May 4 Book of the Dead: Necromancer Builds & Guides ☠️ UPDATED FOR PATCH 2.6.1 ☠️ ... Welcome to the Book of the Dead. This is a collection of builds, guides, and other resources created by the Necromancer community. Whether you're a new player seeking advice for your first season, or a more experienced one looking for a quick reference to skill and item mechanics, you'll find that and more in the links below. Please help me keep this thread current and accurate by submitting more links in the comments. Thanks for your feedback and support. Serve the Cycle! Need some help monitoring your Season 14 Journey? Check out Bagstone's tracker: Lord Fluffy's "Season 14 Necromancer Starter Guide" is another useful resource, especially if you're planning to use the Pestilence set from Haedrig's Gift: ... 1. BEGINNER GUIDES & SET DUNGEONS: 2. NECROMANCER BUILDS: 3. GAME MECHANICS: 4. NECROMANCER SKILL MECHANICS: 5. ITEMS, GEMS, CRAFTING & COSMETICS: 6. STREAMS & GAMEPLAY VIDEOS: 7. COMMUNITY RESOURCES & PATCH NOTES: May 4
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8h Where to focus next upgrade Hi guys, After my 3rd or 4th season of serious play, I finally snagged a usable Primal Ancient for the first time. Kadala opted to give me my Primal Rathma Ribcage last night, and while I still need to Enchant it to give me Elite Dmg Reduction (didn't pop before bed) am pretty happy. I'm not sure what piece I should be looking at trying to get an upgrade for next. Right now I'm in the process of spending my Bounty Materials trying to get a better Krysbin's Sentence through Reforging, but where should I drop Blood Shards? I'm thinking Shoulder is my next weakest piece, but I'm not sure. Also, What would you be Enchanting on my Shield? It seems pretty damned near perfect to me, so idk if I'd change anything, but what would you roll for an upgrade chance? Best, ~KKroonck1 8h
11h Returning player having a hard time with GR I can't seem to get past GR 55. Could someone take a look at my gear and build to see where I can make improvements? I just recently got back to D3 after a long break, so there are many new things that are new to me. Thanks!Rottentofu3 11h
14h Looking for Group I've gotten a rat necro geared but I can't find a group. If someone has a group I can join for rat runs I would really enjoy it!StormyOwl0 14h
21h All Rune Item for Revive Skill - Necromancer Revive already has no set bonus and has any really useful Item especially against higher grift demons who do not die for long time so the damage is relied on Thorns Dmg. Coud there possibly be an all rune item for REVIVE skill?Venatus21 21h
21h pet necro and why it fails feel+fantasy A long read, but this really details why the D3 Necro really fails to be what it is meant to be both in fantasy and play, and how to fix it. The allure of the pet oriented arpg play is having an army of minions that do the killing for you while you choose to support them in various ways including CC, cursing or debuff, and even your own dps. This is captured masterfully in D2 necro fishymancer build where you have an army of skeletons and you can concentrate on cursing, corpse explosion, and less often so but also bone prison or wall and bone spirit or bone spear. This dynamic of having the choice of having an extremely laid back playstyle of being able to sit back and debuff enemies while your army kills them is what makes the necro. If you want to get more involved, you can cast bone spears and whatever else, or skill into even more minions via more active minions skills like revive. Now, regarding Diablo 3... The WD Helltooth Garg build captures part of this fantasy. It is an extremely laid back build. Your minions tank and kill, while you concentrate on debuffing your enemies via Ring of Death, just like a curse, and CCing your enemies with piranhado. Now comes to the Necromancer pet build... Rathmas... In Rathmas, the Necro pet build, you have to spam an ability, Mages. You have no choice to not spam this ability. This, in one fell swoop, already kills the quintessential necro fantasy and playstyle of standing back while your minions do the work. There is arguably room for 1 skill slot to move around, but we are forced into Simulacrum just for the dps build. Curses are usually mandatory, which are nice and part of pet fantasy anyway. This extra skill slot may have been intended to be filled with Army of the Dead, so that is your extra damage like D2 Bone spirit, or with Revive, which is like D2 redoubling on summons. IMO obviously Revive should have been the active or spammy pet skill that you can opt in to, or switch out for other skills like more CC or direct damage if you wish. Forcing you to spam an ability other than a curse, a very unsatisfying ability as Mages at that, is what kills both Rathma set and unfortunately the quintessential Necro playstyle. please Blizz look into this, hear us on this, and fix it. The bonestorm playstyle and fantasy is great, weak or not, and Trang ouls has its own problems like being inactive for a minute. But in this plea we just concentrate on the quintessential necro build, the pet build. Until this is fixed, I will continue playing HT Garg WD to not get carpal tunnel, and I will just transmog him in black robes and pretend he is a necro. please Blizzard give some notice to this and hear this feedback.gh0st10 21h
1d Support Necro Guide Video Guide: DiabloFans Guide: 1d
1d Season 14 Necro advice Howdy all. So Season 14 dropped and I figured I'd get back into the game. Picked Necro and rolled with it. Looks like we get the Pestilence set. Here's where I'm looking for some advice. Everything I'm seeing online says to roll a Land of the Dead Lance build. Just run around slowing mobs down until you get your CD back, then spam lance, rinse and repeat. I'm sure it's powerful, I don't doubt that. It's just that, personally, the play style feels boring. So I'm posting here to see if anyone has Pestilence build advice that plays differently? Maybe takes advantage of the Bone Spear damage from the set?Bearclaw4 1d
1d Trag'Oul's avatar needs a buff In my opinion tragoul's avatar deserves a buff. It currently doesn't have any real push builds other than the blood lance one which is just worse than pestilancer. The 4 pc set is awkward, considering your abilities use a percentage of your maximum health, so you don't benefit that much from it. I think most blood skills in general just arent very good. Blood rush, simulacrum, and blood lance are the only ones worth using. Blood nova doesnt do enough bonus damage to be worth the extra health cost, etc. It has some passable speedfarm builds, but that doesnt make the set good. I really wish we could look at reworking it, especially the 4 piece bonus.HailFall5 1d
2d Best T13 bounty build? What do ppl use to run bounty at T13?Semihage3 2d
2d Rat run questions. What gear do I run for rat runs as a rathmas necro and what should my stat priority be? I have a pretty good handle on the season but I don't know how to play in rat runs, are there any specific play style differences from regular rathmas? Where do I find a group o can join? How do I know how high I can go? What's my paragon priority?StormyOwl1 2d
2d how on earth do you make rathma live? i just cant make rathma work. I do enough damage, but literally everything one shots me Any sort of enemy with a ranged attack or that can jump at you from range instantly annihilates me. Can someone please explain how to make rathma live?HailFall2 2d
2d Rathma Set Worthless Why create it in the first place when IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK? Seriously, my level 91 Enforcer gem (along with 2 other level 80 gems) can't even solo past GR70 with FULL ANCIENT (augmented) GEAR! Tf Blizz, give it a buff ffs, and make the Golem more OP than the WD Gargantuan or some #*%^ cause pet WD is making this set/build look stupid as (^&$. And by the way, allow linking of my console account to the damn website so i can display my PS4 toons already..nibz22 2d
3d Pestilancer - Is molting necessary? I'm wondering if I could get away with something like potency instead as my rune. I have issues with survivability and i think the armor boost could help. Additionally, the corpses generated by molting don't seem to do enough damage to really make an impact damage wise, and the essence generated isnt that necessary to me, since I usually dont run out of essence between land of the dead casts.HailFall3 3d
3d zNec, Locket vs Halcyon while Lotd+Briggs Hey, when you play zNec in the current rathma-speed-farm, what is the purpose of the Halcyon Amulet? As far as i can tell when you have Brigg's Wrath cubbed/geared, it is enough to proc the strongarms. Even on frozen mobs when they dont get pulled visually they still have the 30% dmg-debuff from strongarms. Tested it with just weapon + strongarm + briggs (cubbed). Normal dmg on mobs: around 2000 While in the frailty-aura range (strongarm-proc via briggs): around 2500 dmg When i activate Lotd and move mobs are first frozen, but when they are in the frailty-range, the dmg is again around 2500 So wearing Rolands Locket for the extra pickup-radius has more effect. Do i have an error somewhere or why so many running around with Halcyon?Hesk9 3d
3d Seeing if someone can - Solved make a pestilence/corpse lance build that doesn't rely on in-geom, but is a good t13 speed farming build. I just want to see if it's possible, as I really like how pestilence works, but I very much dislike in-geom based builds. I realize the best speed builds are in-geom based, but thought I'd see what the community can do with this. Edit... The build we came up with.. 3d
4d Pestilence Master any good? Is the full 6-piece set competitive with other sets? Being reliant on corpses seems a little underwhelming to me, but I'm also new to the class, so I'm not sure. Are there ways to quickly and constantly generate corpses that I'm simply not aware of yet? Thanks in advance!TheArchivist9 4d
4d Question Pestilence set & corpse explosion Does Pestilence set cause each corpse to 1650% damage added to it or over all?Caseydraco1 4d
4d pestilence: do i spam corpse lance or devour? im unclear if i should be hitting corpse lance or devour. does devour only shoot off 1 lance instead of 2? during land of the dead, does anything change?Ferrante4 4d
6d Build to plow start of season I haven’t played necro much. What’s a solid fairly quick build to start the level grind with necro? Is it pet based?Dmoney1 6d
6d Need some help deciding between Rathma Singularity and Pestilence Corpse Lancer. It's been ages since I touched necro, so wanted to give it a shot for the new season starting tomorrow. I'm looking for one that can help me do bounties, rifts and GRs (an all-in-one set like DH UE). It'll be a huge plus if either one of them can let me play in groups. I'm not looking for super push 100+ groups; more of a mid 80s-90s chill runs. I know both Singularity and Pestilence has their push and speed variants (I found Fluffy's guides for both of them), but it'd be great to get some opinion from people who's played them both. Thanks a lot!unhomie5 6d
Jun 15 Necromancer overpowered and way too easy now. Right now I'm a level 9 necromancer and I really do like the special abilities that come with this perk or class. However I now have a permanent retinue of skeleton warriors surrounding me. They can kill a group of my enemies without my assistance. I wish there was a way to disable this. I really don't need this as I already have other powerful abilities that have more than helped me so far. Later on I might even have Leah and a templar warrior helping me too. So how much power and assistance do I need? To balance this out I'm going to raise my game level from normal to hard. Even then it might still be too easy. Anybody here have any suggestions? Funny thing is this group of skeletons suddenly popped up out of nowhere as soon as I reached level 9. And I was trying to fight them off thinking they were enemies lol. Damn! and it turns out to be my unecessary group of bodyguards. I like a little help once in a while but as a necromancer I'm already powerful as it is.Ahasuerus69 Jun 15
Jun 15 Necromancer not worth $15 Necromancer needs to go on a massive sale. Im sorry but a character is NOT worth $15. $5 MAYBE. Its not like they had to create a new character from scratch or anything and its not some huge expansion content. Inb4 they comeo ut with druid and make it $25CPGunner21010 Jun 15
Jun 14 Rathma 4 piece change The rathma 4 piece currently works along the lines of every time your minions damage something you get 1% damage reduction that lasts for 15 seconds. I would like a change to this to fix 2 problems with the rathma set. 1a) Each active minion reduces damage by 5% to 80% 1b) Each point of essence gives you .25% damage reduction to a maximum of 80% 2) Each active minion gives 1 essence regen. up to a maximum of 25 essence regen.StormyOwl0 Jun 14
Jun 14 Tragoul or pestilence corpse lance? I have tried both, and i feel like they're fairly equal. Pestilence is a lot more difficult to survive with, but has more power during land of the dead. Tragoul is way better at surviving outside of land of the dead imo, but is much more limited to single target damage during land of the dead. What do you guys think is the better choice for a set to support this build?HailFall5 Jun 14
Jun 12 LazyNecro: Anti-Carpal Tunnel - UPDATED 2.6.1 Firstly, if you're new, check the "2.6 ver and build premise ideas" section found further down for background and meat and potatoes of the build. This section expands on that base premise which I will not be repeating because I hate repeating myself. I'm lazy. That's why I use this build in the first place. Secondly, this addendum is designed and thought about for the new player and average player in mind. When I think of builds I try to think in terms that don't revolve around having obscene paragon levels, high augments or high gem levels in order to be functional. You will note in the video provided I INTENTIONALLY dropped my stats down to reflect a more average to below average stat array. So, that said, Stranger Things 2 came out and I decided to do some binge watching on NetFlix. As always I fired up the ole' D3 and tinkered around with 2.6.1 now that it's live. ☠️ Passives: I decided to go a different route this time around. Again, with a lower stat character in mind. So passives selected: - Stand Alone (obviously) - Fueled by Death (speed) - Rigor Mortis (DPS) - Eternal Torment (DPS) Now, how exactly is Rigor Mortis and Eternal Torment helping in DPS? Ingeniously, that's how. ;) We have Bane of The Trapped (BoTT) socketed. BoTT amps damage on slowed targets. Rigor Mortis ensures enemies that are afflicted with poison are slowed for 5 seconds. Dislocation is slotted. Anything that we touch gets poisoned ergo anything we touch is ensured to take amp'd damage for 5 seconds via Rigor Mortis + BoTT. "Wait, 5 seconds?" Believe me, more than enough time. Eternal Torment? Frailty Aura curses only those monsters that are inside, and remain inside, our aura. They leave the aura, or we move away from them, no longer cursed. Eternal Torment ensures that those that leave our aura remain cursed. Ergo, Trag's continues to amp DoT damage as we walk on by. So, why are we doing this? Simply put, so we don't stop moving. You'll notice in the video that I do not stop moving. At all. Well, maybe a couple times but 99% of the time I'm constantly moving. You'll also note that everything behind me (some exceptions noted that will be discussed later) dies. This is because of Eternal Torment in conjunction with Trag's + Rigor Mortis in conjunction with BoTT/Krysbin's, Efficacious and Pain Enhancer. All of which gets amp'd by our 6 piece. In short, it makes sure that everything we walk by dies. Everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Now, "Trickshaw wtf? Not everything is dying in the video?" Yes, yes. So, the reason for that is because my crit% was driven so low by swapping out good pieces for crap pieces in order to drop my stats (i.e. DPS) thusly Pain Enhancer isn't proc'ing on everything. So, the higher your Crit% is the higher your clear% will be. This is why I've always advised Crit% over CritDmg if given the choice between the two. Obviously you want both, of course, but when you're first gearing up that's not always an option. So, Crit% > CritDmg until you get to the gearing point where you have the luxury of both options. "But Trickshaw, I STILL keep dying!" Feel free to swap out Fueled by Death for Draw Life or Life From Death if you have survival issues. You can also sacrifice clear efficiency and/or speed by using Thy Flesh Sustained rune on your Bone Armor. A stat you should be going for that you might not normally focus on would be Life Per Second (LPS). Getting your LPS up to 30-40k should be ample (I have 29k in the video) enough to make GR70 a comfortable breeze. You can get this with 2-3 pieces and your Templar pretty easily. ☠️ Abilities: As recommended by another poster I've thrown in Simulacrum-Resevoir in lieu of Golem. Honestly, it really doesn't matter. I rarely, if ever, use it. It is a nice "oh ****" button if you happened to get slammed with a cumbersome elite and you don't wanna blow your LoTD-Frozen Lands because you're close to the GRift Guardian. Bone Spirit with the Panic rune is also a viable alternative if you're looking for a little bit more active alternative. Dislocation is the default rune for Bone Armor but Harvest of Anguish can be slotted in for GR70's once your DPS is good enough to no longer need Dislocation+Rigor Mortis. If you're having survival issues you can default back to the tried and ever true Thy Flesh Sustained. If you go this route you can toss our Rigor Mortis for Spreading Malediction or Overwhelming Essence to help account for the DPS hit. I normally go for the Harvest setup when I'm doing my GR75 speedruns and I manage to clear in about 3-4 minutes. Again, mileage may vary dependant on gearing level. Other than that, nothing has changed. ☠️ Gear: Well, Dayntee's is now definitely BIS for pretty much every Necro build, no surprise there, so that means it's BIS for us as well. This will seriously help out those of you who have posted asking about survival issues with low Paragon levels (sub 800). I dropped Brigg's because it simply wasn't needed. This is still a decent option for survival if you're an HC player so feel free to stick with it if you're more comfortable with it. In it's place I threw on Convention of Elements (CoE). With Harvest of Anguish, Pain Enhancer and Efficacious all being used it only makes sense to have it equipped. I really ****ing hate this ring. I hate the animation. I hate that it's BIS almost unilaterally across all classes and most sets. I ****ing despise this ring but it is what it is so use it. ☠️ Companion: Templar for two reasons: 1.) He can heal you in a pinch and pull aggro which helps out seriously when you're getting geared and 2.) equip him with an Ess of Johan, Bul-Kathos Wedding Band and Occulus. Occulus is universally the best damn ring you can put on a follower so this is a must. Since the Templar is always melee that means he can take advantage of Bul-Kathos on the GRift Guardian which is the only way you're going to get any form of meaningful DPS out of any follower and Ess of Johan makes survival and DPS just that much easier. So it's a Win-Win-Win-Win choice. Later, when your gear is more up to par you can swap out Templar for Sorceress for those juicy CC's she drops everywhere (Krysbin's HOOO!!!!"). However, follower to taste. Whatever floats your boat. ☠️ Bounties: My favorite bounty setup so far is to go with the Harvest of Anguish+Overwhelming Essence setup, drop Bul-Kathos, equip RoRG, equip Aquilas Cuirass and cube Steuart's Greaves. You're going to have to pay attention to what you're doing because... well... bounties... but you will be the fastest thing on the board pretty much with the exception of maybe a Chicken WD. You can go with Steuart's equipped and Aquilas' cubed if that's a better setup for you equipment wise. Whatever floats your boat. ☠️ Demonstration: Alright, now that that's out of the way, below is the video that I took after finally scoring a non-ancient Dayntee's. The second video is the one I took once Fishy brought it to my attention that Rigor Mortis doesn't proc off of Efficacious. Both clear times are comparable. What this means is with Harvest of Anguish slotted you are trading clear efficiency for speed vs. Dislocation. The videos clearly show comparable clear times so, pick your poison. Again, it's important to note the stats that I'm playing with. In both videos I swapped out my helmet, gloves and Dayntee with non-ancient non-Crit% version as well as throwing on a garbage CoE with Strength no Crit% or CritDmg. Shadowhook is the same one I've always used, still haven't scored a Primal. These are impressive clears given the fact that the build only utilizes ONE button 99.9% of the time. Don't expect every run to be amazeballs. I mean, they will be. Just not as fast as these. You're more likely going to be averaging around 4 minutes-ish until you start getting better gear. Also, funnily enough, I managed to die in both videos right out the gate. I really need to make it a habit to open up with LoTD to score that initial 15 Bone Armor stack. Hope you enjoy, as always, hit me up with any questions and stay lazy. Harvest of Anguish Clear - 3:37 ⛔ Dislocation Clear - 3:32 ⛔ Edit: By request, here is a comparison video to accompany those listed above. In this one I use my 'real' gear so you can do a side by side comparison of 'bad' stats vs. 'good' stats. Note that unlike in the above video, with a higher Crit% everything actually dies. 3 minute clear time. Not shabby. Also important to note is that I play sloppily. This is how the build is intended. I run into walls, I almost walk past pylons, I have to circle back for globes and elites and I even forget to renew my Bone Armor. This build is intended to be played like this. I'm not paying full attention to what I'm doing because I was watching a video linked to me in Discord on another screen. THIS is the point behind LazyNecro. Not to be the best but to be the best at being Lazy. Hope you enjoy, as always, hit me up with any questions and stay lazy. ⛔ Edit Edit: Special thanks to Fishy. _____________________________________________________________________________ Previously, on LazyNecro... ⛏ -------------------------------------- ⛏ - 2.6 ver and build premise ideas - ⛏ -------------------------------------- ⛏ ☠️ Video Illustrating Bul-Kathos ACTUAL functionality ⛔ ☠️ For the Alternate Version: Basically I dropped Wildebeast, tossed in a Efficacious Toxin and equipped a Cord of The Sherma. This version requires a bit more "paying attention" when you're doing GR70's given that you're relying on health globes via Devour Aura + Life From Death. You could go with the Flesh Sustained rune if you're wanted a little bit more sustain and less reliance on globes (which makes more sense if your gear happens to have Life/Sec affixes on it) so there's that. However, if you prefer the brain dead "I'M TRYING TO PAY ATTENTION TO NETFLIX!" version than stick with the original. Alternate can clear T13's in 2-4min. Alternate can clear GR70's in 3-4min. - Alternate Version GR70 4 min clear vidja: ⛔ - Here's the original vidja: ⛔ - Original Zero Paragon Run: ⛔ - DiabloFans - (**2.6.1 Updated): ⛔ ☠️ Original Post: Ever wanted a farming build that you could just chillax and play one handed with zero buttons to push? Me too. So, I spent the time. I did the research. (AQUA TEENS ASSEMBLE!) Actually I just slapped some crap together and took it out for a whirl and it ended up working pretty damn good. Anyway, only two buttons to push. One is Bone Armor, the other is LoTD for when the GRift Guardian pops; you will see me push this button exactly once in the linked video. Teleport is on the bar, and if you're so inclined you may use it, but I can't be bothered to. Assuming you can be bothered, I would assume your clears will be much faster than mine. Golem is there explicitly as something else for baddies to attack. If our speed passive ever gets fixed I'd swap Blood Is Power out in a heart beat. I tried a Trags + Lost Time variant but I guess Lost Time doesn't work with Bone Armor. The original can clear T13's in 3-5min with no effort. The original can clear GR70 in 4-5min with little effort. Can it go higher? Possibly. I started a 75 and quickly realized I had to pay attention and focus. So I said, "**** that." Note the time completion similarity between T13 and GR70. That's because the damage is less relevant as density is. The denser the field, the faster your clear time as stuff will die just as fast in a T13 as it will in GR70. Well, almost as fast. That and T13's you typically stop and loot stuff. Also note the lack of Boon Hoarder gimmick. That's because I didn't want to spend the time swapping gear around and just freely switch between effortless 70's and T13's whilst enjoying my freaky feline features on the YouTubes. If you're married to the idea of Boon Hoarders than you simply: - Swap out Wildebeast for Boon Hoarder - Swap out String of Ears for Goldwrap - No room for Avarice though. Would have to give up Krysbins or Bul Kathos which is where all your damage stems from. Done. But, like I said, I just wanted something where I could go in and out without putzin with anything. So this is what I came up with. Clearly with better gear and higher gems you will progress faster and with less effort. Low paragon with crap gear, your mileage may vary. Hope you enjoy. ⛔ P.S. Song is O' Death by Jen Titus and it should be the Necro anthem.wahskcirt450 Jun 12
Jun 12 Does this work?? Hi, Does Scythe of the Cycle work with Bryner's Journey proc? Scythe of cycle says your secondary skills deal 400% additional damage while bone armor is active but reduces time remaining on bone armor by 4 seconds. Bryner's journey says attacking with bone spikes has a 30% chance to cast a bone nova at target location. Bone nova is a rune of Death nova, which is a secondary skill. So does it work, or not? Thank youSuperCuddles5 Jun 12
Jun 11 What items can have secondary Max Essence? What necro item slot can have secondary rolls as + maximum essence?slayer9 Jun 11
Jun 11 opinion or advice on this rathma Hello to everyone. I just got a full rathma set and I do not know if I got it right or not. Seems to be hard to play... I had a lot of trouble doing GR 65 with tragOul so I'm trying this one. Am I in the right direction for GR75 acheivement ? Jun 11
Jun 10 Znecro question Why on most of the znecro builds are they using gloves of worship? They don't work in grifts I thoughtJAW2 Jun 10
Jun 9 Higher GR farming build (solo) Hi there, what would be a good build farming GR90+ as a solo Nec? I mainly played Rathma in S11 but this is a bit to squishy for my liking, clears fast though. I didn't play Necro since then, but would like to for S14. As I'm going to play solo, I need a build where I can get my gems leveled reasonably fast and so far nothing really convinced me in the 90+ range. There's tons of super fast builds in T13 and ~GR75 but they don't seem to hold up when you go higher.Shiimiish3 Jun 9
Jun 8 New Necromancer Item - Revival Item Suggestion? Hi Blizzard and Diablo Developers, I am enjoying your game and honestly I am still waiting for Revival related item Bracer or Belt or anything. I would really appreciate it either having all rune ability Item or Allowing the Revived Minions to stay forever by lowering their atk -% or Costing our Life per Sec as they are Revived. To Allow handpicked army we always wanted. Thank you for your work and I really hope to see you guys work on it for upcoming Season 14 or even in the future Season 15 and 16Venatus10 Jun 8
Jun 8 Funerary Pick Damage Bonus? Perhaps in addition to its +2 targets we could see it add a damage boost to Siphon Blood? Barbarian has some interesting might weapons that boost damage of Primary. I would love to mess around with a Siphon Blood damage build that really centers around the skill itself dealing damage (rather than something like relying on Inarius' set bonus alone).Uldyssian4 Jun 8
Jun 7 LoN Cold Corpse Explosion GR95+ Hey guys, I've been working on this build since Necro went live. Here's a random 85 clear I recorded on a bad rift: If anyone is interested, here are the updated 2.6.1 build guides: ... ... [Updated: 4/17/18]evil44 Jun 7
Jun 7 Trag’oul 2Piece Suggestion! Blood Rush gains effect of every rune, and Devour gains effect of Cannibilize rune.. Just saying...Unwind0 Jun 7
Jun 6 New Necromancer Item - Revival Item? Hi Blizzard and Diablo Developers, I am enjoying your game and honestly I am still waiting for Revival related item Bracer or Belt or anything. I would really appreciate it either having all rune ability Item or Allowing the Revived Minions to stay forever by lowering their atk -% or Costing our Life per Sec as they are Revived. To Allow handpicked army we always wanted. Thank you for your work and I really hope to see you guys work on it for upcoming Season 14 or even in the future Season 15 and 16Venatus1 Jun 6
Jun 4 Fullbringer's Bloody Army Necro Jun 4
Jun 2 How to play necro rgk ? i just created a fresh build necro rgk. you may check my profile or go to d3planner I have zero experience on playing rgk. I just watched other rgk players' game play from youtube and tried to learn from them. I tested on a 3men group, one sader condemn, one zmonk and one rgk of mine. We did a low gr102 for trail. I found that I could not survive, even standing in zmonk's circle though. My life was dropped a lot and easily (quit easy)be killed Any ideas ?adrianmak9 Jun 2
Jun 1 off-hand roll suggestion Just got a primal off-hand for necro should i use it for Necro Rathma build or pestilence RGK ?adrianmak1 Jun 1
Jun 1 Trag'Oul second chance Ok so I've enjoyed rathma a lot but I still wanted to give one last chance to Trag'Oul now I think a lot needs to be modified. I'm trying to do a gr 75 but best I did was a 70 what could be upgrade/modified. Aloso maybe it's paragon so what is the dosage you are applying? Thx in advance. Dmg seems low how could I improve?Lidrach1 Jun 1
May 31 Necro Minions As the title says I absolutely love having minions to fight with, but I’ve encountered something weird if anyone else has. Skeletons, Golem, and Revive skills for my summons, whenever I revive my enemies the ranged ones will attack while the melee ones will stand there doing nothing until their 15sec timer expires, also sometimes rarely my golem and skellys as well reducing my overall DPS. I always thought that my pets had a phase walk to pass through each other to attack, but it seems like they don’t. So far I’ve seen this on my Xbox one, haven’t tried yet on my PC.Cryptic0 May 31
May 31 Self control achievement Aside from skeleton crew, I just need this one for the wings. The problem is I'm having a hard time trying to have my better half kill it for the achievement . Do I need to be far away from it when it kills the shadow? I tried a couple time before I'm off to bed, any help is most appreciated.DigitalPhail5 May 31
May 30 Just came back after two years Hi! I just came back after two years and decided to try the Necromancer. I have a question: Is there a build involving golem and skeletons that can push GR 90-95? Well, I like pets, you see.Dragon2 May 30
May 28 Can Briggs replace Blind in Krysbin proc? Hello. I am EU player mostly, but those forums are long time dead. Just recently started to play with Necro (don't like mechanics and I am an older guy) and have a lot of fun in Inarius Lazy build farming. Simply extremely nice build for people who can't press many buttons at once fast enough, I know will never come even close to my Impale DH, but it is fun to play, and that's most important to me. Recently I found this Brigs ring, and would be awesome if it can replace Blind helm so no need of RRG in cube. Does this pulling last too short to replace Blind and consequently with slowing gem (Bane of the Trapped) proc the Krysbin? Thank you very much in advance.Curumo8 May 28
May 22 Jesseth Arms and Necromancer Speed Builds When the Jesseth Arms set was originally introduced, it had a really weak bonus that gave Army of the Undead an extra rune. Then, they implemented the current amazing pet bonus with command skeletons, which is great for Rathma/pet setups, but doesn't really bring anything for other builds. To me, a class's weapon set should be flexible and useable by any set and should provide some utility and bonus. Here's my thought: We take the Jesseth Arms bonus and make it the Rathma's 2pc Bonus. This will make the Rathma's 2pc useful and fun. Then we make the Jesseth Set cover a glaring weakness of the Necromancer, speed, by giving it the following bonuses: (2) Set: -Blood Rush no longer has a cooldown. -You gain 50% damage for 5 seconds after using Blood Rush. Maximum 5 stacks. That way, the weapon set is flexible and can by used by any sets (except LoN) for speed running rifts by giving you that permanent movement without having to sacrifice a weapon multiplier for ingeom. Additionally, we also gain damage as we move around (which could be tweaked to make it viable, my numbers are just an example). Do you think this would be a good and fun idea, or do you like the set being only applicable and viable for pet builds?DrSeRRoD8 May 22
May 22 Trang'Ouls mage build Thought I'd drop in and share that I've been working with a Trang'Ouls Blood Mage build. Combined with the ring Circle of Nailuj's Evol that lets you drop two mages every time you cast mage... nothing can really much survive 10 blood mages that are all benefiting from this set bonus. Despite hitting for just 455,000 damage, the set bonuses have me running now at Torment VIII hard core and clearing the way easily. But... a bit weak on defense that I'd like to build up some and I'm not too set on any one weapon at this point. Still fishing for items to build this out more fully, but it's absolutely a fun build to play with.Feight3 May 22
May 21 Necro needs more Belts/Bracers Contrary to all other classes who have a plethora a belts and bracers, and one 1 legendary for most other slots; Necro has exactly two legendaries per slot. That's all nice and dandy until you realize that most of those slots are locked to the sets. Please, give necro other belts and bracers so we can use with our sets. Here are some examples. BELT - You take 10% less dmg for every skeletal mage you have, up to 50%. (This belt should compete with the curse belt for dmg mitigation) BELT - Bone Spirit launches 3 spirits and deals 300% increased dmg. When an enemy dies from Bone Spirit, the spirit will seek another target. (I got a similar idea from someone talking about PoE and the multiple-projectiles modifiers. I think this would be cool) BELT - Revived minions last forever. (Just let us have this... minion builds are super annoying due to all their micro-management) BRACERS - Consuming a corpse with Corpse Explosion, Corpse Lance, or Revive increases your minions by 100% stacking up 500%. (this bracers should compete with the Reaper Wraps; and would give the option of NOT running devour in a minion build) BRACERS - Hitting an enemy with a Primary Skill reduces dmg taken by 60% for 5-10 secs. (Similar to the Monk Bracers, but these should last a little longer than the Monk's because Necro doesn't use primary skills nearly as often). BRACERS - Your Golem deals 2000% more dmg and it applies a curse on every attack. (Make this skill viable, it's a Necro classic. Why did you have to make it so dam* sh*tty?)Wyrmheart9 May 21
May 21 Pestilence RGK build Anyone here have any experience with Pestilence RGK builds using brittle touch? Was just wondering how it stacks up against other RGK options for S12 (Trag BL, Inarius, Rathma). In particular I'd be interested in knowing if it's viable for the 100-125 range, and how different it would be from Trag Blood Lancer.icedagger52 May 21
May 20 Good Necro build for high GR in a group? So, is there a decent Necro group build for Grifts above 75 that you won't get one shotted every 3 seconds? The meta build is fine for solo, but it is terrible in group. What do you use for Necro in 4 man group, higher Grifts? Is there a good build or do they all su ck.vektor5 May 20