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Dec 7 Crusader Compendium: Guides, Builds, & Info ⛨ UPDATED FOR PATCH 2.6.1 ⛨ ... Welcome! This is a reference work created by the Crusader community. Its purpose is to provide a useful resource for players, especially those who are new to the Crusader class. If you're looking for detailed guides, information on skill mechanics, or engaging gameplay streams, you'll find them all in the links below. You can help improve the compendium by posting your own suggestions for what I should include. If any of the threads I've linked seem outdated or irrelevant, please let me know about that as well. Thanks for your support, and stay in the Light. Need some help monitoring your Season 12 Journey? Check out Bagstone's tracker: ... 1. BEGINNER GUIDES & SET DUNGEONS: 2. CRUSADER BUILDS: 3. ITEMS, GEMS, CRAFTING & COSMETICS: 4. GAME MECHANICS: 5. CRUSADER SKILL MECHANICS: 6. STREAMS & GAMEPLAY VIDEOS: 7. COMMUNITY RESOURCES: 8. PATCH NOTES: 9. FIRST DISCUSSION POST: Dec 7
11m Invoker and area damage I started with crusader in new season and I'm wondering if I'm gearing up properly. I realize attack speed is good for increasing stackes etc but what about area dmg? besides 50 in talents and 20 on shoulders (instead of vit) is it worth to sacrifice other stats on say wpn, ring etc for adding more? Other q, are sanguinary vambraces really a better option over heart of iron or leoric? how often they proc? is there an icd? for armor slot in cube mean Finally, since i havent found a blood brother yet, is it worth to use in geom? or there are better options? i use pig sticker in hand. Tnx for any imputMeDatyLt4 11m
11h Guide Roland Sweep Attack for gr110+ edit 27/01/2018 - Reworked it for patch 2.6.1 changes. Added some informations as well as a d3planner link and a grift 115 clear. edit 03/06/2017 - added fire DoT mechanics, boss informations... Hello guys. First of all, the tl;dr d3planner link is at the end of this post. Feel free to skip to it, but do not ask any question unless you read everything else here. As you may or may not know, I am an avid Roland Sweep attack (SA) player. I recently cleared gr115 (see at the end for video), so I thought I would a make a guide on how to gear, what to look for and how to play the grifts. Until some time ago I was advising playing the lightning rune for any kind of push, however I after trying the fire rune instead it turned out to be much better. While still being tanky, you output so much more damage that it's no question which one should be used. I will start by going over the skills, then the gear and stats needed on each piece, and finally I will explain some of the mechanics you should be aware of. But first, I want to be clear : this is a guide on the build I pushed with. You can go for different skills and especially different gems/stats on gear but that would not be the same build as mine then. I focus on having the highest attack speed breakpoint possible for SA (~4.82) and that requires specific rolls on gear. It is not simple to gear for and you might want to check some other builds for more lenient gear specifications. 1/ Skills Unlike some builds where the skills are set and nothing can change, SA offers quite a bit of diversity on skill you want to use. The mandatory ones are : - Sweep attack (Fire) - Iron Skin (Flash rune) - Akkarat's champion (Prophet) - Laws of Valor (Unstoppable force) You cannot do without those. Now the two other skills I settled for are : - Condemn (vacuum) - This one is IMO also mandatory but feel free to try some other skills like Judgement if you don't feel like you need to group mobs better - Steed charge (Draw & quarter) - This is the most controversial choice. But in the end, being able to drag an elite to a place I like and just the ability to skip maps fairly fast outweights the other possibilities available such as provoke (wrath regen against the boss) or judgement (bit more damage). Passives : - Heavenly strength - With the new weapon effect on the golden flense, you might ask yourself : "but why aren't we using a 1-H". Well, as it turns out, gaining 20% (additive) damage but losing roughly 80% (multiplicative) damage, not so great. Of course, in other builds the attack speed from a 1-H matters and counters the damage loss. Here, we already have max attack speed breakpoint so it doesn't. So we use a 2-H, and that's all. - Finery - 15% (multiplicative) damage and 10% armor for free. - Indestructible - You are very tanky once every defensive cooldowns are in use however it does take a couple of seconds to get those going, and you usually lose them when you're moving from pack to pack, especially on map transitions. I would not change this for anything. - Wrathful - This choice is, again, linked to your gear and preference. As of now in 2.6.1, I am running life per hit on my weapon (which is new compared to 2.6.0). I like being tanky. Wrathful gives a lot of health regen throughout the rift, enough to skyrocket your survivability by a lot. If you do not feel like you're dying (maybe for 90-100 speeds), Holy cause is a better choice. I tried both, and felt too squishy without Wrathful. I do not have a good Strongarm bracer with Life per hit either so it's not like I lose a ton of damage. 10% from holy cause is roughly 7% actual damage. Unlike before, where it was like 2%. 2/ Gear If you just want optimal gear choices for (very) high paragon level, just check this d3planner link : This link also includes a couple variation of the build for people who can't find a good flail. Those are not optimal though, so keep that in mind. If for some reason you do not want to use d3planner, here's a rundown of the stats and some insights. Keep in mind, as I said, that it's a very strict build stat wise so if you are having trouble with damage or survivability, make sure that you have all the stats advised. Another important thing to not is that area damage is a stat you should focus on only after you have everything else. It increases your damage by a lot, but only in very specific situations that you probably won't encounter very often until you're pushing high grifts with good gear (because said situations are quite hard to survive if you are low paragon with not so great gear). For that reason, I will here put in brackets what's the next best easy stat to get instead of area damage. - Head : Roland - Str / CHC / %SA / Socket (it's not possible to use vitality here any more due to the change that was made to Golden flense, 15% sweep amounts for at least 10% damage now, which is huge) - Shoulders : Roland - Str / RCR / CDR / %AD [All rez] LPG (you can potentially live without cdr but try not to) - Gloves : Roland - Str / CHC / CHD / %AD [vitality or cdr] (vitality for low paragon is a great help, cdr will help you with champion's uptime which is both more damage and survivability) - Chestpiece : Roland - STR / Vit / Elite dmg reduction (you can go for %life instead of elite damage) // better with secondary rez and no All rez here - Belt : Witching hour - str / vit / %AS / %CHD - You need at least 6% atk speed. 5% is too low, it won't work. - Pants : Roland - str / vit / all rez (keep in mind, if you have a secondary rez, you can't have all rez) - Boots : Roland - str / vit / all rez / %SA / LPG - Bracers :Strongarms - %elem / CHC / str / Life per hit or vitality (if you have LpH on your flail and play with wrathful, you really don't need the LpH. If you don't have LpH on your weapon, go for LpH here. If you have LpH on your weapon and here, you should try going without wrathful - the latter is probably the best damage wise but might be a bit sketchy toughness wise) - Ring 1 - CoE : CHC / CHD / %AD [Str / CDR] / LPG - Ring 2 - Compass rose : Str / CHC / CHD / %AD [CDR / RCR] / LPG - Amulet : Traveler's pledge - %elem / CHC / CHD - Weapon : Golden flense - %AS / %dmg / Life per Hit / Strength / %AD (%dmg is a true 10% damage multiplier. Life per hit is a ton of survivability. Strength is good at low paragon, better than 10% dmg until you have at least 15000 strength without finary. Area damage is great as well, since AD is the last choice here I won't put other recommandations. I'd say, if you have %AD here it's because you can't get a better flail either way) - Shield : Denial - Str / Vit / CHC / RCR or CDR (see the mechanics information below) For all those items, always try to get secondary rez when you can. That is, on helm, gloves, chestpiece, belt, rings, amulet, bracers. I mention LPG on some items, LPG means Life per globe. If you're using wrathful, try to get at least a couple items with it so that you have more life regen. With 100k LPG, you double the healing provided by the passive, which is huge. Also, gold & globe pickup radius is amazing if you can get it. Optimally : boots, pants, helm, belt (if WH) and shoulders. Cubed items : - Furnace - Aquila cuirass - ORotZ Gems : - Bane of the trapped - Bane of the stricken - Gogok of swiftness Follower : - Enchantress with skill +3% ATK Speed is required. Fire can make without it but will need to have perma uptime on law to get the last breakpoint so I would advise against it. - I would advise against using Ess of johan on your enchantress. It can mess up your pulls, and you really don't want that. Pets are too dumb to be trusted. I've heard from sVr90 that she moves only after attacking, so give her the slowest attacking weapon you have (a lvl50 2-H mace will do the trick) so that she attacks the slowest possible and thus moves as little as possible. Legendary potion : - Try to get a potion that gives +30% resource when used below 50% HP. 3/ Mechanics explained Why is fire so great : The fire DoT from sweep can stack (ie : you can have several different ones ticking at the same time) and, as all DoTs, scale on (basically) elemental (elite) sheet DPS (which includes atk speed). Since you have very high atk speed, you have a lot of DoTs ticking and they tick for a lot of damage. Basically, at 4.8 attack speed, you can consider the 120% Weapon Damage (WD) DoT to be a 120*4.8 = ~580 WD DoT, so fire does 480+580 = ~1060% WD per swing, which is more than double what othe runes does (so expect ~4-5 grs difference). Thanks to WorkWorkWork and the chinese community to bring this fact to the US forums so that we can understand why fire is better ! One important thing about fire (compared to lightning) is that it works, throughout the rift, without the need to use Laws of Valor to get its breakpoint. What it means is pretty much that you get much more zodiac procs on actually important skills, especially akkarat's champion. This is the reason you can keep it almost permanently up despite having overall low cdr. Strongarms is, now, a necessary item as it gives 30% (additive) damage which, as it is implied, stacks with the 20% debuff from Heavenly Strength. It's pretty much a true 20% damage multiplier, you just can't ditch something that great. Condemn - Vacuum applies the necessary knockback even if the mob isn't moved, as long as it could have been moved but wasn't due to crowd control resistance. Resource cost reduction, Cooldown reduction and Sweep attack : Laws of valor is a great tool for reducing the wrath cost of sweep attack but by itself, it's not enough to sustain wrath against a pure single target boss like Cold Snap for example. Because it's annoying to get to a boss and not be able to kill it because you run out of wrath, I tried to tech the build with some RCR so that it is possible to sustain against even single target bosses. It's easy to get enough rcr for that, however, it's is hard to do it while keeping enough CDR to keep perma akkarat's champion during the rift. You have the possibility to get RCR on shoulders together with CDR so that's the first thing you should aim for. After that, you have exactly 2 spots left where you get either RCR or CDR without losing actual damage. Those spots are : socketed gem in the helm, and last stat slot on the shield. Whatever you choose to run on one item, you need the other on the other item. So if you have CDR on your shield, you need RCR on your helm, and vice versa. With topaz in the helm, you will have positive wrath gain even against a single target. However, during the rift, you will struggle keeping the champion up 100% of the time. On the other end, with only 8% RCR on the shield, you will still have a slight wrath loss against single target bosses. It's well manageable, especially with the resource recovery potion but keep that in mind. You will have an easier time with akkarat's champion through the rift. Keep in mind that you can always get a boss with adds but you can't get a rift with perma champion, that's the reason I choose to go for CDR in helm and RCR on shield. Of course, if you have a ring with cdr or rcr instead of area damage, this doesn't really matter anymore. 4/ Gameplay Roland is a truck. It is slow but you just get everything in your path and kill it. The way I play it is : 1 - Go into a rift. 2 - If rift is bad, exit game and start from step 1 3 - Find the first pack of trash. You should aim for at least 6% of trash + an elite. 4 - Gather density and scout during the 8 seconds of your CoE following your main damage (so if you're playing fire, that's holy and lightning). 5 - Stop and start attacking during physical (for fire, holy for lightning). Reason is you want the full bonus of endess walk for your main element CoE 6 - If an oculus area spawns, try to go into it. Do that only if you're still hitting the elite. Use Condemn to bring mobs with you to the Oculus area if you do. 7 - Once the pack starts thinning out, start looking for a new one. If you have one elite, use your horse to drag it. If you have several elites, lead them just by baiting. 8 - Always stop to do your fire CoE on the pack even while moving from a spot to another. You should almost always have enough density to get your 5 denial stacks 9 - Find a new spot with trash, go back to step 4 10 - Always be on the lookout for pylons. Pylons come usually every 20 to 30% density. Conduit is the most welcome pylon. Do use power pylons unless you're sure to have the boss soon. Channelling is almost useless, take it if you feel like you need the CDR to survive. Leave it for the boss just in case otherwise. Shield is usually bad for the simple reason that you can't proc your iron skin flash while it's active, which means you can't go into occulus areas. 11 - Boss ! Now you need to start using the law to get the RCR. You should use your potion to get resource as much as possible. I never ran into a boss that could kill me when playing fire, because with diamonds you can tank a lot. If you have a pylon, always wait before taking it UNLESS it is a channeling and you fight with a boss that spawns adds after a certain health threshold. Saxtris comes to mind, so does Voracity and Binder for example. Power is extremely strong on bosses like Saxtris, you can take it at 75-70% and just kill her in a matter of seconds due to very high stricken counts. If you have any question feel free to ask here. Grift 115 clear : My profile : [tl;dr d3planner link] Kikaha205 11h
20h Rolands BUFF PLEASE!!! Current situation: (4) Set: Increase the damage of Shield Bash and Sweep Attack by 3300%. Change to 3500% (maybe even 4000%). This would make it viable against the Condemn (at least put it closer).ShamWow2 20h
1d Make a viable Phalanx build for crusaders hi fellas im a crusade big fan, and I've realized that the crusader could have a viable Phalanx build, and thats could be really cool (like the necromancer rathma pet build),so and I've seen that there are several objects, that with a small increase in power could bring back the King leonidas to the game for example: (the bold letters are my own changes, but they may vary) 1-Eternal Union (Legendary Ring): increases the duration and damage by 200% for Bowmen and Bodyguard runes. 2-Unrelenting Phalanx (Legendary Crusader Shield): increases damage by 450-600%, and casts Phalanx twice per use, either summons twice as many Avatars of the Order, or just summons two waves with a brief delay. 3-Warhelm of Kassar (Legendary Helm): reduces the cooldown and increases the damage of Phalanx by 45-60%. (maybe 150-200% like Mask of Jeram) 4- Baleful Remnant should benefit from runes aswell benefit from Eternal Union and Unrelenting Phalanx (with a little fix ofc). Also Tasker and Theo, Enforcer and could benefit from it, and this will increase the diversity of the crusader and bring back a very fun pet build for saders. THANKSSchyzo21 1d
2d Invoker's flaws, and some ideas to fix it I have come to love playing the Invoker set, as it captures the style of "the enemy breaks upon you" fairly well. Unfortunately, it runs into several viability problems as you go along, and ends up with several problematic issues once you reach higher level GRs. I'd like to put together a list of Invoker's problems, as well as a list of what things could be done to upgrade the set. Problems 1. The Invoker set has poor capabilities against trash mobs. While the Invoker set can quickly rip up bosses, elites, and Rift Guardians, it just doesn't do well against trash at higher difficulties, primarily due to the lack of a "crowd clearing" move. Despite that the build has some synergy with Bombardment, the Barrels of Spikes rune is far too weak and doesn't add any meaningful damage even when used with Invoker. It's also hampered by the fact that the 6pc bonus only applies that Thorns-based bonus damage to the first enemy you hit with any use of Punish or Slash, rendering Slash as ineffective and forcing the player to take Punish for its defensive boosts. 2. The Invoker set lacks any sort of "perfect weapon". When the current BiS for the Invoker set is the Pig Sticker, which only gets the slot because of its attack speed and 5 affixes, you know there's a problem. Even the Hack axe doesn't do very well because its application of Thorns to your attacks is really meant for other classes, not the Crusader. The amount of Thorns applied via Hack is far too weak to be of use to an Invoker. Meanwhile, other build like the Condemn Akkhan build each have a "perfect weapon" that unlocks the build's true potential; in the case of the Condemn build, it's the Blade of Prophecy. But Invoker has no such weapon. This is a serious flaw, and one that must be corrected. 3. Many skill runes that employ Thorns are underwhelming. Examples include Steed Charge - Spiked Barding, the aforementioned Bombardment - Barrels of Spikes, and Consecration - Bed of Nails. These all add Thorns damage to the abilities, but are all so weak that you barely notice any damage at all, even on some lower GRs. Most glaring is the Bombardment rune, as Bombardment is a part of the Invoker set's 4pc bonus. You'd think that a Thorns-related rune would work better with Invoker, but it doesn't. EDIT: Extra flaw I'm adding as a result of comments below. 4. Invoker's clearing capabilities are highly dependent on the enemies you are facing. This is one that's been brought up by other comments. The Invoker's 2pc Thorn procs are highly dependent on what enemies you are facing, being highly ineffective against slow, hard-hitting enemies, and strong against enemies that use rapid attacks. At higher GR's, this matters a lot, and getting a floor with a bunch of Mallet Lords, Dark Berserkers, etc., is a lot more frustrating than a floor with a bunch of Dust Imps, Tormented Stingers, etc. This also applies to enemy Elites and Champions, though to a lesser extent. The issue is that it makes Invoker clears highly inconsistent and far more luck-based than any other set, something that many find frustrating. Now for the changes I would like to suggest. Solutions 1. Add a new weapon that works extremely well with Invoker. Reworking the Hack axe is something others feel would be inappropriate, as other classes make use of it to employ Thorn builds (i.e. Thorn Barbarians, Thorn Necromancers). To accommodate them, it would be best if Blizzard makes an entirely new weapon that works wonders when used with Invoker. Here is an example for a legendary effect that would work: Upon taunting an enemy, deal damage to all enemies within 15 yards equal to X% of your Thorns. This effect would allow Provoke to become a staple skill in the Invoker set for more than just attracting enemy attacks, and would significantly improve the set's trash-clearing ability while not significantly impacting its effectiveness against bosses and Rift Guardians. 2. Update the 6pc effect of Invoker to apply the bonus damage to all enemies hit by your Punish and Slash, not just the first. This would allow Slash to be a viable option by letting you do some cleave with your Thorns damage, and would acceptably come at a price of using Punish in any real builds. Punish would still be the better option for taking out bosses and Rift Guardians, but Slash would be better if your goal is taking out trash mobs. Plus this would allow for some excellent synergy with the Omnislash belt. 3. Upgrade the 4pc bonus to apply the Barrels of Spikes rune to Bombardment and also increase the Thorns bonus to Bombardment. Bombardment plays a big part in Invoker by providing damage resistance, but it should also serve as a viable damage source. Modifying the 4pc bonus (or maybe just upgrading the Barrels of Spikes rune) to make Bombardment deadlier would help a lot with the Invoker build's weakness against trash. I hope that the devs will consider some of these changes. If you have your own ideas, feel free to suggest them.darkdill77 2d
2d Condemn and Latency Hi guys, Just a quick question: Is the mini-cooldown of condemn truly affected by (high) latency? I'm asking because after playing condemn on different ISPs the lag seems to increase the mini-cooldown of condemn (like 1s). Also I noticed that at around 150 to 175 ms latency if I have 10.6 wrath per second, I can more or less maintain 100% uptime on aquila (with akkhans, akarat's champ, and unstoppable force) which shouldn't be the case if I can cast condemn more than once per second. I'm about to push into the 100s and I'm wondering if I'm going to be pushing with a gimped build given my poor latency (over 150ms). Would appreciate any help on this, thank you!Atreus16 2d
3d 1st Time Roland Player needs advice #1 Primal or Ancient Gloves? Primal Gloves STR VIT IAS CHC Which stat to roll off (in favor of CHD)? Ancient Gloves STR 998 CHC 10% CDR 8% Regen -> roll to 50% CHD After all that, which one to use? Thanks! #2 Furnace or Golden Flense Furnace High Damage STR VIT LOH 50% vs Elites Golden Flense Sightly lower (than furnace) Damage range STR VIT LOH 290% Which to use and what stats to roll off? PS. I have never played a Roland Sader before. Now is the 1st time. Heard it is fun and stress free so I am giving it a try.Astig4 3d
4d RGK or any group Sader? Hello, So I made the choice a while ago to only play crusader as I could not keep up between ults. I have deleted all my other class except on barb (just in case). I have mained sader and have been hoarding anything since primals were introduced and have decent gear for most sader builds, but have never really group high GR, so my gems are low. I have never been able to group much, because last season seeker was too much in groups for my computer and this season noone I know was wanting a sader. I had a monk that was zdps for a week or so , but I deleted it as monk is just not for me. Can anyone help me create something that most groups would let me either zdps or rgk or anything group wise with? I have named my ults via the set I am stashing stuff with. So my toon named "fury" is equipped with the set for what could be an RGK, not even sure if I can build an acceptable zdps with a sader, but I would love to, as everyone has just asked me play my barb or monk and I really just want to only sader. Thanks,Fairsky1 4d
4d Frydehr's Wrath is obtainable from Kadala **Update** Finally gambled one from Kadala. 240 Paragon and 12000 bloodshards later.Mdubz61 4d
5d re: Shield of Fury Shield of Fury Each time an enemy takes damage from your Heaven's Fury, it increases the damage they take from your Heaven's Fury by 30%. (Crusader Only) If using Faith of the Fell (3 rays total), does this mean each time I hit the monster with Fires of Heaven the DPS is increased by 90%? Hitting it 5 times will increase HF's damage by 450%? And I assume that this is a separate multiplier to HF Skill bonus. If so, why is it that HF Builds are centered on Ivory Tower and Blessed Ground? Ivory Tower's HF does not proc Shield of Fury so why Blessed Ground? How does Blessed Ground proc Shield of Fury? Does it proc like many times per second or something? I assume that HF from Ivory Tower does not proc Shield of Fury. But HF from Ivory Tower benefits from it. If Holy shotgun (or machinegun) really not that competitive compared to Condemn Saders?Astig8 5d
6d How do you cast Condemn fastest? OK... I understand that top level Condemn Saders cast Condemn like a horny rabbit during mating season. So what is your effing secret? I tried putting that skill on my left most skillbar and press "1" like crazy. Still could not deplete Wrath as fast as I could. I also tried relocating it to all positions (except LMB) and still no go. What is the secret?Astig3 6d
6d How to best get desired set amulet? I'm trying to get the crusader akhan amulet, and the three ways so far are: 1) farm normally, 2) get a random piece of akhan from kadala then convert it with the cube, or 3) just straight up gamble with kadala's amulet. 1) is the default option, so no point going in depth 2) seems attractive because for every time you do option 3, you can instead do option 2 4x times (100 vs 25 bloodshard), but another cost (that option 3 doesnt have) is you have to spent 10 death's breath and forgotten soul, so there is some drawback 3) kinda bad by my intuition (which might be flawed) because I can only gamble 12 times, as opposed to 48 times compared with another set piece, but no DB and FS cost This situation is really unique to set amulet, because any other pieces only cost 25 shards, and so is pretty trivial. Which of these is the better method?Sodalover5 6d
6d Looking for group to start season 13 Hello All, I am going to give season 13 a try, since I have permission from my wife. :-) I am looking for a group of 3 more players to start season 13 leveling at 17:00 PST. It doesn't matter to me what character you will start out with. I will start with my old faithful crusader, and will share with anyone else in the group. I enjoy team work and helping others. I would like to do the challenge rift while we are all level 1 for the items that we get immediately and can be put to immediate use for the blacksmith, mystic, and gem merchant. Afterwards, I would like to follow the leveling techniques that quickly get you to level 70. It should take less than two (2) hours to accomplish in a group setting. One thing I need to mention is that I have a baby that I might have to leave the group for a few moments (it will be close to his bed time an hour after season starts (CST time for me)), so if that is not acceptable to any of you, I understand. Since it's Friday I can be on fairly late and help the paragon leveling push. I learned a lot from season 12 on how to build my crusader, and I would like to challenge myself to improve on my 1500+ paragons of last season. Looking for some mature friendly gamers to assist in the opening of the season. I also have a discord server Codeblue009#0725. Please let me know if you are interested. P.S. My second character will be a pestilence necro once I reach sufficient paragons. I wish you all a successful and promising season 13. Cheers!Codeblue0090 6d
6d Season 13 BEST CRUSADER BUILDS VIDEO: ---- Season 12 is almost there so here's a complete breakdown and overview for ALL BEST possible Crusader Builds out there. I went through all of them during PTR, both old and new, and trust me, this season will be glorious for all Crusaders out there. If you never played the class, never tried Condemn of Holy Shotgun, Sweeper or Thorns, now is the time. I think that crusader might have the most diverse build variety out there with nearly every build reaching GR100 and above. All builds here, as usual: ----- ----- 1) Roland's Blazing/Lightning Sweeper GR100+ --------- 2) Holy Hammerdin GR100+ --------- 3) Thorns of the Invoker GR100+ --------- 4) Akkhan Condemn GR100+ --------- 5) Akkhan Blessed Shield GR100+ --------- 6) Akkhan Holy Machinegun GR100+ --------- 7) Akkhan Invoker V2.0 “MELEE BOMBER” GR100+ For speedfarming i think Condemn might be the best this season, and i also developed my own build for this, check it out: ---- ---- Reliable 2-3 mins clears gathering all legs and DBs with under 2 mill dps. Pretty damn good. Norvald is just as viable as before, even better: 6d
6d Looking for builds advise Hi Crus experts, Possibly I will pick Barb and sub Crus in next Season, due to insufficient game knowledge, I would like to collect some build advises for the following purposes if there have :- 1) Speed Bounties / Rift 2) Upgrade low level gems 3) Group ZDPS 4) Group DPS 5) Solo GR Thanks in advance :)WCLee1 6d
Feb 18 Looking for solo gr90-100 farm build Its time for me to start playing Crusader. Is there a build out there that can do gr90-100's solo in 5-10 mins or less without Caldesann's? If Caldesanns's is needed thats no problem. Just hoping Sader has a solo gr100 build so I can get gems to 100 :)Weez1 Feb 18
Feb 18 Blessed shield - Shadow impale I'm a DH main i play other characters but recently i have seen the blessed shield build for crusaders and i was wondering how much are they alike? As far as play style? I really like the shadows build and its play style but i also like to play other characters and get them atleast to gr 90. If someone could that has played both tell me what you think of them and what is the pros and cons of blessed shield vs shadows impale.Volatile11113 Feb 18
Feb 17 Harnor's Triple Bane Condemn Build Hola Nephalem Crusaders, Below is a url to the walk-through of my Triple Bane Condemn build. It features 5 item changes, 2 items with alternate stat rolls, 3 skill changes, and a legendary gem variance vs the standard build. It is sturdier, survival-aimed, with focus on both mobile and stationary combat. Check out my vid: ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Enjoy, --HarnorHarnor8 Feb 17
Feb 16 Condem Idea? Rename the build to "Holy hand grenade of Antioch" because its all I can think of when I see one. LolViktorLidor0 Feb 16
Feb 16 How will you start new season? Hey guys, I'm returning to D3 after long, long time. Played for a couple of days now just to get things going and remember some stuff,before new season starts, and I'm curious, with Thorn set getting handled from quest rewards, how many of you will go for it right from the start when you hit lvl 70? Is there some other optimal way to start season without gathering 6p starting set? I really never liked that build, played holy shotgun most of the time and other cast-ish builds.vlada4 Feb 16
Feb 14 CHD or AD? So I am running with a 62% CHC, 471% CHD, and 68% AD. Wondering what everyone thinks about swapping 50% CHD for an additional 20% AD? Sweep build, so grouping is important anyway for most of the rift. D3Planner doesn't help much with AD comparisons.ShamWow1 Feb 14
Feb 14 Trouble with johannas Is it just me or is it insanly difficult to find decent versions of Johannas argument and Guard of johanna? I've spent the last 2 nights farming a ton and reroling(mostly Johannas argument) and my god trying to get a decent version, even non ancient is crazy difficult. It feels like both of these items have too many different stats to choose from. I noticed mostly when trying to enchant the shield to get blessed hammer % on it...or is it just me being unlucky?Spartan14 Feb 14
Feb 14 Condemn: Shield Glare vs Provoke Why do I see almost all Crusaders run Provoke: Too Scared to Run over Shield Glare: Divine Verdict? Shield Glare interrupts and prevents attacks from happening, while also increasing all damage enemies take by 20%. Provoke taunts all enemies to attack you and reduces their attack speed by 50% and movement speed by 80%. I never find myself running out of Wrath, not even close. So why do the majority of Crusaders choose Provoke over Shield Glare? Thanks for educating me in advance! :DAnimalMan1 Feb 14
Feb 13 Cleared Greater Rift 104 Hello All, I just cleared a Greater Rift (GR) 104 (time 14:43) and I am officially on the leaderboards. I am currently tied with the guy ranked 856. This is my first time ever making the leaderboard this late in the season. This was one of my main goals for coming back to play Diablo 3 after over a two and a half year absence. Just to give you all a little background on my gameplay. I have only technically played 3 seasons, and I never had the paragon level I have today. The most paragon points prior to this seasons was 866. My Crusader, this season, is of course an Akkhan Condemn Crusader, and this is different from the Shield Bash Crusader I Ioved to play a few years ago. This was actually the last Crusader I played until seasons 12. Now, I watched the YouTube videos, read the Crusader forum, and learned a lot from the community, especially when people were asking about pushing over 100+ GRs. I was actually stuck on 103 today, until I read about equipping the follower correctly. Low and behold, that was the trick to clear 104. What I realized is my game skills are crap. People with less paragon, and not even as good equiment as I have, performed much better than I did on the leaderboards. I tried to do the move around dance, but the shield bash crusader in me likes to mix it up in melee. I only died two (2) times clearing the 104 GR, but I felt very pressed to make it in time. I was having a hard time understanding how to dance around and kill mobs while moving. It would be so much easier if we didn’t have a squishy build. Nevertheless, I know that is something I must improve on. The next thing I realized is I do not understand what mobs to skip immediately. Hell, I just like to try to kill everything I can, but I know that this is a futile endeavor. I was looking for a strategy guide on greater rift for crusaders, but I could not really find one that speaks to our class. Trying to scour all of the forums for strategies, I could not really find what I was looking for. I diffently need to learn to identify mobs that I need to skip better. The third thing I realized was that I was having a hard time optimizing my gear. I had to play with my paragons a little to get more vitality. I wound up putting 100 points in my vitality (paragon vitality). I see crusaders with 3 million plus for damage. I barely got 2.4 million damage with my Cooldown Reduction (CDR) at 56.45. Let me tell you something for those who don’t think a millisecond is a big deal to reactivate Akarats Champion. As soon as my Akarats was done I died as I was hitting the keyboard. That really got me steamed, as all I heard and read was you needed 56% CDR and Akarats Champion was permanent. I wish it would automatically stay active if that was the case. There is so much going on in the game when your in melee, that it would be nice if you achieve permanent Akarats, that it could some how stay active until you die. Oh well, that might be a lazy way out. lol..I digress. Back to the gear. It was very difficult for me to get to 56.45% CDR. I had to sacrifice vitality and damage to get there. Can someone tell me what is a happy medium for stats, that provides maximum damage and CDR? Is there a guide somewhere that has a typical good gear optimization? I know the typical requirements of strength, vitality, CDR, & critical hit chance (CHC), but an outline for gearing would be helpful to achieve more damage. I felt I barely had any damage to plow through the greater rift. Plus I only had two pylons that I could use in the GR 104, Power and channeling. I had no pylon for the rift guardian, which was the small fire breathing dragon (sorry I don’t remember the name) that leaves an embedded hot stamp in the ground. I had to really dance around that one. All in all, I feel good about this season. It was fun playing and meeting new people to play with. I am not sure if I will play next season, as my wife will probably kill me if I play this game again. :-) But I will still look in on these forums and find out what is going on in the world of Diablo 3. I wish you all a wonderful evening and I hope your season 12 is going well for you also. Cheers.Codeblue0094 Feb 13
Feb 11 2.6.1 Crus Fist of the Heavens still not viable. sad... when will this be addressed? Darklight and Khassett is still not enough for higher gr FotH builds.Grimeval3 Feb 11
Feb 11 Is this useful primal? I received primal Hellskull shield today. STR %life RCR Blessed hammer dmg Nothing enchanted with Miriam. I think it's not worth much, but if you can think of something, I'm open ideas.storytime422 Feb 11
Feb 11 Akkhan Holy Machinegun GR100+ Build Hello everyone! One of the craziest builds has arrived! A mix of three old builds using Fate of the Fell and high block chance with infinitely stacking Heaven's Fury. Pretty damn powerful now but very fishy as well, from salt to glory in seconds! -------- VIDEO GUIDE: ========= -- ========= GR100 CLEAR: --- --- As usual you can tune in at my stream to see all builds in action: Feb 11
Feb 10 Greater Rift Techique Help Hello All, I need your help please. I need to understand if people are skipping elite(s) if the density of monsters runs out, and why do you choose to do this. This techique is for higher GRs of 105 plus. Do you stay and fight the elite(s) if the health is very low and no density? Do you skip the elite once density is destroyed? Finally, what elite(s) do you just skip no matter what. I would greatly appreciate your insights on this. Thank you and have a good day. Cheers.Codeblue0095 Feb 10
Feb 10 Wrath issues Hi all, I am running out of wrath as i do not numlock Condem, my CDR is 56.45% Total Wrath is 125 Wrath regen is 7.5 Is it just a case of finding similar gear but with resource cost reduction? Just did a gr 104 solo and para level 1850, currently 432 on leader board..Not sure if im were i should be or higher etc,.... Any help for wrath starve would be great Thankssteve2 Feb 10
Feb 8 Is Furnace really the only way? In regards to Condemn, I feel like other choices besides Furnace get overlooked. Like, what about the 2h Sword Bloodbrother? 20% increased block chance. blocked attacks deal 30% less damage. Next attack after blocking causes next damaging ability to deal 30% increased damage, with Condemn I feel like that would be really good. vs +50% damage to elites.PhearBunny9 Feb 8
Feb 7 Need advice on condemn safer weapon reroll I have been playing a condemn crusader with pretty good results (mostly for pushing GRs) using the primal sword of prophecy you can see equipped on my (male) crusader right now. The sword has 10% damage, strength, and 10% cool down on it. This morning I found another primal sword with 10% cool down reduction and 24% area damage on it for natural rolls. My question is if there's anyway I could reroll the sword to make it superior to the one I am currently using? I must keep the cool down reduction to have full uptime on Akkarat's Champion, so the possibilities I thought of are either keeping it as is or rerolling either strength or AD to 10% damage. Edit (looking at thread title): damn spellchecker!Invictus3 Feb 7
Feb 6 Balance Blessed Shield Runes Please! I am new to the forum and not sure how to tag the forum moderators, but if someone knows, could you please tell the developer to look into balancing the Skill Runes for next patch? Right now "Shattering Throw" is very dominating. But I would love to see these rune adjustments to make other options more viable. 1) Combust - 33% chance to explode fire is too low. With fewer bounce damage bonus (in comparison to Shattering), the chance to explode should be at least 60%. This will make Combust rune skill much more effective. 2) Piercing Shield - I really don't understand why is this rune skill even exist. It is literally useless for many reasons a) doesn't benefit from bouncing bonus b) narrow hitbox c) much lower damage overall. - This rune skill should be buffed to "piercing" PLUS returning bounce (like D2's guided arrow). And the hitbox should increase by 30% instead of the small shield. With this buff, I can see some Crusader players choosing for stronger single target (or linear target) vs automatic bouncing. - Since Piercing Shield won't bounce, the damage should be 600% instead of 430%, and the returning hit portion should be 300%. So a single target will receive 900% with one throw (x 2 hits). 3) Staggering Shield - Again, another useless option. - In addition to "stun effect", the stunned enemies should receive additional 100% damage during stunned duration. This would be an interesting option for players who want the safety of stun, and some damage bonus. 4) Divine Aegis - Another useless option. - The defense buff is way too low to be an attractive option. - I suggest to again 5% Armour, 5% Life Regeneration, and 5% Damage Bonus for 4 Seconds (stack 4 times). - So you get a big defense buff and some offense buff for a balanced approach. Thank you for reading! :)Jibikao5 Feb 6
Feb 6 Condemn vs Blessed Shield Assuming perfect gears on both these builds. (Please correct me if I am wrong) Blade of Prophecy 800% additional Condemn damage Fryder Wrath 800% additional Condemn damage = 9 x9 = x81 With Strongarm Bracer = 9 x 9 x 1.3 = 105.3 But Strongarm Bracer is not consistent; it could not pull GRs nor some of the heavy elites. Gyrfalcon 350% additional BShield damage Jekangboard 300% additional BShield damage Akkhan Manacle 500% additional BShield damage 4.5 x 4.0 x 6.0 = x108 Akkhan's Leniency is another source of DPS, 30% per hit and I and seeing like 15~20 stacks. How/Why is Condemn doing better? Was it because of Akkhan Manacle's 1st target condition? Was it because Condemn skill itself deals more DPS than BShield? PS: What was the BShield nerf during PTR?Astig4 Feb 6
Feb 6 Can i reach GR100 with.. Is it realistic to reliably clear GR100 with Captain America, or do I seriously have to cave in and play Condemn? If it is possible, what do I need to change? I can currently breeze through GR80 with nothing threatening me. GR85+ I clear easily, but take very long to kill RGs, keeping me from pushing into 90. I don't see much room for gains aside from Paragon levels, and Cube Augments. Travelers Pledge set combo would be an improvement, but currently don't have 2 that are itemized right, and don't really see it making that huge of a difference.PhearBunny15 Feb 6
Feb 6 Condemn, I suck at RG part. Hi guys, need help please. Can do t13, but RG fight takes forever. I don’t know what I should be doing. It is condemn build that everyone uses, I think I just suck at it. Should I change stats?Midnight5 Feb 6
Feb 6 Heavens Fury or Condemn bugged? Both remove the cooldown at the cost of wrath. Yet Fury is impacted by attack speed and condemn is not. Is one bugged?Echowild1 Feb 6
Feb 5 Roland: Life per Wrath vs Life per Hit From my understanding: Life per Wrath generates life based on the wrath spent regardless of how many hit. Life per Hit generates life based on how many is hit in that single attack. It could be x2, x3 or x10 if tightly packed. Question1: Guides suggests I get LoH. I am deciding between LpW and LoH Flenses. Would a 2900 LpW be any better to a 31,000 LoH? Question2: Way back in 1.04, I believe the proc chances of LoH was nerfed to a small fraction; a 1000 LoH would effectively be like 100 LoH only. What is the proc coefficient of LoH and LpW to make any difference? Thanks!Astig3 Feb 5
Feb 4 The Problem with Steed Charge "Mount a celestial war horse that allows you to ride through enemies unhindered for 2 seconds." Except not quite most the time i get caught in the middle of a wave of enemies and cant pass thru its bad enough that there is a 16 second cooldown for a 2 second ability but half the time it wont even go thru enemies unhindred either actually its more hindering to use this then something else when im doing rifts i want to be able to run thru enemies and set them on fire with the nightmare rune or chain them with draw and quarter plz blizz fix this also i know this will never happen but could we maybe get an optional wasd or arrow keys for movement and leave the mouse for attack only(just an option that you could toggle)JordanB50011 Feb 4
Feb 3 Akkhan Condemn GR100+ Crusader Build Hello everyone! VIDEO guide: ----- ----- ----- This is the first BRAND NEW Diablo 3 build that's i am gonna make after a long break. Condemn is surprisingly strong on PTR and incredibly cool to play as well. It's a lot of action on the edge of death lol. I cleared GR100 with my version of the build, very mediocre gear and half lvl 80 augments. GR100 CLEAR: The build cleared as high as GR109 with similar setup but much better gear and much higher paragon and augments. As usual you can tune in at my stream to see all builds in action: Feb 3
Feb 2 Number 8 Crusader Hitting Hard Hello All, I know this player most likely BOTs, so that is not what I am impressed with. But watching his video, his Condemn Crusader’s lowest damage output was 2 trillion, and his highest was 51 trillion! Now that is some awesome firepower. I wish I had half of that to make my push on the leaderboards. My season goal is just to make it on the boards, but first I need to get better rolled gear. I especially like using the speed farming rift crusader build. Very impressive indeed on how fast it clears rifts. Happy hunting all.Codeblue0095 Feb 2
Feb 1 Is Block better than AR/DR gear? For sometime now, I have been keeping gears with high block chance (Justice Lantern, Shields with +11%+ block chance and such). But is Block better than AR/DR gears? I do plan on playing a sader (in particular a Machinegun) with high block but is that even worth it?Astig2 Feb 1
Jan 27 Help with Grift 100 I’m currently stuck on 97. My gear upgrades have become few and far between. My problem lies with survivability not damage. I did try endless walk but same results. I feel like I’m missing something with skills or gems. I did try Decaying Strength and Indestructible with rubies and diamonds. Any help would be appreciated!Soldier39 Jan 27
Jan 27 gr 100 solo with Hammerdin in 2 tries Don't know how high it can go but im very pleased with the changes :) was kinda worried that i had to refarm my sader for another build to get the 100 done. anyone else enjoying hammers ? Don't think i would do hammers in season thoughSuperFoolDk3 Jan 27
Jan 27 Is Swiftmount obsolete? Norvald is here, is Swiftmount obsolete?Astig2 Jan 27
Jan 26 noob needs help on Urzael Looking for advice how to continue with Chapter IV my seasonal Crusader. Stuck @ Urzael and spent 700k on repairs. Tried with hammers, blessed shield, justice ( all of them buffed with legendary or Set bonus). Alas my best achievement was down to 480M, boss already in enrage and my horse refusing to move away from fire. Essentially my question is what numbers for damage/toughness should have in order to succeed or the only way is to get fire immunity item? Perhaps also on suitable skill to use?BrutalForce4 Jan 26
Jan 26 Will LON Bomber return? I got some LON Bomber gears from several seasons ago just taking space in a mule. I wonder if I should salvage these in favor of Invoker, or keep it in case LON is buffed in the future. thanks!Astig4 Jan 26
Jan 24 Crusader Stats or Necro Stats? Sader shld drops for Necro. In stash, have Sader ID. Necro or Sader stats?MJOLNOR5 Jan 24
Jan 23 What build uses Hallowed Bulwark? Found a primal with CC and CDR. Wondering if it is still garbage or a keeper. thanksAstig2 Jan 23