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16h Returning PC NS 1800 para LFClan hey all. i havent played in about a year and i want to get back into it. I play NS for this season and see for next season. I really only have a zMonk for right now as the meta has shifted obviously but i will be working on my neco I have and use discord daily and have other options available for voice chat Looking to push GRs as my main goal right now as my gems are so low now hahaNeesmo0 16h
16h Lfg support monk Just made a support monk I'd like to playivan0 16h
16h Looking for Group to play with Looking for a group/community to play with. I stay active, especially during new seasons. Always played Solo tho, also just started getting back into the game.Khaite0 16h
20h LFG Seasonal clan I'm a returning player and I wish to join a seasonal clan. I'm from east side of Canada and my usual game time is at night normally around 11 to 00 until early morning.Sardon011 20h
3d Hardcore DH Ladder Looking for social clan Hey hardcore demon hunter who is quite active, i'm interested in finding a social clan, that talk alot. I'm so boored of seeing just loot text appear in the clan i am in atm if your clan is the one for me then please pm me ingame #Raelli2280Raelli0 3d
3d Ancient Nehpalin clan recruiting new members The Ancient Nephalin clan is now accepting new players to it’s gaming family. New players (and seasoned vets) who are just getting started or returning from a time away and would like to join in for all the fun of journey’s, rifts, greater rifts, bounties and achievements are welcomed. We have team speak for communications to make game play easier also more fun when communicating verbally. Discord is available if you chose that form. They are not mandatory but make for better game play than trying to text while playing higher greaters. We are a seasonal clan with many members online at the same time. All are informative and can help any player with any of their gaming needs. No special requirements or applications. Just request an invite. Hope to see many new players in the future. You can leave your battle tag here or friend request me at Thunder#1861Thunder7 3d
3d Looking for a clan to join PS4 Current season I have 6 toons level 70 P50+. I also have one legit full primal wiz too non seasonal. Looking for casual regular players. I don't mic up to disrupt wife and kids. I'm planning to play until March almost nightly and have played the PC version since launch. LMK if interested. Hoboadam is my ps profile.Sykes0 3d
3d I'm looking for someone to play with Looking for community, never played with anyone before. I've always played solo. I am currently playing crusader hardcore seasonal. Elduff#1810Elduff3 3d
3d Return player looking for friends!!! I am Canadian return player, and looking for clans or friends to play with!!!Crazylegken1 3d
4d Active Seasonal Hardcore players wanted. Active Seasonal Hardcore players wanted. Thank you for your interest in our hardcore clan. We welcome you to... All D3 Seasonal clan Friendly enviroment Hardcore Only Welcoming all Hardcore Knights Message battletag# Ida11861 , Thank you for your interestIda0 4d
4d LFG Boss Conquest Achievement LFG Boss Conquest Achievement looking for people to do the boss conquest achievement must have discord to communicate fast and effectively. add me TkPolgara#6966TkPolgara0 4d
5d The Nameless. Mature Gaming Community Website: Http:// Twitter: Http:// Facebook: Http:// Program: Discord - Region: US The Nameless is a multi-gaming community of gamers, for gamers. The community has a few core values that are highly important to us. Respect. Unity. Transparency. These values are never to be forgotten or ignored! Each member is an integral part of the community that allows it to grow. Without them, the community can’t exist. The Nameless is a home for players of all skill levels. A place to spend your spare time and enjoy yourself. Connect with us. Help us reach the potential that we know we can reach. The Nameless provides a great experience for its members, both in-game and outside. That’s only possible due to the awesome members we have so far, and the leadership structure we have in place to make sure everyone feels welcomed, and enjoys their time here. At the end of the day, it’s important that every member, from the newest recruit to the most veteran member, feel comfortable and stress free here. We believe we’ve managed to create this. While building a community is fun, the number of members isn’t everything. We are not striving to be the biggest community online, that’s an unrealistic goal. We are striving to be one of the best communities, an online home people are proud to be a part of for years to come. Our core is solid, our ideas are limitless. Now we need people who believe as we do to help us grow. Here at The Nameless, we want dedicated members who want to be part of our community above anything else. We want members who want to push The Nameless to bigger and better things, to achieve more than we ever thought possible. In a way, we’ve already done this, but we want more. Always more. Wear the insignia of The Nameless proudly, and help us become one of the best communities out there. We play Diablo casually, though we do have some more veteran players who push higher rifts. We play for fun. Join and help us make The Nameless as great as it can be! We want both the casual players and the more hardcore. Whichever style you play, you're sure to find people to play with in our community. Interested in joining? That's awesome! Feel free to join our Discord if you have any questions, or just to join. It does make the process of getting you into the community a lot easier once you've joined us there!Seronic58 5d
5d <DOG> Active Seasonal players wanted Howdy! <DOG> (Devious Old Gamers) is a casual Diablo 3 clan. We are looking for helpful, respectful and active members. Requirements: Be helpful, respectful and active. We are in the US region. At this time there is not a plan to implement any set community schedules or events. Instead, we aim to provide each other with help and company during our merging gaming hours. We will have Vault Run Saturdays as well as Social Saturday time periods for helping each other as well as playing with other clan members to see what we can learn or help each other do. We have a discord server as well, where we all can gather ideas, chat outside of game, and communicate over mics. I myself have a family and company to run so this is not a full time affair but I am on every day as well as most of my officers. We are looking for folks to play with that want to have fun. If you're a casual player, looking for help and friendly company during your Diablo 3 experience - give us a shot. Thanks, EvilOgre#1136EvilOgre9 5d
5d New Non-Season Clan I'm currently in the process of creating a new Non-Season clan with the main objective of doing Rat and Meta runs. Non-Season can be a bit scarce for finding enough players to put together a group that want to do the forementioned runs and this is my attempt to resolve that issue. Paragon level doesn't matter, just keep expectations in line with what the group can comfortably do. If you're interested feel free to send me a friend request or drop a post here. The name hasn't been finalized so if anyone wants to drop a suggestion, please do. Vdizzle#1122Vdizzle2 5d
6d Looking for Clan/group Just started playing again and I'm looking for a Clan/group. I work nights so play around 8am-12pm Est on the weekdays and all night on the weekend.Brock1 6d
6d Switch user looking for friends Hi All, Played Diablo 3 back on the PC about 1-2 years ago. Was super addicted but family life got in the way of the PC game time. The Switch has changed things dramatically and I'm now enjoying D3 again. Currently running Wizard with Tal Rasha's build. Paragon Level 336 and increasing at a great pace. Looking for people to help increase my enjoyment of the game, I'm currently running Rifts and G Rifts at level 50 and above to just get the quick paragon levels to help progress even further. I'm EU based and currently get between 4-5 hours game time each evening.StewLayzell0 6d
6d <MLG> New Clan Looking for Members Hey everyone, Major League Gaming is a new Casual Clan looking for member who just want to chill out, have fun, and play Diablo III on PC. We are looking for people, new and seasoned, who want to join us on this journey as we grow. We play on both Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Character inwhich we run Normal Rifts / Greater Rifts, Split Bounty Runs, help Gearing/Paragon Leveling and Power Leveling. We are based in the Eastern US. Normally on at all hours. We are also a Mature Clan so keep in mind we do swear and are a bit vulgar. So we require being 18+ Add and Message me on if your interested @ Khayos124#1755 Discord would be helpful because we Voice Chat while ingame to make talking easier than messaging. If you join the Discord message any of the Clan Officer or the Clan Leader stating you came from here and you would like to join the clan. Discord Server invite - Discord Name - Khayos124#6169Khayos1241 6d
Nov 13 Looking for Switch friends/powerlevel. Got the game for Switch, looking for friends to play with and maybe a powerlevel or two :) fc SW-7851-19161304Ghost0 Nov 13
Nov 12 LF clan or groups to Farm LF clan or groups to Farm 1. Cosmic Wings(got speed necro) 2. 110+ GR pushing (currenlty soslo 104 with Sader, 100 with sorc 95 with monk) coolcong#1997 I do not have microphone to talk on discord.COOLCONG0 Nov 12
Nov 12 Looking for a clan, People to play with was recently power leveled and looking to join a clan for the season. im off work for awhile and decided to spend some time playing diablo. Currently trying to farm deaths breaths to finish my build pieces. also looking for people to play withTheQuadler2 Nov 12
Nov 12 LF Clan Looking for an easy going clan. Interested in mostly casual play. Don't really participate is seasonal games at the moment.Hakegami1 Nov 12
Nov 12 Lf People to play with Lf ppl to play with ..campaign and everything add me BROK3N#11146BROK3N1 Nov 12
Nov 12 Looking for friends/clan Hello! I'm looking for friends to play Diablo III with. I started playing a while ago but haven't really learned much about the game since I play alone. Looking for people to play with and possibly a clan to join! Please hit me up in-game. Nightraven#214297NightRaven4 Nov 12
Nov 12 (DRW) New Clan Looking For Members This Is a New Clan (DarkRaven Warriors)- Based In Australia More Specifically In Tasmania, This Is a Mature Clan So That Means Only 18 And Over, I Made This Clan For The Aussie's And The New Zealand Players, But We Do Accept Anyone And Everyone From Any Country And New Player's And Veterans, Just As Long As You Can Speak English Fluently We Will Welcome You With Open Arms, Even If Your a Solo Player Or You Love To Group Up And Play We Want You, Are You a Seasonal Or Hardcore Player? We Want You To Join And Build Our Ranks. So If You Are Interested In Joining - Do So We Would Love To Have You. :) If You Don't Want To Go To Diablo 3's Main Menu And Press Shift - O To Bring Up Clans Just Leave Your Name Down Below And I Will Send You a Clan Invite.... Thank You For Your Time. P.S Because We Are a New Clan Take In Mind We Do Not Have Members.....Yet. :) P.P.S I Have Recently Made a Discord Server For The Clan To Get To Know Eachother- And Play Together. Discord Invite Link: My Discord Name Is: Rabbit1995b#7676 Add Me :) My Name is: DarkRaven#11898 Add me :)DarkRaven0 Nov 12
Nov 12 New player! lookin for some friends title basically sais it go into more detail though i recently bought the game (the eternal bundle which comes with ros and the necro pack) and have been runnin around the campaign on normal with a necromancer buuut i'm a social butterfly so it'd be neat to find a couple people who are willing to show me the ropes, have fun, laugh a bit and so on. if you'd like you can either add me on or on discord with my discord being LordVeral#4475LordVeral3 Nov 12
Nov 12 Need a Clan/Friends Looking for friends and maybe a clan to run and play with. Don't have anyone that plays the game and looking to start with a fresh character.igropeburgas2 Nov 12
Nov 11 <H0B0's> New Clan looking for members New small H0B0's clan looking for new members, Friendly, easy going, Discord communication server Seasonal run bounties, rifts, G rifts, seasonal goals, achievements, and trying to get a rat group together. we run non meta and meta accepting new players, returning and veterans. from Australia, UK, USA and elsewhere. American Servers.TkPolgara4 Nov 11
Nov 11 ~DREAM~ is looking for late night players Hi there. We are a small but super active clan. We are looking for a couple of late night players for non seasonal GR pushing. We usually start pushing around 10 pm PT time. We are all around 2.5k paragons. Looking for a zmonk, zBarb and RGK Necro. Supports can be lower paragons. Necros not less then 2k. Our clan record is GR124. It s important for us to be friendly and mature. We have 0 drama in our clan and we dont need any. Message me here or in game if interested. Cheers ;)Yasmini5 Nov 11
Nov 10 <Orphan> *Season para 850+ or grift 85 solo* We are the Seasonal Orphans. We're a group from a discarded clan that took a break around season 5, but came back stronger for season 8. We're now recruiting to replace some long term inactives for the next season, and looking to push the leader boards hard! We also have an assortment of casual players, so all playstyles are welcome :) We offer help for all members, gearing and power leveling. Our goal is to be a friendly, fun clan that everyone can enjoy. This game becomes exponentially better when playing in a group and clan. So come join us, let us grow together! We use Discord for voice chat if you would like to join in, but it's not required, and we are very active. Please pardon our dust while we transition the inactive members out to make room for new recruits, as we were member capped. We will continue to grow, and we will succeed! Come be apart of that growth! If you have any questions, concerns or need more info. Please leave a reply here, and I will get back to you as soon as I can :) I hope to see your join request soon! ** Player advisory, we are a mature clan. So expect adult language and references at times. Especially in jokes lol Also, we're a NA clan **Covin409 Nov 10
Nov 10 Looking for ppl to play the campaign from 0 Hello, i played diablo 3 vanilla when it was released for about 9 months (back in the day, when there was an auction house) now i bought the Add-on RoS and want to play the campaign again from the beginning. but i noticed the overwhelming majority only plays on level 70 characters with hundreds of paragon levels in it. but i want to reexperience playing though all acts, quests etc. playing from scratch (level 1). it excited me to find better gear, to progress though campaign, unlock new skills/rune, try different builds until you reach endlevel etc. moreover, finding legendary equipment was extremely rare and you got excited to find some brown-glowing item, in nephalem rifts or what people are playing you find legendary items every minute. im from EU and play on PC. i dont care if SC or HC. would be cool to finde 1 or two like-minded peoplerage1 Nov 10
Nov 10 Looking for switch players Title says it all! Let's playSephyxia1 Nov 10
Nov 9 clan shearching clan i zbarbAndrjucha0 Nov 9
Nov 7 LF Active Clan (Found a Clan) Greetings! I am an Australian, 782 paragon (Seasonal) Monk I play WoL and Z-Monk, looking for a clan, thats also social, friendly, and always up for grifts and such I can do 100+ Grift on my z-monk set and 80+ on my WoL set :) I am on the game after 12pm Australian and always up for a guild run for bounties, rifts, grifts and key warden spam :) I am currently online so whisper me ingame if your Clan is recruting :) Thanks Angel~Araesse2 Nov 7
Nov 7 Diablo 3 LFG Discord (Newly Created) Diablo 3 LFG Discord (Freshly Created Lets Populated it) Discord Invite Link : I'm Tired of not finding people to run stuff with, Communities are working but looking to create something that will have lots of People! Please Up vote!Soilsiu11 Nov 7
Nov 6 Looking for NS Clan Looking for a Non-Season clan primarily focused on meta runs. My only requirement is that members are willing to communicate.Vdizzle0 Nov 6
Nov 6 7Soldiers has spots open for active members 7 Soldiers currently has some spots to fill for those who want to an active clan member. A little about ourselves: 7 Soldiers was created shortly after D3 launch and we continue to maintain a awesome core group. We are mostly an adult clan that focuses on being helpful and informative, but we do keep clan chat "kid friendly" in case younger folks wish to play in clan. We do everything from Greater Rifts, Regulars, powerleveling, seasons (i.e. help with the season journey) and there are even a few clan members that play hardcore. We do have a few folks that play the group meta and do Rat runs, but we are rather casual about it. We have clan activities to help those that might get burned out from the grinding (like we all do). We have a Discord server if you like to chat but it is not required to join...although we do encourage the use of Discord especially if you wish to play in groups. We really have 3 simple rules: Be respectful, Be helpful, and be as informative and willing to help others as possible. If this sounds like a friendly clan environment you're interested in then you can find us in game, contact me or contact one of our other awesome officers (a few others are listed below). Thanks in advance and thanks for your time. Note: If you want to join, then the fastest way is to use our BattleTag below to add one or more of us as a friend and then send us a message in game asking to join the clan. If you post here on the forums, it might take a little longer for us to get back to you as Blizzard has no notification system (that I know of) when responses are posted to a forum thread. Max013#1306 Spriter#1782 hitgroundrun#1416 ShugFire#1409Max0135 Nov 6
Nov 5 Power level.. PS4 Looking for some comrades to help me level.Moose0 Nov 5
Nov 4 LF switch players Comes out soon but could use some ppl to play with message me with ur Nintendo number lol or w/e it’s calkedBROK3N2 Nov 4
Nov 4 <EXN> recruiting all skill levels We are a recently formed U.S. based clan. We are casual and we assist with powerleveling, gear/paragon farming, etc. We are always up for group play and answering any questions. If we don't know the answer, we will find it. We are recruiting players of all skill levels, Seasonal and Non-Seasonal. Overall, we try to treat our clan members as family. We are willing to help however we can. We do have a Discord server for voice but it is not required to be a part of the clan.WildWolf4 Nov 4
Nov 4 Last Alliance Recruiting New Members We are a casual, fun, laid back community. We do Plvling, run greaters, loot share, all the fun and necessary stuff for the season. Looking for Officers, and members. We have a Discord and website! Clan LA in game. Website: https://lastalliancegaming.comHateMosh22 Nov 4
Nov 3 <FOMO> new clan recruiting <FOMO> Fear of Missing Out is a new clan recruiting for both seasonal and normal players. We are not looking for the most elite players out there, nor are we. Our goal is to create a clan where active players that know their classes well can form groups easily for greater rifts.dubstepping0 Nov 3
Oct 31 <LiFE> Looking for Members <LiFE> Wish I Had One is a new guild for casual and new players alike to socialize and group up whenever. We like to do seasonal, bounties and rifts. Either request to join in game or reply here, thanks!Kjorin0 Oct 31
Oct 29 Looking for an active chill seasonal clan Hello looking for a chill clan that is not necessarily prone to meta and only the best most viable tactics, totally efficiency driven, some fellas who would maybe be willing to go out of their way a little to help out a mate. The reason I'm saying this is because I really got into the game again but we have a bit of a love/hate relationship going on, it's well made and I do enjoy playing it, but it can be a real struggle trying to stay competitive through random public games only, because you see nobody wants to waste that extra few minutes per rift lets say inviting you into their private game through communities when there's plenty of people playing what's most effective and beneficial - THE META and let's just say that I don't exactly want to do jsut that all the time. So yeah I'm stuck at a threshold of 100~ Grift because people in public games don't surpass that 99% of the time and nobody wants anything else than THE META in their private games even if you're up the the task just not as good sadly. I'm from UK, playing daily on a seasonal server, and looking for a decently populated active clan.eXwade1 Oct 29
Oct 29 Casual Player Looking to Be better Heya! Been playing since release, but I always just level a seasonal character, gear it, and dont do anything with it until next season. Im looking for a group of people who can teach me and bring me to a higher skill! OwMyGawdz#1870 Hit me up.OwMyGawdz1 Oct 29
Oct 28 LF Progessional Seasonal Clans Zbarb 105+ on farm Necro 85+ still working on him DH speed runs Crusader 90-95 solo Paragon 881 Need end game clan to push these paragonsshaun0 Oct 28
Oct 27 [Xbox One] Rapture Gaming Community Hey everyone, Rapture Gaming is a multi game Xbox community currently looking for some more members to play Diablo 3 with. We are an active and friendly community looking for all skill levels. You will never have to play alone since our members are located all over the globe.  We are a community put together and built for the purpose of our member’s enjoyment. We focus on member maturity and respect towards each member. We have members with different perspectives, backgrounds, races, and religions. We provide a cheat free, stable, and fun community gaming experience to all rG members and public guests. We promote teamwork, community, and the betterment of all members. We are a community and everyone is welcome as long as they can be respectful to the games we play and the gamers we share our environment with. Our Requirements: -working headset -17 or older -good and positive attitude towards fellow members and players. -No modding of any kind for Diablo Xbox version Click on the link to sign up. Head on over to Join a Battalion and fill out an app for Atlas Battalion(Diablo). Thanks and see you around!Plumz10 Oct 27
Oct 27 Early morning group Looking for people to play with super early in mornings or late at night. I'm usually on around 4am-6am CST and I'm usually back on around 8pm. Looking for a group or a few people to play with.Rosati2 Oct 27
Oct 27 Seasoned Vet LF Active Clan Been around since beta, well versed in all classes and mechanics, looking for active clan for GRs and everything else, meta or non. Right now maining a HOTA barb, have globe set and pull set as well.Revelation1 Oct 27
Oct 24 Looking for friends to play with Just got the game on PC. Had it on PS4 but haven't played in a few years since I built my PC. Looking for someone to play casually with from time to time as I work shift work. Please have a mic and 20+ please. Have a good one.GreenTurkey1 Oct 24