May 16 Need advice on gear priority Hello! Im playing Condem crusader this season and am enjoying it very much :) My toon can be found here: My next rerolls will be: Neck (need to swap STR for %Holy on current) Rings (need to swap STR for chc on one, chd on the other) Witch should i reroll first? I have a feeling it will be the neck, but RNG has not been kind to me so far... And when I do the rings, should I prioritize the CHD one? I have pushed solo GR105, but it is in no way on farm. Rift guardian boss needs way to long to die on most runs... Any help is appreciated :)Zarniwhoop5 May 16
May 14 Crusader build Ok so I'm running shield build but it doesn't really require crusader set. So I'm palming my set items off to second build. What's the best build that doesn't involve unlimited shields??changes3 May 14
May 10 Another "Reroll Advice" Thread I just crafted a primal Furnace, but the stats are STR, VIT, and LPH (with freeze as secondary). Out of VIT and LPH, which should I roll off for Condemn build? I assume LPH, but I don't know if there is a value to having it on my gear in one slot. I also assume I should roll to +10% dmg, since I can make up the CDR elsewhere (likely my amulet since I don't have one with holy now). Suggestions? Thanks. (Sorry, I am pretty new to Crusader)Dante004 May 10
May 10 What Modifies Invoker's 6pc Thorn Damage? Anyone know what precisely modifies Invoker's 6-piece thorn's damage? Do any of these? 1. +Str 2. +Element 3. +Crit Chance 4. +Crit Damage Is attack speed the only modifier worth investing in for thorns, or conversely, is crit chance and damage a fool's errand and a complete waste in points?BeerBeerBeer13 May 10
May 9 What kind of gear do I need to get into T13 What kind of gear do I need to get into T13 and finish it? and where do I get it?Narduc1 May 9
May 6 Condemn Sader too OP? It is simply the most OP build currently. It may be squishy but kills fastest! Most of my friends are condemn saders because it gives the fastest G100 runs there is which translates to more paragon per hour. No wonder my friends are almost 1000 P levels higher this season!Astig14 May 6
May 3 Blade of Prophecy I'm struggling what one to pick. Both haven't been rolled both have been gifted. Any help would be appreciated. Current CDR with neither weapon equipped is 46.78%Gahzranka4 May 3
May 2 Need help for pushing past GR 92 Hi everyone This is my current build: I breeze through GR 80 with 6-7 minutes to spare, but for GR 83,84 . .I finish with barely 20-30 secs remaining. Its not as if I am dying, but enemies take too long to die. ANy tips would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to hit at least GR 100 this season.LITHUVIEN14 May 2
May 2 HC leaderboards with non meta build I have made hardcore leaderboards (rank 233 with only a few aumented ancients) without using a focus and restraint. I created my own build that I play well instead of some boring cookie cutter build with terribly rolled items that is only strengthened by high paragon that is gained from boring rat runs.TNguyen424 May 2
May 1 Akkhan Condemn GR100+ Crusader Build Hello everyone! VIDEO guide: ----- ----- ----- This is the first BRAND NEW Diablo 3 build that's i am gonna make after a long break. Condemn is surprisingly strong on PTR and incredibly cool to play as well. It's a lot of action on the edge of death lol. I cleared GR100 with my version of the build, very mediocre gear and half lvl 80 augments. GR100 CLEAR: The build cleared as high as GR109 with similar setup but much better gear and much higher paragon and augments. As usual you can tune in at my stream to see all builds in action: May 1
May 1 Akkhan Primary Skill Use Assuming that we 'Saders have a good bit of Holy Damage percentage, and we can survive being beat on in our out of Akarat... Would using a primary different from the Icy Vein Akkhan Condemn build be viable for increasing damage output? I was thinking of swapping out the Slash/Guard to either Punish/Retaliate or Smith/Surge. Thanks for your time and consideration. GLHF!E8tyf52 May 1
Apr 30 Advise for reroll on Fate of the Fell I apologize for bad English, I'm from Italy. Primal Ancient Fate of the Fell: Max Fire dmg Max Str 10% dmg to elite 24% area dmg I think area dmg should be kept and need reroll for CDR (or even +10% dmg, if the slot is not needed to get the usual 56%). Keep dmg to elite which should be almost as good as plain +10% dmg, given the build uses no Furnace, and so reroll Str? Especially going into higher and higher PL, Str becomes less and less useful. Or am I wrong and Str is better? Pls comment about 2 mutually exclusive situations: -Absolute need to reroll for CDR to reach perma Akarat threshold; -No need for that and freedom to reroll into something else; Thanks.Zangarunya5 Apr 30
Apr 30 I don't get it....... Every major Condemn Sader build has laws of Valor with 'unstoppable force' which Active: Empowering the law also reduces the Wrath cost of all skills by 50% for 5 seconds. The funny thing is that the builds skills all require cooldown and do not cost wrath. Am I missing something?NightRaven3 Apr 30
Apr 29 Help to break 110 I ve been played condemn build for a while on non-seasonal. I tried 11 times of gr110, still cannot break it. Here are my game play records of those 11 times My build I did see seasonal 13 leader board, someone with just only 14XX paragon, could reach 11X level. But for me with 24XX paragon, breaking 110 is still difficult. Is my play style something wrong or good maps, pylon location and good elites are criticaladrianmak23 Apr 29
Apr 28 Captain America is now a Shield Basher no more shield throwing... he is a shield basher now. prepping a roland set out of the closet.. oh wait, shield bash bug...Astig1 Apr 28
Apr 28 Roland's And Judgement - Mass verdict. The Pull on Mass Verdict only works like 5% of the time. Why? Usually all it does is make the enemies jump in place and then immobilizes them. Instead of doing what the rune says - which is: "All enemies are drawn towards the center of the judged area."Chaos5 Apr 28
Apr 28 Some reflections on 2.6.1 Been diving into 2.6.1 patch for a while now, and I feel it's time to give some reflections upon what crusader seems to be missing. This is completly my own opinion, partly influenced by other crusaders that I've been talking to, and just some reflections from the past. I'll divide the different views into builds directly, since they are sort of set at this point. First off: Rolands Sweep: My second most favorite build, viewed as a fairly stable and tanky build. It brings aoe damage and utility to the table and is currently one of the higher ranked builds. Balancewise between the setsI have a suggestion, but I'll come to that later. As it is now I want to change the runes and add more damage to the lesser used runes. Ofcourse having one major damage rune is okay, but the damage is roughly twice the amount, given the right attackspeed. The easier route would be to nerf the after dot damage on the blazing sweep rune (though people dont enjoy hearing the word nerf). The nerf would still make it the strongest damage rune, but other runes would be at a better place now, generally by raising thestandard damage of Sweep. Old: Sweep a mystical flail through enemies up to 18 yards before you, dealing 480% weapon damage. New: Sweep a mystical flail through enemies up to 18 yards before you, dealing 650% weapon damage. Old: Blazing Sweep - Enemies hit by the attack will catch on fire for 120% weapon damage over 2 seconds. New: Blazing Sweep - Enemies hit by the attack will catch on fire for 75% weapon damage over 2 seconds. Ofcourse I would still adress the toughness issue with the Rolands set, this is one of the things people have questioned in the design of the set. The one thing people have been asking is why the dr on the set isn't additive. making it additive would bring it at 75%, enough to fix most of the defence issues this set has. Rolands Shield bash: This build suffers from attackspeed bugs and cannot be adressed now, blizzard has responded about it and gave a maybe about it, so we'll wait and see what they'll do about it. Invoker: Invoker is one of the more wonky builds crusader has, mainly because it uses a damage source unlike any other build. With this ofcourse, comes scaling, balancing and damage issues. Using thorns works on paper, but it has certain limitations, ad damage is one of them. One issue is that the majority of the aoe is locked on the 2pc bonus, pretty much working as a "thorns ad" with it's own damage calculation. Another is the boosting mechanic of the 2pc stack, that has severe limitations when faced with bad/wrong densisty. All this forms a weird build that cant really improve in a good way. One way to do it would be to sort of rework the set (and some skills). Old set: (2) Set: Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in a 15 yard radius around you. Each time you hit an enemy with Punish, Slash, or block an attack your Thorns is increased by 140% for 2 seconds. (4) Set: You take 50% less damage for 20 seconds after damaging an enemy with Bombardment. (6) Set: The attack speed of Punish and Slash are increased by 50% and deal 5400% of your Thorns damage to the first enemy hit. New set: (2) Set: Each time you hit an enemy with Punish, Slash, or block an attack your Thorns is increased by 300% for 2 seconds. (max 10 stacks) (4) Set: You take 50% less damage for 15 seconds after casting Concecration, also each time you hit an enemy with Punish or Slash you reduce the cooldown of Concecration and Iron Skin by 1 second. (6) Set: The attack speed of Punish and Slash are increased by 50% and all damage is increased by 1000%. So this is to give a same but different approach to the invoker build, but to finalize this we need to change some skill runes aswell. Punish: Retaliate Old: When you block with Hardened Senses active, you deal 140% weapon damage as Holy to the attacker. New: Punish gains 600% of your thorns as damage. Slash: Crush Old: Slash gains 20% increased Critical Hit Chance. New: Slash gains 150% of your thorns as damage. This move to put the damage on the runes is two-fold, first we'd want to encourage two different playstyle, punish with the addition of Angel hair braid to make a really powerful rg/elite killer. Slash with the addition of Omnislash belt to make a stable hybrid (better for pushing solo). All this would create a stable playstyle with less worrying on densisty to build up stacks, additional healing through concecration, full use of ad due to the damage being on the skill directly, and more viable options when you remove the bombardment belt. Hammerdin: While being a serious powerhouse for many seasons, the hammerdin build has sort of fallen into the shadows. While it's still powerful, it hasn't changed much in the playstyle and/or items. So, to counter this and make it a still viable build, some changes would be needed. Old set: (2) Set: Every use of Blessed Hammer that hits an enemy reduces the cooldown of Falling Sword and Provoke by 1 second. (4) Set: You take 50% less damage for 8 seconds after landing with Falling Sword. (6) Set: Increase the damage of Blessed Hammer by 2000% and Falling Sword by 1000%. New set: (2) Set: Every use of Blessed Hammer that hits an enemy reduces the cooldown of Falling Sword and Provoke by 1 second. (4) Set: You take 70% less damage for 10 seconds after landing with Falling Sword. (6) Set: Increase the damage of Blessed Hammer and Falling Sword by 3000%. Faithful Memory: Old: Each enemy hit by Falling Sword increases the damage of Blessed Hammer by 60-80% for 10 seconds. Max 10 stacks. New: Each enemy hit by Falling Sword increases the damage of Blessed Hammer and Falling Sword by 60-80% for 10 seconds. Max 10 stacks. Sacred Harness: Old: Judgment gains the effect of the Debilitate rune and is cast at your landing location when casting Falling Sword. New: Judgment gains the effect of the Debilitate rune and is cast at your landing location when casting Falling Sword. Damage of Falling Sword is increased by 350-400% Guard of Johanna: Old: Blessed Hammer damage is increased by 200-250% for the first 3 enemies it hits. New: Blessed Hammer damage is increased by 200-250% for the first 5 enemies it hits. There are slight increases in the hammer damage, and added damage to Falling Sword, so it feels a bit more meaningful. There might possibly be more damage buffs needed, but it would put it closer to condemn. General changes: Of course there are certain items that is used over a plentitude of builds, and some of them could be changed to enhance the different playstyles. Skywarden: Old: Every 60 seconds, gain a random Law for 60 seconds. New: Gain the basic rune for all laws. To increase the possibility of a support crusader, making it closer to monk or barb. Justice lantern: Old: Gain damage reduction equal to 45-55% of your Block Chance. New: Gain damage reduction equal to 60-70% of your Block Chance. Also rolls with a passive 15% block chance as a legendary effect. To further enhance survivability of block based builds since most of them are usually close range. Exarian: New: All damage is increased by 200% and damage reduction by 60% when Akarat's champion is not active. Credits to Kikaha who mentioned this idea. Basically, it's to enhance the playstyles outside of the AC form. Freeing up a skill slot and lessening the need for high amounts of cdr. It will also help builds like sweep (as mentioned above), shield bash and invoker. Putting them close or equal to condemn. These are all just ideas, and numbers are just estimate of what it could look like. What is though is that the other builds besides condemn needs to reach closer to the levelRashiel4 Apr 28
Apr 26 My Struggles With "OP" Condemn Friends, I feel a great deal of frustration with my Condemn Crusader. I was running 95-100 with my Blessed Shield build, and sorta had enough of being second-tier. Decided, screw it, time to join the cool kids. I suspect the fact that you do not attack monsters directly, but rather just spam your Condemn, confuses me. I even put Condemn on a non-mouse key to make it more easily spammed without needing a target from my cursor. Still, while I can run GR100, it feels like something is missing. To recap my play style, I spam Condemn, and run around monsters in a circle. I use Provoke when low on Wrath. I use the laws during the end of the Physical COE cycle to maximize explosions that are popping during the Holy COE cycle. I take quite a bit of damage, and seem to have no control over when I deal out more or less. Any tips? How are people blazing through 110? Should I pool more monsters? Pull single rare monsters to finish them off? How the heck does Blade of Prophecy even work, mechanically (not the 800% part of course, the other part)? I feel like a fool.Negator13 Apr 26
Apr 23 100% iron skin on condemn build possible? This season is really my first time playing a crusader with an end game build. Is there a feasible way to get 100% uptime on iron skin without orotz on a condemn build? I've currently got just under 67% cdr. Maybe fervor could push closer to that 75% mark? Is there a viable 1 handed weapon to use with a condemn build?Dreyda6 Apr 23
Apr 23 Primal Furnace - What to change? So, I found a primal Furnace for this character and obviously I need to swap a primary stat for CDR 10%. Which one is the question? If I choose the vitality, I will need to drop that many paragon points into it from strength, but if I choose the 10% elite damage am I just hurting myself in the long run? Also, why is 10% elite damage even there? How is it as good as just plain 10% damage overall? Do elites take damage differently or something?ShamWow12 Apr 23
Apr 21 What happened to Hammerdins? Sometime ago it was OP, now what? Condemn Sader pushed them to a corner? IMO, 4pc suck. Falling Sword should not be used in any set. The animation takes too long and destroys the Hammer rhythm. I mean, in that span of time, how many hammers can you have thrown? I'd say use a different skill for 4pc and redo faithful memory as well. The only upside to Falling Sword is that, 2pc makes this skill immediately out of cooldown and useable as an escape skill. then again, I use steed charge to move away.Astig5 Apr 21
Apr 20 Invoker's flaws, and some ideas to fix it I have come to love playing the Invoker set, as it captures the style of "the enemy breaks upon you" fairly well. Unfortunately, it runs into several viability problems as you go along, and ends up with several problematic issues once you reach higher level GRs. I'd like to put together a list of Invoker's problems, as well as a list of what things could be done to upgrade the set. Problems 1. The Invoker set has poor capabilities against trash mobs. While the Invoker set can quickly rip up bosses, elites, and Rift Guardians, it just doesn't do well against trash at higher difficulties, primarily due to the lack of a "crowd clearing" move. Despite that the build has some synergy with Bombardment, the Barrels of Spikes rune is far too weak and doesn't add any meaningful damage even when used with Invoker. It's also hampered by the fact that the 6pc bonus only applies that Thorns-based bonus damage to the first enemy you hit with any use of Punish or Slash, rendering Slash as ineffective and forcing the player to take Punish for its defensive boosts. 2. The Invoker set lacks any sort of "perfect weapon". When the current BiS for the Invoker set is the Pig Sticker, which only gets the slot because of its attack speed and 5 affixes, you know there's a problem. Even the Hack axe doesn't do very well because its application of Thorns to your attacks is really meant for other classes, not the Crusader. The amount of Thorns applied via Hack is far too weak to be of use to an Invoker. Meanwhile, other build like the Condemn Akkhan build each have a "perfect weapon" that unlocks the build's true potential; in the case of the Condemn build, it's the Blade of Prophecy. But Invoker has no such weapon. This is a serious flaw, and one that must be corrected. 3. Many skill runes that employ Thorns are underwhelming. Examples include Steed Charge - Spiked Barding, the aforementioned Bombardment - Barrels of Spikes, and Consecration - Bed of Nails. These all add Thorns damage to the abilities, but are all so weak that you barely notice any damage at all, even on some lower GRs. Most glaring is the Bombardment rune, as Bombardment is a part of the Invoker set's 4pc bonus. You'd think that a Thorns-related rune would work better with Invoker, but it doesn't. EDIT: Extra flaw I'm adding as a result of comments below. 4. Invoker's clearing capabilities are highly dependent on the enemies you are facing. This is one that's been brought up by other comments. The Invoker's 2pc Thorn procs are highly dependent on what enemies you are facing, being highly ineffective against slow, hard-hitting enemies, and strong against enemies that use rapid attacks. At higher GR's, this matters a lot, and getting a floor with a bunch of Mallet Lords, Dark Berserkers, etc., is a lot more frustrating than a floor with a bunch of Dust Imps, Tormented Stingers, etc. This also applies to enemy Elites and Champions, though to a lesser extent. The issue is that it makes Invoker clears highly inconsistent and far more luck-based than any other set, something that many find frustrating. Now for the changes I would like to suggest. Solutions 1. Add a new weapon that works extremely well with Invoker. Reworking the Hack axe is something others feel would be inappropriate, as other classes make use of it to employ Thorn builds (i.e. Thorn Barbarians, Thorn Necromancers). To accommodate them, it would be best if Blizzard makes an entirely new weapon that works wonders when used with Invoker. Here is an example for a legendary effect that would work: Upon taunting an enemy, deal damage to all enemies within 15 yards equal to X% of your Thorns. This effect would allow Provoke to become a staple skill in the Invoker set for more than just attracting enemy attacks, and would significantly improve the set's trash-clearing ability while not significantly impacting its effectiveness against bosses and Rift Guardians. 2. Update the 6pc effect of Invoker to apply the bonus damage to all enemies hit by your Punish and Slash, not just the first. This would allow Slash to be a viable option by letting you do some cleave with your Thorns damage, and would acceptably come at a price of using Punish in any real builds. Punish would still be the better option for taking out bosses and Rift Guardians, but Slash would be better if your goal is taking out trash mobs. Plus this would allow for some excellent synergy with the Omnislash belt. 3. Upgrade the 4pc bonus to apply the Barrels of Spikes rune to Bombardment and also increase the Thorns bonus to Bombardment. Bombardment plays a big part in Invoker by providing damage resistance, but it should also serve as a viable damage source. Modifying the 4pc bonus (or maybe just upgrading the Barrels of Spikes rune) to make Bombardment deadlier would help a lot with the Invoker build's weakness against trash. I hope that the devs will consider some of these changes. If you have your own ideas, feel free to suggest them.darkdill113 Apr 20
Apr 20 Tanky Condemn Build Somebody asked me to post it, so here it is. It's pretty much swapping out Furnace for Blood Brother, so we can get more block along with a damage boost on block (30% vs 50% elite damage). Instead of Focus/Restraint, we roll with the compass rose for that extra damage reduction on the move and Justice Lantern for more block/toughness/BloodBrother procs. The inherent toughness of the build allows us to facetank plenty and make use of the damage increase on it when needed. You'll obviously notice the terrible rolls I have on the traveler's compass because I use them for a different build. Angel Hair Braid will give us more crit/liferegen/aoe damage procs on block. It'll also help with stricken stacks on targets that attack us but aren't in condemn range. I personally use Gogok of Swiftness because that's the only feasible gem I had for this build at the moment, but will likely change it out for either Simplicity's Strength for more Roar/Retaliate Damage and huge life on hit, or Mirinae. Nemesis for force spawning elites in higher GR's. Laws of Justice for extra tankyness. With Hold Your Ground passive along with Punish, we have 100% block chance and more uptime on Blood Brother, so we use Insurmountable passive for huge wrath generation. Not sure if it's 100% fast for 110+ GR's but definitely tanky. Edit: After a bit more testing, you can push for either more Survivability or Damage with a belt change. Using Punish with Fury rune retains the crit bonus on block. Cord of Sherma for that nice AoE CC field for more survivability. Really useful when you grab a shrine and you already have elite(s) on you. Can be a bit of a bother if you're trying to kite them into higher density though, you'd need to rely on vacuum to pull them out. You'll also suffer wrath gain problems from anything in the field, but you can always use Punish. Alternatively, you can use Witching Hour for extra critical hit damage.Tsokushin11 Apr 20
Apr 19 Need some Help - Crusader with SP Wiz Hi all, I don't know much about the crusader class, so any help would be appreciated. The story: I have a couple of friends who run crusader, and one who runs a monk. I'm a wizard fan that had been running a frozen orb DMO build with them for a while. We could do GR95-100 comfortably; and GR 105 - 106 with the strongest crusader in 2man team, albeit with some difficulty. Recently I switched to a Fire Bird star pact variant. This allowed us to go up quite a bit in GR levels as star pact's punch is legit. Unfortunately, star pact is not group friendly in the sense that it requires some serious monk work to make it function appropriately, and trash mobs to surround the elites. The problem: I've played with them a few times now with the star pact build, and noticed that I had a much harder time killing things and the progression was slower. Further, we are really limited on how high we could run. Depending on the rift and strategy, 105s could either be easy or a real pain in the %$$. I tried running a 2 man in GR 110, I was able to 1 shot a blue elite pack. The density was good, CoE aligned well, and I got a critical hit with star pact. Pop. Was pretty run. In contrast, I can be running 100s with the 4 man party with 2 condemn crusaders and sometimes have to hack away on elites. It seems they kill trash pretty fast and kill the area damage chances the star pact build relies so heavily on. I don't mind running 105s with the gang, and just pushing higher when I'm not playing with them. However, they want to push as well. It's fun playing with the gang and seeing how far we can go. I'm trying to figure out how I can make it work, but it's a mess. So does anyone have any suggestions? We'd like to be able to run 110s plus. Ideally 120s in the future. I don't mind adapting my play style, but I'm not sure what needs to be done to make it work. Further, do you have any suggested build advice for the crusaders? I have started digging into builds on YouTube and sites that have listed builds for things such as support Crusaders, but it's a bit overwhelming considering I'm not the one who will be playing the build.... Further, I think some of them just prefer to deal straight dmg. I'm all for playing with my gang even if it's not meta builds. It's my understanding that we just need to meet the some basic traits in order to push. Some grouping and support (support monk), a pull/ agro source, an some area dmg source, and an optional slot. Ideally the 4th being able to kill the RG. As we play now, it really seems like the condemn build and star pact are at odds with each other. Anyhow, many thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have!aloc2 Apr 19
Apr 18 Kicked for playing Invoker Not kidding. I don't got the best gear, but was in a T10 group and got kicked cause "I got low sheet damage". As invoker... 2 of the others were even Crusaders themselves. Ever happened to one of you? Found it extremely funny.FuturePhunk6 Apr 18
Apr 16 Akarats champion and Rg or Elites Why does my akarats champion fall off when fighting some elites or riftguardians? there is remaining on time and cdr is 57% hope i am not the only one with this problemMudre9 Apr 16
Apr 16 Is viable? 1hander Shotgun sader? My point is using a fast 1hander, firing off HF at 3~4 APS, to stack Shields of Fury buff faster that it outpower a 2hander? Is this build been tested before? If so, is it viable? or a huge waste of crap. thanks!Astig2 Apr 16
Apr 16 Block chance for Invoker Hello, I am running Punish/Celerity with Invoker. Should I aim for 75% base block chance at all times? Or keep it to 60% block chance to account for the Punish buff? Thanks!Kinsai3 Apr 16
Apr 10 Help me break 100 I just beat 98, and barely. There's a few things I'm looking to do, such as getting a better neck, weapon and rings, but where else do you guys see I need to improve? I've spent probably the last 20k BS on shoulders only to dust about 20 non-ancient's and a few ancients that didn't have CDR or condemn damage. Thoughts? Do I just need more paragon to push further? Edit: Ignore the Laws of Hope, I was doing speed runs with my clan and had another sader with me. I usually go with the usual.jdinflames17 Apr 10
Apr 7 Curses! 350 TX kills cursed chest conquest Need this to finish season Guardian solo. Is Hammerdin still the best to do this or are there other viable build options that are fast enough? What are people using?Graveheart3 Apr 7
Apr 7 Condemn Build Squishy Hi all, I've been playing the Condemn build for a few weeks now and truly enjoying it's flexibility between T13 farming and GR pushing. This build's DPS output at even sub-par gear and low paragon is insane. Very fun to play but like we all know, this build suffers from damage mitigation. I'm using the usual Esoteric gem + String of Ears + Unity + Perma Champion. CDR at 56.45%. I've clear solo GR101. Can't push any higher because the incoming damage is tooo much to bare. What do ya'll do to be more tanky. I tried using Law of Justice. Immovable Object but end up wrath starved. Please enlighten me.Wangster28 Apr 7
Apr 7 Returning player, new crusader (season 13) I've been away for a number of years and recently got back in to the game. I decided to try a Crusader with season 13. So far I am up to paragon 28 with mostly yellows playing Hard level just because it is so easy to rush though farming materials in Adventurer mode while I am still figuring out what is going on. I got the Kanai's cube but have only added one recipe so far. So as you can see I am still very early on. I'd like to start working on a set of gear but this is where I am really clueless. I am playing the character (for now) with a one handed weapon. My immediate goals are getting a set together and getting the seasonal goals done. Am I over reaching by going for a gear set before I have more Lengendary's equipped or does it make sense to put materials in a set straight away? (Assuming I can find suitable set recipes) Any advice or pointers is greatly appreciated. :)Floode2 Apr 7
Apr 5 Fastest build for t13 rifts? Title says it all, what's the fastest one? I tried condemn with ingeom and nemesis, but lacks a ton of damage without Blade of Prophecy. Suggestions?TheDarkitect18 Apr 5
Apr 4 Blessed Shield: How do the bounces work? A pack of 20 monsters out in the open. I have Blessed Shield: Shattering Throw. I have a 6 additional bounce Jekangbord. I have Akkhan's Leniency to give me a buff that shows how many stacks I have for every enemy hit by my bouncing shields. I use Blessed Shield: Shattering Throw against the group of 20 enemies. It hits 5 enemies. My buff shows 5 stacks of Akkhan's Leniency. What? 1 (initial throw) + 6 (jekangbord) + 3 (shattering throw) + # (how many times can shattering throw shields bounce?) + *3 (does the skill retain its original +3 bounces pre-rune?) = #value I did a few tests: Blessed Shield: No rune w/o Jekangbord Max stacks: 4 Blessed Shield: No rune w/ +6 Jekangbord Max stacks: 10 Blessed Shield: Shattering Throw w/o Jekangbord Max stacks: 8 What? Blessed Shield: Shattering Throw w/ +6 Jekangbord Max stacks: 12 What? What I did notice is that Blessed Shield: No rune cannot bounce to the same target twice. So if there are two enemies, neck to neck, the shield will bounce twice. The end. The Shattering Throw shields can bounce back and forth, but after the first hit, they do not count towards the Akkhan's Leniency buff. I do not know how many times the Shattering Throw shields can bounce, nor do I know if Jekangbord affects them also. I do not know how Shattering Throw w/o Jekangbord could get a max stack of 8. Can anyone help me figure out how this works? How is it that when there are 20 enemies grouped up in front of me, that I can throw a shield and have it bounce 12 times, or I can also have it bounce 3, 5, 6, 8 times? Why can't the shield bounce back and forth between two targets until it reaches its maximum amount of bounces? How many times can the Shattering Throw shields bounce?AirY8 Apr 4
Apr 4 Sweeper or Blessed Shield Which can push higher?Omega2 Apr 4
Apr 3 Question on Invokers and cube. Hey Saders! Quick question. Looking over Icy Veins, they suggest Blood Brother and Heart of Iron in the weapon and armor cube slots but I have seen a few variations suggested like AA shield in cube, equip Spiker shield or Sanguinary Vambraces instead of HOI, etc, etc.... Does one combo greatly overpower the others? Is it a paragon thing when you use a certain combo? Personal preference? Hit GR 100 on LQ Barb, miss Thornsader and would like to hit GR 100 this season as well. ThanksSolace19816 Apr 3
Apr 2 Two quick questions about Invoker 1: Is it the tankiest build in the game? I know people love DPS but I prefer to play the class that never dies. Ever. 2: If I can't stand the CoE ring, what's a viable alternative? Will I still be able to clear GR70 without CoE? Ok, that's technically three questions. Anyway, thank you for the help :D [edit] Ok, four questions. Do I want to keep a follower or should I get rid of them to keep enemies focused solely on me for thorns?Landale2 Apr 2
Apr 1 Remove Akarats Champion MORPH! Everyone hates it. All those cool transmogs and you're stuck as the same green hulk everyone else is. Remove the morph and just make everyone grow in size when in Akarat form! Or at least make the hulk wear our transmogs.SooSaucy12 Apr 1
Apr 1 Looking for builds I'm trying to find a build to use for a crusader, I played one back when invoker was the haedrig set and wasnt really impressed, didnt like the thorns playstyle. Akkhan should be the set for season 14, and it seems to provide some pretty generalized bonuses, so I'd like to put together a build that focuses more on offensive abilities (heaven's wrath, or condemn, or blessed shield preferrably). Any suggestions? It seems the main issue with the akkhan set is keeping akkarat's champion active, and even with the 50% cooldown reduction it still has a pretty ridiculous wait time. What can be done to reduce the cooldown for it to maintain 100% uptime?Lynx2 Apr 1
Apr 1 Condemn build - CDR is a killer I'm trying hard to love the condemn build, but man, the required CDR is a bit overwhelming. I mean, 56% isn't all that difficult to pull off, but... In other characters and builds that I've put together, if an item you need drops, there's a fair chance that it will be usable. Ok, maybe the strength isn't the greatest, but it's got a couple other decent stats and I can reroll that other useless stat to +50% crit. But with this demanding CDR, there are so many items that are simply no good. A great ring with no socket OR CDR is useless. You've got to ignore that abysmal vitality stat, because those otherwise good shoulders have to be rerolled to get CDR. I look over all of my gear and almost every rerolled stat is to get CDR. This point of my character development is usually rather exciting, because I can often find an improvement item in about one out of three GRs. But I haven't found any real improvements in a LOT of recent GRs. I just find the whole ordeal a bit demoralizing.kayakpat23 Apr 1
Mar 29 Really need help to learn how to play Condemn I am a new player to Diablo 3 and have only pushed ~700 paragon levels this season. When reading up on posts online and builds, most people claim Condemn is the best build to play, when comparing Thorn (Invoker) and Condemn (Akkhan). I have pushed to around GR 80 as Thorns, only having 3 ancient items (I might be able to push even further). However, I have gathered full Akkhan and, according ti Rhykkers Condemn guide, I have 5 ancient items for his build, but I can't even kill 30 enemies in T13 normal rift without dying (again - compare to Thorns where I clear GR80 by myself). What am I doing wrong? I am doing my best to follow guides online (read up on Icy Veins & seen Rhykkers movies). I am greatful for all helpBolp12 Mar 29
Mar 27 Frydehr's wrath drop restriction? Hey guys, quick question about frydehr's wrath, does this shield only drop from certain places or tiers of gr or something? People tell me its just a regular unrestricted drop but I've spent well over 30000 rubies and hundreds of dbs rolling shields, and been run through countless tier 70 grs and still haven't seen this shield drop. It's been nearly 3 full days of nonstop farming rubies and db's and GRs and still nothing, and the impale build I've been using to farm runs tier 70s in about 3 minutes. As you know the condemn build doesn't function without this shield. I've seen countless legendary shields of other varieties. I feel I've passed the point of mathematical odds and there has to be something else going on. I was thinking about submitting a bug report TBH but I wanted to ask people if anyone else knows anything first.Plaje9 Mar 27
Mar 25 Justice Lantern and >100% Block Chance So I noticed that the max sheet block chance it will show is 100% through skills (like Punish or Provoke). 75% max cap under normal circumstances. However, if you're already at 95% sheet block chance with no skills and you use a skill that raises it 50%, will Justice Lantern use 145% for the damage reduction, meaning I will get a damage reduction of say 50% of 145 or 72.5% even though the sheet chance never shows above 100%? Or will it cap at that 100% and provide just a 50% reduction even though my mathematical block chance is above 100% (albeit it doesn't show it)?BeerBeerBeer5 Mar 25
Mar 23 Looking for group to start season 13 Hello All, I am going to give season 13 a try, since I have permission from my wife. :-) I am looking for a group of 3 more players to start season 13 leveling at 17:00 PST. It doesn't matter to me what character you will start out with. I will start with my old faithful crusader, and will share with anyone else in the group. I enjoy team work and helping others. I would like to do the challenge rift while we are all level 1 for the items that we get immediately and can be put to immediate use for the blacksmith, mystic, and gem merchant. Afterwards, I would like to follow the leveling techniques that quickly get you to level 70. It should take less than two (2) hours to accomplish in a group setting. One thing I need to mention is that I have a baby that I might have to leave the group for a few moments (it will be close to his bed time an hour after season starts (CST time for me)), so if that is not acceptable to any of you, I understand. Since it's Friday I can be on fairly late and help the paragon leveling push. I learned a lot from season 12 on how to build my crusader, and I would like to challenge myself to improve on my 1500+ paragons of last season. Looking for some mature friendly gamers to assist in the opening of the season. I also have a discord server Codeblue009#0725. Please let me know if you are interested. P.S. My second character will be a pestilence necro once I reach sufficient paragons. I wish you all a successful and promising season 13. Cheers!Codeblue0092 Mar 23
Mar 23 FoH Seeker of the Light suggestion Could the Seeker of the Light set be expanded to include Fist of the Heaven builds? And maybe change a couple of old legendary items that don't yet have Legendary affixes to boost FoH? It seems to fit the theme of a "smiting" Crusader. Here're my suggestion: SEEKER OF THE LIGHT SET CHANGES: 2-Piece: Every time Blessed Hammer or Fist of the Heaven hits an enemy, the cooldown of Falling Sword, Provoke, and Consecration is reduced by 1 second. 4-Piece: You take 50% less damage for 8 seconds after landing with Falling sword, or while standing inside consecrated ground. 6-Piece: Increase the damage of Blessed Hammers and Fist of the Heavens by 2000%, and Falling Sword by 1000%. Doubles the heal-amount of Consecration. LEGENDARY ITEM CHANGES: Darklight: Enemies hit by Fist of the Heavens' bolts have a 30-50% chance to also have Fist of the Heavens casts on them. Khassett's Cord of Righteousness: Fist of the Heavens cost 40% less Wrath and deals 250-350% (up from 130-170) more damage. Stormshield: Fist of the Heaven strikes deals 100% more damage to the first enemy hit for 5 seconds. (max 5 stacks). (only applies to the main bolt) The Zweihander: Bolts from Fist of the Heavens return 1-3 wrath upon hitting an enemy, and increases the damage that enemy takes from First of the heaven by 25% for 5 seconds (max 5 stacks). Spaulders of Zakara: Consecration gains the "Bathed in Light" rune and moves with you. (replaced the 'Indestructible items' affix since it's no longer useful in the current version of Diablo 3 - it used to offset the high repair cost, which isn't a problem in the current game's gold economy)Amuscaria0 Mar 23
Mar 22 Invoker Legendary gems: which to choose? I know Boyarsky's chip and trapped are manditory. The 3rd gem is up for debate. Some saw Bane of Powerful. Why not Taeguk for speed and cooldowns? Also, if Bane of powerful is better, why? How does the extra damage interact with thorn damage? thanks!Skovgaard18 Mar 22
Mar 22 Help with pushing I have duplicated the top HC Crusader build. My unbuffed, unAkkhan sheet toughness is 35 millions. I have no one shot most monster and 3 shots the toughest one in GR70 But nonetheless some monsters, Succubus slow auto targeting orb in last rift for example, easily damage me by 80% health, and there are so many of them... Making pushing rift so dangerous.. How to boost my toughness? I could start doing some augment item (haven't done any), but I was able to comfortably push GR82 with my N6+M4 DH, I wonder if I really need to augment my Crusader to go beyond GR70... Further STR might not help much against magical attack (such as succubi's orb) Any tips?Lloyd1 Mar 22
Mar 21 Never mind. Please lock / remove. .Meteorblade8 Mar 21
Mar 21 Primal? New weapon, not sure what to role on it. Any ideas? Going to chance shield to condemn once I get the required cdr from my focus ring. Mar 21
Mar 19 Hack vs Pig sticker after 2.6.1 goes live? Been running an invokers sader with hack + vo'toyas and akarats awakening cubed. After the new patch goes live, will this still be the best combo? Or is Pig sticker, A.A and cubed hack or BB better? Please weigh in, would love to know what you all think is the best combo for Invokers build. Thanks all for your timeGreenRangerG14 Mar 19