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14h Focused Feedback - 4-Man Groups Greetings, testers! This upcoming patch features a slew of new features and items for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. For more information on the scope of Patch 2.6.1, please check out our latest patch notes here. In an effort to guide your testing efforts, we are currently looking for focused feedback on 4-Man Group Play. To help keep feedback organized, we ask that you post your thoughts here in the applicable thread. If you have feedback outside of this topic, please feel free to make a new thread!Nevalistis62 14h
Sep 15 PTR Hotfixes - Updated 9/15 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated September 15. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to the PTR. [LIVE HOTFIXES] Items Karlei's Point Increased Impale damage bonus from 60-80% to 375-500% (9/15) The Shadow's Mantle 6-piece bonus Increased the Impale weapon damage bonus from 40,000% to 50,000% (9/15) Crystal Fist Fixed an issue where you would not gain the buff from Crystal Fist if you had both the Channeling Pylon buff and Raiment of a Thousand Storms equipped (9/15)Nevalistis0 Sep 15
Sep 6 PTR Downtime - 9/7 Hey testers, The PTR will be going down tomorrow, Thursday, September 7 for approximately one hour starting at 10:30 a.m. PT. While it's always possible maintenance may be extended, we'll do our best to keep you posted if there are any additional changes. Thanks! --------------------------------------- Hey testers, The PTR will be offline today, August 31st, starting at approximately 3:00 p.m. PT. We anticipate this short maintenance to last about an hour. As always, we'll keep you posted if there are any additional changes. Thanks! --------------------------------------- Posted 8/18 Hey all, The PTR will be offline again on August 18th for a short period of time, roughly a half an hour. This should occur at 10:00 a.m. PT. We'll keep you posted if there are any additional changes. Thanks! --------------------------------------- Posted 8/16 Greetings nephalem, The PTR will be offline for a short period tomorrow morning, starting at 10:00 a.m PT. We anticipate downtime to last roughly an hour. Should any plans change, we'll update this thread accordingly. Thanks, as always, for your dedication to testing and providing feedback!Nevalistis3 Sep 6
Oct 19, 2015 Direct All Bugs to the PTR Bug Report Forum To help us get the most of out of your PTR feedback, we ask that do not post bugs in this or other discussion forums. If come across a bug during your PTR testing experience, please post it in the PTR Bug Report forum. Similarly, issues with the game client itself (including downloading, installing, or playing the PTR client) should be posted in the Technical Support or Mac Technical Support forums, depending your computer system.Nevalistis0 Oct 19, 2015
14m Vyr CDR Buff like Akkhans New Buff for Vyrs 6 piece:[u][/u] You also gain Archon stacks when you hit with an Archon ability. Archon stacks now also reduce damage taken by 0.20% and have their damage bonus increased to 35%. Archon cooldown reduced by 50%.Reasoning: Similar to Akkhans, giving an innate CDR would open up slots for other complimentaty items. For instance, it would remove the need for Ring of the Zodian and Gogok of Swiftness. Both of which can be replaced with defensive or offensive options such as: CoE, Zei's, Esoteric Alteration, Bane of the Powerful, and so on . . . Allowing for more item diversity would be a buff in of itself. you still would have a few secnds of grace between archon transformation that would allow you to build stacks on Chantodos or renew passive barriers and magic weapon if need be.Mortred0 14m
39m EF5 + No Coriolis + Gravity + Bubble (twisters) Devs, We need to talk. EF5's with the Coriolis Effect, wind shear, and gravity is what gives real world tornadoes their unpredictable wobble (low pressure nature of the weather system is implied). In the world of sanctuary there is no global spin on an axis to create the Coriolis Effect and thus the unpredictable wobble effect. We have simulated weather effects in game but I'm going to leave them out of the discussion. We, the Wizard players, need greater control over Energy Twister (ET) which implies a revision to ET (minor revision). I propose the following: 0 - damage values per rune might need to be tweaked a little higher 1 - all ET runes have the ability to merge, thus gaining a 2x to 4x damage increase and an increase in radius (wicked wind might be the exception to this rule). The 2x to 4x is strictly talking about damage increase not radius increase. Dev discretion on damage increase is needed here. 2 - twisters wobble but stay within the confines of Slow Time bubbles thus giving a greater degree of control with some randomness maintained. No bubble then no limitation on the wobble range/direction (current behavior on live servers). 3 - wicked wind could still be lower in damage since we would have full control of a spin-in-place twister but the damage might need to be raised. 4 - the Storm Chaser rune gets its old pink spawned twister re-instated. The spawned twister has all the same capabilities of the Storm Chaser twisters cast by the Wizard and thus gains all the same benefits but at zero AP cost. The spawned twister would have to be semi-translucent like the other twisters. 5a - Raging Storm could be revised such that there is a chance (15% - 45%) at the end of the merged mega twisters life it could split into 2 regular twisters (original damage range and radius). 5b - Raging Storm could be revised such that additional merges could extend the life of a mega twister (restart the timer). Mega twisters can have up to 3 additional merges (yes this would partially limit the number of active twisters). Mega twisters do not merge with each other. Merges are only between mega twisters and regular twisters. Without the ability to control time-on-target, ET is just an expensive utility spell, with very limited niche uses. The Slow Time bubble is what could give us a greater degree of control by limiting its randomness by locale. If you guys (Devs) give us greater control and nerf the ET damage or its ability to proc effects, it would negate any positive changes you make. If you guys are trying to maintain ET as a utility spell then the buff to Ranslor's is largely a wasted opportunity. The Twisted Sword is already hard capped. Valthek's Rebuke needs to be revised because moving in a straight line makes ET a target-able spell, but ensures very low time-on-target. I made this post because if I wanted to make DMO-6 ET build that uses Storm Chaser to trigger the Manald Heal (MH) ring, it would be a fruitless endeavor because of low time-on-target, the expensive cost, and attack speed demands. However, trapping mobs and Storm Chaser twisters in a bubble should give much higher time-on-target thus MH should be triggered more frequently to make the build viable. A running theme in the current 2.6.1 PTR is diversity which implies creativity is being enabled.BossDogg0 39m
45m [Crusader] 101: All builds and their issues Hey, so I tested every main build for the Crusader (my testing was done with: paragon 2400, 115+ gems, all ancient gear and mostly 100+ augments on each piece; I imported once a day to get my 600 bounty mats) As usual, I will go over every build and give a suggestion to bring it on par with the GR ceiling which is currently at 110-115 solo with high end gear/paragon. I will mostly just give the suggestion without further comments since it has been stated for multiple PTRs now and usually is clear. Armor of Akkhan Set Problems: -CDR stacking on every piece of gear; leads to loss of overall power and makes gearing extremely frustrating -Rather bad resource management; usually requires LoV:UF Suggestions: -2pc: a) Gain the base effect of every Law (current 2pc moved to 4pc) b) 50% RCR + 100% increased Wrath generation -4pc: a) Reduce the cooldown of Akarat's Champion by 70% (at least 65%) Condemn Problems: -Rather bad toughness -Damage too low -STD basiacally non-existent Suggestions: Bracers: 'Condemn deals 250% more damage. Condemn deals 500% more damage against the first 2 enemies hit.' Belt: 'After casting Condemn you take 40-50% less damage for 6 seconds' Blessed Shield looking fine right now; needs further testing Heaven's Fury Problems: -low damage -situational damage that depends on CC-immunity -resource management -low toughness -clunkiness (resulting from 2-4) Suggestions: Bracers of Fury -redesign them; cc-dependent damage is terrible and useless -'After casting Shield Glare, Heaven's Fury deals 400-450% more damage for 6 seconds -'While under the effect of a Law (passive or active), Heaven's Fury deals 400-450% more damage' Fate of the Fell -Increase multiplier to 350-400% Shield of Fury -'Heaven's Fury deals 200% increased damage. Every further attack with Heaven's Fury increases the damage of Heaven's Fury by 20-30%' Fist of the Heavens -no damage at all -high resource costs -rather bad toughness/healing Darklight -Fist of the Heavens deals 500-600% more damage and is cast twice Kassar's Cord of Righteousness -50-60% RCR for FotH -damage is increased by 450-500% Hellskull -Fist of the Heavens deals 100% more damage and attacks 100% faster Phalanx Unrelenting Phalanx -Phalanx is cast twice and deals 500-600% more damage Eternal Union -While a Phalanx is around you, you take 50% less damage. Increase the duration of Phalanx by 200% Baleful Remnant -Phalanx gains the Bodyguard Rune and deals 400-500% more damage Warhelm of Kassar -Reduce the cooldown and increase the damage of Phalanx by 70–80%. Phalanx gains the Bowmen Rune Roland's Legacy Set -Seems rather fine; make 6pc DR additive and not multiplicative (netting in ~56% DR) -Optionally include Slash and Punish to the 4pc and 3000% 6pc damage -20% movement speed per 6pc stack Sweep Attack Problems: -Feels useless against few enemies; damage AND resource are gimped -Golden Flense HAS to be equipped; no flexbility at all Suggestions: Golden Flense -Sweep Attack deals 200-250% more damage and refunds 8-10 Wrath per enemy hit (damage moves to legendary power and is a multiplier) Denial -current multiplier (at max) --> 5*125 = 625% -Suggestion: 3*215% (making it more powerful against fewer enemies and the Rift Guardian) Shield Bash Problems: -low AoE -low damage overall; also vs ST -rather bad survivability -no wrath against few enemies (where Zealous Glare becomes useless) (-bugged attack speed and other issues that are mechanically) Suggestions: Flail of the Ascended -add 400-500% Shield Bash multiplier Drakon's Lesson -'Shield Bash deals 450-500% more damage to the first 7 enemies it hits. When Shield Bash hits an enemy, 75% of its wrath costs are refund' Piro Marella -Shield Bash deals 125-150% more damage. After hitting an enemy with Shield Bash you take 40-50% less damage Belt -Shield Bash gains the Shield Cross Rune Thorns of the Invoker Problems: -damage too low -AoE is too bad -Punish - Celerity is the only attack worth using -Rather boring gameplay only hitting a single enemy Suggestions: -increase the 2pc damage per stack; cap stacks earlier but increase the damage per stack accordingly -most important suggestion: 6pc --> remove the damage limitation of Punish/Slash 'first enemy hit' This change will make Omnislash very viable as well as Angel Hair Braid --> Slash will deal good AoE while Block explosions of Angel Hair Braid will deal thorns AoE; so we finally get a choice and fix the low AoE meanwhile. A simple and quick fix Seeker of the Light Seems okay for now if you buffed Faithful Memory and Limitless accordingly. It cleared 110 on live so if it gains a small bit of power it will be fine. A speed farm suggestion though: Kassar's Retribution -Judgement no longer has a cooldown and now costs 10 Wrath. Judgement now instantly teleports you to the center of the judged area. Norvald's Fervor Suggestions: -weapon turns into 1h -Effect 1: Steed Charge no longer has a cooldown and now costs 15 Wrath -Effect 2: After using Steed Charge your armor is increased by 100% and your damage by 250%. OFF-SET Most builds don't really have a decent cube option and still use Furnace which feels super 2015. There is Akkhan's Addendum which just does not provide enough utility to be considered. While most of the other classes have a good allrounder cube option, crusader doesn't. Crusaders usually use Akarat's Champion in most of their builds. So? Buff Akkhan's Addendum: 'Akarat's Champion gains the Prophet and Embodiment of Power Rune. All damage is increased by 1% for every point of your maximum Wrath' 'Akarat's Champion gains the Prophet and Embodiment of Power Rune. While Akarat's Champion is active, all damage is increased by 100-150%' Something along those lines. Give it decent utility and some damage to buff the underperforming builds further and to finally give us a good cube option. That is allWalkinTall68 45m
48m Armor of Akkhan & CDR 2 most popular (and logical) solutions would appear to be: - Increase the cooldown to 60+% - Increase the duration by 10+ seconds And we can negate the possible Prophet abuse by putting a 20 second cooldown specifically on Prophet's second life feature. First off, let me thank you for adding defense to the Armor of Akkhan! I do not count those 15% or 20% Damage reduction rolls. However, Armor of Akkhan is the most dependent build and set on Akarat's Champion! You need 56% CDR for permanent Akarat's Champion. This means - 12.5% CDR from Diamond in the Helm - 10% CDR from Paragon - 8% CDR on Shoulders - 8% CDR on Gloves - 8% CDR on a Ring - 8% CDR on a Ring - 8% CDR on a Shield - and then you need Fervor or 10% CDR on Weapon This is extremely difficult to achieve. Most of the time I am forced to wear the Vigilante Belt because I cannot always get CDR rolls on all of the required items. If you raise the (4) piece bonus from 50% to 60% we can drop 3 rolls of CDR! This would be huge. And this would actually make Akkhan the Akarat's Champion set! ...Jako180 48m
53m New change next ptr? Something new?gbm0 53m
1h Gem Leveling- Ascending Order High-Low Can gems be sorted by ascending order, high level gems down to low level gems? When a GR completes have your highest gems be top left and the rest follow suit! Is this remotely possible some time?Odus1 1h
1h Stone of Jordan Hello Everyone, Another simple suggestion here. Add a legendary Affix to Stone of Jordan to read: "You deal 100% more damage." This damage amount rivals TP, FnR, and honestly CoE depending on the build you are running. The constant 100% damage from SoJ in this realm would be a great addition for that progressive phase before you begin to make your final push, and quite frankly might find its way into several pushing builds also. *EDIT* By adding this affix, remove the elite damage from the ring, and if not already(Have not seen one in quite some time) make sure that it rolls with a socket 100% of the time, as all rings should.Demonmonger11 1h
1h Arcane Orb - Buff other runes than frozen orb Hello blizz, I have only one comment: buff dmg of the other runes of Arcane Orb than Frozen Orb. At least Spark and Scorch. It could give even more diversity and many people would be happy to make lighting or fire build instead only of frost. Overall, it seems wierd that you signicantly buff only one rune. A little thing but would be a huge for wizzard players :) Best!Karolek8 1h
2h Add exit portal after killing Uber The wait time to return to town and run back to the house is very troublesome if you have farmed 50+ sets of infernal machines Having an exit portal that returns you back to the house where you can immediately open another uber portal is quite favorableInfinity4 2h
2h ONE more PTR Patch confirmed - What to do! Let's keep this short and important. What should be done? Here is my list, you can add your own in your comments, but try to keep it short and important things only. I'd say max 3 points per comment. 1. [WD] Zunimassa's Set: Add/buff ANYTHING that makes us use THIS set over other sets (buff to Fetish items (+SMK?), AoE for melee Fetishes, more ranged Fetishes....) 2. [Necro] Pestilence Set: Add/buff ANYTHING that this set becomes viable with Bone Spear as our main damage dealer (buff to Bone Spear weapon) 3. [DH] Natalya's/Marauder's Set: Buff Kridershot/Augustine's Panacea/Sword of Ill Will/Spines of Seething HatredCybah113 2h
2h [MONK] Changes we need to see Ok. First lets go over some changes that I feel a need for to start with. 1) Monks need damage reduction built into their sets so as to allow for a more balanced group play. 2) Monks need some or a ring that would replace the all so important unity ring that every monk "MUST!!!!" wear in order to be competitive in solo play. Monks are the only class that have to wear that dam ring which means monks cant do group play outside of Zdps. Now how to go about addressing issues 1 and 2 without breaking the overall balance of the game. I say this cause monks can do some pretty hefty dmg in the right scenarios, so going overboard would cause stability issues. First lets address Monk sets with lack of damage reduction. 4 piece Uliananas : In addition to its current bonus add this...."While Exploding Palm is active on a target within 30 yrds you take 50% less damage." For Raiment i feel we have to get a bit more complex. First lets look at dashing strike. Lots of really good runes except for 1.....Dashing strike: barrage. Lets remove that skill and change it to this. Dashing strike: Iron strike - Dashing strike provides 25% damage reduction for 5 seconds after cast. Now lets go back to Raiment 4 piece: In addition to its current effect add this. Dashing strike gains the Iron strike rune and the damage reduction is increased to 50%. SWK set i feel is fine as is. Innas i also feel is fine as is due to the added bonus of your allies and mantras. Now lets talk items. First Lets look at rings that monks use in ever build. Band of Rue chambers. Its a good ring but i feel it needs a bit more of a tweak. How about this. In addition to the spirit gen add this. "Whenever a spirit generator hits reduce damage taken by 50-60%." This will fix basically all the gen builds that monks use. Next Bindings of the Lost. Personally i like this belt but outside of insanely high GRs where packs of mobs dont dies with 1 or 2 hits from Exploding palm the belt is useless as is. So lets fix it. Instead of on hit make it on use to something like this. "After hitting a target with Seven Sided Strike you take 60% less damage for 10 seconds." This way you still have to hit a target in order to gain the buff but it makes it far more reliable even at lower GRs. Now How to make unity a worthless piece of crap ring that no one wants. Well here's the easiest method I can think of. No one outside of monk uses the ring so lets just remove it all together and Change what it is. Make it a Monk specific ring to something along these lines. Ring of Harmony: "While a Mantra is active you gain 50% damage reduction." With this change you will basically always have the effect of unity but now you can actually be in grp play. Or we could do something like this. "After hitting a target with a resource spending attack you gain 50% damage reduction." Or if you feel like Unity is fine as is apply the changes i said to Rogars Huge Stone. No one will miss that ring for sure. Basically anything along those lines would fix a lot of issues that monks are having right now. It provides the damage reduction that EVERY SINGLE CLASS enjoys outside of monk. Now lets look at 1 more thing I would like to see changed. And thats the Ulianas 2 piece bonus. First making apply an unmodified version of Exploding palm on the 3rd hit makes sense but it makes the build EXTREMELY hard to play as a newer player if you want to push further. Its clunky and annoying to run so lets adjust it to something more along these lines. "Exploding palm is applied to all targets within 5 yrds of you." Easy fix to implement I feel. Any case thats my 2 cents....or I guess....few dollars?kowaiiyume9 2h
2h [Wizards] Channeling, A Good Start... ...Now let's finish fixing channeling. So, I guess people are having fun free casting twisters, eb, meteors? I'm not 100% sure that these changes won't have serious negative ramifications down the line but, for now, build diversity has increased, so let's celebrate that. ... There's still work to do however. If this is the channeling patch. If you do not intend to release a channeling set one day. If you are not interested in redesigning any of our existing sets... Please consider the following. As an example of how the next patch notes could read: ... 1. This gives us an option to "go all the way to 11" on channeling. We have the other forms of game play and nothing get's taken away by having 1 channeling specific wand. As at the moment, the actual damage channeling does isn't noticeable compared to what get's procced. 2. DMO has made GoO redundant, also, it's current effect doesn't really hold up in the weapons slot in the land of 800% weapon damage to items. Also, Arcane damage doesn't really have any hero items. The barber style gameplay would absolutely synergise with wizard channeling. It's blowing my mind that wizards don't have an item or effect like this. 3. And Cold damage on the wizard needs a great big boost, together with any combination of the existing channeling items, Light of Grace should finally give the chills, and accompanying goosebumps, cold wizard specialists have been wishing for. 4. And finally, DMO should have channeling. I find it curious that although you don't want to do this, reasons why are never provided. Meanwhile, excellent, objective arguments have been made for why DMO would be a great home for channeling. To someone not understanding what the issue is, imagine if Wrath of the Wastes didn't exist or had a bunch of other skills, but not whirlwind. If I were to be generous, perhaps, overly optimistic, the reason we would give to this would be because you plan to add a channeling set in some future patch... But I, along with others, may have been clinging to this hope for far too long. ... --- --- ... Alternative GoO Proposal ...wage113 2h
2h WHEN?????? whenGehenna34 2h
3h Jesseth set is being rendered obseleted Please make Jesseth set competitive to Scythe of the Cycle + Offhand. Scythe of the Cycle with the new 400% bonus damage is already equal to Jesseth Scythe and shield combined. With this change in the upcoming patch, Jesseth set will be obsoleted. Proposed fix: Add a damage reduction bonus of 50% to Jesseth set on top of the 400% damage bonus. This will give us a valid alternative to Scythe of the cycle and and offhand. Alternatively, add 50% AS bonus to all minions to Jesseth set on top of the current bonus.Devastator18 3h
3h GR is end-game but could dev look other things? Give nice item rewards for campaign players. Just to unite all players at least to play 2-3 times campaign. Each time finish campaing add more challenge multiple per 3 elite group appearing. And last time add more affixes for elites. Layout example: Campaign easy T13 - after finishing all quest get 500 shards. Campaign medium T13 - each time one elite group would appear they will appear in 3 elite group pack. Reward 1000 shards. Campaing hard T13 - elite appear 3x more and they have more elite affixes. (Imune to physical,ice,fire, etc). Make some fun for the game for campaign, not cow level, add more variants to have fun. GR is end-game for progression (get stronger/powerful) but give fun in other places too. Thanks.PardalBR10 3h
3h Are there any new changes to next PTR? Or are only things that have changed before?gbm0 3h
3h Please Buff Hack Please Buff Hack. It will help out my LON Barb and the Invokers Crusader. I would like for the Phantasm rune on spirit barrage to be adjusted so the game no longer recognized it as a pet for certain interactions, so the LON witchdoctor is nerfed to a level where the LON set can receive a buff. LON sets are among the hardest to gear for and most rewarding to play in the game. They make many otherwise obsolete items worth keeping. I play hardcore and I farmed my LON barb for ages, rerolling the hack countless times.Damo5 3h
3h 2.6.2 PTR idea One idea I have, if devs are open to it, for 2.6.2 PTR: Class weapons have highest AS. DH has Hand Crossbow at 1.60 (1H) already. Because these weapon types are built for the class already, I think they should also have the highest base AS @ 1.60+: Stone Knives - WD Hand XBows - DH Mighty Weapons - Barb Fist Weapons - Monk Scythes - Necro Flails - Crus Wands - Wiz It may be an idea that has already been scrapped due to animation issues, etc., but could it be revisited with some tweaks for the next PTR?DiabloVern0 3h
3h Please Tweak Natalya Set to the Competetive Level ... Natalya rain of vengeance build deserves some love from developer. The rain of vengeance build is weak when compare to UE6 multishot/M6 grenades/S6 impale. Please increase N4 bonus from 100% rain of vengeance damage to 500% and crashing rain from 4000% to 8000% damage. I don't like the variant of N6 fan of knife build which is very awkward to play since you have to wait for 30 sec to deal damage and there is no guarantee of critical damage. The main problem of this build is majority of damage derived from fan of knives and not rain of vengeance. Natalya's set should be a set that centered on rain of vengeance. Rain of vengeance should be the star. By buffing crashing rain belt, we have an alternative play style to choose instead of hellcat waistguard. We already have M6 grenades and we want something different to play with Natalya's set just like UE for multishot and shadow for impale.Loong1 3h
3h Comparison of 2.6.1 AoE I made this to compare the AOE/trash dps in 2.6.1. I thought I'd share this with the community and see if I miss anything or if there is anything I overlook while compiling this, and maybe if there is a build/set that performs well that I am not familiar with. I will copy-paste my results (and yours) and organize by class. Hopefully this can clear up some ideas and start the theorycrafting for the 4man meta next patch. For comparison purposes and to keep things apple-to-apple, I set the gem levels to 100 and paragon to 1000. No augments applied. The format is as such: Class: Name of the build: d3planner link: (if any) DPS on a single target in: 10 mobs AOE : 20 mobs AOE : 30 mobs AOE : Is Area Damage applicable? Is the skill spammable? What is the requirement? Additional Notes: MONK SWK LTK - 1.02 T/s @ 15yd radius - SWK WOL - 700 B/s @ entire screen - NECROMANCER Inarius death nova - starts at 819 B/s @25 yard radius, with 10 mobs. Scales very well the more mobs you have. - WITCH DOCTOR Helltooth Firebat - starts at 2.7 T/s with 10 mobs, can go up to 3.8 T/s with 20 mobs+. - currently by far the best for AOE. It does comparable damage to firebird meteor in single target, and works with AD. Ideal gear has 174% AD baked in as it doesnt need CDR/RCR. WIZARD Firebird channeling - 4 T/s @ 7 meteors @8yd radius over 30yd radius. DOES NOT WORK WITH AD! (currently every 1.33s due to ES bug) - Firebird chantodo archon - 550B/s at 50 stacks, 965B/s at 100 stacks @ 25 yd radius? - 3h
3h WD is overpowered in group play Title ^^ WD deals way too much dmg, nothing can compete with it and it is really frustrating if you dont like playing WD because well its best rift killer in game for more than a year now and it looks like it will be yet another season with WD DPS, however this time we are going back to Firebat which means a lot of lags caused by area dmg. Helltooth and Arach buffs dont help the issue but are not main reason behind WD domination, WD does have passive "Gruesome Feast" which is by far the strongest passive in the game. It gives you up to 50% more int which results in insane toughness and dmg. This passive needs to be changed, here is my idea how it could work "When you are healed by health globe you gain a stack, after reaching five stacks you become empowered. While empowered you gain 20% dmg 10% armor 10% all res for five seconds. Empowered does have CD - 30 sec"Mariachi48 3h
4h {MONK] SET RAIMENT REQUEST - need buff Hey all. This topic is written about PTR changes. We, monks, are pissed that your forgot to balance the Survivability of our favorite Raiment set ! ... ... Dear Blizzard. Monks hate Uliana set. There are no balance in monk’s sets. There are no raiment monks in PTR because it is the weakest set now. ... ... ... ... ...DimonRo42 4h
4h Trag'Oul and Pestilence Sets Leaderboards I checked the PTR Solo Leaderboards today and I was surprised to find how Pestilence Set is now doing in High Grs...But then I checked the builds, and found that they use almost the exact same skills and CDR requirements than Trag'Oul Lancer of old... I can't help to wonder, what's the point of this? When choose one, or the other? :(Mercy10 4h
5h 2000% legendary find? There is no buff this weekend?Kalleper22 5h
7h [WD] Please adjust Firebats Hello dear players and devs I love playing WD since the start, however, with latest patch notes of PTR, and testing, I must say this: -Most classes got allround balancing to buff other sets and various playstyles. -WD got.... Buff to Firebats. It's really boring and the rest of the builds will just fall out... I for one really liked the Garg HT playstyle, and really disliked Firebats builds, but it seems like that will be the only viable META option in S12. I saw the Zuni set got a slight buff in toughness, it still won't match the other sets however, as it won't get the straight 50% reduction like other sets have, especially when one of the pets die. Just my input. I hope HT Petbuild stays alive, it's much more fun than Firebats... GreetsKurumi2 7h
7h [DH] Feedback focused on Marauder Set IMHO, The only way to play with the marauder set in GR90 + is by using the zoey and hellcat belts (one on the cube obligatorily). Zoey gives all the DR that is missing on the set and Hellcat gives much of the damage that is missing on the set, but you must use grenades obligatorily. Soon the 6-part bonus applied to the multishot, impale, chakram and elemental arrow abilities does not make them viable. I tried to use Karlei Point and impale in the marauder set, but the damage is not enough for a GR90+. The bonus of 2 parts of the set requires the use of the companion ability, it should be like the Inna set that applies all the mantras even if you are not using a mantra ability, calling all the pets increasing the effect of each one. The 4-part Set Bonus could be used to DR for each active sentry, or each time the sentry hits an enemy with the special attack.JucaWiseHawk4 7h
8h GR 4 party META need to change.. Support skills such as Ignore Pain, Inner Sanctuary not should not be applied to other DEAL classes.HERMES13 8h
9h Please give us solo leaderboards Lots of players would really like to compete against other solo only players without having to engage in the 4 person high GR group play required to reach the highest paragon levels. Just give us a 'solo only' checkbox when creating our seasonal characters. Don't allow those characters to play with others. Allow the players who enjoy the 4 person group meta to continue playing that game. This would also mean that you would never have to worry about trying to balance the solo experience versus the group experience. For many, the necessity of there being only 1 or 2 viable 'perfect 4 man compositions' is a big turn-off, as is the necessity of playing other classes included in the 4 person meta just to gain enough paragon levels to compete on leaderboards with their desired class. I truly believe some may be underestimating how many people would come back just to play this mode, which would result in a lot more necromancer purchases as well, for a minimal amount of coding and effort on the developer's part. Thank you!skipdog6 9h
10h Possible change to skills Blessed shield... Was wondering if they ever thought of making Blessed Shield a channeling skill. would open it up to a few different items and a Taeguk. would be something to think on and would give the Sader class a channeling build....FatBoy990 10h
10h We getting a buff this weekend? Just wanted to knowSeaBigBear1 10h
11h [Barbarian]BoD and FotVP: Final Adjustment Request Dear Developers, The recent buffs made to the class are very welcomed. After testing them in various configurations, they look mostly good. Most of our builds seem to be performing at similar efficiency levels, which is very good for diversity. Among these tests, I especially like the seismic slam builds, but I don't like Pure MOTE SS build as it slams not as fast with a 2 hander. As a result, I like 6MOTE+4IK hybrid more and it hits quite fast an nicely. For this build I did couple of tests before the latest patch and after the PTR patch, which can be viewed here: As a result of this test, these two items need a very minor modification before the patch goes live and it might be really crucial for the completeness of various SS builds. These were posted in the thread shown above, but I would like to summarize them for your reference and your consideration. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the thread given above. The mentioned modifications are not too big and please consider these modifications and evaluate if they can be implemented before the PTR is over. Moreover, these small modifications will benefit pure MOTE sets as well since these builds are operating more or less in the same way with the only difference being slam speeds and toughness values. ... Thank you very much Regards Prokahn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE Some interesting discussions have been going on in this thread. I would like to quote some good examples of such discussion below: ... ... ...Prokahn34 11h
11h Primal Ancients Rerolls @devs Would it be possible to make the primal rerolls more expensive but the reroll result is also primal? In another word since we are not getting the item conversions retroactively most of our primal items become obsolete so i was hoping to make it easier to roll the newly acquired primal items easier. 1- I upgrade rare for a decade and finally get a primal weapon (with the new affixes having a very large gap between the best and the worse possible affix value, primal version of those items are more valuable than current). 2- The primal i receive does not have the desired stats so if i reroll it again and it most certainly is not going to be another primal. Possible solution, New Kanai's cube option (Law of "very" Kulle): I pay 5-10X more mats to reroll a Primal ancient item with the result being 100% another primal. I think it just seems fair and eliminates a lot of frustrations when grinding the new version of the items we already had. Penny for your thoughtsAchilles7 11h
11h New meta HELP ME!!! I've tested many spec's on different classes to replace the "lagtooth". The closest i came across was generator necromancer with the new buff to Leger’s Disdain Nayr’s Black Death How ever it seems that for this to be viable and close to WD as a trash clear the Grim Scythe needs a bit of love and more than 150% weapon damage compare to 850% of firebat not to mention the 50% intellect buff from gruesome feast.Achilles1 11h
11h Pls make primal ancient changes retroactive! I have a primal ancient band of might and was so happy when I found it On PTR, it still has the 60% damage reduktion, not the 80% Is it really that hard to carry over the new affixes?LeTeshNoir0 11h
11h Blizzard, Vyr's 6th piece set buff is not enough Blizzard please buff Vyr's set more, it is still wizard's weakest set, left behind all other sets after you buffed them. Either increase stacks gained by hit from 1 to 2 or increase damage each stacks give from 25% to 50%. Thank you.EasyFrank25 11h
12h Let Etched Sigil work with Tals 4p/6p Suggestion- (2) Set: Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning will cause a Meteor of the same damage type to fall from the sky. There is an 8 second cooldown for each damage type. (4) Set: Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lightning damage done to enemies each increase all of your resistances by 25% for 8 seconds. (6) Set: Elemental damage increase your damage by 750% for 8 seconds. Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lightning damage each add one stack. At 4 stacks, each different elemental source of damage extends the duration by 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 8 seconds. This would accomplish many things, namely: 1) Smoothing out the gameplay of Tals 2) Allows Tals to easily support channeling 3) Less stutter stepping spells when there's no enemies around 4) Opens up build options for Tals 5) Still requires four elemental damaging spells, but now they can be chosen for utility purposes. Passive spells like Familiar and Storm Armor would contribute, allowing more room for other spells like Magic Weapon - Deflection for more mitigation If I could get greedy, I'd even like to take the set one step further and move the refresh mechanic to the 4p like this: (2) Set: Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning will cause a Meteor of the same damage type to fall from the sky. There is an 8 second cooldown for each damage type. (4) Set: Elemental damage increase your resistances by 25% for 8 seconds. Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lightning damage each add one stack. At 4 stacks, each different elemental source of damage extends the duration by 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 8 seconds. (6) Set: Elemental damage increase your damage by 750% for 8 seconds. Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lightning damage each add one stack. At 4 stacks, each different elemental source of damage extends the duration by 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 8 seconds.Windgrace6 12h
12h pestilence is the exact same as trag oul I've been giving feedbacks to prevent pestilence to become the VERY SAME build as trag oul corpse lance, in past few weeks i gave lots of feedback on it and several people did same, but aparently the intention of devs is make all necromancer build converge into corpse lance. you devs dont believe me still ? even streamers agree that pestilence became the exact same build as trag oul: i have nothing against corpse lance builds, i just expected to have a corpse lance build more active, again i have to say: WAITING 2 MINUTES COOLDOWN ISNT FUN! the set requiresd 3 things: -essence recover -better aoe for bonespear or death nova on the set -cooldown reduction for LOTDFormatDriveC0 12h
12h Wizard's Molten Impact should deal whole screen. Yes, I am talking about Wizard's meteor - molten impact rune. For something that have 15s cooldown and deal so little damage than other meteor, it should have the ability to hit entire screen of your character to justifying its cooldown.Kilometer2 12h
13h QoL request: Vault (Demon Hunter) Wouldn't it be nice if your DH vaulted to the precise location of your mouse cursor if it happened to be within the maximum range of the ability? I've lost count of the number of times in which I've overshot the 85% bonus damage ring left behind by my mercenary's oculus ring in solo play.Darchon60 13h
14h Last Minute Requests (Demon Hunter) After experimenting with various builds and crunching numbers, I've come to the conclusion that some additional changes would be very much appreciated. A. M6 cluster arrow (cluster comb w/ hellcat waistguard) I know it's a matter of opinion, but I feel that this build is completely un-fun in its current state. 1. It forces the player to consume an active as well as a passive slot (sentry and custom engineering) 2. The set contains absolutely no damage reduction, forcing the player to consume an item slot to achieve it (Zoey's secret). In order to reach the highest possible GR with M6, hellcat waistguard is also a requirement. That's 2 required belts. The player who achieved the highest GR with this build on live (GR 99) was also forced to use unity for some extra damage reduction, which isn't an option in multiplayer. 3. It does not have the mobility of either S6 or UE multishot (Yang's has up to 50% RCR, S6 uses a belt that removes the cost of vault for 2 seconds after using impale). I don't expect every build to have the same mobility, but where's the trade off? Clearly, it's not the damage output (which brings me to the next point). 4. The current PTR build changed 2 things regarding the marauder set and its supporting items -- the additive 80% cluster arrow damage on Manticore was changed to a standalone 300% multiplier and the M6 bonus was boosted from 1200% per sentry to 2500% (2.083x). According to my calculation, this constitutes an overall 5.16x increase in damage compared to live (assuming the player has 3x 15% cluster arrow bonuses) A GR 99 Herald of Pestilence has 10,668,322,863,104 hp. 5.16x that amount = 55,048,545,973,616.64. At 1.17x the hp of the previous GR per floor, you're looking at a theoretical maximum solo GR of 109-110 with this build -- MUCH lower than expected considering the significant tradeoffs and the potential of other builds in the game. I therefore propose the following changes: 1. The 6-piece bonus allows each active sentry to reduce incoming damage for the player by 12% (maximum of 60%). This will force the player to play it safer than usual until all sentries have been deployed in the given map. The bonus is higher than the standard amount of 50% due to the requirement to deploy all sentries to reach the maximum value. Applying this bonus to the 6-piece effect ensures that it's not mixed with a N6 M4 build which already has a 50% damage reduction bonus. 2. Reduce the damage reduction bonus on Zoey's Secret from 9% to 4.5% per companion and add a multiplicative 200% damage bonus to all abilities affected by the marauder set (increasing the overall damage of cluster arrow from 5.16x to 15.48x compared to live or a maximum theoretical solo GR of 116 using my previous example) B. S6 Impale This build is presently the best solo GR pushing build on the PTR for the demon hunter class, but I feel that it performs under expectations compared to builds for other classes due to the requirement to be directly adjacent to smaller targets in order to effectively maximize dps & the fact that the 6-piece bonus affects only the first target struck by impale. The single target damage potential of this build is practically unrivaled (crusader invoker + necro lancer builds might be in the same ballpark), so I don't suggest boosting the damage multipliers any further. Instead, the 6-piece bonus should be altered to affect a maximum of 3 targets per use. Limiting it to no more than 3 will ensure continued relevancy for both lightning and cold builds, and the demon hunter will be able to achieve a maximum solo GR rank comparable to some of the top contenders on the PTR. Not to mention it will make it much easier to hit your intended target with the damage bonus. C. UE6 Multishot Personally, I feel that this build serves its purpose quite well for farming low tier GRs, bounties, and normal rifts. Due to its inherently large attack radius (larger than any other class in the game), it's unrealistic to expect the damage modifiers of the set / supporting items to be increased to the point that it's a top contending build for pushing solo GRs. I propose changing the underutilized physical multishot rune (broadside) to reduce the effective range / radius of the attack to 33% of its normal value while increasing its damage to 1500-2000% (Remember, it doesn't utilize rockets nor does it benefit from cindercoat). Doing so might give demon hunters a place as a trash killer in GR 4-man groups. D. Conclusion While I certainly support the efforts of other players who are trying to make chakram, elemental arrow, and spike trap relevant again, it does not seem realistic that the developers will make those builds tenable in the limited remaining time of the current PTR. Instead, I feel that they should focus on making the builds they've improved thus far *truly* relevant so that demon hunters have a place in season 12 aside from being efficient T13 bounty / rift farmers.Darchon60 14h
14h Follower buffs I'm not talking about making them DPS powerhouses or anything like that, but it'd be nice if something could be done to make for some actual choices in how they're geared -- unless they're wearing the "follower can't die" relics, they're one-shotted by everything. This strikes me as an outdated design choice given there are two other relics that are literally never used by anyone for anything. Maybe it's time to tweak them a l'il?MiniSaint4412 14h
15h Stone of Jordan Hey Don Vu, while your actually at changing many legendarys and classes why not make this sweet oldscool ring a viable option ? For a start it would be viable already to get a cc/cd/elemental/socket configuration out of it - so that it serves as an interesting alternative to the coe ring for builds that relie on lower but perma elemental damage rather than higher but spiking coe damage. Its really time to make this epic ring shine again; if not in 2.6.1 then in 2.6.2 - but plz, do it :)NINEGRAVES4 15h
15h pestilence master shroud wrong buffs pestilence wasnt requireing more damage, we need tree things on it: 1- essence back for use bone spear more often ( or at least fix the essence cost from petrified scythe... double cost? what a... ); 2- cooldown reduction for land of the dead; 3- a better AoE while we are not corpse lancing everything on the screen ( death nova or teeth rune for bone spear ). Any of these changes would greatly improve the set without increase its damage... you guys just buffed its damage, so the build still annoying to push and its pretty much farming only. I am trying to understand the logic on buffing all sets to be capable of pushing gr's while keep pestilence just for farming t13. i know its possible to push gr's with it, but the pushing builds are pretty much the exact same of trag'oul corpse lance build. i was expecting a chance to place a nayr build for pestilence but looks like not gonna happen... neither death nova on it. damage buff was pretty much useless. Sry for harsh words but that is how it looks to me, specially after lots of feedback about ways to change the set into something pleasant to use. Its great for farming rifts but thats all. hope you guys understand that we want a more active build for corpse lance, not that same 2 minutes wait for LOTD build. if the problem is the frozen lands rune JUST REMOVE IT.FormatDriveC12 15h
15h Please buff Maltorious Petrified Spike Hi guys I am glad we got a buff to Pestilence Set but Bone Spear is still weak, we really need a buff to it's supporting item Matrious Petrified Spike. The current bonus is too low to justify the doubled essence cost. I think the damage bonus is additional so 700% isn't even 2.5 times bonus for what is over 10% of the max possible essence. This is terrible and needs to change. Could we get a hot fix that changes the bonus to 1000% or maybe higher? I have heard suggestions from other forum posters that have suggested changing Bone Spear's essence cost, either reducing the cost or turning it into a generator. A middle option is to remove the essence cost. Please Blizzard this is a necessary change, Maltorious petrified spike is holding back Bone Spear in a big way. Thank you for reading this. Please give me your feedback.GrumpyPants9 15h
15h Remove the black overlay in normal rifts I wanna talk about this, because players have gone up to 80k rifts already, at least 2 of my friend list. Normal rifts are suppose to be fast, like 1-2mins runs with current power creep and we have to take a guess where the exit is? You cannot remember which way to go everytime, though ive been playing since 2013. What im saying is, normal rifts should be fast for most players, because you get your rewards in greaters. This is just one of probably 30 flaws i wanna talk about, but this one really stands up.smiLey3 15h