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1h Haunted Visions ? How are people countering the drain on haunted visions? The only things that come to mind are 1) Grisly Tribute passive 2) Devour -Cannibalize (most likely auto casted to save your hands) 3) That gizzard leg gem that regenerates 10,000 life+ p/s Using #1 or #3 takes a huge damage loss with losing spreading malediction or one of the leg gens zeis, banes or enforcer. And devour cannibalize can still fall short when you kills packs on the bad maps of them being spaced 2 far apart with a now 30 sec simulacrum. Am I missing something?Mrbb9222 1h
8h Znecro which build is more superior? In the youtube video above there is a 104 grift clear on the PTR with 3 necros and a zbarb. This setup uses the death nova - blight rune. On the PTR leaderboards there is another clear I think it was greater rift 110 in just under 5 minutes using bone spear - crystal(blahblah) rune. My question is which one of these is better? Also is using boons wep plus chest piece for more CDR (mines at 72.51% cdr atm while using vigilante belt not witch hour) is that not the optimal setup? I cant figure out like when is it better to go death nova blight with rigor mortis over bone spear crystalization rune (primarily using 3 necros and 1 barb)? Also can you also mention which build version is better for groups not consisting of 3 necros and 1 barb? Im like just seeing different variations of the Znecro and not sure which is the superior version for 100+ speeds.SubzerorE1 8h
12h LazyNecro: Anti-Carpal Tunnel (<4 min GR70) For the Alternate Version: Basically I dropped Wildebeast, tossed in a Efficacious Toxin and equipped a Cord of The Sherma. This version requires a bit more "paying attention" when you're doing GR70's given that you're relying on health globes via Devour Aura + Life From Death. You could go with the Flesh Sustained rune if you're wanted a little bit more sustain and less reliance on globes (which makes more sense if your gear happens to have Life/Sec affixes on it) so there's that. However, if you prefer the brain dead "I'M TRYING TO PAY ATTENTION TO NETFLIX!" version than stick with the original. Alternate can clear T13's in 2-4min. Alternate can clear GR70's in 3-4min. Alternate Version GR70 4 min clear vidja: Here's the original vidja: Original Zero Paragon Run: DiabloFans - Updated: Original Post: Ever wanted a farming build that you could just chillax and play one handed with zero buttons to push? Me too. So, I spent the time. I did the research. (AQUA TEENS ASSEMBLE!) Actually I just slapped some crap together and took it out for a whirl and it ended up working pretty damn good. Anyway, only two buttons to push. One is Bone Armor, the other is LoTD for when the GRift Guardian pops; you will see me push this button exactly once in the linked video. Teleport is on the bar, and if you're so inclined you may use it, but I can't be bothered to. Assuming you can be bothered, I would assume your clears will be much faster than mine. Golem is there explicitly as something else for baddies to attack. If our speed passive ever gets fixed I'd swap Blood Is Power out in a heart beat. I tried a Trags + Lost Time variant but I guess Lost Time doesn't work with Bone Armor. The original can clear T13's in 3-5min with no effort. The original can clear GR70 in 4-5min with little effort. Can it go higher? Possibly. I started a 75 and quickly realized I had to pay attention and focus. So I said, "**** that." Note the time completion similarity between T13 and GR70. That's because the damage is less relevant as density is. The denser the field, the faster your clear time as stuff will die just as fast in a T13 as it will in GR70. Well, almost as fast. That and T13's you typically stop and loot stuff. Also note the lack of Boon Hoarder gimmick. That's because I didn't want to spend the time swapping gear around and just freely switch between effortless 70's and T13's whilst enjoying my freaky feline features on the YouTubes. If you're married to the idea of Boon Hoarders than you simply: - Swap out Wildebeast for Boon Hoarder - Swap out String of Ears for Goldwrap - No room for Avarice though. Would have to give up Krysbins or Bul Kathos which is where all your damage stems from. Done. But, like I said, I just wanted something where I could go in and out without putzin with anything. So this is what I came up with. Clearly with better gear and higher gems you will progress faster and with less effort. Low paragon with crap gear, your mileage may vary. Hope you enjoy. P.S. Song is O' Death by Jen Titus and it should be the Necro anthem.wahskcirt338 12h
12h PTR PoisonLancer GR110+ DFans Guide: Video Guide: 12h
19h The infamous casting delay So I've been running a variation of the anti-carpal tunnel build forever and never really tried anything else because I love it so much. Today I was feeling saucy and switched to a build still using the Inarius set but incorporating Grim Scythe and Corpse Lance. Suddenly it's like my key board is broken. Corpse Lance, Bone Armor, and LotD all take several button mashes to get them to fire. This is costing me precious time in GR's. So I searched around and discovered that it's a known issue that a ton of people have experienced but none of the info I found said anything about what's being done about it. Does anyone know if this will be fixed with the new patch? Has Bliz even acknowledged it? I'm going back to my lazy build in the mean time because it's so bad that the other build is basically unplayable.greywolf3 19h
20h Somebody Missed a Decimal Point.... My Necromancer has 950K Life, Resistances from 1381 to 1545, and admittedly somewhat low armor at 9356, which provides 73% damage reduction. With the Inaruis set, which grants a total of an additional 50% damage reduction with 10 stacks (enemies hit) of Bone Armor, I end up with a total of 86.5% damage reduction just from defensive stats and Bone Armor. That seems pretty good. Then why is it that I can be killed in one shot from a single Maniacal Golgor at T12? That's GR 55! If I had those kind of stats on my Demon Hunter, I would be virtually invulnerable. It's completely ridiculous. When they were designing the Necromancer, somebody must have missed a decimal point.StoneOld37 20h
1d Hardcore inarious Just got to 70 on my necro, going for inarious build, through kadala just got my full set. Goal is to comfortably clear gr 70 so i can unlock primal drops. Basically just looking for advice on gems, cubed items and jewelry. Non seasonal if that matters, ty for your timeSparkedflint10 1d
1d Primal Scythe of the Cycle Just Salvage Bait Just dropped, but I haven't worked up the proper build for it yet. When 2.6.1 goes live, any SotC that drops will have better stats. So... just gonna salvage it for 15 forgotten souls. Sigh... :(Vermonster4 1d
1d Need Inarius Advice for GR75! Hi guys. I came back to D3 after not playing since Season 4 to try out the new class! So far so good (OK, I died once but we won't talk about that...) but I'm having a hard time pushing up to GR 75 to finish my 2nd conquest for the season. I know with the gear I have I should be able to do GR 75 so I thought I'd ask here for you guys to look over my gear and build see where I need to improve. I can farm GR 65 comfortably but I start having DPS issues about GR 68 and I only beat the timer by a couple of minutes on GR 70 and am leery about pushing further. I tried switching out Bane of the Powerful for Bane of the Stricken but my completion times actually went down and so I cubed it; now I'm working on leveling it again. I also have complete Rathma's, Pestilance, and Tragoul's I can switch into but I'm having a lot of fun bonestorming everything :D. (plus Rathma's is kind of squishy, my summoning necro died at GR70 whereas this guy is having DPS issues, no problems with tank though) Thanks.Maelstrom9 1d
1d gr111 p1250 3 necros + 1 barb Necro party - BYO dead. I wanted to share our setup for mid speeds (5 min 100s) and pushes. For speed runs under 5 mins Scythe + Reilenas is better. The team is 3 necros + 1 barb (barb can be subbed with zdh or zwiz) - 1 znecro and 2 dps necro. Barb is there just to add toughness and ignore pain to prevent being frozen. 2 DPS Rathmas ideal : Jesseth 10%damage 7AS 1000 Int (not 10CDR as it's only 3.6%dps) Shield 10crit 8cdr 1000Int 1000Vita 18%Life Haunted Visions phys/cc/cd Kryspin/Evol, COE - both cc+cd + 1 of 8cdr/7AS/min-max damage. Reapers, Dayntee Rathma shoulders int vita 8cdr 20AD Rathma gloves 1000int 10cc 50cd 1000vita/8cdr/7AS Rathma helm 1000int 15mage 6cc/1000vita Cube: Scythe Taskers Kryspin/Evol Zei Trapped Enforcer Note Crit chance has less value because of iceblink+Rend and Brittle Touch (which keeps stacking and can quickly get targets to 100%) Stack Pick Up Radius where you can (I have +9). This also makes dps Frailty Aura variant more effective. Siphon Blood:Blood Sucker (At least 1 dps necro should use this) Skeletal Mage:Singularity Decrepify:Borrowed Time Command Skeletons:Dark Mending Bone Armor:Reap of Anguish (Dislocation is not always so good as this increases cc resistance and already have lotd from znec) Simulacrum:Reservoir Overwhelming Essence Final Service Spreading Malediction Blood is Power (3.7%dps) / Extended Servitude / Dark Reaping Extended Servitude is not needed unless doing very fast grifts, or inexperienced znecro. Dayntee+Decrepify can be replaced with Witching Hour and Revive:PersonalArmy/Devour:Satiated/Frailty, but honestly Decrep+Malediction is good dps boost and tough to boot. Blood is Power is weaker than it looks, average 10%CDR yielding only +3.7% dps. It can be a good idea for only 1 necro to run Decrepify because of overwrite. You will need some CDR to keep up Bone Armor. Why not wear Scythe and cube Reilena ? Offhand extra 20essence is about +6.5%dps to mage and offhand +min-max is about +24%dps so about +31%dps. Sounds good ? But Reilena multiplier with 330 essence is on average about 3.5 while Jesseth is 5. 5/3.5 = 1.43. So Jesseths+Scythe setup has about 1.43/1.31 -> 8% more dps, plus a huge amount of defense (although mostly offset by the skele skill slot needed), some nice meat shields, and some healing via Dark Mending rune. Note the min-max from a primal Phylactery is only about +24%dps because it is so easy to roll a maxed Jesseth (no need for CDR roll and no secondary stat to roll), and we will have 10% damage on it. Also this is assuming the Scythe+Reilena has a perfect 300% roll. Unless you have a primal Scythe your Jesseth is likely to yield much more dps. And when you do get a good Scythe you probably have rolled CDR on it for t13/bounty/low grift runs making it less attractive for this build. The difference is not huge so if have a good Scythe and bad Jesseth go for it. Why no Blood Rush ? Good move speed already from Reap of Anguish and Barb, and play style is to clear almost all anyway. The build is pretty tanky so even frozen balls/jailer don't 1 shot you. Also you probably don't have much CDR (I have 37) due to maximising DPS so uptime isn't great. Positioning ? Stand close enough pick up orbs, but as far as possible to maximise zei. But always stand in an oculus circle where possible. Znecro : Max CDR in every spot. Not hard to get 72% CDR on sheet. Pestilence Helm Glove Born Shoulder Sword Stormshield Captains Crimsons Pants Boots Vigilante belt Oculus Zodiac Halcyon Amulet Strongarms Aquila Cube: Sankis/Ingeom/BloodBrother/Ahavarion Leoric rorg Gogok Toxin IceBlink(rank50) In a group with no other zdps (e.g. 2man) switch to Nemesis and an immunity amulet. Lotd:Frozen Land Nova:Blight Frailty Aura Devour:Cannibalize (must be on numlock) Corpse Lance:Brittle Touch BloodRush:Potency ( / BoneArmor:Reap / Decrepify:Borrowed Time ) LifeFromDeath FinalService RigorMortis StandAlone (/RathmasShield/BloodIsPower) Note you can manually target elites with Corpse Lance as this stacks. Positioning ? Keep away from walls and edges as they eat orbs. Try not to take on more than 1 elite pack at a time to minimise cc resistance buildup. You will notice this as you starts doing only half damage. Barb leads, znec runs second. Very little loss when barb dies, some loss if znec dies, more loss if a dps nec dies. What maps ? A good clear doesn't need density, just mostly open maps so less fishing is needed than WD meta. Wall maps are very bad as orbs get eaten and DPS necros often can't maximise zei and keep away from ground effects.GAK28 1d
1d Inarius Set fate in S12 Hi! I was curious to know what is your opinion regarding Inarius Set if all changes in current PTR to Necromancer go live. What do you think it will be good for/at? Trag'oul still looks like the build for solo pushing, same a Rathma. Rathma for group pushing. Pestilence set is looking great for speed rifting, farming, and going creative, crazy with corpse explosion builds. Where will Inarius stand in all of this? :(Mercy3 1d
1d No Krysbin's Sentence or Briggs Wrath I've been playing for around 2 weeks and on Paragon 350+ I have not seen one of either of these rings yet despite thousands of shards and tens of rare upgrades. I can farm T VIII - X pretty easily and do GR 47 easy ie 5 mins or so but feel I'm being held back not having the Krysbin's Sentence ring. My rolls aren't great either and no real upgrades have come down for my weapon slot either. Only one Tragoul's for example which I have extracted. The RNG seems severe and bad. Also with rifts I'm seeing a very limited number of maps that seem to appear again and again such that it's all getting bit deja vu and tiring. I am way more advanced on console but this is the first time I've played PC to this level. Any tips on how to move forwards? Try another set or build? Might that knock the RNG for loot up a bit?DrO7 1d
2d Your thoughts on CE Trangs vs CE LON? Im playing around with two variations of the same build and can't figure out which one has the higher upside so I can concentrate on it. Each one is a strict CE no gen build. Just curious how well I can make that work and having fun with it as well. Trangs gives the big damage boost to blood abilities, but getting the damage proc from Krysbins means relying on my familiar. Or using an item in the cube currently, the helm that blinds 25%ish of the time, or swapping out a set item and using a RoRG which takes up a precious item slot. This build has very high end damage when KS procs. The LON cold build procs with every hit after the first CE. This has lower high end damage but a much higher avg damage over time because the majority of the hits proc KS. Plus, the use of AC in the chest, SOE belt ( using over DB since I'm not using decripify atm) and the Golemskin gives me greater DR. I can use both CE oriented gloves to produce higher damage and more corpses, Johnstone, illusionary boots, and Skelton Kings shoulders for the cheat death (hopefully). This build seems more well rounded, but curious about other people's thoughts. I'm still missing ancient golem and AC atm so I'm a bit squishy, but no more so than the Trangs set. Any thoughts?TheElderQ0 2d
2d Turn Jesseth pure comand skelleton build Since many people are saying next patch this set will not be required to rathma build, turn Jesseth a pure skelleton/golem/revive build. This will give us another summoner build viable, in special for those that never stand to the skelly mage spam. Any idea are welcome!Reginato3 2d
2d Inarius RG-Killer Can someone help me understand what is it that is dealing damage in the inarius RGK set up? Is it the bone armour stacking stricken or the offhand + skele archer combo? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks.unhomie16 2d
2d Rathma+jesseth mage question about cdr is cooldown reduction a major priority(other than the 10% u get off paras) ? jsut for a sooner land of the dead? i know the skill itself is good but still even with 40% cd it takes a little longer than a minute to reuse. is it worth it though through your experience? (grift pushing build that is) and thats with a flawless royal dia in helm.. i see some using amythest for more life.(im sitting at about 700k atm though) will i need amy for 70grifts??Relinquished9 2d
2d Best way to get a Circle of Nailuj's Evol Im para 207 and still running with a naglering! I just havent found alot of rings, and the Circle of Nailuj's Evol takes the rathma build up a few notches. Rings thru kadala is expensive.. how did you guys get your Circle of Nailuj's Evol?Exiter74 2d
2d Trouble with Trag'Ouls Corpse Lance Build Hey everyone, I have a question regarding the Trag Oul's corpse lance build. After Inarius got nerfed I went Trag because it's currently the highest pushing and I'd really like some high level gems, but for the life of me I can't figure this build out. I have a lot of CDR (42% I believe) but it seems like it takes way too long to be able to kill an elite pack or two, and I can't seem to figure out how to stay alive. I currently can't even beat a GR 68 because I can't even stay alive. I'm constantly being CCd, swarmed by crowds and such and I can't take very many hits, and even if I could survive I don't get how you're supposed to be able to complete the rift in a reasonable amount of time. Does anyone with more experience mind looking at my build and seeing if there's any glaring flaws? Thanks to anyone that can help!Nathanael77716 2d
2d Inarius RG Killer When would you choose Inarius RGK build over Rathma or Trag'Oul sets to beat a RG? Thanks!Mercy1 2d
2d zNecro getting the nerf bat? Hey folks, I've been reading up on some zDPS builds to help me decide which class to play in the next season. I read this from the recent PTR notes: "Life from Death Added a maximum threshold on the number of health globes that can spawn in a given time." I have not tried any zDPS builds on any class this season, mainly because I just got back to the game maybe a month ago. But, upon reading this, will zNecros even be desirable in group play? Or, are they trying to reduce how many globes spawn overall, effectively nerfing the support role all together?Acky13 2d
2d Krysbin Question Just wondering if Necromancer minions would have any of the benefits of Krysbin and Bane of the Trapped? Sorry if this has been asked.Elrik1382 2d
3d Inarius 6pc bonus Inarius (2) Set: Bone Armor damage is increased by 1000%. (4) Set: Bone Armor grants an additional 2% damage reduction per enemy hit. (6) Set: Bone Armor also activates a swirling tornado of bone, damaging nearby enemies for 750% weapon damage and increasing the damage they take from the Necromancer by 2750%. Do you pets get the buff from In6 bonus?Ryoka5 3d
3d Knockbacks for necro Hey guys.. I'm wondering what necro skills can take advantage of my strongarm bracers? Also, does the 6pc benefit (bone tornado) from the inarius set cause what could be considered knockbacks? I read somewhere that all vortex spells/effects are considered knockbacks but can't possibly validate this myself..Cloud6Nein4 3d
3d 100% uptime on Simulacrum I did the calculation and it's possible to get 100% uptime (with Obsidian Zodiac Ring). But how viable is the build using it? Losing 5% life per second is a lot....especially in a low density map. But can the benefit outweigh the drawback?Ryoka8 3d
3d Roll on primal Rathmas gloves What to roll here for a rathmas mage build ? I'm just wondering if i just replace AD for CHD or add Attack speed... not easy i looked at most of the top players they all have CHD, CHC, AD. Interested to get your thoughts thanks [IMG][/IMG]ZeFXIII2 3d
3d Help with my build, please? closeAcky0 3d
3d [Jesseth Scythe] INT --> CDR? In your opinion, would enchanting INT to CDR be ideal in the long run? I already have one with similar stats after enchanting so I feel like rerolling the damage range would be a waste. Thanks. 3077 DPS +1479 - 1833 Cold Damage +10% Damage +853 Int +7% Attack Speed +19 Essence +2.4% Stun Chancefeena2 3d
3d Solo Speed Gr80s Build Hello! I wanted to ask for your opinion on which Necromancer build is viable/fun to do speed gr80s at 1200 paragon and possibility of augmenting gear with 90+gems. I'm using Lazy Storm at the moment for speed gr70s, but I've tested 75s and that seems to be the cap. Not looking to push grs, just speed and chilling up to 80s. Thank you!Mercy7 3d
3d Mage Counter on buff bar My mage counter is not showing up at all it used to when i first started playing my nec but has since disappeared. solo not that big a issue but grouped with another nec it can be a lil hard to keep track any suggestions all other buffs show up ingeom shrines etc......komatose4203 3d
3d Necro Thorns Build? Just wondering if anyone has come up with a thorns focused build that can get through the achievements needed for the stash tab. Checked the guides page, but nothing popped out.Nightseek6 3d
3d Is Attack Speed Important for Rathma build? I'm finding it difficult to get 10 full powered mages on a single target. Groups obviously isn't a problem but it would be nice to be able to ramp up quicker for the rift guardians. If someone could take a look at my gear and let me know if there are any changes I should make that would be great. Thanks in advance.Pwnani9 3d
3d Struggling with Trag'oul's Hey necromancers - I've been trying out the most popular necro builds; Trag'oul's, and struggling quite a bit because I don't get the synergy of the spells. I realize that Land of the Dead does most damage, but waiting for cool down takes too long. I have put CDR on as much gear as I can to about 50% - still not enough. So what do you do when waiting for LotD to cooldown? I press Decrepify then Corpse Lance - nothing happens, oh yes - I die many times. So I feel I am doing something wrong here; huge damage with LotD and then no damage with CL and Decrep. Rhykker said that it is so easy, even with bad gear - he was clearing T90+. So help me understand and give me an order of spells to cast. tySnowman24 3d
4d Well, I don't like any Necromancer Set! I have the greatest fun from 1-70 cursing enemies, commanding skeletons, and blowing up corpses. It's at level 70 that the Necromancer becomes not fun. I don't like any of the skills all four of the sets support. Who decided this crap anyway? Trag'Oul's Stalwart Greaves: Buffs an evasion skill, healing, and damaging blood skills. I don't want to use any of those. Rathma's Ossified Sabatons: Army of the Dead, with a little damage reduction thrown in. But here's a bonus; you have to use Command Skeletons and Skeletal Mage in order to get maximum cooldown reduction and maximum damage. Sure, you'll say this is the most powerful set, but it heavily relies on perfect timing and insane burst damage. Not my kind of play style. Grace of Inarius: Bone Armor, Bone Armor, Bone Armor! Seriously? An entire set to buff a single defensive skill that does a little bit of damage on the side? Ridiculous! Pestilence Master's Shroud: This set has a decent two-piece bonus; firing a Corpse Lance at enemies when you consume a corpse. Then it's Bone Spear, Bone Spear, Bone Spear! And I don't particularly like Bone Spear. Now, I have no intention of being competitive with a Necromancer in any way, shape, or form. So I don't really care if those four sets can be massaged into some mode of performance. My bewilderment arises from the fact that no Blizzard developer ever thought to create a set for my play style, where I use the following attack strategy: Approach monster or pack, or agro them, firing Bone Spikes the whole time, everywhere. Curse as many as possible, firing Bone Spikes the whole time, everywhere. Command Skeletons to attack the leader, firing Bone Spikes the whole time, everywhere. Explode Corpse, once I have a few of them, to start a chain reaction of exploding corpses which is hugely fun to watch. I have Bone Spear as a secondary, but I often forget to use it, so I'll probably replace it with Command Golem, or Skeletal Mage. In any case, there doesn't seem to be any set, weapon, or Legendary armor that supports anything I want to do with the Necromancer. That kinda pisses me off. On the other hand, T2 is a nice break from the intense Impale Demon Hunter. But I still wish they would create another set that supports at least two or more of the more interesting and useful Necromancer skills. In the meantime, I'll stick with the two-piece Pestilence, and see what I can throw together with it. Maybe ditch it entirely and go with a LoN build. Good Hunting!StoneOld22 4d
4d Necro in next patch? Hey guys, I'm hoping to get some advice on deciding between necro and barb in the next patch. I don't really push solo GRs much, but I'd like to play the class that can clear maybe 80s the fastest/easiest. I currently quit WoW, and an kinda over pushing several buttons and keybinds. Also, which of the 2 is more preferred for group and support play? Are they both equal in terms of support playstyle and build?Acky5 4d
4d Cosmetic for completing Necro Set Dungeons? Couldn't find the info.Gorgatron1231 4d
4d Season 11 Boss Mode Most of us have no problem getting Two of our required Three Conquests for Guardian - Divinity is absurdly easy with most builds, and Avarice is another one that almost everyone can complete so long as they level up a Boon of the Hoarder and go to act V. The Third conquest is a real toss up though. A lot say to just go do TX Public Rifts and hope for a fast group, which is fine, but it requires luck, but absolutely can be done that way. Personally, I like to get it done myself, so here is the Solo Necromancer Boss Mode build for getting out ALL of your bosses at TX in under 20 minutes. Most important factor: Speed. you spend all of your time running, and only a TINY bit of time fighting bosses. For this purpose we'll be stacking the following items: Krelm's Belt (worn. for speed bonus) = 50% Wreath of Lighting Gem (Proc'd by BoNado) = 25% Boon of the Hoarder Gem (For gold pickup speed bonus) = 30% Steuart's Greaves (In Cube) - 50% Lost Time (to proc Speed from Bone Armor Harvest of Anguish Cold rune) = Max 20% Warzechian Bracers (For Speed after breaking objects, which is what BoNado does best!) = 35% GEAR: INARIUS Set Krelm's Belt Warzechian Bracers Trag Fang Lost Time Endless Walk Krysbin Cube: Reilena's Shadowhook Steuart's Greaves Avarice Band GEMS: Miranae (All single target skills make a difference, and a 50 Miranae can actually do serious damage to a single target boss) - Switch to Molten Wildebeest if you want Regen to offset Blood cost of your Blood Rush Boon of Hoarder Wreath of Lightning Total top running Speed: +235% Run Speed (basically Speed Pylon speed, does also stack WITH speed pylon or Fleeting so get ready to ZOOM if you catch one!) usually at about Approx 180 just by virtue of Running and smashing everything and picking up gold. Boss Killing Armament: At first, I was resigned to Avoid LotD at all costs because the cooldown simply would NOT be ready before quick travel bosses (like Maghda and Kulle) needed them to be killed quickly. Two Phase bosses would also be VERY difficult, but I realized I could use LotD + Corpse lance for one Phase and Bone Spirit Poltergeist for ultra high Single Target damage when out of phase of LotD, allowing it charge up time. Miranae Also provides valuable boss damage that helps when out of phase with LotD. Skills: LMB Aura of Frailty RMB Bone Spirit Poltergeist Corpse Lance Brittle Touch Blood Rush Metabolism Bone Armor Harvest of Anguish LotD Frozen Lands Passives: Draw Life Final Service Stand Alone Spreading Malediction (Really there is no good option here) Using your cool down wisely is KEY and alternating and choosing bosses properly is also key. DO NOT PICK UP ANYTHING. Spam teleport to get to your next boss while animations still play to get there as fast as possibles. That means NO CHESTS, NO DB's, NOTHING. Kill the Boss MOVE to the next. I hope this helps. Post your own ideas for doing this Conquest Solo! Edit: Note - Make sure you do NOT pursue Vidian, he is not on the list and is a waste of your time! For Essence Generation use Dark Reaping or swap to Reaper's Wraps periodically just to pick up globes and regain enough essence to keep casting Bone Armor (Note: This will be irrelevant come the next patch)Oscar12 4d
4d First Season, Looking for suggestions Quick info: Started playing D3 first day it came out. Played WD since there was no Necro. Never did much after beating the game. A few years ago when the Bounties/Rifts feature was added I started playing again. But as you can see by this character I never got too far (paragon 88). Of course when Necro was released I had to get back into it. I had never done a season before (Season 11 being my first). I have played with most of the classes but Necro is where my focus is. Obviously I have taken this a bit more seriously as my Season paragon level is currently 365. I am stuck around GR 62. It feels like I am dying a bit too easily. Again, my first Season and first time really trying to push my character higher. So I could easily be missing something. So I am asking for suggestions and constructive criticisms. I am looking to improve my play style and push higher. Thanks in advance. NOTE: I just recently finished the Inarius set and may start playing with the bone storm build)Medjah5 4d
4d Can Strongarm bracers proc on frozen enemies I want to know if when i cast land of the dead wearing halcyon amulet will it apply the strongarm extra damage buff only on those mobs it can actually make jump (as in those that were not blinded/stunned/frozen before i popped land of the dead)? Any help would be greatly appreciated ;) - thanks.gZuppl11 4d
4d Singularity vs Skeleton Archer I'm going to (attempt) to compare Singularity and Skeleton Archer runes with the Rathma set bonus. Which of the two is better? Firstly a few assumptions have to be unfortunately made at this point, I am assuming the damage bonus of Singularity is additive. I'm also going to assume that IAS will correlate directly to damage, as I have no idea what the pet breakpoints are at this time. Right so let's get started with some simple math. Lets look at Skeleton Archer damage combined with Scythe of the Circle (as it's in my opinion the best cubed weapon) 400% Weapon damage + 30% attack speed + 300% damage from Scythe of the Circle (400 + 30%) + 300% = 2080% Now lets analyse Singularity. Reilena's Shadowhook is often used with Singularity for obvious reasons. With this build we're looking at 310 essence, and we're looking at 155% damage increase. So lets do the math. ( ( ( 400 +30% ) +300% ) - ( 400+155% ) ) / (3+155%) = 138.562092 So a Singularity mage that uses Reilena's Shadowhook and costs 138 essence or less essence is less effective than a Skeleton Archer using Scythe of the Circle. Now here's where it gets interesting. Skeleton archer build allows for more flexibility. You can roll for something like this!XfTg!YbaaZY which allows for frailty curse, runed with Scent of Blood for an extra DPS boost. So, now we're looking at. ( ( ( ( (400+15%) +15% ) +30% ) +300% ) - ( 400+155%) )/ (3+155%) = 226.248366 So now, a Singularity mage that uses Reilena's Shadowhook and costs 226 essence or less essence is less effective than a Skeleton Archer using Scythe of the Circle. On top of the fact that We've freed up two passive slots. (Not that necormancer passives are really any good anyway...) The passives I've removed are extended servitude. (Not needed anymore as mages will be spammed easily, plenty of essence available to keep all 10 up at all times without any issues.) and overwhelming essence. I've replaced them with Spreading Malediction, for extra damage and Grisly tribute for extra healing, but this can be swapped out for anything really. Anyway so far I've been running this build!XfTg!YbaZZY (ice golem instead of frailty rune) and I've completed GR88 at around the 13min mark. I am playing around with frailty as mentioned above. My character is here. I'm sure I can complete at least GR90 and will try pushing today. I think this build is probably on par with Melancholy's Rathma Faceroll Summoner build here, especially as Melancholy has about 2 GR more sheet dps then me I have 691,790 sheet dps on d3planner (no paragon points applied). Meloncholy has 1,063,293 on d3planner, (no paragon points applied) (691,790* 1.17) *1.17 = 946991.331 Which is less than 1,063,293. Ofcourse I'm sure Meloncholy can push higher too, but napkin math shows they're both in similar ballparks. Still this is an 88 clear without the frailty rune, so the potential is there. What's more, as this build is dependent on bone armor, a mitigation legendary gem is not needed, I'm using Zei's for extra damage, but really anything could be here. Bane of the Powerful, Pain enhancer, anything really. Also the stuns from decrepify, bone armor and the freeze from command skeletons, (which can be spammed btw) really help proc Krysbin's Sentence a lot. It's a shame frostburn doesn't work with pets :( What do you guys think? Is the average Singularity mage cost going to out edge Skeleton Archer? Will the extra CC stuns from this variant out perform the others? I'm not sure, it'll be interesting to see.Christos49 4d
4d Nayr Damage Bonus Last post didn't appear so trying again. Has anyone tested if nayr gives a damage bonus to all poison effects i.e. andariels? What about bone tornado if it is poison?Frail3 4d
5d Playing in pubs with Corpse lance builds. Anyone else find it annoying when you're in a pub running grifts with certain builds or players who rush way ahead prompting others to try and keep up and creating chaos because they run a gimmicky build that can't take on high density content as it comes due to long cool downs? Some builds should not even be allowed in Pub Grifts, after all, isn't the point of playing in a group to work together as a team? I run a lot of pubs and it seems to me that groups have more success taking the high density content on as it comes instead of everyone trying to run through it to find an elite pack without dying. unless they are carrying you I don't think that style of play is fun to Grift with at all. Am I the only one who feels this way?Pwnani22 5d
5d #fail Rathma Set Dungeon Came back to check out all the changes to the game, work on some achieves, have some slaying fun. Working through the additional season achievement for Slayer. Done now though. This dungeon is impossible. Everything I find online says do this do that with this item and that item and it's SOOOO EASY. Sorry no. I'm so overpowered I took off half my stuff. Still not working. updated some skills to lower the damage from skeletons. Ok. The thing is so carefully calibrated to do juuuuust the right amount of damage, move through at juuuuuust the right speed and juuuuuust enough LUCK for your minions to proc the 500 sec CD you need on army of the dead... sorry. That's not fun for me trying to calibrate my character because the game demands such a specific set of requirements. Screw that. You would think these dungeons are meant to teach you how to use your set bonuses in an effective manner. At least that should be the goal. Major... major fail on that one.Clavain5 5d
5d hi gents. any old wizard guys around? decided to come back and do the seasonal journey on necro.. pretty darn quick to finish it with necro, crazy class. any of my old friends still around? Viz guys? etcOGlameboi0 5d
5d Can't hack Realms on T10 - Looking for advice Hey all, Seasonal player here. This toon is the most advanced I've ever had, so I'm quite happy that I've made it as far as I have. That being said, I'm trying to complete the Champion journey items and I'm having some trouble. I can't get through a Neph Rift in under 6 minutes and I can't hack it in the Realms at this level. I also find that I'm getting one-shot by boss-type creatures (key wardens and the like). I've got my Greater Rift build linked below (can't figure out how to link my Speed Farming build separately), and would appreciate any constructive feedback. Please include why you would change what you're suggesting :) Gear: GRift Build:!defa!abcabc Speed Build: (link coming) Based on: 5d
6d D3: RotN physical game CD in official box Hey Blizz! I'm from Anaheim, CA. Is there a way I can purchase a hard copy of the Rise of the Necromancer? I want to have the physical disc with the official box to include in my collection. Can I just drive to Irvine and purchase it directly from your office?VenatorNocti1 6d
6d Inarius being buffed. So guys, i'm quite new to the Necro class and some guys told me that ''pré-nerf'' Aka Bug Fix, Inarius was one of the best sets. But then Trag'oul gest the pie. Anyway, i was reading the PTR change notes and i get surprised by this -"Bone Armor also activates a swirling tornado of bone, damaging nearby enemies for 750% 1000% weapon damage and increasing the damage they take from the Necromancer by 2750% ((3750%))." Is this make this set shine again ? And, besides being a dumb question, a 1000% damage increase means what with the Diminishing returns ? I can be wrong of course, but is better ask.AriesXs1 6d
6d so is my zdps necro getting nerfed ? I just want to know because thats the only thing I can play end game with atm I hate zdps monk and barb so00 ... let me know if its getting nerf so I can take my butt back to live and grind before the nerfLexington8 6d
6d Blood Spear w/ Maltorius spike & Trag'oul set Hey guys.. Would love some recommendations on my character and some guidance on what changes I need to make for a sustainable build that uses the 6pc benefit of trag'oul along with the maltorius benefit on using the blood spear. I have all but one piece left to collect for the trag set.. Then I'll just pop in my RORG and replace what I have with the trag set. I'm really eager to see all this proc together and give me those insane damage numbers but I don't think I can sustain losing 20% health per spear attack. For now, the command skeletons have basically proven useless to me so I have that slot to replace.. but what can I change significantly enough to make my health gains/losses most sustainable and keep me survivable?Cloud6Nein3 6d