Aug 26 Book of the Dead: Necromancer Builds & Guides ☠️ UPDATED FOR PATCH 2.6.1 ☠️ ... Welcome to the Book of the Dead. This is a collection of builds, guides, and other resources created by the Necromancer community. Whether you're a new player seeking advice for your first season, or a more experienced one looking for a quick reference to skill and item mechanics, you'll find that and more in the links below. Please help me keep this thread current and accurate by submitting more links in the comments. Thanks for your feedback and support. Serve the Cycle! Need some help with your Season 15 Journey? Check out Bagstone's tracker and Lord Fluffy's Necromancer starter guide: ... 1. BEGINNER GUIDES & SET DUNGEONS: 2. NECROMANCER BUILDS: 3. GAME MECHANICS: 4. NECROMANCER SKILL MECHANICS: 5. ITEMS, GEMS, CRAFTING & COSMETICS: 6. STREAMS & GAMEPLAY VIDEOS: 7. COMMUNITY RESOURCES & PATCH NOTES: Aug 26
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18h Best way to get a Circle of Nailuj's Evol Im para 207 and still running with a naglering! I just havent found alot of rings, and the Circle of Nailuj's Evol takes the rathma build up a few notches. Rings thru kadala is expensive.. how did you guys get your Circle of Nailuj's Evol?Exiter97 18h
1d Skeletal mages not attacking. Have been playing Ratkma's for a lill over a month, and I finally decided to ask . Why is it some time some of the Skeletal mage will not attack, like if 10-8 are up only maybe 4 or 6 will attack and it don't not even matter if the are right in back of me ? TIABadElf3 1d
4d Rathma's Set Needs A Tweak When running solo, I feel like I'm in a car with bad brakes. The reason being that pets do GARBAGE damage unless you have the Skeleton Mage's summoned to boost their damage. And then they wreck face...for 8-14 seconds (Depending on your build). The problem with that is that Necro ONLY gains Essence if HE hits an enemy..which does not happen when you have 4 mages out (the max boost Rathma gives, for some weird reason, since you can have 10 mages). So I summon mages, blaze around for 14 seconds, unable to gain Essence since everything is dying too fast..and mages fade. Hello brick wall! I'll just smash to a screeching halt, damage-wise! Hit some enemies, get Essence, summon mages, blaze, smash to a stop. Repeat. Go, stop, go, stop, go, stop. This does not feel fluid at all. Add to the fact that the Mages, a timed summon, can be frozen, tossed, feared, slowed (basically everything that can affect a player affects Mages) and they will freeze and fade without attacking. Honestly, if the Rathma Set damage boost is capped on 4 mages, I'd love to see some sort of ring that does the opposite of the Circle Of Nailuj's Evol: Instead of summoning MORE mages, it limits your Skeleton Mage's to 4 or 5, but makes them permanent. Hell, give them health with this hypothetical ring on (I don't think they actually have HP at the moment). I'd still use it to keep a CONSISTENT pace. As it is, this set is either too weak, or very strong, with no set middle ground, due to Necros lacking any sort of passive Essence gain (instead, they get an increased % back per hit..which means nothing if things die to your minions). Just my thoughts.Eguzky3 4d
4d Please Buff the Inarius Set The Inarius set needs a buff. Currently it is simply nowhere near powerful enough to be played on the same GR level as other sets. Currently the Inarius set is more than 25 Greater Rift levels below other sets. When comparing two similar Sets, the issues become apparent: ... The main issue is the Damage Reduction that comes from the set, but also the damage is just severely lacking. ... The Inarius set is an opportunity to create diversity, as the Pestilence and Trag'Oul's sets both revolve around Corpse Lance. So far the Rathma set is the "Pet Set" and that's great. Both Pestilence and Trag'Oul Set are played virtually identically, and they both revolve around Corpse Lance. The Inarius set is the weakest set and that's by more than 25 Greater Rift Levels, yet it has so much cool potential when the numbers would be tweaked in its favor to a decent degree.TOPCommander59 4d
6d about rathma set there is 1 issue with this and its the fact that the player are still being focused the front line should die first its the whole point of having summonpromic3 6d
Dec 4 T13 DB Farming Build? Is there a T13 Db Farming build, for the Necromancer?Rogue777775 Dec 4
Dec 4 "The Crusaders" not dropping for Necro? Last week, I decided to scroll through the lore books I've obtained for each character on my profile, and I noticed something odd: despite having logged 45-60 hours of play each, neither of my Necromancers have even a single volume of "The Crusaders". I've beaten Campaign Mode with both of them and have completed several full bounty cycles with both of them, yet still no "The Crusaders". One of my usual seasonal groupmates is playing Necromancer this season and has confirmed that he doesn't have any parts of "The Crusaders" either (and he's nearly finished Conqueror and has completed multiple full bounty cycles); usually, when I create or rebirth a character, I'll get Part 1 within the first few hours, and all nine parts after a maximum of three or four bounty cycles. Yet for the Necromancers, nothing. Have we just been really unlucky, or does "The Crusaders" simply not drop for Necromancer? If so, is this deliberate, or an oversight on Blizzard's part?KAHighwind3 Dec 4
Dec 3 Holding down Devour mechanics - PC Hi there, Does anyone know if this is intended behaviour: it seems that if I hold down Devour [Cannibalize] any new corpses that are generated after I start pressing the key aren't consumed. On console, I can hold down the Devour key and it auto consumes all corpses, old and new. But on PC, it seems to only consume old corpses created before you start pressing the button. I.e., on PC, is Devour not hold down auto cast with other abilities? Thanks in advance, FitzFitzChivalry5 Dec 3
Dec 2 Reilena's Shadowhook Hello, I wanted to find out if either a Blizzard staff could clarify the effect of this item. The effect it gives, reads "Everypoint of Maximum essences increases damage by 0.5%and Bone spikes generates _ additional essences for each enemy hit". This come across to me as, your maximum essence is 150, you hit 5 targets and generated 49 essence above your maximum. you get 0.5% dmg increase from 49 = 24.5% dmg increase. Is that how it is? if so, can you add a visual cue showing the amount and duration of the buff? or Is this buff based on your total essence you have? 150 = 75% increase dmg? Thanks for clarifying.Dangeros7 Dec 2
Dec 2 LAZYNECRO: ANTI-CARPAL TUNNEL -- continued The other thread maxed out and it's old anyways: People are still curious about the build so I figured why not continue it?ragman13 Dec 2
Dec 2 Goblins following me around Haven't played my Necro in a long time. Fired him up today, and found him being followed around by 4 fat ugly little goblins that make a really obnoxious sound. I can't figure out where they come from, i.e., what is causing them. I took off every piece of gear, and they are still there. They are not listed in the Pet section. Can someone help me hang on to my sanity and clue me in to the origin of these irritating little dudes ?JaggedOne6 Dec 2
Nov 30 Advice on my Trang's weapon I'm playing solo pestilence Necro and can't decide what to re-roll on my weapon (stats below). With the rest of my gear, I have 1.58 APS and 51.17% CDR. I'm aiming for the 1.71 APS breakpoint, so I'm not sure re-rolling the IAS is worth it...I'll be able to hit that breakpoint with only 15% AS on gear. I'm thinking I should roll off the int or %dmg for %CDR, but I can't decide which. Anc Trangs 3055.9 avg dmg +1518-1841 dmg +9% dmg +907 int +6% ias +18 max essencejinx2 Nov 30
Nov 29 Tips To Toughen Up Rathma Build Hey y'all. Those of who have played the Rathma summoner mage build know that while it's powerful, it's a squishy glass cannon. Starting a thread to see if anyone has found a way to lessen this build's squish with some different gear/gems or something. Thanks for lookingcstlhwkthrn2 Nov 29
Nov 28 Legit LoN Thorns Necro Has anyone tried this build? It's actually amazing... Everyone thought thorns necro was a joke but really it's legit...SuperCuddles29 Nov 28
Nov 26 Iron Rose skill bar question I heard from someone a while ago that you need to have death nova and the specific rune on your skill bar for the free procs from Iron Rose to benefit from set piece dmg? Not sure if this is 100% accurate or not. The only 2 sets that would buff the free procs are Trag's and Inarius I assume? At first I was excited for a free skill to not place on my bars but if you need to select it to actually benefit from the set bonuses not sure how great this OH item really is. I'm using it as I found a nice ancient one a little while ago. Sidenote, I hope in 2.6.1 with the buff to Bloodtide Blade that blood nova will be a thing, at least for trash clearing.PhoenixForce3 Nov 26
Nov 26 Land of the Dead - Suggestion Suggestion: Cooldown 120s -> 60s Duration 10s -> 5s What do you guys think?Ravengar2 Nov 26
Nov 26 Trag'Oul 2.6.4 Necro have a buff for Trag'Oul set 3300% upto 3800% can build RGK corpe lance same pestilance set ?Kaisa11211 Nov 26
Nov 23 So powerfull skills.. Can you help me undestand this. Obviously I am new to this . Well not new but coming back for a bit. I got myself necromancer and trying him out and compared to other heroes he seems very op pretty early on. Necromancer have bone spirit 4000 % dmg and army of dead 12 000 % dmg wich is not really needed becouse corpse lance 1750 % dmg is doing the job. Other heroes dont have that much % insta dmg. Witch doctor have something like 14 000 % dmg but over 10 sec or something like that. What is going on. Will this make more sense on 70 level ?shadowling1 Nov 23
Nov 23 Trouble with Great Rift 20 Solo So all I have left for the seasonal chapter 4 is to beat the great rift 20 solo but I cannot do it. The closest I've gotten is 18 mins on Torment 1. I've been looking at what the leaderboard characters are using for builds, but each time I fail to beat the timer. Is there a good build to use for this? Also does anyone have any recommendations for how to get through one before the timer goes out? Thanks.Yusuke3 Nov 23
Nov 21 Looking for Switch class Guides? Hi i was wondering if there were any Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Class Guides For leveling and stats plus gear and items to use at LvL 70.... if you know of any Please let me know ThanksEvilDeadGuy3 Nov 21
Nov 21 Unreasonable to buff Spear/CE on Pestilence? At least Bone Spear, even if it stayed in line with Trags for testing 3300 ---> 3800, it could more than likely go way higher without affecting where Pestilence stands on the LB but at least start somewhere and make it something more than an Obsidian proc. For CE specifically it's a little goofy that Inarius and now probably Trags + LON global/ish multipliers outperform Pestilence, the set that's supposed to highlight this skill. And like Spear, boosting CE significantly probably would not justify slotting it in for high tier pushing, honestly both of these skills will always pale in comparison to Devour's mechanics combo'd with Lance's raw weapon damage + FPA output. We already know what CE looks like with Inarius at 3750, why not just put Pestilence on par with this as well? Pestilence 2 piece bonus is not enough to do anything too ridiculous considering item slot confliction (gloves + shoulders would leave no room for Steuert's, Leorics Crown etc... Gloves + Golemskin pants becomes a consideration) but could be enough to persuade people into utilizing it. I'm pretty sure anyone who played Necro on D2 is aware that this set design was an attempt to pay some homage but right now it's obviously just a Corpse Lance thing, regardless of content/difficulty. It's cheesy to say the least. P.S. maybe see what happens if Rathma 2-piece guaranteed a 1 second reduction, you might actually see people using Army of the Dead. There's no way this could break the game.ragman0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Early Patch 2.6.4 Theorycrafting So what are the initial thoughts on additional items to add to the builds due to the RoRG buff? Some initial thoughts (thinking mostly Pestilence here, except for Corruption, but curious about all builds), but I am sure there are better options I am not considering: 1. Leoric's Crown for better CD for many builds 2. Corruption shoulders for Rathma mages 3. Aquila Cuirass for dmg reduction for many builds 4. Requiem Cereplate for additional healing and essence (minimal effect?) 5. Frostburn for Pestilence dmg boost 6. Steuart's Greaves for better movement 7. Be able to wear both Nems and Lacuni bracers for Pestilence (keep your 2 breakpoint while still spawning more elites) 8. Vigilante belt for additional CD (must be worn - put Dayntee's in cube), but this will provide less CD than the Leorics option (8% vs 12.5%) That's really it. I don't see anything dramatic to boost Necros, or am I missing something? It's not like we can add an additional weapon, offhand, or jewelry.Dante006 Nov 21
Nov 20 Necromancer Sets I know this is highly unlikely and despite being posted here in the Necromancer section, mostly because that's my preferred class. I and many others would have love to see new set items or at least, new legendaries or vanity type items. A couple of which, I'd actually quite enjoy that were already once up for consideration. At least, when they were drawing up designs. I'm not too sure about the policy of me posting links to places, but honestly I don't really care that much, I would just like to get my point across. Here are a couple of examples, which were posted on the diablo wikia. I'd love to see most of those in-game to be honest with you. Whether or not people think this is a good idea, game balance blah blah blah. This game is screaming for new content, so why not pick up scrapped ideas and implement some of them.MrGray3 Nov 20
Nov 19 Army of the Dead and Rathma. Fix needed I dont know how to say this, but Army of the Dead, once you tried it, you realise its very underpowered compare to Land of the Dead. Is the design philosophy behind it that need work? Maybe. Its a skill that doesnt not have an outstanding effect. I think what could make it even cooler, is a fix, im thinking something similar to what we see from Witch Doctor Fetish Army, a way to have some more permanent skeletons on your side, that would work with Rathma set ( example, the timer without the set could be something like 15-20 second, and the 6 piece could give you permanent extra skeletons.) How many more? Perhaps 7 more could be sweet, and one rune could give us 10 like extra more ( Witch doctor can already have 23 or more fetish ). Hope my idea will be listened, id love to control an army of undead, not just 7 at the time, or a weak 4-5 second spell . It could make a lot of people try it out better with the Rathma set.hf20120 Nov 19
Nov 19 Bosskiller inarius Hi, So i tried Bk inarius thorn (The 3 of them, poison, golem one and extreme one). Turns out I am note sure, how does it works ? I killed 1 boss in GR 120 in less than 1 min and failed all the others with more than 4 mins and power. Why is that ? I use command skeleton once at the beginning, I freeze the boss on the physical CoE, keeps bone armor up and stay in contact of the boss while stacking bane of the stricken. Anyone can explain me why I managed to kill one so easily and failed all the other ? I don't consider my gear bad, I have thorn on every piece (200k thorn), some AS, around 18k int.Chadocan7 Nov 19
Nov 19 Considering trying my necromancer again So I kinda gave ‘em up cause I just found I was too weak. I have the bones of rathma set with the jesseth set. I followed this build Any tips? Any updated rathma guides?GoosePants2 Nov 19
Nov 17 I feel invincible I’ve hit level 30, I’m somewhere in act 2. I have never died I’ve actually never really noticed my health lower more then 10% and it immediately fills back up. I almost feel like I’ve entered a cheat code. I played as a monk on PC and I don’t remember it being this easy. What would be considered Boss battles last about 5 seconds tops. I’m playing at Normal setting. Is it supposed to be this easy as a Necromancer. I honestly think my Golem and Assisstant could do all the work and I could just stand there.stakesishigh5 Nov 17
Nov 14 [Mechanics] Necro Pet Primer Now that I have finished my S11 goals (pet) had some time to test some mechanics. Since nothing really changed with Monks, decided to focus on the Necromancer pets since Rathma is the free set this season. This isn't an all inclusive, more of a basic primer on pets. I am not confident in the exact base attack aps/frames of each pet as they seem to vary slightly due to pets forgetting who to attack, distance to target, etc. All of these test are just done in game on live servers. Skeletons, Golems, and Mages - CoE works with all pet damage of the listed element, and any actives maintain the same element. (CoE isn't additive with +% Element affix) - Enforcer's +% Pet Damage is multiplicative. - +% elemental damage is multiplicative. (unknown yet if all skeletons using Bloodsong will convert to the same element as the rune selected like Inna 6pc because the power is bugged) - All pet attacks can proc Area Damage. - Base Skeleton APS = ~1.2 * Necromancer APS * 1.5 (if using TnT) - Base Skeleton Weapon Damage = 50% - Base Skeleton Active Damage = 75% - Base Golem APS = ~0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) - Base Golem Weapon Damage = 450% * Necromancer APS - Base Golem Active Weapon Damage does not use Necromancer APS as a multiplier...bug? - Base Mage APS = ~2.0 (3.0 if using TnT) - Base Mage Weapon Damage = 200% * Necromancer APS Legendary Gems - Efficacious Toxin = WORKS. Pet attacks will proc poison, and gain 10% damage increase. - Pain Enhancer = WORKS. Pets crits bleed, and count towards your blood frenzy. - Enforcer = WORKS (damage portion). Damage reduction not so much... - Bane of the Trapped = WORKS. If snared (dynamic) - Bane of the Powerful = WORKS. - Bane of the Stricken = Pets can't gain stacks for you, but do benefit from your stacks. - Gogok of Swiftness, Wreath of Lightning, Mirinae - Pets hits can't proc procs - Zei's Stone of Vengeance - Damage scales from Necromancer position (always min 5 yd bonus), pets can't proc stun. - Iceblink - Cold pet runes don't proc the Primary or Secondary, but should benefit from the 10% increase crit when you do apply a cold attack manually. ... - Skeletons "leap" towards the target when active and continues to attack until target dies or it does. - Boneringer applies damage bonus additive with itself, but multiplicative with everything else. Unruned Skeleton, Enforcer, Dark Mending Active = "Your Skeleton has its damage increased by 50% against the target" Element - Physical Skeleton APS - Attack Speed = 1.2 * Sheet APS * 1.5 (if using TnT) Skeleton Damage - Melee Attack Damage = 50% weapon damage - Active Attack Damage = 75% weapon damage Frenzy Active = "Your Skeleton has its attack speed increased by 25% against the target" Element - Physical Skeleton APS - Attack Speed = 1.2 * Sheet APS * 1.5 (if using TnT) - Active Attack Speed = 1.2 * Sheet APS * 1.25 * 1.5 (if using TnT) Skeleton Damage - Melee Attack Damage = 50% weapon damage - Active Attack Damage = 75% weapon damage Freezing Grasp Active = "Target is frozen for 3 seconds" Element - Cold * - low passive proc rate for Frostburn (ie - not worth it) Skeleton APS - Attack Speed = 1.2 * Sheet APS * 1.5 (if using TnT) Skeleton Damage - Melee Attack Damage = 50% weapon damage - Active Attack Damage = 75% weapon damage Kill Command Active = "Skeletons explode for 215% weapon damage within 15 yards." Element - Poison Skeleton APS - Attack Speed = 1.2 * Sheet APS * 1.5 (if using TnT) Skeleton Damage - Melee Attack Damage = 50% weapon damage - Active Explosion Damage [7x] = 322.5% weapon damage ... - Majority of Golem actives have no damage portion, they just explode for no damage and generate several corpses at their previous location before respawning. - Golemskin Pant's multiplicative Unruned Golem, Flesh Active = "Command to target location where it collapses into a pile of 5 Corpses" (8 for Flesh) Element - Physical Golem APS - Attack Speed = 0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) Golem Damage - Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * Sheet APS Ice Golem Active = "Command the Golem to launch an icy blast to target location where it freezes enemies for 3 seconds and increases crit by 10%" Element - Cold * - low passive proc rate for Frostburn (ie - not worth it) Golem APS - Attack Speed = 0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) Golem Damage - Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * Sheet APS Bone Golem Active = "Golem becomes a tornado and carries all enemies to target location and stuns for 3 seconds dealing 2000% weapon damage over time" Element - Physical Golem APS - Attack Speed = 0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) Golem Damage - Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * Sheet APS - Active Weapon Damage = 400% * 5 Ticks = 2000% (Bug? Shouldn't the damage use Sheet APS as a multiplier as well?) Decay Golem Active = "Golem consumes nearby corpses at target location and increases damage by 30% per corpse" Element - Poison Golem APS - Attack Speed = 0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) Golem Damage - Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * Sheet APS - Active Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * (1 + 30% * # corpses) (Buff lasts ~10 seconds) Blood Golem Active = "Golem heals you for 25% of your total health and reconstructs at target location dealing 450% weapon damage to nearby enemies" Element - Physical Golem APS - Attack Speed = 0.66 (1.0 if using TnT) Golem Damage - Melee Weapon Damage = 450% * Sheet APS - Active Weapon Damage = 450% (Bug? Shouldn't the damage use Sheet APS as a multiplier as well?) ... - All non-archer mager do a quick "double strike" as their first attack, then attack since "single strikes" until despawning. Unruned Mage, Gift of Death, Life Support Element - Physical Mage APS - Attack Speed = 2.0 (3.0 if using TnT) Mage Damage - Ranged Weapon Damage = 200% * Sheet APS Contamination Element - Poison Mage APS - Attack Speed = 1 ticks per second (~1.5 ticks per second if using TnT) Mage Damage - AoE Weapon Damage per tick = 100% * Sheet APS Skeleton Archer - does not get a 'double strike' as first attack when summoned. Element - Cold * - low passive proc rate for Frostburn (ie - not worth it) Mage APS - Attack Speed = 1.0 (1.5 if using TnT) Mage Damage - Ranged Weapon Damage = 400% * Sheet APS * - Archer IAS bonus is actually not a %, nor additive with your IAS from armor/buffs/paragon. What is actually does is add +0.3 APS to your weapon so unless you're using a really slow weapon with few IAS, you're not getting as much IAS as you probably would hope ^_^; Singularity Element - Physical Mage APS - Attack Speed = 2.0 (3.0 if using TnT) Mage Damage - Ranged Weapon Damage = 200% * Sheet APS * Singularity Multiplier - Singularity Multiplier = 3% * [ Current Essence - (40 * (1-RCR%)) ] + 1 * - Example, with 10% RCR and 250 Current Essence, the summoned Mage will attack for 1484% * Sheet APS weapon damage instead of 200% * Sheet APS... which is a lot more! ^_^ Hope that was helpful for someone out there. As far as useful conclusions, I'm sure someone can make up some breakpoint tables for Command Skeleton before Bloodsong Mail is fixed in 2018. I don't really play much pet builds, but the poor golem doesn't seem to do much other than a corpse potion. I think it would have been cool if the Golemskin Breeches did something like taunt all enemies at target location for 10 seconds. As for mages, I miss the old beta Poison mages >_> If you see any errors, or have some random interactions you want tested, please post here and I'll check it out!Davlok45 Nov 14
Nov 14 Necro PS4 -> can link PC? Hi, I purchased the necromancer on PS4 and I'd like to know if I could get him on my PC copy somehow without rebuying the character. I mean I've bought the game twice now at full price as well as purchasing the extra character, I would really hope this is possible.Ichimon1 Nov 14
Nov 12 Curse of Frailty bug? Hi, just picked up D3 on switch and decided to play necro. I'm noticing that sometimes my curse of frailty wont be applied to the enemy when I use it and sometimes it will. Is anyone else having this bug or is it working as intended?AverageJoe5 Nov 12
Nov 12 Gem combo I’m building a poison tank using Inarius set. I just cleared grift73. I’m using bott, goet and ph. Does anybody have any recommendations for a better gem comboSITH1320 Nov 12
Nov 11 Pestilence master shroud set portal? How do i get this to appear?Allegretto4 Nov 11
Nov 11 Bane of the trapped Why would you use it when running command skelletons freezing grasp?Dusky1 Nov 11
Nov 11 LazyNecro: Anti-Carpal Tunnel - UPDATED 2.6.1 Firstly, if you're new, check the "2.6 ver and build premise ideas" section found further down for background and meat and potatoes of the build. This section expands on that base premise which I will not be repeating because I hate repeating myself. I'm lazy. That's why I use this build in the first place. Secondly, this addendum is designed and thought about for the new player and average player in mind. When I think of builds I try to think in terms that don't revolve around having obscene paragon levels, high augments or high gem levels in order to be functional. You will note in the video provided I INTENTIONALLY dropped my stats down to reflect a more average to below average stat array. So, that said, Stranger Things 2 came out and I decided to do some binge watching on NetFlix. As always I fired up the ole' D3 and tinkered around with 2.6.1 now that it's live. ☠️ Passives: I decided to go a different route this time around. Again, with a lower stat character in mind. So passives selected: - Stand Alone (obviously) - Fueled by Death (speed) - Rigor Mortis (DPS) - Eternal Torment (DPS) Now, how exactly is Rigor Mortis and Eternal Torment helping in DPS? Ingeniously, that's how. ;) We have Bane of The Trapped (BoTT) socketed. BoTT amps damage on slowed targets. Rigor Mortis ensures enemies that are afflicted with poison are slowed for 5 seconds. Dislocation is slotted. Anything that we touch gets poisoned ergo anything we touch is ensured to take amp'd damage for 5 seconds via Rigor Mortis + BoTT. "Wait, 5 seconds?" Believe me, more than enough time. Eternal Torment? Frailty Aura curses only those monsters that are inside, and remain inside, our aura. They leave the aura, or we move away from them, no longer cursed. Eternal Torment ensures that those that leave our aura remain cursed. Ergo, Trag's continues to amp DoT damage as we walk on by. So, why are we doing this? Simply put, so we don't stop moving. You'll notice in the video that I do not stop moving. At all. Well, maybe a couple times but 99% of the time I'm constantly moving. You'll also note that everything behind me (some exceptions noted that will be discussed later) dies. This is because of Eternal Torment in conjunction with Trag's + Rigor Mortis in conjunction with BoTT/Krysbin's, Efficacious and Pain Enhancer. All of which gets amp'd by our 6 piece. In short, it makes sure that everything we walk by dies. Everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Now, "Trickshaw wtf? Not everything is dying in the video?" Yes, yes. So, the reason for that is because my crit% was driven so low by swapping out good pieces for crap pieces in order to drop my stats (i.e. DPS) thusly Pain Enhancer isn't proc'ing on everything. So, the higher your Crit% is the higher your clear% will be. This is why I've always advised Crit% over CritDmg if given the choice between the two. Obviously you want both, of course, but when you're first gearing up that's not always an option. So, Crit% > CritDmg until you get to the gearing point where you have the luxury of both options. "But Trickshaw, I STILL keep dying!" Feel free to swap out Fueled by Death for Draw Life or Life From Death if you have survival issues. You can also sacrifice clear efficiency and/or speed by using Thy Flesh Sustained rune on your Bone Armor. A stat you should be going for that you might not normally focus on would be Life Per Second (LPS). Getting your LPS up to 30-40k should be ample (I have 29k in the video) enough to make GR70 a comfortable breeze. You can get this with 2-3 pieces and your Templar pretty easily. ☠️ Abilities: As recommended by another poster I've thrown in Simulacrum-Resevoir in lieu of Golem. Honestly, it really doesn't matter. I rarely, if ever, use it. It is a nice "oh ****" button if you happened to get slammed with a cumbersome elite and you don't wanna blow your LoTD-Frozen Lands because you're close to the GRift Guardian. Bone Spirit with the Panic rune is also a viable alternative if you're looking for a little bit more active alternative. Dislocation is the default rune for Bone Armor but Harvest of Anguish can be slotted in for GR70's once your DPS is good enough to no longer need Dislocation+Rigor Mortis. If you're having survival issues you can default back to the tried and ever true Thy Flesh Sustained. If you go this route you can toss our Rigor Mortis for Spreading Malediction or Overwhelming Essence to help account for the DPS hit. I normally go for the Harvest setup when I'm doing my GR75 speedruns and I manage to clear in about 3-4 minutes. Again, mileage may vary dependant on gearing level. Other than that, nothing has changed. ☠️ Gear: Well, Dayntee's is now definitely BIS for pretty much every Necro build, no surprise there, so that means it's BIS for us as well. This will seriously help out those of you who have posted asking about survival issues with low Paragon levels (sub 800). I dropped Brigg's because it simply wasn't needed. This is still a decent option for survival if you're an HC player so feel free to stick with it if you're more comfortable with it. In it's place I threw on Convention of Elements (CoE). With Harvest of Anguish, Pain Enhancer and Efficacious all being used it only makes sense to have it equipped. I really ****ing hate this ring. I hate the animation. I hate that it's BIS almost unilaterally across all classes and most sets. I ****ing despise this ring but it is what it is so use it. ☠️ Companion: Templar for two reasons: 1.) He can heal you in a pinch and pull aggro which helps out seriously when you're getting geared and 2.) equip him with an Ess of Johan, Bul-Kathos Wedding Band and Occulus. Occulus is universally the best damn ring you can put on a follower so this is a must. Since the Templar is always melee that means he can take advantage of Bul-Kathos on the GRift Guardian which is the only way you're going to get any form of meaningful DPS out of any follower and Ess of Johan makes survival and DPS just that much easier. So it's a Win-Win-Win-Win choice. Later, when your gear is more up to par you can swap out Templar for Sorceress for those juicy CC's she drops everywhere (Krysbin's HOOO!!!!"). However, follower to taste. Whatever floats your boat. ☠️ Bounties: My favorite bounty setup so far is to go with the Harvest of Anguish+Overwhelming Essence setup, drop Bul-Kathos, equip RoRG, equip Aquilas Cuirass and cube Steuart's Greaves. You're going to have to pay attention to what you're doing because... well... bounties... but you will be the fastest thing on the board pretty much with the exception of maybe a Chicken WD. You can go with Steuart's equipped and Aquilas' cubed if that's a better setup for you equipment wise. Whatever floats your boat. ☠️ Demonstration: Alright, now that that's out of the way, below is the video that I took after finally scoring a non-ancient Dayntee's. The second video is the one I took once Fishy brought it to my attention that Rigor Mortis doesn't proc off of Efficacious. Both clear times are comparable. What this means is with Harvest of Anguish slotted you are trading clear efficiency for speed vs. Dislocation. The videos clearly show comparable clear times so, pick your poison. Again, it's important to note the stats that I'm playing with. In both videos I swapped out my helmet, gloves and Dayntee with non-ancient non-Crit% version as well as throwing on a garbage CoE with Strength no Crit% or CritDmg. Shadowhook is the same one I've always used, still haven't scored a Primal. These are impressive clears given the fact that the build only utilizes ONE button 99.9% of the time. Don't expect every run to be amazeballs. I mean, they will be. Just not as fast as these. You're more likely going to be averaging around 4 minutes-ish until you start getting better gear. Also, funnily enough, I managed to die in both videos right out the gate. I really need to make it a habit to open up with LoTD to score that initial 15 Bone Armor stack. Hope you enjoy, as always, hit me up with any questions and stay lazy. Harvest of Anguish Clear - 3:37 ⛔ Dislocation Clear - 3:32 ⛔ Edit: By request, here is a comparison video to accompany those listed above. In this one I use my 'real' gear so you can do a side by side comparison of 'bad' stats vs. 'good' stats. Note that unlike in the above video, with a higher Crit% everything actually dies. 3 minute clear time. Not shabby. Also important to note is that I play sloppily. This is how the build is intended. I run into walls, I almost walk past pylons, I have to circle back for globes and elites and I even forget to renew my Bone Armor. This build is intended to be played like this. I'm not paying full attention to what I'm doing because I was watching a video linked to me in Discord on another screen. THIS is the point behind LazyNecro. Not to be the best but to be the best at being Lazy. Hope you enjoy, as always, hit me up with any questions and stay lazy. ⛔ Edit Edit: Special thanks to Fishy. _____________________________________________________________________________ Previously, on LazyNecro... ⛏ -------------------------------------- ⛏ - 2.6 ver and build premise ideas - ⛏ -------------------------------------- ⛏ ☠️ Video Illustrating Bul-Kathos ACTUAL functionality ⛔ ☠️ For the Alternate Version: Basically I dropped Wildebeast, tossed in a Efficacious Toxin and equipped a Cord of The Sherma. This version requires a bit more "paying attention" when you're doing GR70's given that you're relying on health globes via Devour Aura + Life From Death. You could go with the Flesh Sustained rune if you're wanted a little bit more sustain and less reliance on globes (which makes more sense if your gear happens to have Life/Sec affixes on it) so there's that. However, if you prefer the brain dead "I'M TRYING TO PAY ATTENTION TO NETFLIX!" version than stick with the original. Alternate can clear T13's in 2-4min. Alternate can clear GR70's in 3-4min. - Alternate Version GR70 4 min clear vidja: ⛔ - Here's the original vidja: ⛔ - Original Zero Paragon Run: ⛔ - DiabloFans - (**2.6.1 Updated): ⛔ ☠️ Original Post: Ever wanted a farming build that you could just chillax and play one handed with zero buttons to push? Me too. So, I spent the time. I did the research. (AQUA TEENS ASSEMBLE!) Actually I just slapped some crap together and took it out for a whirl and it ended up working pretty damn good. Anyway, only two buttons to push. One is Bone Armor, the other is LoTD for when the GRift Guardian pops; you will see me push this button exactly once in the linked video. Teleport is on the bar, and if you're so inclined you may use it, but I can't be bothered to. Assuming you can be bothered, I would assume your clears will be much faster than mine. Golem is there explicitly as something else for baddies to attack. If our speed passive ever gets fixed I'd swap Blood Is Power out in a heart beat. I tried a Trags + Lost Time variant but I guess Lost Time doesn't work with Bone Armor. The original can clear T13's in 3-5min with no effort. The original can clear GR70 in 4-5min with little effort. Can it go higher? Possibly. I started a 75 and quickly realized I had to pay attention and focus. So I said, "**** that." Note the time completion similarity between T13 and GR70. That's because the damage is less relevant as density is. The denser the field, the faster your clear time as stuff will die just as fast in a T13 as it will in GR70. Well, almost as fast. That and T13's you typically stop and loot stuff. Also note the lack of Boon Hoarder gimmick. That's because I didn't want to spend the time swapping gear around and just freely switch between effortless 70's and T13's whilst enjoying my freaky feline features on the YouTubes. If you're married to the idea of Boon Hoarders than you simply: - Swap out Wildebeast for Boon Hoarder - Swap out String of Ears for Goldwrap - No room for Avarice though. Would have to give up Krysbins or Bul Kathos which is where all your damage stems from. Done. But, like I said, I just wanted something where I could go in and out without putzin with anything. So this is what I came up with. Clearly with better gear and higher gems you will progress faster and with less effort. Low paragon with crap gear, your mileage may vary. Hope you enjoy. ⛔ P.S. Song is O' Death by Jen Titus and it should be the Necro anthem.wahskcirt500 Nov 11
Nov 8 Rimeheart and inarius? Just wondering if these work together. I can't really test it because either everything dies instantly or I die instantly. Since necro seems to have a crazy proc chance, with a cold build I can freeze alot of stuff, just wondering if the sword procs and if the 10000% is multiplied with the set bonus. Was trying with frostburn gauntlets cubed, the cold rune for bone armor, and the cold corpse explosion. I just can't find out how to tell if it procs and how often it does though because I don't have the toughness to go where stuff doesn't die instantly.GameGenie10 Nov 8
Nov 5 which strongarm is better? which strongarm is better? 6% crit & 20% knockback or 5% crit & 29% knockback rest of the stats are similar.Armisal2 Nov 5
Nov 4 Am I leveling too fast? So I should preface this by saying I've only ever played single player campaign. My 1st character was a wizard. I beat diablo with her and I think I'm about 2/3s of the way through the xpac right now. She is level 64. On my new necromancer character I was level 51 when I beat Belial and started the act 3, I'm playing on hard difficulty at the moment. Is my necromancer leveling too fast? I prioritized exp boost gear and I'm something like +66% exp and +512exp per kill. My goal more than anything was just to unlock the abilities. Will this be a problem for me later in the game? Nov 4
Oct 31 Pestilence Set? So as I continue to not get the last 2 pieces of Bones of Rathma I have in the meantime acquired 7 pieces of Pestilence. My understanding is the set sucks right now. So, should I bother switching to a full 6 piece set while I wait to finish Rathmas or just keep plugging away in my current gear? Will switching to 6 piece Pestilence allow me to bump up difficulty at all?Sheth11 Oct 31
Oct 31 Weak Necromancer Why is the necromancer so weak? Im lvl 18 and my attack is only 24 and have not picked up any good weapons. Anybody know why or how i can improve? ThanksSnowy10 Oct 31
Oct 30 Rathma viable in group without Znecro? Hey all, I'm thinking about making a rathma necro since it's the only build for necros i think i will enjoy. Will it be viable in 3s with my dh and wiz friend even if i don't have a zdps necro?killuchen6 Oct 30
Oct 29 Bone Armor: Bonestorm Damage...? I can't figure out anything about it from google or here. I try to search a lot before I ask anywhere about anything, the only answer I've found is it takes on the element you use. Does it gain damage from the "Bone Armor does 1000% damage" and the full Inarius bonus? Is it just a flat 1000% damage?Arcterious1 Oct 29
Oct 28 How do I turn on Pet Health Bar? I have no idea, but I've seen videos where people can see the green health bar above their pets Thanks in advanceDolen0 Oct 28
Oct 28 Necromancer Thorn Minions damage I've been searching for a while and can't find some of the information I am looking for, while the other isn't really confirmed. I noticed when people use thorns for necromancer, they use that helmet that gives revive minions 150% more damage for 1 big minion. So, I would assume that the thorns damage is multiplied by this, meaning the revive minions damage is relative to the thorns damage multiplier. Is this true? Does it only work with revive minions? Second question I had, does Rathma and the Jesseth set increase said damage?Arcterious1 Oct 28
Oct 25 Pest RGK wait for next 10 secs before attack? I used to almost two secs of physical rotation, i shout stop attack, then jump away from boss, and start attack. I heard many ppl said wait for 10 secs before attack. What is that mean ?adrianmak1 Oct 25
Oct 24 Simulacrum Bug!!! I found what I believe to be a bug with Simulacrum where my double was not duplicate a skill. I was in town and cast it, then when I went to buy items from Kadala with blood shards, I was only getting one item per each time I did the trade. I tried this more than 10 times just to make sure it wasn't something weird I was doing. I made sure that the buff was active when I was making the trades. I even had a Necro buddy try it and he was having the same problem. I know this is a bug, so I am posting it in the bug forums as well, I just wanted to share it with everyone here so they would be aware.Khayman9 Oct 24
Oct 24 Skeletal mages and missile reflect Does anyone know if skeletal mage projectiles can be reflected by dervishes (when spinning) sand dwellers (when sanding)? Not super excited to test this on my HC necro >.<Aaedin2 Oct 24
Oct 24 Corpse lance advice Build advice I can run gr 60 fine but 70 I get crushed. Any advice with my set up?penniewiser3 Oct 24