Feb 11 2.6.1 Crus Fist of the Heavens still not viable. sad... when will this be addressed? Darklight and Khassett is still not enough for higher gr FotH builds.Grimeval3 Feb 11
Feb 11 Is this useful primal? I received primal Hellskull shield today. STR %life RCR Blessed hammer dmg Nothing enchanted with Miriam. I think it's not worth much, but if you can think of something, I'm open ideas.storytime422 Feb 11
Feb 11 Akkhan Holy Machinegun GR100+ Build Hello everyone! One of the craziest builds has arrived! A mix of three old builds using Fate of the Fell and high block chance with infinitely stacking Heaven's Fury. Pretty damn powerful now but very fishy as well, from salt to glory in seconds! -------- VIDEO GUIDE: ========= -- ========= GR100 CLEAR: --- --- As usual you can tune in at my stream to see all builds in action: Feb 11
Feb 10 Greater Rift Techique Help Hello All, I need your help please. I need to understand if people are skipping elite(s) if the density of monsters runs out, and why do you choose to do this. This techique is for higher GRs of 105 plus. Do you stay and fight the elite(s) if the health is very low and no density? Do you skip the elite once density is destroyed? Finally, what elite(s) do you just skip no matter what. I would greatly appreciate your insights on this. Thank you and have a good day. Cheers.Codeblue0095 Feb 10
Feb 10 Wrath issues Hi all, I am running out of wrath as i do not numlock Condem, my CDR is 56.45% Total Wrath is 125 Wrath regen is 7.5 Is it just a case of finding similar gear but with resource cost reduction? Just did a gr 104 solo and para level 1850, currently 432 on leader board..Not sure if im were i should be or higher etc,.... Any help for wrath starve would be great Thankssteve2 Feb 10
Feb 8 Is Furnace really the only way? In regards to Condemn, I feel like other choices besides Furnace get overlooked. Like, what about the 2h Sword Bloodbrother? 20% increased block chance. blocked attacks deal 30% less damage. Next attack after blocking causes next damaging ability to deal 30% increased damage, with Condemn I feel like that would be really good. vs +50% damage to elites.PhearBunny9 Feb 8
Feb 7 Need advice on condemn safer weapon reroll I have been playing a condemn crusader with pretty good results (mostly for pushing GRs) using the primal sword of prophecy you can see equipped on my (male) crusader right now. The sword has 10% damage, strength, and 10% cool down on it. This morning I found another primal sword with 10% cool down reduction and 24% area damage on it for natural rolls. My question is if there's anyway I could reroll the sword to make it superior to the one I am currently using? I must keep the cool down reduction to have full uptime on Akkarat's Champion, so the possibilities I thought of are either keeping it as is or rerolling either strength or AD to 10% damage. Edit (looking at thread title): damn spellchecker!Invictus3 Feb 7
Feb 6 Balance Blessed Shield Runes Please! I am new to the forum and not sure how to tag the forum moderators, but if someone knows, could you please tell the developer to look into balancing the Skill Runes for next patch? Right now "Shattering Throw" is very dominating. But I would love to see these rune adjustments to make other options more viable. 1) Combust - 33% chance to explode fire is too low. With fewer bounce damage bonus (in comparison to Shattering), the chance to explode should be at least 60%. This will make Combust rune skill much more effective. 2) Piercing Shield - I really don't understand why is this rune skill even exist. It is literally useless for many reasons a) doesn't benefit from bouncing bonus b) narrow hitbox c) much lower damage overall. - This rune skill should be buffed to "piercing" PLUS returning bounce (like D2's guided arrow). And the hitbox should increase by 30% instead of the small shield. With this buff, I can see some Crusader players choosing for stronger single target (or linear target) vs automatic bouncing. - Since Piercing Shield won't bounce, the damage should be 600% instead of 430%, and the returning hit portion should be 300%. So a single target will receive 900% with one throw (x 2 hits). 3) Staggering Shield - Again, another useless option. - In addition to "stun effect", the stunned enemies should receive additional 100% damage during stunned duration. This would be an interesting option for players who want the safety of stun, and some damage bonus. 4) Divine Aegis - Another useless option. - The defense buff is way too low to be an attractive option. - I suggest to again 5% Armour, 5% Life Regeneration, and 5% Damage Bonus for 4 Seconds (stack 4 times). - So you get a big defense buff and some offense buff for a balanced approach. Thank you for reading! :)Jibikao5 Feb 6
Feb 6 Condemn vs Blessed Shield Assuming perfect gears on both these builds. (Please correct me if I am wrong) Blade of Prophecy 800% additional Condemn damage Fryder Wrath 800% additional Condemn damage = 9 x9 = x81 With Strongarm Bracer = 9 x 9 x 1.3 = 105.3 But Strongarm Bracer is not consistent; it could not pull GRs nor some of the heavy elites. Gyrfalcon 350% additional BShield damage Jekangboard 300% additional BShield damage Akkhan Manacle 500% additional BShield damage 4.5 x 4.0 x 6.0 = x108 Akkhan's Leniency is another source of DPS, 30% per hit and I and seeing like 15~20 stacks. How/Why is Condemn doing better? Was it because of Akkhan Manacle's 1st target condition? Was it because Condemn skill itself deals more DPS than BShield? PS: What was the BShield nerf during PTR?Astig4 Feb 6
Feb 6 Can i reach GR100 with.. Is it realistic to reliably clear GR100 with Captain America, or do I seriously have to cave in and play Condemn? If it is possible, what do I need to change? I can currently breeze through GR80 with nothing threatening me. GR85+ I clear easily, but take very long to kill RGs, keeping me from pushing into 90. I don't see much room for gains aside from Paragon levels, and Cube Augments. Travelers Pledge set combo would be an improvement, but currently don't have 2 that are itemized right, and don't really see it making that huge of a difference.PhearBunny15 Feb 6
Feb 6 Condemn, I suck at RG part. Hi guys, need help please. Can do t13, but RG fight takes forever. I don’t know what I should be doing. It is condemn build that everyone uses, I think I just suck at it. Should I change stats?Midnight5 Feb 6
Feb 6 Heavens Fury or Condemn bugged? Both remove the cooldown at the cost of wrath. Yet Fury is impacted by attack speed and condemn is not. Is one bugged?Echowild1 Feb 6
Feb 5 Roland: Life per Wrath vs Life per Hit From my understanding: Life per Wrath generates life based on the wrath spent regardless of how many hit. Life per Hit generates life based on how many is hit in that single attack. It could be x2, x3 or x10 if tightly packed. Question1: Guides suggests I get LoH. I am deciding between LpW and LoH Flenses. Would a 2900 LpW be any better to a 31,000 LoH? Question2: Way back in 1.04, I believe the proc chances of LoH was nerfed to a small fraction; a 1000 LoH would effectively be like 100 LoH only. What is the proc coefficient of LoH and LpW to make any difference? Thanks!Astig3 Feb 5
Feb 4 The Problem with Steed Charge "Mount a celestial war horse that allows you to ride through enemies unhindered for 2 seconds." Except not quite most the time i get caught in the middle of a wave of enemies and cant pass thru its bad enough that there is a 16 second cooldown for a 2 second ability but half the time it wont even go thru enemies unhindred either actually its more hindering to use this then something else when im doing rifts i want to be able to run thru enemies and set them on fire with the nightmare rune or chain them with draw and quarter plz blizz fix this also i know this will never happen but could we maybe get an optional wasd or arrow keys for movement and leave the mouse for attack only(just an option that you could toggle)JordanB50011 Feb 4
Feb 2 Number 8 Crusader Hitting Hard Hello All, I know this player most likely BOTs, so that is not what I am impressed with. But watching his video, his Condemn Crusader’s lowest damage output was 2 trillion, and his highest was 51 trillion! Now that is some awesome firepower. I wish I had half of that to make my push on the leaderboards. My season goal is just to make it on the boards, but first I need to get better rolled gear. I especially like using the speed farming rift crusader build. Very impressive indeed on how fast it clears rifts. Happy hunting all.Codeblue0095 Feb 2
Feb 1 Is Block better than AR/DR gear? For sometime now, I have been keeping gears with high block chance (Justice Lantern, Shields with +11%+ block chance and such). But is Block better than AR/DR gears? I do plan on playing a sader (in particular a Machinegun) with high block but is that even worth it?Astig2 Feb 1
Jan 27 Help with Grift 100 I’m currently stuck on 97. My gear upgrades have become few and far between. My problem lies with survivability not damage. I did try endless walk but same results. I feel like I’m missing something with skills or gems. I did try Decaying Strength and Indestructible with rubies and diamonds. Any help would be appreciated!Soldier39 Jan 27
Jan 27 gr 100 solo with Hammerdin in 2 tries Don't know how high it can go but im very pleased with the changes :) was kinda worried that i had to refarm my sader for another build to get the 100 done. anyone else enjoying hammers ? Don't think i would do hammers in season thoughSuperFoolDk3 Jan 27
Jan 26 noob needs help on Urzael Looking for advice how to continue with Chapter IV my seasonal Crusader. Stuck @ Urzael and spent 700k on repairs. Tried with hammers, blessed shield, justice ( all of them buffed with legendary or Set bonus). Alas my best achievement was down to 480M, boss already in enrage and my horse refusing to move away from fire. Essentially my question is what numbers for damage/toughness should have in order to succeed or the only way is to get fire immunity item? Perhaps also on suitable skill to use?BrutalForce4 Jan 26
Jan 26 Will LON Bomber return? I got some LON Bomber gears from several seasons ago just taking space in a mule. I wonder if I should salvage these in favor of Invoker, or keep it in case LON is buffed in the future. thanks!Astig4 Jan 26
Jan 24 Crusader Stats or Necro Stats? Sader shld drops for Necro. In stash, have Sader ID. Necro or Sader stats?MJOLNOR5 Jan 24
Jan 23 What build uses Hallowed Bulwark? Found a primal with CC and CDR. Wondering if it is still garbage or a keeper. thanksAstig2 Jan 23
Jan 23 Sleepwalkers Crusader... Crusaders shouldn't be allowed in Bounties...they are just too slow. donno why people even bring them to do bounties, its slowing everyone down...when you see a crusader enter ur game thats an automatic kick...half the time they be draggin themselves on the second quest while others are finishing an entire act..just not acceptable, they are just sluggish creatures that should be forbidden from bounties games...jsMirrorMe65 Jan 23
Jan 21 Question about Condenm Guys, i've never played Crusader. So i was looking to the LB and saw the Solo Crusader Push are like 122-123 while other classes are like 115-119. My question is that : How Condenm can perform so good ? I'm missing some thing ? Is it worth to make a Condenm Crusader to level gems ?AriesXs2 Jan 21
Jan 21 question about hammer Does str increase hammer damage? I'm trying to find which gems to useross51852 Jan 21
Jan 21 is there a cookie cutter process? I came back from 3 year hiatus. have a 56% cdr akkhan set condemn build going. in process of leveling up gems and running grifts. goal is trying to get extra stash before season end. I am in need of several upgrades. I just got cube stuff. not sure what to do next for best usage of my shards. do ppl roll for better BOP weapon or get ancient gear and try to augment? can you check my gear and give advice... is there a process usually taken with making these decisions on what gear is usually best to upgrade first. like for example, I have no gear with extra condemn% dmg. I think I saw a BIS stats per gear somewhere, will need to look for that in considering best route in spending shards for upgrades.baddna2 Jan 21
Jan 20 question about crusader Does str increase hammer damage? I'm wondering which gems to slot into my eqross51852 Jan 20
Jan 18 Heaven's Fury, RGK questions Hello all. I recently built up a holy shogun sader RGK for fun and have a few questions to ask. 1) I am at 2.94 attack speed, but the next break-point (according to D3Planner) is at 3.0410. Would it be fine if I lose some attack speed on gear (1-3%), thus keeping above 2.8889? I have better gear, but they rolled slightly lower attack speed. I assume, "yes. as long as I keep above 2.8889." 2) How often does shield of fury stack? Since I am above the 2.8889 threshold, how often can it proc? Just want to get a better idea of how many stacks I would obtain within a 2 to 3 minute encounter (GR 125+). This way I can better compare some shields (via changing the "stacks" under Shield of Fury on D3Planner). 3) Is it worth helping with elites during the rift? Or strictly just keep pulling mobs for the Wizard/Witch Doctor? The damage seems negligible on elites. Seems like I just pull mobs and then kill the RG. 4) Any other sources of information for this build? I have watched a video with Zhanji/Bear and read a couple "builds" on DFans, but information appears scarce. Thanks everyone!Wootytooty7 Jan 18
Jan 17 Follower optimization? Capt America build. Templar, Enchantress, or Scoundrel? why? Atm, I'm running Templar with Azurewrath+Freeze of Deflection so that he Freezes enemies often. Ess of Johan for grouping. Occulus ring(does this still work people who don't have it equipped? I don't see it boosting my damage in my chart when I stand in it.). Unity+immune to damage relic. Would thunderfury be smarter? or a different follower all together?PhearBunny3 Jan 17
Jan 17 Primal Akkhan helmet it came with: STR 6% CC Skill Socket Question is: Reroll off skill for VIT and use it for a condemn sader? Or reroll skill to +15% Blessed Shield and use it for captain america? My condemn sader uses leorics helmet anyways, so I figured I can give it to captain america. What do you think?Astig4 Jan 17
Jan 16 Speed farming Pony build? What would be a good setup for speed running maps for goblins? Not to worried about Tlevel just getting as much as I can out of the pony. Would any set be more optimal to use for more ponys?MissycnrEF2 Jan 16
Jan 13 Rerolling Primal Addendum Primal Addendum: STR +Wrath Regen +AD Option1: get +10% CDR Option2: get +10% Damage Option A: Remove STR Option B: Remove Wrath Regen The reason to using Addendum is for the Wrath Regen. I do get Wrath starve hitting that condemn button as fast as a humping rabbit with a Furnace. IMO, Furnace may hit like a large truck, but without gas, it is not hitting at all. I know, it is not the optimal weapon for a Condemn Sader. But unfortunately, I dont have a good Furnace, nor a good Blade of Prophecy. And while I dont have the BIS weapon, this is another option I am contemplating.Astig16 Jan 13
Jan 13 Traveler's Pledge Reroll So got a very nice ancient Travelers pledge today and it rolled Str, LoH, CHC and CHD. I'm trying to decide whether to roll off the LoH or the Str to a socket. I popped the relevant info into d3planner for comparison. What do you guys think? Jan 13
Jan 13 Ferver vs Heavenly Strength A little confused as to why HS is better for Condem build as opposed to Fervor. It seems that the 15% cooldown reduction from Fervor is more ideal to keep Akarat up? Hevenly Strength reduces your damage?? Maybe I am missing something here but I dont understand how reduced damage is better than cooldown reduction?MissycnrEF5 Jan 13
Jan 13 Need help deciding Gyrfalcons Foote 2461.2. 1324-1645Poison Damage. 860str 1470 health per Wrath spent(Does this even still work with capt America?) Ramaladni Socket(130%CHD). Rerolled resource reduction into 10% CDR. 344% damage Affix* vs Gyrfalcons Foot. 2725.8 1492-1855 Cold damage. 834 Str 811 Vit Rerolled resource reduction into 10% CDR. Ramaladni Socket(130% CHD). 297% damage Affix* Which will be more prevalent, the 11% sheet damage, or the 40% Affix difference? Very hard to tell through testing.PhearBunny3 Jan 13
Jan 13 Q on Law of Justice/Decaying Strength Supposedly debuffs monsters lessening their damage upto 60% for 5 seconds. A. Do I get to refresh that debuff every time I use Law of Justice? B. Or is this a one-time deal regardless how many times I use Law when against RG? thanks!Astig4 Jan 13
Jan 12 Weapon Choice for Sweep Attack Hi everyone, I just recently started D3 again and I have a question regarding my Sweeping Crusader. Seeing how my current weapon (please see my profile) is subpar, and I do have a pretty decent Ancient furnace. Should I just use the Ancient furnace and cube my current weapon instead? My worry is that the furnace does not have Max wrath on it which might limit the Aquila up time. Thanks for your help.arbing4 Jan 12
Jan 11 Need help with thorns build. I just maxxed out at GR 85. I know i need to augment and level my gems but is there anything else i need to do with my gear? re-roll maybe? let me know please. Jan 11
Jan 10 Melee Bomber build Angry Roleplayer uploaded a youtube video not too long ago. It involves 5p Akkhan + 2p Invoker + RRoG, but instead of going full "invoker", you equip the belt of trove and put Mortal Drama in the cube slot. You also need to have a bombardment skill with the barrel of spikes equipped. Notice that the standard bombs damage (600% from Akkhan 6p x 100% from eternal walk set) is now buffed by the thorns stacks from the 2p invoker, this is usually at 10 stacks or so but in a high density rift goes to 20+. Each stack is 35% damage to thorns, so we're talking about 350-700% thorns multiplier. I put together an average set of Akkhan leftover pieces (non ancient, not all with thorns) to test things out and the bombs when properly stacked with thorns do OP OP damage. The build is also super tanky, with the Akarat's champions permanently on. The second ring is best used with Justice Lantern's but the "glass cannon" version can use the CoE. There is no room for the Lord Commander skill so timing with the CoE cycle may be tricky. The best part about the build is how dynamic the damage of the barrels is, unlike the LoN Bomber version where the damage output is pretty static.Romano233 Jan 10
Jan 10 ADVICE FOR BEGINNER CRUSADER So i've just started playing crusader and now i'm in 430 paragon level. I just complete my akkhan set but it looks like it didn't work much. It's so paper in even in T11. Any suggestion for the build? TiaWilly3 Jan 10
Jan 10 FoH needs attention There is literally no way to make FoH work, and that's depressing because its ATLEAST as engaging of an ability as Captn not very, but its spammy and entertaining. Anywho. I think it would really be simple to bring FoH into the fray with a few small changes. Darklight-100% chance to cast a 2nd FoH. FoH Gains the effect of all runes. FoH belt- 40% Wrath cost reduction. Increases FoH damage by 300% Akkarats 2h flail thingy for cube- Akkarats champion gains all runes. Not huge buffs by anymeans, and might not even be enough, but my thinking was that by giving FoH all runes, and Akkarats champion all runes, your effectively spamming Fire+Holy+Lightning damage, which translates to 80% uptime on CoE. Could work?PhearBunny0 Jan 10
Jan 10 [Blessed Of Haull] Element of Blessed Hammer? Justice and Blessed Hammer have two different elemental Runes, and even though the Blessed Hammer (Holy) summoned by Justice (Lightning) appears to have the correct Rune, I do not know whether Blessed Hammer is actually doing Holy damage when it is spawned by Blessed of Haull. An answer would be very much appreciated. I am sure the question has already been asked and answered, but I am too tired to look, and feeling rather frustrated after burning through my stockpile of crafting materials, trying to attain a half-decent Guard of Johanna (I failed). So, thanks again.HelloKitty4 Jan 10
Jan 9 Norvald anyone? is there any use for Norvald set? if so, what build? hate collecting this set if they are worthless no matter how good they roll. thanks!Astig3 Jan 9
Jan 9 Unity Soaker Build?? Hello, and good morning. I was wondering if there was a good build to be nice and tanky for two player Unity soaking? (basically be the templar for mitigation for playing in a two person group)MissycnrEF4 Jan 9
Jan 9 Seeking advice. Havent played D3 in years, and the last time I did play was on the Ps3. In regards to Season12, what is the current rankings of Sader builds? I can tell Phalanx build is at the bottom, and Condemn as at the top. But unsure of what I should be targeting right now. RRoG+4peice Akkahns+4peice Rolands, Sweep attack build. Or Full Akkahns Blessed Shield build. Or Full Akkahns Heavens Fury build. Or Does that Blessed Hammer set have any potential?PhearBunny1 Jan 9
Jan 8 Leaderboards/ Classes Well it seems like Crusaders are leading in the leaders boards both Normal & Seasons at least in the America's Server. XD with GR's 120 for Seasons and 123 for Non-Seasons.ilov2violate6 Jan 8
Jan 8 RolAkkhan So I managed to snag a Primal Golden Flense and thought, what the hell, let's see what we can come up with. I ran some 70s and and 75s and clear them in about 10 minutes. Didn't die at all. Obviously not fast. I'm planning to push a little more later on and think that more density might actually make clears quicker at higher levels (maybe mid 80s?) What do you guys think? I'm fairly certain survivability will be an issue if I get into those mid 80s but thought I'd throw this out just for fun and see what the masses think.CaiusMartius7 Jan 8
Jan 6 Highest burst of sheet damage ever recorded? Hope you guys don't mind me bragging. Decided to try and see how high my sheet can go up to running my petsader build. So this is fully functional; it's not one of those profiles who put on Maximus, Magefist, etc... for damage ranking. I could get frenzied for a couple extra millions but its hard enough to find a power: 18.6m Max self buffed without shrines: 9.2m EDIT: found a frenzied. 23.3m Currently unbuffed in town my sheet shows 3.2m The highest elite elemental damage crusader with a functional build in Americas. Whats your highest?SpongeBob13 Jan 6
Jan 6 Frydehrs wrath I have a non ancient 798 condemn damage sheild but has bad rolls on all other rolls. I am wondering if this is better than an ancient one with lower condemn damage such as 760 bonus damage and 15 condem.CRUISER2 Jan 6
Jan 6 Condemn toughness questions Can someone tell me how does the crusader stay alive? Like which are the skills/item that makes your toughness go over 300m? The damage is great. But my god I get squished like a bug. Especially the RG. I have to be somewhat within melee range but 1 or 2 hits and I die. I'm having issues understanding how to stay alive. Could it be the way I play? Am I supposed to run around and run back in just as the condemn explodes or something? Coz facetanking doesn't seem to be working very well.thelws13 Jan 6