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Oct 12 Acronyms - The Definitive List plus Definitions! I got tired of searching for acronyms all over the forums, so I created this ongoing, living post that I will be editing as I find new acronyms. Please feel free to comment if I've missed something or made some typos. It's a long list, but CTRL+F is your friend! Class and Stat Acronyms BARB - Barbarian DH - Demon Hunter CRU - Crusader (see also SADER) MONK - Monk SADER - Crusader WD - Witch Doctor WIZ - Wizard STR - Strength (primary stat for CRU and BARB) DEX - Dexterity (primary stat for DH and MONK) INT - Intelligence (primary stat for WIZ and WD) VIT - Vitality (stat for all classes) Game-Specific Acronyms 1H - 1-Handed Weapon 2h - 2-Handed Weapon AD - Additive Damage AH - Auction House (no longer exists in-game) APS - Attacks per Second AR - All Resist (see also RA) BIS - Best in Slot BLIZZ - Blizzard (Company) or Blizzard (WIZ spell) BoA - Bound on Account BoP - Bound on Pickup BUFF - Increase in stats or Increase in effectiveness (in patches) CC - Crowd Control or Critical Chance (see also CHC) CDR - Cooldown Reduction CHC - Critical Hit Chance CD - Critical Damage (see also CHD) or Cooldown CHD - Critical Hit Damage DM - Damage Multiplier DoT - Damage over Time DPS - Damage Per Second = AD x DM DW - Dual Weapon/Dual Wield EE - Exquisite Essence (Crafting material) EHP - Effective health pool EMP - Efficient Mana Points FoS - Feat of Strength GAH - Gold Auction House (no longer exists in-game) GF - Gold Find % GG - Godly gear/Good Game GRIFT - Greater Rift HC - Hardcore Mode HM - Health Multiplier IAS - Increased attack speed IT - Iridescent Tears (Crafting material) LOH - Life on Hit LOS - Line of Sight LAK - Life After Kill LS - Life Steal MF - Magic Find % MH - Main Hand MP(#) - Monster Power (LVL) MpK - Mana per Kill MR - Mana Regeneration NERF - Term used when the developers make something less effective. OH - Off Hand OOM - Out of Mana OP - Overpowered PL - Paragon Level PROC - Programmed Random Occurence PoR - Pool of Reflection PuR - Pick up Radius RA - Resist All (see also AR) RES - Resistance RoS - Reaper of Souls. This is the latest expansion. RMAH - Real Money Auction House (no longer exists in-game) RNG - Random Number Generator SC - Softcore Mode (normal mode) SnB - Sword and Board. Means Weapon and Shield (not necessarily a sword) SR - Single Resist TDPS - Total DPS TICK - Each time that the game checks for damage on a DoT spell/ability. XP - Experience Points Chat/Interwebs Specific Acronyms AFAIK - As Far As I Know AFK - Away From Keyboard BRB - Be Right Back BF - Boyfriend DIAF - Die In A Fire FML - *Screw* my life GF - Girlfriend IG - In-Game IIRC - If I Remember Correctly IMO - In My Opinion IMHO - In My Humble/Honest Opinion IRL - In Real Life ISO - In Search Of L2P - Learn to Play LF - Looking For LF#M - Looking for # More LFG - Looking For Group OP - Original Poster PST - Please Send Tell (/w *name*) PTR - Public Test Realm QFT - Quoted For Truth QQ - Quit. Sometimes incorrectly used as "crying eyes." RTFM - Read the F#@*%&g Manual SMH - Shaking My Head TBH - To Be Honest TLDR - Too Long, Didn't Read WTS - Want To Sell WTT - Want To TradeHulktopus20 Oct 12
Oct 1, 2016 [TIPS] RoS Followers (lvl.70) complete guide Introduction - A few things to know 1. Templar 1-1. Templar Stats 1-2. Templar Templates 2. Scoundrel 2-1. Scoundrel Stats 2-2. Scoundrel Templates 3. Enchantress 3-1. Enchantress Stats 3-2. Enchantress Templates 4. Legendary items (with followers proc) list 4.1. Weapons 4.1.a. One-Handed 4.1.a.1 Axes 4.1.a.2 Daggers 4.1.a.3 Maces 4.1.a.4 Swords 4.1.b. Two-Handed 4.1.b.1 Axes 4.1.b.2 Maces 4.1.b.3 Staves 4.1.b.4 Swords 4.1.b.5 Bows 4.1.b.6 Xbows 4.2. Shields 4.3. Jewelry 4.3.a. Amulets 4.3.b. Rings 4.4. Follower Special 4.4.a. Enchantress Focuses 4.4.b. Scoundrel Tokens 4.4.c. Templar Relics 5. Unity & Immortal follower combo 6. How do I gear my followers ? 6-1. Finding equipment 6-2. Enchanting 6-3. Gems 7. Ashera’s set. 8. So... Wich follower must i choose ? 9. LinksAshTag138 Oct 1, 2016
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36m Leaderboard like Diablo 2 had? I haven't played for a couple of years at least and I see there is a new Season! I was wondering if there is still a general Leaderboard, showing your character's Level, divided up by Class, like D2 had. I can never stay at the top, as I can't play enough, but it was nice to see myself hundreds down, at least. Does D3 have just an overall Level-based Leaderboard? I looked around in D3 but all I could find was something about Rifts, which I have not even done one Rift ever yet, heh.Techanius0 36m
2h Lost internet=Lost seasonal char? I want to play the season, xbox1, but most times my connection is bad. If I lose connection to the servers, does that kill my seasonal character? Or just move them to an "offline" status? E.g. 2K... Thanks for any inputBron71 2h
2h Questions regarding S13 gift. I've just completed the Chapter 2 of Seasonal. I've claimed the Haedrigs Gifts so I have the bag. I haven't opened it yet. It contains two pieces of a set. (Corresponds accordingly to the char that opens it) My Season DH is the one whos lvl 70 and has done all the objectives. I dont wan't him to have the set. I want my level 70 NON-seasonal Wizard to get the Firebird pieces. I've also made a Seasonal Wizard, but its only level 10. My lvl 70 NON-Seasonal Wiz cant get the bag. So to the questions: 1. If I open the bag with my seasonal wizard ( lvl 10 ), will the pieces also be lvl 10? Or will they be lvl 70? I want the level of the set pieces to be as high as possible. 2. Is there any way for my NON-Seasonal Wizard to get the pieces? (Or do I have to get my lvl 10 Season Wiz to lvl 70 and THEN open the bag(s) ?GhostPants1 2h
4h A few gameplay questions I'm new to the genre. I've previously played RTS, MMOs, MOBAs, and FPS. I'm really enjoying how rich the environment is and how well it tells a story. It feels almost like playing through a living storybook. But I'm not sure how a few things work. I completed the Tristram storyline, but when I logged in today it began again as if I was on a new character. Do the 'Acts' reset on a timer so you can replay them? Does the world scale with your level/gear? I want to look like the character I created. When/how can I get my hands on themed armor so that I can actually look like my hero and not a naked murderhobo? Once level cap is reached, what does the endgame consist of?Iarthar2 4h
6h Cannot complete bounties How long does it take before it disconnects you from the server? Every time I go away from the computer and come back it already kicked me. And because bounties are reset when you reconnect, I cannot ever complete a zone worth of bounties. This is impossible, why does it do that? Can't it wait longer to kick me? Or can't it save my progress so I have the time to finish it when I'm back?KBoogle1 6h
1d Difficulty Level I just hit Level 50/Barb on Expert in act IV and am literally invincible. I don't even have to attack enemies and they're dying from thorns damage. This is getting boring fast. Is my game glitched or is it supposed to be this way?LawfulChaos12 1d
1d Level 70 I am new to Diablo 3. I am at level 60 and wondering how I get to 70? Paragon leveling instead of leveling up. kinda confused.Tamarak3 1d
1d Season Reward for Non-Seasonal Characters? So I havent been playing this for very long. Season 13 will be my first season ever. Im only Paragon 35 or so, and the only character I have thats lvl 70 is a Wizard. I'd really like that Firebird set for him. But that one is a Non-Seasonal. So my question is: If I start a seasonal character, lets say a Wizard, I complete the whole game again and complete all the challenges in all acts, is it possible to claim the reward with my Non-seasonal Wizard? Or is it only the seasonal wizard, or seasonal characters in general, the only ones that can claim the rewards? And I've also heard that you can only claim one reward (i.e. a set) per season? So I can't complete season (and the challenges) with a wizard, claim reward, then start a new seasonal character, complete them all again and claim another set? Thanks in advance. :)GhostPants3 1d
4d RoS worth it for beginner? I'm a fairly new D3 player. I was wondering if RoS added anything worth getting right now or if I can wait until I get to Act 4. I know it adds the crusader class but that alone isn't worth me getting RoS right now. I know that Lord of Destruction added inventory space and upped the amount of gold you could have. That made LoD worth getting right out of the box. So is there anything RoS adds that isn't listed on the website or that is more useful than it sounds? Right now I'm still in Act 1 thanks to disconnects.webguy4 4d
5d Two difficulty questions... 1. I noticed that, after level 70, there is an increase in enemy numbers in many areas and they are a little harder to defeat(I didn't change the difficulty settings)... How comes that? 2. If I start a new game(new character), would this situation still remain the same, or would it change back(eg: less enemies, still the same difficulty, etc.)? Thank you for taking your time to read this!:)victortiti891 5d
5d Questions about setting game to Public Okay- I started playing Diablo 3 a few days ago. I haven't tried playing a public game yet and was going to set it to that, but the three possible "Game Tags" are not self explanatory. Monster Slaying I get, but Key Warden and Brawling? There are no tooltips to tell me what these things mean. Also, in a public game do I need to worry about P/K like in previous titles or is that a thing of the past?LawfulChaos1 5d
6d Can I give items to another player I have got my gf playing Diablo 3 with me and she was trying a character out on my account. She has her own account now and I was wondering if I can give her items that she has on my account?BreezyCorpse4 6d
Feb 17 How do I quantify damage increases? Hello Currently using a Talrasha's set that states 750% damage per stack of the buff up to 4 for 3000% total. Now my problem is that this is so high that I am left wondering what value any other damage increase has with this multiplier. An example of this would be something like glass cannon passive for 15%... what value does that have? I use spectral blade a lot, what value does gear % increase give, or even more something like the Depth Diggers that give 100% to sig skills, what real value is that?Syfis3 Feb 17
Feb 17 Campaign help any one able to help me unlock adventure mode ? done the season and cant be bothered going through the whole campaignEvilHappiny3 Feb 17
Feb 15 Bottomless Potions? Are bottomless potions with additional effects still in the game? I ask, because I've heard of them, but I've never seen one show up (or even be referenced) in the game before.Cobaltus5 Feb 15
Feb 14 Damage on gear hierarchy I know there's a list somewhere, but I can't find it. Anyway, when looking for damage increases on gear, which traits are the most important among: main stat, crit chance, crit damage, numerical damage, elemental damage, and relevant skill damage? For example, if I'm at the mystic and can choose between, say crit chance and elemental damage, which is a better choice? Thanks!Allerdyne3 Feb 14
Feb 12 Question about builds/ percentages I am wanting to change my Necromancer over from a Legendary only build to something else and see if the 4 and 5 items builds are better. But when I compare the percentages at the bottom of each item belt boots etc. They Rathma or other green items are always 5 to 30% lower than the legendary items I already have equipped.? Should I just equip them anyways to get the rewards of a 2,4 or 6 peace set?IightfootNot3 Feb 12
Feb 11 Great item early on, can I use it later? Hey all, Relatively new to Diablo 3, playing Necromancer and plan to have a fairly minion heavy build further down the line. I got a Circle of Nailuj's Evol ring within my first couple of hours playing and I'd obviously love to use this later on, is there any way to scale its stats up when I'm a higher level or will it become redundant thanks to low stats, aside from the skill it offers, so I'll just have to farm for a new one? Very new to all this as you can probably tell. Thanks!HiddenBlade4 Feb 11
Feb 10 Stuck at quest I'm at the "turning the tide" and "protect and serve" quests on my season character, but i have now killed every mob in the area and even smashed every object i could and still nothing. The problem is the second catapult it wont get raised and I can't click anything around it either so it remains 2/3 catapults raised. Plz help i'm rly stuck. (sry for bad english) Kind regards MickeMazterSainT4 Feb 10
Feb 10 A few questions... 1) After finishing the game, could you play Adventure mode with one character and with another the campaign mode(story)? 2)If you set the game on Adventure mode for one character, is this option set for all of your characters? 3)How can you gain experience and new levels(skills) in Adventure mode?victortiti895 Feb 10
Feb 10 Keeping Transmog Items? Every now and then, I'll have a grey or blue item drop that has flavor text and that grants a new transmog appearance (that flashes on the screen). Is there any reason to keep these items? Do I keep the new transmog pattern forever on my account even if I vendor/salvage them?Cobaltus3 Feb 10
Feb 10 Triggering a set dungeon I have the firebird set and my clue is for the burning sands. What mode do I need to be in ? How do I trigger the dungeon ?TangoLima5 Feb 10
Feb 10 Horadric Chest Info Could someone please direct me to information about Horadric Chest usage etc.TangoLima7 Feb 10
Feb 10 Question from a New Wizard I have been using icy veins to assist me however I was wondering if there are any other resources I should be using? As I am looking at the things I need for the build I am enjoying, I wanted to know if there is a way to see how to farm certain items/gear. Thank you for your assistance! =) Midori30 Feb 10
Feb 9 necro noob Can someone look at my necro and give me some pointers on what I need on my gear to properly run this build? I know pestilence is cooldown dependent but what % do I need it and also what can keep me alive better, one shot and I'm dead! Thx..shyguy203 Feb 9
Feb 8 Risky to buy an existing Diablo 3 account? I used to play D3/ROS on PS3 and stopped about 2-3 years ago realizing Blizzard is never going to update PS3 and after I got level 70 for all 6 classes. Then the past holiday break I realized there is a new class Necro came out half a year ago so I just bought the PC/Mac version intending to try it out (an everything I missed since they stopped updating PS3). Then I realized starting from scratch is hard and being a father of 3 I don't have too much time doing all the grinding. I see there are websites selling accounts with existing characters; is it risky to buy them? I know it is against the ToS so there is some chance the account can be banned ? (if the characters have been botted to reach lvl 70?)Akula5 Feb 8
Feb 8 Finding Izual in season play Having trouble finding Izual in chapter III of current season. Any help would appreciated.Walt03272 Feb 8
Feb 6 Invisible Damage Is there a way to take heavy damage with no visible indication except dying suddenly? This has happened to me, and in every case there is no pool of poison, burning ground, "laser" beams, fireballs, etc. This happened most recently in a T13 rift. My Witch Doctor can generally take a hit from these and survive. Maybe lag or a computer glitch? Has anyone else experienced this?Merus2 Feb 6
Feb 5 Question regarding affixes vs. Affixes vs skill damage. So what I mean is... Say I have two Frydehr's Wrath shields. One has 730% Affixed Condemn damage and +15% Condemn skill damage. The other has 770% Affixed Condemn damage. Which is going to bring in more damage? Is the affixed damage additive, and the skill damage multiplicative?PhearBunny6 Feb 5
Feb 3 Season end rollover? Just made a Seasonal hero for the first time and completed all four chapters of my journey. Got my 4-pc bonus necro set from Haedrig's gift part one and two, but while running high torment rifts to prepare for "reach solo GR 20" I got the chest and pants to drop and thereby complete the set, so when i completed journey chapter 4 i didn't need the Gift part 3. If i leave it in my bag, can i open it on another character after season ends? Or do i need to roll a new season hero and ramp them up to 70 real quick?Malkarrion5 Feb 3
Feb 2 Very new player , stash tabs problem After i bought the battle chest edition (both expack and base game) my account still have one stash tab and not 3 , why its like that?HeavyFerrum1 Feb 2
Jan 31 Joining games How can I play with others? I've tried everythingsam1 Jan 31
Jan 29 tranfer/ end of season/gems I read the end of season stuff but: Can anyone tell me what happens to legendary gems that you have got up to say level 80. Do they transfer as well?? with the level intact?foxxy1 Jan 29
Jan 28 what to do after getting over GR70 Hi guys. Ive been playing diablo3 for a week. Hopefully, thanks to the guide linked under, today I got to beat GR70 (where you can find Prime Ancient equips?) ( my question is, how i can get stronger from now on. here is my current equips and gems: gems are only imperial, only some of equips are ancient, maybe some more? what point shoiuld I focus on to get stronger(damage, toughness) any tips or step by step guide would be greatly appreciated ty for your help in advance.Sorainu8 Jan 28
Jan 27 Do Season rewards change every season? Hello! Returning player here! But since this forum doesn't have a 'returning player' spot, I figure the most appropriate place for my question was here. As my title says, do Seasonal rewards change every season? Meaning, if I complete Chapters I-IV, for example on a Crusader, if I roll a Crusader again in Season 13 will the offered Seasonal Rewards for him be the same? I ask this because I am on Chapter III and am contemplating putting in the time to achieve the rewards, or reroll next season. Thanks!Riothamus2 Jan 27
Jan 26 Higher Torment Levels What are the criteria for accessing higher torment levels ?TangoLima2 Jan 26
Jan 26 What is the benefit of multiplayer? So I am relatively new to the game (but been binging it). Could someone explain why it is advantageous to play in a group rather than alone? Is there a reason for me to farm items for a support build (my main is a monk)? Can I do just fine playing the game alone? Do I need to be with other players to climb the higher GR difficulties? I am currently at GR 60. Of course, there is the social aspect too :PshwamNstuff6 Jan 26
Jan 26 Legendaries without Special Abilities? If you get a legendary item that is basically a yellow item with flavor text but no special ability associated with it (no orange text ability), is it really only good for salvaging or for use with a follower? I think I read that legendary powers wouldn't work when equipped on followers anyway. I seem to be getting a good number of these mixed in with the special-ability legendaries, and I'm not sure if I should keep them for some reason. (I still have several on the low-level characters I played on the trial version long before ROS ever came out.) Any advice would be appreciated.Cobaltus5 Jan 26
Jan 25 Best haedrig’s gift set? what is the best set haedrigs gift this season is giving. Im a returning player since i last played on season 8.(thats so long ago). Used to play unhallowed essence multishot demon hunter. I now still play the same build but wish to play other class now. So im looking to play other class other than demon hunter and necromancer(too poor to purchase). Which class will the set haedrigs gift giv that have simpler attack mechanism cos im used to multishot build which i just spam multishot.LamboKang1 Jan 25
Jan 24 Can't open Haedrig gift on PS4 on right character I just started playing D3 on PS4 (S12). Started out with a wizard and played most of the season quests, but I did not open Haedrig gift bags because I'm not interested in Vyr set. I decided to wait until my barb is lvl70 and open them there. The text on the bags say: "You get the set according to whichever character OPENS the items.. Be careful blabla". So I thought to open them with the barb. But now I don't see the green bags anywhere in my barb's stash. The Season rewards say "Already redeemed", but the bags still show all the optional sets that the bags can yield. How can I open the bags on my barb if they are in the stash of my wizard?dnikolos3 Jan 24
Jan 24 I need help with my demonhunter build I need somebody that can help me leveling in game(im level 70 paragon 148 mainly from joining a realy high level party) and help me in choosing the right moves to optimize my demon hunter.FrameyE10 Jan 24
Jan 24 GR 70 - help so I can do gr 60/65 and I want the primal gear but I can't get to gr 70, thats my build and idk what els do I need, full ancient set or what ?DIscoDiva4 Jan 24
Jan 22 Season Achievements Persist or Reset? When one pulls up the accountwide Achievements window, there are Career achievements and Season achievements. (An example of the latter would be leveling up X number of legendary gems to level X under ITEMS.) Just to be clear, I'm not talking about the milestones that are part of the seasonal chapters. Do Season achievements all reset to undone when a new season starts? Or do Season achievements persist across seasons like Career achievements do? I ask, because I probably won't grind Season achievements if they are all going to reset back to zero in a few weeks.Cobaltus1 Jan 22
Jan 21 Lookfing for friends and CO-OP I am pretty new to this game series and I bought the game by curious. However I did finish one solo walk through in story mode. Therefore I had a lvl 54 DH but what I know about this game is still pretty limited. I found the community of this game is pretty awesome so far, and I figured it would be fun if I can find some friends to play with. Feel free to befriend me or leave comments. We can play together if you don't mind me as a new player.RickZM0 Jan 21
Jan 21 What is elite monster?? I've come around legendary gems that said... Increase dmg against elite by %... What is the one considered as elite?? It's the blue?? yellow?? or purple one?? Also comes around gems with bosses and greater rift increase damage... It's just increasing dmg against boss like belial?? diablo?? and such?? or also monster that have affix and different color?? TYHunterXCooL2 Jan 21
Jan 21 Need Decent Bounty friends please!!! Hi and Happy new year, I am looking for people who can play with me or join my clan. I don't need much but would like to have a fast Bounty party when needed. :-) Thanks, Quagsire Edit: Please post Battle Tag if interested with being friends!!!Quagsire962 Jan 21
Jan 21 Where are 2 stash tabs when buy standard expansion i already buy standard expansion but why dont see 2 stash tab. Please help meriorin10 Jan 21