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5h Regular Ring vs Ancient Rings Greetings friends, I just started to gearing in Lon mage. Got a quick question, if my regular legendary rings already has CDR, CDC & CHD do I need ancient ring or neck to replace them? I am confused, my clan member told me everything has to be ancient or primal... but those status on the rings are much better then those ancient ones.. Little advice? Thank you for your time!Aeromarine0 5h
22h Necro Build Hello there! Pretty new to Necro here, and i'm really confused about its builds. I was checking Icy Veins (not sure if its a good source of info for D3, but it was fairly good for WoW), and other necros around the GR rankings... there are so many different builds people are playing, that i'm lost in what i should aim for. I mainly play solo, but sometimes i play with guild mates too. So, any info in what build i should be looking for? And how to properly play with it?Theologist0 22h
1d achievement help I am looking for some advice and help if possible with 2 achievements ( Skeleton Crew Curse Your Enthusiasm ) ,,,,, what i need and what gear and build for them both ,, all help and advice would be helpful thanksbromius4 1d
1d Thorns Necro Vit vs Int using Heart of Iron I know there was another thread regardig this, and the conclusion was that Int is better than Vit or more thorns when using Heart Iron. When I was trying out a GR109 with a thorns build last night I found it to be quite opposite. When I put all my paragon points in to vit, I was actually doing more damage/killing elites quicker than when I put the points in to int. I know my paragon in Seaon is not that high, so the question is, is there a break point of some sort? Is getting thorns above a certain value no longer pays off and after that it's better spent on int? Or should i just be augmenting and putting paragon levels on vitality for more thorns?MOE6 1d
2d Golden Gorget of Leoric and Revive Skill As an old Diablo 2 Necromancer player; my favor build is the corpse explosion and summon skeleton hybrid. (Summoner Build) It give me the relax feeling of playing a pet class and it provide me the feeling of control due to the corpse explosion skill. Yesterday just droped a primal "Golden Gorget of Leoric" and remembered the old D2 builds really fun with skeletions and revived ones together as an Army. 10 seconds isnt a short periot for this amulet? Its also same problem for Revive skills. As Necromancer players we really need some good updates for some fun builds to play.YuhunSuhan1 2d
2d Why? I am wondering why the Necromancer in Diablo 3 does not start off with skeletons like the Diablo 2 Necromancer?Jazreth2 2d
2d LoN Mage Necro with Lidless Wall? I just got an Ancient Lidless Wall but haven’t had a chance to try it out but wanted to see if this made sense to anyone else. It’s not a perfect role but it has 18% physical, 10% crit, and 15% mage damage. Versus my current best off-hand, it does roughly 20% less damage but I figure that that the 18% physical helps offset this. However I also gain block chance and a ton of armor. On paper this seems like a great way to up survivability without sacrificing too much damage but I may be missing something. Thoughts?AggieErb3 2d
2d Question? Is there a way you can have your skeletons and golems out at the same time also is there a way to have permanent skeletal mages?Jazreth2 2d
6d GR Survival and other questions One of my biggest frustrations is getting one shoted/taking so much damage that I can't react/heal in time. Right now I'm running a Rathma set. For damage reduction right now I have: The Rathma set bonus, Traveler's Pledge set, Bone Armor, and Decrepify/Daytnee's. I use those and STILL get one shot by some regular mob types and I'm moving around trying to dodge projectiles and such. My toughness is 9.4 mil standing still and about 19 mil moving around. Besides physically dodging things is there something fundamental I'm not understanding about toughness and such to improve survivability? I'm struggling with T14-16 I don't know how people do GR110+ rifts without going insane. Question 2: According to "In Diablo III, Cold damage is used by all classes except Crusaders, often chilling or freezing its target. Critical Hits from Cold skills freeze the slain target solid, making it shatter afterwards. Note that any Cold damage hit has a chance (lower than the Proc Coefficient, though) to Chill enemy on hit." do Skeletal Archers, which are cold based, suffer from the 0 pet coefficient even though it's elemental damage? Question 3: Zei's Stone of Vengence tried Googling see two different answers, in regards to pets is the damage based on you or your pet's location, can pets proc the secondary stun? Question 4: Which legendary potion helps you the most in a pinch? I've been flip flopping between the armor and fear ones. Question 5: For Skeletal mages what's the math/difference/benefits/weaknesses? Of using Reilena's vs Scythe of the Cycle? Final TECH question: I'm on GTX1060 rig and have tried all sorts of different settings on/off with Vsync, Shadows, Fullscreen, Borderless, No Discord overlay, etc. and I still get these "stutters" or "hops" with screen jerkiness, is this a network limitation of the game being online? Or is it something with my system. Or if you have any links to answer these questions I would appreciate it. Thank youIvikdor1 6d
6d LAZYNECRO: ANTI-CARPAL TUNNEL -- continued The other thread maxed out and it's old anyways: People are still curious about the build so I figured why not continue it?ragman19 6d
6d Necromancer overpowered and way too easy now. Right now I'm a level 9 necromancer and I really do like the special abilities that come with this perk or class. However I now have a permanent retinue of skeleton warriors surrounding me. They can kill a group of my enemies without my assistance. I wish there was a way to disable this. I really don't need this as I already have other powerful abilities that have more than helped me so far. Later on I might even have Leah and a templar warrior helping me too. So how much power and assistance do I need? To balance this out I'm going to raise my game level from normal to hard. Even then it might still be too easy. Anybody here have any suggestions? Funny thing is this group of skeletons suddenly popped up out of nowhere as soon as I reached level 9. And I was trying to fight them off thinking they were enemies lol. Damn! and it turns out to be my unecessary group of bodyguards. I like a little help once in a while but as a necromancer I'm already powerful as it is.Ahasuerus70 6d
6d Death Watch Mantle/Krysbin's From the video posted by Raxx, he mentions Death Watch Mantle may proc Krysbin's sentence here: Is that true or false? Does anyone know?Venaliter0 6d
Jun 8 Bug Hellfire Amulet/Jeweler /Necromancer Hellfire amulet is not visible at the jeweler ,already spended on 3 books ,i have the recourses to make a few amulets or rings ,but still the amulet is not visiblematicwave0 Jun 8
Jun 7 STEUART'S GREAVES vs ILLUSORY BOOTS Requires level 52 The Illusory Boots are strongly selected for the number one Necromancer (and arguably the game) spec. The Solo Command Skeleton LoN build. I however came across a pair of Steuart's Greaves and thought I'd try them out while I waited. These things have been amazing for finding elites, clearing rifts, dodging shots, etc. Besides the stuff the Illusory Boots keep you out of your Blood Rush can get you out of and due to CDR it's available every 3 or so seconds. Google it. I just dropped some knowledge on you all. You're welcome.Vandemar6 Jun 7
Jun 7 Lon mages survivability (or lacking) I'm all ancient out, wearing St. Archews Gage and I die instantly in anything over G83, 1 hit and my pets are gone 1 more and I die as I'm running Final Service. Do I need to swap out a zei's for a tanky gem? I dont get how people are doing 100+ and not dying over and over. I've tried Dayntee's and cursing but that seemed worse taking out my movement abilityWolfchat7 Jun 7
Jun 7 Primal Jesseth Shield - pls for advice I consider change secondary stats to 20 points of essence for boost mages dmg which is increased for every point spend. The other hand reduce melee dmg is not bad, and i could reroll Reduce Resource Cost cause its useless (we spend all essence to get mages) Any advice? 1000 Intelligence 18% Life Critical Hit Chance Increased by 10% Reduces cooldown of all skills by 8 % Reduces all resource cost by 8% Secondary: Reduce damage from melee attacks (7%) Jun 7
Jun 5 Advice for a necro on torment 4 I'm lvl 12 right now and things take forever to die and i get dropped in 2 or 3 hit. Is it going to be like this the whole way through?verdugo2 Jun 5
Jun 4 Do Curses Stack?? Do curses stack? Let me know.wHaCkEd7 Jun 4
Jun 2 Skelethorn cube: Mr Yan or Heart of Iron? So i'm really enjoying the skelethorn as a pushing build, but my brain melts when I try to compare the recommended Hexing Pants of Mr Yan with Heart of Iron for a cubed armor slot. Can someone translate into english why an entire other source of thorns is inferior to the 25% (which ceases and plummets further every time I pause to spam curses) bonus of Mr yan? I know this likely gets into the additive damage vs multiplicative thing, and if that's the answer, ok ,I'll just trust that, but is it really so far ahead? As I understand it, jacking up my personal damage goes through a filter of my pets' hits only doing half that, or does the HPOMY percentage translate into thorns as well? If so is it more than what I'd get out of an even paragon split between int and vit?Omedon0 Jun 2
Jun 2 After season of LoN After season of LoN. Dont most builds in LoN reflect the abilities set bonus should supply. I am hoping for other set love next patch. Thoughts?zermus1 Jun 2
Jun 2 Necro Set Dungeon - Not enough mobs I completed my Necro set dungeon for the Season 18 Slayer chapter but I was 2 kills short of the Mastery objective with plenty of time and no mobs left to kill, Even after the timer ran out I ran around the entire map to see where I could have missed them but there were none remaining. 268/270 Will run it again but thought you should know.Arnerixen3 Jun 2
Jun 1 Whoa hang on STRENGTH for Thorns? So, um... Icy veins, after a comment on one of their builds changed the recommended gems for the skelethorn build from int to str. Yet, in the game it says Thorns are increased by a percentage of your primary stat. I've gotten to GR90 (so far) on this build, admittedly "methodically" (low damage seeming) by gemming Int... Was I wrong? Did I miss a memo here? Sheet thorns numbers aren't moving as I gem either direction. I'm confused.Omedon3 Jun 1
May 31 Could I get some help with learning Necro? Hey everyone I just want to see if you guys can give me some tips? I've been playing Diablo for a few seasons now but i've always played DH pretty much and went for the easy multi shot or shadow builds, not much thought and pretty easy to build. I want to try necro this season and really put time into it but whenever I look up videos or guides people are using words/phrases I don't understand but the casual necro does, so If you guys could just throw me your noob necro tips i would be forever grateful! I just want to be able to get a grasp for this class so I can at least kinda understand videos and references people are using hahaQuilliac7 May 31
May 31 Looking for Inarius builds I am confused how to play Inarius: a. Blood Nova with iron rose? b. Melee scythe? c. Bone Spear? d. Thorns? I am looking at two builds: a high end pusher for high gr and a fun n easy build for those lazy times. thanks.Astig15 May 31
May 31 Fluff's Necro Compendium There are about a billion guides on my YouTube Channel and people are always asking me which guides are still relevant. So I took some time to answer just that. Everything on this list is what I believe to be still relevant. Builds with a *** are builds that are a little less than capable of TXVI but could handle it with a handful of paragon and augments. Every build is a speedfarming build unless otherwise specified. Season of LON Builds: LON Blood Nova LON SS LON Scythe Push Build LON Builds: LON BlightMancer: LON Lich King: Pestilence: Blight Spear: ***Razor Teeth: ***One Shot Spear: ***Pesti-Lance Trag'oul: Blood Mage: Blood Nova: Rathma: Singularity Speed: Army of the Dead: Inarius: CorpseMancer: Group Builds: Rat Run DPS: Rat Run Support: May 31
May 29 Build help please Could use some critique on what I've got. I feel like the number of ancient legendaries I have should have me pushing harder, but around GR60 I feel like both damage and survivability are not nearly keeping up. Edit: as an addendum, obviously several of those pieces are not what I'd prefer, I've been more trying to use decent legendaries regardless of talent to get that LoN active. Haven't found pieces with more synergy. Open to suggestions of what I should spend Blood Shards on.ZOMGTURTLE0 May 29
May 29 LON necro help please can someone check my necro? i feel my damage is low, i also get 1 shot by everything in GR80 +Rowesy0 May 29
May 29 LoN Skele Mage build can't destroy doors? So I'm new-ish to the game. Came back from a long hiatus. Finally have the gear now for LoN mages. I noticed there's no primary attack in the build. I been running rifts and there r some that have those 'breakable' doors/blockades in order to move through. But I have been having trouble breaking through them since this build has no primary attack. I tried bloodrush through them but sometimes doesn't work for the doors lol Any advice?Leens1 May 29
May 29 LoN Builds. Hi, How many ancient pieces would you need for any LoN build to outdamaged a full inarius set? Thanks.CemKaya1 May 29
May 29 My Mages keep disappearing.(help) It's been happening more frequently and it's seriously pissing me off because it costs me some serious GR pushes. Essenatially, I run a LON Mage build. Sometimes when I summon the first two mages they "appear" then suddenly diappear. No attacks, nothing. Just appear, float then disappear. It costs all my mana like usual, but they do nothing. This has actually happened 3 times in a row once. Is this normal? Is maybe the mob killing the mages or something? They don't even leave a corpse behind.KingKoopaTho4 May 29
May 29 looking for help pls Could someone take a look at my season necro and tell me where im going wrong. I hit like a wet noodle and I cant take a punch in t13/14. ThanksSundrnrun5 May 29
May 26 Necro "Death is Blind" [s17 LoN] In the General Discussion forum Nevalistis asked "Is there a class fantasy you feel isn't very fulfilled right now?" I've been toying around with a Death's Bargain build for awhile. It has never been more than a proof-of-concept because the pants do not benefit from Crit Chance/Damage nor any of the player damage buffs. I'm submitting this "Death Incarnate" build to her as one that could use some love. build: video: tl;dr Fun build not quite ready for prime time.Hamiltonz5 May 26
May 26 WTB T16 bounty build (do they even exist?) I am not a seasonal player. I have only ever seen one primal and my switch paragon (so my new main D3 platform's paragon) is now approaching 800. So I'm not a super hardcore dedicated D3 veteran. I love my necromancer, I'm not looking to branch out into a family of alts right now, but my Thornsader, with like one augment, is the only way I can reliably run over T16 bounties at speed, and push over Malthael without breaking a sweat or even barely acknowledging his mechanics. Meanwhile, my preferred pusher, the thorns LoN command skeleton build, while quite inevitable and satisfying in greater rifts, is obviously not ideal for bounties because of ramp-up and the requirement for density and so on. You mess up and die (Malthael) and you're screwed without your bone armor. It's a terrible build for long droughts of travel and nothing to kill, or coming back from death. I want to consolidate to my necromancer for all activities, because as I go deeper into the mid to later game I want to maximize my chances at primals actually dropping and being on the character that will use it. The problem is... I can't nail a build in a t16 reality that can do my thornsader's kind of sustain and burst without playing some kind of "you only get to kill once every two minutes" sort of build that, again, isn't ideal for bounties (or fun). What are you guys using? At this point I'll use almost any concept within the necro class that doesn't have stupid cooldown reliance, crazy rampup or the requirement to ancient augment a lot. I just want to throw something together for farming in "gold drops here" content on T16. Is the inarius build the way to go? That's the only one I haven't tried or tried a version of yet, because I'd have to farm the most to make it happen but if it's got the sustain and the burst and the overall reliability of a thornsader I'll farm it up. Please don't tell me "necro just doesn't get to do this," that just seems ridiculous. Thanks in advance for any and all helpful replies :)Omedon2 May 26
May 25 Iron rose and scyth of cycle Death nova effect from iron rose is multiplied by scyth of cycle. Am I right on this?Pragao1 May 25
May 22 Meta - So with diablofans shut down, would some one be able to link me the speed meta? I would guess its back to (x2) LoN/Rat Necro, (x1) zNecro, and (x1) zBarb with the LoN buff this season? Thanks in advance...Kidyen5 May 22
May 22 Bounties Hey, what Necro builds are you using to do bounties in group and solo...? Thanks!SharkyBoy2 May 22
May 21 Thorn pet NO SKELETONS,, but frozen lance :) Hey guys, ive been testing some thorn build where thorn only are the passive dmg dealer of the build. im playing on console and i tryed this one, suuuuuper fun, check it out and tell me what u think. May 21
May 19 Iron Rose not proccing? I'm playing necro on Switch, iron rose does not proc blood nova consistently. Any1 else have the same issue?ShakesBeer4 May 19
May 16 Lon pet build (d2 armymancer like) Hey all, because of incomin season 17 i wanna try necro again. My goal is LON build around the skills fleshgolem, command skeletons & mages. Step 1: curse the enemies Step 2: Unleash the minions. What do you guys think? With lon buff and use of and Would be a pure pet build working out in the end? As the topic says, d2 necro was in my mind. Thank you for your feedback. :)Samael3 May 16
May 16 Bloodtide Blade & Iron Rose It's better but still behind. Testing the new 2.6.5 patch I still found that it falls short. It actually seems to do even less damage than PTR. As a trash mob skill it will be useful but outside of that, it is severely lacking on strong solo targets at levels above 90.Bassdude1 May 16
May 16 Necro: Questions Edit: I did some researching and saw that Traveler's only gave 20% damage per second while still. Though I will not be using them anymore, the question still stands as to whether I should use Vaxo or Hellfire. Working on a Necro build, and would like some help with jewelry slots. I'm running Inarius with the 2.6.5 buff, but i'm doing a point-blank bone spear build with the shatter rune. Currently I'm looking at replacing my jewelry to use traveler with zodiac, but I want to know if it would be smarter/ more efficient to use focus/restraint with vaxo? I haven't ever used traveler, so how long do you have to stand still to gain the damage bonus? Also, since I'm using dislocation, I will constantly be able to have vaxo up whenever it's off-cd-- What skills and how long does vaxo use/last? My last question; if I do end up using traveler, should I replace zodiac for CoE? or would having Bone Armor on a lower cooldown be better? Currently running SotC + Lost Time with Maltorius' and Krysbin in cube.kushkiller690 May 16
May 15 re Krysbin Does curses pro the second part of Krysbin?Astig1 May 15
May 14 Hardcore S17 I plan on specing into LON Singularity and then eventually into LON Thorns (which is harder to gear for). I play hardcore and was wondering if anyone had any tips to making Singularity more tanky. I plan on running Dayntees Binding over Witching Hour and the Golem pants over Swamplands and running Decrepify and Golem over Land of the dead and Simulacrum. This will result in less damage but more survivability, I dont expect to being doing 120+ in hardcore, Necro is so squishy he'll almost certainly die. I was going to use my 2 free ring slots for lornelles sunstone and Rogars huge stone and add life regen into the build with the bone armour rune, gizzard and the passive instead of blood is power(cooldown). Taking out the big cooldown skills allows me to prioritize other stats on my gear. How much damage will I be missing out on? I still think this thing will speedfarm 100sDamo2 May 14
May 14 Necro feel so meh My DH can do gr90 in 5 minutes with only 4pieces of ancient gear My Wizard can clear 100 with fun self made build -Ice meteor on LoNs Mean While, my Necro has has to struggle to clear 90(LoN Cursed Scythe) I also play Necro more and has better gear on him played the PTR with the blood nova Iron rose thing and it feels weak even in LoN setup with full ancients- 70B blood nova procs vs wizard's 1.6T ice meteor while being tanker than said Necro /VentZantarath11 May 14
May 13 Necromancer names What name are you gonna use? ... LaubrixSola This may help ... it continues to change by clicking ... but name field limited to 12 chars May 13
May 12 Necro Rathma mages! Hi, In this build I'm not going to use the simulation skill, I'm going to use blood rush to have more mobility. I have to change the amulet ... what do you recommend? the one that is created with the jeweler? or is there another more useful?DariSh1 May 12
May 12 REILENA'S SHADOWHOOK improves pets' damage? "Every point of Maximum Essence increases your damage by 0.5% and Bone Spikes generates 2 additional Essence for each enemy hit." Does REILENA'S SHADOWHOOK improve pets' damage as well? Thanks!LuckyDragon1 May 12
May 5 your visage bothers me get a tan you undead weaklingYORI0 May 5