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Dec 7 Crusader Compendium: Guides, Builds, & Info ⛨ UPDATED FOR PATCH 2.6.1 ⛨ ... Welcome! This is a reference work created by the Crusader community. Its purpose is to provide a useful resource for players, especially those who are new to the Crusader class. If you're looking for detailed guides, information on skill mechanics, or engaging gameplay streams, you'll find them all in the links below. You can help improve the compendium by posting your own suggestions for what I should include. If any of the guides I've linked seem outdated or irrelevant, please let me know about that as well. Thanks for your support, and stay in the Light. Need some help with your Season 15 Journey? Check out Bagstone's tracker: ... 1. BEGINNER GUIDES & SET DUNGEONS: 2. CRUSADER BUILDS: 3. ITEMS, GEMS, CRAFTING & COSMETICS: 4. GAME MECHANICS: 5. CRUSADER SKILL MECHANICS: 6. STREAMS & GAMEPLAY VIDEOS: 7. COMMUNITY RESOURCES: 8. PATCH NOTES: 9. FIRST DISCUSSION POST: Dec 7
46m Crusader's Rolands Sweep Attack Does anyone have some good pointers on how to run this build. It appears to be mostly close in melee, with sweep attack and shield bash. I generally run a way of light monk that does no good melee damage, but one shots most everything with the on target wave of light. How do I get some good area damage with the Roland's build?Avalon4 46m
2h [Guide] Roland Sweep Attack for gr110+ edit 27/01/2018 - Reworked it for patch 2.6.1 changes. Added some informations as well as a d3planner link and a grift 115 clear. edit 03/06/2017 - added fire DoT mechanics, boss informations... Hello guys. First of all, the tl;dr d3planner link is at the end of this post. Feel free to skip to it, but do not ask any question unless you read everything else here. As you may or may not know, I am an avid Roland Sweep attack (SA) player. I recently cleared gr115 (see at the end for video), so I thought I would a make a guide on how to gear, what to look for and how to play the grifts. Until some time ago I was advising playing the lightning rune for any kind of push, however I after trying the fire rune instead it turned out to be much better. While still being tanky, you output so much more damage that it's no question which one should be used. I will start by going over the skills, then the gear and stats needed on each piece, and finally I will explain some of the mechanics you should be aware of. But first, I want to be clear : this is a guide on the build I pushed with. You can go for different skills and especially different gems/stats on gear but that would not be the same build as mine then. I focus on having the highest attack speed breakpoint possible for SA (~4.82) and that requires specific rolls on gear. It is not simple to gear for and you might want to check some other builds for more lenient gear specifications. 1/ Skills Unlike some builds where the skills are set and nothing can change, SA offers quite a bit of diversity on skill you want to use. The mandatory ones are : - Sweep attack (Fire) - Iron Skin (Flash rune) - Akkarat's champion (Prophet) - Laws of Valor (Unstoppable force) You cannot do without those. Now the two other skills I settled for are : - Condemn (vacuum) - This one is IMO also mandatory but feel free to try some other skills like Judgement if you don't feel like you need to group mobs better - Steed charge (Draw & quarter) - This is the most controversial choice. But in the end, being able to drag an elite to a place I like and just the ability to skip maps fairly fast outweights the other possibilities available such as provoke (wrath regen against the boss) or judgement (bit more damage). Passives : - Heavenly strength - With the new weapon effect on the golden flense, you might ask yourself : "but why aren't we using a 1-H". Well, as it turns out, gaining 20% (additive) damage but losing roughly 80% (multiplicative) damage, not so great. Of course, in other builds the attack speed from a 1-H matters and counters the damage loss. Here, we already have max attack speed breakpoint so it doesn't. So we use a 2-H, and that's all. - Finery - 15% (multiplicative) damage and 10% armor for free. - Indestructible - You are very tanky once every defensive cooldowns are in use however it does take a couple of seconds to get those going, and you usually lose them when you're moving from pack to pack, especially on map transitions. I would not change this for anything. - Wrathful - This choice is, again, linked to your gear and preference. As of now in 2.6.1, I am running life per hit on my weapon (which is new compared to 2.6.0). I like being tanky. Wrathful gives a lot of health regen throughout the rift, enough to skyrocket your survivability by a lot. If you do not feel like you're dying (maybe for 90-100 speeds), Holy cause is a better choice. I tried both, and felt too squishy without Wrathful. I do not have a good Strongarm bracer with Life per hit either so it's not like I lose a ton of damage. 10% from holy cause is roughly 7% actual damage. Unlike before, where it was like 2%. 2/ Gear If you just want optimal gear choices for (very) high paragon level, just check this d3planner link : This link also includes a couple variation of the build for people who can't find a good flail. Those are not optimal though, so keep that in mind. If for some reason you do not want to use d3planner, here's a rundown of the stats and some insights. Keep in mind, as I said, that it's a very strict build stat wise so if you are having trouble with damage or survivability, make sure that you have all the stats advised. Another important thing to not is that area damage is a stat you should focus on only after you have everything else. It increases your damage by a lot, but only in very specific situations that you probably won't encounter very often until you're pushing high grifts with good gear (because said situations are quite hard to survive if you are low paragon with not so great gear). For that reason, I will here put in brackets what's the next best easy stat to get instead of area damage. - Head : Roland - Str / CHC / %SA / Socket (it's not possible to use vitality here any more due to the change that was made to Golden flense, 15% sweep amounts for at least 10% damage now, which is huge) - Shoulders : Roland - Str / RCR / CDR / %AD [All rez] LPG (you can potentially live without cdr but try not to) - Gloves : Roland - Str / CHC / CHD / %AD [vitality or cdr] (vitality for low paragon is a great help, cdr will help you with champion's uptime which is both more damage and survivability) - Chestpiece : Roland - STR / Vit / Elite dmg reduction (you can go for %life instead of elite damage) // better with secondary rez and no All rez here - Belt : Witching hour - str / vit / %AS / %CHD - You need at least 6% atk speed. 5% is too low, it won't work. - Pants : Roland - str / vit / all rez (keep in mind, if you have a secondary rez, you can't have all rez) - Boots : Roland - str / vit / all rez / %SA / LPG - Bracers :Strongarms - %elem / CHC / str / Life per hit or vitality (if you have LpH on your flail and play with wrathful, you really don't need the LpH. If you don't have LpH on your weapon, go for LpH here. If you have LpH on your weapon and here, you should try going without wrathful - the latter is probably the best damage wise but might be a bit sketchy toughness wise) - Ring 1 - CoE : CHC / CHD / %AD [Str / CDR] / LPG - Ring 2 - Compass rose : Str / CHC / CHD / %AD [CDR / RCR] / LPG - Amulet : Traveler's pledge - %elem / CHC / CHD - Weapon : Golden flense - %AS / %dmg / Life per Hit / Strength / %AD (%dmg is a true 10% damage multiplier. Life per hit is a ton of survivability. Strength is good at low paragon, better than 10% dmg until you have at least 15000 strength without finary. Area damage is great as well, since AD is the last choice here I won't put other recommandations. I'd say, if you have %AD here it's because you can't get a better flail either way) - Shield : Denial - Str / Vit / CHC / RCR or CDR (see the mechanics information below) For all those items, always try to get secondary rez when you can. That is, on helm, gloves, chestpiece, belt, rings, amulet, bracers. I mention LPG on some items, LPG means Life per globe. If you're using wrathful, try to get at least a couple items with it so that you have more life regen. With 100k LPG, you double the healing provided by the passive, which is huge. Also, gold & globe pickup radius is amazing if you can get it. Optimally : boots, pants, helm, belt (if WH) and shoulders. Cubed items : - Furnace - Aquila cuirass - ORotZ Gems : - Bane of the trapped - Bane of the stricken - Gogok of swiftness Follower : - Enchantress with skill +3% ATK Speed is required. Fire can make without it but will need to have perma uptime on law to get the last breakpoint so I would advise against it. - I would advise against using Ess of johan on your enchantress. It can mess up your pulls, and you really don't want that. Pets are too dumb to be trusted. I've heard from sVr90 that she moves only after attacking, so give her the slowest attacking weapon you have (a lvl50 2-H mace will do the trick) so that she attacks the slowest possible and thus moves as little as possible. Legendary potion : - Try to get a potion that gives +30% resource when used below 50% HP. 3/ Mechanics explained Why is fire so great : The fire DoT from sweep can stack (ie : you can have several different ones ticking at the same time) and, as all DoTs, scale on (basically) elemental (elite) sheet DPS (which includes atk speed). Since you have very high atk speed, you have a lot of DoTs ticking and they tick for a lot of damage. Basically, at 4.8 attack speed, you can consider the 120% Weapon Damage (WD) DoT to be a 120*4.8 = ~580 WD DoT, so fire does 480+580 = ~1060% WD per swing, which is more than double what othe runes does (so expect ~4-5 grs difference). Thanks to WorkWorkWork and the chinese community to bring this fact to the US forums so that we can understand why fire is better ! One important thing about fire (compared to lightning) is that it works, throughout the rift, without the need to use Laws of Valor to get its breakpoint. What it means is pretty much that you get much more zodiac procs on actually important skills, especially akkarat's champion. This is the reason you can keep it almost permanently up despite having overall low cdr. Strongarms is, now, a necessary item as it gives 30% (additive) damage which, as it is implied, stacks with the 20% debuff from Heavenly Strength. It's pretty much a true 20% damage multiplier, you just can't ditch something that great. Condemn - Vacuum applies the necessary knockback even if the mob isn't moved, as long as it could have been moved but wasn't due to crowd control resistance. Resource cost reduction, Cooldown reduction and Sweep attack : Laws of valor is a great tool for reducing the wrath cost of sweep attack but by itself, it's not enough to sustain wrath against a pure single target boss like Cold Snap for example. Because it's annoying to get to a boss and not be able to kill it because you run out of wrath, I tried to tech the build with some RCR so that it is possible to sustain against even single target bosses. It's easy to get enough rcr for that, however, it's is hard to do it while keeping enough CDR to keep perma akkarat's champion during the rift. You have the possibility to get RCR on shoulders together with CDR so that's the first thing you should aim for. After that, you have exactly 2 spots left where you get either RCR or CDR without losing actual damage. Those spots are : socketed gem in the helm, and last stat slot on the shield. Whatever you choose to run on one item, you need the other on the other item. So if you have CDR on your shield, you need RCR on your helm, and vice versa. With topaz in the helm, you will have positive wrath gain even against a single target. However, during the rift, you will struggle keeping the champion up 100% of the time. On the other end, with only 8% RCR on the shield, you will still have a slight wrath loss against single target bosses. It's well manageable, especially with the resource recovery potion but keep that in mind. You will have an easier time with akkarat's champion through the rift. Keep in mind that you can always get a boss with adds but you can't get a rift with perma champion, that's the reason I choose to go for CDR in helm and RCR on shield. Of course, if you have a ring with cdr or rcr instead of area damage, this doesn't really matter anymore. 4/ Gameplay Roland is a truck. It is slow but you just get everything in your path and kill it. The way I play it is : 1 - Go into a rift. 2 - If rift is bad, exit game and start from step 1 3 - Find the first pack of trash. You should aim for at least 6% of trash + an elite. 4 - Gather density and scout during the 8 seconds of your CoE following your main damage (so if you're playing fire, that's holy and lightning). 5 - Stop and start attacking during physical (for fire, holy for lightning). Reason is you want the full bonus of endess walk for your main element CoE 6 - If an oculus area spawns, try to go into it. Do that only if you're still hitting the elite. Use Condemn to bring mobs with you to the Oculus area if you do. 7 - Once the pack starts thinning out, start looking for a new one. If you have one elite, use your horse to drag it. If you have several elites, lead them just by baiting. 8 - Always stop to do your fire CoE on the pack even while moving from a spot to another. You should almost always have enough density to get your 5 denial stacks 9 - Find a new spot with trash, go back to step 4 10 - Always be on the lookout for pylons. Pylons come usually every 20 to 30% density. Conduit is the most welcome pylon. Do use power pylons unless you're sure to have the boss soon. Channelling is almost useless, take it if you feel like you need the CDR to survive. Leave it for the boss just in case otherwise. Shield is usually bad for the simple reason that you can't proc your iron skin flash while it's active, which means you can't go into occulus areas. 11 - Boss ! Now you need to start using the law to get the RCR. You should use your potion to get resource as much as possible. I never ran into a boss that could kill me when playing fire, because with diamonds you can tank a lot. If you have a pylon, always wait before taking it UNLESS it is a channeling and you fight with a boss that spawns adds after a certain health threshold. Saxtris comes to mind, so does Voracity and Binder for example. Power is extremely strong on bosses like Saxtris, you can take it at 75-70% and just kill her in a matter of seconds due to very high stricken counts. If you have any question feel free to ask here. Grift 115 clear : My profile : [tl;dr d3planner link] Kikaha229 2h
1d Help with invoker build I know I'm missing ancients with augments with higher thorns rolls on secondary but I'm having a hard time at GR75 with this current setup. I'm at 53% CDR, 2.4 IAS, and 107% AD on sheet. It's not necessarily damage i'm having an issue with as much as survivability. Is diamonds in sockets better to do until I get more ancients? I'm basically trying to get to a point where I can run 90's for xp and gems. I'm used to playing necro RGK but kinda tired of doing that because it's so group dependent. are any of my skills an passives wrong? just looking for advice from people who can run GR85+ efficient. thanks in advanceFade2Black6 1d
1d I am so disappointed on the Invoker set I am new to the Crusader. I choose to level up this alt to become my main because I thought a Thorn set is the perfect class fantasy as a tank. When I had 4 pieces of the set it was incredible. The AOE was marvelous and I was having a blast inside the perfect class fantasy I wanted with this set. But as soon I got 6 pieces.... 95 - 98%% of the damage went to my auto-attack... ?! Now the class fantasy is dead, I became a 1 button spam fest. Can Blizzard fix the Invoker set? Is there a way where you can tone down the single target damage and balance to the AOE? Edit: I am so disappointed that I will change to another crusader set. This set is unbearable, unfun, and my hand is hurting from so much auto-attack spamming. It is a shame.Nostari12 1d
3d Blessed Shield+Area Dmg interaction question Fellow Crusaders, Recently I've watched a video by Quin69 about area damage and started to think about getting some of this affix into my build, witch is Captain America (Akhan set + Gyrfalcon Foote + Jakenboard for those unfamiliar). My questions, if someone knows about the subject are: 1 - Does the "smaller shields", spawned by the Shattering Throw rune, procs area damage or just the main shield? 2 - Does the explosion created by the Combust rune procs area damage or just the main shield? So far I totally ignored area damage on my build, and although I'm clearing GR98 solo right now (non-season), I started to feel like I'm reaching the higher that I can with my current setup. Thanks in advance for your help. The mentioned video: 3d
3d S15 as Sader What Kadala drop U looking 4? This will be my first Season starting a Sader, normally I'm a Monk or Witch Doctor. Next Friday, September 21st 8pm Eastern, I'll have the CR done then once in town try to get Kadala to drop one of these two as a lvl 1 sader starting out: 1 Hand Flail - Johanna's Argument or Crusader Shield - Guard of Johanna (not sure yet what I'll hit Kadala for.) Both of which drop at lvl 1 from Kadala. What are the other Sader peeps doing in their Kadala after CR?AdiPurusa2 3d
3d YAY for 2K!!! What a grueling and challengingly frustrating yet rewarding experience. Persistence pays, as I was able to mix it up enough between group and solo play to gain 2000 paragons this season, the most I've ever attained and the second to last seasonal goal. The only goal left is to give it my all and see how far on can push on an AD spec more than 50%. Just thought I would share my relief and gratitude with everyone. I didnt get but 1 useable primal Set item (but x2 Akkhan chest armor pieces), but scored some luck on some quad shoulders and an AD weapon for 92% overall AD. I've never really pushed the LBs with mroe than 50% so hopefully it will be rewarding and not disappointing. Only thing left to do is a last push on the LBs. Good Luck to all in the last week of the season! :DKingArthur2 3d
3d Frydehr's Wrath drop rate? I must have spent all of about 9k on Kadala and Frydehr's Wrath still had yet to show. I must have gotten every other shield but FW. What is up with this thing? Is there another place to farm it with better results?KingKoopaTho12 3d
3d Speed Pets build above GR50 ? Hi Crusaders mates ! Just been "fooling" with the class, to conclude this season. ; ) And I was wondering if there was any pets build able to do above T11or GR 50 at a good speed (less than 4 min) ? I have been using something which is very close to this ( and been able to do an around average 3min 15s clear time at GR50. I tested different combos (including baleful remnant and eternal union) but it seems that's the best I could achieve. However, above GR50, it's really becoming slow (close to 5 min). So, besides rolling some phalanx dmg on the helm and boots, any ideas, please ? Thank you ! : )Gelador10 3d
Sep 7 Frydehr's wrath drop restriction? Hey guys, quick question about frydehr's wrath, does this shield only drop from certain places or tiers of gr or something? People tell me its just a regular unrestricted drop but I've spent well over 30000 rubies and hundreds of dbs rolling shields, and been run through countless tier 70 grs and still haven't seen this shield drop. It's been nearly 3 full days of nonstop farming rubies and db's and GRs and still nothing, and the impale build I've been using to farm runs tier 70s in about 3 minutes. As you know the condemn build doesn't function without this shield. I've seen countless legendary shields of other varieties. I feel I've passed the point of mathematical odds and there has to be something else going on. I was thinking about submitting a bug report TBH but I wanted to ask people if anyone else knows anything first.Plaje14 Sep 7
Aug 31 Can someone link a Captain America build? I want to see how these are geared. Leaderboards aren't helpful for obvious reasons, but I miss the old Jekangbord/Gryphalcon's Foote build where you'd wipe out a whole room with a few shields.Cartman25465 Aug 31
Aug 29 best elemental dmg type for solo sader GR? I see a lot of variations at the top of the leaderboard, which is actually best? I've seen fire, holy and physical all in the top ten. I have most of the gear with the exception of the Akkhan talisman, can anyone help me with preferable secondary/primary stat rolls and general gameplay in rifts? I find that I'm squishy even in T13 and assume I'm doing something wrong. This is the toon in question: I've been away for quite a while so I still need to CD ancient gear and my para is low, but T13 should be a breeze based on how high saders are going in GR. By comparison my SWK monk kills things just by looking at them in T13. Any help is appreciated, thanks.Cartman25464 Aug 29
Aug 29 Seat Gear So maybe I missed something in the notes? I was hoping to have do the thorns build again this season. But the gear that drops is much different than I had hoped. Is there a certain way to get the set I want? I missed last season so maybe something changed. But any help would be appreciated.Mylerian2 Aug 29
Aug 26 Looking for a build where I use my weapon In a way that, you hit the enemy with your weapon, a melee build. Which one do you think would cover that? Is the holy machine gun like that at all? Or just sweeper? Thanks.GoosePants10 Aug 26
Aug 23 Really need help to learn how to play Condemn I am a new player to Diablo 3 and have only pushed ~700 paragon levels this season. When reading up on posts online and builds, most people claim Condemn is the best build to play, when comparing Thorn (Invoker) and Condemn (Akkhan). I have pushed to around GR 80 as Thorns, only having 3 ancient items (I might be able to push even further). However, I have gathered full Akkhan and, according ti Rhykkers Condemn guide, I have 5 ancient items for his build, but I can't even kill 30 enemies in T13 normal rift without dying (again - compare to Thorns where I clear GR80 by myself). What am I doing wrong? I am doing my best to follow guides online (read up on Icy Veins & seen Rhykkers movies). I am greatful for all helpBolp16 Aug 23
Aug 22 GR 100+ help. Currently I have two GR100 clearing capable condemn builds. One being Compass Rose/Travelers Pledge/Convention of Elements. Cubed Unity. The other being, Focus+Restraint+Akkahns neck(cubed unity) with Illusory boots They both perform relatively equally, I know with the 2nd build im supposed to be cubing Convention of Elements over Unity, but surviving is a problem. Im dying instantly to anything without Unity, and unsure of what I need to change to fix this.PhearBunny28 Aug 22
Aug 21 Could use some advice on Cpt. America Hi guys, I'm not much of a pro player and a few days back I started my Cpt America Crusader whom btw i really got to like :) 1. Could u please take a look at my build and state in order of importance what I shall focus on? 2. And this Akkhan Leniency's really getting to me as I cannot get the damn thing :( what is the lowest level it can drop / be cubed / gambled? Maybe I could build an alt sader and try with him to push the odds slightly in my favour? I used to do the trick with clvl 1 necro to get The Ring Julians Love 3. GR80 will be doable with this build? Btw, is there a web page with items that would give lowes level the item can drop?JackTheDark5 Aug 21
Aug 19 Condemn - Wrath Management? Hi there, just wondering how everyone manages their wrath for condemn builds? I'm running around and within 5 condemns I'm out of wrath it seems. Usually I have to stop condemning and run around gather mobs while my wrath regens again. Is this normal? I ask because I watched a few youtube vids and the saders run around with almost infinite wrath and when it does pop down, usually about 30% left it instantly goes to full again? Examples: GR 128 Clear - GR 100 Clear - Aug 19
Aug 18 MOST VALUE IN REFORGE I have enough materials to reforge about 120 times. The plan was to get myself a primal Furnace but Im not sure anymore that the weapon will give me the most value on my crusader. I tried different scenarios i D3Planner but the choice isn't clear to me. Please have a look: Is it worth farming for a primal Furnace just to get like 100K more dps (+4% on elites)? Or should I focus on upping the condemn dmg from the shield. Or get rings with Crit dmg and/or up the crit dmg on gloves and amulet? What has the biggest impact on DPS?Nasibi10 Aug 18
Aug 17 GR50+ Solo in under one day of playing You will need to get high CDR and use Akarat's Champion all the time, becouse in the second this is inactive you will die. Akarat's Champion will use Obsidian Ring to recover cooldown. When you will remain without Primary Resource, use Provoke skill to use it, in fights, or standing alone. You will be able to complete dugeon T50+ with this set in under 5 min. Aug 17
Aug 17 More then 56% CDR for Condemn? Hi, I see a lot of players in the leaderboard having more then 56% CDR on their Condemn build. I don't have CDR on my shield as I have full CDR on all other gear, which brings me up to 56,xx% CDR. So as I understand it I don't need it on my shield and can focus on DMG instead. The others players in the top have the same 56,xx% CDR but still have rolled CDR on the shield as well. Is there a reason for this? Is it worth having the extra CDR instead of more DMG to extend the uptime on Iron Skin, Law and Provoke? Perhaps when casting condemn every 600ms the extra CDR can help with Wrath issues?Nasibi10 Aug 17
Aug 17 Akarat's dropping Over the last day or so, I have been noticing that my Akarat's has been dropping quite often, even though I have 59% CDR. Sometimes this occurs as early as halfway through the spell (i.e., leaving me without the spell's benefit with half the cooldown to go until it recasts). I have been watching this closely, and it is occurring very often now. Is anyone else noticing this? I am wondering if it is a recent bug.Dante003 Aug 17
Aug 15 String of Ears For the life of me I can't seem to find an Ancient String of Ears. Is there a secret to this?Doom5 Aug 15
Aug 14 Help: 3 Players Crusader Build Looking onto the leaderboard there are no crusader in the main composition of 3 players comp. My friends play Monk and Barbarian and i'd like to play Crusader in this comp, any help?Xardian3 Aug 14
Aug 14 Invoker still the same build? Hi all! I was checking my old I6 build to see the updates and... According to It's the same build since... 2 years ago or something? No Hack, no Vo'Toyias Spiker, no Sanguine Vambraces? Has nothing really changed for the build? Thanks!Frost4 Aug 14
Aug 13 Which Akkhan chest is better? 1. 650 str 556 vit rolled 15% condemn damage +204 cold damage vs 2. 627 str 610 vit 11% condemn damage reduced ranged damage by 7% +244 exp unrolled I can roll the second one, +244 exp to physical damage... and with the 7% reduced range damage will vastly improve toughness (correct toughness with phyiscal), but the 11% condemn damage is kinda low. The first one has 15% condemn damage, but doesn't have the right resist, so its more glass cannon. Which one is better? DPS over toughness for this build as you tend to move out of damage with illusionary boots I guess?Armisal11 Aug 13
Aug 12 Fix for Blessed Shield Blessed Shield really does not make any sense when used with the Akkhan set. 2 set is useless since no resource is used and having to get your cooldown over 56% is way to limiting. Instead add Blessed Shield to the Rolands set. cooldown is taken care of by the 2pc and no akarats champion needed except as a situation buff. 6 pc handles the attack speed that you must have to make blessed shield work thoughts?Jeorge2 Aug 12
Aug 10 Make a viable Phalanx build for crusaders hi fellas im a crusade big fan, and I've realized that the crusader could have a viable Phalanx build, and thats could be really cool (like the necromancer rathma pet build),so and I've seen that there are several objects, that with a small increase in power could bring back the King leonidas to the game for example: (the bold letters are my own changes, but they may vary) 1-Eternal Union (Legendary Ring): increases the duration and damage by 200% for Bowmen and Bodyguard runes. 2-Unrelenting Phalanx (Legendary Crusader Shield): increases damage by 450-600%, and casts Phalanx twice per use, either summons twice as many Avatars of the Order, or just summons two waves with a brief delay. 3-Warhelm of Kassar (Legendary Helm): reduces the cooldown and increases the damage of Phalanx by 45-60%. (maybe 150-200% like Mask of Jeram) 4- Baleful Remnant should benefit from runes aswell benefit from Eternal Union and Unrelenting Phalanx (with a little fix ofc). Also Tasker and Theo, Enforcer and could benefit from it, and this will increase the diversity of the crusader and bring back a very fun pet build for saders. THANKSSchyzo25 Aug 10
Aug 9 Has anybody tried this build ever? Hi all, Has anybody tried this build ever? if it's nice?QuangVu2 Aug 9
Aug 9 Finally Cleared T 100!! Yes, I guess I could have done it awhile ago, just never done it. My gear isn't the best and needs help.. but, I did! Yaasss Queen!! loljeXus3 Aug 9
Aug 8 build help not use to running a crusader I know I need 56 % cd and have that but what else should I have on my season crusaderwarmouse4 Aug 8
Aug 8 Season 14 BEST CRUSADER BUILDS VIDEO: ---- Season 13 is almost there so here's a complete breakdown and overview for ALL BEST possible Crusader Builds out there. I went through all of them during PTR, both old and new, and trust me, this season will be glorious for all Crusaders out there. If you never played the class, never tried Condemn of Holy Shotgun, Sweeper or Thorns, now is the time. I think that crusader might have the most diverse build variety out there with nearly every build reaching GR100 and above. All builds here, as usual: ----- ----- 1) Roland's Blazing/Lightning Sweeper GR100+ --------- 2) Holy Hammerdin GR100+ --------- 3) Thorns of the Invoker GR100+ --------- 4) Akkhan Condemn GR100+ --------- 5) Akkhan Blessed Shield GR100+ --------- 6) Akkhan Holy Machinegun GR100+ --------- 7) Akkhan Invoker V2.0 “MELEE BOMBER” GR100+ For speedfarming i think Condemn might be the best this season, and i also developed my own build for this, check it out: ---- ---- Reliable 2-3 mins clears gathering all legs and DBs with under 2 mill dps. Pretty damn good. Norvald is just as viable as before, even better: Aug 8
Aug 8 Best roll for primal blade of prophecy?? I just got a primal blade of prophecy. It has strength, area damage and cool down. What should I roll for the 10% damage?? Or do I leave it as is? Thanks :)VeryUpsetMob5 Aug 8
Aug 5 Remove Akarats Champion MORPH! Everyone hates it. All those cool transmogs and you're stuck as the same green hulk everyone else is. Remove the morph and just make everyone grow in size when in Akarat form! Or at least make the hulk wear our transmogs.SooSaucy17 Aug 5
Aug 3 Condemn: Probably found gg shoulders? Hey guys, Im not really into it right now and how much AD a Condem sader should have. I just know that ppl at high para frequently roll off str from their shoulders. I just found: 596 str 123 allres 15% AD 14% condemn ancient shoulders I probably should roll of str for 8%CDR right? ThanksWalkinTall3 Aug 3
Aug 3 Destroyer quest season 14 6 min to save world wont give me credit any ideasRDWN2 Aug 3
Jul 31 Anything New Coming? I've been away and nothing has changed is there anything on the horizon?Doom1 Jul 31
Jul 29 Slash/guard. Is this good even when you're over 28k base armor (88% mitigation)? Or is it pointless to use due to diminishing returns on armor?Pesmergia5 Jul 29
Jul 29 Crusaders naturally squish in groups? Just curious if I am the only one experiencing squish issues in groups only. Don't be too harsh, my Sader is less than 24 hours old, and I managed to get into GR85. Unity just works well with Sader. Also I've never played Sader much before yesterday, so I am new to the class. But as soon as I join a group of people, and am forced to not use Unity, I run into a lot of toughness issues starting in T13. I don't know what is causing this. I have 58% cooldown reduction, and run Condemn build. Jul 29
Jul 28 New Primail Frydehr's Wrath Kadala gave me a new Primal shield. I'm not sure which one would be better Critical Hit Chance or Condemn % or something else.Doom2 Jul 28
Jul 28 Sader RGK I mostly play with friends, and we often are far from the meta, or more specifically, without even a RGK (think 3 saders and a z barb). I wanted to set up a RGK (I am only playing a sader this season), and I found several variants online. Is there one specific version (not necessarily even one linked above) that shines over the others? Also looking for playstyle tips. I did find some former posts on the RGK here on this forum, but they are a little old, and maybe something else came to light in the time since... Thanks.Dante001 Jul 28
Jul 28 Crusader growing old killing boss Hi Guys, I have started playing Diablo III not so far. My crusader lv 70(74) I'm playing Tormento III lvl and mobs can't kill me in solo for adventuring or nefilim portal, BUT killing one boss take me a loooot of time. I have read about gear and i'm trying to farm by my self, but i need a suggestion is only my gear lacks or anything else wrong in my pg? May someone gives me a tip ? Thx guysMordeck6 Jul 28
Jul 28 Help prioritize my Seasonal Akkhan pls? Hi all, So, I tend to play pretty focused in seasons and stick to a single character. I've now come back around to my first Seasonal class, and I'm enjoying the Akkhan Condemn build so far. I did Roland sweep first time around, and I'm enjoying the familiar feel with the vacuum. Here's my dood: I'm wondering what my reforging/shard priorities should be. From comparing my gear to the priorities on the Deadset build, I'm guessing shield and ring, but I'm not always good at actually making accurate guesses there - so any help would be appreciated. Also, just a note that I'm aware that augments will help massively. I've decided to do something different this season and level all the gems first and then do them all at once so I get a nice noticeable boost. I'm thinking getting them to 80 will be really nice, and I'm about 3/4 of the way there.Taus11 Jul 28
Jul 27 Been Away For Awhile So I was playing a Invoker about 6 months ago has anything changed that I need to know about.Doom2 Jul 27
Jul 27 Finally a Primal Pig Sticker (for invoker) Picked up a Primal Pig Sticker with: Elemental Damage STR VIT IAS LoH Popular setup dictates I need to reroll Elemental Damage off for CDR. After many rerolls, I could not get +CDR but stuck with +Area Damage. So here I ask: 1. Is +CDR really a must have? I already have +CDR on all gears that can have it (except for this weapon). 2. Can I just use +Area Damage? I don't have that much +Area Damage honestly. Maybe this will give better clear? 3. Does +Damage vs Elites work with Thorns? Maybe that is a better attribute? thanks!Astig2 Jul 27
Jul 25 Akarat's runes with Akkhan's Addendum and CoE While using Akarat's Champion and Akkhan's Addendum, does CoE get the holy damage benefit of the Prophet rune and the physical damage benefit of the Embodiment rune? Or is it only whichever rune I actually have selected like Rally (electricity)?roblerkind0 Jul 25
Jul 25 Set Dungeon Guideline Needing guideline that's not a "watch this video" for clearing set dungeons since few guide videos I've watched also features people who has double my paragon levels to add on extra oomph with more Core stats. I can meet the goals, and with some tweaking and practice, I was able to kill everything BUT 1 ~ 4 monsters that are randomly dropped off in some corner that I must have missed in the set dungeons. Am I required to have Krelm's Belt for that 25% movement speed just so I can circle the dungeon within 4:30 and then have a spare time to search for whatever straggler I missed out? Armor of Akkhan is the one I'm stuck on. Invoker and Light, I have not ventured back in, although I cleared both successfully (not Mastered, although I'm sure with practice, I can do it).AlterEgo3 Jul 25
Jul 23 help for Blade of prophecy Been looking for this 2hand sword for 3 days in s14 but stil no luck. can anybody help me pls? tiakillermaniac4 Jul 23