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7h How to play corpse lance? I want to play corpse lance, but I cant seem to figure out how to play it properly? With the top tier skill build, how do you get corpses from the scratch to start lancing? When high CD skills are on cooldown and you engage a pack, how do you go from there? Or is there another build for Solo player? (Hardcore). In depth information about the corpse lance gameplay is appreciated.MadSpanker10 7h
17h HELP FINDING A BETTER NECROMANCER BUILD 18 min ago (Edited) So I'm at level 70(415) and am trying to find a better build. I started out focusing on Command Skeletons and would focus frenzy them to take down bosses and high level targets. I would use Blood Siphon to fill up my essence as well. I would also cast Skeletal Mages for added support and massive damage. I recently played with a top 1000 player who leveled me up massively and said I should look at a build guide. So I want to build a better build but am having trouble changing my natural play style to something that would do better. So at this level do I start with a build like this: And then once I reach a higher level change build to something like this: And if I don't have the all of the armor set yet do I just go along with the build until I get the armor or should I focus on using a different build to get the armor and then change from there?Zugs3 17h
22h Stuck in low 70s greater rifts I play D3 on my Switch, so unless I'm mistaken, people can't just check my profile to see my character. My gear: Trag'Oul's full set Funerary Pick Iron Rose Unless Walk set - Esoteric Alteration 70 / Zei's Stone of Vengeance 37 Nemesis Bracers The Witching Hour Circle of Nailuj's Evol - Bane of the Trapped 70 Cubed: scythe of the cycle dayntee's binding krysbin's sentence Build: siphon blood - suppress skeletal mage - life support devour - devouring aura blood rush frailty - aura of frailty <- sometimes swapped to land of the dead - frozen lands bone armor - dislocation extended servitude blood is power eternal torment life from death Wanting to obviously do greater rifts, I can just barely do 70-72, depending on the luck of the spawns. I know the popular build is basically corpse lance builds, but maybe it's just me, I can't seem to do anything with that build. A few seconds in & I'm out of resources and everything is on CD and next to nothing dead. I've watched guides, equipped the gear, but I just... I guess I'm just bad at that build. It's not really a build for me anyway, even if I had it down. For my build, I've been swapping between land of the dead - frozen lands and the frailty - aura of frailty. As for the greater rifts, I often get 1-shot from a lot of monsters. Almost anything with range, basically. I obviously need more survivability, but not sure where to get it. Maybe a shield? Not that interested in doing an all out pet build, but I would consider that over a corpse lance build. Open to changing sets from Trag'Oul's to another. Maybe Inarius? I see almost all Pestilence sets in the tops of the leaderboards, but the bonuses are for a build that I'm not interested in. That's fine. I don't plan to go near the top of the leaderboard, but something more than greater rift 72 would be nice. /end rant So... suggestions?Cruciarius2 22h
1d Making Inarius solo friendly again I should start off by saying that I hate the Necromancer in its current state. Simply put, 3x corpse lance end game builds (using 2x sets and LON) and a stupidly spammy "pet" build where one feels like they're there to serve the pets (by keeping them spawned) and where pet skills like Revive and Golem or even Army of the Dead aren't even viable or supported is just ridiculous. So, in saying that, the one Necro set that I am remotely interested in is just plain underpowered for solo play compare to all other sets. I know the predicament... there's an Inarius thorns RGK build that does quite well and any buff to Inarius will make it overpowered for RGK duties. So I wonder... why not have separate 6pc buffs for the Necro's pets and another buff for the Necro's own attacks? I'd like to see Inarius undergo a rework to something like this: (2) Set: Bone Armor damage is increased by 1000% and also activates a swirling tornado of bone, damaging nearby enemies for 1000% weapon damage. (4) Set: Bone Armor grants an additional 2% damage reduction per enemy hit. The radius of the tornado of bone is increased by 1 yard for each stack of Bone Armour. (6) Set: Enemies hit by the tornado of bone increases the damage they take from the Necromancer's pets by 3750% and increase the damage they take from the Necromancer's own attacks by (some figure higher than 3750% that makes this set competitive).Mugsy0 1d
2d Is The Blood Not Enough? This is my first Necromancer and wanted to give the Blood God with Pets approach a try. I seem to not be dishing a ton of damage on 70 GR or higher, wanted to see if there are any experts who may be able to offer some advice on maybe a better ring or build of gear. 2d
3d necromancer before any sets Hi there! I've been trying to look for skill builds that don't require any specific gear, something fun, i can't find any online that don't require a bunch of gear. I'm currently working on season 16 and trying to complete the last set of quests to get the trag'oul set thanks!JDumont2 3d
3d What am I doing wrong? So I haven't focused on my Necromancer in a while, but he has roughly the same level of gear as my other toons yet is stuck 10 or so grift levels below even the worst of them. I know I am not using one of the top builds or anything, but I still feel like I should be doing better than I am. So what am I doing wrong? I am looking for specific ways I can improve the build I am using, not just people telling me to change everything to whatever the top people are doing. This: is the Necro in question.Mafic0 3d
4d Walking Plague.. 4d
5d Necro ps4 key on PC? Hi guys! So... I got a Necromancer DLC key from my friend. The problem is: this is a ps4 key. And i don't have ps4, i have PC. I know this is a stupid question, but if I write this key on my account on pc, will it work on it? And if not, is there a way to replace this ps4 key with pc key?Vandor18231 5d
6d Rathma's CD doesn't work? Hi everybody, I've been playing necro lately, with the 6 piece Bones of Rathma set. However, when I wanted to do the set dungeon, the CD count stayed at 0. Does anyone have an explanation for this? As it says (when acquired 2 pieces of the set): Minions have a chance to reduce the cooldown of Army of the Dead by 1 second each time they deal damage (2 pieces). Thanks :)Timity2 6d
6d REILENA'S SHADOWHOOK BUGGED CUBE? So i extraced the REILENA'S SHADOWHOOK in the cube, and selected my buff in the cube. but i get 0 extra dmg for my essence, I know it wont show in the stats etc, But when i do grifts and regular rifts i have zero diffrence in DMG. i crit the same, do the same DMG etc. is something bugged for me?Graster1 6d
6d Rathma Set Worthless Why create it in the first place when IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK? Seriously, my level 91 Enforcer gem (along with 2 other level 80 gems) can't even solo past GR70 with FULL ANCIENT (augmented) GEAR! Tf Blizz, give it a buff ffs, and make the Golem more OP than the WD Gargantuan or some #*%^ cause pet WD is making this set/build look stupid as (^&$. And by the way, allow linking of my console account to the damn website so i can display my PS4 toons already..nibz34 6d
Feb 16 Buff off-set items Please, there's no reason why all necro builds have to revolve around the same few items: Lance shoulders or 2-piece weapon/shield set R. shadowhook Krysbin's ring Curses belt Please... let me use other skills!Wyrmheart0 Feb 16
Feb 16 Rat Runs? Is anyone still doing Rat runs? All I see advertised in the community are Nat or Impale DH runs. Just bought Necromancer and having a blast. And I was hoping to get in to some Rat run groups.MOE1 Feb 16
Feb 12 Skeletal mages not attacking. Have been playing Ratkma's for a lill over a month, and I finally decided to ask . Why is it some time some of the Skeletal mage will not attack, like if 10-8 are up only maybe 4 or 6 will attack and it don't not even matter if the are right in back of me ? TIABadElf5 Feb 12
Feb 12 Best melee build? Hey guys! I'm a Barbarian at heart but I want to try Necromancer. Was reading the stickied guide which mentions builds with links and etc. Can someone point out which melee Necro build is currently optimal for GR pushing (if any) thanksHadd2 Feb 12
Feb 12 i die from 1 shot , please help guys i need your help with my Rathma necromancer , every thing in this game 1 shot me playing GR70+ or even bounties difficulty lvl 13 . can you please tell me what to change with out changing my play styleONEONEOUT6 Feb 12
Feb 9 Looking for Necromancer's to play with Hey guys, I recently got a new desktop and came back to the game. Most of my game time was in Season 13, but ever since I started playing again the other day I've caught the bug and have been putting in quite a few hours everyday. I made a Condemn Crusader which is an awesome build, but wanted to try the Necromancer. I made a Corpse Lance Build which is super fun in lower levels or with someone who can get you corpses, and now I need 3 more pieces (both rings and the bracers) to complete my z support Necro. I'd love to shred with some Skeletal Mage Necro's as I can just freeze packs and get you tons of life globes for essence. I am currently 833 Paragon and Non-Seasonal. Whether or not you want me to run the support necro build or just shred as Necro's feel free to add me up in game or drop me a line on this thread. BattleTag: Deepswerve#1193 Server: Americas Cheers and Merry Christmas, DeepswerveDeepswerve1 Feb 9
Feb 9 Max build Hello , I need help with my build , how i get better ?tal07802 Feb 9
Feb 8 [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer (solo), A Theorycraft EDIT (1/14/2019): After much feedback and consideration of input, my original LoN Cold Lancer build was reconfigured. This produced a more balanced build that can also benefit from Nemesis Bracers and Frailty: [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer: 5 FPA BP + Cursed Scythe + Gizzard Unfortunately the duration of cursed scythe is only 10s. This is why we opt to keep Borrowed time on the bar (and will also have to apply it within the rift). This does however allow us to keep both Overwhelming Essence and Spreading Malediction, whilst also benefiting from Frailty. Blood Rush: Potency for increased toughness. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, theory, and build review, especially Chia, Isend, and ragman. Original posting included below. Note: attempted to fit in Gogok to hit 4 FPA BP, but doing this was either too reckless defensively (if swapping chest), or incurred too much dps tradeoff (if swapping amulet affix). EDIT (1/18/2019): Including Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard instead of Powerful gem. This allows us to 100% opt for the Potency rune for extra toughness as well as high recovery. ----- Based on the recent increase to LoN, up from 500% per ancient (as seen on the 2.6.4 PTR) to 750% per ancient (in the latest 2.6.4 notes): ... Necromancer is currently in the unique position where Legacy of Nightmares (LoN) has never before been appealing enough to see heavy use within the class. With the upcoming buff to LoN in 2.6.4, this will change. LoN Necromancer, and specifically LoN Corpse Lance builds already have many large multipliers available from both skills and items. The arrangement of items in particular can be very beneficial for a LoN Cold Lancer, as the multipliers are spread across many different item slots that might otherwise go unused. ----- Benefits: LoN vs Pestilence? Aside from the massive base multiplier increase of 9750% at 13 ancient items, which is considerable - LoN Cold Lancer can take advantage of many various bonuses that are inaccessible or not worth going after with Pestilence: Can hit 2.01695 APS, surpassing the 2.0001 AS, 5 FPA BP. This allows you to attack with 12 Corpses / s (up from 10 Corpses / s). While Pestilence will be able to hit this as well in S16 with the Grandeur bonus, the advantage of doing so will not be worth going after in comparison to using other bonuses with Pestilence. Higher Mobility (with the Steuart's Greaves). This will be great since LoN Cold Lance is primarily an elite hunting build, finding elites with acceptable affixes will be easier, with traversing rifts quicker in between Land of the Dead (DPS rotations). The Johnstone (Macabre Knowledge buff) Multiplier (200% or 3x), with limited number of use stacks (50 in total). Useable now because stacks don't expire near instantly and won't get expended against targets other than the intended target (think Pestilence 2pc bonus) or be applied towards lances that aren't receiving full skill damage bonus (think Trag'oul Blood lance - the additional Lances). Increased Consistency in defense via Aquila Cuirass (vs Endless Walk's defense while moving). Increased Elemental Damage, 100%, up from 40-60% ([2.6.4] Pestilence would have 20% more). And Possibly: Increased CDR (lower Cooldowns) via Leoric's Crown, Depending on the LoN Cold Lancer build you opt for. And even though Pestilence seems as if it would be considerably underpowered by comparison at a main 6pc bonus of 1650%, Pestilence can take advantage of the following bonuses where LoN cannot: Endless Walk (2x multiplier). Convention of Elements (3x multiplier over 4s every 12s). Huge bonus for Lancer since the build deals damage in such a short window of time. Downside is you have to line up your CDR for specific breakpoints with CoE equipped. 2pc bonus allows it to send out 3 times as many lances, and allows the build to get some progression via trash kills during the rift. ~3.33x faster ramp up of the Corpsewhisper Pauldron multiplier (40/s as compared to LoN @ 12/s) due to the additional passive 2pc bonus attacks. ----- The question I wanted to answer in this search was: Is a [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer stronger than a Pestilence Cold Lancer for solo push? If so, by how much? So I did some theorycrafting. While I'm not a Necromancer main, I've learned a lot about Necromancer mechanics during the investigations required for this theorycraft, and feel fairly confident in the estimate at this point, having spent several days' developing the comparison, and both found and fixed many of my own errors in calculation. That said, it's possible that there may still be something lingering to fix, a possible error in the calculations, so I encourage you to review my work, and I can adjust the calculations, and the estimate, as required. There are a many assumptions and other notations made in the NOTES section of the theorycraft document, so please read through these if you have question as to how I included a particular multiplier in the calculations, or how I treat the Land of the Dead DPS rotation. I went to great lengths to estimate DPS values at any given moment in the rotation. This was hard to estimate given the amount of variability in mechanics (pre-requisite, ramp up, static, partial) all going into effect at different moments in time. ----- Builds: [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer (Solo): [2.6.1] Pestilence Cold Lancer (Solo): [2.6.4] Pestilence Cold Lancer (Solo): Google Sheets Theorycraft Document: ----- Resulting Estimates: Key: LoN Primary Build = Andariel's + WH + Strongarms LoN Secondary Build = Lacuni + Leorics (no Strongarms) Increase for [2.6.4] LoN Primary Build vs. the [2.6.1] Pestilence Cold Lancer build: 1.9 to 2.3 GRs. 3.3 to 3.7 GRs if comparing Pestilence build without Spreading Malediction. Increase for [2.6.4] LoN Primary Build vs. the [2.6.4] Pestilence Cold Lancer build: 1.1 to 1.4 GRs. 2.5 to 2.8 GRs if comparing Pestilence build without Spreading Malediction. Increase for [2.6.4] LoN Secondary Build vs. the [2.6.1] Pestilence Cold Lancer build: 1.2 to 1.6 GRs. 2.7 to 3.0 GRs if comparing Pestilence build without Spreading Malediction. Increase for [2.6.4] LoN Secondary Build vs. the [2.6.4] Pestilence Cold Lancer build: 0.4 to 0.8 GRs. 1.8 to 2.2 GRs if comparing Pestilence build without Spreading Malediction. ----- Well that's great, Cratic, but what is your OPINION on this change? I have to say, I typically have avoided playing Necromancer, and SPECIFICALLY stayed away from the Corpse lance push builds. Why? Waiting for long cooldowns, and not doing anything other than grouping enemies, seeking out elites and cursing whilst waiting. It also seems hard to gear (if not cold rune), slow moving, a glass cannon when in DPS phase, and has terrible RNG with elites having to line up proper. The other Necromancer builds, such as the popular Singularity Mage, have not been interesting enough to entice me either (aside from perhaps the thorns builds). While the LoN Cold Lance build doesn't solve all of the problems I have with Lancer in general, it solves many in my opinion. LoN grants that amazing mobility via Steuart's Greaves, more consistent DPS during Elite cycle (without having to deal with CoE), more steady level of defense when in DPS phase, and the ability to opt into slightly lower cooldowns (albeit at the cost of DPS). While Elite RNG will still be troublesome, and it will be terribly hard to gear still, there is some great appeal to these newfound upsides, enough perhaps for me to possibly try out the build next season, or at minimum, next patch. In the least I'm excited to see this, or a very similar LoN build in action. I can't help but laugh, at least a little, about it specifically being mentioned that Necromancer and Crusader are being balanced around, yet Necromancer and Condemn Sader both are receiving several GRs increase via LoN (whether that be via solo build or group build). Not that this is entirely a bad thing. While I would like to see more diversity in the available Necromancer skill item multipliers (for skills other than skeleton mage, corpse lance, and thorns), for the moment, LoN appears to offer some freedom in terms of configurability that the class sometimes lacks (restrictive set bonuses anyone?). Biggest downside to LoN is definitely the lack of ring slots, aside from that, for the time being, I think LoN will be appealing / enticing to many players. ----- In summary, even though Necromancer sets are due to receive very little to no buff next patch, Necromancer still has something to be excited about with LoN. I am interested to see what other GR speed farming, nephalem rifting, and push builds come about with this possibility. ----- TLDR: I estimate 1.9 GRs to 2.3 GRs increase for [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer solo as compared to [2.6.1] Pestilence Cold Lancer solo. I estimate 1.1 to 1.4 GRs increase for [2.6.4] LoN Cold Lancer solo as compared to [2.6.4] Pestilence Cold Lancer solo.Cratic61 Feb 8
Feb 8 LoN mage GR party play videos play GR 119 planner There is an item difference between planner and video. Planner is the item I want. But because I do not have, I replaced it with other items as a temporary measure. Fit the item to the planner. play tip 1. Do not use simulacrum and land-of-the-dead at the same time. Use simulacrum immediately when entering GR and Use land-of-the-dead when you have 12 to 14 seconds of simulacrum cooldown. This is because you can maintain a stable number of mages and quickly target your yellow-blue monster in 8 seconds without simulacrum. 2. Targeting is important, but keeping mage numbers is more important. If you have a question on YouTube, you can answer right away. Because of the YouTube alarm. Please ask as much as possible on YouTube. All posts are written in translators, and I'm sorry it's not smooth.Deal2 Feb 8
Feb 6 What should i use Trag'oul set for? Can someone suggest me a build to utilize Trag'oul set? The other set are more straight forward.SleepyBear4 Feb 6
Feb 3 Which armor to Tal Rasha? Not able to do this yet (not far enough in campaign for Kanai's Cube), but was looking at what options I'll have in the future and I'm having a small debate with myself. Planning on going Jesseth Arms + Bones of Rathma with Bone Ringer and Circle of Nailuj's Evol as the weapon and jewelry Archives respectively (assuming what I've been understanding the wikia/fandom site correctly and it's up to date) for my endgame gear. My big debate at the moment (aside from some slight uncertainty about physically worn jewelry and the bracer as they don't have obvious pet boosting options*) is what armor to Archive; from what I've researched, I think I have two major options: 1: Bloodsong Mail: Makes my skeletons significantly more dangerous when Land of the Dead is active (which could happen more often with Bones of Rathma), but no boost if not using that. Unsure how it stacks the currently chosen rune though (e.g. if you have Freezing Grasp does it double the freeze time, or Frenzy double the increase to attack speed, etc). 2: Tasker and Theo: Boosts all pet attack speeds including Revives and Golem on a continuous, passive basis. Downside is if I don't have a lot of Revives currently active, the effective boost will be weaker, albeit I will still be able to Land of the Dead for Revives in a pinch. Am I missing anything in this debate? Are the numbers strongly one-sided and I'm just not seeing it due to not having tried them yet? In case anyone is curious: *looking at Nagelring + Puzzle Ring + Nemesis Bracers for at least a good long time if I can get my hands on them for better gear chances, maybe Nagelring indefinitely because of the summons, possibly Haunt of Vaxo for its summons, and unless another winds up looking better at some point Krelm's Buff Bracers to minimize lockdown.Avigor3 Feb 3
Feb 3 Buff Golem pants Please, I want to use a different skill for toughness that isn't Bone Armor or Decrepify. I want to be able to use a golem in any build, this skill looks amazing, let me use it!Wyrmheart0 Feb 3
Jan 31 Necro 2s/110+ group build? I've been running cold LoN in solos up to GR 103, It was also work in 2s GR till about 109. Now its taking 2 sets of CDs to kill anything. Is there a pet build or something that would preform better in high GR groups? If so what set? Thanks in advance.Alkrym2 Jan 31
Jan 31 Inarius Build - Hitting a wall New to the game (1 month old) and I'm starting to hit the wall of limitations with my Necro Inarius build. I'm 10+ years removed from the Diablo franchise and came in with near D2 Summoner Necro expectations (full Trang set). I was extremely disappointed in the Necro builds / sets to say the least. I was hoping for a true Necro experience with permanent skellys + mages + golem instead of the 9 sec runoff nonsense. Needless to say the only play-style I can enjoy with the necro is the Inarius build. I'm struggling to get a decent Krysbin (haven't even had a socketed fall for me and spent all my bounty mats rerolling them to no avail). All of the build guides suggested Mirinae but then many people have switched them out for others? What else can I do to improve my dps? Should I run Bane of the Trapped + Mirinae + Pain Enhancer or is there a better combo? I switched out decripfy (dizzy) for devour to help with any squishyness. Any other suggestions to ensure I proc the full 3x krysbin bonus or the smite from Mirinae?TrousrSnake4 Jan 31
Jan 29 BloodRage build question Trying this build and it's fun, What I don't understand is why IS the Corroded Fang as the required weapon when I'm not using Grim Scythe? Am I being dim?Skafloc1 Jan 29
Jan 28 Trag'oul's is poorly designed? Not sure how I'm magically supposed to clear T4 material to complete my 6-piece set when neither the 2- nor the 4-piece bonuses do squat to improve my damage. Tried to clear a T4 rift just now and my damage is zilch every time Land of the Dead is on cooldown, which is 99% of the time. I realize I could probably change my build to something that isn't as corpse-intensive as the one I'm currently using (straight from diablofans), but I still have no clue how I'm going to solo T4 content to get my 6-piece set (I've yet to find someone who will let me leech). Gearing up this character in general is a complete pain in the ***.Cochabamba11 Jan 28
Jan 28 Rathma set/GGoL Do the skeletons raised by the Golden Georget of Leoric count as minions for the Rathma set bonuses?Scourge0 Jan 28
Jan 28 Goblins following me around Haven't played my Necro in a long time. Fired him up today, and found him being followed around by 4 fat ugly little goblins that make a really obnoxious sound. I can't figure out where they come from, i.e., what is causing them. I took off every piece of gear, and they are still there. They are not listed in the Pet section. Can someone help me hang on to my sanity and clue me in to the origin of these irritating little dudes ?JaggedOne7 Jan 28
Jan 25 LAZYNECRO: ANTI-CARPAL TUNNEL -- continued The other thread maxed out and it's old anyways: People are still curious about the build so I figured why not continue it?ragman18 Jan 25
Jan 24 No one in Necro Forum? Wow, this forum seems dead. I guess a lot of people switched classes since we didn't get much love with the new patch.Argos4 Jan 24
Jan 17 BUG THE JOHNSTONE STACKS Hi, everybody. Why 50 unspent stacks The JohnStone work the next time you use the Land of the dead? When using the land of the dead Stacks The JohnStone needs to disappear, and to appear only after the expiry of the Land of the dead.FeTidWrecker4 Jan 17
Jan 16 Pestilence Necro Keeps Getting Owned Hi guys, Need a little help here. I followed almost exactly the build stated here: I'm not sure how to paste screenshots here, so here's my character: Itachi#1613 Other than the ring (Stone of Jordan) which I still cannot find a good enough COE or even Unity to replace, the rest of the items are per the guide. Skills are exactly the same as per the guide. When I join GR90 and above, I keep getting one-hit killed by general mob, especially ranged ones like archers or the imp priests. Same result when I solo GR90. I practically use all the damage-reduction tactics, e.g. Dayntees Belt + pestilence set + travelers pledge + compass rose set + decrepify curse. I see other necros playing with ease, yet I keep getting killed by simple mob. Is there something wrong with my build? Or is it my gameplay? I am tearing my hair out. Need some enlightenment pls! Regards, ItachiItachi18 Jan 16
Jan 15 Cross rings!?! What are they!? I’ve recently been playing on PS4 and I’m from pc. I played with a random necro who carried me and 2 others through a gr 150 one shooting everything. In his gear he had 2 rings called cross. Which fit 3 legendary gems what is that nonesense!!? I can’t find anything about them!?Vixxin1 Jan 15
Jan 15 What stats for scythe of the cycle? I got a primal scythe of the cycle drop. The primary stats is +1000 int, +1000 vit, +24 area damage on hit. Should I reroll vitality or area damage?SleepyBear2 Jan 15
Jan 15 Trag'Oul 2.6.4 Necro have a buff for Trag'Oul set 3300% upto 3800% can build RGK corpe lance same pestilance set ?Kaisa11214 Jan 15
Jan 15 Krysbin and Knockback Krysbin's Sentence: "Deal 75–100% increased damage against slowed enemies or triple this bonus against enemies afflicted by any other type of control-impairing effect" I know that "frozen", "stun", and "blind" procs Krysbin's triple bonus, but not sure about "knockback". Does "knockback" proc Krysbin's 300% damage? Is there anyone who did experiment about this? I am confusing because the above text states "any other type of control-impairing effect".Sangyung2 Jan 15
Jan 15 Bul-Kathos Ring Inquiry I know many Inarius builds use Bul-Kathos Ring for improving their AoE damage. But I am confused about its damage mechanics. 1. I heard that Bul-Kathos Ring deals the smaller part between (a) 0.5% of a monster's current life and (b) 2000% of weapon damage. Does it mean that if a monster has a full life, Bul-Kathos deals (b) 2000% of weapon damage, and if the monster loses his life significantly, then Bul-Kathos deals (a) 0.5% of his current life? 2. According to Wiki (, Bul-Kathos Ring does not deal 2000% of weapon damage separately. It says that (similar to Wreath of Lightning) Bul-Kathos deals 2000% damage for all affected monsters together. Does it mean that if there are 10 monsters, Bul-Kathos only deals 200% of weapon damage per monster?Sangyung1 Jan 15
Jan 12 Corpse Explosion question I found a primal Grasps of Essence with Int, CDR, CHC, and AD. I tried reading up on it, but most threads just seem to discuss that Corpse Explosion (CE) is an AD type spell, but I did not find it if actually benefits from AD. Would I be better off rolling the AD or Int to CHD? I was going to try out this build (once (if ever) the new armory slots patch goes into effect). Thanks in advance.Dante001 Jan 12
Jan 9 Legit LoN Thorns Necro Has anyone tried this build? It's actually amazing... Everyone thought thorns necro was a joke but really it's legit...SuperCuddles32 Jan 9
Jan 9 Need some help Hi I have a character with necromancer. Stun is going on without getting any attack in a way I don't know why. When the stun ends, my char throws fireball-like things around me. How can I stun without any attack? can you help me?alperenkoc2 Jan 9
Jan 8 Any Necro equipped with 2hander weapon? I am cleaning up inventory and had some 2handers necro weapons around. But are there any Necro builds that can use them? Guides I know use 1handers and have the 2hander power cubed. TIA!Astig2 Jan 8
Jan 8 Recommended stats for t8+ I've already looked up quite a few builds and have settled on a mix of what I enjoy personally which is essentially a skeletal mage build. I'm not in front of the game right now but my stats are as follows. 790k Damage 12m Toughness 1.4m Recovery Still trying to get a nailuj(sp?) and I'm also missing 2 pieces of the rathma set but I'm essentially full geared. The problem I'm facing is things tend to tank my hits once I hit t8. T7 is literally no issue and other than getting zapped here and there from arcane mobs I can essentially face tank everything. Am I missing something? Will rathma really increase my effectiveness that much or do I need to start focusing more on getting better/ancient variants of the items I have?MrEMeats3 Jan 8
Jan 7 2.6.4 LoN Necro RGK This might be interesting with upcoming LoN buff just thought i'd share Basically, LoN corpse lance will be just about on par with the current pestilence corpse lance. However we are able to drop bloodrush/devour and use command skeleton/skeleton archer. Thus also allowing the uses of the popular inarius/rathma boneringer rgk builds mechanics at the same time. 2 for 1 rgkMassaker45 Jan 7
Jan 5 Some LoN specs My friend mcdundee told me about the Bone Spirit specs that have been making some headway, so that got me thinking a bit on some possible LoN specs revolving around Bone Spirit. I realize it loses both CoE and Endless Walk, but I wanted to see if there was some way to work something out. Not exactly a necro player so feel free to chime in. So the first thing is an RKG variant: Triple hybrid spec. Bone spirit, bone ringer, and army of the dead. Basically compensating for ring slots by combining possible damage sources and then lowering cooldown thanks to Leorics, adding in some passives, getting rid of simulcrum for Nayrs, etc etc. There's also the idea of turning it into cold with Corpse Lance, and keeping simulcrum: And finally I noticed bone spirit had a rune where it detonates, so I thought that it may serve as trash clearer, supposing it triggers area damage. Just some fun thoughts, don't really know if they're viable because I've never been able to get d3planner to actually simulate a Necro spec. I do know that you can't do this with Inarius because of bone spirit's distance requirements.StoleOwnCar6 Jan 5
Jan 4 Follower recommendation for Pestilence I have traditionally run Templar with a setup as per Icy Veins, but thinking more about this, his effects probably screw with my LOTD/Krysbins. What is the best recommendation for follower to accompany this build (specific follower, spells, and gear)? Thanks.Dante001 Jan 4
Jan 4 Two necromancers for co-op; is this viable? Both my partner and I use to play Diablo III together, but we got bored after a few weeks. However, now with some time away, the new necromancer dlc, and some updates to Diablo III, we're looking to spend another few weeks on it. We would both like to play the new necromancer hero, but upon reading some old posts, I know a lot of curses do not stack etc. Googling this further only provides old 2017 posts, and I know there have been some updates since then but I cannot find them. Therefore, please could we receive your thoughts and/or some links to some necro combination builds or some advice as to whether running two necros is viable and fun? We would ideally like to be able to do higher difficulties, speed runs etc. If two necros is not viable, what combination would you run with a necro? Thanks!Zana1 Jan 4