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4h Twisted Cypress Open Enrolment APPLY FOR GUILD MEMBERSHIP Helping You Step by Step Have you been stuck on a build design or need leveling and can’t figure out how to move forward? Our impressive Guild Members provide step by step guidance for all aspects of Diablo 3. Twisted Cypress is committed to helping you have the best gaming experience possible, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to reach out.MofoRick0 4h
4h Clan Recruitment Twisted Cypress APPLY FOR GUILD MEMBERSHIP Helping You Step by Step Have you been stuck on a build design or need leveling and can’t figure out how to move forward? Our impressive Guild Members provide step by step guidance for all aspects of Diablo 3. Twisted Cypress is committed to helping you have the best gaming experience possible, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to reach out. 4h
8h N O W A C E P T I N G !! N E W M E M B E R S T W I S T E D C Y P R E S S I S N O W A C C E P T I N G A P P L A C T I O N S !!! O U R W E B S I T E WWW.D3CLANTWISTEDCYPRESS.COM Y O U R N O T A L O N E !!MofoRick27 8h
9h Looking for Fun Clan (I'm Wizard para 416) Hello! I'm looking for a fun clan to play with. I can play torment 11 on my own no problem. Nearly getting to torment 12. Let me know what you got :DManPants1 9h
9h {Broken Authority} Recruitment {Broken Authority} is a NA Clan currently recruiting members! We are a clan full of both veteran players and newer players still figuring out Diablo 3. We do our best to maintain an active roster that plays daily and enjoys helping each other. Powerleveling, gear boosting, running through T13 rifts for materials, advice on builds or rerolling stats.. anything you might need. If you're looking for a laid back, welcoming group of guys and girls that enjoy playing Diablo 3 together - what are you waiting for? Discord: 9h
9h 1300 Para returning player LF clan w/discord I'm a returning player from S11 looking for a clan to hang out with and do rifts with. I currently have a UE multishot DH for my speeds, Impale for RGK and a lightning archon wiz. Have a few primals on my wiz and played a decent bit on it in the past but am still catching up on the new meta. Feel free to add me and message me in game or on discord. In game - Purexed#1740 Discord - Purexed#0523Purexed2 9h
22h Fever Clan: Recruiting players for S13/NS Hey all, I am an admin at Fever Clan, a multigaming community with over 1000 ACTIVE members among all our titles, and 105+ active members of our D3 section. We are looking for mature, non-toxic players to fill our ranks for both Seasonal and Non-seasonal side of the game. Seasonal side is more active. We have seasonal launch events, weekly organized game nights on various nights, and we have larger events for some weekends. Basically if you want an active group that is always up for games, give us a try! We also play HOTS, OW, SC2, WOW, LOL, PUBG, and other titles. What we offer in our D3 section: - Large playerbase for Diablo 3 - D3 playerbase - mostly seasonal players - We host weekly game nights and events - Seasonal Greater Rift competitions with prizes - Our own D3 Discord channels on the Fever Clan Discord - Seasonal D3 teams with varying goals and times - Playerbase that does not cheat or exploit to compete against - Good discussions and banter on D3 channels in Discord (The place to be) What we require of you to join our in-game only clan: - Follow the Fever-Rules (in summary): Act mature, be respectful and remain calm - Have a team player attitude and most importantly be drama free If you're interested and would like to join us in game, then please follow those steps: 1) Press Shift+O while in game to open a window. 2) In the bottom left on the window that opened press the red Find-button below Clan. 3) In the <Filter> option field, type in Fever. 4) Choose Fever and press Send Request-button. 5) repeat steps 1-4 and also apply to Fever 2. Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 18 years or older. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our Discord server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about! Register here: Submit application: Interviews: Conducted on our Discord - Questions? Want to talk or play some? Add me Ghist#1730 on Bnet or Ghist#0327 on Discord. See you in game! GhistGhist10 22h
1d No Hurry Clan is recruiting mature players We in the No Hurry clan are recruiting mature , easy going players. We are one of the few still kicking original clans with great people, with and for older players who have families, playing on the North American server. Season and non-season players are welcome to join. Our only requirements are a good attitude, being friendly, and interacting with clanmates. We have a Facebook group and a discord channel for our members. If we were any more laid back, we would be wearing a toe-tag.Savage161 1d
1d <DOG> Recruiting Seasonal Players Howdy! <DOG> (Devious Old Gamers) is a casual Diablo 3 clan. We are looking for helpful, respectful and active members. Requirements: Be helpful, respectful and active. We are in the US region. At this time there is not a plan to implement any set community schedules or events. Instead, we aim to provide each other with help and company during our merging gaming hours. We have a discord server as well, where we all can gather ideas, chat outside of game, and communicate over mics. I myself have a family and full time job to tend to, so while I do love to game and do so during most of my free time - it's unfortunately not a full-time affair. If you're a casual player, looking for help and friendly company during your Diablo 3 experience - give us a shot. Contact: Blitzkrieg89#1873Blitzkrieg8995 1d
2d Looking for active, social clan Looking for an active, social clan, my tag is Bayuriel#1824, I mostly play at night, am in the Central Timezone, looking for some chill dudes to hang out with, social and cooperative, if you got what I need, I would love to hear from you.Bayuriel3 2d
3d OverDosed Gaming Recruiting New Members! :) Hello everyone. I just wanted to extend an invitation to join one of the oldest, and well known original clans still around which is Clan OD aka OverDosed Gaming. OD has been going strong since 2001, and we are currently looking for new members for our Diablo 3 division. I have personally been in and out of this clan since 2004, and I always come back because I know there will be a bunch of cool down to earth people to game, and make friends with. We do have a Discord server that some of us use to communicate with each other, but we also have people who only use in game chat. Our Diablo 3 division is full of nice people who are willing to help in any way they can. We welcome anyone whether you are a new player, experienced player, a casual gamer, or a hardcore gamer. We also believe in building each other up, and not tearing each other down so such things will not be tolerated. If anyone is interested in joining please feel free to send me a message on, and I will respond as soon as I can. My battletag is RagedOD#1301, and if you'd like to check out our website it is :)RagedOD76 3d
3d Need a Hardcore Clan Hi, I'm looking for a hardcore clan for greater rift farming.Cast0 3d
3d Returning NZ/AUS player. Hello I am looking for a NZ or Aus / Oceanic Clan to join please. Returning player, based in NZ - currently farming Paragon on a level 60 Barb and will be getting RoS when BNET has a Sale again. Please add or reply here to let me know! Thanks.ChrisNZ091 3d
4d OG Is looking for more people! Hello fellow Diablo players, Outfox Gamers is a new multi gaming clan that is looking for more people to fill the ranks. We are a casual clan, social and non toxic. Easy going laid-back clan. Everyone is welcome we are open for new, and expirienced gamers in either the US or EU. Also we are willing to help new players and returning veterans with: gearing, leveling, rifts, and greater rifts and bounties. The only requirements are a good attitude, being friendly, and interacting with clanmates We guse discord for our members. If interested you can contact me on: Discord: OG_Furious#2474 Battlenet: OGFurious#2973OGFurious1 4d
4d 4 man 105+ grift clan. The date of this post is Saturday, May 19, 2018. I'm looking at starting a clan for this current season (13) that will continue into season 14. The theme of this clan will be progression into high level rifts, as a group and, if desired, individually. My plan here is to recruit only competent players that HAVE A MIC and are able to communicate effectively. After having grifted quite a few times, I have realized that it takes a lot of communication between the 4 players and not a small amount of skill to really progress past grift levels of 105. I am a pest lance necro really getting into the 4 man RGK build, and to even use this build I must be in a group with a monk that knows what he is doing. So, if you have a specialized build like I do and a serious desire to gear up for 105+ grifts, do not hesitate to reply here! Thanks for reading! P.S. this IS for seasonal and you MUST have discord to join.Ether3 4d
4d Looking for an active clan. Looking for a clan that is very active and that likes to play group pushing. I'm a wiz that started up again last month. I am trying to get past 105 solo and want to see how far I can go in group. Chopain#1624Chopain1 4d
4d Add me to play together r34p3r#21588 eu serverr34p3r1 4d
4d New Player Looking for CoOp I just bought the game recently and wondered if anyone would like to play through the game with me. I don't have any dlc yet but i plan on buying them next monthCTWiLL3R2 4d
4d LF Season 13 clan/people to run with Hello! I am looking for a clan to join for season 13. I am a mostly daytime player on the west coast but do play some in the evenings. I'd love to see how far I could push to get on the leaderboards. Last season I briefly got the crusader on there but I didn't have the motivation to push beyond that,lol. I'm thinking of playing DH, Necro, or Monk for season 13 but don't have my heart set on any 1 class. I'd love to find others to group up with since previously I've been a mostly solo player. Starlight200#1548 is my bnet tag if anyone wants to group up for season play as well! Hoping having others to run with will help make the season more enjoyable!Starlight2004 4d
4d New to playing Diablo III Hello, My name is Nara and I just started playing Diablo III ( Like yesterday )! If anyone is interested I wouldn't mind playing you guys. My name on here is DarkNaraDarkNara4 4d
5d [NA] New clan looking for new players. [NA] New clan looking for season or non-season players. RockDynasty is looking for casual/semi-casual players, both season and non-season. Relaxed and easy going. Willing to help new players and returning veterans with: gearing, leveling, rifts, and greater rifts and bounties. /w Gordon#1916 if you are interested.Gordon6 5d
May 18 Raths Speeds Community "RATH 100" Hello everyone, I'm here to invite you to the "Rath 100" Community. Especially for Speed Meta [x2Rathma DPS / zNec / zBarb] Season & no-Season! It's an open community with 2,500+ active members, and always 150/230+ ppl online. all invited, thanks.Cooke1 May 18
May 18 Fun Times looking for any players who actively play to join up with and have fun i have no interest in joining a clan just some friends to game withRobert0 May 18
May 17 Enygma Gaming Recruiting Active Players Enygma Clan Recruiting Enygma Clan are recruiting active players towards the end of season 13 looking forward to season 13 and even non seasonal if that floats ya boat. We currently run our clan via discord because it has proven the best way for our clan to communicate, including finding group play or general clan things.finding friends and learn or just cruise about chatting to people from WoW to Diablo to all other games. if you want to find out more click the link to our website it has all the info. join up to our discord and see what we are about. Lots of active players across the season, high GR pushing across all classes and also Meta groups. look into the membership request section and we will take a look and your profile. :D Straw Hat - Enygma diablo officerStrawHat1 May 17
May 16 Looking for help with the last few Conquests I know it's sort of late in the season for this, but it's now or never I guess. I'm looking for anyone willing to help with the Conquests Boss Mode, Worlds Apart, Curses! and Stars Align. Battletag is MetalBladeX#1758, please respond here or send me a whisper if you're interested.MetalBladeX1 May 16
May 16 LF friendly Clan Hello, I've been playing Diablo 3 off and on since it came out. I have most recently come back from roughly a 6 month break due to real life issues. I am looking to find an active clan, that is Non Season friendly and active. I have not played any seasons really, so I don't know where to begin in regards to that. I would be up for giving it a try though. Currently I have been playing alone, doing NRs, GRs, and bounties. Gets boring when you're not talking to, or cooperating with anyone. I play a Condemn Crusader that I believe can push into the 100+ GR range, and wrecks T13. I also have an EB/FB/TR Wiz, capable of I believe fast T10+ speed farming. (Working on getting gear for meteor) I also have a WW Barb, just fun to play from time to time. Feel free to post, or message me ingame if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!HiddenSound1 May 16
May 14 I'm New Looking for people to play the game with. I just recently got started playing Diablo 3.DragonSlayer3 May 14
May 14 The Sick Nation Gaming Community! The Sick Nation is a mature gaming community for everyone! What we offer? -A bully free and harassment free environment to play games with other people. -It is a mature community, jokes and mature content is tolerated. -We have giveaways with prizes ranging from steam gift cards to entire games. -We have a website and a discord channel for organization and chating. -We offer gaming streams to either watch or join in on. If any of those interest you then join The Sick Nation through either or May 14
May 12 lf group/clan active player seasonal looking for group to roll with got rgk/rat nec and a wol/zmonk 1467 paragon aiur#11537Aiur1 May 12
May 11 The Other Guys is recruiting!! What is OG? The Other Guys is a gaming community for the masses. A hub for players around the world to connect with friends and play video games together. A tight-knit community, that takes everyone’s opinion very seriously, founded on the basis of drama-free, casual fun. We currently have over 350 members, most of which are quite active, playing a variety of different games. We aim to offer a mature, helpful, and friendly environment to all members. How was OG Founded? OG was founded by two members (NrGy and Satic_Rounds) who could not seem to find a leisurely gaming community where they could focus on fun and not routines, regulations, and rules. Ranking in OG Ranks in our clan work very simply. The more active you are, and the more you contribute to the community, the higher you can go. Currently anyone joining in our Discord will be given the role of The Others. From there, after a simple “tag up” mean you put “OG” besides your name, you will be moved up to The Guys. Then, whether you have plans for the top dog spot of The Premium Guys or to just relax with the community you will either see The Original Guys role or The Scout Guys role. Remember, competition breeds success. Gaming in OG As states earlier, OG members play a variety of different games. We have enough members where most people either already play the game you have or are willing you play it. Our discord server is set up where if you play a certain game we will give you a tag of that game that you can use in the game’s text channel or in general to ask if anyone is wanting to play. We also host a game night about once a week where a big group of us get together and play a game (usually free). Although this is not mandatory at all, we see this as a community building event where bonds between friends can become even stronger. Rules in OG 1. Don't be an !@#$%^-. 2. Be civil, and no fighting. We are all adults here. 3. NO DRAMA. If you have an issue, come to a Premium Guy with it. 4. No political talk. We are here for gaming. 5. Sharing is caring. 6. Read the welcome message. 7. Do not Advertise other communities (Invites, etc.) 8. If you plan on staying a while "Tag" up. We hope to see you in our Discord Channel! DISCORD LINK: May 11
May 11 The Outcast EU The Outcast recruiting for EU server We are a fun, helpful friendly and mature clan with active seasonal SOFTCORE players of all ages and nationalities. We have a great mix of people that love to game till the last day of the season and push limits. We have some accomplished GR players, some aspiring ones and some who do not care for GRs at all and prefer chilling in rifts and bounties instead. We're looking for like minded people to join us and enjoy all that the game has to offer. Our main means of communication are clan and party chats (which see a lot of use) the use of discord is manditory. We use discord to post builds, fun stuff and everything regarding the clan, even when you don’t use mic we ask to join us there so you always are posted off what is going on in clan or Diablo. We form groups on discord 90% of the time. Most of our members are active and friendly people busily chatting away and working on improving our characters through the season and sharing some laughs along the way. So what can we offer you? * Fun, friendly atmosphere to game in with a group of active players. * Social chat both in game and on discord * Discord to post topics, ask advice and share articles and build ideas with your clan mates. * Seasonal soft core players * Groups to push GRs and the leaderboards with. * Support and advice to help you and us to improve. * we maintain an inactivity period of 14 days ( this is without letting an officer or the leader know you will be inactive) Hope there is something there that interests you and makes you feel like you'd like to come and join our community. Requirements * Aged between 18 and Ancient. * have at least 1000 par in a previous season * Active player who wants to be part of a great growing community and not stopping when you completed season but stick with the clan until the end of season * Willing to use a support class * use discord actively Then The Outcast could be for you. Thanks for taking the time to read and if you would like to apply then either sign up on our discord or reply here and tell us a little about yourself, or add me on your friendlist justme#21156 or join our discordserver to have a chat with us just pm an officer or the leader on there to have a chat. We try with our recruitment to get a balanced group in clan so we can make groups in day and eveningtime. Please don't forget to add your battle tag so we can add you in game and hopefully see you soon. Good luck with your gaming :) And maybe see you in season 12!!JustMe4 May 11
May 10 NA Lookin for active clan w/ Discord Looking for a decent active clan that isn't dead or boring :/Tricky11 May 10
May 10 LF Active Group w/discord Looking for active group with discord sick of dead guilds that don't do crapTricky10 May 10
May 10 looking for clan/group hey guys getting back into the great diablo 3 looking for a fun clan/group to join up with i have discord and am a older player so dont have to worry about the kid stuff hereBiscuitHD1 May 10
May 10 Looking for a fun group! Coming back to d3 after a break I've easily logged well over 1000 hours just want people to chat with! Thanks in advance!FortyFive2 May 10
May 10 [EU] Seraglio is recruiting members! Hello all, Today, Seraglio is born. I'm trying to find members who play Diablo for fun and are looking for people who are available to play from time to time together. We're using the program Guilded, where we can chat, plan and share media together. If there is enough potential, we can also make a Discord server. Are you interested? Hit me up in the App. My battletag is Swizzler#2208. Also take a look at if you would like to apply for our clan. Cheers!Swizzler0 May 10
May 8 LF NS players to party with I play non-season strictly. 850 para. We don't have to use voice. ImposteR#1795ImposteR2 May 8
May 8 Para 1968 wiz&necro LF a clan or friends Paragon 1968. Majorly playing starpact wiz and pest necro. Online in the night when kid is in bed (eastern time). US server. Non-season only. So far 105-114 greater rifts mostly. Trying to improve. Looking for friends to play with and a clan that has active non-season players & teams. Thanks!Sirian0 May 8
May 7 PC player LF clan PC player LF clan. Have little end game experience this being my first season where I havent been carried through everything. Looking for a clan to play with here and there and help people when available. Monday to friday. Typically play D3 everything night although i play many other games too. Play everyweekend without fail. Looking to play S14 very hard and complete solo at least GR100. Im pretty chilled and typcally play D3 with knocking back some bevvvviessss. cheers. Piranha#12331Piranha2 May 7
May 7 [NA]LF Friendly/Casual Non Seasonal Players Our clan is looking for friendly, casual non seasonal players. We're a fairly new clan and started with just a few of us meeting and playing together in game. We developed a good gaming friendship and share the love of playing Diablo 3. Now we want to extend that a bit further and seeking other players like us. We prefer to remain a small group so that we can create a group that feels more like a family rather than an extension of a public game. Since many of us live busy lives, we aim to meet up in the evenings and weekends to game. We have a discord server and looking for folks that can actively participate in it (voice not required, just checking in and joining in text chat). Things we often do but aren't limited to are: Split Bounties GR speed runs from 85 to 90 GR push runs GR100+ (meta/non meta groups) Just grouping to have fun doing any D3 related activity We're learning meta groups and rathma runs so if you're new, come and learn with us or if you're a veteran, you can drop us some tips/advice. We also welcome new players and if you're serious about sticking around with us, we don't mind helping you gear. Even if you can't hit the levels mentioned above, we can help and have several players who play below what is mentioned. Since we're a small and young clan, be patient since we're not always on. But if you hang in there I do believe we're a good group. If you're interested, please come in and check us out on discord: See you in Sanctuary!MerLock43 May 7
May 7 [Xbox One] Rapture Gaming Community Hey everyone, Rapture Gaming is a multi game Xbox community currently looking for some more members to play Diablo 3 with. We are an active and friendly community looking for all skill levels. You will never have to play alone since our members are located all over the globe.  We are a community put together and built for the purpose of our member’s enjoyment. We focus on member maturity and respect towards each member. We have members with different perspectives, backgrounds, races, and religions. We provide a cheat free, stable, and fun community gaming experience to all rG members and public guests. We promote teamwork, community, and the betterment of all members. We are a community and everyone is welcome as long as they can be respectful to the games we play and the gamers we share our environment with. Our Requirements: -working headset -17 or older -good and positive attitude towards fellow members and players. -No modding of any kind for Diablo Xbox version Click on the link to sign up. Head on over to Join a Battalion and fill out an app for Atlas Battalion(Diablo). Thanks and see you around!Plumz0 May 7
May 6 Besoin d'aide boss T13 pour finir périple Salut je cherche des joueurs francophones du Québec pour avoir du fun. Aussi j'ai besoin d'aide pour tuer les boss en t13 pour le périple Kulle etc . Je suis necro inarius p576 mais je ne survie pas aisément contre les boss. Lidrach#11534.Lidrach0 May 6
May 3 Barbs Hi all. I’m looking for a group of barbs to help me farm Rifts in seasonal to try to get BK Blood warrior. If anyone is willing to help me please let me know. It would be much appreciated. I’m currently 400 paragon and can hold my own in TX and greater rift 45Breath1 May 3
May 2 Para LvL 75+ | GR 15+ | Looking for People Yo, My buddy and I are farming NRs and GRs at around Torment 4-5 Level, we looking for some other people to play for fun, farm keystones, and farm set items in GRs. Add me and we can play, we usually on anywhere from 5PM (PST) and we usually get off around 10PMish cause of schedules.TomChien2 May 2
May 1 S13 - LFM CASUAL & MATURE GAMERS FOR GROUPING Hey there... After two successful seasons under our belt, we'll be opening up recruiting for Season 13 for our next group of active clan members. Our primary focus is providing a casual environment for mature (in not only age but in personality as well) gamers in hopes of making it easier for us to group up for rifts, greater rifts, bounties, etc. We primarily focus on season characters, but there are a few folks who enjoy playing non-seasonal & hard core modes (both season & non-season varieties). All of us typically bounce around & play most if not all you are more than welcome to play whatever class or classes that you choose to. We're veteran gamers both in age (30-40 year olds) & experience...but are always open to learning more about the games we love to play. We currently make use of a Discord server for chatting in game & out...using both text & voice chat capabilities. Considering we hit the 150 player cap last season, the usage of the Discord server has been light at best. We hope to see more active folks in there next season & in seasons to come. We have no intent on making this into a hardcore clan where we have to enforce playing times or skill levels in order to be in our clan. As long as you are able to play together nicely & don't tarnish our clan tag by your're more than welcome to join us. You don't have to feel the need to group up with anyone if you are just in the solo grinding mood for the day. We're all just here to have fun. If you are interested in joining us...please search for our clan in game - <TXC> Team X Calibre & request an invite. This will allow myself or any of our officers to accept your request the next time we are online. If for some reason your request has not been accepted in a timely manner or if you have specific questions you want to discuss...feel free to contact me here in this thread. I try my best to monitor this thread on a daily basis...but I may miss it from time to time. Rest assured that I will get to it as soon as I can. As noted above, due to the cap of 150 players in each clan...we'll likely need to enforce some level of minimum activity level to make sure that we keep the activity level in the clan to its maximum. We want to be sure that we have people in the clan that actually play on a consistent & semi-regular basis. It's much more fun to be able to be a part of an active clan with lots of people to group with each night than just seeing a handful of us online at any given time. In the past, we have only looked to remove folks who have been inactive for 30+ days. I'll make every attempt to contact you regarding your situation prior to being removed. We look forward to the upcoming season & the potential for new folks to continue to join our clan. Take care & good luck... KKawika4 May 1
Apr 28 <TSN> The Sick Nation The Sick Nation is a brand new guild on D3. If you are interested in casual rift pushes. PLing (eventually). and creating a tight knit community of casual gamers, then this is the clan for you! Thank you for your time! and if interested in joining send me a message at reckhouse#1205 Discord@ www.thesicknation.comreckhouse30 Apr 28
Apr 28 <GDH> Live and Let Live Live and Let Live is an upcoming clan looking for new active members to create an engaging and fun D3 community. Live and Let Live is dedicated to forming an active core group that partake in serious and casual GRifts, powerleveling, normal rifting, as well as other activities to keep members engaged. We focus on maintaining a community that is helpful, informative, and fun. If this sounds like a community you would like to be a part of please add: LoneWolf#13601LoneWolf0 Apr 28
Apr 28 7 Soldiers is recruiting... 7 Soldiers currently has a few spots to fill. A little about ourselves: 7 Soldiers was created shortly after D3 launch and we continue to maintain a awesome core group. We are a adult clan that focuses on being helpful and informative. We do everything from Greaters, Regulars, powerleveling, seasons and hardcore. We have clan activities to help those that might get burned out from the grinding (like we all do). We're live on Discord if u like to chat but it is not required to join. We really have 3 simple rules: Be respectful, Be helpful, and be as informative and willing to help others as possible. If this sounds like a friendly clan environment you're interested in then u can find us in game or contact me or one of our awesome officers. Thanks in advance and thanks for your time. Shugfire#1409 Max013#1306 Spriter#1782ShugFire8 Apr 28
Apr 28 returing returning play looking to play seasons haven't played diablo in a few month to a year. Looking to push higher rifts but not to hardcore yet still trying to remember how to play. Willing to learn a class and gear to help the group out. I prefer being more useful then just another member to add to the list a feeling of purpose. I am located in central timezone have a micvolelily1 Apr 28