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1m Inarius Bone Armor helpnand thoughts Ok ladies and gentlemen. I really like the play style of this build and want to make it work. Nothing more boring then running around for 30 min collecting mobs so you can pop Sim and LoTD and kill the screen. Just not my play style. I’ve been exploring ways to make I6 work since the Min/PE build doesn’t work due to the proc rate hotfix Firs thought was changing to Bone Spear using combos of Shadowhook, Maltorius, and Sythe/Cycle. 1 the damage just wasn’t there (this surprised me) and 2 I could Not up with the resource gen even when swapping blood rush for devour. Especially when I went up in GR ( and were only talking high 60s). That cost of 40 per click is just too high. Went back the vanilla gear and tried out Gizzard + Deaths Bargain. I didn’t realize at first this doesn’t benefit from CD, CHC, or your main stat. So even though the numbers look good the out put is less than Diserable. The only benefit here is I now have a decent gizzard stone. I’m looking at trying Blood/Death nova next (need to track down a blood tide first.) will try combos with trangs, blood tide and shadowhook. I know I’m not going to make this leader board material. If I can get to the 90s with P1050 I’d be happy. So has anyone played around and found a decent option for this build that has been relegated to the junk yard?TheElderQ13 1m
35m Pestilence build - crit chance Is crit chance useless in this build? I have noticed that some top players rerolled cc into something else.Swidney10 35m
16h LazyNecro: Anti-Carpal Tunnel - UPDATED 2.6.1 Firstly, if you're new, check the "2.6 ver and build premise ideas" section found further down for background and meat and potatoes of the build. This section expands on that base premise which I will not be repeating because I hate repeating myself. I'm lazy. That's why I use this build in the first place. Secondly, this addendum is designed and thought about for the new player and average player in mind. When I think of builds I try to think in terms that don't revolve around having obscene paragon levels, high augments or high gem levels in order to be functional. You will note in the video provided I INTENTIONALLY dropped my stats down to reflect a more average to below average stat array. So, that said, Stranger Things 2 came out and I decided to do some binge watching on NetFlix. As always I fired up the ole' D3 and tinkered around with 2.6.1 now that it's live. ☠️ Passives: I decided to go a different route this time around. Again, with a lower stat character in mind. So passives selected: - Stand Alone (obviously) - Fueled by Death (speed) - Rigor Mortis (DPS) - Eternal Torment (DPS) Now, how exactly is Rigor Mortis and Eternal Torment helping in DPS? Ingeniously, that's how. ;) We have Bane of The Trapped (BoTT) socketed. BoTT amps damage on slowed targets. Rigor Mortis ensures enemies that are afflicted with poison are slowed for 5 seconds. Dislocation is slotted. Anything that we touch gets poisoned ergo anything we touch is ensured to take amp'd damage for 5 seconds via Rigor Mortis + BoTT. "Wait, 5 seconds?" Believe me, more than enough time. Eternal Torment? Frailty Aura curses only those monsters that are inside, and remain inside, our aura. They leave the aura, or we move away from them, no longer cursed. Eternal Torment ensures that those that leave our aura remain cursed. Ergo, Trag's continues to amp DoT damage as we walk on by. So, why are we doing this? Simply put, so we don't stop moving. You'll notice in the video that I do not stop moving. At all. Well, maybe a couple times but 99% of the time I'm constantly moving. You'll also note that everything behind me (some exceptions noted that will be discussed later) dies. This is because of Eternal Torment in conjunction with Trag's + Rigor Mortis in conjunction with BoTT/Krysbin's, Efficacious and Pain Enhancer. All of which gets amp'd by our 6 piece. In short, it makes sure that everything we walk by dies. Everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Now, "Trickshaw wtf? Not everything is dying in the video?" Yes, yes. So, the reason for that is because my crit% was driven so low by swapping out good pieces for crap pieces in order to drop my stats (i.e. DPS) thusly Pain Enhancer isn't proc'ing on everything. So, the higher your Crit% is the higher your clear% will be. This is why I've always advised Crit% over CritDmg if given the choice between the two. Obviously you want both, of course, but when you're first gearing up that's not always an option. So, Crit% > CritDmg until you get to the gearing point where you have the luxury of both options. "But Trickshaw, I STILL keep dying!" Feel free to swap out Fueled by Death for Draw Life or Life From Death if you have survival issues. You can also sacrifice clear efficiency and/or speed by using Thy Flesh Sustained rune on your Bone Armor. A stat you should be going for that you might not normally focus on would be Life Per Second (LPS). Getting your LPS up to 30-40k should be ample (I have 29k in the video) enough to make GR70 a comfortable breeze. You can get this with 2-3 pieces and your Templar pretty easily. ☠️ Abilities: As recommended by another poster I've thrown in Simulacrum-Resevoir in lieu of Golem. Honestly, it really doesn't matter. I rarely, if ever, use it. It is a nice "oh ****" button if you happened to get slammed with a cumbersome elite and you don't wanna blow your LoTD-Frozen Lands because you're close to the GRift Guardian. Bone Spirit with the Panic rune is also a viable alternative if you're looking for a little bit more active alternative. Dislocation is the default rune for Bone Armor but Harvest of Anguish can be slotted in for GR70's once your DPS is good enough to no longer need Dislocation+Rigor Mortis. If you're having survival issues you can default back to the tried and ever true Thy Flesh Sustained. If you go this route you can toss our Rigor Mortis for Spreading Malediction or Overwhelming Essence to help account for the DPS hit. I normally go for the Harvest setup when I'm doing my GR75 speedruns and I manage to clear in about 3-4 minutes. Again, mileage may vary dependant on gearing level. Other than that, nothing has changed. ☠️ Gear: Well, Dayntee's is now definitely BIS for pretty much every Necro build, no surprise there, so that means it's BIS for us as well. This will seriously help out those of you who have posted asking about survival issues with low Paragon levels (sub 800). I dropped Brigg's because it simply wasn't needed. This is still a decent option for survival if you're an HC player so feel free to stick with it if you're more comfortable with it. In it's place I threw on Convention of Elements (CoE). With Harvest of Anguish, Pain Enhancer and Efficacious all being used it only makes sense to have it equipped. I really ****ing hate this ring. I hate the animation. I hate that it's BIS almost unilaterally across all classes and most sets. I ****ing despise this ring but it is what it is so use it. ☠️ Companion: Templar for two reasons: 1.) He can heal you in a pinch and pull aggro which helps out seriously when you're getting geared and 2.) equip him with an Ess of Johan, Bul-Kathos Wedding Band and Occulus. Occulus is universally the best damn ring you can put on a follower so this is a must. Since the Templar is always melee that means he can take advantage of Bul-Kathos on the GRift Guardian which is the only way you're going to get any form of meaningful DPS out of any follower and Ess of Johan makes survival and DPS just that much easier. So it's a Win-Win-Win-Win choice. Later, when your gear is more up to par you can swap out Templar for Sorceress for those juicy CC's she drops everywhere (Krysbin's HOOO!!!!"). However, follower to taste. Whatever floats your boat. ☠️ Bounties: My favorite bounty setup so far is to go with the Harvest of Anguish+Overwhelming Essence setup, drop Bul-Kathos, equip RoRG, equip Aquilas Cuirass and cube Steuart's Greaves. You're going to have to pay attention to what you're doing because... well... bounties... but you will be the fastest thing on the board pretty much with the exception of maybe a Chicken WD. You can go with Steuart's equipped and Aquilas' cubed if that's a better setup for you equipment wise. Whatever floats your boat. ☠️ Demonstration: Alright, now that that's out of the way, below is the video that I took after finally scoring a non-ancient Dayntee's. The second video is the one I took once Fishy brought it to my attention that Rigor Mortis doesn't proc off of Efficacious. Both clear times are comparable. What this means is with Harvest of Anguish slotted you are trading clear efficiency for speed vs. Dislocation. The videos clearly show comparable clear times so, pick your poison. Again, it's important to note the stats that I'm playing with. In both videos I swapped out my helmet, gloves and Dayntee with non-ancient non-Crit% version as well as throwing on a garbage CoE with Strength no Crit% or CritDmg. Shadowhook is the same one I've always used, still haven't scored a Primal. These are impressive clears given the fact that the build only utilizes ONE button 99.9% of the time. Don't expect every run to be amazeballs. I mean, they will be. Just not as fast as these. You're more likely going to be averaging around 4 minutes-ish until you start getting better gear. Also, funnily enough, I managed to die in both videos right out the gate. I really need to make it a habit to open up with LoTD to score that initial 15 Bone Armor stack. Hope you enjoy, as always, hit me up with any questions and stay lazy. Harvest of Anguish Clear - 3:37 ⛔ Dislocation Clear - 3:32 ⛔ Edit: By request, here is a comparison video to accompany those listed above. In this one I use my 'real' gear so you can do a side by side comparison of 'bad' stats vs. 'good' stats. Note that unlike in the above video, with a higher Crit% everything actually dies. 3 minute clear time. Not shabby. Also important to note is that I play sloppily. This is how the build is intended. I run into walls, I almost walk past pylons, I have to circle back for globes and elites and I even forget to renew my Bone Armor. This build is intended to be played like this. I'm not paying full attention to what I'm doing because I was watching a video linked to me in Discord on another screen. THIS is the point behind LazyNecro. Not to be the best but to be the best at being Lazy. Hope you enjoy, as always, hit me up with any questions and stay lazy. ⛔ Edit Edit: Special thanks to Fishy. _____________________________________________________________________________ Previously, on LazyNecro... ⛏ -------------------------------------- ⛏ - 2.6 ver and build premise ideas - ⛏ -------------------------------------- ⛏ ☠️ Video Illustrating Bul-Kathos ACTUAL functionality ⛔ ☠️ For the Alternate Version: Basically I dropped Wildebeast, tossed in a Efficacious Toxin and equipped a Cord of The Sherma. This version requires a bit more "paying attention" when you're doing GR70's given that you're relying on health globes via Devour Aura + Life From Death. You could go with the Flesh Sustained rune if you're wanted a little bit more sustain and less reliance on globes (which makes more sense if your gear happens to have Life/Sec affixes on it) so there's that. However, if you prefer the brain dead "I'M TRYING TO PAY ATTENTION TO NETFLIX!" version than stick with the original. Alternate can clear T13's in 2-4min. Alternate can clear GR70's in 3-4min. - Alternate Version GR70 4 min clear vidja: ⛔ - Here's the original vidja: ⛔ - Original Zero Paragon Run: ⛔ - DiabloFans - (**2.6.1 Updated): ⛔ ☠️ Original Post: Ever wanted a farming build that you could just chillax and play one handed with zero buttons to push? Me too. So, I spent the time. I did the research. (AQUA TEENS ASSEMBLE!) Actually I just slapped some crap together and took it out for a whirl and it ended up working pretty damn good. Anyway, only two buttons to push. One is Bone Armor, the other is LoTD for when the GRift Guardian pops; you will see me push this button exactly once in the linked video. Teleport is on the bar, and if you're so inclined you may use it, but I can't be bothered to. Assuming you can be bothered, I would assume your clears will be much faster than mine. Golem is there explicitly as something else for baddies to attack. If our speed passive ever gets fixed I'd swap Blood Is Power out in a heart beat. I tried a Trags + Lost Time variant but I guess Lost Time doesn't work with Bone Armor. The original can clear T13's in 3-5min with no effort. The original can clear GR70 in 4-5min with little effort. Can it go higher? Possibly. I started a 75 and quickly realized I had to pay attention and focus. So I said, "**** that." Note the time completion similarity between T13 and GR70. That's because the damage is less relevant as density is. The denser the field, the faster your clear time as stuff will die just as fast in a T13 as it will in GR70. Well, almost as fast. That and T13's you typically stop and loot stuff. Also note the lack of Boon Hoarder gimmick. That's because I didn't want to spend the time swapping gear around and just freely switch between effortless 70's and T13's whilst enjoying my freaky feline features on the YouTubes. If you're married to the idea of Boon Hoarders than you simply: - Swap out Wildebeast for Boon Hoarder - Swap out String of Ears for Goldwrap - No room for Avarice though. Would have to give up Krysbins or Bul Kathos which is where all your damage stems from. Done. But, like I said, I just wanted something where I could go in and out without putzin with anything. So this is what I came up with. Clearly with better gear and higher gems you will progress faster and with less effort. Low paragon with crap gear, your mileage may vary. Hope you enjoy. ⛔ P.S. Song is O' Death by Jen Titus and it should be the Necro anthem.wahskcirt433 16h
22h Discovering necro - Questions and notes Hey guys, i'm new to the necro. I've had him since launch, but i haven't quite gotten around to tinker with him. This season though, it'll be all about him for my journey..and beyond. As i'm learning the class, i'd appreciate some of my curiosities being answered, so as to better play him. This post has 3 sections : Active skills questions, Passive skills questions and Notes on skills. If some have already been answered, please note which question was answered and the topic where i can read the info. General non-constructive answers will be ignored obviously. #Slot (active) skills questions 1) On Frailty - Scent of Blood rune "Cursed enemies take 15% increased damage from your minions" Do Corpse skills count as minions too? e.g. Corpse Lance 2) Leech "Cursed enemies heal the attacker for 2% of their total health when they are struck" their = attackers' health? or monsters' health? Corollary 2.1) Are there any skills that have anything to do with % monster health? Like the old crushing blow used to do 8% of mob health. 3) Would melee necro with Inarius make a viable build? It seems centered on close-range with the bone armor, even though i've heard ppl use it for other stuff. 4) Bone Spikes Is it an aoe or does it hit a specific number of mobs? (not mentioning poison rune) I mean, it seems to hit more than 1 mob..but it somehow feels like it doesn't hit all mobs? Or its' range is small and it does hit all in range? Corollary 4.1) What's the aoe range of Bone spikes? (if applicable) (not how far i can hit with it, but how big is the zone it hits) 5) Syphon Blood sound like a great tool for blood builds, especially with the last rune. Is it actually used though ? 6) General - All freeze effects on necro skills Do they work regardless of mob crowd control resistance? I mean, can i rely on them in high GRs or just a couple times like everywhere else? 7) Devour - Satiated It gives + 2% max life for 2 seconds per corpse Is the duration extended per corpse as well or just the bonus life? 8) General - skills consuming minions for resources Any reliable way to factory minions out of nowhere ? Or were they meant as a one-time thing? 9) Revive - Purgatory Can you endlessly reuse the same minions? Or given that they are spread, you won't effectively be able to use the same mobs? 10 ) Command Golem - Ice Golem +%Chance to be critically hit - is it for my necro or also for my party? 11) Army of the Dead Crazy numbers...Is it used in endgame though ? Like the idea of the skill, wonder how useful it is. Tbh it feels like the earthquake of the necro, but with double cooldown. 12) Army of the dead - Unconventional Warfare Total damage dealt by skeletons is 50000% wep damage? Or each hit made by the skeletons deals that damage, just random on what they hit? 13) Land of the dead - Frozen lands "periodically".... How often do they freeze? 14) Land of the dead - Plaguelands Am i understanding the mechanic wrong or does it feel completely weak compared to Army of the Dead? 15 ) Simulacrum - Blood and Bone How is the Simulacrum of bone different from the blood one? Does the basic one cast only blood skills from your skillset..and the bone one just the bone skills from your skillset? Or how? Or is it just colors? #Passive skills questions Here i grouped them by skill. 16) Stand alone - some skills are gray area for me and some minions are not displayed next to the class portrait, so: 16.1) Does Skeletal Mage count as a minion for this even if it's timed? Or is it a spell? 16.2) Do pillars from Bone Spikes - Bone pillars count as minions or it's just an effect? 16.3) Doesn't Corpse Lance create a minion during animation as well? 16.4) Is Bone spirit just an animation or a minion while it searches for targets? Or because it has charges, it can't be a minion? 16.5) Is Simulacrum a minion? 17) Spreading malediction Simulacrum - Cursed Form applies all 3 curses. Does it turn this passive into a 3% dmg boost per affected mob? #Notes a) Bone Spear - Shatter seems much better than Death Nova - Bone Nova At least on paper 500% in 15 yards > 475% in 12 yards They're both physical. b) Death Nova - Blight The reduced damage mod seems weak. I mean, if you want to defend yourself of an attack, considering how fast-paced the game is, by the time you cast the spell, the mob already hit you...and 10 others in the meantime too. Unless you can spam it all time, making it feel like an aura...but even then, you're becoming a sitting duck waiting for that nuclear strike..doesn't seem healthy. c) Skeletal Mage - Singularity Seems powerful on paper. I'll have to give him a try sometime.Wonder if there's supporting items for it. d) Command Skeletons 50% wep dmg per hit seems weak. They felt cool in low levels, but soon became useless. At least they take a bit of dmg off mobs...still they feel so weak. e) Command Golem - Ice Golem, Blood Golem Pity that they don't make corpses too. f) Command Golem - Decay Golem Decay sounds more like an aura than getting a boost to its damage g) Land of the dead - Frozen lands Periodically frozen...on advanced tooltips on...feels wrong. h)Land of the dead - Plaguelands Suppose there's 1 mob. 100% wep dmg per second means using 10% of its' power in 10 seconds...with crap damage...and if the mob stays there Suppose there's 10 mobs. 100% wep dmg X 10 mobs = 1k% wep dmg per second In 10 seconds it achieves it's potential..but 120 seconds but 1k% wep dmg for 1 mob in 10 seconds is completely useless...and this is where the skill seems to achieve its' potential Suppose there's 10+ mobs Better chance at hitting that 10k% wep dmg..and after that it's useless. Thanks for your input beforehand.Tornado1 22h
2d Rathma solo push build I did play barbarian on season 12. Now season has been ended, I bring back my season 11 rathma build for causal solo play during off-season. Are rathma solo gr push build still is using Jesseth Sets as weapon and off-hand ? I just played in a rat group with a zNeco, The rats are all using Scythe of the Cycle + off-hand to ran.adrianmak1 2d
2d Necro pricing? Why does the necro cost real money u should let us buy it with in game gold because some of us can't afford to pay 15 bucks for it, especially if your like me and haven't been able to work the last few months because of a car accident.vamp5605 2d
2d Playstyle for pest build? Do I just run around spamming Decrepify and try not to get hit until my LotD and Simulacrum are off cooldown? What is the optimal sheet cooldown I should have?Exiter5 2d
3d Primal Ancient Nayr's stuck at 65% ?? Came back after a long hiatus only to find my once in a lifetime weapon is now gutter trash. Aren't primal ancient weapons supposed to be the maximum possible roll? Why is my Nayr's 65% when the max is now 100%?Chaoxytal3 3d
3d Need a bit of help on pestilence set If anyone can provide some tips on the pestilence corpse lance set, it'd be great. So far I've completed as high as GR 103 solo (but barely, with 2 seconds remaining and with a good amount of GR fishing). My main problem is that I am dying way too much and I am wondering if it is due to my playing style. Can anyone also check out my profile and provide any feedback on my gears and such? I know I have a few shortcomings: - My Endless Walk set is terrible, struggling to find a good set.. - My shoulder is missing vitality. - My Krysbin's Sentence and Corroded Fang can be better.. -- Also the numbers in my profile don't seem to add up properly to what is actually showing in my game.. I've seen videos of people clearing around the same GR as me but with lower paragon and roughly the same gear stats (maybe a bit worse). The videos I've seen, people don't die as nearly as much as I do, so I think it's my playing style that needs to change.. Any tips on how to improve the gameplay to avoid dying so much? I think with my current gears and paragon, I should be able to solo at least a 105 (maybe a bit higher too, not sure on this).. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time!irtjames1413 3d
3d One handed vs two handed weapon for Necro I'm not clear about why all of the popular builds for the Necro advocate for one handed with weapons with a phylactery or shield for the other hand. I tried one that is popular, Jesseth scythe and boneshield, but have noticed a massive falloff in damage. With my two handed staff and a socketed emerald I currently have about 650,000 damage. When I swap it out for a one handed weapon, even one with a set or legendary pedigree, the damage is much less. I have an offense style with sketletal mages and skelly warriors and generally overwhelm the swarms at level 37 (currently) with my 2 handed staff and a tragoul build. Thoughts?drmicrochp2 3d
4d Does Haunt of Vaxo work with Rathma set? Are those shadow clones minions, and get the damage buff from Rathma, and Jesseth set as well?ZingyDNA0 4d
Feb 18 20 Suggestions to improve Necromancer 20 Suggestions to improve Necromancer : 1. Every set of Necromancer should have at least 7 pieces to allow mix usage of sets. (Ex : Trag'oul's corroded fang could be in Trag'oul's set, Jesseth could be in Rathma's set, ...etc.). With only 6 pieces and same pieces for all sets, creativity is too limited. Might need rework of the number of pieces needed to get each bonus, in order to be able to combine powerful bonuses with only 4 pieces. Example : Trag'oul autolancer, Trag'oul's blood bone tornado. Lots of fun and creativity. 2. Bone armor should have max stack everytime it is triggered, if at least one ennemy is in the radius and, if applied on only one ennemy, apply max stack damage on this ennemy because more bones are ripped from it. Plus, increase max stacks to 20 (or double damage reduction per ennemy hit). When reviving, get max stack. Currently it is complicated to start & push a high GR correctly. 3. Bone tornado should apply elemental damage of its skill (i.e. the bone armor that triggers the bone tornado applies its elemental damage to the bone tornado). Examples : Dislocation should trigger a green poisonous bone tornado and poison ennemies. Reap of Anguish should trigger a blue cold bone tornado and freeze or slow ennemies. 4. Bone tornado should benefits from gold pickup radius, or extend with stacks, or extends with kills performed in the last x seconds. 5. Bone tornado should rotate faster over the time, to become a chain saw & slice ennemies. Bane of the Stricken will benefit from that. 6. More skills should benefits poison (Nayr) and blood (Trag'oul) skills. For example, currently there is no blood scythe nor blood or poison maledictions. Too bad. 7. More skills should benefits ice and thus froze ennemies to benefit from Krysbin's Sentence. A reworked Iceblink could benefits from that. Currently, only cold skeletons are really usable. There is no such "full ice necro". Too bad. 8. Each malediction should have an aura skill. Currently we only have aura of fragility. 9. Aura maledictions + Spreading malediction + Eternal torment should work and let you be able to run the map to curse all ennemies when cruising them and gain great damage over the time on the current map. Of course cumulated damage should be reset when changing map level. 10. Bone spirit should be completely reworked. Currently it is way too slow to charge, cast (animation is super long) and kill enemies, plus it is single target. Completely useless. 11. Lots of necro skills are weak and/or underused : Serration, Bone prison, Grisly tribute, Draw life, Aberrant Animator, Bone Spear, Army of the Dead, Leech, Revive, Contamination mage, some Golem variations... etc. They should all be rewritted of being buffed to be considered by players as viable. 12. Gem of Efficacious Toxin application should count as 1 stack of poison for Nayr's Black Death and should also trigger Rigor Mortis. Currently, Gem of Efficacious Toxin becomes useless on high GR. Too bad as it has potential to be fun. 13. Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver should retrieve its efficacity. You know what to do. Remove nerf from this incredible gemn, that has a lot of fun potential. Suggestion 5. could help. 14. Taeguk should work with the Necromancer. Currently, it does not. Sad. 15. Nova should be able to be casted while running. Currently it stops the necromancer and breaks fluidity when speed running. It is the same problem as we used to have with bone armor. It was fixed for bone armor, but the problem remains with nova. 16. Allow wizard sources transmogrifications to be applied to necromancer phylacteries, or provide more phylacteries transmogrifications (blood, bone...) and provide more bone/blood transmogrifications for weapons : Swords, axes, spears, maces... etc. Imagine a spine sword, or a flail with 3 skulls. 17. Inarius set should also buff bone abilities (bone nova, bone spikes, bone spirit, bone golem... etc.) 18. Pestilence set should buff all poison abilities rather than buffing corpse lance. It would add more fun and possibilities. 19. Moribunds gauntlets should drop twice corpses, or double the rate of dropping corpses, making Trag'oul and/or Corpse explosion more sustainable and fun to play. 20. There should be an item to double Golems, plus an item to double skeletons, just like we have an item to double mages. All that items could even be a set (amulet + 2 rings), adding more bonus on top of that. Could be an independant set, or items attached to Rathma's set. Lots of fun to forecast with that stuff. -- What do you think ? Give feedback & ideas.Isend10 Feb 18
Feb 18 zNecro? What's the role? Hi all, I was running some GR90s last night with a P3000 Necro. The rest of the group confirmed he was using a variation of the zNecro build. What is a zNecro build? I have a zBarb and I do zero dps and just support and pull. This zNecro does a ton of AOE damage when he was spamming corpse lance. Not sure what rune he was using but the projectiles were blue. I checked his gear and there were all CDR concentrated. This build is absolute beast because he killed all the trash. Is there a link to a few variations of this so called zNecro build? I'm interested.Wangster18 Feb 18
Feb 18 Death Nova Buff Greetings denizens of Sanctuary, I have been in and out of D3. I played with the buffed items pre-season 12. I have a few points about Blood tide & Death nova: 1-Bloodtide legendary effect is cool, until you have killed the normal mobs and you are left with elites or Boss. 2-Single targets = not viable damage. All I ask, is to buff so you can at least get to GR 100-110 with Death Nova. Thanks!Dangeros2 Feb 18
Feb 17 Is Lidless Wall used in any builds? I'm trying to clean out inventory and I was wondering if the Lidless Wall is used in any builds? I saw an prior thorns build that used the Lidless Wall but the new thorns build that cleared GR114 on Youtube uses the Jesseth Set. I have a couple of primal Lidless Walls. I was wondering if it would safe to get rid of them.ockhamdesign3 Feb 17
Feb 16 Near instant death with 1B toughness? Hello, I haven't played for quite a while and I would like to know if dying on every other elite hit was common with ~1 billion toughness at GR 70. Thank you for your feedback. If that makes sense I'm using the Inarius set. I play on the Europe server, character Ténèbre.Lanthian9 Feb 16
Feb 14 Non-pet builds for necros? Been trying to find a good build for my second necro (first runs rathma's with singularity mages and skellies) but nothing I set up can do higher torment or GR levels. So far the best setup I've done is the one i'm currently using on my female necro, using inarius with the blood rush boots and poison skills w/ nayr's black death. Still, the survivability is terrible and has a hard time going past torment x. I tried out the corpse lance/pestilence build and did even worse. Havent really given tragoul's much of a shot, back when I first played necro it was a terrible set but I see that it's gotten some changes. Maybe that's a good way to go? I try to avoid any builds that rely heavily on the long cooldowns like land of the dead or army of the dead. So far my rathma/pet necro gets by fine without them once the singularity mages are rolling out, but he has a lot of issues when there's not enough mob density for corpses.Lynx10 Feb 14
Feb 12 Necro Devour (Nmulock or manual cast)? Hi guys, i need advise on devour to have it numlock or manual cast during solo / party GR?Venom3 Feb 12
Feb 12 It's time to double Mages base Lifespan Hi the title says it all the current life span with the right gear and passive is a bad 12.5 seconds. This is not enough so I propose that the base time of Mages is doubled from 6 to 12 seconds. For Blood Mages do that and double their time bonus to 4 more seconds so it's 16 seconds. With Circle of Evol and extended servitude increase the Mage's up time to 20 seconds so 7.5 seconds longer then currently. With this buff it may help Rathma close the gap with Pestilence and become an S Tier set.ThatTypoGuy0 Feb 12
Feb 11 Circle of Nailuj's Evol Farming I am curious what lvl do I need to be using to farm a Circle of Nailuj's Evol to cube. I was told lvl11 but so far have gotten 38 leorics in a row. Is this just bad luck? Or do i need to be a different level for this ring.Kajinos11 Feb 11
Feb 9 Fire and Ice Oh My I'm not great at D3 or building stuff out. I, like a lot I'm sure, rely on the various online build guides and such and find that while my playing style doesn't exactly match most of the time, that I do fairly well - well enough to enjoy the game. So I decided to try the necro out and am having a blast. I went down the road of Trag Ouls build and played a bit with the LotD but found the delay was way too long so started moving to skeletons and mages. So far, doing really well when I can sick my skeletons on a target and have 10 mages out - can you say bye-bye :) I'm still struggling with gameplay a bit but that's just practice and such - I HOPE! The biggest issue is that I die at the sight of fire, ice or poison. Hell, if someone lights a match in the room, I die. The other really big issue is that while I think I can manage GR60 (waiting for the laughter to stop) .......... I can't run fast enough to find the elites to kill and get the globes. So I'm looking to see if anyone could point me in a direction to modify/improve my build or tips/tricks on gameplay. I typically run around with the skeletons out and then use bone armor and sicking the skeletons on something to get the max damage bonus from my mages. I have syphon blood on primary to rebuild my essense. Appreciate any help.ShosMeister14 Feb 9
Feb 9 necro nerf inc. been playing casually for about 2 weeks now and i can already tell necro is getting a nerf hard af in particulary the item 'legers disdain' i can 1shot blue and yellow mobs if they are close together with 2-4 together it crits for about 350b+ i doubt this is normal , i can build my char tanky af so i can facetank rift guardians up to GR80-83 everything else before that is a walk in the park switch death nova with blight rune with Leech(any rune) for more survivability, and eternal torment with rigor mortis/spreading malediction this build can be customized to your liking all you need is bone armor dislocation skeletal mage singularity and grim scythe will kill huge HUGE groups in 1 or 2 swings edit: i just crit 1250b on a group of 5 white mobs leltehs6 Feb 9
Feb 8 Heard about the inarius build topping charts. What do you guys think about this build popping up? looked at the gear people used and some only had a few primals. think this is the future of the meta or pestilence immortal? ;)Ascarecrow10 Feb 8
Feb 6 Help rounding out a build!Zdc!babZYZ So I started working on this build that utilizes gift of death devouring aura and unfinished business. I'm trying to figure out where to take it once I reach level 70. I'm enjoying it so far the mages fuel the devouring aura which in turn feeds bone spirit which deals lots of splash dmg. I want to take this past 70 but I'm not sure what items to get to maximize its efficiency and what to get for my 4th passive. Any veteran necromancers mind helping me theory craft a way to make this work?Boomer1 Feb 6
Feb 4 Idea about Contamination Mages I was just thinking about something. What if there were some bracers in the game that gave Mages the Contamination Rune. The reason I bring it up is because of the Inarius Poison Scythe Build and having to use Singularity for the massive Essence dump but it takes a valuable Poison Skill off the bar because the build uses Nayr's. But if we had the bracers, we could still use Singularity as the essence dump, but they'd make it a poison skill so it would have synergy with Nayr's. I don't know, maybe it's a bad idea. Just spit ballin'. Still would like to see what you folks think.Idolis13 Feb 4
Feb 3 Permanent mages needed Just a rune so we can play zoomancer build as an option like we could in D2.Midnight1 Feb 3
Feb 3 Bone Prison passive & Krysbins Does the Bone Prison passive proc either of the Krysbins affects? I'm not sure if it's classified as a slow at a rate of 100% or another affect that procs the extra 300% multiplierKindran0 Feb 3
Feb 3 Black Death Necromancer? Is this at all viable? I just started my necromancer so he's pretty weak but using: Nayrs Black Death in Kunai's Cube (100% bonus to poison damage per poison skill) with tons of poison skills Trag Oul set: 3300% blood skills damage w/ Bone Spirit Possession along with Defiler Cuisses (420% bonus to Bone Spirit per second it's active) to instantly wipe out elites, wardens and bosses Ancient Envious Blade (guaranteed crit to enemies with full health) w/ Pain Enhancer + Mirinae Gems Krysbin's Sentence (81% dmg to slowed + triple dmg to other moving impairing effects) combined with Templar, Bone Prison, and Rigormortis I also use Moribumd Guantlets (Kunai's Cube) so I'll always have a corpse for Corpse Lance so I can keep my Black Death going. It seems to be very easy to do the lower tiers without any difficulty whatsoever. It's hilariously easy, in fact. How far can I go with this build provided I take the time to perfect each piece?Darkul5 Feb 3
Feb 1 Pestilence meta Q's Hey all, The season is winding down. I've pushed as high as I wanted for the solo DH, did some znec things and now before the end I want to push a 4 man meta as far as I can go. I'm running a pestilence necro for the group. I've seen a couple of other people's builds on the leaderboards, tbh though, I dont like to just straight copy someones build, as a lot of people up there have been botting and I'm sure their paragon points play a huge factor on the type of gear / setup theyre using. I'm looking for tips for a few things for a player whos paragon is around 1500. I'd like to know, for paragon points, should I be dumping those into int? or vit? I've seen a video of some guy doing a 129 with his points into vit. How much cdr should I have approximately? I'm rolling around 46-50% iirc. How much HP should I have if i'm planning on 110-125s? For legendary gems, I see zei's, trapped and stricken. What do you all think if I were to switch zeis for a gogok instead?  Thanks for the help!GhostAgent3 Feb 1
Feb 1 Poisen or Stricken for CorpsLance Build 80 or above for the gem level Pestilence CL build. Trying to decide which is better for this build. Poisen hits hard over 10 seconds, and makes my attacks strong when on land of the dead cooldown. But Stricken would seem to be more powerful as every lance thrown counts as an attack. Thoughts?Supra2 Feb 1
Jan 31 Will we ever get more abilities and visuals? I like the necromancer, but they seem a bit lacking in some departments. Those departments to me are ability count and armor visuals. It feels a bit limiting to have the necromancer reduced to less options than other classes, and really makes a lot of builds sort of run together. For abilities, I just feel that the necromancer is lacking in primary/secondary skills. I'd personally like to see a primary projectile attack of some kind, like the spectral scythe that Xul can summon in HotS, except thrown outwards at a target, or a ghost skull that you could shoot out. More ranged options would generally be nice, be they targeted or crowd control. The necromancer does have good abilities, but they fall behind compared to other classes, and I just think a few extra would help bring more to the table. The armor visuals thing, though, well, I was disappointed at the very small number available. When we got the crusader, they had a full loadout of visuals for the different armors that all looked impressive art-wise. The necromancer? Not so much. Call me a sucker for aesthetics, but I really think necro needs more visuals. The lack of options make them feel like they were rushed through development, and since this is not the only character we've had added post launch, with the crusader coming first in the RoS expansion, I expected more. If anybody out there would like to share necromancer ability ideas or visual ideas, I'd like to hear them. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there tired of hearing that the necro doesn't have that many skills, but I think it's a conversation worth having, even if only in discussion of adding things to the characters which we love to play. :)Razire0 Jan 31
Jan 31 Necromancer = Click-A-Corpse: the Game? I came back at the last minute yesterday to do the season 12 stuff and chose a necromancer - which I'd yet to play. Granted, I've only played him a little while...but so far I am not impressed. Hope the endgame is better and not just a glorified game of whack-a-mole.Darkul14 Jan 31
Jan 30 rathma legendary gems What's the common setup for gems in the singularity mage build? What works with the pets? I've taken to using gizzard along with the morph for bone armor that gives 10% life per second per stack(150% with 15 stacks) and it puts me at like 150k+ lps, for a pretty decent shield. Just trying to fill the other slot. Obviously one goes to enforcer for pet damage. Suggestions?Lynx4 Jan 30
Jan 30 [Help] PS4 TrangOul How do you guys deal with targeting a specific mob when sniping elites with trangoul set on the console? I find it extremely difficult to lock on to a elite or rare champ with a bunch of other mobs running around and surrounding those guys, engine seems to be targeting first mob in a straight line by default. And since mobs clip eachother it is practically impossbile to get some smooth lockon action going on, due to hit and run nature of this build - avoiding trash and burning cds on elite packs. Given the fact that there is no mouse to click at a specific target... it soon becomes punch-my-monitor-frustrating. It's even harder if it is a pack of blue mobs that come in threes. Any advice? All help appreciated!Piipingvin3 Jan 30
Jan 29 GR20 solo to complete season journey Can someone give me some pointers on how to do this before the season ends? I've come close a few timesYearzero2 Jan 29
Jan 28 Rathma issues and possible solutions? I've put a lot of thought into trying to find the right build for me while playing Rathma. I recently broke GRift 100 with a no CDR rathma and I'm very happy with that! It's just I feel like there is a huge problem with the Rathma playstyle as a whole. It seems like Rathma requires way too many abilities all at once. Almost as if I need around 10 ability slots instead of 6. Also, Necro requires an absurd amount of ramp up time for offense and defense, why? If I want to push higher and use LOTD/Sim I would need the following abilities: Skeletal Mage / Command Skeleton / LOTD / Simulacrum / Bone Spikes / Devour That's 6 abilities there, but it would be soo much better if I could also use these for more defense: Blood Rush / Bone Armor / Decrepify I suggest these changes: 1) Skeletal Mage summons 2 Mages that last 10 seconds as default 2) Circle of Nailuj's Evol change additional time to 8-10 3) Rathma 2P changes to "When a Skeletal Mage dies, expires or gets replaced you gain 50 Essence" 4) Rathma 4P changes to "You gain 60% damage reduction when you have at least 1 Skeletal Mage active" 5) Rathma 6P changes to "All minions now deal an additional 4000% damage" 5) Bone Armor doesn't have charges and gives 30% damage reduction if you hit 1 enemy 6) Wisdom of Kalan causes Bone Armor to give 60% damage reduction 7) Jesseth 2P keeps the auto command, but changes the 2nd part to give all minions an additional 400% damage when you have a Skeletal minion active 8) Devour > Devouring Aura now gives 20 Essence instead of 11 I believe with these changes Rathma won't require LOTD/Simul because of the quility of life changes to mages and the defense boosts. Any thoughts for problems and/or solutions?Kindran2 Jan 28
Jan 28 Necromancer names What name are you gonna use? ... LaubrixSola This may help ... it continues to change by clicking ... but name field limited to 12 chars Jan 28
Jan 28 Innarius Set - Further Buffs Needed Hi guys, I really like the Innarius set and its possibilities of having Legendary gems contribute majorly to your damage output. It would be awesome if you buff Damage Reduction of the Innarius Set as well as Damage Output. TLDR: Buff Damage Reduction of The Innarius Set itself Buff Damage output of the Innarius Set Buff Damage Reduction of the Ratma's SetPlease also be aware that the original Innarius set felt amazing with the Mirinae Legendary Gem and there was no real reason to nerf this combination (Since even before the nerf the Trang set by far outperformed the Innarius set already). Mirinae is almost useless in almost all builds and the Innarius set allowed this Gem to shine. Bring back this awesomeness! The Innarius set MUST return to be able to rival Trangs and the new Pestilence Set. The Ratma Set has enough Damage output but damage reduction must further be buffed to make it enjoyable to play. Thanks for considering this and making D3 as good as it can be.TOPCommander16 Jan 28
Jan 27 Land of the dead reset CD quickly question is there something that resets land of the dead quicker other than reduce cool down stats on items, diamond in helm, and the borrowed time rune? I have noticed many times now that after using the skill that it is available to use again right away at times and I have no idea why. its not every time, but it happens here and there. I was wondering do you get some bonus if you kill enough while the skill is active or something? be nice to know so I could try to make this happen more oftenTAG16 Jan 27
Jan 26 Need advice on my build I am playing the pestilence build and I know im missing some intell gear just put this bad boy together. What I do not understand is how am I supposed to get my first initial kill?? Also I see that simulacrum says it will duplicate my secondary skill for 15 seconds. So do they mean slot 2, right click im confused, also if someone does know the right answer do I put corpse lance in there? Sorry for all the questions if someone that plays the setup im playing could tell me there skill setup 1-right click that would be awesome. I did find a way to get a corpse I freeze everyone with land of the dead the my corpse lance just obliterates everything. Please do not be to harsh ont his build yet I only had him for a few hours thanks guysxWaRx0 Jan 26
Jan 26 Support Necro Guide Video Guide: DiabloFans Guide: Jan 26
Jan 25 Inarius build and damage mechanic questions I am currently running my own variation of the lazy necro Inarius using much of the 'standard' build with pain enforcer and gem of toxin as much of my main dmg with the 6pc set bonus. I am also running LoTD + poison corps lance as my burst for tricky elite packs and RG's in normals and speed GRs. This being said my question is can I put + poison dmg range on my shadowhook(ex: 1500-1700 poison damage) and have it scale with the weapon dmg % procs from my 6pc and legy gems? Since according to the mouse over and sheet damage it appears that the weapon dmg increases with this as well. Or does it need to be the plain physical dmg range for the 6pc and gems to scale off of it? My next question is which is the better gem for the weapon socket? Knowing the general meta is always the emerald for +crit dmg% but I am thinking of maybe placing a ruby in it for another +270 dmg to further increase the weapon dmg procs.phatzas10 Jan 25
Jan 25 Trag'Oul Necromancer Help Hi everyone, so i have this seasonal Necromancer character, i think you all can see it by inspecting my profile. And i feel i hit a wall because i can't get past GR63 without the help of someone. I would like to reach at least GR70 in order to complete my seasonal journey and to have a chance for primal drops. Can i have your advice on what should i search or do? What builds can help me to do that? Thank you in advance :)KyubiVal15 Jan 25
Jan 24 Best way to get a Circle of Nailuj's Evol Im para 207 and still running with a naglering! I just havent found alot of rings, and the Circle of Nailuj's Evol takes the rathma build up a few notches. Rings thru kadala is expensive.. how did you guys get your Circle of Nailuj's Evol?Exiter88 Jan 24
Jan 24 Poison inarius build? What's the standard setup for this build? My main necro has been running a rathma/ice build but I havent played in months. Just got back online and leveled a second necro, using this one for a no-minions setup. So far I'm using inarius, reilena's shadowhook, dayntee's binding, focus/restraint, with poison variants of siphon blood, death nova, and bone armor. have nayr's black death cubed for the 300% extra poison skill damage from those abilities. So far the build works pretty well, survivability is significantly higher than damage though so sometimes on bosses it can become pretty clunky and slow feeling.Lynx5 Jan 24
Jan 23 Proc coefficients? I'm looking for proc coefficient info for Necro skills. Does anyone have a link?Ryviel0 Jan 23
Jan 21 Necro builds in 2.6.1? I'm a bit of a newbie here so please forgive any display of ignorance I may show, I'm curious as to whether corpse lancer is still the strongest necro build in the upcoming patch (atleast from the changes shown in ptr). From what I know, it's a bit hard to tell for me because the necro players in ptr haven't really bothered to push much, but with what I know, pretty much all of our relevant sets got some buffs and I was wondering if a new build would be stronger than the traditional corpse lancer as with the current live patch. In particular, I've been looking at the buff to the grace of inarius set and was wondering how well that stacks up now against pestilence and trag's corpselancer.Senpai19 Jan 21
Jan 21 Necro Build Options Anyone else feel like the necro has too many mandatory damage buff items that hinder build diversity? Like it's always Cycle, Shadowhook, or Krisbyn's. I feel like there's a bone spear or death nova build that's just gimped by bad items or general underperformance over the way stronger options. They seem to ONLY lend to the massive LotD focus or Bone mages.Beardyface1 Jan 21