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12h [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer (solo), A Theorycraft EDIT (1/14/2019): After much feedback and consideration of input, my original LoN Cold Lancer build was reconfigured. This produced a more balanced build that can also benefit from Nemesis Bracers and Frailty: [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer: 5 FPA BP + Cursed Scythe + Gizzard Unfortunately the duration of cursed scythe is only 10s. This is why we opt to keep Borrowed time on the bar (and will also have to apply it within the rift). This does however allow us to keep both Overwhelming Essence and Spreading Malediction, whilst also benefiting from Frailty. Blood Rush: Potency for increased toughness. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, theory, and build review, especially Chia, Isend, and ragman. Original posting included below. Note: attempted to fit in Gogok to hit 4 FPA BP, but doing this was either too reckless defensively (if swapping chest), or incurred too much dps tradeoff (if swapping amulet affix). EDIT (1/18/2019): Including Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard instead of Powerful gem. This allows us to 100% opt for the Potency rune for extra toughness as well as high recovery. ----- Based on the recent increase to LoN, up from 500% per ancient (as seen on the 2.6.4 PTR) to 750% per ancient (in the latest 2.6.4 notes): ... Necromancer is currently in the unique position where Legacy of Nightmares (LoN) has never before been appealing enough to see heavy use within the class. With the upcoming buff to LoN in 2.6.4, this will change. LoN Necromancer, and specifically LoN Corpse Lance builds already have many large multipliers available from both skills and items. The arrangement of items in particular can be very beneficial for a LoN Cold Lancer, as the multipliers are spread across many different item slots that might otherwise go unused. ----- Benefits: LoN vs Pestilence? Aside from the massive base multiplier increase of 9750% at 13 ancient items, which is considerable - LoN Cold Lancer can take advantage of many various bonuses that are inaccessible or not worth going after with Pestilence: Can hit 2.01695 APS, surpassing the 2.0001 AS, 5 FPA BP. This allows you to attack with 12 Corpses / s (up from 10 Corpses / s). While Pestilence will be able to hit this as well in S16 with the Grandeur bonus, the advantage of doing so will not be worth going after in comparison to using other bonuses with Pestilence. Higher Mobility (with the Steuart's Greaves). This will be great since LoN Cold Lance is primarily an elite hunting build, finding elites with acceptable affixes will be easier, with traversing rifts quicker in between Land of the Dead (DPS rotations). The Johnstone (Macabre Knowledge buff) Multiplier (200% or 3x), with limited number of use stacks (50 in total). Useable now because stacks don't expire near instantly and won't get expended against targets other than the intended target (think Pestilence 2pc bonus) or be applied towards lances that aren't receiving full skill damage bonus (think Trag'oul Blood lance - the additional Lances). Increased Consistency in defense via Aquila Cuirass (vs Endless Walk's defense while moving). Increased Elemental Damage, 100%, up from 40-60% ([2.6.4] Pestilence would have 20% more). And Possibly: Increased CDR (lower Cooldowns) via Leoric's Crown, Depending on the LoN Cold Lancer build you opt for. And even though Pestilence seems as if it would be considerably underpowered by comparison at a main 6pc bonus of 1650%, Pestilence can take advantage of the following bonuses where LoN cannot: Endless Walk (2x multiplier). Convention of Elements (3x multiplier over 4s every 12s). Huge bonus for Lancer since the build deals damage in such a short window of time. Downside is you have to line up your CDR for specific breakpoints with CoE equipped. 2pc bonus allows it to send out 3 times as many lances, and allows the build to get some progression via trash kills during the rift. ~3.33x faster ramp up of the Corpsewhisper Pauldron multiplier (40/s as compared to LoN @ 12/s) due to the additional passive 2pc bonus attacks. ----- The question I wanted to answer in this search was: Is a [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer stronger than a Pestilence Cold Lancer for solo push? If so, by how much? So I did some theorycrafting. While I'm not a Necromancer main, I've learned a lot about Necromancer mechanics during the investigations required for this theorycraft, and feel fairly confident in the estimate at this point, having spent several days' developing the comparison, and both found and fixed many of my own errors in calculation. That said, it's possible that there may still be something lingering to fix, a possible error in the calculations, so I encourage you to review my work, and I can adjust the calculations, and the estimate, as required. There are a many assumptions and other notations made in the NOTES section of the theorycraft document, so please read through these if you have question as to how I included a particular multiplier in the calculations, or how I treat the Land of the Dead DPS rotation. I went to great lengths to estimate DPS values at any given moment in the rotation. This was hard to estimate given the amount of variability in mechanics (pre-requisite, ramp up, static, partial) all going into effect at different moments in time. ----- Builds: [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer (Solo): [2.6.1] Pestilence Cold Lancer (Solo): [2.6.4] Pestilence Cold Lancer (Solo): Google Sheets Theorycraft Document: ----- Resulting Estimates: Key: LoN Primary Build = Andariel's + WH + Strongarms LoN Secondary Build = Lacuni + Leorics (no Strongarms) Increase for [2.6.4] LoN Primary Build vs. the [2.6.1] Pestilence Cold Lancer build: 1.9 to 2.3 GRs. 3.3 to 3.7 GRs if comparing Pestilence build without Spreading Malediction. Increase for [2.6.4] LoN Primary Build vs. the [2.6.4] Pestilence Cold Lancer build: 1.1 to 1.4 GRs. 2.5 to 2.8 GRs if comparing Pestilence build without Spreading Malediction. Increase for [2.6.4] LoN Secondary Build vs. the [2.6.1] Pestilence Cold Lancer build: 1.2 to 1.6 GRs. 2.7 to 3.0 GRs if comparing Pestilence build without Spreading Malediction. Increase for [2.6.4] LoN Secondary Build vs. the [2.6.4] Pestilence Cold Lancer build: 0.4 to 0.8 GRs. 1.8 to 2.2 GRs if comparing Pestilence build without Spreading Malediction. ----- Well that's great, Cratic, but what is your OPINION on this change? I have to say, I typically have avoided playing Necromancer, and SPECIFICALLY stayed away from the Corpse lance push builds. Why? Waiting for long cooldowns, and not doing anything other than grouping enemies, seeking out elites and cursing whilst waiting. It also seems hard to gear (if not cold rune), slow moving, a glass cannon when in DPS phase, and has terrible RNG with elites having to line up proper. The other Necromancer builds, such as the popular Singularity Mage, have not been interesting enough to entice me either (aside from perhaps the thorns builds). While the LoN Cold Lance build doesn't solve all of the problems I have with Lancer in general, it solves many in my opinion. LoN grants that amazing mobility via Steuart's Greaves, more consistent DPS during Elite cycle (without having to deal with CoE), more steady level of defense when in DPS phase, and the ability to opt into slightly lower cooldowns (albeit at the cost of DPS). While Elite RNG will still be troublesome, and it will be terribly hard to gear still, there is some great appeal to these newfound upsides, enough perhaps for me to possibly try out the build next season, or at minimum, next patch. In the least I'm excited to see this, or a very similar LoN build in action. I can't help but laugh, at least a little, about it specifically being mentioned that Necromancer and Crusader are being balanced around, yet Necromancer and Condemn Sader both are receiving several GRs increase via LoN (whether that be via solo build or group build). Not that this is entirely a bad thing. While I would like to see more diversity in the available Necromancer skill item multipliers (for skills other than skeleton mage, corpse lance, and thorns), for the moment, LoN appears to offer some freedom in terms of configurability that the class sometimes lacks (restrictive set bonuses anyone?). Biggest downside to LoN is definitely the lack of ring slots, aside from that, for the time being, I think LoN will be appealing / enticing to many players. ----- In summary, even though Necromancer sets are due to receive very little to no buff next patch, Necromancer still has something to be excited about with LoN. I am interested to see what other GR speed farming, nephalem rifting, and push builds come about with this possibility. ----- TLDR: I estimate 1.9 GRs to 2.3 GRs increase for [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer solo as compared to [2.6.1] Pestilence Cold Lancer solo. I estimate 1.1 to 1.4 GRs increase for [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer solo as compared to [2.6.4] Pestilence Cold Lancer solo.Cratic63 12h
16h which set is best for blood nova build 2.6.5? lon might be the best? seems like every set could work with it tho ps: im talking about 2.6.5 but out side of season so no lon x2Gehenna6 16h
19h I'm tanky AF now, but need help I was running a rift with someone who told me that I could make my Necro "virtually unkillable" if I equipped the following: -Lornelle's Sunstone -Rogar's Huge Stone -Dayntee's Binding -Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard in one jewelry socket -Esoteric Alteration in another jewelry socket -Another defensive gem in the last jewelry socket (they didn't specify any particular one) The only part of this combination I still have to get is Dayntee's, and I can see how this would go a long way toward keeping me alive. Only thing is, I'm currently having trouble soloing the Torment 12 GR before the time expires because I guess I don't have the right offensive build or gear. Now, I have the Inarius set at the moment and I'd really like to keep using it if that's viable. And that means I have Bone Armor as one of my abilities and won't be changing that if I don't change to a different set. I also have Wisdom of Kalan in my Cube jewelry slot, although if I get another WoK I can wear it and switch the thing in the Cube to something else. What would you suggest I use for my other abilities, passives, and slots in the cube and/or weapon and offhand item?Aguy2 19h
1d What build for start of s17? Hello! What build(s) will you be using while farming for LON gear? What are your options for T16, bounties, GR speed?SharkyBoy1 1d
2d What is the best set for a first-time Necro? I'm level 70, and have several books to craft sets--which ones would be the best to start with...NMJenny12 2d
2d Necro feel so meh My DH can do gr90 in 5 minutes with only 4pieces of ancient gear My Wizard can clear 100 with fun self made build -Ice meteor on LoNs Mean While, my Necro has has to struggle to clear 90(LoN Cursed Scythe) I also play Necro more and has better gear on him played the PTR with the blood nova Iron rose thing and it feels weak even in LoN setup with full ancients- 70B blood nova procs vs wizard's 1.6T ice meteor while being tanker than said Necro /VentZantarath1 2d
3d Making Inarius solo friendly again I should start off by saying that I hate the Necromancer in its current state. Simply put, 3x corpse lance end game builds (using 2x sets and LON) and a stupidly spammy "pet" build where one feels like they're there to serve the pets (by keeping them spawned) and where pet skills like Revive and Golem or even Army of the Dead aren't even viable or supported is just ridiculous. So, in saying that, the one Necro set that I am remotely interested in is just plain underpowered for solo play compare to all other sets. I know the predicament... there's an Inarius thorns RGK build that does quite well and any buff to Inarius will make it overpowered for RGK duties. So I wonder... why not have separate 6pc buffs for the Necro's pets and another buff for the Necro's own attacks? I'd like to see Inarius undergo a rework to something like this: (2) Set: Bone Armor damage is increased by 1000% and also activates a swirling tornado of bone, damaging nearby enemies for 1000% weapon damage. (4) Set: Bone Armor grants an additional 2% damage reduction per enemy hit. The radius of the tornado of bone is increased by 1 yard for each stack of Bone Armour. (6) Set: Enemies hit by the tornado of bone increases the damage they take from the Necromancer's pets by 3750% and increase the damage they take from the Necromancer's own attacks by (some figure higher than 3750% that makes this set competitive).Mugsy8 3d
6d Necromancer names What name are you gonna use? ... LaubrixSola This may help ... it continues to change by clicking ... but name field limited to 12 chars 6d
6d Hardcore - T13/GR65+ without Death Proc? So I am new to necro this season, and since I am a Bluddshed fan I am of course playing my necro in hardcore. I have been fairly successful so far and have completed a GR70 as my best. However, I lost my first character soon after that to an unfortunate meetup with Blighter in a T13 rift with a few dozen of his closest friends. Is it possible to build a necro to run T13/GR65+ without getting a death proc regularly? If so, could someone point to some builds / strategies to help me accomplish this? Here is a link to my current build: I know I could add Unity to the build, which is the item I am currently trying to farm. For T13 and Bounties, I have an Avarice/Boon and Goldwrap. But even with these options, I still get a death proc almost every run. Are there other options or something obvious I am missing? Any and all help would be appreciated!StealthKat1 6d
6d Let Necromancers Dual-Wield Malthael "dual-wielded" with his 2 scythes. Necromancers should, too, the better to uh… conjure dark spells of necromantic horror upon their terrified foes.Lawgiver1 6d
Apr 11 i die from 1 shot , please help guys i need your help with my Rathma necromancer , every thing in this game 1 shot me playing GR70+ or even bounties difficulty lvl 13 . can you please tell me what to change with out changing my play styleONEONEOUT8 Apr 11
Apr 9 Solo LON Thorn GR Would someone be able to provide me a link for a guide for this? The in game spec is different than when looking at battle.netJAW5 Apr 9
Apr 7 rings for lon season 17 So I am building a lon thorns necro for ptr. What 2 rings would you use (besides CoE) ?Cujoeg11 Apr 7
Apr 7 Is death nova trash killer viable in 2.6.5? I was wondering if that would be viable trash killer build for GR 150 after the buffs coming up in S17. The build would be using LoN with zodiac ring and simulacrum with the bone rune to spawn 2 copies instead of one. But one question I have is if the nova that procs from blood siphon with Iron Rose is able to proc AD.Kani2 Apr 7
Apr 6 Best melee build? Hey guys! I'm a Barbarian at heart but I want to try Necromancer. Was reading the stickied guide which mentions builds with links and etc. Can someone point out which melee Necro build is currently optimal for GR pushing (if any) thanksHadd5 Apr 6
Apr 6 Have necros always been this unfun? I missed the inarius bus, and I gave it a try. It's a frustrating, slow playstyle that combines all the in-geom dependency of a flashfire wizard, but wit hnone of the survival or dps. For solo it seems I have a choice between pestilence corpse lance and lon corpse lance. Everything else is for.. what? speed farming where you get 1 shot even at 2k paragon? Like what IS the poitn of this class beyond getting carried to a rift boss to mash left click a lot? This aids as hell playstyle built around land of the dead is worse than most archon builds I've had. It's incredibly clunky. I haven't been paying to omuch to dev diaries or anything. Do they plan to make Necro remotely enjoyable beyond the wings and pet you get for buying it?Sarnen3 Apr 6
Apr 5 Any non-corpse related fun Necro Build ? It seems weird, but I really dislike the whole corpse mechanic. It's just very boring to me. I'm a big fan of the Bone / Poison / Summoning abilities. Most of the build I see seems to be using Land of the Dead, Devour or Corpse Lance. Is there any build built around something else ? I'm playing with the following build so far, but I'm having little to no success haha Bone Spike - Sudden Impact Skeletal Mage - Archer Bone Armor - Dislocation Decrepify - Dizzying Curse Command Skeletons - Freezing Grasp Blood Rush - Potency Extended Servitude, Overwheling Essence, Final Essence, Commander of the Risen Dead. Using the Jesseth set & Rathma's so most of my dmg comes from Command Skeletons while having x4 Mages up. Also using Wisdom of Kalan for extra DR with Bone Armor. Nailju's Evolve & Convention of Elements for more pewpew. Anything you would recommend ? I don't really care about High Greater Rift, I would be happy doing GR 75-80'ish and call it a day.yoloswaglyfe10 Apr 5
Apr 2 Season 17 Necro-Mage Build Was messing around with some build ideas and realized Singularity would work with the free LoN in season 17. After tooling around a bit I came up with this: Would normally just post this to DiabloFans but well... RIP. Thoughts?NotGeorge1 Apr 2
Mar 30 How to play corpse lance? I want to play corpse lance, but I cant seem to figure out how to play it properly? With the top tier skill build, how do you get corpses from the scratch to start lancing? When high CD skills are on cooldown and you engage a pack, how do you go from there? Or is there another build for Solo player? (Hardcore). In depth information about the corpse lance gameplay is appreciated.MadSpanker14 Mar 30
Mar 30 Why are non LoD necro builds GR 80+ trash? Did they even play this class once?Immobile8 Mar 30
Mar 30 Thorns Necro Vit vs Int using Heart of Iron I know there was another thread regardig this, and the conclusion was that Int is better than Vit or more thorns when using Heart Iron. When I was trying out a GR109 with a thorns build last night I found it to be quite opposite. When I put all my paragon points in to vit, I was actually doing more damage/killing elites quicker than when I put the points in to int. I know my paragon in Seaon is not that high, so the question is, is there a break point of some sort? Is getting thorns above a certain value no longer pays off and after that it's better spent on int? Or should i just be augmenting and putting paragon levels on vitality for more thorns?MOE2 Mar 30
Mar 28 What am I doing wrong? So I haven't focused on my Necromancer in a while, but he has roughly the same level of gear as my other toons yet is stuck 10 or so grift levels below even the worst of them. I know I am not using one of the top builds or anything, but I still feel like I should be doing better than I am. So what am I doing wrong? I am looking for specific ways I can improve the build I am using, not just people telling me to change everything to whatever the top people are doing. This: is the Necro in question.Mafic4 Mar 28
Mar 27 Thorns rgk gems Hi guys. Is there any difference between enforcer and bane of the trapped? Some use enforcer, some the other. Thanks for answers.Taros0 Mar 27
Mar 24 Blizz do Funerary Pick proc Iron Rose’s more? Dev team my question is, is the Funerary Pick’s secondary ability proc’g. Iron Rose’s secondary ability to cast a free Blood Nova more frequently independently from it’s 3 Siphoning Blood ability? since the add’l. 1 or 2 blood siphons (depends on number if monsters being encountered at the time), increases the health healing percentage, it should also then proc the secondary ability independently per Blood Siphoning, correct? has anyone in the dev’t. team tried this out and proven the mechanics?VenatorNocti0 Mar 24
Mar 24 Most fun necro farming build (solo+group) So I finally found a good build that was fast enough and cheesy enough to keep up with Barb / wiz teleporting and insane run speed in rift farming. I'm using the regular pesti lance build for GR but I haven't been able to find another build that farms or gets around as fast as this one for farming and lower level GR. (<80) Using rathma's shield with simulacrum and lotd basically gives you little windows of invincibility so you can jump into a pack and be there to collect the orbs when they drop. Using in-geom in the cube with a strong 1h weapon gives you infinite teleport once you down your first elite OR if any of your group memebrs kill an elite you will be able to spam blood rush and catch up to them. For s16 I'm wearing stuarts greaves and comboing that with brittle touch + lost time for the insane run speed buff but off season you can do full pesti set and cube corpsewhisper because once an elite is killed you dont need runspeed spamming blood rush instead to get around the map. I use final service just in case something stupid happens like I teleport into an explosion with no invincibility or teleport into an incinerator etc.. (embarassing) You can play more defensively when final service is on CD but when its not you can basically just go nuts. At 50%+ cooldown reduction you want to alternate your encouters with simulacrum and land of the dead taking advantage of the 4 second windows of invincibility. The in -geom and swiftness gem are almost always up in normal rifts and also GR up to about 80. (if you want to farm lower level gems) This lets you infinitely teleport around with blood rush ans also you can stand in anything and not take damage including the molten and fat guys that burst. This lets you collect the cubes and progress the rift without having to stop and wait for the explosions. Just pop a CD and you're invulnerable for 4 seconds. If you need to teleport out Blood Rush is always there. Here's my mouse setup: Right click - Devour - ruthless Left click - Lance - brittle Middle mouse - Land of the dead - frozen Mousewheel up - Blood rush - Potency or Transfusion Mousewheel down - Simulacrum - Blood and Bone Thumb button - Skeletal Mages - Gift When land of the dead is up just pop it and spam right click + mousewheel up. You'll teleport all over the map and auto target everything. When land of the dead is down, you can use Simulacrum + devour + skeltal mages (spam right click+ left click + thumb button - basically squeeze the mouse) and your extra guys will also make mages giving you 6 per cast. Ruthless devour will kill them and make corpses + give essence then another devour will launch lances. This is kind of a ghetto land of the dead while you wait. If you have downed an elite and are spamming lances your swiftness gem should have 15 stacks up and you're minus 10 seconds on all cooldowns. This means you don't really have to wait long before either simulacrum or land of the dead are up. Basically you're always doing damage and can almost always teleport since running the maps so fast means you will be killling an elite pack usually quicker than 15 seconds. Another synergy is that since you are spamming blood rush to get around it's slowly draining your life triggering the CD bonus from blood is power. You will almost always have either land of the dead or simulacrum up if you allow a little bit of time in between each. Anyway I know a lot of people find necro boring and I think it needs a lot of buffing so you can maybe use a build like this one in higher level GRs to compete with insane wizards/monks/barbs who get to do whatever they want and don't have to wait on cooldowns. Maybe this build will help you enjoy necro at least for farming. I haven't seen one build that can get around and clear a rift as fast as this one not even teleporting sorc or speed barb. If you can't find a strong primal 1h for main you can also sub out your mh FOR in-geom and this lets you cube the shadowhook to make up for the damage loss. I have not tried to main hand an in-geom but ideally the best setup would be a primal in-geom in MH and cubed shadowhook. I don't have one though. Enjoy.Immobile0 Mar 24
Mar 23 Jesseth Skullshield is NOT a Phylacteries OMG ... was cube convert rolling Phylacteries to complete the Jesseth set since it was a Necro off-hand. I guess I didn't read the fine print description. It is actually a shield. Thanks Blizz for throwing me in a loop burning mats. I'll put this out there for anyone else wondering why it never appears from the cube rolling Phylacteries.Graveheart32 Mar 23
Mar 17 20 Suggestions to improve Necromancer 20 Suggestions to improve Necromancer : 1. Every set of Necromancer should have at least 7 pieces to allow mix usage of sets. (Ex : Trag'oul's corroded fang could be in Trag'oul's set, Jesseth could be in Rathma's set, ...etc.). With only 6 pieces and same pieces for all sets, creativity is too limited. Might need rework of the number of pieces needed to get each bonus, in order to be able to combine powerful bonuses with only 4 pieces. Example : Trag'oul autolancer, Trag'oul's blood bone tornado. Lots of fun and creativity. 2. Bone armor should have max stack everytime it is triggered, if at least one ennemy is in the radius and, if applied on only one ennemy, apply max stack damage on this ennemy because more bones are ripped from it. Plus, increase max stacks to 20 (or double damage reduction per ennemy hit). When reviving, get max stack. Currently it is complicated to start & push a high GR correctly. 3. Bone tornado should apply elemental damage of its skill (i.e. the bone armor that triggers the bone tornado applies its elemental damage to the bone tornado). Examples : Dislocation should trigger a green poisonous bone tornado and poison ennemies. Reap of Anguish should trigger a blue cold bone tornado and freeze or slow ennemies. 4. Bone tornado should benefits from gold pickup radius, or extend with stacks, or extends with kills performed in the last x seconds. 5. Bone tornado should rotate faster over the time, to become a chain saw & slice ennemies. Bane of the Stricken will benefit from that. 6. More skills should benefits poison (Nayr) and blood (Trag'oul) skills. For example, currently there is no blood scythe nor blood or poison maledictions. Too bad. 7. More skills should benefits ice and thus froze ennemies to benefit from Krysbin's Sentence. A reworked Iceblink could benefits from that. Currently, only cold skeletons are really usable. There is no such "full ice necro". Too bad. 8. Each malediction should have an aura skill. Currently we only have aura of fragility. 9. Aura maledictions + Spreading malediction + Eternal torment should work and let you be able to run the map to curse all ennemies when cruising them and gain great damage over the time on the current map. Of course cumulated damage should be reset when changing map level. 10. Bone spirit should be completely reworked. Currently it is way too slow to charge, cast (animation is super long) and kill enemies, plus it is single target. Completely useless. 11. Lots of necro skills are weak and/or underused : Serration, Bone prison, Grisly tribute, Draw life, Aberrant Animator, Bone Spear, Army of the Dead, Leech, Revive, Contamination mage, some Golem variations... etc. They should all be rewritted of being buffed to be considered by players as viable. 12. Gem of Efficacious Toxin application should count as 1 stack of poison for Nayr's Black Death and should also trigger Rigor Mortis. Currently, Gem of Efficacious Toxin becomes useless on high GR. Too bad as it has potential to be fun. 13. Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver should retrieve its efficacity. You know what to do. Remove nerf from this incredible gemn, that has a lot of fun potential. Suggestion 5. could help. 14. Taeguk should work with the Necromancer. Currently, it does not. Sad. 15. Nova should be able to be casted while running. Currently it stops the necromancer and breaks fluidity when speed running. It is the same problem as we used to have with bone armor. It was fixed for bone armor, but the problem remains with nova. 16. Allow wizard sources transmogrifications to be applied to necromancer phylacteries, or provide more phylacteries transmogrifications (blood, bone...) and provide more bone/blood transmogrifications for weapons : Swords, axes, spears, maces... etc. Imagine a spine sword, or a flail with 3 skulls. 17. Inarius set should also buff bone abilities (bone nova, bone spikes, bone spirit, bone golem... etc.) 18. Pestilence set should buff all poison abilities rather than buffing corpse lance. It would add more fun and possibilities. 19. Moribunds gauntlets should drop twice corpses, or double the rate of dropping corpses, making Trag'oul and/or Corpse explosion more sustainable and fun to play. 20. There should be an item to double Golems, plus an item to double skeletons, just like we have an item to double mages. All that items could even be a set (amulet + 2 rings), adding more bonus on top of that. Could be an independant set, or items attached to Rathma's set. Lots of fun to forecast with that stuff. -- What do you think ? Give feedback & ideas.Isend18 Mar 17
Mar 15 Necro Hard Core capable? Or too risky? Are there any Necro builds that are solidly Hard Core capable? I'm mostly interested in hitting GR 70 for primal drops, have little interest in pushing super high GR's, and prefer to emphasize toughness over dps. I already have all of the seasonal stash tabs, so don't care about the season journey--it's all about fun this time around, and I was just wondering if the Necro can handle HC. Thanks!Incendio13 Mar 15
Mar 15 does Funerary Pick proc the Blood Nova Dev team my question is, is the Funerary Pick’s secondary ability proc’g. Iron Rose’s secondary ability to cast a free Blood Nova more frequently independently from it’s 3 Siphoning Blood ability? since the add’l. 1 or 2 blood siphons (depends on number if monsters being encountered at the time), increases the health healing percentage, it should also then proc the secondary ability independently per Blood Siphoning, correct? has anyone in the dev’t. team tried this out and proven the mechanics?VenatorNocti0 Mar 15
Mar 12 Cant get rest of Necro. seasonal set I completed all 4 chapters for the seasonal quests, and I only got 2 gears for it, yet I did all of the quests. How do I get my other gears??q2chuhbi5 Mar 12
Mar 12 Thorns build A couple patches ago there was a decent build around trag thorns for solo GR. Is this still a viable build?JAW1 Mar 12
Mar 10 Bone Spear - Crystallization Does this rune have the Chill / Slow like Effect (CC) beside slowing monsters' attack speed ?Ghoststalker4 Mar 10
Mar 10 Command Golem's Decay Golem Rune Will this rune work with Rigor Mortis (Passive) ?Ghoststalker0 Mar 10
Mar 8 [Mechanics] Necro Pet Primer Now that I have finished my S11 goals (pet) had some time to test some mechanics. Since nothing really changed with Monks, decided to focus on the Necromancer pets since Rathma is the free set this season. This isn't an all inclusive, more of a basic primer on pets. I am not confident in the exact base attack aps/frames of each pet as they seem to vary slightly due to pets forgetting who to attack, distance to target, etc. All of these test are just done in game on live servers. Skeletons, Golems, and Mages - CoE works with all pet damage of the listed element, and any actives maintain the same element. (CoE isn't additive with +% Element affix) - Enforcer's +% Pet Damage is multiplicative. - +% elemental damage is multiplicative. (unknown yet if all skeletons using Bloodsong will convert to the same element as the rune selected like Inna 6pc because the power is bugged) - All pet attacks can proc Area Damage. - Base Skeleton APS = ~1.2 * Necromancer APS * 1.5 (if using TnT) - Base Skeleton Weapon Damage = 50% - Base Skeleton Active Damage = 75% - Base Golem APS = ~0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) - Base Golem Weapon Damage = 450% * Necromancer APS - Base Golem Active Weapon Damage does not use Necromancer APS as a multiplier...bug? - Base Mage APS = ~2.0 (3.0 if using TnT) - Base Mage Weapon Damage = 200% * Necromancer APS Legendary Gems - Efficacious Toxin = WORKS. Pet attacks will proc poison, and gain 10% damage increase. - Pain Enhancer = WORKS. Pets crits bleed, and count towards your blood frenzy. - Enforcer = WORKS (damage portion). Damage reduction not so much... - Bane of the Trapped = WORKS. If snared (dynamic) - Bane of the Powerful = WORKS. - Bane of the Stricken = Pets can't gain stacks for you, but do benefit from your stacks. - Gogok of Swiftness, Wreath of Lightning, Mirinae - Pets hits can't proc procs - Zei's Stone of Vengeance - Damage scales from Necromancer position (always min 5 yd bonus), pets can't proc stun. - Iceblink - Cold pet runes don't proc the Primary or Secondary, but should benefit from the 10% increase crit when you do apply a cold attack manually. ... - Skeletons "leap" towards the target when active and continues to attack until target dies or it does. - Boneringer applies damage bonus additive with itself, but multiplicative with everything else. Unruned Skeleton, Enforcer, Dark Mending Active = "Your Skeleton has its damage increased by 50% against the target" Element - Physical Skeleton APS - Attack Speed = 1.2 * Sheet APS * 1.5 (if using TnT) Skeleton Damage - Melee Attack Damage = 50% weapon damage - Active Attack Damage = 75% weapon damage Frenzy Active = "Your Skeleton has its attack speed increased by 25% against the target" Element - Physical Skeleton APS - Attack Speed = 1.2 * Sheet APS * 1.5 (if using TnT) - Active Attack Speed = 1.2 * Sheet APS * 1.25 * 1.5 (if using TnT) Skeleton Damage - Melee Attack Damage = 50% weapon damage - Active Attack Damage = 75% weapon damage Freezing Grasp Active = "Target is frozen for 3 seconds" Element - Cold * - low passive proc rate for Frostburn (ie - not worth it) Skeleton APS - Attack Speed = 1.2 * Sheet APS * 1.5 (if using TnT) Skeleton Damage - Melee Attack Damage = 50% weapon damage - Active Attack Damage = 75% weapon damage Kill Command Active = "Skeletons explode for 215% weapon damage within 15 yards." Element - Poison Skeleton APS - Attack Speed = 1.2 * Sheet APS * 1.5 (if using TnT) Skeleton Damage - Melee Attack Damage = 50% weapon damage - Active Explosion Damage [7x] = 322.5% weapon damage ... - Majority of Golem actives have no damage portion, they just explode for no damage and generate several corpses at their previous location before respawning. - Golemskin Pant's multiplicative Unruned Golem, Flesh Active = "Command to target location where it collapses into a pile of 5 Corpses" (8 for Flesh) Element - Physical Golem APS - Attack Speed = 0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) Golem Damage - Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * Sheet APS Ice Golem Active = "Command the Golem to launch an icy blast to target location where it freezes enemies for 3 seconds and increases crit by 10%" Element - Cold * - low passive proc rate for Frostburn (ie - not worth it) Golem APS - Attack Speed = 0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) Golem Damage - Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * Sheet APS Bone Golem Active = "Golem becomes a tornado and carries all enemies to target location and stuns for 3 seconds dealing 2000% weapon damage over time" Element - Physical Golem APS - Attack Speed = 0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) Golem Damage - Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * Sheet APS - Active Weapon Damage = 400% * 5 Ticks = 2000% (Bug? Shouldn't the damage use Sheet APS as a multiplier as well?) Decay Golem Active = "Golem consumes nearby corpses at target location and increases damage by 30% per corpse" Element - Poison Golem APS - Attack Speed = 0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) Golem Damage - Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * Sheet APS - Active Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * (1 + 30% * # corpses) (Buff lasts ~10 seconds) Blood Golem Active = "Golem heals you for 25% of your total health and reconstructs at target location dealing 450% weapon damage to nearby enemies" Element - Physical Golem APS - Attack Speed = 0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) Golem Damage - Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * Sheet APS - Active Weapon Damage = 450% (Bug? Shouldn't the damage use Sheet APS as a multiplier as well?) ... - All non-archer mager do a quick "double strike" as their first attack, then attack since "single strikes" until despawning. Unruned Mage, Gift of Death, Life Support Element - Physical Mage APS - Attack Speed = 2.0 (3.0 if using TnT) Mage Damage - Ranged Weapon Damage = 200% * Sheet APS Contamination Element - Poison Mage APS - Attack Speed = 1 ticks per second (~1.5 ticks per second if using TnT) Mage Damage - AoE Weapon Damage per tick = 100% * Sheet APS Skeleton Archer - does not get a 'double strike' as first attack when summoned. Element - Cold * - low passive proc rate for Frostburn (ie - not worth it) Mage APS - Attack Speed = 1.0 (1.5 if using TnT) Mage Damage - Ranged Weapon Damage = 400% * Sheet APS * - Archer IAS bonus is actually not a %, nor additive with your IAS from armor/buffs/paragon. What is actually does is add +0.3 APS to your weapon so unless you're using a really slow weapon with few IAS, you're not getting as much IAS as you probably would hope ^_^; Singularity Element - Physical Mage APS - Attack Speed = 2.0 (3.0 if using TnT) Mage Damage - Ranged Weapon Damage = 200% * Sheet APS * Singularity Multiplier - Singularity Multiplier = 3% * [ Current Essence - (40 * (1-RCR%)) ] + 1 * - Example, with 10% RCR and 250 Current Essence, the summoned Mage will attack for 1484% * Sheet APS weapon damage instead of 200% * Sheet APS... which is a lot more! ^_^ Hope that was helpful for someone out there. As far as useful conclusions, I'm sure someone can make up some breakpoint tables for Command Skeleton before Bloodsong Mail is fixed in 2018. I don't really play much pet builds, but the poor golem doesn't seem to do much other than a corpse potion. I think it would have been cool if the Golemskin Breeches did something like taunt all enemies at target location for 10 seconds. As for mages, I miss the old beta Poison mages >_> If you see any errors, or have some random interactions you want tested, please post here and I'll check it out!Davlok46 Mar 8
Mar 7 Pesti corpse lance I followed the build on icy veins. Timing my bursts with element boost from the ring and keeping all my defensive stuff up. The problem I'm having is that my necro just doesnt put out the dps. Also almost everything 1 shots me even with 25 stacks of defense up and 1.2 mil health. It's good up until about 80 GR and then it just seems to be garbage. I've heard you're supposed to "wipe the screen " but I'm fully geared and rolled for priority along with level 80 gems and can barely kill a trash mob on GR 100 before LOD expires. I've looked at all the mechanics. Keeping distance for the gem to give the full dmg bonus and making sure everything is cursed. The build just seems !@#$ to me. Idk what's wrong. Any ideas?Immobile4 Mar 7
Mar 3 Lon thorns question Hello guys. Can anyone explain me the correct rotation of lon thorns rgk? I know the basics, but i dont know if i can recast command skeletons. Do i loose the boneringer stacks with the kill command rune? Thanks for answers.Taros3 Mar 3
Feb 27 Necroing with friends Are there any necro builds that can function without meta comps? This is my first time playing necro so I'm a bit lost with their potential and group role. Most of the solo builds I see run LON. Most of the group builds I see revolve around 2 necros supporting each other. I mostly play with 2 of my buddies that run condemn/thorns crusader and jade doctor. I'm kinda stuck on what build to run to either support or do damage. Can someone throw some other suggestions for some solo/group builds for a potential GR100 push?Clarity0 Feb 27
Feb 23 HELP FINDING A BETTER NECROMANCER BUILD 18 min ago (Edited) So I'm at level 70(415) and am trying to find a better build. I started out focusing on Command Skeletons and would focus frenzy them to take down bosses and high level targets. I would use Blood Siphon to fill up my essence as well. I would also cast Skeletal Mages for added support and massive damage. I recently played with a top 1000 player who leveled me up massively and said I should look at a build guide. So I want to build a better build but am having trouble changing my natural play style to something that would do better. So at this level do I start with a build like this: And then once I reach a higher level change build to something like this: And if I don't have the all of the armor set yet do I just go along with the build until I get the armor or should I focus on using a different build to get the armor and then change from there?Zugs3 Feb 23
Feb 23 Stuck in low 70s greater rifts I play D3 on my Switch, so unless I'm mistaken, people can't just check my profile to see my character. My gear: Trag'Oul's full set Funerary Pick Iron Rose Unless Walk set - Esoteric Alteration 70 / Zei's Stone of Vengeance 37 Nemesis Bracers The Witching Hour Circle of Nailuj's Evol - Bane of the Trapped 70 Cubed: scythe of the cycle dayntee's binding krysbin's sentence Build: siphon blood - suppress skeletal mage - life support devour - devouring aura blood rush frailty - aura of frailty <- sometimes swapped to land of the dead - frozen lands bone armor - dislocation extended servitude blood is power eternal torment life from death Wanting to obviously do greater rifts, I can just barely do 70-72, depending on the luck of the spawns. I know the popular build is basically corpse lance builds, but maybe it's just me, I can't seem to do anything with that build. A few seconds in & I'm out of resources and everything is on CD and next to nothing dead. I've watched guides, equipped the gear, but I just... I guess I'm just bad at that build. It's not really a build for me anyway, even if I had it down. For my build, I've been swapping between land of the dead - frozen lands and the frailty - aura of frailty. As for the greater rifts, I often get 1-shot from a lot of monsters. Almost anything with range, basically. I obviously need more survivability, but not sure where to get it. Maybe a shield? Not that interested in doing an all out pet build, but I would consider that over a corpse lance build. Open to changing sets from Trag'Oul's to another. Maybe Inarius? I see almost all Pestilence sets in the tops of the leaderboards, but the bonuses are for a build that I'm not interested in. That's fine. I don't plan to go near the top of the leaderboard, but something more than greater rift 72 would be nice. /end rant So... suggestions?Cruciarius2 Feb 23
Feb 21 Is The Blood Not Enough? This is my first Necromancer and wanted to give the Blood God with Pets approach a try. I seem to not be dishing a ton of damage on 70 GR or higher, wanted to see if there are any experts who may be able to offer some advice on maybe a better ring or build of gear. Feb 21
Feb 20 necromancer before any sets Hi there! I've been trying to look for skill builds that don't require any specific gear, something fun, i can't find any online that don't require a bunch of gear. I'm currently working on season 16 and trying to complete the last set of quests to get the trag'oul set thanks!JDumont2 Feb 20
Feb 19 Walking Plague.. Feb 19
Feb 18 Necro ps4 key on PC? Hi guys! So... I got a Necromancer DLC key from my friend. The problem is: this is a ps4 key. And i don't have ps4, i have PC. I know this is a stupid question, but if I write this key on my account on pc, will it work on it? And if not, is there a way to replace this ps4 key with pc key?Vandor18231 Feb 18
Feb 17 Rathma's CD doesn't work? Hi everybody, I've been playing necro lately, with the 6 piece Bones of Rathma set. However, when I wanted to do the set dungeon, the CD count stayed at 0. Does anyone have an explanation for this? As it says (when acquired 2 pieces of the set): Minions have a chance to reduce the cooldown of Army of the Dead by 1 second each time they deal damage (2 pieces). Thanks :)Timity2 Feb 17
Feb 17 REILENA'S SHADOWHOOK BUGGED CUBE? So i extraced the REILENA'S SHADOWHOOK in the cube, and selected my buff in the cube. but i get 0 extra dmg for my essence, I know it wont show in the stats etc, But when i do grifts and regular rifts i have zero diffrence in DMG. i crit the same, do the same DMG etc. is something bugged for me?Graster1 Feb 17
Feb 17 Rathma Set Worthless Why create it in the first place when IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK? Seriously, my level 91 Enforcer gem (along with 2 other level 80 gems) can't even solo past GR70 with FULL ANCIENT (augmented) GEAR! Tf Blizz, give it a buff ffs, and make the Golem more OP than the WD Gargantuan or some #*%^ cause pet WD is making this set/build look stupid as (^&$. And by the way, allow linking of my console account to the damn website so i can display my PS4 toons already..nibz34 Feb 17
Feb 16 Buff off-set items Please, there's no reason why all necro builds have to revolve around the same few items: Lance shoulders or 2-piece weapon/shield set R. shadowhook Krysbin's ring Curses belt Please... let me use other skills!Wyrmheart0 Feb 16
Feb 16 Rat Runs? Is anyone still doing Rat runs? All I see advertised in the community are Nat or Impale DH runs. Just bought Necromancer and having a blast. And I was hoping to get in to some Rat run groups.MOE1 Feb 16