Aug 13 Book of the Dead: Necromancer Builds & Guides ☠️ UPDATED FOR PATCH 2.6.1 ☠️ ... Welcome to the Book of the Dead. This is a collection of builds, guides, and other resources created by the Necromancer community. Whether you're a new player seeking advice for your first season, or a more experienced one looking for a quick reference to skill and item mechanics, you'll find that and more in the links below. Please help me keep this thread current and accurate by submitting more links in the comments. Thanks for your feedback and support. Serve the Cycle! Need some help monitoring your Season 14 Journey? Check out Bagstone's tracker: Lord Fluffy's "Season 14 Necromancer Starter Guide" is another useful resource, especially if you're planning to use the Pestilence set from Haedrig's Gift: ... 1. BEGINNER GUIDES & SET DUNGEONS: 2. NECROMANCER BUILDS: 3. GAME MECHANICS: 4. NECROMANCER SKILL MECHANICS: 5. ITEMS, GEMS, CRAFTING & COSMETICS: 6. STREAMS & GAMEPLAY VIDEOS: 7. COMMUNITY RESOURCES & PATCH NOTES: Aug 13
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1h What ring to reroll for rathma? Hi, i was looking for a little help on which ring has the best chance for success(probability etc of good stats) between Krysbins, Circle of Nailul, or Coe? I would think the circle as the orange text can only go 2, 3 or 4 seconds where as krysbins has a pretty large range and CoE can be 150-200. I have anceint items on all but my rings, jewel, and gloves and I have been rolling rings now for a bit with no avail. I have some bounty mats but didn't knwo if anyone had some insight as to which I shoudl try to reroll?Squishor2 1h
1d Question about the necromancer Hi. Currently deciding what character I want to get a set for next, and I’m wondering a few things for the necro. Are they good solo? And is there is a good solo build with the bones of rathma set? Something that is higher in the GR’s? (Solo)GoosePants6 1d
4d Pet necro Hello can some1 suggest me a decent build that makes you feel like an actual necromancer commanding the dead all im finding is singularity and corpse lance and im not a fan of those buildsrenimus397 4d
4d Does Inarius Bone Tornado proc Zei's stun? I'm playing a G50-ish Necro for fun and I wanted to up my Krysbin damage. I thought maybe the 1s stun from Zei's would help, but since I'm using full Inarius, I'm relying on the 'swirling tornado of bones' to actually proc the stun, since the damage boost to far-away enemies isn't useful to me. It looks like my golem can't proc it -- anybody know about my bone tornado?Alana3 4d
6d Which enchantress spell for pest corpse? I heard I'm not supposed to get all the skills Just focused mind and an armor skill? Is it missle ward or powered armor?Armisal5 6d
Aug 12 Quick question - Thorns Trang build Hello everyone, I was thinking about giving this build a try - My main concern is with things like killing goblins and such. I am not certain how well this setup could handle goblins on like t13 and so on. Anyone play this build? Can it kill passive enemies still or does it struggle with them? Thanks bunches in advance.Jones1 Aug 12
Aug 10 inarius build advice make this part short i generally don't copy paste builds, nothing wrong with doing so i just don't intentionally do so, i don't have issue using ideas from them either. build:!aUeb!bYYYbY items: inarius set full, reapers wraps, widom of kalan, element of conbevtion, brigg's ring, deyntee's wrap weapon: trag'oul's corroded fang, ledgers disdain cube: reilena's shadowhook, depth diggers, krysbin's sentence gems: bane of the trapped, mirinea, tear drop of the starweaver, simplicity's strength the build is designed to maximize the damage of cursed scythe, skeleton mage is used to drain the essence to proc ledgers disdain, briggs ring clumps adds for easier kills devour, life from death, and reapers wrap are there to make skeleton mage have maximum damage as often as possible at combat start; defensively we have wither rune, inarius set bonus/bone armor, and dayntee's wrap, and stand alone. convention of elements and cube are damage boost items. trapped plays well with cubed ring and boosts damage, simplicity strength is a primary attack focused gem, mirinea is honestly a piece is took from a standard build that looked fun. so general advice, where i'm likely to suffer with this build, a way to get rid of skeleton mage and still quickly drain essence, why my refusal to straight copy past is silly. P.S. would have posted build through diablo fans if it didn't keep deleting all the items and skills from the build when i submittedJarthur937 Aug 10
Aug 10 LotD - freeze rune Pls for mercy of the god FIX FREEZE rune on Land of the Dead skill FINALLY.R1k01 Aug 10
Aug 10 Borrowed Time I am having a really hard time finding the mechanics on this rune. Borrowed Time (Physical) Gain 1% cooldown reduction for every enemy cursed. (up to a maximum of 20%) I was about to type my next question and I think I answered my own question but I will ask anyways. It's obviously not going to be 20% per use, as in spam it over and over. So this is where I am unsure. Example 1: I drop it and hit 16 enemies, my CD drops by 16%, then I drop it again on another 4, for a 4% reduction (total 20%). I then drop it again on another 7 targets, but my CD is unaffected because it hit the 20% of that CD. (This would seem unlikely) Example 2: I drop it and hit 16 targets again dropping the cd by 16%, I then drop it again on 17 other unaffected targets, does it drop it another 17%? (Using army of the dead as an example (120 second cd), IF Example 2 is the correct mechanic. Does the second use (17%) apply to the full 120 seconds or the amount remaining ? So in this case does it? A) always a percentage of the 120 seconds Or B) a percentage of the remaining time. Lastly! Does it work on all unaffected targets, or does it not apply to targets that it has already affected. My guess is, it applies a % drop on the 120 seconds, and for every application afterwards on a new/unaffected targets, it drops another % on the existing time remaining. Also this makes me question the usefulness of the passive eternal torment, when using the borrowed time rune. Eternal Torment applying the curse until dead, (which is more likely), however going forward that target will not be able to help reduce the % of your CD. Hopefully this makes sense... Edit: forgot to mention I tried to figure it out myself but there ar no CD timers.FrogBrew9 Aug 10
Aug 10 How barb pull work with rgk nec. Hello Got doubt about when I play barb pull meta with rgk nec. When we fight boss do I need to shout falter to boss ? And some said Dont CC to boss that mean I have to make sure there is no any secondary option on my all gears like 5% chance to freeze on hit. Right ? Thx for any suggestions. OddoODDO0 Aug 10
Aug 9 LazyNecro: Anti-Carpal Tunnel - UPDATED 2.6.1 Firstly, if you're new, check the "2.6 ver and build premise ideas" section found further down for background and meat and potatoes of the build. This section expands on that base premise which I will not be repeating because I hate repeating myself. I'm lazy. That's why I use this build in the first place. Secondly, this addendum is designed and thought about for the new player and average player in mind. When I think of builds I try to think in terms that don't revolve around having obscene paragon levels, high augments or high gem levels in order to be functional. You will note in the video provided I INTENTIONALLY dropped my stats down to reflect a more average to below average stat array. So, that said, Stranger Things 2 came out and I decided to do some binge watching on NetFlix. As always I fired up the ole' D3 and tinkered around with 2.6.1 now that it's live. ☠️ Passives: I decided to go a different route this time around. Again, with a lower stat character in mind. So passives selected: - Stand Alone (obviously) - Fueled by Death (speed) - Rigor Mortis (DPS) - Eternal Torment (DPS) Now, how exactly is Rigor Mortis and Eternal Torment helping in DPS? Ingeniously, that's how. ;) We have Bane of The Trapped (BoTT) socketed. BoTT amps damage on slowed targets. Rigor Mortis ensures enemies that are afflicted with poison are slowed for 5 seconds. Dislocation is slotted. Anything that we touch gets poisoned ergo anything we touch is ensured to take amp'd damage for 5 seconds via Rigor Mortis + BoTT. "Wait, 5 seconds?" Believe me, more than enough time. Eternal Torment? Frailty Aura curses only those monsters that are inside, and remain inside, our aura. They leave the aura, or we move away from them, no longer cursed. Eternal Torment ensures that those that leave our aura remain cursed. Ergo, Trag's continues to amp DoT damage as we walk on by. So, why are we doing this? Simply put, so we don't stop moving. You'll notice in the video that I do not stop moving. At all. Well, maybe a couple times but 99% of the time I'm constantly moving. You'll also note that everything behind me (some exceptions noted that will be discussed later) dies. This is because of Eternal Torment in conjunction with Trag's + Rigor Mortis in conjunction with BoTT/Krysbin's, Efficacious and Pain Enhancer. All of which gets amp'd by our 6 piece. In short, it makes sure that everything we walk by dies. Everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Now, "Trickshaw wtf? Not everything is dying in the video?" Yes, yes. So, the reason for that is because my crit% was driven so low by swapping out good pieces for crap pieces in order to drop my stats (i.e. DPS) thusly Pain Enhancer isn't proc'ing on everything. So, the higher your Crit% is the higher your clear% will be. This is why I've always advised Crit% over CritDmg if given the choice between the two. Obviously you want both, of course, but when you're first gearing up that's not always an option. So, Crit% > CritDmg until you get to the gearing point where you have the luxury of both options. "But Trickshaw, I STILL keep dying!" Feel free to swap out Fueled by Death for Draw Life or Life From Death if you have survival issues. You can also sacrifice clear efficiency and/or speed by using Thy Flesh Sustained rune on your Bone Armor. A stat you should be going for that you might not normally focus on would be Life Per Second (LPS). Getting your LPS up to 30-40k should be ample (I have 29k in the video) enough to make GR70 a comfortable breeze. You can get this with 2-3 pieces and your Templar pretty easily. ☠️ Abilities: As recommended by another poster I've thrown in Simulacrum-Resevoir in lieu of Golem. Honestly, it really doesn't matter. I rarely, if ever, use it. It is a nice "oh ****" button if you happened to get slammed with a cumbersome elite and you don't wanna blow your LoTD-Frozen Lands because you're close to the GRift Guardian. Bone Spirit with the Panic rune is also a viable alternative if you're looking for a little bit more active alternative. Dislocation is the default rune for Bone Armor but Harvest of Anguish can be slotted in for GR70's once your DPS is good enough to no longer need Dislocation+Rigor Mortis. If you're having survival issues you can default back to the tried and ever true Thy Flesh Sustained. If you go this route you can toss our Rigor Mortis for Spreading Malediction or Overwhelming Essence to help account for the DPS hit. I normally go for the Harvest setup when I'm doing my GR75 speedruns and I manage to clear in about 3-4 minutes. Again, mileage may vary dependant on gearing level. Other than that, nothing has changed. ☠️ Gear: Well, Dayntee's is now definitely BIS for pretty much every Necro build, no surprise there, so that means it's BIS for us as well. This will seriously help out those of you who have posted asking about survival issues with low Paragon levels (sub 800). I dropped Brigg's because it simply wasn't needed. This is still a decent option for survival if you're an HC player so feel free to stick with it if you're more comfortable with it. In it's place I threw on Convention of Elements (CoE). With Harvest of Anguish, Pain Enhancer and Efficacious all being used it only makes sense to have it equipped. I really ****ing hate this ring. I hate the animation. I hate that it's BIS almost unilaterally across all classes and most sets. I ****ing despise this ring but it is what it is so use it. ☠️ Companion: Templar for two reasons: 1.) He can heal you in a pinch and pull aggro which helps out seriously when you're getting geared and 2.) equip him with an Ess of Johan, Bul-Kathos Wedding Band and Occulus. Occulus is universally the best damn ring you can put on a follower so this is a must. Since the Templar is always melee that means he can take advantage of Bul-Kathos on the GRift Guardian which is the only way you're going to get any form of meaningful DPS out of any follower and Ess of Johan makes survival and DPS just that much easier. So it's a Win-Win-Win-Win choice. Later, when your gear is more up to par you can swap out Templar for Sorceress for those juicy CC's she drops everywhere (Krysbin's HOOO!!!!"). However, follower to taste. Whatever floats your boat. ☠️ Bounties: My favorite bounty setup so far is to go with the Harvest of Anguish+Overwhelming Essence setup, drop Bul-Kathos, equip RoRG, equip Aquilas Cuirass and cube Steuart's Greaves. You're going to have to pay attention to what you're doing because... well... bounties... but you will be the fastest thing on the board pretty much with the exception of maybe a Chicken WD. You can go with Steuart's equipped and Aquilas' cubed if that's a better setup for you equipment wise. Whatever floats your boat. ☠️ Demonstration: Alright, now that that's out of the way, below is the video that I took after finally scoring a non-ancient Dayntee's. The second video is the one I took once Fishy brought it to my attention that Rigor Mortis doesn't proc off of Efficacious. Both clear times are comparable. What this means is with Harvest of Anguish slotted you are trading clear efficiency for speed vs. Dislocation. The videos clearly show comparable clear times so, pick your poison. Again, it's important to note the stats that I'm playing with. In both videos I swapped out my helmet, gloves and Dayntee with non-ancient non-Crit% version as well as throwing on a garbage CoE with Strength no Crit% or CritDmg. Shadowhook is the same one I've always used, still haven't scored a Primal. These are impressive clears given the fact that the build only utilizes ONE button 99.9% of the time. Don't expect every run to be amazeballs. I mean, they will be. Just not as fast as these. You're more likely going to be averaging around 4 minutes-ish until you start getting better gear. Also, funnily enough, I managed to die in both videos right out the gate. I really need to make it a habit to open up with LoTD to score that initial 15 Bone Armor stack. Hope you enjoy, as always, hit me up with any questions and stay lazy. Harvest of Anguish Clear - 3:37 ⛔ Dislocation Clear - 3:32 ⛔ Edit: By request, here is a comparison video to accompany those listed above. In this one I use my 'real' gear so you can do a side by side comparison of 'bad' stats vs. 'good' stats. Note that unlike in the above video, with a higher Crit% everything actually dies. 3 minute clear time. Not shabby. Also important to note is that I play sloppily. This is how the build is intended. I run into walls, I almost walk past pylons, I have to circle back for globes and elites and I even forget to renew my Bone Armor. This build is intended to be played like this. I'm not paying full attention to what I'm doing because I was watching a video linked to me in Discord on another screen. THIS is the point behind LazyNecro. Not to be the best but to be the best at being Lazy. Hope you enjoy, as always, hit me up with any questions and stay lazy. ⛔ Edit Edit: Special thanks to Fishy. _____________________________________________________________________________ Previously, on LazyNecro... ⛏ -------------------------------------- ⛏ - 2.6 ver and build premise ideas - ⛏ -------------------------------------- ⛏ ☠️ Video Illustrating Bul-Kathos ACTUAL functionality ⛔ ☠️ For the Alternate Version: Basically I dropped Wildebeast, tossed in a Efficacious Toxin and equipped a Cord of The Sherma. This version requires a bit more "paying attention" when you're doing GR70's given that you're relying on health globes via Devour Aura + Life From Death. You could go with the Flesh Sustained rune if you're wanted a little bit more sustain and less reliance on globes (which makes more sense if your gear happens to have Life/Sec affixes on it) so there's that. However, if you prefer the brain dead "I'M TRYING TO PAY ATTENTION TO NETFLIX!" version than stick with the original. Alternate can clear T13's in 2-4min. Alternate can clear GR70's in 3-4min. - Alternate Version GR70 4 min clear vidja: ⛔ - Here's the original vidja: ⛔ - Original Zero Paragon Run: ⛔ - DiabloFans - (**2.6.1 Updated): ⛔ ☠️ Original Post: Ever wanted a farming build that you could just chillax and play one handed with zero buttons to push? Me too. So, I spent the time. I did the research. (AQUA TEENS ASSEMBLE!) Actually I just slapped some crap together and took it out for a whirl and it ended up working pretty damn good. Anyway, only two buttons to push. One is Bone Armor, the other is LoTD for when the GRift Guardian pops; you will see me push this button exactly once in the linked video. Teleport is on the bar, and if you're so inclined you may use it, but I can't be bothered to. Assuming you can be bothered, I would assume your clears will be much faster than mine. Golem is there explicitly as something else for baddies to attack. If our speed passive ever gets fixed I'd swap Blood Is Power out in a heart beat. I tried a Trags + Lost Time variant but I guess Lost Time doesn't work with Bone Armor. The original can clear T13's in 3-5min with no effort. The original can clear GR70 in 4-5min with little effort. Can it go higher? Possibly. I started a 75 and quickly realized I had to pay attention and focus. So I said, "**** that." Note the time completion similarity between T13 and GR70. That's because the damage is less relevant as density is. The denser the field, the faster your clear time as stuff will die just as fast in a T13 as it will in GR70. Well, almost as fast. That and T13's you typically stop and loot stuff. Also note the lack of Boon Hoarder gimmick. That's because I didn't want to spend the time swapping gear around and just freely switch between effortless 70's and T13's whilst enjoying my freaky feline features on the YouTubes. If you're married to the idea of Boon Hoarders than you simply: - Swap out Wildebeast for Boon Hoarder - Swap out String of Ears for Goldwrap - No room for Avarice though. Would have to give up Krysbins or Bul Kathos which is where all your damage stems from. Done. But, like I said, I just wanted something where I could go in and out without putzin with anything. So this is what I came up with. Clearly with better gear and higher gems you will progress faster and with less effort. Low paragon with crap gear, your mileage may vary. Hope you enjoy. ⛔ P.S. Song is O' Death by Jen Titus and it should be the Necro anthem.wahskcirt476 Aug 9
Aug 9 Advice Needed OK I am trying to get my necro up to running 90's I know I need a better compass rose (fat chance of that) with all the shards I have blown thru going back to the start of season 14 Also while a primal primal I also need a better phaltecry Would more attacl speed help or different gems any comments will be listen towarmouse2 Aug 9
Aug 7 Seeing if someone can - Solved make a pestilence/corpse lance build that doesn't rely on in-geom, but is a good t13 speed farming build. I just want to see if it's possible, as I really like how pestilence works, but I very much dislike in-geom based builds. I realize the best speed builds are in-geom based, but thought I'd see what the community can do with this. Edit... The build we came up with.. Aug 7
Aug 5 Znec command skele setup question Hi all, does anyone mind sharing a link or quick gear/skills guide for how to setup a znec with command skeletons? I used to run znec a few seasons back but have never seen or used a variation that has command skeletons.GhostAgent8 Aug 5
Aug 5 znec LF rats to jump ladder 115 Sad showing of znec/rats on 2man ladder. I began to research why this is the case now and found most of the instructional videos (well, all of them really) showcase the cute craftable easy 100% uptime znec build. A znec should know if trash is needed to zodiak the LotD cooldown otw to the next elite pack. The current popular builds make it so you don't have to worry about that at all, but you loose out on survivability. Probably why there are no znecs over 100 really. I skipped last season, but before that, 115 was NP using my current build. But communities seem uninterested because it's not the cakewalk uptime build they're used to from bad videos. I skipped last season, so anyone want to actually push like in season 12? 2.1 mill DPS rath should be all that's needed to get 2 man 115 and jump ladder. How'd everyone forget how to make a pushing znec in 1 season?Bodach4 Aug 5
Aug 5 Simulacrum Active Ability Icon Needed Its a buff and with the amulet its 30 sec's and no indication of the ability being active? This needs to be addressed. Ive seen threads that are from last year and this hasn't been fixed? Come on.Otheos2 Aug 5
Aug 2 Getting one shot as from torment 9 or 10 Hello, am getting one shot by pretty much anything currently stuck at rift level 70 Can someone clarify this for me? Is it normal to get one shot by anything my flat damage is 800k toughness 17m recovery 700k Some additional figures Armor 10k ( damage reduction 74 %) The other elemental stats armor lies between 1.2k to 1.6k Hp 800k 10k int 4k vit Thank you for reading and giving me a feedbackUnknown4 Aug 2
Aug 2 Necromancer pet builds i was like omg necromancer is coming back imma have my army of skeletons and revives and throw some bone spears with that but no there's no build u have all of them revive,skel,skel mage,golem. and all you have to do is keep spamming them its so boring no time to cast anything else all the damage comes from minions you are a useless necromancer that needs to keep spamming ur minions and when u teleport they walk they do not teleport with tou reducing effiency . this necromancer is nothing if u compare what it was in d2 ... Another fail from Blizzard...powerdkoa17 Aug 2
Aug 1 how to estimate number of stricken's stack ? I'm new on pest rgk. How do I know number of stacks on a boss for say 30 sec I knew it depends on attack speed my pest rgk has 2.0 attack speed which reached the 2nd breakpoint my bane of stricken's level is 116adrianmak1 Aug 1
Jul 30 Any builds recommendations for newbie here!? I need help,I played monk last 5 years ago and I wanted to play again with my friends! Necromancer is the class that I want to play. Any skill build and items builds for me? Thanks!ZET5 Jul 30
Jul 29 DEATH'S BARGAIN Questions Is it considered a "HIT" in general and is it boosted by items such as REILENA'S SHADOWHOOK "Every point of Maximum Essence increases your damage by 0.5%" in other word, is Death's bargain damage is considered your damage or the damage of a seperate entity?Funinyourgam1 Jul 29
Jul 27 Necro Corpse Advise Hey Guys, Other then trying to increase my CDR any tips? I'm finding myself struggling !! Jul 27
Jul 26 Conduit not working with blight spear T13 So when I use my pestilence push build conduit works. It seems like when I'm in T13 using the blight spear build created by Lord fluffy, conduit does no damage. Like zero. What am I missing?Shade2 Jul 26
Jul 24 Necro in Public GR ? Need help please. I have no friend to play with on D3, and I like public GR cause solo is boring with time and normal rift are only speed speed speed. Can you advice me about some possible options to suit public GR of common levels (80-95) ? It seems Necro is very dependant about the group, like if people skip mobs, I then have real survability issues. And it seems corpse lance is not possible if the group skip trash, which seems to happen a lot... Even with rathma I have difficulties. To finish I don't find any answer anywhere, all talk are about solo necro or high level RGK necro with support player or specific rathma runs.TNTMika12 Jul 24
Jul 21 Fastest/Safest build for t13 bounties in HC? Is there any build for necro that can take on t13 bounties in hc fairly speedy while still being sort of safe? Or is it just pointless?Pinkie7 Jul 21
Jul 20 Devour + Corpse Lance Will a combination of Devour Cannibalize and Corpse Lance Blood Lance activated by Pestilence Set (2) bonus trigger the Passive Blood Is Power?Razraal1 Jul 20
Jul 19 how much damage I should be doing? So I’m a level 45 nearing the end of act 2 on hard mode. My damage is 5633 and recovery at 8611 with toughness at 76827. Am I good enough to raise the difficulty?Shidoni5 Jul 19
Jul 19 Survivability issues So I'm currently playing Poison Inarius and I was wondering if I'm doing alright? I feel really squishy and this is very noticeable in torment 13. Just keep plugging for better gear or is there more I can do with my existing stuff?Reslin5 Jul 19
Jul 18 Any Necro build that utilizes command golem? Just wondering as I love the big guyInfector1 Jul 18
Jul 16 Best way to get a Circle of Nailuj's Evol Im para 207 and still running with a naglering! I just havent found alot of rings, and the Circle of Nailuj's Evol takes the rathma build up a few notches. Rings thru kadala is expensive.. how did you guys get your Circle of Nailuj's Evol?Exiter95 Jul 16
Jul 16 Ice Poison Inarius, Grim Scythe Necromancer Icenayrius - Ice Poison Inarius, Grim Scythe Necromancer - One of the most performant, fastest and easiest build with Inarius - Even a casual player can crush high Greater Rifts with this build. - In terms of power and ease, it's on par with the WoL monk. - One-key gameplay. Lots of fun ! I tried several builds, this one is definitely my favorite.Isend12 Jul 16
Jul 15 Really struggling with Necro Hey everyone, So I've been trying out a couple of the Necro builds - the "ladder" corpse lance build and Fluffy's speed Bone Spear build (using in-geom), and I'm really, really struggling with both. What it boils down to is that I can't figure out how to increase the speed at which Land Of The Dead cools down such that I can use it again frequently. I don't have the best gear, but I feel like I have enough to run GR 70 on both builds - and I really can't. Using the ladder build, my cooldowns take so long that I spend the bulk of my time cursing enemies and running away, eventually dying while I wait the 30-60 seconds to use it again. Using the in-geom build, I die SO FAST because there isn't enough toughness. In both builds, there just seems to be no way to reliably get the LOTD cooldown to a place where I can use it consistently. I watch these videos of everyone crushing it with these builds, which makes me think its a L2P issue, but I really don't understand how either of these build are viable. I'm running with anywhere from 45% to 54% cooldown reduction, and nothing seems to help. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.BrownieMix7 Jul 15
Jul 15 Lazy mancer build help Hello everyone after making a corpse lance necro and getting up to 80 solo GR I wanted to make an easy fast farming build. I read up on this "lazy mancer" and decided it looked great. I have a copy and past build from However I feel super squishy In T13.. my gear is not 100% optimized but in the videos i watch they say they don't need to be. Is there an updated version of this ? Or am I doing something wrong ? Please helpBrutal15 Jul 15
Jul 13 pest build stats what stats should I try for on my pest build as 1.51 or better from what I seen is norm correct cdr should be what 50 or better what else should I look for cold on bracer and ammy ?warmouse1 Jul 13
Jul 12 Question about corpse lance LOTD Is it true that you get less corpses = less damage if you're near a wall or a cliff? Kinda like how a Znecro makes less globes near a wall or cliff? My question is based off of something Savage wrote about RGK on the forums.Shade4 Jul 12
Jul 12 Skelly Mages Why Is it that Skelly mages not attack breakable doors? like dafaq i have failed a greater rifts because of this silly little thing that you would think would not be an issue but clearly is.Icorus2 Jul 12
Jul 12 how do i start playing seasonal? planning on playing during season 14, never played seasonal before. Just want to know, how can i get to level 70 quickly (whilst having fun) and what do i do after that? Obviously i’ll be playing as necro :)Harrison1 Jul 12
Jul 11 What is the ideal CDR??? Hi all, Been playing my S14 Pest. Necro. Curious as to how high of a CDR I'm supposed to attain. I looked at players on the LB and didn't see many CDR rolls on their gear. Most are into IAS. My struggle now is to decrease overall LoTD downtime. With IAS rolls I'm sacrificing CDR, unless I find gear with both. How are you guys overcoming this? Is there another way to reduce cooldown that I'm not aware of?DarkAngelVV8 Jul 11
Jul 11 Best speed farming DB build? Found a few DB builds for Neco, any you guys recommend or currently using?RAGNAROK14 Jul 11
Jul 10 Newbie's Blood-Rathma Build So I'm extremely new to this game, only played a couple of weeks more or less. I have found a build that seems to work very well for me and thought it'd be fun to share it. The thing is, when I started reading up on in-meta builds, it only made me want to quit the game. I mean it's ALL the same skills even across sets, and not even fun ones imo. How do competitive veterans not get bored to tears from having so little flexibility? So I know about Frozen Lands and Singularity-Rathmas and have no interest in using it. The Build: - Command Skeletons: Dark Mending - Army of the Dead: Death Valley - Leech: Osmosis - Command Golem: Blood Golem (have thought of using Devour instead) - Bone Spikes: Sudden Impact - Skeletal Mage: Life Support I think this build gives me a great combination of control, sustain and damage. What I like is that with Corroded Fang, Tasker and Theo and Nailuj's cubed and having Focus and Restraint equipped, the mages are powerful enough that I don't feel like I need to deal with the nightmare of keeping maxed out Singularity mages up. The added duration and use of Leech also means I get both bonus dmg and sustain so I can pop my mages on the go and focus entirely on dodging attacks without worrying about health costs. 10 mages firing at Leeched enemies is a TON of healing. Add Dark Mending and enemies basically have to insta me to kill me, plus I like how it works equally well on bosses as on crowds. Death Valley makes it easy to gather everything up, curse, then keeping a good chuck of them stunned. The golem acting as a sort of extra potion and being able to put him right on myself or into the middle of a crowd has been surprisingly helpful. I have tried Singularity build but not only do I find the over-use of Frozen Lands exceedingly BORING, I also dislike being entirely reliant on a 2 minute CD, In-Geom or not.Nazgutack4 Jul 10
Jul 10 in geom vs relinas while the ingeom is good for farming and grfist up to the low 80's at what point should I switch to relinas for pushine higher griftswarmouse1 Jul 10
Jul 10 Necromancer Bosskiller CoE Timing I have to start at the end of the physical?KutsalMedic4 Jul 10
Jul 9 Newbie necro dies alot. Yo, im currently playing rathma, but i die SO fast and SO much i can handle gr80 solo but i die to much... i hold my distance from mobs but still... im doing someting wrong but idk what im at 1.2m dps Should i swap to pest or? idk any help is accepted in a mayor way :)fEEELZZ1 Jul 9
Jul 8 A question about the Unity Ring My Unity Ring has "Increases damage against elites by 15%". So, does that equate to increasing the damage output of the Skeletal Mages against elites by another 15%? Sorry if that sounds like a silly question but then, I have just come back to D3 after a long break.Dragon2 Jul 8
Jul 7 Land of the dead reset CD quickly question is there something that resets land of the dead quicker other than reduce cool down stats on items, diamond in helm, and the borrowed time rune? I have noticed many times now that after using the skill that it is available to use again right away at times and I have no idea why. its not every time, but it happens here and there. I was wondering do you get some bonus if you kill enough while the skill is active or something? be nice to know so I could try to make this happen more oftenTAG18 Jul 7
Jul 7 New-ish player, kinda stuck So I can somewhat consistently clear Tier 58 rifts but anything higher starts to become a slog and 70's are right out the window. I'm not sure what I should be looking for or how to progress in power from here. Advice appreciated, this is the first real season I've made an effort so I'm kinda just flying blind here. Running the Corpse Lance / Pestilence build currently, since that's what the game gave me, but I do have access to some other sets though the stats on them aren't as good currently and I feel like they're a lot weaker, but I could just be playing them horribly wrong.Icarus4 Jul 7
Jul 6 Need help to critique build Hi all, I'm posting for my wife as she's the one playing her S14 Pestilance Necro. I'm not a Necro player myself so I couldn't provide her with any build information but I just know that her build is very weak. She is also missing some key items to make the build viable. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,DarkAngelVV10 Jul 6
Jul 6 Noob necro help needed Hello all, I am having a big issue completing GR20 with my necro. I am very new to this class and I am coming back after years of absence. I don't know what gear to use in the cube or anything really. Is there anything I'm missing or should get first ? I have tried singularity and archers and both have failed me. I am insanely squishy.... please any build help would be amazing ThanksBrutal4 Jul 6