Jul 27 Finally a Primal Pig Sticker (for invoker) Picked up a Primal Pig Sticker with: Elemental Damage STR VIT IAS LoH Popular setup dictates I need to reroll Elemental Damage off for CDR. After many rerolls, I could not get +CDR but stuck with +Area Damage. So here I ask: 1. Is +CDR really a must have? I already have +CDR on all gears that can have it (except for this weapon). 2. Can I just use +Area Damage? I don't have that much +Area Damage honestly. Maybe this will give better clear? 3. Does +Damage vs Elites work with Thorns? Maybe that is a better attribute? thanks!Astig2 Jul 27
Jul 25 Akarat's runes with Akkhan's Addendum and CoE While using Akarat's Champion and Akkhan's Addendum, does CoE get the holy damage benefit of the Prophet rune and the physical damage benefit of the Embodiment rune? Or is it only whichever rune I actually have selected like Rally (electricity)?roblerkind0 Jul 25
Jul 25 Set Dungeon Guideline Needing guideline that's not a "watch this video" for clearing set dungeons since few guide videos I've watched also features people who has double my paragon levels to add on extra oomph with more Core stats. I can meet the goals, and with some tweaking and practice, I was able to kill everything BUT 1 ~ 4 monsters that are randomly dropped off in some corner that I must have missed in the set dungeons. Am I required to have Krelm's Belt for that 25% movement speed just so I can circle the dungeon within 4:30 and then have a spare time to search for whatever straggler I missed out? Armor of Akkhan is the one I'm stuck on. Invoker and Light, I have not ventured back in, although I cleared both successfully (not Mastered, although I'm sure with practice, I can do it).AlterEgo3 Jul 25
Jul 23 help for Blade of prophecy Been looking for this 2hand sword for 3 days in s14 but stil no luck. can anybody help me pls? tiakillermaniac4 Jul 23
Jul 19 roland sweeper is out of wrath A created a roland sweep attack fresh build I found that when killing boss, it will run out of wrathadrianmak8 Jul 19
Jul 19 How to get greater rift 98+? Hi all! Im a lazy player, and i got my Crusader: Curently i can clear gr 97 (best time is 1 minute left). I use numlock for all 4 skill. Now i want to ask how to get gr 98 and higher? Do i need redistribute some stats and p point? Should i manualy cast spell or keep numlock? Note: my damage in game is 2.2m+ and life 500k. Thanks!keunhuvac3 Jul 19
Jul 19 Akkhan Thorns build Hardcore build I miss LON bomb builds. Could Akkhan Thorns work? I didnt see any post about this build.GOLDFARMER0 Jul 19
Jul 18 Question: 6pc Akkhan with 2pc Invoker Is there any point in gettng the thorns bonus?Scourge3 Jul 18
Jul 18 Witching hour reroll suggestions I found a primal witching hour with: Str +15% life CHD IAS +gold +exper I wear it in group with z for extra dmg. Wondering if it is worth rolling a secondary to 5.1% chance to freeze, or should I just roll life to Vit (toughness would only increase from 43.8M to 46.3M)? As it currently stands, it is over 10% more dmg but 15% less toughness (not counting affix benefit of String of Ears) over something like string of ears. Survivability is not really an issue at 100 with z, but not sure the freeze will even help since I already have stun with strongarms and slow with Bane of Trapped. Thoughts? Thanks.Dante003 Jul 18
Jul 16 Invoker - Str vs Vit I was reading up on thorns damage online, but I am not sure of the answer to this. If wearing the Heart of Iron, is there more of a benefit to putting amethysts in armor and augmenting gear for Vit rather than going the Str route?Dante002 Jul 16
Jul 13 What gear to upgrade? Condemn build for GRs. Hi all, I'm struggling a little bit with my suitability in greater rifts. The max I am able to do is 87. I think my gear is OK, but I had to roll unfavorably on a lot of pieces to get to the appropriate amount of CDR. What pieces should I focus on upgrading? I still have some work to do with Paragon levels and upgrading my gems. Direct link to profile: Thanks!Neil3 Jul 13
Jul 12 Having Trouble with T4 So I have only 1 thing left in order to complete chapter 4, and that is the solo GR20,im currently having trouble putting down enough damage while not losing health at a ridiculous rate to complete the rift in time. I can handle t1 easily anough, and t2 isn't bad but goodness t4 feels like having my keyboard taken and playing with just a mouse. Any advice I could get would be grand, and I do mean any, I bought the game a week ago so I have no clue what im doing.StarLizard10 Jul 12
Jul 12 Gearing help and questions hi everyone, I'm returning after a 2 year hiatus and decided to jump into seasonal play with my Crusader. I've been farming the last few days and obtained some key pieces for the condemn build, they aren't optimal stats by any means but I'm trying to work with what I have. I'm still waiting on illusory boots, restraint ring and convention of the elements (for cube) to drop. I managed to clear a 69 grift last night but its taking over 12 mins (lots of dying, have to stay moving, if I get stuck in a crowd I instantly die). My legendary gems are 25,25,17 at the moment. The only reason I'm going as high as I can is for more loot. Should I be doing lower level grifts for the sake of quick clears? I just don't know which is more optimal for quicker gearing. How is survivability once you have nice gear, high level legendary gems and optimal stats in higher grifts? I am really liking the crusader and has been tons of fun so far. Thanks everyone!Raziel2 Jul 12
Jul 9 Is there speed limit with 25%? Can equipment with speed increase provide crusader to be faster than 25% which is a limit on character? If he can run faster with equipment it would be nice if you start the game with new character and have all equipment available.Julijan2 Jul 9
Jul 8 Crusader condemn build question So I've seen a lot of people supporting the condemn build. However, everywhere I go they say its a wrath heavy skill, however my condemn only has a cool down, no wrath rewuirement. When did this change, is this build still viable, and how much cdr is needed to get this 15seconds cool down more uptime. I'm cute you sitting at 50 %cdr Sorry if this is asked before. Just started playing again after a year long break Edit, just realized i,don't have the shield. Now to,farm for itRGVirus3 Jul 8
Jul 6 T13 capable pet builds? I like using pets. So please dont tell me how your condemn build can do more dps :> Using these items, what pet builds can you think of: Warhelm of Kassar Tnt Unrelenting Phalanx Eternal UnionRyoka2 Jul 6
Jul 6 feeling squishy I'm able to do up to a 90 gr but anything past that is a struggle, I just get hit so hard I get one shotted constantly rift guardians at that level are just me burning through my 2 cheat deaths and getting out as much damage as possible dieing and going back at it. where am I going wrong with my gear that is making me so squishy, my dmg feels fine its just the rift guardian and elites that are making things a stuggle with how easily they kill me.Ogre2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Lazy Shotgun and Goblins Love the lazy shotgun spec and I'm decently geared but missing a few key pieces (the bracers and shield legendary power). Starting to have trouble killing goblins especially when there are no other mobs around. wondering what would be the easiest change in spec of gear to help not miss the goblins thanksHoyapooch2 Jul 6
Jul 4 Shoulder & Shield Hard to get? Hi, Is it me or everyone else trying hard to find proper rolled ancient shoulder piece & shield for Condemn build? I already melted more that 1k reroll mats in cube but nothing.artdj4 Jul 4
Jul 4 Condemn Crusader - what to change? hi, i tried to do a gr100 but almost all creatures kills me, and im doing no damage, what should i change? Jul 4
Jul 4 Invoker's flaws, and some ideas to fix it I have come to love playing the Invoker set, as it captures the style of "the enemy breaks upon you" fairly well. Unfortunately, it runs into several viability problems as you go along, and ends up with several problematic issues once you reach higher level GRs. I'd like to put together a list of Invoker's problems, as well as a list of what things could be done to upgrade the set. Problems 1. The Invoker set has poor capabilities against trash mobs. While the Invoker set can quickly rip up bosses, elites, and Rift Guardians, it just doesn't do well against trash at higher difficulties, primarily due to the lack of a "crowd clearing" move. Despite that the build has some synergy with Bombardment, the Barrels of Spikes rune is far too weak and doesn't add any meaningful damage even when used with Invoker. It's also hampered by the fact that the 6pc bonus only applies that Thorns-based bonus damage to the first enemy you hit with any use of Punish or Slash, rendering Slash as ineffective and forcing the player to take Punish for its defensive boosts. 2. The Invoker set lacks any sort of "perfect weapon". When the current BiS for the Invoker set is the Pig Sticker, which only gets the slot because of its attack speed and 5 affixes, you know there's a problem. Even the Hack axe doesn't do very well because its application of Thorns to your attacks is really meant for other classes, not the Crusader. The amount of Thorns applied via Hack is far too weak to be of use to an Invoker. Meanwhile, other build like the Condemn Akkhan build each have a "perfect weapon" that unlocks the build's true potential; in the case of the Condemn build, it's the Blade of Prophecy. But Invoker has no such weapon. This is a serious flaw, and one that must be corrected. 3. Many skill runes that employ Thorns are underwhelming. Examples include Steed Charge - Spiked Barding, the aforementioned Bombardment - Barrels of Spikes, and Consecration - Bed of Nails. These all add Thorns damage to the abilities, but are all so weak that you barely notice any damage at all, even on some lower GRs. Most glaring is the Bombardment rune, as Bombardment is a part of the Invoker set's 4pc bonus. You'd think that a Thorns-related rune would work better with Invoker, but it doesn't. EDIT: Extra flaw I'm adding as a result of comments below. 4. Invoker's clearing capabilities are highly dependent on the enemies you are facing. This is one that's been brought up by other comments. The Invoker's 2pc Thorn procs are highly dependent on what enemies you are facing, being highly ineffective against slow, hard-hitting enemies, and strong against enemies that use rapid attacks. At higher GR's, this matters a lot, and getting a floor with a bunch of Mallet Lords, Dark Berserkers, etc., is a lot more frustrating than a floor with a bunch of Dust Imps, Tormented Stingers, etc. This also applies to enemy Elites and Champions, though to a lesser extent. The issue is that it makes Invoker clears highly inconsistent and far more luck-based than any other set, something that many find frustrating. Now for the changes I would like to suggest. Solutions 1. Add a new weapon that works extremely well with Invoker. Reworking the Hack axe is something others feel would be inappropriate, as other classes make use of it to employ Thorn builds (i.e. Thorn Barbarians, Thorn Necromancers). To accommodate them, it would be best if Blizzard makes an entirely new weapon that works wonders when used with Invoker. Here is an example for a legendary effect that would work: Upon taunting an enemy, deal damage to all enemies within 15 yards equal to X% of your Thorns. This effect would allow Provoke to become a staple skill in the Invoker set for more than just attracting enemy attacks, and would significantly improve the set's trash-clearing ability while not significantly impacting its effectiveness against bosses and Rift Guardians. 2. Update the 6pc effect of Invoker to apply the bonus damage to all enemies hit by your Punish and Slash, not just the first. This would allow Slash to be a viable option by letting you do some cleave with your Thorns damage, and would acceptably come at a price of using Punish in any real builds. Punish would still be the better option for taking out bosses and Rift Guardians, but Slash would be better if your goal is taking out trash mobs. Plus this would allow for some excellent synergy with the Omnislash belt. 3. Upgrade the 4pc bonus to apply the Barrels of Spikes rune to Bombardment and also increase the Thorns bonus to Bombardment. Bombardment plays a big part in Invoker by providing damage resistance, but it should also serve as a viable damage source. Modifying the 4pc bonus (or maybe just upgrading the Barrels of Spikes rune) to make Bombardment deadlier would help a lot with the Invoker build's weakness against trash. I hope that the devs will consider some of these changes. If you have your own ideas, feel free to suggest them.darkdill114 Jul 4
Jul 2 Condemn sader gear advise hi, i have quite a prob with sader, when i'm doing grift 85 with random, the damage with elite seems to be very low compare to other class. can i get some advise on ow to improve this sader. the name is TRex in my profile. thanksPaintrain3 Jul 2
Jul 2 What should I reroll? What should I reroll? Gauntlets of Akkhan 1000 Strength 129 Resistance to all Elements Critical Hit Damage Increased by 36% Critical Hit Chance Increased by 9%Orion2 Jul 2
Jul 1 Condemn, lot's of fishing requiered above 95? Asking the crusaders here, those who like to push and do so on high rifts, do you guys feel that from above 95-97's we need a lot of GR fishing, to get that density-elite combo ? I feel like on maps with 1-2 elite packs, short ones or low XP mobs we are screwed, and we need an insane amount of GR fishing to get past 95's? How do you guys do it?KopaKabana3 Jul 1
Jul 1 Crusader LF Clan Hello, I am a veteran player of D3 looking for a semi-hardcore clan for season 14. I have got a late start on the season but I plan on pushing high Grifts to try and make the leader boards by the end of the season. I am tired of running Grifts alone or with PUGs and I am looking for a solid group to run with every night. Let me know if you think I would be a good fit for your clan. Orion#1719Orion0 Jul 1
Jul 1 Problems pushing beyond GR80 Hello! I have been having problems pushing past GR80 lately, and I sincerely don't know what I am doing wrong. Currently using a Blessed Shield build (I have a condemn build as well!) but with both I just can't progress any further, even with a unity ring on my follower. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Gems need to be higher level? What else can I do gear wise? Jul 1
Jul 1 [Blessed Shield] GR 70 Help (RESOLVED) UPDATE: Thanks, Chupanza. For whatever reason, perhaps because I was studying Condemn builds too closely, I had not considered removing Leoric's Crown from the Cube and replacing it with the Aquila Cuirass, allowing me to equip Akkhan's chest piece and Cube Unity instead of RoRG. Once I found a Compass Rose and was able to gain the bonus from the Endless Walk set, I managed to finish Greater Rift 70 with little-to-no difficulty. Thanks again for your time and advice. Hello. I am a Hardcore player who is rather inexperienced with the Crusader character class. I have thrown together a crude Blessed Shield build with the intent of being able to finish a solo Greater Rift 70 and quickly unlock Primal items. But, my Blessed Shield build seems to lack both damage and Toughness. Therefore, I would like some input as to what kind of changes I should make to my current build, in order to make it GR 70-capable. My Crusader is available to be viewed in the link below (note: RoRG in Cube). My thoughts are that I should either equip a Unity ring and pray that the subsequent increase in Toughness is able to make up for my lack of damage and carry me through GR 70, or I should take off Captain Crimson's Trimmings, equip Vigilante Belt (for the cooldown reduction) and Akkhan's pants, and swap out the Akkhan's amulet for the Endless Walk set, which would provide both damage and Toughness as needed. I am also undecided as to what legendary gem I should put in my amulet. Currently, I am inclined to choose Bane of the Stricken (25% increased damage against Rift Guardians), because Akkhan's Leniency is of little help against lone enemies. So, what are your thoughts? Keep in mind, I am not trying to copy-and-paste a top-tier Blessed Shield build, just knock off a solo GR 70 as early in the Season as possible.HelloKitty1 Jul 1
Jun 29 Which set for Avarice? Which set do most people use for Avarice? I've got all the gold find stuff and some cow-sticks.Scourge3 Jun 29
Jun 29 Belt of the Trove drop rate? I've spent over 20,000 bloodshards and haven't seen a single Belt of the Trove so far. I saw some spreadsheet that said that you were unlucky if you had to spend 6,000 bloddshards before you got it. Can you not get it from Kadala anymore?Humin12 Jun 29
Jun 28 S14 Netflix chill Sader build I'm looking for a simple build for season 14. I'm thinking the Captain America build is the easiest and can be really fast without a lot of concentration on cool downs and grouping. Seems to me that condemn takes a lot of concentration. What are you guys think?GOLDFARMER24 Jun 28
Jun 28 string of ears for condemn which is better, armor or allres? i have both ancient and not sure which is best.DiGiTLMaN1 Jun 28
Jun 27 Which furnace to choose.. Both with socket. The difference is Vitality and % damage. 1. Furnace 3831.5DPS 1822-2192 Fire dmg 1344 Str 1357 Vit Skill cd 10% 41% against elite. 2. Furnace 4082.1 1728-2113 fire dmg 9%dmg 1242str Skill cd 10% 49% against elite.booker5 Jun 27
Jun 27 Invokers on leaderboard Any Invokers on the season 12 leader board care to post their GR level and time? Here is a list of entries that i could confirm on leaderboards. NA Season: Zerbino 102 14:30 NA Nonseason: jay 112 14:34 EU Hardcore Season: Hootsman 100 14:25Zerbino17 Jun 27
Jun 26 Request probably again I am confident lots of people have already requested but it's become evident that Darklight/Fist of Heavens and Phalanx need an upgrade. There are some smart people out there with balanced math, but I simply took stats from gyrfalcon and bracers. While possibly a little too much, it certainly creates a better balance between all skill choices... oh well. At the least, some kind of guarantee that enforcer gem and tasker and theo work at 100% like the WD with phalanx would be something. They sort of work but I would not call them effective....even if Mask of Jeram was available in Kanai would probably do it for the Phalanx. There are some smart people that do the maths, maybe they can create something more balanced. If we do not ask we do not get and if "no", then nothing lost other than the time to ask. :) Jun 26
Jun 26 Condemn farming build - wrath question I am trying to run the speed farming variant of condemn as presented on icy-veins ( For the normal GR version, I just numlock condemn and Akarat's Champion, and use Provoke to restore wrath. How do you maintain wrath for the speed farming variant? I am struggling to keep my wrath up, unless I don't numlock it (which results in many deaths since I take damage before my damage dealing kicks in, especially when skipping from elite to elite and letting the goldwrap protection drop off). Just using the Embodiment of Power rune is not seeming to help. Thanks in advance for any help.Dante0010 Jun 26
Jun 26 Cleared Greater Rift 104 Hello All, I just cleared a Greater Rift (GR) 104 (time 14:43) and I am officially on the leaderboards. I am currently tied with the guy ranked 856. This is my first time ever making the leaderboard this late in the season. This was one of my main goals for coming back to play Diablo 3 after over a two and a half year absence. Just to give you all a little background on my gameplay. I have only technically played 3 seasons, and I never had the paragon level I have today. The most paragon points prior to this seasons was 866. My Crusader, this season, is of course an Akkhan Condemn Crusader, and this is different from the Shield Bash Crusader I Ioved to play a few years ago. This was actually the last Crusader I played until seasons 12. Now, I watched the YouTube videos, read the Crusader forum, and learned a lot from the community, especially when people were asking about pushing over 100+ GRs. I was actually stuck on 103 today, until I read about equipping the follower correctly. Low and behold, that was the trick to clear 104. What I realized is my game skills are crap. People with less paragon, and not even as good equiment as I have, performed much better than I did on the leaderboards. I tried to do the move around dance, but the shield bash crusader in me likes to mix it up in melee. I only died two (2) times clearing the 104 GR, but I felt very pressed to make it in time. I was having a hard time understanding how to dance around and kill mobs while moving. It would be so much easier if we didn’t have a squishy build. Nevertheless, I know that is something I must improve on. The next thing I realized is I do not understand what mobs to skip immediately. Hell, I just like to try to kill everything I can, but I know that this is a futile endeavor. I was looking for a strategy guide on greater rift for crusaders, but I could not really find one that speaks to our class. Trying to scour all of the forums for strategies, I could not really find what I was looking for. I diffently need to learn to identify mobs that I need to skip better. The third thing I realized was that I was having a hard time optimizing my gear. I had to play with my paragons a little to get more vitality. I wound up putting 100 points in my vitality (paragon vitality). I see crusaders with 3 million plus for damage. I barely got 2.4 million damage with my Cooldown Reduction (CDR) at 56.45. Let me tell you something for those who don’t think a millisecond is a big deal to reactivate Akarats Champion. As soon as my Akarats was done I died as I was hitting the keyboard. That really got me steamed, as all I heard and read was you needed 56% CDR and Akarats Champion was permanent. I wish it would automatically stay active if that was the case. There is so much going on in the game when your in melee, that it would be nice if you achieve permanent Akarats, that it could some how stay active until you die. Oh well, that might be a lazy way out. lol..I digress. Back to the gear. It was very difficult for me to get to 56.45% CDR. I had to sacrifice vitality and damage to get there. Can someone tell me what is a happy medium for stats, that provides maximum damage and CDR? Is there a guide somewhere that has a typical good gear optimization? I know the typical requirements of strength, vitality, CDR, & critical hit chance (CHC), but an outline for gearing would be helpful to achieve more damage. I felt I barely had any damage to plow through the greater rift. Plus I only had two pylons that I could use in the GR 104, Power and channeling. I had no pylon for the rift guardian, which was the small fire breathing dragon (sorry I don’t remember the name) that leaves an embedded hot stamp in the ground. I had to really dance around that one. All in all, I feel good about this season. It was fun playing and meeting new people to play with. I am not sure if I will play next season, as my wife will probably kill me if I play this game again. :-) But I will still look in on these forums and find out what is going on in the world of Diablo 3. I wish you all a wonderful evening and I hope your season 12 is going well for you also. Cheers.Codeblue00911 Jun 26
Jun 25 One hit shot I'e been getting 1-hit way too often, what the heck is going on? I'll gab a few pool stacks and wham I'm dead!, any suggestion will helpghettobooty2 Jun 25
Jun 24 Gear/Spec - Help!! I need some help with my character - I don't know if i'm missing something but I don't know why i'm so ''squishy'' per-say. Need help with gear and spec I guess? i'm stuck at like GR 45 Solo and I think I should be quite abit higher then that given my gear! (Im' not sure how to link my build / spec) Jun 24
Jun 24 Primal Promise of glory or Strongarm POG: 650str 650vit 130res 6 crit chance Strongarm: 20HOLY 499STR 425VIT CHC 5.5booker1 Jun 24
Jun 24 stuck at gr95 what am I doing wrong? Hello so can anyone check out my my build or give me some advice about what I am doing wrong.I can not go any higher then GR95 atm I try to only fight big packs of trash and elites but without unity I get thrashed and when I do have unity in the cube i dont do enough dmg to the elites to kill them quick enough...I know there is a few issues with my gear but people with much worse gear are clearing higher GRs...what am I doing wrong? Am I missing some major issue on my gear that is causing me to lack the dps or toughness ...any help would be great thank you I try to kinda move around in when I am fighting a pack of mobs to keep my stacks up n for my focus/restraint and to not stand in things but even moving around I am getting crushed which triggers my 1st death proc which clears my akk buff and kills my dmg ...looking at other peoples gear clearing higher rifts its either I have built something really wrong on my gear/build and I dont see or I am doing something really wrong Jun 24
Jun 23 Paragon. How many points do i add into vitality and movement speed?booker2 Jun 23
Jun 22 Which Weapon should I use? Hey all, found a pretty nice looking BOP last night but not sure if it's better than what I'm currently using. I mean it might be if I use a gift on it, but literally only have 1 of those so I rather consult you all so I don't waste it. Current BOP My thinking is the base damage is obv higher on the BOP but the not so great condemn roll is concerning. Please tell me what you all think and thanks a lot.Taifighter3 Jun 22
Jun 22 Hows My Build Coming and Where Can I Improve? That's my crusader build, by far my favorite. Can you tell me how my builds coming along? I just completed a GR70 solo so pretty proud! Thanks!BinSoBad5 Jun 22
Jun 22 Condemn rune Hi guys, Like many others I'm sure, I'm running an Akkhan Condemn build for S14. It's my first experience with it and I have to say I'm enjoying the hell out of this build, it is an absolute beast and is viable in all areas of the game. I've been taking my time getting used to the gameplay and so far I've found for myself that using the Unleashed rune has been much more effective for me, while I notice everyone else almost exclusively uses Vacuum. I've already gotten to GR85 without even breaking a sweat with basically garbage gear, so I'm not ready to start pushing just yet, so Unleashed works just fine. I wanted to ask any of the Condemn vets if they've tried pushing GR's with Unleashed? I understand the synergy between Strongarms and Vacuum, but I've been thinking about trying Hexing Pants with Unleashed once I get enough CDR on my gear to be able to lose Leoric's in the cube. Has anyone tried this at all at GR100+? I much prefer to continually cast Condemn while moving in and out of mobs and/or elites, and the 100% uptime bonus of Hexing Pants seems nice. I haven't been able to get the hang of timing the Vacuum delay as of yet, but obviously will have to if that's the only real way to push high later on when I get better gear. Cheers, and hope everyone is enjoying the season so far. MavxxMaverickxx10 Jun 22
Jun 22 Crusader/new player So I just got this game and damn Im not used to a game like this haha. Its really fun tho but the main issue is that Im terrible to see my cds and my buffs. Since Im so focused on mobs and such, maybe it gets easier? I got boosted up to almoat 400 paragon levels and trying to get pieces for a build. Need to change one passive skill or so but it feels like Im taking way too much dmg and do not perform much? In a greater rift 70, I do not even touch the mobs and by using all my skills I still die haha. I have collected a few things for my build but its getting frustrating that I cant do good. Is it only because of what Im missing or Am I that bad? :/ If anyone got more time to guide me step by step Im happy to do that on discord haha... Scarblitz#9955Scarblitz1 Jun 22
Jun 21 For condemn, why is it important.... To equip Furnace instead of that prophecy blade? It seems every build I see cubes the blade and equips the furnace. what's the reason for this?Cira3 Jun 21
Jun 21 Need help with upgrading my gear ! Which item should I focus first?booker7 Jun 21
Jun 20 Condemn vs BS So Ive been running BS. I can slowly solo 70 by hitting stuff as soon as I see it on screen. I switched to condemn, and I just get wrecked. Having to get close to the mobs is just alot of fail for me. What am I doing wrong? I am comparatively geared.DrLethok4 Jun 20
Jun 20 Question about Condemn What happens if you re-cast Condemn before the explosion? Does it ignore it, cancel the first cast, or start a second build-up?Scourge4 Jun 20
Jun 20 2.6.1 Crus Fist of the Heavens still not viable. sad... when will this be addressed? Darklight and Khassett is still not enough for higher gr FotH builds.Grimeval4 Jun 20