quick unofficial "what's up" that could allow me not to get lost and drown inside all of the new content im encountering.Bartop2 Aug 31
Aug 31 Monk one shotting everything I have a level 37 monk. My normal attack do an average of 7k dmg and I have 3.5k damage in stats. The problem is when mobs hit me, they instantly take around 50k dmg and die. Is that normal ? Note: I'm playing in Expert difficulty.RobotMurloc4 Aug 31
Aug 30 Adventure mode- now what? Hello! I am new to the game, I just finished the campaigns and did the bounty quests in hard mode (lvl 67 monk). I need some expert opinion now: What do I do now? I do bounty quests to upgrade my gear? When do I start enchanting? And what gear am I aiming for? Every kind of info is welcomed!! Thank youantonistheox7 Aug 30
Aug 29 Help with gear plz Hello I used to play a lot and since have returned to my WW Barb. I can do gr60 with him but it's slow and I feel a little squishy. I am looking for help and tips for my gear and let me know what I should be shooting for. Please.KILLAODIN1 Aug 29
Aug 28 10 CC vs 20% Holy dmg Hoi, Im not newbe but still have a question that imo suits here. I got atm 54.5 CC and 477CD. I got primal neck with almost perfect roll (1000str instead of 20% holy dmg) If I went down to 45.5% CC and gain 20% more Holy dmg whould that increase my dmg or be a loss? Fells like 10CC is a big loss, even that 20% holy dmg is a nice boost, but hm 10CC?? I know theres way to calculate that but I just asked here. Well, would be nice with a pro answer, ty. Profile btw Edit - As I have both neck and ring primal I change from 50CD to 6CC and change 10CC to 20% holy dmg, think I I got a bost tbh. Not sure, but as I hover over the holy dmg I got a increase.....(Now I got 50.5CC 427CD and 40 HD)Azar1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Wizard GR 70 Hello guys , im kinda new player im playing mostly wizard and i use archon build , i can clear 65 GR pretty easaly but when i go for GR70 like im hitting wall cant get enough dmg output. Could anyone give me some pointers what im doing wrong or help me out with it, tnx. Aug 28
Aug 28 What happens after getting all the gear? Do I use Law of Kulle to get the stats that I want then enchant then augment or is Law of Kulle a waste of resources?SFH2 Aug 28
Aug 28 How Long is the Greater Rift? I just played a regular rift at about 35 minutes. How long does the Greater Rift give? I'd try it, but only have 2 of the keys so far, and I think I'll need more to do the Level 4 Objective.BrightSkies9 Aug 28
Aug 28 Whats the matter with my build :( Any ideas? Thanksioz3 Aug 28
Aug 27 Why should I do seasons? (Noob here) Alright - I originally played D3 at launch - completed the story once and never really looked back. Now that necro is out, I'm excited to get back into the game and do some of the endgame I missed out on. But please, for the love of God, can someone explain what a "season" is? Evidently you start over from level one to rush to lvl 70 for exclusive rewards and transmogs that DON'T carry over?? What?? Why even playing during off seasons -- is there a point to even logging in if you're not playing a season character? What about season armor sets - are they ONLY available to people who do the season stuff? So I've missed out on 10 previous transmog sets? WHAT?Spacejesus16 Aug 27
Aug 26 zdps I am by no means new to Diablo or D3 but I have a noob question. I see the mention of a zdps build but nowhere after research can I figure out what zdps means. just another example of too many abbreviations used in this game. What is zdps? zombie dps, zero dps? I think you can do it with a monk or WD.Chuck14 Aug 26
Aug 26 power level i'm trying to power level on xbox one, where can i find ppl to help me out. Thanks! gamer tag - Vezpidxhud0 Aug 26