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Sep 21 Crusader Compendium: Guides, Builds, & Info ⛨ UPDATED FOR PATCH 2.6.5 ⛨ ... Welcome! This is a reference work created by the Crusader community. Its purpose is to provide a useful resource for players, especially those who are new to the Crusader class. If you're looking for detailed guides, information on skill mechanics, or engaging gameplay streams, you'll find them all in the links below. You can help improve the compendium by posting your own suggestions for what I should include. If any of the guides I've linked seem outdated or irrelevant, please let me know about that as well. Thanks for your support, and stay in the Light. Need some help with your Season 17 Journey? Check out Bagstone's tracker and Angry's list of Crusader builds: ... 1. BEGINNER GUIDES & SET DUNGEONS: 2. CRUSADER BUILDS: 3. ITEMS, GEMS, CRAFTING & COSMETICS: 4. GAME MECHANICS: 5. CRUSADER SKILL MECHANICS: 6. STREAMS & GAMEPLAY VIDEOS: 7. COMMUNITY RESOURCES: 8. PATCH NOTES: 9. FIRST DISCUSSION POST: Sep 21
5h How much cdr for perma akkarat? Couldn't find any concrete information... TiaLim3y5 5h
1d help with invoker season hi so looked at this guild gems they are using Bane of the Powerful or Bane of the Stricken Bane of the Trapped Boyarsky's Chip wouldn't Gogok of Swiftness Simplicity's Strength be better than one of those. Also they are using Nemesis Bracers in cube wouldn't Heart of Iron be better and how would Blood Brother be instead of The Furnace thankshawkkiwi1 1d
1d Invoker Build using SwiftMount Flail I know the Pig Sticker is the fastest Dagger so preferred weapon in guides for the Thorn build, but i'm using a SwiftMount Flail and loving it. The double duration Steed Charge for hunting elites is nice, 6 seconds when using Endurance goes a long way. I run past other Crusaders after their steed quits. The PigSticker does 1.50 attacks per second the SwiftMount 1.40 I have played 2 other Thorn Invokers using Pig sticker and I can't notice the attack speed difference yet. I recommend the SwiftMount mobility for clearing rifts and bounties. Does anyone else use this instead of or along with PigSticker?Shinerunner3 1d
1d give it up your messiah isn't coming, wizards are your salvation.YORI4 1d
3d PTR 2.6.5 Capt. America Starting this thread to discuss BiS items for a LoN Capt. America build with the PTR patch notes being listed. Season 17 is gaining the LoN buff for free and 2 of the 4 Blessed Shield items are getting buffed. Akkhan's Leniency is going from 20% per enemy hit to a possible 100% per enemy hit and Jekangboard is going from 300% to 400% maximum. With Gryfalcon's possible 350% and Akkhan's Manacles possible 500% plus the LoN buff you have a LOT of damage at any range plus infinite Wrath. Helm: Leoric's Shoulders: Pauldron's of the Skeleton King? Chest: Cindercoat Amulet: Hellfire Gloves: Magefist Belt: Witching Hour Bracers: Akkhan's Manacles Rings: Unity and SoJ (Oculus or Justice Lantern for group play) Weapon: Gryfalcon's Pants: Swamp Land Waders (rolled Fire) Boots: Illusory Boots Shield: Jekangboard Cube Akkhan's Leniency, Aquila Curass and CoE Legendary gems Trapped, Zei's and Stricken Made edits to the build from community analysis that fire is better than holy Blessed Shield.Khord75 3d
3d 2.6.5 Capt. America Grp play quick question Can this build perform well in any group to farm paragon? Obviously I can get some guildies and to some group runs, but if I were to jump into a random lobby, can Capt. America hold his own?Roidraged2 3d
3d Is capt America rip now? Is the Damage too bad for group play and for push in gr?Rowesy2 3d
3d S17 solo class? Heya all, I've been away from the game for the past few seasons. I'm wanting to come check things out, and am wondering if the Sader will be an easier class to push/speed farm GRs. Is there a spec considered "lazy" for speed farm purposes. For comparison, the last time I played, I played as the Necro with the bone shield build (can't even remember what the build was called now).Acky2 3d
May 13 [Guide 2.6.5] Roland Sweep Attack for gr125+ edit 16/04/2019 - Updated for patch 2.6.4. edit 24/02/2019 - Added gr122 solo seasonal clear edit 27/01/2018 - Reworked it for patch 2.6.1 changes. Added some informations as well as a d3planner link and a grift 115 clear. edit 03/06/2017 - added fire DoT mechanics, boss informations... Hello guys. First of all, the tl;dr d3planner link is at the end of this post. Feel free to skip to it, but do not ask any question unless you read everything else here. As you may or may not know, I am an avid Roland Sweep attack (SA) player. I recently cleared gr115 (see at the end for video), so I thought I would a make a guide on how to gear, what to look for and how to play the grifts. Until some time ago I was advising playing the lightning rune for any kind of push, however I after trying the fire rune instead it turned out to be much better. While still being tanky, you output so much more damage that it's no question which one should be used. I will start by going over the skills, then the gear and stats needed on each piece, and finally I will explain some of the mechanics you should be aware of. But first, I want to be clear : this is a guide on the build I pushed with. You can go for different skills and especially different gems/stats on gear but that would not be the same build as mine then. Due to 2.6.4 buff to Roland, getting the highest breakpoint on sweep attack is now trivial. Literally, you get it by having the 5 stacks of the 6p set, even with a furnace and no other attack speed buff. 1/ Skills Unlike some builds where the skills are set and nothing can change, SA offers quite a bit of diversity on skill you want to use. The mandatory ones are : - Sweep attack (Fire) - Iron Skin (Flash rune) - Akkarat's champion (Prophet) - Laws of Valor (Unstoppable force) You cannot do without those. Now the two other skills I settled for are : - Condemn (vacuum) This one is IMO also mandatory but feel free to try some other skills like Judgement if you don't feel like you need to group mobs better - Steed charge (Draw & quarter) This is the most controversial choice. But in the end, being able to drag an elite to a place I like and just the ability to skip maps fairly fast outweights the other possibilities available such as provoke (wrath regen against the boss) or judgement (bit more damage). Passives : - Heavenly strength With the new weapon effect on the golden flense, you might ask yourself : "but why aren't we using a 1-H". Well, as it turns out, gaining 20% (additive) damage but losing roughly 80% (multiplicative) damage, not so great. Of course, in other builds the attack speed from a 1-H matters and counters the damage loss. Here, we already have max attack speed breakpoint so it doesn't. So we use a 2-H, and that's all. - Finery 15% (multiplicative) damage and 10% armor for free. - Indestructible You are very tanky once every defensive cooldowns are in use however it does take a couple of seconds to get those going, and you usually lose them when you're moving from pack to pack, especially on map transitions. I would not change this for anything. - Holy cause If you can't survive or don't have any Life per hit on your gear (bad idea), you can run Wrathful instead. 2/ Gear If you just want optimal gear choices for (very) high paragon level, just check this d3planner link : If for some reason you do not want to use d3planner, here's a rundown of the stats and some insights. Keep in mind, as I said, that it's a very strict build stat wise so if you are having trouble with damage or survivability, make sure that you have all the stats advised. Another important thing to note is that area damage is a stat you should focus on only after you have everything else. It increases your damage by a lot, but only in very specific situations that you probably won't encounter very often until you're pushing high grifts with good gear (because said situations are quite hard to survive if you are low paragon with not so great gear). For that reason, I will here put in brackets what's the next best easy stat to get instead of area damage. - Roland's visage (helm) - Str / CHC / %SA / Socket (it's not possible to use vitality here any more due to the change that was made to Golden flense, 15% sweep amounts for at least 10% damage now, which is huge) - Roland's mantle (Shoulders) - Str / RCR / CDR / %AD [All rez] (you can potentially live without cdr but try not to) - Roland's Grasp (Gloves) - CHC / CHD / CDR / %AD [Str] - Roland's bearing (Chest) - Str / Vit / Elite dmg reduction (you can go for %life instead of elite damage) // better with secondary rez and no All rez here - The Witching hour (Belt)- Str / vit / All rez / %CHD - You don't need AS on the belt thanks to the insane amount of AS given by Roland 6p - Roland's determination (Pants) - Str / vit / all rez (keep in mind, if you have a secondary rez, you can't have all rez) - Roland's stride (Boots) - Str / vit / all rez / %SA - Strongarm bracers (Bracers) - %elem / CHC / Str / Life per hit or vitality (If you don't have LpH on your weapon, go for LpH here. You don't necessarily need on both to survive though) - CoE (Ring) - CHC / CHD / %AD [Str / CDR] - Compass rose (Ring) - Str / CHC / CHD / %AD [CDR / RCR] - Traveler's pledge (Amulet) - %elem / CHC / CHD - The Furnace (Weapon) - %dmg / Life per Hit / %AD [Str] (%dmg is a true 10% damage multiplier. Life per hit is a ton of survivability. Strength is good at low paragon, better than 10% dmg until you have at least 15000 strength without finery.) // You need a furnace for max damage output, as you still get 5 aps with it, even without %as on the weapon. - Denial (Shield) - Str / CHC / RCR / CDR (see the mechanics information below) For all those items, always try to get secondary rez when you can. That is, on helm, gloves, chestpiece, rings, amulet, bracers (though ranged/melee damage reduction are better). Also, gold & globe pickup radius is amazing if you can get it. Optimally : boots, pants, helm, belt (if WH) and shoulders. Cubed items : - Golden Flense - Aquila cuirass - ORotZ Gems : - Bane of the trapped - Bane of the stricken - Esoteric alteration Follower : - Go for the Templar, he is the easiest to manage (though he will still wreck your pull). More importantly, he provides 1.1 wrath regen from his last skill, which is extremely important against the boss. - I would advise against using Ess of johan on your templar. It can mess up your pulls, and you really don't want that. Pets are too dumb to be trusted. Legendary potion : - Get a potion that gives +30% resource when used below 50% HP. 3/ Mechanics explained Why is fire so great : The fire DoT from sweep can stack (ie : you can have several different ones ticking at the same time) and, as all DoTs, scale on (basically) elemental (elite) sheet DPS (which includes atk speed). Since you have very high atk speed, you have a lot of DoTs ticking and they tick for a lot of damage. Basically, at 4.8 attack speed, you can consider the 120% Weapon Damage (WD) DoT to be a 120*4.8 = ~580 WD DoT, so fire does 480+580 = ~1060% WD per swing, which is more than double what othe runes does (so expect ~4-5 grs difference). Thanks to WorkWorkWork and the chinese community to bring this fact to the US forums so that we can understand why fire is better ! One important thing about fire (compared to lightning) is that it works, throughout the rift, without the need to use Laws of Valor to get its breakpoint. What it means is pretty much that you get much more zodiac procs on actually important skills, especially akkarat's champion. This is the reason you can keep it almost permanently up despite having overall low cdr. Strongarms is, now, a necessary item as it gives 30% (additive) damage which, as it is implied, stacks with the 20% debuff from Heavenly Strength. It's pretty much a true 20% damage multiplier, you just can't ditch something that great. Condemn - Vacuum applies the necessary knockback even if the mob isn't moved, as long as it could have been moved but wasn't due to crowd control resistance. Resource cost reduction, Cooldown reduction and Sweep attack : Laws of valor is a great tool for reducing the wrath cost of sweep attack but by itself, it's not enough to sustain wrath against a pure single target boss like Cold Snap for example. Because it's annoying to get to a boss and not be able to kill it because you run out of wrath, I tried to tech the build with some RCR so that it is possible to sustain against even single target bosses. It's easy to get enough rcr for that, however, it's is hard to do it while keeping enough CDR to keep perma akkarat's champion during the rift. You have the possibility to get RCR on shoulders together with CDR so that's the first thing you should aim for. Next spot is on the shield. However, getting a tri-factor shield with cdr/rcr/crit (and str) is not easy so if you have to sacrifice cdr, do it. Keep in mind, you can sacrifice CDR on shield, but also on gloves, rings and gloves. Try to keep it where it's the most efficient. I mean, don't remove 8% cdr on your shield and keep 7% CDR on your ring, if you can have 8% RCR on a ring and 8% cdr on your shield. As far as CDR is concerned, since we are not using Gogok anymore due to survivability issue (in was fine in 110-115, not so much in 125-130), you need to have a baseline of at least 38% CDR. If you can squeeze another cdr roll, it will get you to 43.58% CDR which is more than enough to keep perma AC during the rift. CDR is not an issue on the boss. 4/ Gameplay Roland is a truck. It is slow but you just get everything in your path and kill it. The way I play it is : 1 - Go into a rift. 2 - If rift is bad, exit game and start from step 1 2.5 - It is important to never use your Laws during the rift unless you're running out of wrath. Running out of wrath is rarely possible but can happen during conduits. Using your laws of valor will eat zodiac procs that should go towards AC resets. Same for Iron skin, don't use it on cooldown, only use it if it's (almost) out. 3 - Find the first pack of trash. You should aim for at least 6% of trash + an elite. 4 - Gather density and scout during the 8 seconds of your CoE following your main damage (= holy and lightning). 5 - Stop and start attacking during physical. Reason is you want the full bonus of endess walk for your main element CoE, as well as Fire DoT running. 6 - If an oculus area spawns, try to go into it. Do that only if you're still hitting the elite. Use Condemn to bring mobs with you to the Oculus area if you do. 7 - Once the pack starts thinning out, start looking for a new one. If you have one elite, use your horse to drag it. If you have several elites, lead them just by baiting. 8 - Always stop to do your fire CoE on the pack even while moving from a spot to another. You should almost always have enough density to get your 5 denial stacks 9 - Find a new spot with trash, go back to step 4 10 - Always be on the lookout for pylons. Pylons come usually every 20 to 30% density. Conduit is the most welcome pylon. Do use power pylons unless you're sure to have the boss soon. Channelling is almost useless, take it if you feel like you need the CDR to survive. Leave it for the boss just in case otherwise. Shield is usually bad for the simple reason that you can't proc your iron skin flash while it's active, which means you can't go into occulus areas. 11 - Boss ! Now you need to start using the law to get the RCR. You should use your potion to get resource as much as possible. I never ran into a boss that could kill me when playing fire, because with diamonds you can tank a lot. If you have a pylon, always wait before taking it UNLESS it is a channeling and you fight with a boss that spawns adds after a certain health threshold. Saxtris comes to mind, so does Voracity and Binder for example. Power is extremely strong on bosses like Saxtris, you can take it at 75-70% and just kill it in a matter of seconds due to very high stricken counts. If you have any question feel free to ask here. Grift 122 Season 16 clear : Note for S16 : Due to being able to use Cindercoat as your free rorg item, you get 20% fire and can get rid of any RCR on your gear in order to focus on damage and toughness. This won't be the case once S16 ends, which is why I focused in this guide on how to play for any season. My NS profile : [tl;dr d3planner link] Kikaha287 May 13
May 13 Remove Akarats Champion MORPH! Everyone hates it. All those cool transmogs and you're stuck as the same green hulk everyone else is. Remove the morph and just make everyone grow in size when in Akarat form! Or at least make the hulk wear our transmogs.SooSaucy34 May 13
May 10 Is there an LoN build with playing in S17? As the title states, is there an LoN build with playing on the next season? If so, can someone link a D3 planner, or something similar for me to examine? Thank you in advance.storytime429 May 10
May 7 17 seasons and ZERO love for fist of heaven seriously... just buff it, we are waiting for this have years and years....Belmont3 May 7
May 4 PLEASE CHANGE THE SHIELD BASH~!! Please~~ give me back~~ Crusader's Shield Bash.. Crumble Rune's original effect!!!!! now, Shield Bash's Runes is Each has no personality. And, please change the DRAKON's LESSON is do not limit the monster hits!!!!Skywalker4 May 4
Apr 29 Question on the Thorns Stat.. Ok simple question... Why does changing gear make my Thorn damage go up then back when changing anything really? At first I was thinking it was due to vitality changes so I decided to select different items in the Cube and swaping any item seems to still do it. and it bugs me why its going so high then falls back down. Some Screenshots to help explain ... i just spammed my screenprint key as i clicked between two items these are 3 pics one after the other... Thorn damage at 170,344 click new item it changes to.. Thorn damage of 212,931 But then after a sec it drops back to 170,344 Apr 29
Apr 28 Phalanx crusader season17 This is a build to enjoy and just have fun with. I will be maining this build in season 17 to see how far i can push with it: Basically you want to have 0 crit chance to proc the broken promises ring. Just have fun with it. Super stoked for season 17 and can't wait to see all the previously non-meta builds push up the ladder. Exciting times for d3 as this will be the only season since the start of the ladders to have non meta builds compete.quick5ilver0 Apr 28
Apr 28 Hack left click build. Was wondering if theres a way to break omnisash+Hack to basically rely on stacking thorns and primary skill damage as high as possible.Vladdy6763 Apr 28
Apr 27 Support Zsader, also Crusaders in meta So, what ideas do people have for potentially coming up with a role for crusader? Generally, I've been trying to focus on finding a way to emulate or replace a zbarb in speeds. I can't find a way to combine the speed buffs, pulls, and toughness for a proper meta where a wizard plops down in the middle of a huge pack. For cbarbs, I've had good results with an asheara's build using swiftmount, oculus, justice lantern, akarat's awakening, hellfire amulet, leoric crown, nemesis, aquila, illusory boots, with lawbringer, strongarms, and bul kathos in cube (this last one is really a toss up). I use judgement (with the belt for extra rune), condemnt vacuum, shield glare (20% damage rune), ak champ for toughness (prophet obv), wings of angels, and draw and quarter pony. I've been expirementing with dumping asheara (which leads to some very interseting things with the constant spam of companions wearing gimmick jewelry) for a sweepsader build that loses the vacuum, and adds in 6pc rolands, a taunt (hit me), and gathering sweep. golden flense in cube, swiftmount equipped, and zodiac in cube (strongarms stays). what have you guys found? any ideas or thoughts? is there a way to possibly get consecrate to amount to something?Sarnen3 Apr 27
Apr 26 Angel hair braid drop rate? Idk how many dupes of other crusader belts I've gotten and i have yet to get this. Is it one a really low drop chance compared to the other belts?Vladdy6762 Apr 26
Apr 26 Crusader Invoker Build Tips I've been trying out the invoker set for crusader and while it does do incredible damage, i tend to die a lot. Even while wearing the aquila cuirass, i feel i am very squishy, even though i have a hellfire amulet with the free life passive. Aside from wanting tips to increase my survivability, i want tips to increase my damage. My thorns are at around 215 k with thorns damage everywhere i could enchant it, how can I increase my damage and toughness? What weapon, rings, amulet, shield should I wear?Starbound4 Apr 26
Apr 22 lon or not for 2.6.5 non season gr cap build? akkhan set seem to be the to go caption america build before. now with all the changes would that still be true in non season 2.6.5?Gehenna5 Apr 22
Apr 20 Andariel's Visage LON rolls I have been playing around with the Akkahns Blessed Shield build and really enjoy it. With the buffs comming I've gathered most of the recommended ancients for a LON build, and I'm wondering what to get for helm? I still haven't found an ancient Akkahns helm that would be better than my normal one. (Socket, 6 CC, 15%BS, Strength). I don't believe it's possible to get all those rolls on Andy's, so what do I look for other than Fire % and re roll AR or Strength for a socket? That would mean no CC or BS%?? I'm thinking that I'll keep gambling for an ancient akkahns and hope for a lucky drop. 1. What would a perfect Andy's look like? 2. Would Leorics be better(easier to get) if perfectly rolled? I have been getting nothing from Kadala, and have been upgrading rares and legendarys when I have the mats. I know it's RNG, but what are my best chances? Captain America is back!drumdrum7 Apr 20
Apr 18 Denial(s) Running Roland’s Legacy on my ‘sader, I’m not able to properly choose my own Shield, among these two Denial. (R) stands for “rolled”. (1) Legendary Primary: 8%Élite dmg 8%RCR 8%CDR 10%CC (R) Secondary: 150 Cold Res Unique affix 112% Increase per Enemy hit (2) Legendary Ancient Primary: 987 Strength 8%RCR (R) 5%CDR 9.5%CC 500 Strength (Caldesann) Secondary: 38k LpG Unique affix 120% Increase per Enemy hit Despite the appearences I prefer by little the (1), but I’m even thinking about it... what are your thoughts? Supplements: 2.3k Paragon, 750k Life, 18.8k Strength with (2) equipped.Christyandos5 Apr 18
Apr 17 Blessed Shield Grift 128 PTR (Seasonal) Really fun build. Had a blast playing on ptr over the last couple weeks playing this. Looking forward to the new season.SLC1 Apr 17
Apr 15 mirinae + akkan havens fury does mirinae work with akkhan set on heavens fury?SzymeQ3 Apr 15
Apr 13 Rolands BUFF PLEASE!!! Current situation: (4) Set: Increase the damage of Shield Bash and Sweep Attack by 3300%. Change to 3500% (maybe even 4000%). This would make it viable against the Condemn (at least put it closer).ShamWow19 Apr 13
Apr 13 Thorns 4 over 6 Bonus Casual Crusader, here. I've been having fun tanking 500 mobs while I beat the Bejeezus out of one singular guy with 15000% Thorns damage on hit. And now I'm seeing that people have given up on the full set bonus for Andariel's Visage. I haven't found a proper one myself, so I haven 't really messed around with it. But is the Pig Sticker + a megaton of Thorns Damage and Attack Speed enough to achieve the same effect? What've you more experienced player to say on the matter?C2MC5 Apr 13
Apr 11 Weapon Damage Removed? Thorns Invoker I have been looking at the players on the top of the solo Crusader Leaderboards and have noticed something that I do not understand on their gear. On many of these players, on their weapon, they have rolled away the additional damage that all weapons seem to roll with. I'm assuming their is a good explanation for this, but I am confused. On paper, this takes the weapon's DPS from approximately 2,600 dps, to approximately 350 dps. Could someone please help me understand what makes this the ideal thing to do?AverageJoe8 Apr 11
Apr 9 Kinda squishy Finished most of the season over the last couple days, currently playing on Torment VII and I can one shot everything, uber bosses included, but I can't take spears thrown by goatmen. Bleh. Any help would be much appreciated. Still working on farming some better stuff, just need to get less squishy.Thromgrail3 Apr 9
Apr 9 video: "Double Crusader 4man 130 12:20" Hello. Crusaders are really good trashkillers and bosskillers. Thanks! Apr 9
Apr 7 Fist of The Heavens The ability is completely ignored every patch like it doesn't even exist. There is no FotH Shield even though most other sader abilities have a shield for them. There is only a weapon and a belt, but just like the ability it's self they are both completely ignored every patch. FotH is by far my fave sader build PLS BUFF IT it is significantly weaker then every other sader build!!!Link0 Apr 7
Apr 6 FIRE LON > HOLY AKKHAN condemn topic I EDITED TOPIC TITLE Now my condemn is already better then my Akkhan! check last post All this is about only solo play. Best clear with holy setup, near perma aquilla, 90-95% iron skin uptime with AAdendum - 112 or 113, after sader was dead very often. Gear not augumented yet. CDR 55-60 Now profiles are not available so idk what i have current on lon sader, ill post exactly best setup for me after. ------ Fire setup was even more squishy. | used primal str/dual crit/sox Ess of Johan with fire for good pulls. Johan can pull much better then Vacuum, but its ofc on its own cooldown. Lack of Holy Cause heal was a reason fire setups was worse then holy. Overall, i tested many setups included all u talking here in other topics. Nothing was good enough, i dont think its no-aug issue, LoN Condy is just... behind Akkhan and cannot compete even with caldesans and primal rolls. I playd 4-5 hours with it, this is my first impressions, i hope im wrong and after i master gameplay (cdrs from addendum, good interval for mac etc) ill clear higher gr then with Akkhan (118 with akkhan, i hope more with lon). Please share your LoN condemn experiences live 2.6.4 here.Red39 Apr 6
Apr 5 Blood Brother needs to be redesigned *Blood Brother: Grants a 20% chance to block attacks. Blocked attacks inflict 30% less damage. After blocking an attack, your next attack inflicts 30% additional damage. I noticed that Blood brother's "30% additional damage" is not applicable to Roland's Shield Bash, Flail of ascended, Invoker set, and so on. I think the mechanic of 30% damage buff should be changed such that "After blocking an attack, you deal 30% more damage for 1.5 seconds." to fix those problems. Any ideas?Sangyung13 Apr 5
Apr 5 Stone Of Jordan vs Justice Lantern I'm running the Invokers Thorns build. The specs on my Primal Stone of Jordan look pretty nice is Justice Lantern that much better?Doom5 Apr 5
Mar 25 S16 Invoker help I am struggling with my seasonal crusader and was hoping to get some help. I will start off by acknowledging that the problem is most definitely with me as many of you are having great success with the build. The main problem that I have is the build seems so squishy to me. I am around paragon 800ish and get destroyed by any 90+ GR. Yes, I can finish the one that are low 90's but I usually have yellow gear by the end. In comparison my impale dh can do low 100's with ease. All I see are posts about how tanky Invokers sader is but I'm just not seeing it. One of my main problems is managing Akarat's Champion. I can not manage 100% uptime even with %58 CDR and there are often times where I have to wait up to 10 secs before I can activate it again. Any suggestions to help improve this? It feels very awkward to stack CDR so high and still have to fish for blocks to get the bonuses from hulk form. My other problem is that I often get overwhelmed by too many mobs. As I understand it this build is an elite hunter and that's your main goal in a GR. Do you thin out the ranks sometimes or solely just kill the elites and keep rolling? From the few YouTube videos I've watched it seems like you mostly just hit and run but how do you deal with GRs with huge amounts of density? Thanks for taking the time to read this. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Love the class and am determined to get better at it.Bocaine6 Mar 25
Mar 23 Quick Invoker Question I'm I correct in assuming that Critical Hit Chance and Damage doesn't work with Invoker.Doom8 Mar 23
Mar 22 Poison or Incapacitating Thorns? I've got a Crusader who I'm planning on building based around thorns, and therefore named GympieGympie. For those who don't recognize that, it's a name of what I call Mother Nature's Cruciatus, which has written it's other moniker "the Suicide Plant" in blood, is my nomination for the Most Evil Plant Ever, Dendrocnide moroides, which is covered with fine silica hair-like thorns that inject a neurotoxin which is, I understand, ungodly painful and long-lasting (especially as removing the thorns is extremely difficult given their small size). Suffice to say, yet another reason I don't want to live in Australia. Anyways, I have a question for this build, in case I missed something in my dives through what I could find about unique legendary affixes etc (or if I haven't, in case a dev sees this and might be willing to add a new Legendary or whatever for this): Is there any way to convert any amount of Thorns damage (especially the Thorns of the Invoker aura) into poison, acquire specifically poison Thorns damage (too bad Demon's Hide is fire Thorns, not poison), use Thorns damage to trigger some kind of poison damage proc, or else make Thorns apply or trigger a proc to apply any kind of status condition?Avigor3 Mar 22
Mar 22 What can I do to improve my Crusader? Trying to improve my Crusader, my build worked well for a long time but now on higher GRs (level 70+) there's a ton of things that can one-shot me. I have tried maxing out Paragon stats, enchanting gear, doing runs for new gear, etc. Any advice appreciated, here's my build: Mar 22
Mar 21 Is Invoker bugged? My invoker 2pc set do literally 0 area damage, mobs around me and only one going down with life is the one i am hitting. Same Consecration Bed of Nails do literally 0 damage even when Iron Skin turned on. Where is the problem?sanjuro3 Mar 21
Mar 21 Crusader Legendary Items (no set items) This is a list of all of the Legendary Items in D3 that are associated with Crusader only. There are other Legendary gear but these are class specific items that only apply to the crusader. Set Items are not included. Armor: Head: Warhelm of Kassar Legendary Helm Reduce the cooldown and increase the damage of Phalanx by 49%. (Crusader Only) [45 - 60]% Shoulders: None Chest: Armor of the Kind Regent Legendary Chest Armor Smite will now also be cast at a second nearby enemy. (Crusader Only) Wrists: Akkhan's Manacles Legendary Bracers Blessed Shield damage is increased by 442% for the first enemy it hits. (Crusader Only) [400 - 500]% Bracer of Fury Legendary Bracers Heaven's Fury deals 342% increased damage to enemies that are Blinded, Immobilized, or Stunned. (Crusader Only) [300 - 400]% Gabriel's Vambraces Legendary Bracers When your Blessed Hammer hits 3 or fewer enemies, 85% of its Wrath Cost is refunded. (Crusader Only) [75 - 100]% Gloves: None Belt: Sacred Harness Legendary Belt Judgment gains the effect of the Debilitate rune and is cast at your landing location when casting Falling Sword. (Crusader Only) Omnislash Legendary Belt Slash attacks in all directions. (Crusader Only) Pants: Hammer Jammers Legendary Pants Enemies take 342% increased damage from your Blessed Hammers for 10 seconds after you hit them with a Blind, Immobilize, or Stun. (Crusader Only) [300 - 400]% Boots: None Amulet: None Ring: Eternal Union Legendary Ring Increases the duration of Phalanx avatars by 200%. (Crusader Only) Shield: Salvation Legendary Crusader Shield Blocked attacks heal you and your allies for 23% of the amount blocked. (Crusader Only) [20 - 30]% Shield of Fury Legendary Crusader Shield Each time an enemy takes damage from your Heaven's Fury, it increases the damage they take from your Heaven's Fury by 26%. (Crusader Only) [25 - 30]% Hellskull Legendary Crusader Shield Gain 10% increased damage while wielding a two-handed weapon. (Crusader Only) Sublime Conviction Legendary Crusader Shield When you block, you have up to a 16% chance to Stun the attacker for 1.5 seconds based on your current Wrath. (Crusader Only) [15 - 20]% Akarat's Awakening Legendary Crusader Shield Every successful block has a 21% chance to reduce all cooldowns by 1 second. (Crusader Only) [20 - 25]% Jekangbord Legendary Crusader Shield Blessed Shield ricochets to 6 additional enemies and has its damage increased by 256%. [225 - 300]% Hallowed Bulwark Legendary Crusader Shield Iron Skin also increases your Block Amount by 52%. (Crusader Only) [45 - 60]% The Final Witness Legendary Crusader Shield Shield Glare now hits all enemies around you. (Crusader Only) Unrelenting Phalanx Legendary Crusader Shield Phalanx now casts twice. (Crusader Only) Frydehr's Wrath Legendary Crusader Shield Condemn has no cooldown and has its damage increased by 727%, but instead costs 40 Wrath. [600 - 800]% Guard of Johanna Legendary Crusader Shield Blessed Hammer damage is increased by 204% for the first 3 enemies it hits. (Crusader Only) [200 - 250]% Piro Marella Legendary Crusader Shield Reduces the Wrath cost of Shield Bash by [40 - 50]%. Denial Legendary Shield Each enemy hit by your Sweep Attack increases the damage of your next Sweep Attack by 109%, stacking up to 5 times. (Crusader Only) [100 - 125]% Eberli Charo Legendary Shield Reduces the cooldown of Heaven's Fury by 46%. (Crusader Only) [45 - 50]% Vo'Toyias Spiker Legendary Shield Enemies affected by Provoke take double damage from Thorns. (Crusader Only) Ivory Tower Legendary Shield Blocks release forward a Fires of Heaven. (Crusader Only) -------------------------------------------- Weapons: 1H: Axes, Daggers, Spear, Sword, : None Mace: Jace's Hammer of Vigilance Legendary Mace Increase the size of your Blessed Hammers. (Crusader Only) Flails: Gyrfalcon's Foote Legendary Flail Removes the resource cost of Blessed Shield and increases its damage by 319%. (Crusader Only) [275 - 350]% Justinian's Mercy Legendary Flail Blessed Hammer gains the effect of the Dominion rune. (Crusader Only) Swiftmount Legendary Flail Doubles the duration of Steed Charge. (Crusader Only) Darklight Legendary Flail Fist of the Heavens has a 57% chance to be cast twice. (Crusader Only) [45 - 60]% Kassar's Retribution Legendary Flail Casting Justice increases your movement speed by 17% for 2 seconds. (Crusader Only) [15 - 20]% Inviolable Faith Legendary Flail Casting Consecration also casts Consecration beneath all of your allies. Johanna's Argument Legendary Flail Increase the attack speed and damage of Blessed Hammer by 100%. (Crusader Only) 100% Golden Scourge Legendary Flail Smite now jumps to 3 additional enemies. 2H: Polearms, Staves, Axes: None Maces: Skywarden Legendary Two-Handed Mace Every 60 seconds, gain a random Law for 60 seconds. (Crusader Only) Faithful Memory Legendary Two-Handed Sword Each enemy hit by Falling Sword increases the damage of Blessed Hammer by 74% for 10 seconds. Max 10 stacks. (Crusader Only) [60 - 80]% Blade of Prophecy Legendary Two-Handed Sword Two Condemned enemies also trigger Condemn's explosion and the damage of Condemn is increased by 674%. (Crusader Only) [600 - 800]% Cam's Rebuttal Legendary Two-Handed Sword Falling Sword can be used again within 4 seconds before the cooldown is triggered. (Crusader Only) Flails: Flail of the Ascended Legendary Two-Handed Flail Your Shield Glare deals damage equal to up to your last 5 Shield Bash casts. (Crusader Only) 5 Akkhan's Addendum Legendary Two-Handed Flail Akarat's Champion gains the effects of the Prophet and Embodiment of Power runes. (Crusader Only) Fate of the Fell Legendary Two-Handed Flail Heaven's Fury gains two additional rays and has its damage increased by 473%. (Crusader Only) [375 - 500]% Baleful Remnant Legendary Two-Handed Flail Enemies killed while Akarat's Champion is active turn into Phalanx Avatars for 10 seconds. (Crusader Only) Golden Flense Legendary Two-Handed Flail Sweep Attack restores 6 Wrath for each enemy hit and has its damage increased by 269%. (Crusader Only) [225 - 300]% The Mortal Drama Legendary Two-Handed Flail Double the number of Bombardment impacts. (Crusader Only) Akkhan's Leniency Legendary Two-Handed Flail Each enemy hit by your Blessed Shield increases the damage of your Blessed Shield by 17% for 3 seconds. (Crusader Only) [15 - 20]% Ranged: NoneIamLegion3 Mar 21
Mar 19 Why is Lon shotgun not viable as RGK? Back in 2.6.1, it was capable of killing the rift guardian in a 140 in less than 4 minutes with really high paragon with akkhan set. Now Lon does more than triple damage than akkhan. 9750% vs 1500% x2. You lose 50% RCR/CDR and zodiac, but gain more freedom to equip non-set items. Is it because there is no way to maintain your wrath?Dead8 Mar 19
Mar 18 LoN current viability Hi, finally got 13th ancient piece, and i thought bonus damage itself would be enough for t13(gr60) but i am barely doing it. I know some pieces are not ideal, most items are not augmented, but i have feeling that i need to double or triple my damage for gr80+. Are LoN builds still viable these days?sanjuro4 Mar 18
Mar 17 Feamale acheivements Listen to all of the female Crusader's conversations in the Pandemonium Fortress Are you kidding me ? Redoing the same 5 acts witn the same class but as a female which has zero gameplay difference than the male one? Why Blizzard this is stupid!Lidrach3 Mar 17
Mar 16 Shield Bash is back? I'm planing to play Roland Shield Bash in next season. I did the planer an simulation an it seem strong, see below. Link edited thx to all the peoples that reply. It is a buff out version but the normal at 50% strength with nothing also seem above average.Clouts16 Mar 16
Mar 16 What's Best Now I've been away for awhile. What is the most powerful Crusader now and is that what I want to play in Season 16Doom4 Mar 16
Mar 16 Swamp land waders If I cube reroll a pair of swamp land waders, will they roll with strength?Taarna5 Mar 16
Mar 15 Two Conviction Skills? I am new to the game, and I am looking up builds to set up for high GRs. When I look up builds, how do people have two conviction skills? Akarat's and Falling Sword for hammerdin, how is this possible?Amellador2 Mar 15
Mar 14 Invoker: Iron Skin - Reflective Skin I read in one of the threads that Iron Skin - Reflective Skin is additive with I2 but i still see a lot of the build sites recommending it and top clears taking it. Is it worth using for pushing? I am really liking Iron Skin - Flash for mobility. Playing on switch so I cant link my profile.Zog15 Mar 14
Mar 14 Invoker 6pc + Spiker I've been talking to a few people in game and out about the synergy between Spiker and the invoker 6pc set bonus. There are mixed responses on the matter. I have a lot of people saying they have run parcels as well as recalling video footage "frame by frame" stating that the effect spiker does NOT stack with 6pc set bonus (15000% thorn damage to the first enemy hit) I personally use spiker and when i get to the RG i pop provoke first and my initital hit CHUNKS the health bar. I don't have anything else that would chunk the HP bar so is there any way I can get some Blue or Green writing to clarify this please? Does the bonus from Vo'Toyias Spiker stack with the Invoker 6 piece set bonus?Rithious9 Mar 14