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15h Looking for advice with Necro I'm a bit of a noobie to Necro. I'm playing a Rathma Skeletal Mages build. I do a ton of dmg but I die a lot in 80+ GRs. I'm kind of looking for advice with my build and gameplay. Any advice would be much appreciated.DireRaven1 15h
20h NECRO HC BUG! BEWARE! Hi There, I was running a T10 vault run on my Necro. I had Greed to about 10% and was just standing and dps-ing. My Fatal Damage talent hadn't been proc'd. I was on about 60-70% hp and ate a charge move. Apparently, I don't know if it just necro's talent or all fatal damage talents that are bugged verse Greed but I instantly got destroyed. So beware in vault runs if you are a Necro!! To Mods, is there any way my character can be restored once this gets tested and proven to be a game breaking bug? Thanks.Datsyukian1 20h
1d pestilence build: huge problem. So I'm trying to play a pestilence build because that is all I've found so far and I have a lot of the off-pieces and a couple decent rolls. There are a couple seriously glaring flaws that make it darn near unplayable really besides farming t10 without perfect gear I think. 1) INSANELY squishy. I'm talking somehow I get one shot in t13 by anything at all. My character sheet shows my toughness sitting at like up to 80 million with everything stacked and my HP around half. I've done EVERYTHING I can to build around getting more toughness to the point I just don't do enough damage anymore, and I'm still getting exploded. I guess it's because I don't have stock damage reduction bracers. In fact, I cant seem to find any bracers at all worth wearing. 2) This is the biggest thing here with this build. If I die, I may as well just exit out of whatever rift I'm doing if I'm solo. That or I can sit around for 2 minutes and wait, it doesn't matter. Because of the stacking mechanic of the pestilence set, I drop all my damage reduction stacks, all my bone spear stacks, all my johnstone stacks, everything. Death is insanely punishing for this build. Once you die, you now have to wait 2 minutes to play again because of the enormous land of the dead cooldown you rely upon so heavily. 3) insane reliance on corpse generation. Unless youre generating TONS of corpses, you're screwed. If youre on a rift guardian or a tough elite, and you don't have a corpse flow coming, you may as well just die and go afk or leave the rift. These issues make the set unplayable. If you die once, you're done... and you're SUPER squishy. If you are fighting tough enemies that require multiple shots for any length of time, you're done. Game over. Makes the set unplayable. At least with my build. Yah I know the set sucks and I'm trying to get a better one.Dement75 1d
2d Low damage stats.. My Corpse lance nec has low damage stats compare to others.. Im at para 970 wirh 1million damage, seen other with the same build at para 700ish with 1,4 - 1,7 milion damage.. I have almost all gear ancient gems 90+ and so on.. And my rathma nec is also low damage, i cant figure out whats wrong! Thnx!ArganaS3 2d
2d Legit LoN Thorns Necro Has anyone tried this build? It's actually amazing... Everyone thought thorns necro was a joke but really it's legit...SuperCuddles26 2d
3d How about this Blizzard Have some way to force your pets/minions to lead or lag your character. In other words make it so you make any of your pets roam in front of you or behind you. Think about it please.BugaBuga0 3d
4d Decay Golem I'm just wondering how long the active skill (consumes corpses at targeted location increasing its damage by 30% per corpse). There is no description about it but the golem seems to get some fire in his shoulders for a while. So can you give a timer or something to know when the buff is active?Mac9 4d
4d Main sub-stats for Inarius's set? Hey all, I was just curious what stats other than CHC,CHD,INT & VIT, are recommended when creating an Inarius set. A majority of the drops I get at Paragon 643 are Thorns & Cold. If I were to enchant some slots, should my main focus be these 2 skills and curses? I'm trying to get a feel how it is played. Im not asking for build links, just some recommendations on where Inarius leans more towards. Thanks.SryImSoLucky4 4d
5d How & Why is Pest gear for zNecro? I was doing a bunch of testing and the thing is... you don't even need the Pest set to run a zNecro or support build. Tons of players run 2-piece Pest which basically procs useless Corpes Lances that does no damage in any high gr like myself. I run 2-piece Pest with Captain's. But then I actually thought about it and was like... what's the use of Pest in this build? To throw lances which actually do nothing. What is the purpose of a 2-piece Pest set for zNecro? Why is this build even there? I understand there are 4-piece zNecro build with Corpse Lance but that's just for the damage reduction. 2-piece or 4-piece does not generate more health globes either way. I'm currently working on a build without using Pest. I think that so many people just jumped the bandwagon and failed to realize that you do NOT need any Pest gear to run zNecro. From what I see, Trag'Oul's 2-piece or 4-piece would be more viable as a zNecro or not even using any set piece. I'm currently creating a variation of of zNecro without Pest. I think someone just threw Pest in there and it became the bandwagon spec but Pest gear is actually not even needed. I'm literally staring at 2-piece set bonus and 4-piece set bonus and both do not benefit health globe generation. Please discuss.Fullbringer14 5d
5d NEW zNECRO BUILD I developed this build because I don't think any Pest gear is mandatory for a zNecro. This build is purely to fuel the Rat dps with more health globes. It uses NO Corpse Lance. Every skill generates more corpses to spawn more health globes. Please try out this build and let me know what you think. I have a good feeling that this build can push higher than the "standard" zNecro pest build because of the survivability of Trag'Oul's and the big boost in health globe generation in between elites. Thanks! 5d
6d 2 piece Pestilence question Do you get the corpse lances (un-runed) if you don't have CL skill equipped? TXScourge2 6d
Oct 10 necro build t13- gr70-80 help i dont know the builds, thanks.mustis8881 Oct 10
Oct 9 Rathma's build questions I just received the last of the Rathma set. I'm using Skeletal mage/singularity but I'm not getting any Land of the Dead cool-down reduction (I can tell by running the set dungeon). What am I doing wrong? Also has the numlock trick been nerfed? I haven't used it in a long time and this particular build, although not need that bad, it would be nice to not have to cast skeletal mage and simulacrum each time. Still working on farming the gear needed to take this to the next level but this build is already awesome. Without the required gear I can run T10 without much problem right now. ThanksBugaBuga3 Oct 9
Oct 9 Rathma Set Worthless Why create it in the first place when IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK? Seriously, my level 91 Enforcer gem (along with 2 other level 80 gems) can't even solo past GR70 with FULL ANCIENT (augmented) GEAR! Tf Blizz, give it a buff ffs, and make the Golem more OP than the WD Gargantuan or some #*%^ cause pet WD is making this set/build look stupid as (^&$. And by the way, allow linking of my console account to the damn website so i can display my PS4 toons already..nibz32 Oct 9
Oct 8 Difficulty I have been playing at the highest difficulty level (T13) for over a year with occasional change in the builds, etc., and I noticed the the game seems to get more difficult although I have not changed anything. I get killed now while I never did before. Question: Does the game get more difficult while I do not change my difficulty level as the time passes? I use the Inarius builds with Necromancer.ingy2 Oct 8
Oct 8 Some questions about zNec Well, no idea why but my thread from last night got deleted or maybe just never posted. Don't feel like writing it all again. Was mainly looking for opinions about some variations in zNec builds since I Just got back after a year break so haven't played my zNec in a while. Bone Spear vs Death Nova? Been using Bone spear but seeing a lot of builds showing Death Nova. Pig Sticker vs Ahavarion? Been using Pig Sticker for the attack speed but seems like most of the zNec are using Ahavarion now. Nemesis and Rondal's vs Strongarms and Halcyon's Ascent? Probably better to use the Strongarm Bracers when you run higher GR? Am I supposed to run the aura of frailty? Been using command skeletons for more ORotZ and a dps was always running the aura of frailty. Has anything changed and dps can't afford to run it now? Thanks for your help.Gorrath0 Oct 8
Oct 8 Deleted Post? I made a new thread last night about my zNec build? Seems like it got deleted. Any moderator could tell me why please?Gorrath0 Oct 8
Oct 8 Boss Mode conquest necromancer build Since I had to do this particular conquest in order to complete this season's journey and I found no suggestions about this searching on Google or the forums, I decided to share my build which allowed me to complete all the bosses in 15 minutes. This is the first time ever I run a necro, so I'm sure there are more efficient builds that I didn't think of, but I wanted to give at least a suggestion for those in need of one.Deus0 Oct 8
Oct 8 Help info build? Hi i bought necro today, and i need the tier builds for gr and t13 if poss, thanksmustis8880 Oct 8
Oct 6 Primal Corroded Fang advice I just crafted a primal Corroded Fang with no IAS or +max essence. I am currently far from the next breakpoint, but the season is early. Assuming the IAS can get me to an additional breakpoint in the future, would that be more beneficial than the 20 additional essence (which I guess becomes 40 with Simulacrum)? Thanks in advance.Dante001 Oct 6
Oct 6 Support Necro Guide Video Guide: DiabloFans Guide: Oct 6
Oct 6 zDPS Necro Skeletons I see all the top zdps necros running Command Skeletons - Enforcer. It's not clear to me why this is the case, given that bone spear handles orotz. The skeletons will do negligible amounts of damage - maybe they are for soaking damage? There is a thread on reddit talking about "resetting" the orotz ring. Unsure what that's about. Does anyone know what the purpose of the Skeletons is?SilverBullet9 Oct 6
Oct 5 MAKE 300,000,000 GOLD PER VAULT! Here's a build guide for those of you who need to farm gold. At some point in your D3 journey you will need a ton of gold to empower your greater rifts for gear augments. Oct 5
Oct 3 Isn't SoJ better than CoE? (Rathma build) EDIT: Link to build Ancient physical SoJ with rolled essence (I know GL with that yadda yadda) would be 20 extra essence which would be 60% more mage damage, it's additive yes but it's before all the multipliers, so you'd have 350 essence instead of 330 or 700 essence on Simulacrum which will double dip from Relina's Shadowhook giving you 25% more damage. But what gives it the edge I believe is you're making those 700 essence mages so they are always doing more damage vs 1/3rd of the time with CoE. Since they hit so fast and hard, plus you get the 30% elite and 20% physical so 1.5x modifier by default on elites. CoE for a necro would be 1.66x (instead of 1.5). Add in 60% more skill damage and 25% more Shadowhook damage and don't we have a clear winner over CoE? Minus actual sheet damage since you can't have two crit stats on SoJ, but it's immediately negated by the extra essence. The burst damage on the RG would be lost, but you're doing more damage for the entire rift in speeds, and not like you need more damage on RG for speeds. I think for speeds anyway the clear winner is SoJ here, not sure how the math would work out on the push builds (which most tend to use Blood Lance anyway). Sounds good or missing something? Gonna play around with it and see if I can notice any real world difference in speed.MasterJay22 Oct 3
Oct 1 Please Buff the Inarius Set The Inarius set needs a buff. Currently it is simply nowhere near powerful enough to be played on the same GR level as other sets. Currently the Inarius set is more than 25 Greater Rift levels below other sets. When comparing two similar Sets, the issues become apparent: ... The main issue is the Damage Reduction that comes from the set, but also the damage is just severely lacking. ... The Inarius set is an opportunity to create diversity, as the Pestilence and Trag'Oul's sets both revolve around Corpse Lance. So far the Rathma set is the "Pet Set" and that's great. Both Pestilence and Trag'Oul Set are played virtually identically, and they both revolve around Corpse Lance. The Inarius set is the weakest set and that's by more than 25 Greater Rift Levels, yet it has so much cool potential when the numbers would be tweaked in its favor to a decent degree.TOPCommander49 Oct 1
Oct 1 Force Stand Still / RatDPS Hi rat-run friends I just got into rat runs after 3 seasons of break and I can't figure out one thing. ---> Force Stand Still doesn't work! Scenario 1: I have regular rat skill setup, bone spikes on mouse 1, mages on mouse 2 --> Force Stand Still rebound on Shift, everything works as intended. My char stands still as soon as I'm pressing the Shift button. Scenario 2: I have my rat run skill, that means, I replace bone spike with simu on mouse 1. --> No, Force Stand Still does not work anymore, when I press shift during movement, nothing happens, the char just keeps running. This also happens when I put LotD or BoneArmor, or blood rush no mouse 1. Does anybody have a workaround for this?Silverstorm2 Oct 1
Oct 1 Best bounty build for Necro? I hate doing them, so I want to do them as fast and efficiently as possible lol. I have a speed farm Singularity mage set up that I have been using but it's squishy and is a pain sometimes. I just tried putting together Blood Nova but it feels like it struggles to do enough damage in certain situations.Darkinsanity35 Oct 1
Oct 1 Difference in zNecro's... I am new to the whole rat run thing. I took some time away from the game. I am working on setting up a zNecro because I am tired of solo'ing as DH this season(825p). Anyway, i see a couple different versions of zNecro. 1 uses crafted gear(Capt. Crimson) with 2 pc Pest. While the other i see does not use any crafted gear, and instead uses 4pc Pest with some other differences. Which is better? Why? Does it change if you are doing 2 man vs 4 man? Thanks!Kidyen4 Oct 1
Oct 1 flat dmg goes up with movement? nvm i figured it out!!INKFACE0 Oct 1
Sep 30 Ps4 Necromancer, Devour: Aura or Satiated? Hiya, I play on PS4 so I don't have access to that num lock trick thing that a lot of guides suggest to use with Devour, so I was wondering if I should still stick with the Satiated rune and just learn to mash the Devour button or should I go with the aura rune to free myself up to spam Bone Spikes and Skeletal Mages more?Renryuu5 Sep 30
Sep 29 how much damage I should be doing? So I’m a level 45 nearing the end of act 2 on hard mode. My damage is 5633 and recovery at 8611 with toughness at 76827. Am I good enough to raise the difficulty?Shidoni6 Sep 29
Sep 26 pestilence: do i spam corpse lance or devour? im unclear if i should be hitting corpse lance or devour. does devour only shoot off 1 lance instead of 2? during land of the dead, does anything change?Ferrante13 Sep 26
Sep 26 How to get better toughness? I can kill elite packs and most bosses literally in a second on Torment 10, so I imagine the next tier or two should be fine damage wise. However, I am far too squishy. The extra survivability skills/passives don't seem to really help much. I usually get better survival using the fear effect on Revive while getting bonus damage at the same time. Swapping gear slots for vitality and resistances doesn't seem to help much at all either. Toughness is 22m, but I get smashed in 2-4 hits.Dathamar15 Sep 26
Sep 26 Corpse Lance build too slow I just started playing after a long time and I copied the build from icyveins, it takes me about 10-15 minutes for normal rift and about the same for greater. Basically I blood rush around to elites, tried to get bigger pack of them but the max I can get at once is 2 elites, I killed them and move on to another pack while waiting for insanely long cooldown. Is there something I'm doing wrong?garfello7 Sep 26
Sep 25 - NVM - found it.Dante000 Sep 25
Sep 24 Hardest Pesti item to farm? Does anyone here think a good Compass Rose is just insanely rare to find with CDR + crit dmg + crit + socket? I've been interested in running a very well geared Pestilence spec since I started Necro, and always seem to get held up on Compass Rose.Pesmergia3 Sep 24
Sep 24 Is Circle of Nailug's Evol good? Hiya, so I randomly got a Circle of Nailuj's Evol and it has the following stats 57 Int 4% Attack Speed 10% Critical Hit Damage 118 Life Per Second 12% Gold from Monsters * You now raise an additional Skeletal Mage with each cast and they last an additional 4 seconds. I was just wondering how useful this ring will be for a Rathma set? I'd initially think it'd be super useful since it would give me an extra Skele Mage that last a few seconds longer, but I dunno if the stats on the ring will get outclassed by later rings or not since I'm still only in Act 1 (playing on Hard mode) and this being my "first" run of the game as I just picked this game up a few days ago and finally ended up picking Necromancer (was a wizard for a min, but the pets and summoning of Necro was too much fun for me to give up so I went back and decided to go for this Rathma build even if it's not top tier meta). Anywho, before I blabber on anymore, Is this ring good or will I end up replacing it later on?Renryuu6 Sep 24
Sep 23 Please explain Strongarms for Corpse Lance I noticed the trend for high level Corpse Lance clears is to use Strongarms Bracers with 5% chance to knock back on hit on the secondary. Just wondering if there are any tips to using this set up. Like should I use the knock back on my templar? I use templar, because I'm not going for any crazy APS breakpoints or anything. It doesn't seem to make the elite CC immune during LOTD, which seems nice. The damage is obvious when it procs... I can take out smaller blue packs pretty easily with this set up. Anything I need to know for using Strongarms? Like does it require crazy high paragon? is it only for 120+? I'm at about the 110 range right now.Shade17 Sep 23
Sep 20 Necroblast Rathma t13 day 1 of season 15. ... ... I made this build in season 11 because it just works. It's good for t13 solo / public / group. It's good for puzzle rings etc. I can run t13 with this with only 650k damage! Only weakness is Malthael on t13 split bounties, because of his cut scene deleting your mages and having to plan to start the fight with max essence - But early on in season it's not hard to ask for help on that one or just roll a demon hunter specifically for bounties like I plan to. This build is unique in a few ways to other builds, but the thing that holds it together like glue that it simply works for t13. I simulated paragon 400 with non ancients only ancient is weapon. This build is not used for high GRs or Rat runs. this is purely for your "everything else" kinda situation. just key farming and early season progression. But I guarantee with 1300 paragon and 100 augs and full ancients this build will simply rock! This is like your own personal rat run!. Basically you regen essence with reapers wraps, and life from death passive, with devour cannibalize on numlock trick. Continue to spam Skeletal Mage, it does have a generator to keep essence up and help stun. And manually casting frailty - Scent of Blood will proc your dayntee's binding. If you want an easier less button spammy version you can go with Aura of Frailty. If you think this build might work for you, or you test it, or plan to use it, please upvote on forum and diablo fans.Shade4 Sep 20
Sep 19 corpse explosion Could you look into damage of corpse explosion. I have built a LoN that does very well but I'm having trouble at higher grifts. it can do a 85 and probably a bit higher but I have great gear and I think it should do more.kband6 Sep 19
Sep 16 New Necromancer - D3 Hardcore Difficulty Hello, I just started playing Diablo 3 with a friend, and I bought the Necromancer class. The problem is that I can kill everything before they're even visible to my friend. With Corpse Lance I can take down any elite monster immediately if there are corpses around. He calls me "Pay-to-Win Paul" and tells me I'm really gonna pay later in the barn if I catch his drift. When does Diablo 3 start getting difficult, so that I can reassure him that I won't just kill everything immediately for the entire game? Thanks for your help!JonArbuckle1 Sep 16
Sep 14 Question about Bones of Rathma builds Hi. I’m following the faceroll necromancer build from the guides on here and I’m wondering why I can’t do t13 nephalem rifts effectively yet. My other two characters (DH and Barb) could pretty much do t13 neph rifts quite effectively once getting all the gear for their build. I have all the gear for my build, and I was wondering if I could upload a video of my character and his gear and paragon stats. Then maybe someone could suggest the way from there? I play on PS4 so I don’t have characters linked on the site, and they are non seasonal characters.GoosePants9 Sep 14
Sep 14 Ps4 Gamer tags Need friends to play with!!JCaseyD690 Sep 14
Sep 11 Inarius Bone Spear Shatter Hello people, yesterday I was just messing around with skills and items trying a lot of combinations and came across some build that was quite fun to me and i'd like to hear some of your opinions, espeacially regarding any "hidden" mechanics I did not think / know about. To this moment, I don't have all the items i'd like to try out in this build, yet I put them in the build sheet. Im not a very fan of LotD, Simulacrum and all that high CD builds where you once in a while kill everything in a giant cluster-intercourse and then just intercourse around waiting beeing useful again. I simply put Bone Armor and Devour in Numlock building up and maintaining Defense and RCR. Then i throw my Golem in, jump in myself and swing some Bone Spears into the crowd. It works quite good, I don't run oom and have a good defense. Let me know what you think. And let me know if this has already been a thing. Couldn't find anything like that. /edit: forgot the linkxtapa5 Sep 11
Sep 10 DEATH'S BARGAIN Questions Is it considered a "HIT" in general and is it boosted by items such as REILENA'S SHADOWHOOK "Every point of Maximum Essence increases your damage by 0.5%" in other word, is Death's bargain damage is considered your damage or the damage of a seperate entity?Funinyourgam5 Sep 10
Sep 5 Skeleton Crew Bugged? Hi guys. Has anyone done the Skeleton Crew achievement? I have tried almost everything and I'm in act 3 with only 26 kills. I have tried to pop the Command Skeleton on the target, and even tried just to make the minions single-handly killing the target. Is the achievement bugged or?RastaLars15 Sep 5
Sep 3 Does Inarius Bone Tornado proc Zei's stun? I'm playing a G50-ish Necro for fun and I wanted to up my Krysbin damage. I thought maybe the 1s stun from Zei's would help, but since I'm using full Inarius, I'm relying on the 'swirling tornado of bones' to actually proc the stun, since the damage boost to far-away enemies isn't useful to me. It looks like my golem can't proc it -- anybody know about my bone tornado?Alana7 Sep 3