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Jan 27 Crusader Compendium: Guides, Builds, & Info ... Welcome! This is a reference work created by the Crusader community. Its purpose is to provide a useful resource for players, especially those who are new to the Crusader class. If you're looking for detailed guides, information on skill mechanics, or engaging gameplay streams, you'll find them all in the links below. You can help improve the compendium by posting your own suggestions for what I should include. If any of the threads I've linked seem outdated or irrelevant, please let me know about that as well. Thanks for your support, and stay in the Light. ☆ Need some help monitoring your Season 11 Journey? Check out Bagstone's tracker: ... 1. GAME MECHANICS: 2. CRUSADER SKILL MECHANICS: 3. ITEMS, GEMS, CRAFTING & COSMETICS: 4. BEGINNER GUIDES & SET DUNGEONS: 5. CRUSADER BUILDS: 6. STREAMS & GAMEPLAY VIDEOS: 7. COMMUNITY RESOURCES: 8. PATCH NOTES: 9. FIRST DISCUSSION POST: Jan 27
3h Hack vs Pig sticker after 2.6.1 goes live? Been running an invokers sader with hack + vo'toyas and akarats awakening cubed. After the new patch goes live, will this still be the best combo? Or is Pig sticker, A.A and cubed hack or BB better? Please weigh in, would love to know what you all think is the best combo for Invokers build. Thanks all for your timeGreenRangerG1 3h
5h Build with no Akarath form? Hi, all! I was wondering, is there any build for the crusader that doesn't use Akarat form/skill almost all of the time, or at all? Looks like the class can't do without it, which is a shame, female crusader is so elegant outside of Akarat form. Akarat is so bulky and clumsy. :/Mercy3 5h
12h Guide Roland Sweep Attack for gr100+ edit 03/06/2017 - added fire DoT mechanics, boss informations... Hello guys. As you may or may not know, I am an avid Roland Sweep attack (SA) player. I recently cleared gr105 (no video of the clear but check below for a gameplay video), so I thought I would a make a guide on how to gear, what to look for and how to play the grifts. Until now I was playing and advising playing the lightning rune for any kind of push, however I finally tried the fire rune instead of lightning and as expected the damage is much higher, but unlike what I expected the survivability is still great. Do not expect to stand in everything as the god you should be, but you can take quite a bit of damage and not die. I will start by going over the skills, then the gear and stats needed on each piece, and finally the pros and cons of lightning and fire, as well as the gear differences between the two. But first, I want to be clear : this is a guide on the two builds I pushed with. You can go for different skills and especially different gems/stats on gear but that would not be the same build as mine then. My focus is on having the highest attack speed breakpoint possible for SA (~4.82) and requires specific rolls on gear. It is not simple to gear for and you might want to check some other builds for more lenient gear specifications. 1/ Skills Unlike some builds where the skills are set and nothing can change, SA offers quite a bit of diversity on skill you want to use. The mandatory ones are : - Sweep attack (Fire or Lighntning) - Iron Skin (Flash rune) - Akkarat's champion (Prophet) - Law of Valor (Unstoppable force) You cannot do without those. Now the two other skills I settled for are : - Condemn (vacuum) - This one is IMO also mandatory but feel free to try some other skills like Judgement if you don't feel like you need to group mobs better - Steed charge (Draw & quarter) - This is the most controversial choice. But in the end, being able to drag an elite to a place I like and just the ability to skip maps fairly fast outweight the other possibilities available such as provoke (wrath regen against the boss) or judgement (bit more damage). Passives : - Heavenly strength - Duh - Finery - Duh - Indestructible - You are very tanky once every defensive cooldowns are in use however it does take a couple of seconds to get those going, and you usually lose them when you're moving from pack to pack, especially on map transitions. I would not change this for anything. - Wrathful - I am not running any healing on my weapon and wrathful provides a LOT of it. If you don't need the extra healing, go for Holy cause. 2/ Gear Gear has very few spots where you have a choice about what to roll. From top to bottom, here's what you should be looking for and why : - Head : Roland - Str / CHC / Vitality (or %SA, %SA ~= 5% damage, 1K vita = 20% toughness so my choice goes to vita) - Shoulders : Roland - Str / AD / RCR / CDR / LPG (you don't need the CDR, but if you can have it it's best) - Gloves : Roland - Str / AD / CHC / CHD - Chestpiece : Roland - STR / Vit / Elite dmg (you can go for %life instead of elite damage) // better with secondary rez and no All rez here - Belt 1 : Witching hour - str / vit / %AS / %CHD - You need at least 6% atk speed. 5% is too low, it won't work. - Belt 2 : Thundergod's vigor - Str / vit / all rez / % lightning - Better than WH for lightning build. - Pants : Roland - str / vit / all rez - Boots : Roland - str / vit / all rez / %SA / LPG - Bracers : APDs or Strongarms (see part 3) - %elem / CHC / str / Life per hit (LpH is very, very good here, better than vitality for sure) - Ring 1 - CoE : CHC / CHD / AD% / LPG - Ring 2 - Compass rose : Str / CHC / CHD / AD% / LPG - Amulet : Traveler's pledge - %elem / CHC / CHD - Weapon : Golden flense - %AS / Str / %dmg (%dmg isn't mandatory, feel free to use whatever you want here, %AD, %RCR, life per hit are all very good. Keep in mind you do need to kill things though) !!!! you need 6 w/enemy flail for the boss. - Shield : Denial - Str / Vit / CHC (Last stat is irrelevant, go for whatever you want, I have a socket, could work with CDR, RCR, elite damage, all rez...) For all those items, always try to get secondary rez when you can. That is, on helm, gloves, chestpiece, belt, rings, amulet, bracers. I mention LPG on some items, LPG means Life per globe. If you're using wrathful (which you should), try to get at least a couple items with it so that you have more life regen. With 100k LPG, you double the healing provided by the passive, which is huge. Also, gold & globe pickup radius is amazing if you can get it. Optimally : boots, pants, helm, belt (if WH) and shoulders. Cubed items : - Furnace - Aquila cuirass - ORotZ Gems : - Bane of the trapped - Bane of the stricken - Gogok of swiftness Follower : - Enchantress with skill +3% ATK Speed is required. Fire can make without it but will need to have perma uptime on law to get the last breakpoint so I wouldn't advise it. - I would advise against using Ess of johan on your enchantress. It can mess up your pulls, and you really don't want that. Pets are too dumb to be trusted. Give her a thunderfury and a "lightning stuns enemies" ring, maybe she can help your survive by procing your APDs. Legendary potion : - Try to get a potion that gives +30% resource when used below 50% HP. 3/ Fire vs Lightning Fire is - More damage - explanation below - Easier to get perma everything (no need to keep law during the rift means more zodiac for champion) - Less toughness - Because you have so much CDR with the ORotZ, you can actually use AC very aggressively, procing its bonus 100% HP as a potion every 15s or so. You're losing toughness but gaining a lot on that front to make up for it. Why is fire so much better ? The fire DoT from sweep can stack (ie : you can have several different ones ticking at the same time) and, as all DoTs, scale on (basically) elemental (elite) sheet DPS (which includes atk speed). Since you have very high atk speed, you have a lot of DoTs ticking and they tick for a lot of damage. Basically, at 4.8 you can consider the 120% WD DoT to be a 120*4.8 = ~580 WD DoT, so fire does 480+580 = ~1060% WD per swing, which is more than double what lightning does (so expect ~4-5 grs difference between fire and lightning). Thanks to WorkWorkWork and the chinese community to bring this fact to the US forums so that we can understand why fire is better ! Fire can't proc APDs by itself. If you want to play with APDs bracers, you need a way to stun or freeze enemies. For my 105 clear I had the follower as well as 2.5% stun chance on shield. You do not need a lot of stun to stay healthy really, because you should always be fighting in a good density, and having even a couple mobs stunned provides a lot of DR. You can get freeze and/or stun on gloves, belt, shield and weapon. I have yet to try it, but fire may be better off using Strongarm Bracers instead of APDs. I unfortunately don't have strongarms with Life per hit. I am farming for some so keep an eye out for more infos. Do not go for fire in hardcore unless you know what you're getting into. Fire is squishy, not as much as hammerdin or LoN Bomb but do not think you can just walk around and be mostly immortal, compared to Lightning which, aside from the boss if you do not play with diamonds, is pretty much unkillable given a decent density. 4/ Gameplay If Hammerdin is a sport car, very fancy, goes very fast and all, Roland is a truck. It's slow but you just get everything in your path and kill it. You don't need to worry about dodging most of the time. The way I play it is : 1 - Go into a rift. 2 - If rift is bad, exit game and start from step 1 3 - Find the first pack of trash. You should aim for at least 6% of trash + an elite. 4 - Gather density and scout during the 8 seconds of your CoE following your main damage (so if you're playing fire, that's holy and lightning). 5 - Stop and start attacking during physical (for fire, holy for lightning). Reason is you want the full bonus of endess walk for your main element CoE 6 - If an oculus area spawns, try to go into it. Do that only if you're still hitting the elite. Use Condemn to bring mobs with you to the Oculus area if you do. 7 - Once the pack starts thinning out, start looking for a new one. If you have one elite, use your horse to drag it. If you have several elites, lead them just by baiting. 8 - Always stop to do your fire CoE on the pack even while moving from a spot to another. You should almost always have enough density to get your 5 denial stacks 9 - Find a new spot with trash, go back to step 4 10 - Always be on the lookout for pylons. Pylons come usually every 20 to 30% density. Conduit is the most welcome pylon. Do use power pylons unless you're sure to have the boss soon. Channelling is almost useless, take it if you feel like you need the CDR to survive. Leave it for the boss just in case otherwise. Shield is usually bad for the simple reason that you can't proc your iron skin flash while it's active, which means you can't go into occulus areas. 11 - Boss ! Now you need to start using the law to get the RCR. You should use your potion to get resource as much as possible. I never ran into a boss that could kill me when playing fire, because with diamonds you can tank a lot. If you have a pylon, always wait before taking it UNLESS it is a channeling and you fight with a boss that spawns adds after a certain health threshold. Saxtris comes to mind, so does Voracity and Binder for example. Power is extremely strong on bosses like Saxtris, you can take it at 75-70% and just kill her in a matter of seconds due to very high stricken counts. Here is a gameplay video, gr105 with disconnect preventing me from clearing it this time. If you have any question feel free to ask here. My profile : 105 clear screen : 12h
15h Primals Question for 2.6.1 Since there was no specific item example given in the patch notes, I am still a bit hazy on the wording regarding the nature of some of the, here is a simple question to a simple scenario: I picked up a Primal Jekangbord shield. When 2.6.1 rolls out, will this item become garbage or is Blizzard going to update it to the 2.6.1 Blessed Shield damage bonuses?Etelen7 15h
18h Provoke Range Range of provoke. "Nearby" how many yards is that?Jamie5 18h
19h Cp. America is DEAD Thx Blizzard :((Borfet22 19h
1d Akarat's Champion form Hey guys. Does anyone think Akarat's Champion appearance isn't proper for Crusader? Feels like Wrath of the Berserker, same giant and uncouth. Wouldn't it be more relevant to make it more angelic instead of mountain king alike, especially for female character? No disrespect to Blizzard here. But if I am not the only one who thinks this way maybe we get the changes.KerinFloud17 1d
1d No Fix for Akkhan This Patch Not even a blue comment to explain why. CDR required on every piece of gear. High five guys.Jako26 1d
2d Why does heaven's fury reset when cast again? I would like to use this thread to ask about heaven fury mechanics. Mainly, would it be possible to have addative damage coming for heaven's fury? I would like to personally make an ingoem build, with the fate of the flail in the cube, and the 50% reduction shield / ingeom in soccet. This means after killing an elite if i was using split fury, I could cast not 5, not 10, but up to 15 rays before the first set of rays expired with high enough cool down. This would make for a every interesting speed run build, but this is not possible, and I didnt realize it until after I made a build to do it. I couldnt figure out why my damage was so low, then I started playing with it out in the open, and that is when i realized everytime I cast heaven's fury my old fury deactivates. So yeah, any reason why the mechanism works the way it does, was this intended to prevent my build, or just a coincidence caused by the skill when active that was unintended and can be looked into? Hoping to see a blues reasoning behind this mechanism.Kiaph6 2d
2d Condemn is back Just kidding, I was barely able to clear a gr100 with it. > Jokes aside, the build is soooo fun to play, exactly like a remember. Being able to move through mobs is amazing. The main problem, as always with akkhan, is the low toughness. As you can see in the video, I was playing with unity ! and still had trouble surviving a gr100. And that was with, as far as I know, the latest patch that gives 6p Akkhan 50% damage reduction ! One of the problem of condemn, for me playing on the ptr, is to use it on cooldown. With the 200 or so ping I get from EU to NA, it lowers the build damage by quite a bit, and its toughness as well (less condemn = less heal from holy cause & mirinae). I also was playing with gear rolled mostly for blessed shield, meaning I was lacking 30% condemn damage (on shoulders & chest) and instead had 19% AD & 15% life. That's quite a big deal, but I recorded that video at 3am because I wanted to upload it while I was sleeping (upload speed is baaaad). Overall the build could be stronger without being overpowered. Right now on live I clear gr100 with sweep the same way I cleared that grift. Since Sweep got a ×2 damage in patch 2.6.1, it's fair to say condemn could get a ×2 damage as well without being grossly broken. Video is in french, I'm sorry about that. The stats are pretty straightforward and I show the paragon window if you want to translate.Kikaha52 2d
2d Tips Needed Hello everyone. Ive been a casual player since D3 came out. Back and forth with other games. I now find myself wanting to step my game up a bit. Ive been playing my Barb, Necro, and Crusader, but find myself hitting a bit of a plateau. After reviewing a number of different builds and how to play them, I settled on my Crusader, running a 6 pc Seeker of the Light Hammerdin. I think Ive got all the right eqpt, though very few ancients, and not always the perfect set of stats. Currently running GR's at about 54 in about 6 minutes. Im new to this set, so Im probably being a bit overcautious. This set up seems to be a step up from Akkhan in damage, though losing the 50% CDR on AC kinda sucks. Here are my questions / issues: 1) I find that if i dont pay careful attention, I can run out of Wrath...not a good look for a Crusader. Am i missing something, or is that just one of the things you have to manage carefully with this build? 2) I also find that i can be rather squishy, though Indestructible and Prophet on AC hide a number of deaths 3) I re-rolled 10% dmg to 8% CDR on my Flail (was looking for 10% CDR but ran out of time before work this morning). I hated doing it, but CDR seems to be king. Good choice or bad? 3) Finally, just looking for tips to step things up. Im focusing on getting ancient eqpt, upping my paragon, and better rolled items. Any other suggestions? Im not trying to be the top guy in the game, but hell Id like to first get to GR70 for the primals, and then push a bit more from there. Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Azides0 2d
3d [SADER] Phalanx item buff/redesign suggestion Here is my buffs/Redesign suggestions for Phalanx to become end game material. [Redesign] • Warhelm of Kassar - Increases the damage and duration of Phalanx by 200% and costs 45-60% less wrath. (I think this makes sense to move Eternal Union's affix to helm plus a nice added resource cost for pony build.) [Redesign] • Eternal Union - You gain 40-50% damage reduction every time you cast Phalanx for 15 seconds. (I figured the ring would be better off a Defensive item for the build & 15 second duration is for the bowmen rune duration combined with Warhelm of Kassar since they will last from 5 to 15 secs.) [Buff] • Unrelenting Phalanx - Phalanx now casts twice and deals 500-600% increased damage. [Redesign] • Baleful Remnant - While Akarat's Champion is active summon 2 Phalanx Bodyguards by your side and increase the damage of Phalanx by 100% per Bodyguard. (The idea is that you will always have 2 active bodyguards until Akarat's Champion expires you also gain 2 more while wearing Unrelenting Phalanx Shield a total of 4.) Also for the Phalanx - Stampede rune redesign or adjustment if you will should be like this. [Redesign] Phalanx - Stampede rune • Enemies hit get knocked up into the air and reduces their movement speed by 60% for 3 seconds. That would be good for proc'ing Bane of the trapped Gem and take away the annoyance of the knock back for other players in the party. Well I would think this item redesign/buff would probably be pretty damn good for every Phalanx loving Crusader!I3lackDahlia3 3d
3d Solo Sader in next patch? Hey guys, I am wondering how the Sader will be in 2.6.1? I tend to play more solo these days, but have mostly played either Barbarian or Sader (and this season, Necro) as my main.Acky9 3d
4d Movement speed affect steed charge? Does anyone know if increased movement speed affect steed charge?chosonman1 4d
4d Crusader Shield Bash Crusader Shield Bash runes need damage added to them an pound rune needs around 200% damage buff. Should also add toughness such as, 20% missiles reduction an, 15% non physical damage reduction, an 15% physical reduction an armor increase 25% 20% range reduction on the rune. Damage should also be added to the one on one rune an some armor 20% an resistance 40% 15% non physical reduction an 15% physical 10% missiles reduction 10% range reduction 720%damage added to one on one rune making pound have 100% more damage than one on one since there is no stun an knockback. shield cross rune should be buffed 500% more damage taken from additional shields to make the effect effective for greater rifts shattered shield should be buffed 500% to fragments this will make the effective effective for greater rift group playing. shattered shield an shield cross should also have 40% resistances 15% non physical reduction 15% physical reduction 20% missiles reduction 20% range reduction 10% armor on rune this will make shield bash fun an effective an effective like sweep attack is effective since there aren't damage on items for shield bash such as sweep attack these buff will make shield bash update an funShiningflame7 4d
4d 2.6.1 PTR Patch Well... some really interesting changes. Mostly just new damage multipliers and increased item buffs. Most importantly though, some of the items will now have their buffs be applicable when Cubed. Here are the highlights: Blessed Hammer: Limitless - Lag is being addressed - No longer spawns a second hammer, but now does a lot more damage compared to other runes Blessed Shield - Basically a 10x buff if my math is correct. Pretty damn excited for this. Hope it stays here. Condemn & Heaven's Fury - Big damage buffs, but Akkhan is still underwhelming, I don't see these actually being useful still. Invoker & Thorns - Whoa, big damage buff. Sweep Attack w/ Denial - Small damage buff, but probably enough to make it finally an actually useful build Shield Bash - n/aJako85 4d
4d Crusaders in 4-men High GR (120+)? After this recently boost for all class , do you think that a crusader can be competitive in group high GR for S12 ? Can it play group DPS like WD ? DPS is quite enough ?Chymchoum4 4d
5d Sweep Attack Breakpoints? Anyone have the 411 on this information?Jako1 5d
6d Hammerdin lag on PTR ? I saw the new version has a few fixes for lag on hammerdins. Has anyone tested this in 4 man groups ? Is the hammerdin playable now as a trash clearer ?Sigem1 6d
6d S11 Hammerdin in-depth guide Youtube playlist with all the vids: Video from my 108 season 11 clear (Probably easier to read on dfans especially since you actually have to go there for skills/stats/gems. Also a side note, this is a softcore build, for HC you most likely need to swap out coe for unity. I'm not really active on bliz forums so if you have questions your best bet is the reddit link) HI! I'm Glim, and I've been the #1 sader on EU for the past 3 seasons now, 2 of which I've played with this build. I've been planning on making this for a while now but just never got around to it until recently as I've felt a bit bored with s11 last few days. It's basically all I could think of atm, if I got something wrong or if something is missing, feel free too tell me about it. I will be adding stuff to the here and dfans link if I think of something. I've really felt like there was a need for a proper guide for a while now, with proper gameplay footage attached to it. And I've tried to address most of the commonly asked questions by people starting off with hammer or getting stuck somewhere along the way. I've also put the more important stuff that should get your attention in both italics and bold since you can't really increase the font here on reddit so everything just looks the same and is somewhat hard to read. So anyway, here it goes. Table of content: 1. Introduction 2. Stat priority 3. Some basic stuff to keep in mind 4. Some tips for the rifts 5. Build diversity and explanations on it 6. Additional notes 1. Introduction This is the solo pushing build. The class itself isn't part of the meta sadly. Yes, you can try to get a group for something like the wizard runs instead of one of the wizards, or instead of one of the dps in 90+ runs, but the fact is, the spec just doesn't fit in groups. In higher runs you have to build it around area damage, which then causes lag for the whole group, and in wizard runs you're just not needed, as you're both too slow and not doing nearly as much damage as the wizards. You will basically be carried in those groups, so unless you're playing with some friends that don't really care about any of that, you would be better of playing something else. Barb in higher speeds is an excellent choice as you can get your gear for the torment farming spec there (LON), and on top of that you can get your rings. Since some will ask, this is the build I recommend using for torment farming: It's not too hard to gear up and works fine up to t12-13. For t13 you might need some paragons/augments however. Now a little bit about the build. First and foremost, the skills and gear are both basically set in stone. There's very little wiggle room when it comes what you can change with this build. The items listed here are all a must, and spec just doesn't work if you're missing something. This is especially important for new players that don't really know much about hammerdin or crusader in general. Some other options for example in cube might look like they're almost as good, but they really aren't. Faithful memory and hammer jammers are what the build is built on due to the way how much they multiply your total damage output. Same goes for the sets you have, the endless walk set is always worth using, even if you don't have a good travelers/compas, and you can't play without 6pc seekr. Don't try to fiddle with the build, as it's been proven that it's working like this for 3 seasons already. The one thing that you can change would be the law. It really is personal preference what you use there. I myself prefer running it with law of hope. Some people like law of valor. Most of this will be explained later on, what are benefits and drawbacks of each, so just keep on reading. Other skills really should be left as they are. 2. Stat priority First of all, there's basically no fixed offensive stats on gear (maybe gloves where you kind of have to get CC+CHD, and like I said, offensive stats meaning, attack speed, cc, chd, avg dmg, area...) Now for some people it will all be about min-maxing here, squeezing every little bit of dps they can to push as high as they can, and be on the edge of survival in the process of it all. That's basically what I'm doing with my gear every season. You basically have to play a bit to see if the gear you have fits you, and if it doesn't, you kind of have to know what's the issue, is it lack of damage, lack of toughness, or maybe something else. For most people reading this however, it's going to be lack of toughness. To understand how to fix this, the first thing you need to know for hammerdin is: your toughness stats aren't the thing keeping you alive, it's actually keeping your defensive buffs up, and having enough recovery to keep you going. Obviously you'll still need some vit, life%, allres on your gear, but it's really the dropping of defensive buffs that gets you killed since most of them basically double your toughness. If two of them drop off, you're basically down to a quarter of your toughness. 2.1. Cooldown reduction and cooldown management For most people, it won't matter what slots come with it. The standard ones are usually shoulders (optimal stats being str, vit, allres, cdr), and gloves (str, cdr, cc, chd and if you can get a quadfecta, with high enough paragon you can go for attack speed instead of str as well). After these two, it really comes down to how good your gear is and where you can get it without dropping too many dps stats. Weapon is a popular choice as it rolls up to 10% cdr. 2.1.1. Cooldown reduction In my opinion, CDR is the most important stat on the hammerdin. Without it you cannot keep the defensive buffs up and survive, and even if you can survive but the buff drops, you'll start panicking and running around trying to get your cooldowns back up, when you should be dpsing. If you can't survive you're doing no damage anyway, so if you went for that extra crit % when you really should've gone for the cooldown, and then couldn't survive because you couldn't keep your buffs up, the crit % won't really matter, will it? So, how much cooldown do you need? Well to start off, you need to put 50 points in paragons into it, take fervor passive, you need diamond in helm, you need to run with gogok and you should have at least 3 items that have cooldown rolled on it. This should bring you to around 47~% cooldown be4 gogok stacks. This is in my opinion the bare minimum you need to have, and honestly I'd only recommend it if you already know what you're doing, and if you have good gear. If you're a new hammerdin, you should maybe get that 4th item with it. It will make your life a lot easier, and almost completely remove the "oh !@#$ I'm dying" panic moments. 2.1.2. Cooldown management Ok so this might sound weird, but there's a reason this got a mini paragraph of its own. This basically comes down to how you're using your skills. I STRONGLY recommend you DON'T use macros for casting your iron skin and provoke. The way zodiac works is basically when it procs, it's random which skill loses a second of its cooldown. So what you really want to do is to lower the usage of skills you don't really need atm. Provoke is usually the main culprit of the whole cooldown mess as people just spam it non stop and insta use it when it's off cooldown. You want to only use it if you need the wrath. If you're surrounded by 10-20 mobs, there's no point using it non stop, your full wrath will instantly fully refill, so if that's the case, wait till your wrath drops to a certain lvl and then use it, instead of using it when you still have 80% of your wrath. Same goes for iron skin, if the cooldown on it is reset, but you still have the defensive buff, just wait a bit till it almost expires, and then reuse it. You can do the same with akarath, and that way you can also save the proc on it, as once you reuse the skill you will get a new proc from the prophet rune as well ready to be used again (even if you proced literally a second be4 you used it again). It's really useful doing it like that, say if you're preparing a conduit or power and want to make sure you survive it. The other part of cooldown management comes to movement. No matter what, moving is a dps loss, even if you're stutter stepping (basically holding the hammer button and then quickly tapping the force move key). Obviously stutter step is a smaller dps loss than flat out just moving to the next spot but yea, you still want to minimize it. Especially since you're also dropping the damage buff from your endless walk set (moving by jumping with falling sword will not lose your offensive endless walk stacks). Last but not least, using falling sword too often. Falling sword basically means not casting hammers for 1.5 secs, so its basically wasted time that you didn't spend casting hammers and resetting cooldowns. This is basically the reason I use law of hope, and some people use flash rune on iron skin, as it lets you stutter step to a different location, say if you want to go for the oculus, or move out of dangerous affixes. Using falling sword too often basically means more zodiac procs have to go into the falling sword, and you're spending less time actually attacking. 2.2. Recovery stats LPH/LPWS is a MUST! If you're only doing low runs it won't matter much, but then again you shouldn't be doing low runs with this spec to begin with. For higher runs it's basically as important as cooldown, as it's what's keeping you alive in the rift. By default you already have some healing, from paragon points life per hit, and holy cause. However once you start going higher this will just not be enough. You will want to use get it on either weapon or shield to get the life per hit (wpn only), or life per wrath spent (wpn,shield). Life per hit rolls on some other slots as well but it rolls are only half as high as the one on the weapon (except for amulet but you really want to have a holy, cc, chd travelers). I personally prefer to roll with LPWS as it feels a bit more consistent as you're not relying on the procs to kick in from LPH(basically all spells have proc coefs, so the healing can be really random), LPWS just insta heals you when you cast wrath spending skills. But honestly both work and it comes down to personal preference. Also just one of these stats should be enough to sustain you, you don't need to get it on both items. 2.3. Attack speed and breakpoints I wouldn't say attack speed is more important than other dps stats, but it's really nice to have, since it helps a bit with cooldown resetting as you're attacking faster and proccing zodiac more. It however really needs to be optimized correctly, and if you're just carelessly putting attack speed on your gear, that extra piece of attack speed might not actually get yo to the next breakpoint. To understand how much attack speed you need, you must first understand how the whole thing works. So what are breakpoints? The way the game works with some skills, and the way hammers work in this case, is the game is counting as if there are 60 frames in a second and certain skills take a certain amount of frames to perform their animation. Now when someone says "I'm at 12 breakpoint on the blessed hammer", what they mean is: "my blessed hammer takes 12 frames to cast", meaning they can cast 5 of them each second. So if you manage to push yourself to the lower breakpoint, it'll basically mean your dps is getting increased by you casting more skills in the same time. These are the breakpoints we are interested in: Breakpoint - - - -Attack speed needed 14 - - - - - - - - - - 1.7196 13 - - - - - - - - - - 1.8519 12 - - - - - - - - - - 2.0062 11 - - - - - - - - - - 2.1886 10 - - - - - - - - - - 2.4075 To dumb it down a bit and make it easier to put in perspective, you need: 13 bp: Having gogok alone gets you to this one. 12 bp: Having another piece anywhere on your gear (this includes 5% rolls). For most people this should be fine. It's easy to get to this bp, and like I said, the roll itself doesn't matter where it rolled and with how much % it rolled. It also lets you use both enchantress or templar, depending what you prefer more. 11 bp: If you don't want to use enchantress (meaning you don't have focused mind), you need 7% on weapon, and 7% on another piece to get to this bp. With enchantress you need either 2 7% rolls (if neither rolls are on weapon), or 5% + 6% rolls (if at least one of them rolled on weapon, doesn't matter which one). 10 bp: This one is really only worth if if you are running with law of valor, and you only really hit this breakpoint when you actually activate law of valor. Not really concerning ourselves with it. But if you want to fidle around with it a bit, try doing it on to make sure you hit the wanted breakpoint. One important thing with attack speed is, its not calculated same on the wpn and other slots. On weapon it directly multiplies your entire attack speed, while on other slots they're all added up and then multiplied, meaning having it weapon it basically gives you more attack speed, and makes it easier to high next breakpoint. 2.4. Other offensive/utility stats Other stats I've basically grouped up all together since for most people it won't really matter. You play with what gear you have. Most people won't have the luxury of spending hundreds of bounty mats rolling those perfect items anyway. The best way to figure out what is the best option and which pieces you should equip is by running your gear through You have to figure it out as other ppl have no clue what you have stashed. A short breakdown and what to use and what to avoid: - Area damage: in solo it's really not that good. Yes if you have it on some hard to get piece, like an ancient compas that also has CC/CHD, sure why not. The problem with area dmg in solo is that you don't have any way to group up the mobs when you want it to. You have your follower (assuming you equipped them with ess of johan), and that's basically it. Most of the time the mobs won't be stacked too tight so the area damage really isn't the best stat you can get. The one slot that might be worth going for area% would be shoulders, if you're high enough paragon and can just spare some points in paragon and put them into vit. In groups however, it becomes extremely powerful as you will usually have a monk grouping up stuff, so there won't be the issue of mobs being too spread out. - Resource cost reduction: this should be avoided, If you're running out of wrath you're probably not using provoke correctly, as in not hitting enough mobs with it when you use it. Having RCR basically means you could've had something more useful on that slot, like vit, allres or some other, offensive stat - crit chance/crit hit damage: You basically have to balance between the two. For optimal results you should check this site and see which one would be the better option for you - average damage: nice to have on rings, especially if you've stacked attack speed already. One thing to note is that the dmg% on the wpn doesn't affect the average damage on the jewelry - move speed: you should always aim to have 25% move speed in total on gear+paragon, so keep that in mind - max wrath: nice to have, I personally use all 50 pts in paragons on it. It means you have to spam provoke less when you have a lot of mobs around you, meaning easier to reset other cooldowns 2.5. Defensive stats First of all All res gems are a must. After that you should try and focus on getting all res on shoulders, boots, pants. These 3 should be relatively easy slots to get it on (str+vit+allres are needed on all 3, with 4th stat being cdr on shoulders, hammer % on boots and sockets on pants). Secondary resistances are fine if you're unlucky with those slots. One important thing to keep in mind is that some stuff will be killing you more than the rest. So take note of that. It might be just melee attacks meaning you maybe need more phys damage reduction or it might be something else. For me usually it's reflect damage affix, meaning I should get more arcane resistance (since reflect dmg reflect dmg as same type as you're causing, meaning arcane/holy). Just keep those things in mind. Vit - you will probably have to put some paragon points into vit at some point. This one you kind of have to figure out for yourself how much is needed. On my 107 push in s10 I went with around 750-800k hp, if you're doing somewhere in the 90s you'll probably need 600-650k, but it also depends on your other stats and how much toughness you'll end up having. Noone can tell you how much you need, you kind of have to play for yourself and figure it out if you're missing more or not (as in if you're still dying even tho you are keeping all your defensive cds up). 2.6. Tips for some items Chest is basically the biggest defensive stat stick you have, so try to load up on as many as you can. Str,vit, 3 stockets, elite dmg reduction, secondary resist/melee/ranged dmg reduction, try to get as many of those as possible. Rest of the slots are basically like they're listed on top of the page for each piece. You should get as many pieces as you can with a secondary res. For lower paragons helm should look like this: str,vit hammer/crit, as you most likely will need that vit, and won't be able to afford putting para points into vit to have enough hp to survive. For rings, if you have a bad coe, as in it still has str and/or another stat on it that isn't CC, CHD, CDR, IAS, AVG, its worth noting that cubing CoE and equipping zodiac might be the better, and easier option. This is especially true if you actually lack cdr on rest of your gear, and you could hit the next breakpoint by getting that attack speed. In case you do go for zodiac, stats you want are: IAS, CC, CDR, socket. 3. Some basic stuff to keep in mind A lot of the time when people have issues with various things, be it dps or toughness, they often forget something and are unsure how to fix it because they don't fully understand how a certain thing works. So, what do you need to keep in mind? 3.1. Faithful memory stacks These are a huge deal, and are a separate multiplier from anything else. The way it works is: one stack adds 60% dmg, meaning at one stack you will have 100% base dmg+ 60%= 160% dmg, at 10 stacks that will be 100+600% or you will do 7 times the normal damage. Another thing to keep in mind here is that offensive buff from the faithful memory lasts 10 seconds, while defensive one from the set is only 8. Meaning if you're surrounded by dangerous affixes and cannot afford to drop the defensive buff, use falling sword. Also, if you have for example 10 stacks, but killed most of the mobs off, after you've jumped, but it's still worth staying (for example to finish an elite off), try to hold off the new falling sword jump as long as possible, as the stacks are just overwritten if you jump again, meaning you'll just do less damage if there's less mobs to jump on. 3.2. When to use falling sword Falling sword takes 1.5 seconds to perform, during which you're invulnerable. You can and should use that to your advantage whenever you can. You have to pay attention to where you're jumping as well. You have to aim to jump at the center of the mob pack to hit as many mobs as possible to get as many stacks. Now, when do you want to jump? There's a few timings you have to keep in mind. First one would be, say, few moltens are going off. You can time it that you're mid air when it's exploding. After that it's all about the CoE and remaining duration on the buff. Idealy you don't want to start a jump during last 2 seconds of fire CoE, as you'll miss some time of the Holy rotation, and you want to have some hammers already out by the time holy comes up, as CoE isn't snapshotted into the hammers, meaning the ones that are in the air when holy kicks in will do increased damage. Optimal would be trying to jump last 2 seconds of physical, so you have as many hammers as possible for the entire duration of holy (and you have your defensive up as well). 3.3. Hammer jammers The sacred harness belt procs immobilize as it puts a judgement where you land. I feel this has to be said as some people completely miss this and are curious whats actually proccing the hammer jammers. Same as faithful memory, this is a separate multiplier, meaning the mobs will take 5x increased damage once you land on them. (Yes, the separate multiplier means you do 35x the dmg to mobs that have HJ proc on them and you have 10 stacks of faithful memory). No you don't need to take any special rune on falling sword, you should go for rapid descend to save as many zodiac procs. There's no point getting other runs as no matter what you do you will be jumping every 10 seconds at worst anyway and thats the duration of the HJ debuff on the mob. 4. Playing the rift There's a few important things you have to keep in mind and a few things you have to master. The previous paragraph basically explained how some of the things work but what does that actually mean in the rift. 4.1 What should I play/skip? Like with other classes there's few things that are good and bad for you on the hammer. The most important one is DON'T OVERSTAY on a spot. There's no point fighting 1-2% trash especially if you only have 4-5 stacks, when you can get a big clump of mobs just around the corner. Most of the times you can body pull stuff with you, by making sure mob is just at the edge of screen of you, or in other words, that you are out of range of his skills/attacks (especially if it's ranged mob). The two worst affixes are Missile Dampening and Juggernaut. Juggernaut you can still fight against if you have decent density around you. Heck a lot of the times you'll even kill it just from area dmg and even with reduced damage you do to it. Missile dampening on the other hand should instantly be skipped. It will either get you killed, or will prevent you from killing anything. It stops your hammers from spreading out, which wouldn't be a bad thing if the hammers didn't only do dmg once to a single enemy. You are basically completely nerfing your damage by staying and trying to kill the missile dampening elite. Other than that, most mobs are more or less doable. Some just make you take crazy damage so should be skipped (blazing constructs for example), but most mob types you can make progress with. Same goes with elites, almost everything is killable if there's enough trash around it and if you can body pull it easily with you. If you can't don't waste time trying to do it as it can lead you to failing the rift by obsessing with it, and maybe there's just a big clump of trash on the next floor that you can instantly blow up. 4.2. Followers and how to control them First of all here you have to decide which one do you want to use. Enchantress in my opinion has the worse AI, can act completely random at times by just rushing out of everything, then trash/packs follows her for no reason.. it can be really annoying. She does provide you with better buffs in my opinion, namely the raged reduction and attack speed, which can get you to that next breakpoint maybe if you're just on the edge. Templar is a more stationary object and much easier to control, but he also has some questionable moves at times. The healing isn't really needed all that much, the wrath regen is almost negligible as well. You're really just picking him to make your life easier a little bit during the rift. There are a few skills you should avoid having on them. Charge on templar (3rd skill), and both charm and forceful push on enchantress (first skills). If you're going with echantress and you already picked one of the first skills, sadly you have to make a new char as there's no way to reset their skills any more. Gear/stats for followers: - Oculus - relics that make them invulnerable (these two are a must) - if you are swapping out coe for unity, other slot obviously has to be unity - ess of johan is the neck you want on them for grouping up trash, however it can backfire sometimes when they pull half of the trashpack away - you can run stuff like sultan of blinding sand (roll weapon range into lightning damage, works only for enchantress) or thunderfury (even odyn son can work if you don't have a thunderfury), and pair them up with a wyrward - you should stack cdr and attack speed on the followers as cdr lowers their skills You'll have to learn this at some point if you're trying to push solo. Since there's no way to give them commands, the only way to reposition them is by basically moving far enough yourself till the follower teleports to your spot. Usually it has to be way out of screen so keep that in mind. They also can be good for grouping up stuff. Once you're at the new spot and they're kinda in the correct position, you can move in all directions (not too far tho), and kind of get everything to the center by body pulling it and your follower keeps them occupied in the middle. This however doesn't always work as their AI can be extremely random at times. 4.3. Pylons I would recommend not wasting too much time grouping up crazy amount of packs for those conduits and powers. Yes if it's some map that has a loop, and if you do the loop you'd end up at the same spot, but you have a chance to find a few packs on the way, sure, but don't waste too much time grouping up too many packs as it will just lose you time. Same goes with going too far to group up stuff and then having to run back to pick the pylon and then having to go back to the group of mobs. It's just not worth it. 2 Packs are definitively worth it for conduits. I've had as many as 6 packs solo on open maps after I've been already dragging mobs for a while when I discovered it, but doing a long preparation after you find the pylon really isn't worth it. Power can be worth saving, but really isn't needed. You can easily nuke few packs with it (see my s10 102 clear, where I think I melted 3-4 packs, one of which was missile dampening), or you can also just save it for the boss if you're about to complete the rift, it saves a min or so on the boss (see my s10 107 clear). You should use the power after you've stacked stricken for a bit. For how long it kind of depends on how high you're doing. On my 107 I've stacked it for about 2:15, and I think I overdid it for maybe 1-2 coe rotations. Other 3 pylons aren't that great. Speed is alright for stacking stricken a bit faster, or skipping a map, channeling is only really good for skipping maps since your gear is already optimized (or should be) to having all the buffs up all the time. Shield can be really good if you have a lot of dangerous packs with you as it lets you just stand there and nuke it easily. 5. Build diversity and explanations on it If you already like the build as is and don't want to change anything, you can skip this. Now you probably have seen some people running with a bit different setups than mine. Usually it's Law of Valor that you see, and the reason for that is getting to the next breakpoint on attack speed, plus gaining some extra damage if they're going with critical, or going with unstoppable force so they don't have to worry about casting provoke too often. The unstoppable force is also usable if you want to run nemesis bracers, however I'd only recommend this for lower runs. Some people run with flash runeon iron skin. In fact most guides recommend it but I don't. Reason for that is basically duration on iron skin. Having steel skin almost doubles the duration on it (from 4 to 7 seconds), meaning it shouldn't be dropping off, ever. Also you save zodiac procs (by not having to reuse iron skin every 4 secs) which then go into akarath or provoke. Also, how random zodiac is, a lot of the times you won't have iron skin ready to reuse when it's dropping off if you're running with flash, which will often lead to your death. I'm also pretty sure you will need that 4th piece of cdr if you want to play with it to get you to 50+% without gogok. I'm not 100% sure on this one as, like I said, I don't like this variation and I don't personally play with it, but if you do end up trying it and something feels wrong, it might be the extra cdr you're lacking. Unity - for hardcore I'm pretty sure this thing is a must (obviously you need to have it on the follower as well along with oculus). If you're playing SC, but even with all the other changes to your build, using correct amount of cdr etc, you find yourself dying and you don't really care about pushing the leaderboard, you can also get the unity. Law of justice - if you don't care much about having the ability to move through mobs, you can go with this law instead. In fact I used to play with this at first as well. Basically lets you just sit in some dangerous affixes sometimes when normally you would've had to move out. It's a huge dps loss in my opinion however, as when you get stuck in the middle of everything, the only way to get out is by using falling sword, and that alone is a 1.5 second loss. This is from my 102 clear that I ran with this spec (you can find the exact spec/gear on the d3planner link in vid description) Last option for builds would be pain enhancer. It's not recommended unless your gear is really good. You lose a ton of toughness from not having that dodge, you often lose a breakpoint or two on the boss if you're fighting a single target boss, and on top of it all you need to gear up for more cdr (minimum 4 items with it to get you to 50+%). You do get a TON of damage in the rift however with this, and you'll often be hitting 4+ attacks per second, and just melting trash. I wouldn't recommend this for season with low paras, but it's a pretty good option for NS. 6. Additional notes I will be still adding more stuff to this guide if something comes to mind. This was mainly done as a lot of the time people are asking the same questions, and the answer is basically always the same how to fix their issues so I figured I'd just make a guide for it all to have somtething to link. Like I said at the start, not really active on these forums. The reddit and dfans link should be maintained regularly so if you feel something is out of date, check there first.Glimwick28 6d
Sep 15 What Does Invoker Get Next Patch I've seen talk about Condemn, but what does the Invoker Set get if anything.Doom5 Sep 15
Sep 15 Newer Crusader seeking advice Hello everyone, I took a long break from the game but I am back playing with a few close friends of mine and we are doing some rifts and greater rifts to get me caught up. The problem I am running into is that I feel like I don't stand a chance at all. I have googled builds on Icyveins and various other websites but I feel as if I need the gear to be able to pull most of those off. For example I tried to blessed hammer and fall from the skies build and I was almost always out of wrath. I only had two set pieces of the light but still. Right now I am working on Akkhan and just need the boots to have the 6 piece bonus set. Can anyone please give me some pointers as to what I am missing out on? I don't think a trash monster should just be able to come up and 1 or 2 shot me. All help is welcomed I know it's stupid noobish questions to ask but I just want to be able to contribute to the group and actually play. I get I have nothing socketed yet gem wise because I wasn't fully sure what to get since I see so many different builds. My gear looks good for the most part, missing premium sword and shield but I have quite a few of the mainstays. We usually play on Torment 13+ did a GR 75 last night and they carried the entire way of course. I've done a T1 and T2 on my own and been fine. Again any help, build, paragon priority, rotation so I don't blow all my wrath. I've read a lot. I just would like to know what some people actually are playing now, not year old threads that are dead. Thanks!Duke424 Sep 15
Sep 15 Another damage buff on Condemn just now.. *Blade of Prophecy Two Condemned enemies also trigger Condemn's explosion and the damage of Condemn is increased by 600-800%. from 350-450% * Frydehr’s Wrath Condemn has no cooldown and has its damage increased by 600-800%, but instead costs 40 Wrath. from 450-600% HOLY $Y@#I$&@#*($&@#*(&FWSRWR!#! Oh in exchange they nerfed Blessed Shield XDilov2violate2 Sep 15
Sep 15 How high can the Thornsader go? So my character is here: I just finished GR 65 solo with 11 seconds to spare and two deaths. I cleared 60 with no deaths and significant time to spare. It seems like my DPS took a nosedive and my defense just wasn't cutting it anymore - which is an issue if you're supposed to be a soak tank. So how high can this build go? I wore my Nemesis over my Sanguinary because I thought I'd need to get elites out of pylons, and I wouldn't've finished in time if I hadn't. My Bane of the Powerful is coming along, but I'm worried that if I drop my Esoteric Alteration I'll implode based on how painful the last run was. Thoughts? Advice?BlackFire4261 Sep 15
Sep 14 Ptr Hammersader in 4 man Has anyone tried the buffs/limitless change on ptr in density? How is the damage and how is the lag generated compared to the old hammer sader?MRH7 Sep 14
Sep 13 NERF THE CRUSADER! They should make the crusader not be as tough as it is. As it goes right now, the crusader Protarus has breezed through the first two acts on 'expert' difficulty & at no point in time does health go down hardly at all! It's just not as fun if it's not moderately difficult or maybe just slightly challenging. If the game is too easy it's no fun to play for long periods of time! With this new job there at the industrial warehouse, I want to have a video game to play in my spare time that makes sense & is enjoyable. Also, the skills should be upgradable! You should be able to add 1 or 2 points to a skill to make it more strong. That is a thing that is done in that other hack-n-slash game, Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, as well as in Diablo II. On another note, the crusader is a pretty fun char to play as. I have run through the game as a mage and as a monk.SeaBalrog50 Sep 13
Sep 13 Armor of Akkhan Blessed Shield build I like the buffs to the Akkhan set, Gyrfalcon's Foote and Jekangbord. I still feel there's more that can be done here with the set/build(s). Armor of Akkhan: I think the amount of CDR for the set to be viable should be reduced or removed completely. I would say maybe 75% CDR on Akarat Champion up from 50% and 40% less damage up from 20% while Akarat Champion is active. Akkhan's Manacles: should do it's damage to the first 5 enemies hit or increase the damage to 1000% to the first enemy hit. Akkhan Leniency: make this do less damage like maybe 5% damage to the enemy but have it stack up to 10 times or so and let it last for 20 secs. Increasing how long it last may make a big impact as well to overall damage it could give.Cuzlow69 Sep 13
Sep 13 "Super Tesla" Holy-Lighting ...finally I got one in recorded screen! Here it is in slow motion video, Holy Gathering change to Lighting: I confirm this is also from Crusader (previous topic was not so clear about it). After this in next GR without Wizard I had 5-10 times smaller damage. There is more of that in GR but I put only the biggest one.DarkBlizzard7 Sep 13
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Sep 12 10,000 shards, no Jekangbord. 3 Hellskulls 4 Sublime Convictions 3 Hallowed Bulwarks 4 Final Witnesses 1 Akarat's Awakening 3 Ivory Towers 3 Deinals That's 0 out of 21 legendaries. That's 0 out of 15 crusader legendary shields. This is a statistically significant contrast to the ~21.1% shown by the drop rate leak shown on Diablo Incgamers... So I am really starting to believe the theory that characters are seeded upon creation to skew loot tables. Supposedly, this helped "promote" trading in legacy D3. Anyways, what I want to ask is, have any of you gambled with a non-crusader for crusader shields? Does it work? Or should I just roll a new crusader? This is getting insane...Rafa42 Sep 12
Sep 9 Make Flails Great Again allowing us to transmog them into something that actually looks good!!! Two-handed flails are just ugly, and you only got like, 9 of them to choose from. I want to walk around with a Big !@# sword as well as my Crusader Shield, not this stick with paper cups attached to a chain on it. And don't give me. "They have their own animation." You can turn 1-handed flails into swords, axes, etc. So there is literally no logical reason not too.Vivalaadmin5 Sep 9
Sep 7 Area Damage and Blessed Hammer Curious how viable area damage would be as a main stat on gear for hammerdins. I understand that the second hammer that procs does not take advantage of area damage, but with the changes coming in 2.6.1 will area damage be more relevant?Azodeus1 Sep 7
Sep 6 Some love for Roland's shield bash? Was curious of Roland's build could get some love like all these other old specs(including Roland's sweep). I love the playstyle so much and would very much enjoy being able to play it for a full season instead of a starter build. Thank You for reading and for all the other buffs!Zod1 Sep 6
Sep 6 Strongarm multiplicative or additive? I also thought strongarm is a additive buff. Recently someone tells me it multiplicative.... Anyone has tested it? Plz share you results with me! Thanks!WorkWorkWork10 Sep 6
Sep 6 Buff Roland's shield bash build? Was curious of Roland's build could get some love like all these other old specs(including Roland's sweep). I love the playstyle so much and would very much enjoy being able to play it for a full season instead of a starter build. Thank You for reading and for all the other buffs!Zod0 Sep 6
Sep 6 help tweaking a crusader? Long story short, got the game recently.. started playing a monk. Friend said 'hey, seasons almost over, lets powerlevel you to get.. something'. I randomly made a crusader, and followed along blindly. Now I know what rifts are :D but i've been hammered through, and now that i've hit paragon ranks.. i'm finding i'm actually wanting to kill things and not hide behind my friend. Dont have any 'high gear' uber sets that everyone seems to have, have just built this off gear i've got over the time of following my friend. I love the bowmen, they seem to be 90% of my effect. Drop them.. run into combat (tempted to wedge a provoke in there). While my archers are going pew pew, i'll hammer with the zeal.. increased swing speed for life steal.. longer i live, longer i have to kill things. If i get surrounded (or more then 3 enemy's).. i'll use the shield bash, for 4 way pain. Been switching back and forth, with the righteous hammer, and concecration for the one slot... aoe damage/healing vs AOE hammers of amusement. Paragon points.. honestly had no clue what to do with them. Life steal and attack speed seemed good.. but 'armor/life'... uhmm dunno :D anyone mind offering suggestions/tips/tricks.. aside from 'go beat the game first'? I've beaten it (a long while ago on console).. only coming back cus several friends play d3 on pc.Kaelin1 Sep 6
Sep 5 Crusaders, show off your primal drops Finally got a worthy Primal item. It's a pigsticker, which rolled with (fire) damage, vit, str, as, and cdr... not bad. Now off to keep hunting for that primal Golden Flense...Romano61 Sep 5
Sep 5 Testing 100% block chance... it works With the season over, I finally found the time to test if there is such a thing as a "soft" block chance of 75%. The answer is: NO, the block chance is capped at 100%, which is the number you see in the stat table. Here's what I did for the tests. Three different cases were tested, 100% block chance on equipment (30% from shield, 30% from hold your ground, 16% justice lantern, 20% from blood brother, and 11% from helm of rule), 96% block chance on equipment (30% from shield, 30% from hold your ground, 16% justice lantern, and 20% from blood brother), and 76% block chance (30% from shield, 30% from hold your ground, and 16% justice lantern) on equipment. To identify the blocks, I looked at the message that pops (block) when I am hit, but I also equipped the fires of heaven per block shield to see if it properly triggers block related stats. The subject was the first zombie in Tristam, on T13. I let him hit me 100 times and counted how many times the "block" and "fires of heaven" triggered. For 100% --> 100/100 blocks triggered; for 96% --> 95/100 blocks triggered; for 76% --> 81/100 blocks triggered. Long story short, there is NO soft block cap of 75%. The stats for the block chance on your character you see are exactly what you get blocked.Romano9 Sep 5
Sep 5 So Captain America is Back!? My favorite build ever!Omega5 Sep 5
Sep 4 Sweep + Roland: my luck Just I read today update PTR: also Golden Flense with 300% Damage ...that's we talk about business :D I play only Sweep Attack + Roland since two years and for me this is great news! Only little amount of people play this set and I am happy about this buff. My Roland set has almost maximum stats so I just can not image what damage I can do through Area Damage by new update :)DarkBlizzard3 Sep 4
Sep 3 Johanna's Argument reroll Hey guys I finally rolled an ancient JA and i'm not sure which stat I should reroll, any tips would be appreciated. I currently have: 1539-1911 Cold Damage 966 Str 982 Vit 130% Crit Damage 21936 Life on Hit -ThanksProfessor4 Sep 3
Sep 1 Help with my Seekers Crusader Could someone help me figure out why I die so fast with my "Seekers" build? I don't know how someone could view my profile, but I have been trying for 3 days to finish GR 75 with what I think is pretty good gear. I just need to figure out what I am doing wrong.ChuckieB232 Sep 1
Sep 1 Shot gun build?? Any more shot gun builds??? Or is that build long gone lolSilent258 Sep 1
Aug 30 what happened to the build with the shields? just wondering.Omega4 Aug 30
Aug 29 crusader questions heaven's fury says 1710% weapon damage. blessed ground says 1550% weapon damage. does blessed ground damage replace the base damage or do i get both damage sources?TUFguy1 Aug 29
Aug 28 Top 4 Crusader builds in Patch 2.5 1. Hammerdin 2. LoN Bombardman 3. Invoker (full) / Invoker-Akkhan (combo) 4. Roland (Shield Bash - Shield Glare) So the question is why Roland (Shield Bash - Shield Glare) still not in top 3 even after the huge double damage buff in 2.5? I remember someone has wrote something interesting about the new double damage buff to Witch Doctor's Zunimassa - that Blizzard should buff it 20 times more damage instead of 2 to be equivalent to Wizzard's Archon build. Is it the same situation with Roland (Shield Bash - Shield Glare) build? Another question: Can someone tell me where in this top builds is the place of the other Roland build - Sweep Attack?Loki12 Aug 28
Aug 27 Talisman of Akkhan not convertible? Hey all, new crusader (I main DH) As of late I wanted to farm some sweet DBs and I am trying to get 6 piece with the neck piece. I have spent like 400 dbs (40 rolls) in the cube and the talisman never appeared. So I wonder: Is it not convertible?Puyocha7 Aug 27