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4h RGK pest meta questions Hey all, Have a few questions for the meta RGK pest build/playstyle: -What breakpoints am I looking for with attacks per second, chd, cdr and chc? -At paragon 1250, doing 105's - 110s, what HP / Armor would you recommend? I'm sitting at 650k hp and dont seem to be having issues staying alive unless one of the z classes messes up. -When the rift guardian pops, I'm not sure if i'm waiting too long to cast LoTD. I'll let my convention go two cycles while i curse and build stricken up then nuke. I can do GR100s in one rotation easy. 105's, we just started last night, I think I can get it in one rotation after i aug something (only have 1 augment atm). How soon do you pop LoTD? Do you wait a certain amount of cycles for your convention? Or do you curse it up, then pop it as soon as your convention is ready? For higher GRs, is it normal for the RGK to have to do two cycles to kill the RG? Does it depend on the RG? Do certain RG's have more health than others? I have 1 augment, at 1.96m dps, it takes me 2 rotations to kill a RG at GR105, getting it to about 1/4 hp.GhostAgent29 4h
7h Are "pet builds" viable for GR 80+? I was reading builds in "top necromancer players" in leaderboards, almost nobody uses pets. almost everyone uses pestilance builds. I will try find Rathma set and make a build like this > But at moment, i don't have the best in game gear and barely can reach GR 40. With a pet build, can i reach GR 80+L0rdV1ct0r30 7h
1d Trag'Oul set in 2.6.1 auto-salvage This isn't a complaint thread about Blizzard's development of the Necromancer, more so an attempt to see if anyone actually uses the Trag set for a legitimate reason other than just having affection toward it, or like in the case of season 12 with Haedrigs gift. In season 13 however we get Inarius for season journey, imo the most consistent for bounties and farming t13 and up to gr 65/70. In 2.6.1 Pestilence is the new king of meta and the Trag Blood Mage spec is now outperformed by Rathma, even if you use the EXACT same skills and runes. It seems that as Pestilence became the new Trags for meta, Trags has become the new Pestilence in terms of just simply paling in comparison to the other sets. It's not weak, but the only skill I've seen that Trags utilizes more effectively than the other sets is Death Nova (yes, better than Inarius) i.e. Fluffys Blood Nova build. All this build really does though is satisfy a desire to run around and kill stuff with Nova, if that's your thing, otherwise it hits the same ceiling that a majority of builds do. So the question is, does anyone know of a build that brings this set some novelty? For me personally, it's auto-salvage. -- one idea I can think of for the future is reworking the set to interact with Leech, it could join blood rush in the 2 piece bonus (gains all runes), and further increase the 6 piece damage bonus or something.ragman9 1d
1d Crit chances Hi, I apologize for my english first, About crit chance, how much is required in rat run ? I always thought that 30% is enough since brittle touch and gem from the Znec should bring this very high. But I made the calcultation and realized that 1%cc is at least 1% damage increase(like from 90% to 91%). So the question is: "How much crit chances does the Znec bring ? and therefore How much crit chances is required in rat run ? Thanks for you explanation PS: Nothing to do with it, but, CDR is way overrated in ratrun, I also made the maths, and it shows that AS and int are better. Especially considering that I get at least 2 channeling pylon out of 3 rift.Chadocan4 1d
2d minion disappear bug while running the ratham's build the mages often disappear for no reason. i am of with the mages life time duration of 12 secounds, it is more than enough to enjoy the game. getting hard only if the gf is bad. but what i dont rly like is that the mages often disappear without taking even damage or any other reason. they are even not to far from me. and i still cant understand what cause them to leave. you spend your full essence and than you are screwed if the just dissapear, and have to spend time to get essence for 4 mages and start to grow your power, and when something like that happens twice a rift, you are ready to **** delete this game. pet build was the only reason to buy this DLC...LostMelody5 2d
3d What Affects Bone/Blood Golem Damage? Am just curious: is the damage from actively using Bone Golem/Blood Golem buffed by +minion damage bonuses, like from Rathma and Jesseth sets? Or is it only affected by your weapon damage?Hastet3 3d
3d Stuck at Grift80 Rathma skelly build I am stuck at Grift 80. I just cannot seem to beat it. Either I insta die or just cannot do enough dmg. I am in Rathma build. Is there a way to link my stuff and build without having to list everything? Oh I found this 3d
6d Epic Traveler's Pledge, but... Hi all, it is ancient and comes with 7% ias and 96% ChD so just need those 20% cold on it. But i have a doubt about when i see one secondary : 2.9% blind on hit. Is it still usable ? If it is, is it preferable to wait 10 seconds after stacking to burst ? Is it just unfortunately unusable...Orwell15 6d
Apr 18 LoN Cold Corpse Explosion GR95+ Hey guys, I've been working on this build since Necro went live. Here's a random 85 clear I recorded on a bad rift: If anyone is interested, here are the updated 2.6.1 build guides: ... ... [Updated: 4/17/18]evil42 Apr 18
Apr 18 All Rune Item for Revive Skill - Necromancer Revive already has no set bonus and has any really useful Item especially against higher grift demons who do not die for long time so the damage is relied on Thorns Dmg. Coud there possibly be an all rune item for REVIVE skill?Venatus15 Apr 18
Apr 18 This class is so frustrating for me. Minions that are either mostly useless (golem/skeletons) or only last for short periods of time and need to be re-summoned constantly (mages/revive), a heavy reliance on spamming abilities like Curses and Devour in order to gain resources or damage enemies because the generators are garbage. Then there are the builds... Does anyone actually enjoy playing a Necro? Where you're either running around trying not to die until cooldowns reset, or getting murdered unless you use boring crap like Goldwrap because you're squishier than a Demon Hunter? Pestilence is garbage because bone spear is useless and the only way to do any real damage is to rely on the long cooldowns of Land of the Dead. Trag is garbage for the same reasons, though you can at least make a semi-fun pet build using it, with the caveat of little to no survivability. Rat is garbage because of its over-reliance on mages and Army of the Dead, which basically just makes it a more pet-oriented Pest set. Inarius is the only set I really like at all, but it only really seems to be viable if you use Goldwrap/Boon in order to stay alive while you're waiting on bonenado to kill stuff. This is my first season really using this class (I bought Necro when it was released), and I've discovered that I just... kind of hate it. Nothing is fun. Getting carpal tunnel from spamming curses and devour isn't fun. Running around in circles waiting to burst damage isn't fun. Getting OHK'd by everything because there's little to no survivability isn't fun. Constantly having to re-summon the only useful minions because they only last a maximum of 14 seconds isn't fun. Getting stuck doing no DPS because your minions aren't killing anything and you need corpses to regen Essence isn't fun. Really needs an item or two that provide useful effects in order to make the class play like it's supposed to. I know I'd like to see a set of bracers that makes Skeletal Mages last until they die. Or maybe an amulet that Summons a Skeletal Mage every time you actively Command Skeletons. Maybe a tweak to the Pestilence set that gives a 10% chance to have all cooldowns reduced by 1 second each time a corpse is consumed. Oh, who am I kidding? We all know this game is in maintenance mode...DeadlyGrouse5 Apr 18
Apr 17 Death Nova/Simulacrum mechanics questions Hi I searched through some of the mechanics topics but couldn't find an answer. I'm hoping some of you can help me with the following. 1) Can Death Nova crit and proc area dmg? 2) Does the leg effect of Bloodtide blade scale crit and area dmg of DN? 3) Does the DN casted by Simulacrum crit and proc area dmg? 4) Does the DN casted by Simulacrum benefit if the hero is standing in oculus? I had a trash clear necro build idea centered around Death Nova. Gear used was Inarius6, Bloodtide Blade equipped, Nayr's in cube, and about 150% area dmg from gear/para. We tested in 3p GR110. The playstyle was focused on gathering huge mob packs to take advantage of the Bloodtide Blade bonus that grants DN 100% increased dmg for every enemy within 25 yards. Assuming 50 mobs in 25yd range (not uncommon), this would give DN a 5000% multiplier on top of the Inarius6 set bonus. The idea was to stand on sanc, gather a huge mob group, build 4 stacks of Nayr's poison buff, activate bone armor to debuff mobs and proc Krysbin stun, cast Simulacrum (Blood and Bone rune), and spam Death Nova during poison CoE. While it was effective at clearing trash, it was a bit underwhelming, and elites took hardly any dmg. Theoretically the multipliers seemed good. 3750% (Inarius) 5000% (Death Nova + Bloodtide assuming 50 mobs in range) 400% (Nayr's) 300% (Krysbin) 200% (CoE) 100% (Endless Walk) +2 Simulacrums simultaneously casting DN +DN area dmg from necro and 2 simulacrums My expectation was that this would absolutely melt large groups of trash. However, even in 110 it was disappointing. Are my assumptions on the multipliers correct? It didn't seem like DN was proccing area dmg. Even once all the trash died the elites were still 90%. Got me wondering whether area dmg is working with DN and Simulacrum. Most of the documented Simulacrum testing seems to be focused around Skeletal Mage and I couldn't find much about Simulacrum and DN or area dmg in general. If area dmg isn't working with DN, isn't scaling with Bloodtide blade, and isn't benefitting DN casted by Simulacrum, this is probably a non-starter. That said, we were keeping up with the timer in 110 in 3p without an RGK so while not terrible, it didn't seem like it could be a competitive meta trash clear option. In our testing we got a great Festering Woods map and spent a full minute setting up a HUGE pull of at least 150-200 mobs around sanc. I regularly run 125+ on my Star Pact wiz and this would have easily granted 100+ WoF stacks. Sure enough, the trash was instantly wiped by DN on poison CoE (with noticeable lag followed by a huge progress spike). However, the remaining elites were still at 90%, suggesting that area dmg wasn't procced. The poison death animations everywhere were pretty nice! Thanks for any info!mcdundee2 Apr 17
Apr 17 SotC rolls Finally got a decent ancient. Mid range damage roll 10% damage Int & Vit +19 essence 398% leg affix. I realized I would get +7% increase just by rolling damage range so there was no benefit to rolling Vit to IAS. To me my option was roll damage range or roll Vit to CDR. I chose damage range. It made me realize how high the rolls need to be to justify rolling the 7%ias. Hope I made the right choice.Shooter0 Apr 17
Apr 17 Necro needs more Belts/Bracers Contrary to all other classes who have a plethora a belts and bracers, and one 1 legendary for most other slots; Necro has exactly two legendaries per slot. That's all nice and dandy until you realize that most of those slots are locked to the sets. Please, give necro other belts and bracers so we can use with our sets. Here are some examples. BELT - You take 10% less dmg for every skeletal mage you have, up to 50%. (This belt should compete with the curse belt for dmg mitigation) BELT - Bone Spirit launches 3 spirits and deals 300% increased dmg. When an enemy dies from Bone Spirit, the spirit will seek another target. (I got a similar idea from someone talking about PoE and the multiple-projectiles modifiers. I think this would be cool) BELT - Revived minions last forever. (Just let us have this... minion builds are super annoying due to all their micro-management) BRACERS - Consuming a corpse with Corpse Explosion, Corpse Lance, or Revive increases your minions by 100% stacking up 500%. (this bracers should compete with the Reaper Wraps; and would give the option of NOT running devour in a minion build) BRACERS - Hitting an enemy with a Primary Skill reduces dmg taken by 60% for 5-10 secs. (Similar to the Monk Bracers, but these should last a little longer than the Monk's because Necro doesn't use primary skills nearly as often). BRACERS - Your Golem deals 2000% more dmg and it applies a curse on every attack. (Make this skill viable, it's a Necro classic. Why did you have to make it so dam* sh*tty?)Wyrmheart6 Apr 17
Apr 15 Advice w/ Pestilence I like to play mostly for fun, but still manage T13 and equivalent GRs. Necro bonemancer was my favourite build in D2 and I hope to bring this back for me in D3. Anyhow, I've got 2 slight variations of the Pestilence build and I'd just like some feedback on what would be more consistent and fun. Option 1 (Pestilence/EW): Option 2 (Pestilence/CL): Cheers!Taco1 Apr 15
Apr 14 Rathma solo Asia Anyone know a good solo rathma player in Asia? I want to see what he gears for. I know Zadro in Europe but I want to check Asia for a different perspective. If you do please include battle tag so I can inspect him. Thanks,sjp1 Apr 14
Apr 13 Command Skeleton => Command Minion I love Diablo 3 and I absolutely love all the work that went in to the Skill Revive, which is why I cannot help but wonder why the minions revived by the Revive Skill is not affected by the Command Skeleton. Lore-wise they still come from the same pool of souls who passed away in battle who wish to aid upon the deaths of demons, used only as temporary form and returned to earth upon finishing the act. Even in Skill Description they both refer the risen Skeleton and Revived Corpse as "Minion" so why is it that when the Skill: Command Skeleton is used both party of minions are not affected? Regards, I hope to see more wonderful works in the future. Thank you for building this game into what it is today.Venatus3 Apr 13
Apr 13 Poison Scythe Necro GR100+ (PTR 2.6.1) DiabloFans Guide: Apr 13
Apr 13 zNec, Locket vs Halcyon while Lotd+Briggs Hey, when you play zNec in the current rathma-speed-farm, what is the purpose of the Halcyon Amulet? As far as i can tell when you have Brigg's Wrath cubbed/geared, it is enough to proc the strongarms. Even on frozen mobs when they dont get pulled visually they still have the 30% dmg-debuff from strongarms. Tested it with just weapon + strongarm + briggs (cubbed). Normal dmg on mobs: around 2000 While in the frailty-aura range (strongarm-proc via briggs): around 2500 dmg When i activate Lotd and move mobs are first frozen, but when they are in the frailty-range, the dmg is again around 2500 So wearing Rolands Locket for the extra pickup-radius has more effect. Do i have an error somewhere or why so many running around with Halcyon?Hesk8 Apr 13
Apr 13 Skullscythe stat reroll advice Which stat should I reroll for Rathma pet build? I have a gift to use on it if I reroll the socket.Capanujan3 Apr 13
Apr 13 Devouring aura devouring aura ues's corpse lance in pestilence set but not in trag'oul's set and i dont know yDat31751 Apr 13
Apr 12 Easy GR20 Build? So, it's been a very long time since I've played D3. Never even participated in a Season before. Decided to start a Necro and got him to level 70 yesterday (this is my first max level Necro). Anyway, I need to solo a level 20 Greater Rift as one of the last things for the seasonal rewards. Not being familiar with Necro builds yet, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a build that will let me solo a level 20 greater rift.randalthor1 Apr 12
Apr 12 Rathma speed GR runs curse situation? Hi all, My group has been doing several Rathma speed GR runs (1 znecro + 1 zbarb + 2 rats) lately but I'm confused about which curse each necro should use? Currently our znecro is using frailty and 1 rat necro is using decripify. In this case, which curse should the other rat necro use? Would the same curse with the same rune overwrite each other or would the same curse with different runes overwrite each other? Thanks in advance!PhatPFighter0 Apr 12
Apr 12 Primal Reroll Advice So I got a primal bone ringer. Stats: Damage Int. CHC AD Grim Scythe+ 35% Gold Leg. Power Using it on my rat build atm. So thinking probably should switch the scythe skill to mage. But perhaps its better if I change gold% to essence instead? Are there any builds where scythe would be good on it? Thanks for the input!Mount134 Apr 12
Apr 11 A few questions (pest build-high Grifts) Hey guys, I recently set up a necro and have been running a pestilence corpse lance build in group +105 Grifts. I have a few questions...any help is appreciated :) 1) When I pop LoTD, I have the option of summoning lances from either devour or corpse lance. If I understand correctly, devour cannot be targeted but gives a health boost. Corpse lance allows me to target, but provides no other benefit. Is this correct? What is the general method of using these skills in the high grifts? If I hit an elite pack (blues), do I just hold down devour and hope to get as much damage done as possible, or do I target them individually with the corpse lance skill. Same for yellows? 2) When in GR 95-100 I usually use decrepify to lower my cooldown so I can hit LoTD faster. When I go higher (in groups) I use the grim scythe rune, but I find myself spending half the rift dead as I need to get in close to hit elites with it and basically everything one-shots me. Any tips? Also, I notice that sometimes elites die when they hit 15%, and sometimes they don't. How do I tell when I've cast frailty on elites? Or do I just keep swinging and hope for the best? 3) What is the best technique for killing rift guardians? I notice that sometimes I take out 10% of their health in one LoTD run, and sometimes I take out 35%. I always ensure I've maxed my damage from the Endless walk set and Zei's stone...I think I may be missing the convention of elements poison round and possibly the 6-piece set bonus (extra lance damage) of pestilence. Could this be it, or is there something else? What would you recommend to help me kill them faster (I'm usually the RG killer in the group)? 4) Almost all necros I see are running very high crit chance (>50%). The guides I've read say don't get I need more? What other changes can I make to my gear to help me get ahead? I'd really like to improve my char to do a lot more dps in the higher group grifts. Thanks!Trefnwyd5 Apr 11
Apr 10 Pestilance GR push question Why use COE/Krysbins instead of Krysbins worn and Johnstone cubed for 200%? Searched for answer but couldn’t find it.Shooter2 Apr 10
Apr 10 How do I buy Necromancer? I recently started playing Diablo 3 again. I had purchased the original game and the expansion pack (with the Crusader) at Best Buy when they first came out. And I had played Diablo 2 before that when they first came out in the summer of 2000 and 2001 (LoD). So basically I'm more of an old school gamer and consumer, but very dedicated to the Diablo franchise and Blizzard. I don't know how all of these digital buys are made on-line, because I had mostly gone to the retail stores and bought a physical copy of the game. But it's been a while since I bought any game at the store and perhaps I'm getting too old for video games. I really want to buy the Rise of the Necromancer pack but can I do it on-line? Do I just buy it from I see a $20 dollar gift card for sale. Is that what I need to get, and then I just put the redeem code in my account? I've never had to buy a gift card before. So I'm looking for help on easy ways I can do that. What's the easiest way for me to acquire the Necromancer? Thank you for any help. I hope I can fall in love with D3.DreamTeam2 Apr 10
Apr 10 Why is Necro SO CLUNKY? all the builds that push Greater Rift depend on that stupid corpse lance skill, that is terrible. It feels BAD playing as necromancer, sincerely who thought it would be fun to wait 40 seconds for a burst that is mainly single target? really disapointed, with I could refound my money.Hex40 Apr 10
Apr 9 Jesseth set and Kill Command Will I still get the 400% damage bonus if using the rune Kill Command, or will the buff go away once the skellies explode?kini2 Apr 9
Apr 9 znec question ok I am trying to put together a znec and he question is the vids I have watched use the storm shield in the build but would not the freeze of deflection be betterwarmouse1 Apr 9
Apr 8 Necromancer help Hey guys. Just bought the Necromancer pack 4 days ago and it's been a bit rough. I think I finally got the rifts working out, using the pestilence set, and I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. It feels like the Necromancer definitly has a steeper learning curve then the other classes but maybe thats just me. I can be a bit Derpy xD The build is definitly not working for me for t13 bounties though, and I was wondering if someone could direct me to an up to date guide or tell me what you use for farming t13 bounties? That would be much appreciate. Thanks in advance :)Dani3 Apr 8
Apr 7 Why should I have to pay for Necromancer? Let's see I bought this game on release. It was promised we were going to have PvP, in the form of a team arena. Saw the videos. Looked so awesome! Never happened.. I was promised a Diablo experience. The game was a complete imbalanced failure. Did you ever see my pic of the Windforce I found back on release? It had lower dps than my average yellow bow I had on. It was really pathetic. Through all the trials and tribulations, and Jay Wilson, we put up a lot with this game. And now I'm expected to pay for a Necromancer? If there was a full expansion, sure I understand. But just one hero? Blizzard... seriously. We never once got an apology for how this game was for the first year. How about a simple "Thank you for sticking around, here have a Necromancer to play with"Thatguy54 Apr 7
Apr 6 Blood is Power The passive was updated right? Does it now apply a 20% reduction to the gross skill CD length, 20% CD multiplicative with other CD, or still the screwed up “less than 20% CD” that it used to be? **UPDATED** I went ahead and tested this. Blood is Power (“BiP”) is added into your normal CDR calculation (multiplicative) just like CDR from gear. Tested at 65.72 sheet CDR without BiP. Experienced 41.136 second cooldown as expected. With BiP it dropped to 32.90, as if my CDR was 72.576%. 100% uptime of Simulacrum is possible with Haunted Visions and 75% CDR... see my post below for options to achieve this.Shooter14 Apr 6
Apr 6 Gem combo I’m building a poison tank using Inarius set. I just cleared grift73. I’m using bott, goet and ph. Does anybody have any recommendations for a better gem comboSITH1319 Apr 6
Apr 5 Necromancer names What name are you gonna use? ... LaubrixSola This may help ... it continues to change by clicking ... but name field limited to 12 chars Apr 5
Apr 5 LF help for a viable Corpse Explosion build. Total newb on a Necromancer, but what I am seeing on paper right now has been turning me off from the class, but maybe there is hope. Looking for a Ranged Corpse Explosion build with the following in mind (doesn't need to be GR80+ viable necessarily): - Ranged Only - Inarius or a Rathma/Inaruis hybird build (not a fan of army of the dead or skeleton mages). Not a fan of the Pestilence set. - At least uses Command Skeleton or Golem (I feel like if I don't have any pets I am not playing a necromancer, imo). - Corpse Explosion - GR70 viable I play on Xbox, so I don't know if anyone factors in roll (great survivability). I know ^ limits what I can do, but I don't mind not hitting GR80+. I play on hardcore as well, and just want a fun build that can at least do GR70 fairly well.Koldren3 Apr 5
Apr 4 Black Death Necromancer? Is this at all viable? I just started my necromancer so he's pretty weak but using: Nayrs Black Death in Kunai's Cube (100% bonus to poison damage per poison skill) with tons of poison skills Trag Oul set: 3300% blood skills damage w/ Bone Spirit Possession along with Defiler Cuisses (420% bonus to Bone Spirit per second it's active) to instantly wipe out elites, wardens and bosses Ancient Envious Blade (guaranteed crit to enemies with full health) w/ Pain Enhancer + Mirinae Gems Krysbin's Sentence (81% dmg to slowed + triple dmg to other moving impairing effects) combined with Templar, Bone Prison, and Rigormortis I also use Moribumd Guantlets (Kunai's Cube) so I'll always have a corpse for Corpse Lance so I can keep my Black Death going. It seems to be very easy to do the lower tiers without any difficulty whatsoever. It's hilariously easy, in fact. How far can I go with this build provided I take the time to perfect each piece?Darkul8 Apr 4
Apr 4 Necro, overrepresentation of weak skills? It seems to me after doing a quick research on the subject that this class suffers from an overrepresentation of weak skills. Bone spirit, bone spear, corpse explosion, golem, nova ... i can't find a single high GR build utilizing them, it's all about corpse lance, skeleton mages, command skeletons and those cooldown skills from what i've gathered from different guides. That's a shame if true.Wierdzodi1 Apr 4
Apr 4 Classic Skeletal Mages Something like this: Your Skeletal Mages now last forever, but they deal dmg with random elements. Can we get a rune that brings back the classic skeletal mages playstyle; where they last forever and you don't have to recast them every 5 seconds. Preferably, the Gift from Death (leave a corpse) effect added to Contamination (becomes a targeted AoE); leaving space for a new "classic" rune (Your Skeletal Mages now last forever, but they deal dmg with random elements) It would be even cooler if it got the old D2 style graphic where you'd get an actual skeleton with their glowing hands. I honestly love D3 version of the skeletal mages, but I find it very uncomfortable to have to spam that skill. I really miss the classic. I don't understand what's so wrong about having a lazy pet necro, when we can have a lazy melee necro.Wyrmheart0 Apr 4
Apr 4 Suggestions for necromancer Hello everybody, i want to make some suggestions for necromancer * death nova - unstable compound rune change it to consume all essence for x% of increased dmg for each point of essence consumed instead of radius because only way to use death nova is inarius set and it is a close range set. with this we can have different builds which uses nayr's black death, and it will change how we play the cursed scythe build. *bone spirit- i think if the pestilence set buffs bone spirit instead of corpse explosion, we can have bone spear + bone spirit builds like in d2, right now bone spirit is pretty useless because we can only buff its dmg with inarius set and defiler curses only buffs its dmg for the each second its active and its active for miliseconds... if we have have the skill buffed with pestilence set we can have a range build which uses bone spear and bone spirit like the old times. it will be fun to play when 2 simulacrums casts bone spirits and raining down corpse lances :)) * golem-it is just a utilty skill right now we need a base skill dmg increase or some buffs to golemskin breeches to make it viable. * leech - we need some changes to its runes to make this curse usable. For example some rune modifications to buff thorns dmg instead of potion cooldown to make some different builds. my suggestions is not to make necromancer o.p. just to make more viable builds to play with. what do you think? p.s. sorry for my bad english its not my native language :)Lunatik1 Apr 4
Apr 4 Best way to get a Circle of Nailuj's Evol Im para 207 and still running with a naglering! I just havent found alot of rings, and the Circle of Nailuj's Evol takes the rathma build up a few notches. Rings thru kadala is expensive.. how did you guys get your Circle of Nailuj's Evol?Exiter90 Apr 4
Apr 3 Bone Tornado benefits from In6 Set Bonus ? Today i was recording a couple videos and noticed the following oddity, Passive In6 Bone Tornado + blind => ~550 M crit dmg (w/ Krysbin) Activating Skill Bone Armor + Dislocation rule => ~25 000 M crit dmg (w/ Krysbin) Doing some backward calcs, starting with the 550 M crit from Bone Tornado [ removing the 750% bone tornado damage ] 550 / 7.5 = 73.(3) [ factoring in the 1000% In2 Bone Armor bonus and the generic 2750% In6 bonus ] 73.3 * 11 * 28.5 = 22 990 we get the Bone Armor skill damage. (difference is due to wpn dmg range) This means that the In6 Bone Tornado is not affected by neither the In2 nor the In6 Set bonus. One can argue but agree that the In2 belongs to the skill only, but the In6 generic should increase the Tornado damage, otherwise it is useless as a damage dealer. Since the Tornado proc rate has been drastically reduced, it becomes double useless as it serves no specific purpose. Can anyone double check and confirm this?SapodoDiabo13 Apr 3
Apr 3 Devour aura vs numpad autocast Do you guys know any negative side effects of using autocast on devour aura? The only point I could make is the necessity to turn it on\off every time I need to TP. Other than that, aura rune (aka "builtin autocast") is inferior to numpad trick: it has less AoE and you simply don't have other rune (e.g., commonly used Cannibalize for restoring 3% hp). With the logic above there's no reason to use aura rune on Devour skill ever. Am I right or I'm missing something here and why this rune still in the game? :|Vanger2 Apr 3
Apr 1 Proc Coefficients Greetings. Any1 have a list of all necromancer skills Coefficients ?? CheersSolarNova3 Apr 1
Apr 1 You've got to be kidding me with Trag'ouls... I bought the necromancer and had a blast playing my Trag'ouls build (my favorite build) that I enjoyed for the first few weeks of the Necro release. It was great until someone came up with the dumbest braindead /faceplam build I have ever seen in my entire life where the only time you attack is during land of the dead. Literally the ONLY time you attack ANYTHING is during Land of the Dead. If Land of the Dead is on cooldown you just run around in circles like a retard until the cooldown is up again. Seriously. Land of the Dead has ruined the necromancer. Look at Icy veins. Every single build for the Necromancer revolves around permanently freezing everyone on screen with Land of Dead and just killing it instantly. Without land of the dead, Necromancers are WORTHLESS. When Land of the Dead is over, tuck your tail between your legs and run like a girl because you won't be able to do anything else until it's back up! Seriously, who thought this would be fun??? There is no challenge to playing a Necromancer. You just run in circles avoiding damage until Land of the Dead is up then you just freeze everything, stunning it forever which removes the need to properly manage defensives/heals like every other class. Necromancers are the easiest class in the game to play and it is not even close. My newborn nephew could play a Necromancer to GR 100 and he isn't even potty trained yet. A Trag'ouls necromancer with 0 ancients/primals and 0 augments can clear a higher GR than a full primal geared fully augmented Barb. I mean, this has to be the biggest insult to barbs ever. Do you have to worry about position? Nah. Land of the Dead has you covered. Do you need to worry about toughness or recovery? Nah. Nothing will hit you while Land of the Dead is up. What is the best stat for Necros? CDR... obviously...gotta get more Land of Dead, bro! Seriously Land of the Dead is the biggest load of bull I have ever seen. Necromancers are SCREWED without this ability because without it we have the survivability of newborn baby in a hungry lion's den. Edit: I have the best song for all you Trag'ouls necromancers out there Run like hell by Pinkfloyd. I never grift on my necro without this song.OrangeJuice29 Apr 1
Mar 29 Necromancer Discount Hi, So I just bought the Necromancer pack a few days ago and it just happens that it is now at sale. Is there any way to get a refunded the difference between the price I paid and the current one? Cheersssaabbuu0 Mar 29
Mar 28 Inarius Generator Build - Looming Scythe I've posted a quick guide to a Grim Scythe generator build focused on Skeleton Mage - Singularity and Leger's Disdain combo. This IMO puts Grim Scythe above the other generators in terms of potential. Feel free to help improve the build with the necro community.Cyvert16 Mar 28
Mar 27 Pestilence is Broken I play Pestilence Necro. The build seems broken. This build is powerful when there are lots of small, weak enemies, but it's very weak when fighting elites and bosses. The problem is with Essence regeneration. When there a tons of corpses it shines and everything melts. However, when there is a longer fight with a small group of elites or with a boss, it breaks. I run out of corpses and out Essence and then I'm a sitting duck. When I have no corpses and no Essence I can do nothing and die. Is there some kind of fix for this?Daimos7 Mar 27