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6h Clan for active players 30 years and older update: 4/1/2017 just opened up some spots for the new season, come on in We have a few spots open right now. Clan is called the Legendaries. We are a seasonal clan For people 30 years and older. We use Discord for voice communication. You don't have to use voice, but much better than typing! Friend me in game if you want to join atsbill123#1850 Looking forward to playing with you! just opened up some spots for the new season, come on inatsbill123189 6h
9h <DOG> Recruiting Seasonal Players Howdy! <DOG> (Devious Old Gamers) is a casual Diablo 3 clan. We are looking for helpful, respectful and active members. Requirements: Be helpful, respectful and active. We are in the US region. At this time there is not a plan to implement any set community schedules or events. Instead, we aim to provide each other with help and company during our merging gaming hours. We have a discord server as well, where we all can gather ideas, chat outside of game, and communicate over mics. I myself have a family and full time job to tend to, so while I do love to game and do so during most of my free time - it's unfortunately not a full-time affair. If you're a casual player, looking for help and friendly company during your Diablo 3 experience - give us a shot. Contact: Blitzkrieg89#1873Blitzkrieg89118 9h
12h <Orphan> *Para 1k+ or Grift 90 solo* We are the Seasonal Orphans. We're a group from a discarded clan that took a break around season 5, but came back stronger for season 8. We're now recruiting to replace some long term inactives for the next season, and looking to push the leader boards hard! We also have an assortment of casual players, so all playstyles are welcome :) We offer help for all members, gearing and power leveling. Our goal is to be a friendly, fun clan that everyone can enjoy. This game becomes exponentially better when playing in a group and clan. So come join us, let us grow together! We use Discord for voice chat if you would like to join in, but it's not required, and we are very active. Please pardon our dust while we transition the inactive members out to make room for new recruits, as we were member capped. We will continue to grow, and we will succeed! Come be apart of that growth! If you have any questions, concerns or need more info. Please leave a reply here, and I will get back to you as soon as I can :) I hope to see your join request soon! ** Player advisory, we are a mature clan. So expect adult language and references at times. Especially in jokes lol Also, we're a NA clan **Covin265 12h
12h Rifts Hey im new to reaper of souls and about to hit lvl 70 on my monk. Was looking for a clan or group to start running rifts with and farm legendaries!moose3 12h
17h ageofgalandron searching members no minimum requirements everyone comes in german and englishgalandron0 17h
1d Ex Nihilus is now recruiting Ex Nihilus <EXN> is a recently formed Clan (U.S. based but we accept players regardless of where they are from, provided they are on the Americas region.) that is recruiting players of all skill levels, whether seasonal or non-seasonal. While I am not a seasonal player (stopped with S11), we do welcome seasonals as well. (I MIGHT get back into seasons again but haven't decided to as of yet.) We are a casual guild, and we do not require anyone to log on according to a specific time schedule or be kicked. You play when you can. We do, however, ask that if you are going to be inactive for a time, you let one of us know so that we don't mistakenly get the impression you just up and quit the game if you aren't around for a month or two. (It's happened before.) We are open to helping with powerleveling, para farming, gear farming, etc. We do enjoy grouping up and running all content. We aren't doing alot of heavy GR pushing as of yet but that's not to say we won't in the future. Overall, we try to treat our clan members as family. We are willing to help however we can. We do have a Discord server for voice but it is not required to be a part of the clan. NOTE: Some may have seen me recently posting referring people to another Clan. I have since spoken to the leader of that clan who told me that his community's D3 division is pretty much dead. This is why EXN was formed. I've seen people on the forums looking for people to play with and looking for clan. Even if you don't want to join the clan, add me (WildWolf#41100) to friends list and I'll happily group up with you. (I know playing solo all the time gets boring and can suck after awhile.) If you have Discord, you can add me on there as well if you like. My Discord tag is WildWolf#2533WildWolf0 1d
1d Looking for a US based clan Hello I am playing Diablo 3 now on season 14 and am trying to find a group of US time zone based players who I can communicate with, learn from and possibly help teach others from what I have learnt. I am at about GR 75 right now haven't really started pushing yet. Anyone with info on a good group to look into or join please let me know. I also don't want it to be a log in every day or be kicked kind of group. Thanks for reading!Assassin1271 1d
1d Lf casual mature clan Looking for a group of players who like to have fun and are mature. I am starting a new job which hours vary and do have kids so cannot be on 24/7. I am new to the d3 on pc as I played on Xbox previously. Can see my profile for what characters I have and would like to be shown how to play GR multiplayer. I do not have voice chat at the moment, might get it in the near future. Also been solo the whole time so will have to figure out how to add people.Grimcruel3 1d
1d Fever Clan recuiring for Season Hey all, I am an officer at Fever Clan, a multigaming community with over 1000 ACTIVE members among all our titles, and 105+ active members of our D3 section. We are looking for mature, non-toxic players to fill our ranks for both Seasonal and Non-seasonal side of the game. Seasonal side is way more active. We have seasonal launch events, weekly organized game nights on various nights, and we have larger events for some weekends. Basically if you want an active group that is always up for games, give us a try! We also play HOTS, OW, SC2, WOW, LOL, PUBG, and other titles. What we offer in our D3 section: - Large playerbase for Diablo 3 - D3 playerbase - mostly seasonal players - We host weekly game nights and events - Seasonal Greater Rift competitions with prizes - Our own D3 Discord channels on the Fever Clan Discord - Seasonal D3 teams with varying goals and times - Playerbase that does not cheat or exploit to compete against - Good discussions and banter on D3 channels in Discord (The place to be) What we require of you to join our in-game only clan: - Follow the Fever-Rules (in summary): Act mature, be respectful and remain calm - Have a team player attitude and most importantly be drama free If you're interested and would like to join us in game, then please follow those steps: 1) Press Shift+O while in game to open a window. 2) In the bottom left on the window that opened press the red Find-button below Clan. 3) In the <Filter> option field, type in Fever. 4) Choose Fever Clan 2 and press Send Request-button. Note: Fever (Fever 1) is full atm and new members enter via Fever Clan 2 Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 18 years or older. You can become a full member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our Discord server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about! Register here: Submit application: Interviews: Conducted on our Discord - Questions? Want to talk or play some? Add me Ghist#1730 on Bnet or Ghist#0327 on Discord. See you in game! GhistGhist2 1d
1d Twisted CypressTaking Applacations !NA/EU T W I S T E D C Y P R E S S I S N O W A C C E P T I N G A P P L A C T I O N S !!! O U R W E B S I T E WWW.D3CLANTWISTEDCYPRESS.COM Y O U R N O T A L O N E !!MofoRick37 1d
1d Looking for friends Looking for ppl to play with on PC. I’m relatively new. My highest is Seasonal Lvl 70 Wizard DMO paragon 152 currently. I’m 34yrs old. Mainly play in the evenings and weekend. Add me: Spyder#1427Spyder4 1d
2d Bored with playing solo I would like to find some easygoing, casual players to team up for some fun. No drama, not too interested in pushing and I'm really inexeperienced in group play. yessquire#1869yessquire0 2d
2d Diablo 3 LFG Discord (Newly Created) Diablo 3 LFG Discord (Freshly Created Lets Populated it) Discord Invite Link : I'm Tired of not finding people to run stuff with, Communities are working but looking to create something that will have lots of People! Please Up vote!Soilsiu5 2d
3d DH looking for clan Just getting back into the game after about a year or so off. Looking for people to play with to grab paragon levels and start gearing up. Would love to hang out in coms and run arround killing !@#$. feel free to shoot me a message/invite Renuntiabit#1921 (diablo) Renuntiabit#5611 (discord) 22/M/CORenuntiabit0 3d
4d LF Casual Social guild Hey All, I used to be in a guild of one of my friends, but most of them are high para players that run rifts and grifts solo 24/7 like machines. Now I myself, I am only human, I have a day job, life stuff, a lady. Gaming is just to relax and blast off some steam. With all that said, I am looking for a guild where members are actually online, as opposed to all the guilds with 200 members, but only 4 people are online at a given moment. It would be really nice to actually join a clan party to do rifts and eventually grifts with, instead of a random public one, which are hit or miss. I've been a Diablo player for over 20 years now, I like to help people, give advice if I can and just have some relaxed fun together as a team. As I never had the need for voice chat in all of those years playing Diablo, I don't see why this should be mandatory either. A few seasons ago I deleted all my characters and am now choosing a new build each season to mess around with, 99% of my builds are speed oriented. Not even sure if such a guild exists, but if it does, I would like to be a part of it. Currently I am in another guild as I was trying some random out, but so far no luck. Greetings, BobMasterBobMaster0 4d
4d looking for season clan with discord looking for a active semi serious clan season players with a discordBiscuitHD3 4d
4d Cloud IX (C9) Recruiting NA Seasonal Players Cloud IX (C9) is a US seasonal clan catering to Diablo 3 players interested in pushing GRs to their max potential. The Clan focuses on team (meta) play to efficiently grind Paragon and maximize Legendary gem levels. This season we are also running several Crusader groups and Rat groups for paragon farming. We have several meta teams running > GR115's. We are looking to fill out a few more with high quality players with the following minimum criteria: - P800 or greater - Completed GR90 solo - Meta viable character for team GRs - Comfortable using Discord If interested, contact myself of one of the Officers listed on our in-game Clan page.Stallone0 4d
5d PS4 - Active Clan My buddy, witch doctor (95 solo), and I, crusader (100 solo), are looking for two people to start running with us to push higher grifts. We can do 99 together, but have yet to try 100. We are looking for people that grind the game and that do not duplicate materials. Add me wrong_sir_wrong if you’re interested.ButtQuack0 5d
5d Why is 'Christian' considered inapropriate? Trying to create my clan info message and D3 says the word 'Christian' is considered inappropriate. Why is this so? If I want to convey the ideology and faith of the clan and use this as a keyword for people looking, why does diablo block this word? Other clans are using it when I search. Thanks for any help in fixing this issue.mikelhall8 5d
6d Seasonal Hardcore Community Clans? Add MKN#1499 for hardcore anythingMKN0 6d
6d LF hardcore seasonal clan All the hardcore clans I find with the clan finder in game, no one is ever on. Would like a active hardcore clan with discord.DragonFire1 6d
6d LF active but casual clan Just looking for a group of people to play with for maybe a couple hours a day. I work full time and have a wife and kids so while I'm not on all the time I usually get on every day. I don't use voice chat because everyone in my house is sleeping when I play and I don't want to wake them. I main a dh UE build 700 para. Message SethB51#1555.SethB512 6d
6d LF casual clan with discord Previously played D3 for 4+ years but been away for nearly 2. And I've come back to D3 for seasonal hardcore mode. I'm on the East Cost, play mostly at night, an adult with wife, kids, and a house sans white picket fence, looking for a social group with active Discord voice chat. Must be tolerant of all religions, cultures and sexual orientations. I'm mostly interested in chatting with people on discord while I'll play. Don't need game help but I'm willing to give advice and such. Bonus if anyone else wants to do hardcore but not necessary. Thanks for your considerationEmmetOtter2 6d
6d IGoD Recruiting new members of all ages ARe you tired of all the BS that comes with communities? Do you need a place to chill and just game with friends? Imperial Gladiators might be the right place for you. We are a family friend and well rounded community looking for new members and officers. We are fairly new but with your help we could grow to a thriving community. We have a discord to help connect with our 50+ members. Now at this point you are probably wondering what the catch is.. and I will lay it down right now that we don't have one! If you are interested in our community, feel free to add me on Battle net @ Kitsune #1608 or you can add me on discord at Kitsune#0149Kitsune0 6d
6d The Outcast EU The Outcast recruiting for EU server We are a fun, helpful friendly and mature clan with active seasonal SOFTCORE players of all ages and nationalities. We have a great mix of people that love to game till the last day of the season and push limits. We have some accomplished GR players, some aspiring ones and some who do not care for GRs at all and prefer chilling in rifts and bounties instead. We're looking for like minded people to join us and enjoy all that the game has to offer. Our main means of communication are clan and party chats (which see a lot of use) the use of discord is manditory. We use discord to post builds, fun stuff and everything regarding the clan, even when you don’t use mic we ask to join us there so you always are posted off what is going on in clan or Diablo. We form groups on discord 90% of the time. Most of our members are active and friendly people busily chatting away and working on improving our characters through the season and sharing some laughs along the way. So what can we offer you? * Fun, friendly atmosphere to game in with a group of active players. * Social chat both in game and on discord * Discord to post topics, ask advice and share articles and build ideas with your clan mates. * Seasonal soft core players * Groups to push GRs and the leaderboards with. * Support and advice to help you and us to improve. * we maintain an inactivity period of 14 days ( this is without letting an officer or the leader know you will be inactive) Hope there is something there that interests you and makes you feel like you'd like to come and join our community. Requirements * Aged between 18 and Ancient. * have at least 1000 par in a previous season * Active player who wants to be part of a great growing community and not stopping when you completed season but stick with the clan until the end of season * Willing to use a support class * use discord actively Then The Outcast could be for you. Thanks for taking the time to read and if you would like to apply then either sign up on our discord or reply here and tell us a little about yourself, or add me on your friendlist justme#21156 or join our discordserver to have a chat with us just pm an officer or the leader on there to have a chat. We try with our recruitment to get a balanced group in clan so we can make groups in day and eveningtime. Please don't forget to add your battle tag so we can add you in game and hopefully see you soon. Good luck with your gaming :) And maybe see you in season 12!!JustMe8 6d
6d LF S14 clan w/disc pref hey, recently came back from release and got hooked again! 900 paragon atm with rgk necro w/2ats and able to push 95+solo on crusader. looking for US based clan that has active members that do bounties and 4 man meta grift pushing. I have discord as well. shoot me a message in game! acjwlee#1121acjwlee0 6d
6d LF active voice chatting D3 Discord groups Good evening, I am a female from New Zealand who plays at random times (compared to USA times). I am not looking for a clan, power levels, loot share or push GRs. What I am looking for is active Discord groups that have voice chatters in them to talk to while playing. I like social interaction and this doesn't have to be PG - I swear with the best sailors out there! I'm fun and entertaining and like to speak with people while grinding. Thanks, HaideeHaidee3 6d
6d New Discord Community LF Diablo3 Players Hello everyone, My name is Guedin( I've recently opened a small community with a friend of mine to connect players and enjoy some games together. We've advertised some for the game League of Legends and we'd like the Diablo3 department to take off a bit so players can relax/play here together. A mature mindset is a must, no flaming/rude behavior against other players. Interested? Join the discord here: 6d
Jul 14 LF clan Looking for Clan 700+ para 90+ GR CrusaderMeS1 Jul 14
Jul 13 LF More ns friends!(zbarb) LF more non seasonal friends to run rats and some meta push groups! A ns clan would be nice too :)Existencex0 Jul 13
Jul 12 Looking for a Clan/Community to join! Season playerLv70(Barbarian) Looking for a clan/community to join to play with. Add Skrrots#1526 to give me information on your clan/community!Skroots1 Jul 12
Jul 12 Crysader LF clan Hello, I am a veteran player of D3 looking for a semi-hardcore clan for season 14. I have got a late start on the season but I plan on pushing high Grifts to try and make the leader boards by the end of the season. I am tired of running Grifts alone or with PUGs and I am looking for a solid group to run with every night. Let me know if you think I would be a good fit for your clan. Orion#1719Orion1 Jul 12
Jul 10 Back into Diablo Hey just came back from a big break from Diablo and looking for a clan to get into the swing of things again either post in forum or msg on discord Noxtrite#8796Creed1 Jul 10
Jul 10 Envy is recruiting! Envy is a new clan looking for players who aim to be competitive! Search tag Envy or add Purexed#1740 on blizz or Purexed#0523 on discord for more info!Purexed0 Jul 10
Jul 10 LF Clan - Seasonal Player Seasonal player LF clan to join. Enjoy the Necro class and would like to keep playing it (PC). Don't have any friends that play the game beyond casual and would like to start pushing GRIFTs. Currently clear 85 solo DPS In-Geom meta and 90s in group as a support necro w/ meta. Currently working on augs as theres not much else I feel I can do in solo play.VelRaza1 Jul 10
Jul 9 Pact looking for new members Gearing up for season 14 Tired of playing alone want some great people to talk to look no further we are the Aspiring Brotherhood We do offer our own Discord server, great music bots, inter game events and more our player base is on all time zones About Us In PACT we are family, here for the same things: to play together and have fun. We are a group of gamer's connected by strong bonds of friendship, built on the principles of cooperation and loyalty, we offer our community an organized, structured, and unified place to call home. signing up on our website or joining us on our Discord will be the best ways to join us. look for one of our community admins or leaders to give permission to move freely through the channels. Also if you are looking for a established community where you would like to be part of building a greater player base we are looking for more officers to help us with this website: Discord: Jul 9
Jul 9 Pact looking for seasonal 8+ hardcore players Gearing up for season 8 very experienced player base. Tired of playing alone want some great people to talk look no further we are the Aspiring Brotherhood We do offer our own team speak server, great music bots, inter game events and more we are a r18 guild too. our player base is on all time zones About Us In PACT we are family, here for the same things: to play together and have fun. We are a group of gamer's connected by strong bonds of friendship, built on the principles of cooperation and loyalty, we offer our community an organized, structured, and unified place to call home. signing up on our website or joining us on our Team speak will be the best ways to join us. Team speak info is password is Brotherhood, look for one of our community admins or leaders to give permission to move freely through the channels. Or leave your details on this forum you will be added as we can. Also if you are looking for a established community where you would like to be part of building a greater player base I am looking for more officers to help me with this contact DirtyCheF#6848DirtyCheF11 Jul 9
Jul 9 Zmonk LF 4 man Push team Zmonk LF 4 man Push Team 124 Cleared 1762 Para add Loafing#1119Loafing0 Jul 9
Jul 9 [Xbox One] Rapture Gaming Community Hey everyone, Rapture Gaming is a multi game Xbox community currently looking for some more members to play Diablo 3 with. We are an active and friendly community looking for all skill levels. You will never have to play alone since our members are located all over the globe.  We are a community put together and built for the purpose of our member’s enjoyment. We focus on member maturity and respect towards each member. We have members with different perspectives, backgrounds, races, and religions. We provide a cheat free, stable, and fun community gaming experience to all rG members and public guests. We promote teamwork, community, and the betterment of all members. We are a community and everyone is welcome as long as they can be respectful to the games we play and the gamers we share our environment with. Our Requirements: -working headset -17 or older -good and positive attitude towards fellow members and players. -No modding of any kind for Diablo Xbox version Click on the link to sign up. Head on over to Join a Battalion and fill out an app for Atlas Battalion(Diablo). Thanks and see you around!Plumz5 Jul 9
Jul 8 LF Friendly Non Seasonal Casual Players Our clan is once again open for recruitment and we're looking for friendly, casual non seasonal players. We prefer to remain a small group so that we can create a group that feels more like a family rather than an extension of a public game. Since many of us live busy lives, we aim to meet up in the evenings and weekends to game. We have a discord server and looking for folks that can actively participate in it (voice not required, just checking in and joining in text chat). Things we often do are: * Split Bounties * GR speed runs from 85 to 90 * GR push runs GR100+ (meta/non meta groups) * Just grouping to have fun doing any D3 related activity We also welcome new players and if you're serious about sticking around with us, we don't mind helping you gear. If you're interested, please come in and check us out on discord: Jul 8
Jul 8 Zmonk LF active Clan for pushing I am new to group play but am actively looking to push GR and farm paragon. So far through random communities I have been able to do up to 97 GR but its been hard to find people. I ideally would find a clan that has a lot of active members and help group play grow and push. Feel free to respond or to add me my Btag is sandrisper#1480.sandrisper1 Jul 8
Jul 8 MNK LF HC seasonal clan just a monk looking for a hc season clan. pref an active clan since i play everyday after work. thanksƐXƗŦ0 Jul 8
Jul 7 Looking to join clan and Discord group looking to join a clan and discord group for paragon leveling and gear farming i play a wizard lvl 350.tahu7 Jul 7
Jul 7 ASIA SERVER- Entity Seeker Clan is recruiting RECRUITING ACTIVE PLAYER. Hey guys, kindly message me to join. Battletag: Justinang#1206 CLAN info: English speaking Player from different country (singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia,. Etc) Currently clan member - 140+Justinang1 Jul 7
Jul 6 LF seasonal clan Looking for a seasonal clan. Haven't played in a few seasons so i need to get back into the swing of 4 mans, at para 920 at the moment. Have a zbarb and a support monk.LIV3Strong162 Jul 6
Jul 6 PC US Skillless is recruiting all players. Clan focused on teaching members everything about the game and season progression. We're mostly SC season players but anyone can join and we generally have people branch out into HC if you're interested. Starting regular clan events and achievement runs starting with farming groups for Wings of The Dedicated in a couple days. If you have any questions about the clan or game or want an invite you can search us in-game with clan finder and apply or join our discord server at After you join type @Jiffy in general chat for roles and all channels access.Jiffy18914 Jul 6
Jul 5 recruiting active players Hello we are The Other Guys and we are actively recruiting for more players to push 115+ grs with us. We are actively running bounties ubers and normal rifts as well if you are interested please feel free to hop in our discord and check us out we are a gaming community so d3 isn't the only game we play but for some of us its the only game we play so feel free to stop on by. Also feel free to add me as well for further information you can add me on battlenet kilix#1583. Jul 5
Jul 4 Recruiting Seasonal players Hello we are The Other Guys and we are actively recruiting for more players to push 115+ grs with us. We are actively running bounties ubers and normal rifts as well if you are interested please feel free to hop in our discord and check us out we are a gaming community so d3 isn't the only game we play but for some of us its the only game we play so feel free to stop on by. Also feel free to add me as well for further information. kilix#1583. Jul 4
Jul 4 Looking for high pop clan Our clan is dissolving looking for populated new clan seasonal/normal. Have GR99 DH on seasonal to run with group, and GR60+ of every toon on normal.Duro1 Jul 4